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Mu Soh Wol opened his eyes 20 years later to stop the cults aiming to dominate the midlands. “Who are you...…!” The question of his defeated foes. But they received an answer that filled them with despair… “Mu So Wol...that is my name!” The legend of the War God, forgotten in time, has begun once more.

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God of War is a third person action-adventure video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. God of War won Game of the Year 2018. This subreddit is dedicated to discussion of the games and sharing news about them. Or posting anything related to GOW really.

2023.05.31 02:58 ColleiArmpitEnjoyer It's that easy! Simply gotta ask

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2023.05.31 02:57 My_own_evil_twin I was happier as a brain washed Christian

In the last couple of years, I have realized I am an atheist. I was raised in a catholic family. I was “saved” in my early 20’s at a baptist church and lived that lifestyle for a decade or more. When I got divorced in 2015, I just decided it was all bullshit. Then, the more I stepped back and took it all in from a broader perspective, the more I realized it truly was all just bullshit. But now I miss that joy that came from faith. I miss the oblivious feeling of “god will handle it”. I can’t just say, “it’s all real again”, and get that feeling back though. It’s horribly depressing to realize.
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2023.05.31 02:56 MaximilianCorvin Found at ye old Walmart [product]

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2023.05.31 02:56 sycomania134 [PC][2000s] Chinese on-rails shooter game set in the 1940s

Here's a tough one. I remeber playing this on a PC in around 2010 while visiting China. The graphics looked mid 2000s, and it was an on rails FPS game. I distinctly remeber being able to use a type 96 lmg as well as some other world war 2 era weaponry. The game took place in what seemed to be the 1940s China (could be wrong about the location) and I think you played as a dude dressed as an old school gangster wearing a suit and fedora. Your enemies were either ww2 japanese soldiers or gangsters but my memory of the game is very blurry.
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2023.05.31 02:56 Sunshinerainshdow Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions - Step 7, Page 73

So it is that we first see humility as a necessity. But this is the barest beginning. To get completely away from our aversion to the idea of being humble, to gain a vision of humility as the avenue to true freedom of the human spirit. To be willing to work for humility as something to be desired for itself, takes most of us a long, long time. A whole lifetime geared to self-centeredness cannot be set in reverse all at once. Rebellion dogs our every step at first. When we have finally admitted without reservation that We are powerless over alcohol, we are apt to breathe a great sigh of relief, saying, "Well, thank God that's over! I'll never have to go through that again!"
Then we learn, often to our consternation, that this is only the first milestone on the new road we are walking. Still goaded by sheer necessity, we reluctantly come to grips with those serious character flaws that made problem drinkers of us in the first place, flaws that must be dealt with to prevent a retreat into alcohol once again.
We will want to be rid of some of these defects, but in some instances, this will appear to be an impossible job from which we recoil.
And we cling with a passionate persistence to others which is just as disturbing to our equilibrium because we still enjoy them too much.
How can we possibly summon the resolution and the willingness to get rid of such overwhelming compulsions and desires?
But again we are driven on by the inescapable conclusion that we draw from A.A. experience, that we surely must try with a will, or else fall by the wayside.
At this stage of our progress, we are under heavy pressure and coercion to do the right thing. We are obliged to choose between the pains of trying and the certain penalties of failing to do so.
These initial steps along the road are taken grudgingly, yet we do take them. We may still have no very high opinion of humility as a desirable personal virtue, but we do recognize it as a necessary aid to our survival.
.....To Be Continued
Preview of the next installment of Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions:
Where humility had formerly stood for a forced feeding on humble pie, it now begins to mean the nourishing ingredient which can give us serenity.
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2023.05.31 02:56 lispwisp Tryndamere if he was a different champion

Let me preface by saying I'm not suggesting we rework Tryndamere because I like him the way he is.

However, if a version of Tryndamere did exist that was meant to deliver on the same "undying chad" barbarian fantasy but be oriented more towards team fights and him absorbing damage, then here is what it might look like:

Absolute Unit
All projectile damage is intercepted by Tryndamere's body and explodes regardless of whether he is the target. Tryndamere's body absorbs AOE damage, casting a shadow (70 degrees wide) where allies can hide.
Tryndamere converts all attack speed from items into attack damage (such that DPS is equivalent). Tryndamere cannot benefit from crit chance from items and instead it increases his maximum fury.
Tryndamere gains half of all the damage he has taken within the last 8 seconds as fury, up to a total of 10 times his total attack damage, increased by 1% per 1% crit chance from items. For every ally he protected from that damage, the amount of fury he gains is increased by an additional 50%.
Tryndamere's natural attack speed only improves through growth (0.8 at level 1 to 1.4 at level 18).

