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2023.05.31 12:21 New-Chemical4714 How would you invest 3.5 million PLN?

Hello dear Redditors,
as an inheritance from my late great-grandparents, at the age of 26, I received several hectares of land in a very attractive village in terms of location and area, in the vicinity of a medium-sized city in Poland (50k - 100k thousand inhabitants).
From a young age, my passion was architecture and broadly understood science and engineering, which pushed me towards civil engineering studies. Whenever I thought about my "retirement" I thought about some real estates, the idea of investing in apartments for rent in the largest Polish cities seemed reasonable. It seems to me (or I hope at least) that I am a person who can look at the world quite critically and draw conclusions, but above all I was brought up to be a moral person. I have read countless posts on the internet about soulless landlords who were able to squeeze the last pennies out of their tenants without putting any effort into maintaining any standard of the offered accommodation, or did not respect any privacy limits, etc. etc. On the other hand, I read as much about tenants who occupied the premises for years without paying any fees, left the apartment in ruins, etc. etc... a very broad subject.
Dear Redditors, I am wondering about the best way to use my inheritance.
If the entire land would be sold right now, the value should be between 3 and 4 million PLN (660-880k dollars/euros). I am aware that there will only be less land over time and its value will increase, so I don't feel rushed to sell it.
I am thinking of contacting a large real estate office that already has experience and the whole "know how" in selling land as well as in buying and maintaining premises for rent. If anyone has any experience, I'd be grateful for any knowledge.
And you? What would you do with such an inheritance? How would you invest 3.5 million PLN (~800k dollars/euros)? Is real estate a good way?
Have a great day folks, thanks
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2023.05.31 12:19 Drakolf Dragon Rising- 9. Broken:

He didn't even hesitate to charge, attacking Kurtulmak before I could even react. Kurtulmak took the hit with his spear and smacked my brother across the face, knocking him back.
I quickly moved between him and my brother.
"Ruuk, what are you doing?" He asked. "That Kobold is evil."
"You literally lust laid eyes on him." I said.
"You don't understand." He said. "He radiates evil, it's like a noxious odor, even being near him is awful!"
"I know." I said. His eyes widened. "Tallyn, I swear to you in Bahamut's name-" I heard Kurtulmak snort "-if you sheathe your sword, no harm will come to you."
"That is a bold claim, Ruuk Stingtail." Kurtulmak remarked.
"Compromise." I said. "You gave your promise as I gave you mine, they are both conditional on one another. Please."
"Only if you say where your loyalty lies." Kurtulmak stated.
This really wasn't the time for posturing. "I have sworn a vow to Kurtulmak, on the condition that he makes an honest effort at compromise." I told Tallyn. His scales visibly paled, I could see in his eyes a look of betrayal.
"You... You swore a vow to the enemy?" He asked in a hushed whisper. "You abandoned our God!?"
This was why atheism was easier.
"He abandoned me." I said. "At my request, yes, but only because I refused to leave one of our own behind. Evil or not, he is still a Kobold."
Tallyn charged at me, I could have blasted him with Magic Missile, or hit him with a Witch Boit, even a Firebolt.
The sting of his blade as he cut into me burned, I screamed as something like fire coursed through my body, sending me staggering back.
"He does not see a brother." Kurtulmak spoke. "All he sees is an enemy of his God, whom he will cut down without hesitation."
"Well, you said- until my untimely death- we'd talk." I grunted. My breathing was labored, darkness was flickering at the edge of my vision. Tallyn let out an enraged roar as he ran at me again. I closed my eyes and waited for the blow.
"That is enough." I opened my eyes to the sight of the back of a Human, or rather, Bahamut's Human form. "I did not allow you to find your brother, only to kill him."
I fell forward, only to be caught from behind.
"Who the hell-!?" I heard Tallyn's voice catch in his throat.
"Honor and Fealty to the King." Bahamut spoke. "I will absolve you this one time, as you act in ignorance. I am your God, Bahamut. Your brother is granted leniency, for he has managed to convince Kurtulmak to do something good." There was a heavily implied 'for once' in there. "I misjudged him, and for that, I am deeply sorry."
"Kinda bleedin' out here." I gasped.
"Yes, you are. Tallyn, heal him."
Tallyn approached me, his eyes still glaring at Kurtulmak. He put his hand on me, and then nothing.
"Kurtulmak must be blocking the magic." Tallyn said. "He'd rather my brother die than be healed."
"Indeed? It could not possibly be that you still wish to kill him, could it?" There was a long pause. "What do we extend to our enemies, Tallyn?"
"Honor and Correction." Tallyn said.
"Exactly. You still intend on killing him. Do not allow him to die."
I felt warmth flow through my body, the pain in my chest and the rest of my body slowly faded away. Bahamut looked at me. "Compromise, Ruuk Stingtail. I will not tolerate a single evil action from him. Come, walk beside me."
I looked at Kurtulmak, who rolled his eyes, but nodded. I approached Bahamut, who looked at me with clouded eyes and started walking forward. He entered the tunnel, and moved through it as though he wasn't at all burdened by the tight space, I followed closely after.
There were no words, not until we were outside.
It was nighttime, The cool night air felt wonderful, compared to the stale air of the cavern.
"Tallyn." Bahamut spoke. "You walked my path but briefly, yet never dedicated yourself to the Temple. You have broken no vow, and your only crime is- at best- arrogance. And at worst, blasphemy." He turned around and looked at me. "It takes a special kind of bull-headed will to tell a God that they are wrong- It takes a different kind of will to prove it." He looked at Kurtulmak. "You managed to secure a vow from him, one in which he attempts compromise, and that is far more than any of us expected."
He looked at Tallyn. "It is my shame that I did not consider the fervor of your brother. Normally, such devotion is wonderful. The signs I sent to him were too subtle, it is my mistake for failing you."
Tallyn looked at him, surprised. "Wait, no, I'm the one who- who attacked my brother." He said.
"You did. That is something you will atone for in your own time. Justice requires one to make amends for their mistakes. You will learn in time what that entails."
He looked at Kurtulmak. "In the interests of ensuring you hold true to your vow... It is my shame for refusing to grant you restitution. Justice must be served to all. The innocent must be kept safe, and malign behavior from those who should know better should be punished. Do no harm to the innocent, to the righteous, and I shall ensure your voice is heard."
Kurtulmak gave a brief nod.
"Now, I must ask you, have you any understanding of Tiamat's machinations?"
"No." Kurtulmak stated. "She only spoke to me because she noticed my prison."
"Do you know what happened here?" I asked.
"Of course." He said. "At least, I'm aware of most events. Tiamat opened the Gate."
"What Gate?" I asked.
He pointed up in the air. "That one. It's an Impassable Portal, an ancient one that's been malfunctioning. Qualities of the Plane beyond are influencing the immediate area around it."
"Why does it specifically make people Kobolds?" I asked.
"It leads to the original site of Darastrixthurti, where thousands of our kind died due to- His jealousy. Including myself. Not to mention, my prison was located directly beneath your... town. Essentially, because there is a wound on the other side, the portal is trying to draw you in to fill that gap. A functional portal would simply dump you in, and the pain of the transformation would cause you to forget who you were." He paused. "I may have tipped things in your favor."
"Wait, what?" Tallyn asked.
"Tiamat has never cared about our kind." Kurtulmak stated. The Gate opened, and I used some of my power to force you all to sleep. You transformed painlessly in your sleep, free of Tiamat's more direct machinations. She believed, since you were Human, I would not care." His expression turned deathly serious. "A Kobold is a Kobold, no matter what they were in the past. This was not a kindness, it was spite."
"Do not forget holding up the mine." Bahamut remarked.
"How could I not?" Kurtulmak asked. "Letting it collapse on everyone would have lost me too many Kobolds. Now tell them how you took advantage of me needing to rest to perform your little miracles."
Bahamut nodded. "You overexerted yourself, though you would not have been able to render aid regardless. I did not anticipate you would lead someone directly to you."
Kurtulmak nodded. "This is my domain, Bahamut. Out of respect for what you have done for my Kobolds, your faithful may remain. All I require is they give me respect."
"They will not accept you as a King." Bahamut warned.
"Then take them."
Bahamut shook his head. "I will send my high priest here a vision, and Tallyn, you will ensure he understands the situation. There is a reason my Temple is outside of the range of the Gate."
This being said, Bahamut strode away, vanishing.
Tallyn looked at me, he looked uncertain about what to do, so I hugged him. He hugged me back tightly. "So, you are a servant of Kurtulmak." He said.
I nodded.
"Yes, and you will show your allegiance publicly." Kurtulmak stated. "Upon the morning, I will ensure your fighters and your berserkers awaken."
Tallyn and I waited for him to vanish. "Did you honestly expect me to leave my domain?" He asked. "No, I will require a place to sleep, and as my avowed faithful, you will offer me such a thing."
"Okay." I said.
"No. Not like that. I am your master now, you will address me as such."
"Okay, Master." I said. I was surprised at how readily I said that.
"Excellent, you know your place. Now, a bed, Ruuk."
"Of course, Master." I let him to my tower and presented my only bed. "Here you go, Master."
He immediately climbed on, and as I moved off to find a place to stay, he said, "Where do you think you are going?" He narrowed his eyes.
"To find a place to sleep?" I asked.
"No. I will not have my only follower sleeping on the floor. In bed. Now."
I climbed into bed, and trying not to think about how I was sharing a bed with an actual God, I fell asleep.
The next morning was a little rougher than I was hoping. Kurtulmak awoke at the literal crack of dawn, and I was required to get up with him.
"It's still early." I said.
"No, it is not." He replied. I opened the door to my tower, and was met with the sight of two Paladins, and they did not look happy.