Q: Bloodlust
Passive: Tryndamere's auto attacks consume fury equal to twice his attack damage to crit for double damage.
Active (10 seconds): Tryndamere instantly consumes all his fury to regenerate health over 5 seconds equal to 30/35/40/45/50% of his fury. Taking damage during this time interrupts his healing.

W: War footing
Toggle (10% to turn on + 10% of his current fury per second to maintain): Tryndamere cannot crit while this ability is toggled on and he moves at 50% of his normal move speed. While toggled on, Tryndamere cannot be displaced or slowed.

E: Spinning Slash
Active: (10 second cooldown) Tryndamere spins in the target direction dealing damage along the way. He can use this ability even when it is on cooldown to spin towards allies who are disabled but spends 20% of his current fury to do so.
Passive: Allies who are within 250 units of Tryndamere have 40% additional tenacity.

R: Undying Rage
Tryndamere's fury depletes by 20% of its current amount each second. He can still gain fury during this time.
While Tryndamere has more than 10% of his total fury he cannot die.
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2023.05.31 02:56 xrahzel i have poor health

this is it. this is the vent / confession . i have extremely poor health
this is a vent cuz i am not even 30 so like having bad health is A Sin. My brain (which has been bleeding more often than not apparently) works wonders I got an amazing education and do well at intellectual tasks. However, this DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER, because an office job requires more peopling skills than intellectual skills. And boy do I fucking suck at peopling skills hehehehe
okay so yesterday I asked to get an MRI done. Because I can barely rest my head on my pillow at this point. lo and behold my brain is full of bleeding spots. its rly bad. by spots i mean blots its fucking BAD.
reason: i was born with a fucking malformation. that's it. i am guilty of being fucking BORN
as if that wasn't enough, i was born with one kidney and got no support. no support whatsoever. my father is my entire support network and whenever i say "my health is bad and getting worse" he goes "oh noooo woe is me this is so sad my poor kid i am gonna have a heart attack NEVER talk to me abt this again" . so im like . oh okay . so ive literally NO support. and yesterday i got the mri done right yeah? with fucking contrast right yeahhhhhhhhhh. so today after fighting against another bleed for an entire workday im defeated. i get home tired, get a meal. get exhausted, go to bed in pain, cant rest. and while i am in bed 24 hours after the mri my head goes: did .. did i drink water yesterday?
Yes. Yes I did. ACTUALLY forgot. rushed to get a bottle but its been 24 hours. so yea. fucked up. gj !!!
i have literally no one to help me. zero humans. but i have A LOT of humans to stress me out and give me brain bleeds. when Sartre talked about others being hell the guy wasnt kidding. he wasnt fucking kidding. my God. he was SO REAL for that. apparently he also said others are heaven. i am eagerly awaiting that experience. have been waiting for the past 29 years actually no fucking success
anyways. the thing is. i am suffering ! which in itself would be bad enough but the entire aspect of "my brain is going dead while i am not even 30 and i don't even have a single soul around me to take me to the ICU / funerary should the worst happen" is the worst. the craziest. the most wtf-inducing . it's wtf-inducing because i think i lived a good chunk of my life trying to please others and be nice. almost TOO nice. so it's a big kick in my face but like. "ohhh then dont" dude lol i am literally dying at this point it's useless to even think "well then don't!" i made a choice but apparently it was the wrong one! would the other choice have been the right one???? ~ whoknows ~
Anyway for everything good that's ever happened to me I only have God to thank and for everything shitty that others did to me I guess *shrug* I tried to be pleasant and get pleasantries in exhange I guess. so much ..
anyway if i make it past 30 i guess the first thing i have to do is find a way to never see another live human again. not talk to anyone may be an utopia but not seeing is the dream cmon lets fucking goooooooooooooooooooo
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2023.05.31 02:55 TheFinalBannanaStand We’re so back

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2023.05.31 02:55 Kitten0006 I did nothing but love you and be your friend Karl