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2023.05.31 12:19 _filthy_animals V. 1.1.1 Duplication Glitch: Shield Damage

First time posting so fingers crossed I get the whole masking-spoilers-thing right 😬
TL;DR Has anyone else discovered areas where your shield doesn't take damage when performing the shield-jump glitch?
When performing the shield-jump dupe glitch, typically shields take damage and eventually break. For folks still rocking 1.1.1, has anyone else come across certain areas where your shield doesn't seem to take any damage?
I've come across two areas where this doesn't seem to happen:
  1. First area is a small space just in front of the Tadarok Shrine platform in the River of the Dead Waterfall Cave. I did the glitch for about 30 minutes with a lame wooden Boko Shield that should've broken pretty quick. Note: I tested it again with another of the same shield and it eventually broke; doesn't seem to be repeatable but planning to try again.
  2. Second area I've come back to 3 times now and each time nothing breaks. I stumbled across the Sea-Breeze Shield in the depths of Tabahl Grove and decided to make space by using up one of my shields through duping. I was at it for a painful solid hour before I gave up 😵‍💫 Went back two more times with the same exact shield--literally the same individual shield was used for attempts 2 and 3--and it's still alive and kickin' after yet another torturous hour of duping. At this point I'm a Researcher trying to break this stupid thing (it's an average Knight's Shield with no bonuses; I've broken dozens of them already).
Anyone else experiencing this or willing to test it out? Or is there some kind of game mechanic I'm not aware of like >! certain types of ground programmed to be softelessen damage (depths, underground caves, etc)!
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2023.05.31 12:19 SleepingDragon2 Somebody needs to develop a Tinder for fights app so that we can watch "Baki the Grappler" in real life

With championship events in different cities or maybe even worldwide where there can only be one winner and a 'find a fight or opponent open to fight near you' tracking feature.
Could also have a "No rules, anywhere anytime" feature I imagine.
Would make cities alot more interesting, you could see empty or lonely spaces become places of dramatic action packed scenes.
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2023.05.31 12:19 Futuramiz Thanx for Infinite, Deep Space. Reached it with this deck from 89 to 100

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2023.05.31 12:19 hritikpuri9 Keywords: Winter Skin Care Tips, Home Remedies to keep your skinmoisturised

Winter skin care is crucial since the chilly air and low humidity levels can dehydrate your skin, leaving it dry, dull, and prone to irritation. Here are some useful winter skin care suggestions:

Hydrate: Keep your body and skin well-hydrated by drinking lots of water. The levels of moisture in the skin are maintained by proper hydration.

Make Use of a Gentle Cleanser: Choose a gentle, creamy cleanser that won't deplete your skin of its natural oils. Avoid using hot water because it will make your skin even drier. Instead, stick to lukewarm water.

Spend money on a thick, emollient moisturiser to repair your skin's moisture barrier. Look for components that help retain moisture, such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and glycerin. To lock in moisture, use your moisturiser right away after taking a shower or cleaning your face.

Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater to protect your skin, even in the winter. Your skin can still be harmed by UV rays, particularly if there is nearby snow that reflects the sun's rays.

Gently exfoliate your skin to help eliminate dead skin cells and improve the penetration of your moisturiser. To avoid over-drying your skin, use a moderate exfoliant during the winter and only exfoliate once or twice a week.

Avoid Taking Hot Showers and Baths: Hot water can rob your skin of its natural oils, despite how alluring it may be. Limit your bathing duration and only take showers and baths in lukewarm water to prevent overdrying.

Use a humidifier: Heating systems for indoor spaces can further dry out your skin. By introducing moisture to the air in your home using a humidifier, you can stop your skin from drying out.

Apply a rich hand cream and wear gloves before venturing outside to protect your hands from the brisk, dry air. Use a lip balm with nourishing elements to keep your lips moisturised and stop chapping in a similar manner.

Keep Hydrated: As was already discussed, keeping skin hydrated requires drinking enough water. To support skin health, add foods high in healthy fats in your diet, such as avocados, almonds, and seafood.

Avoid Harsh Products: It's recommended to stay away from abrasive products that contain alcohol, perfumes, and other irritants throughout the winter. Choose products that are mild, fragrance-free, and designed especially for dry, sensitive skin.
To know more visit: Winter Skin Care Tips
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2023.05.31 12:18 Montana_slamma Transferring my mom's deed to my name?

In Virginia Home Value $230,000 Mortgage Remaining $95,000 Years left on Mortgage 19
My mom was recently widowed in the past year, and has been struggling to pay all of her bills/mortgage. She routinely maxes out credit cards, etc. I've offered to help her financially, but she is too proud to take me up on my offers and advances.
I was thinking, maybe I could just have my mom transfer her deed to me where I can pay off the mortgage and have her live rent free for the rest of her life. I would assume her mortgage and property, and this would protect her from losing the home if she defaulted on any of her loans or debts.
I'd prefer to assume her remaining mortgage, since it's at a low interest rate with payments I could absolutely afford. If needed, I could buy out the remaining portion of the loan ($90k).
This benefits me as well, as I'll have collateral/equity if for some reason I needed that in the future (possibly business purchase could occur in the future).
I'm just looking to see if anyone has ever done something like this, things to think about (tax and legal implications), etc.
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2023.05.31 12:18 viviolay Explosive Leap & Fall Damage

Had my construct do Explosive Leap (Text copied below from AoN) to jump down from a height that was less than 30 ft (I think like 15-20 tho I don't remember). Given the text and its highlighted portion (you can jump in ANY direction and take fall damage if you aren't on solid group after next action) - I thought it was clear from the text that I shouldn't take fall damage from doing this and was RAW/RAI. However, my GM thought it should take damage because if another character jumped down the height they'd take fall damage.
Would love others' thoughts to see if I'm off-base in thinking it's RAW and RAI to be able to use this to jump off a ledge down w/o issue.
Explosive Leap Fire Inventor Move Unstable Source Guns & Gears pg. 24 You aim an explosion from your innovation downward to launch yourself into the air. You jump up to 30 feet in any direction without touching the ground. You must land on a space of solid ground, or else you fall after using your next action. As normal for effects where you fall after using your next action, you still fall at the end of your turn, even if you don't use any further actions that turn.
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2023.05.31 12:18 paramountgroupind Latest Amenities and Technologies for Office Space in Greater Noida

Over a few years, Greater Noida has emerged as a hub for the industrial and manufacturing sector. The builders quickly realized the potential opportunities provided by the city and started investing in residential as well as commercial projects.

Read More: Latest Amenities and Technologies for Office Space in Greater Noida
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2023.05.31 12:17 SuperHeavyHydrogen Anon wants to be entertained

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2023.05.31 12:17 MajesticRate1818 Why do many English cities lack green space in their city centre?

Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield for example, the green space they have is always laughable. I was looking at maps of many European cities for example. They always have a nice castle/cathedral right at the city centre with a big spacious green.
This is common for Scandinavian and western Europe cities, but we only see this thing in London and cities in Scotland primarily. So I'm wondering whats the reason that English cities in particular did a terrible job at making these large nice greenies in the city centre like other European cities do? The big green spaces tend to be towards the outer city or suburbs and theres no central park
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2023.05.31 12:17 Interesting-Region79 Renter refuses to empty my commercial space

We have given our commercial space to someone with 11 months of contract. He has not paid the rent for 2 months and refuses to leave. If I go ahead break the lock and remove all of his belongings outside the space then can I face any legal consequences ?
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2023.05.31 12:17 Aziz898 P9S JP FIFA strat

This is a quick toolbox I made for P9S JP Strat
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2023.05.31 12:17 AutoModerator Daily Discussion Thread: 14th July, 2021

This a daily thread for general cricketing discussion/conversation about all topics related to Indian Cricket that don't need to be posted in their own thread.
This provides a space for things like general team changes/opinions/conversation and other frequently-asked questions or commonly-posted subjects.
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2023.05.31 12:16 jpitha Just A Little Further 17/40

First / Previous / Next
The moment I sat down on the Throne, something activated. The lights that I turned on in the room became brighter, and there were more of them. Galleries on my left and right lit up, empty now but clearly meant for the residents to see me when I make speeches or proclamations. And most surprising of all
I can see.
I can see how many ships are docked - it's 6 counting us. Hah, we're listed as UNKNOWN STARSHIP. Hold on, I can fix that... There. Now we're listed as FarReach - Human/K'laxi exploration Starjumper.
I can see how many people are here - it's 11.5 million - huh, Rapid River Roaring wasn't lying after all.
I can see the food distribution centers - they're offline. What the? How are people getting fed? Clearly something is up there. I won't turn them on just yet until I learn more.
I can see the environmental systems... why are they running at such low output? That doesn't seem right. I think if I push here, and tweak there... There we go. That should help a great deal.
I can see... wait, what's this over here?
I can see the Gate
The Gate is locked.
How did we get through the Gate then? I mean, that means that Ottarn won't be able to get through at least. I'll have to explore that one later.
Turning away from the Gate, I look back at the Starbase. Hmm. It feels like I'm on the edge of something big. If I were to just... let go a little bit... I think I can... see...
I regain consciousness on the floor, out of breath, with Ava kneeling over me nearly in tears from panic. "Melody! Melody! Oh thank goodness you're all right!"
I sit up and look around. Ava wraps her arms around me and hugs me tightly. "I was so scared Melody. After you sat on the Throne, I heard noises like heavy machinery starting up, and then there was this storm of wind, and then your eyes glowed and there was a scream."
"Slow down Ava, a scream?"
"It came from everywhere. It sounded like the whole Starbase was screaming! It sounded like you were screaming. I looked up at you, and you had blood coming from your nose and ears and your mouth was open and you were glowing but your body wasn't making noise. I-I didn't know what to do, so I pulled you off the Throne."
Reaching up to my face I touch my ears, sure enough, my finger comes back wet with blood. I can feel it drying under my nose. What the hell happened?
You tried to integrate with Reach of the Might of Vzzx, but the Nanites weren't ready. You had a partial connection. Ava was correct to pull you off.
But what does it mean? What about all that stuff I saw?
When you sit on the Throne and truly integrate you become Reach of the Might of Vzzx. This is what Builders are.
Wait. Our starbases and starships are operated by AIs. You're telling me that out here they're operated by Builders?
Builders build. They rule. They are.
I look back at Ava "Thank you Ava, the Nanites tell me that you saved me." I return the hug just as tightly. "Builders are the starbases out here. They sit in the throne and become the starbase."
Holy shit. That's the missing piece!
"Ava! I know why everything looks so run down here. They haven't had a Builder on the throne in a long time. Reach of the Might of Vzzx is running on automatic! The wind you heard? The environmental systems were running at a super low setting. I turned up the air and scrubbers!"
Ava breaks the hug and looks at me wide eyed. "You mean that they... don't have AIs here, they have... humans running all the stations? As Builders?"
"Yes, I think that's how it works. A Builder, or a team of Builders lives and works at every starbase and they... become the starbase with the help of the Nanites. My Throne is like a... superpowered version of that. I can see so much more than the Starbase. I was able to perceive out into space, I could see the Gates! Ours is locked by the way, Ottarn isn't going anywhere."
"But, how did we get through then?"
I shrug "Builder magic I guess. As we learn more, we will become more proficient at operating things I think. For now, I'm going to take it easy and just try and get a handle on the basics." I move to get up and get back onto the Throne.
"No Melody! It nearly killed you!" Ava's voice trembles.
I reach for her hand and squeeze it tightly. "It's okay Ava. I know what I did wrong. I tried to go to deeply too early. The Nanites say I'm not ready to fully integrate yet, but I can get on and at least like... read the status log. Find out what needs to be done, and then make plans. I'm also going to try and reach out to FarReach, and let her know what I've found."
"Okay, if you say so." Ava plunks down next to the throne, sitting on the floor. "I'm staying right here though. If you start making the Starbase scream again, I'm pulling you off."
"Thanks Ava, please do that." I smile warmly at her. With the dried blood under my nose and down my neck, it probably doesn't look at nurturing as I meant it to.
Sitting again, I'm more prepared for it, but it's still a shock when I become the starbase again. This time, I reach out for the radio. There, okay, I see how it works. I think about the human system frequency for our Starjumpers and try and talk to FarReach.
There's a pause and a burst of static, then it clears and I hear FarReach! "This is FarReach, joint Human/K'laxi exploration Starjumper, who is this?"
"Hi FarReach!" I say brightly! "It's Melody!"
"Melody? Where are you? What are you doing? I suddenly got flooded with radio until I opened the mic to listen, and then it focused in on the standard channel."
"Sorry, that was me."
"You? Are you at a comm station?"
"Kind of? I'm Reach of the Might of Vzzx right now."
"I know you're on the Starbase Melody, where on the Starbase are you?"
"No no, I mean I am Might of Vzzx right now. I've reassumed my Throne and it turns out when a Builder does that.. they kind of become the starbase.
"Become the-- Melody, What are you doing?" FarReach sounds worried.
"Don't worry FarReach, other than the screaming - that was totally my fault, I tried to go too deep at first - it's fine. It's better than fine actually! I can see everything. I can see the Gates - they're locked by the way, I have no idea why we can traverse them. Also I can see... everything. It's tough to describe."
"Believe it or not, Melody, I have a hunch I know what you mean. You're looking at things like we see them."
"Yes! That's what I was thinking. I don't think they have AIs out here, they have Builders."
"Melody, that's... quite a lot. Is this what being an Empress is over here?"
"I think it's what being a Builder is. As Empress I think I have access to like, a higher level. I tried to access it, but Ava said I made the whole Starbase scream, and she had to pull me off the Throne."
"We heard that! That was you?" FarReach sounds worried.
"Ava said it was. Sorry if I scared everyone."
"And you got back onto the Throne?"
"Well, yes. I am Empress now. This starbase hasn't been managed in a long time. I need to read the logs and figure out how to start affecting repairs."
There's a pause at that. I bet FarReach is talking with the crew.
"So Mei'la was right. Thank you for reaching out and letting us know where you are and that you're safe. Captain Q'ari was worried when Mei'la and Fer'resi came back alone. Ava is with you?"
I look down at Ava, and she looks back up to me worried. I smile down to her and give her a thumbs up.
"Yes, Ava is here with me, she's okay too."
"Thank you Melody. Come on back when you're able. Everyone would love to hear about what you found." and FarReach closes the connection.
Huh. That was odd. She sounded distracted at the end. I wonder why.
The crew told her something she didn't like.
But what, do you suppose?
Many people in the crew do not like your new role and title. Some worry about what it means for them, others worry about what it means for things back home. Still others seethe with jealousy.
No, that can't be it. Why would they be jealous? Why would they worry about what this means for back home?
Melody, you are being naïve again. You are Empress. You can control matter. You can order people to do anything. You rule this side of the Galaxy now, and can easily rule the other again.
But it's not like I'm going to do anything bad to anyone. I'll be a good Empress. A great one even.
Great Empresses are feared as much as they are loved. More so perhaps. We can discuss this later. Look, you are seated upon your Throne. Much can be done here, call up the Gate map.
I think about a Gate map. Springing in front of me is a stylized map of the Galaxy. I recognize the spiral arms and it's actually quite pretty. A small royal blue dot is lit. That must be here.
I concentrate on the map "Show me the location of all Gates."
A flood of yellow dots appears on the map, all over the Galaxy. Far more than we had mapped out, truly there are over five hundred of them.
"Show me currently active Gates."
A worryingly small amount of the yellow dots turns blue. Maybe seventy five of them? Interestingly there is a large cloud of blue dots over on the other side of the galaxy, back home. Other than a small swarm around here, that's the largest other location of Gates.
Even after they rejected your rule, they kept their Gates and they are some of the largest group now active. The Nanites chuckle to themselves.
Hmm. If the Gates are connected to each other - and they'd have to be in order to work then I wonder...
"Ping all Gates. Color code replies; Green as working active gates, Yellow as working but deactivated gates, Red as locked but still active gates, and Black as no reply received."
At that command, I can feel it. My... order, my command leaves the Reach and connects to the Gate. There's a sense of spreading as the command reaches out. How am I able to see the Gates so quickly? What am I seeing?
There is only The Gate. All Gates you traverse are... shadows of The Gate that exist in four dimensional spacetime. They all pass through The Gate that exists in a higher plane.
So Gate traversal is instantaneous?
Well yes. You're not moving once you enter the Gate. The Addressing Module directs the Gate where to put you in Spacetime. It takes no time, because no distance is traveled.
Wild. Did Builders make them?
Yes, long, long *ago. It was one of our greatest achievements.*
Okay, so I have the data, but how to interpret it. Let me try and overlay the results of the Census over the galaxy map. When I look up, my jaw drops.
Way more of the gates are green than I had figured. As in, active, operating and ready to traverse. The majority are yellow, meaning that they're currently not online, but can be brought online. There are only a few red gates, and no black gates.
The Gate system is completely intact.
Wait, what's that red gate over on the other side of the galaxy. There's a locked gate near home. The K'laxi have never reported to us they found a locked gate. I wonder if that's one we don't know about or if...
That's the Gate to Earth.
It's just locked? As in, I could unlock it and open it?
At any time, Empress.
But, we never had a Gate. We explored our system inside and outside and never found any technology - and believe me we looked. We spent millennia thinking we were alone until we met the K'laxi. Why didn't a previous Empress open it though. If it is that easy, they could have gone back at any time.
I want to unlock the Gate. Pass through it, and show everyone what I found, what I am.
You need only say it, Empress.
No. Not yet. I need to be able to go there in a way that's... befitting me.
Back to the starbase. If it has 11 something million people, then it has to be way larger than what I've seen. Show me the whole thing.
I'm shown. I see kilometers upon kilometers of halls, thousand upon thousands of living quarters, I see gardens, and parks and playgrounds and offices and... I see a whole transit system I had no idea was here! I can't believe there's a train here and I haven't ridden it yet!
Remembering Ava, I say out loud "Holy shit, this place is huge. The parts that we've seen is barely a tenth of the whole place. They have a train Ava! Let's go for a ride later!"
Ava smiles "I'd love that, Melody."
Wait a minute. I turn inwards again.
"Give me a listing of all known Starbases."
A list appears next to the galaxy map. Almost every system at one time had a Starbase at least as large as this one, some had even larger ones.
"Give me a listing of known Planets."
A slightly smaller, but still large list appears. I'm starting to feel faint. What have I dived into? There are literally tens, if not hundreds of billions of people here. Back home there around 15 billion humans spread across space, with 4 or 5 billion K'laxi and 3 or 4 billion Xenni. Combined that's...
That's more people than what I can effectively rule. What am I doing? I don't even know about this whole Starbase, let alone the Galaxy. One person can't rule a Galaxy, no matter how much they want to. What are these Nanites trying to sign me up for?
We need you to understand the immenseness of your task, and understand that we do not intend for you to rule alone. Currently, you are the only Builder known, but that never meant you were meant to be the only Builder. Make more.
W-What? I don't even have a partner! I don't even really know yet if I like men or women or both or neither! I'm barely out of my teen years, I can't make more people!
Sigh. Not like that, Melody. Use us. Use the Nanites to make Builders. You are Empress, only you will have the commanding voice, but other Builders will help you to rule. Start with that one, Ava. She already craves it. She will be a welcome and loyal addition.
I look over at Ava. She's still looking at me worriedly. She really does want to be a part of all this - whatever it's going to be.
There are others too. Q'ari wants to be involved very badly, but we don't know if the Nanites will work on K'laxi. We don't know how we feel about K'laxi Builders too.
Don't be racist. They'd do a fine job.
So you say, Empress. Invite them then.
Ugh. If I'm going to do this, the Nanites are right. I need help. I'll need more Builders. Should I do this? I want to do this, but is that the Nanites talking? Every time I let them off leash I tend to sound... intense. I wish I had some coffee.
I wish I could get some range time in.
I sigh. Am I doing this? Am I really doing this?
I think I am. I have never really wanted anything as much as I want this. As much as I want to show everyone what I can do, what I can be.
I stand up and break the connection. I feel... empty for a moment. I can see how people could get addicted to data streams like that. I stretch mightily and sit down on the floor next to Ava.
"Ava. There's a metric ton of work to be done, and I don't think I can do it all on my own. I don't want to do it all on my own. The Nanites were giving me options and I was wondering..."
As I speak, her eyes get wider and wider and she practically vibrates from excitement. She knows what I'm going to ask her.
"Do you want to become a Builder? You won't get the voice that orders people around, that's an Empress thing apparently, only one person as a time can do that. I can see why too, what happens if we both have the ability and try to use it on each other, right? Anyway. The Nanites say I can make you a Builder, and you can help me out. We'll need more Builders too. I want to try on the K'laxi too, Captain Q'ari seems like she wants in, though I don't know if she'll agree to it. Being Captain is important to her. So what do you say?"
"Yes yes yes yes! I want in!"
I hold up a hand. "This means that officially, your old life is over. It means throwing our lot in on this side of the Galaxy permanently. We can Gate home for visits or something, but it won't be for a while, and it'll be as foreigners. We will be cutting ourselves off from our old lives."
"My old life sucked ass. I want in!"
"Okay, last thing." I take a breath. "It could mean - though I hope it doesn't - that we will be seen as enemies back home. You saw the Marien's ship, it's trying to escape and is taking days to get somewhere FarReach can go in hours. FarReach alone has enough firepower to shrug off any threat we can bring to bear. If the folks back home decide to cause trouble for us, it'll be big trouble. If you throw in with me, it becomes your trouble. Our trouble.
Ava kneels down in front of me without a single bit of hesitation. "I want this, Melody. More than anything else I've ever wanted. I accept all the risks, I happily throw my old life away."
We like her. She gets it.
I stand up in front of her.
Okay then, how do we give her the Nanites?
Give her a kiss.
You are kidding me.
We are completely serious. It's the quickest way to transfer enough of us to begin the process. Plus, it's ceremonial, has an air of regal intimacy about it. Also, she'll love it.
I reach down and gently tip her head up with my fingers, bend down and gently kiss her on the lips.
She leans in slightly and melts into the kiss.
Told you she'd love it.
"Rise, Builder."
She stands on shaky legs. "Builder Ava, it will take a day or so for the Nanites to replicate and integrate, but once they do, you will be a Builder like me, and be able to do many of the things I can do. You will be my right hand, and be my voice where I am not. You will carry out my decisions and have the power to make your own. Together with the other Builders I create, we will reunite this galaxy and show everyone our power, our might and our love."
"I am yours to command Empress."
"Excellent. Your first task is to get me my coffee supplies from FarReach, I am dying for a cup."
First / Previous / Next
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2023.05.31 12:16 uruindevrytngustpdb I can't maintain healthy relationships even though I feel I'm trying. Seeking advice from people with similar issues who've found workable solutions/new perspective/realisation.

This post is long but I seriously need to change and wanted to put down all my social issues in one post, because it's cathartic and I want to know if others with BPD have these issues. If you notice any weird perspectives/unhealthy thought patterns I have, I'd like to hear about them and how I could go about changing it.
As a person, I've been described as charming, colourful and crazy. I have a lot of interests and love getting to know people. But in my adult life (25+), that's only when people get to know me and I feel comfortable sharing more than small talk. Otherwise I seem uptight and am a bit guarded. I feel like I've lost my boldness in being myself the more aware I am of my patterns and behaviour since being diagnosed with BPD.
I've been so confused lately. I thought I was sociable and had a lot of friends. I feel like with most relationships in my life (and that's very few actually) including my mother, my sibling, my closest friend and one or two other friends, I have been a good friend. I have listened to them when they had something to gripe about, I've made myself available for them whenever they've needed me, I've compromised according to their needs, I haven't needed much from them. But the second I need them (the close friends), they won't even respond to a text or listen to me when something is bothering me without cutting me off saying 'eh, it happens to everyone'. This happens when their lives are going well in every way, and then I hear from them when they're struggling, I think because I like to listen and they don't get that elsewhere.
The only place I really talk about myself is with my family, but even there I keep feeling a sense of injustice, like my needs are never met and theirs are for the most part. I know I'm not perfect, I'm hot headed with them and get irritated a lot, but is my perception of injustice so skewed? I often feel like I'm being gaslit into thinking I'm overreacting to not having my needs met. And then when I vocalise it (it usually leads to a fight, and I say the worst things because I feel like a pot boiling over), they appease me in a begrudging way and keep a safe distance, and then old patterns come back where I feel like a doormat.
The part that makes me think it's my fault is that I can't sustain healthy relationships outside of my family and close friends. When I meet new people, I'm withdrawn, shy and self conscious, but very friendly and polite, but I never 'make' friends. I don't like to overshare because I'm hypersensitive to people's expression changes, and instantly change what I'm talking about if I notice disapproval/judgment. I'm fine with small talk and superficial chat, but when conversations get more serious, I've noticed I live in a very 'prudish' place where I don't fit in with the culture. It's not ok to talk about sex, mental health, social stigmas, feminism, or to point out injustices in our society. And the people I find that are comfortable with those conversations or share similar opinions often want to push me to do things I don't want to do (not in a healthy way) and don't respect my boundaries. I feel like those groups think open-mindedness means ignoring other people's boundaries and pushing for things without consent. I don't get invited to things and people forget me pretty quickly although they're friendly. I think I've made one friend in 5 years, and that's because they were into me. A lot of my friendships are that. A person of the opposite sex is into me and wants to date but I say no and we stay friends. They then disappear when they have a new crush or relationship, and then reach out whenever they're in-between things. It's only this year that I noticed this pattern, and I feel used and hurt, but also like it's my fault for not noticing that they were so attentive and 'close' friends because they needed me as a stand in for a relationship or wanted to date me.
And the healthy relationships I have had (with coworkers, classmates), I don't know how to keep in touch with them because I had so many depressive episodes and didn't have sufficient things to update them on in my life so became withdrawn and AWOL for months at a time and that has ruined the friendship.
Two things that make me embarrassed and ashamed to talk to people is that I'm unemployed and overweight. I used to be slim growing up and through my teen years, and a high achiever through high school so being overweight now I feel ugly because it doesn't feel like my body. And I feel like a waste of space since I haven't been able to get a job for a few years. I have closed off body language, I think my self consciousness shows and I avoid sports, going out, dancing, exercising in public even though I love it, and things like reunions. I'm working hard now to lose the weight because I haven't ever been able to come to terms with being overweight or accepting my body over the last decade. But I'm pretty lost about the employment thing because my social issues slightly get in the way of being able to stand up for myself in interviews and even seem confident. I've had so many shame spirals over the last 5 years, it's been the worst thing for me mentally. I really need therapy but the therapists I've seen in my area over the last few years are all for medicating with an antidepressant rather than talk therapy.
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2023.05.31 12:15 Data_zoid Today I learned...that Captain Picard does not have a replicator in his quarters

So yeah. No tea, earl grey, hot, while reading in his quarters. No midnight orders of Aunt Adele's hot milk toddies. No snacks at home.
I also learned that the internet seems largely oblivious to this oversight. It's kinda fun to notice something that doesn't seem very well documented.
Behind the scenes stuff about the quarters: the senior officers' quarters set (quarters with windows, somewhere on the outside of the saucer section) is a five-segment set. The first segment is a bathroom, which everyone gets. The remaining four comprise the bedroom and living spaces. Segment five is an extension of the living space that only exists in Picard's quarters and the ambassadorial quarters occasionally given to guest characters, and it's where Picard keeps his dining table at which he often has breakfast with Beverly. For the lesser officers' quarters (Riker, Troi, Beverly), a wall is placed between segments four and five, reducing the size of the quarters. This internal wall has a replicator on it/in it. When the quarters are opened up fully for Picard, the wall and replicator disappear and the actual outer wall of the set contains only a bookshelf where the replicator would have been.
"Tea, earl grey....oh. No, that's a bookshelf. Better walk to the ready room in my pyjamas."
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2023.05.31 12:15 PurpleSolitudes Best Microphone For Streaming in USA Available On Amazon

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2023.05.31 12:15 RedWarrior1991 Faial 1 day trip

Hi all,
We will be in Faial for one day in July but unluckily we cannot manage to rent a car. I have some questions if anyone is able to support:
Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.31 12:14 Plus-Silver1378 Laser clinic told me 6 weeks between sessions needed for facial hair removal. Is this normal?

Mtf trans
No relevant skin conditions that affect laser
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2023.05.31 12:14 RollOutTheFarrell Getting your eye in pre-round without a range.

Hi, looking for some tips. What do you do before a round to get your eye in? My course is fantastic, but there's no range to warm up knock a few balls and see what I'm doing today particularly shot shape.
This means I head out without a load of confidence in my woods in particular. Options I've considered:
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2023.05.31 12:14 myoscaralexander Elevate Your Business With Virtual Office Rentals In Los Angeles

Virtual office rentals offer a transformative solution for professionals seeking a flexible and cost-effective way to establish and grow their businesses. With benefits such as enhanced productivity, global accessibility, and reduced overhead costs, virtual office rentals are empowering entrepreneurs and businesses alike. Choose and take your business to new heights.
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