I did absolutely nothing but be wonderful and kind to you for five fucking years. Five years and I still don’t mean shit. I just hate how recently I turned into someone different because of my medication and you up and left. You just don’t understand. For one thing you are one of my only friends that I have in this entire world. For another thing. The Adderall is making me act out. It’s been making it harder and the stress I’m under. You know it’s been stressful for me since quitting my job at the theme park. I just don’t know. Like I had tremors all last night from stress and a huge anxiety attack. I couldn’t sleep and I had insomnia because of you. And I still don’t know what you were going to say on Friday because I didn’t want to fucking go and listen to that garbage! Why would you act like you wanted to sleep with me and then pull a complete 360 and do this. Then cut me off completely. I just don’t understand. I did nothing wrong but try to help you for five years find a fucking girlfriend which because of you problems you didn’t. You can’t keep blaming me for your own issues and problems. I did love you as a brother and as a friend. I swear the attraction happened recently. I have been talking about Jon for the past year since December. It’s been my primary focus to get back to jon. If you were my real friend you would know I never shut up about Jon. Literally never. It’s Jon this and him that and nobody will ever have this non existent connection we clearly have. I don’t shut up about him. It irritates my friends. I’m telling you the truth. It’s just been a crazy month and I’m not behaving myself by any means. I haven’t slept. Yesterday I didn’t sleep at all. I don’t know if I’ll sleep tonight. I want to check myself into a hospital but I don’t want to lose a job again over it. I’m not accommodated yet. I don’t really know what to do. I’m not at my best. I’ve apologized but apologies mean nothing to you at this time. I just hate how jealous you were about Jon and that situation. You just got so mad at me and wanted me to never go back and cut him off forever. My divine? Why would you say that knowing he’s my divine? I’d never tell you to cut your divine off and things have gone to shit in 5D with him lately. I’m trying to fix it. You were making me lose focus from what matters more than god to me. Him. He matters. Yeah I mean I have a hate blog. But. He still fucking matters and the reason why I’m so pissed is because he’s not there and yet again I don’t matter. I know with my other friends if I left them they’d be pissed. You aren’t. You don’t need me like my two real best friends do. I have so few friends. Fuck you. How do you not know after five years of friendship I’m a crazy bitch? I mean really. I even warned you this medication wasn’t good and you insisted it would help. It didn’t. You totally misread this situation and what was gunna happen. You just won’t admit it. I got a vision of you leaving the night before. I knew it was happening. Just. Fuck you.
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2023.05.31 02:54 ionlycriedfor20mins I would pay real, actual money to have an efficient dupe glitch in 1.1.2

I have been in the valley of despair this weekend. After accidentally updating, I’ve been significantly struggling to enjoy the game. I’m not good at enemy fights so I’ve been relying on bombs and fire fruit to progress in the game. Now that I don’t have an unlimited supply of bombs, I’ve been avoiding most enemy fights which has made the game way less enjoyable. I would spend my hard earned cash to have a glitch like the paraglider glitch again. I know the glitch finders are working hard out there, so if that is you, you’re doing God’s work. Pls find another paraglider-type glitch so I can enjoy the game again 😭
Maybe we should crowdfund a reward for whoever finds an easy glitch like that for 1.1.2 lmao
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2023.05.31 02:53 BenLesser_Grandson My grandfather Ben Lesser is doing his 2nd Reddit AMA this Fri, June 2. Last time it was so good that Reddit made a special video about it. He's one of the last few camp survivors who wasn't a young child during the war - his story is rare and his message is precious! See you Friday.

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2023.05.31 02:53 Righteous_Allogenes It It occurs to me to give an example, providing a basic overview toward understanding the symbology of numbers, as part of a justifying retort to those who would prejudge astrology, augery, or any such divinatory practices.

Of course, this is and shall also be in effort to assist the community in reducing redundancy, maintaining a more informative and edifying face.

Having said that, I should hail the Numerology Megathread, as well as numerology.

Even so, I know there are many who may find those sources overwhelming, and that I, as a fairly accomplished mediator, often possess a means of communicating things to those outside of the general relativity of a particular topic or field. By the Grace of God, I am the liminal one.
Foreword for those who would disdain, or become disdained for, such practices:
Do you not know? All symbols, letters, numbers, and all such means, whatever called — as well as the wherewithal to recognize and discern patterns and geometries throughout the depths of the mind and the observable universe — are the things of the Great Luminaries, which the Most High God, Creator, Source, Propator — by all most ancient traditions is told — did purpose for the determining of signs and for seasons, and to the accounting of the hours and the days, etc. Thus these things are left to us for the divination (that is: divine revelation) of the Will of God and the Things of the Cosmos.
Furthermore, my most Christian friends: I am not presently as an Israelite in exile, wherefore in accordance with honest interpretation of the Holy Bible, such practices are not made to me a βδελύγματος or shiqquts (taboo, erroneously rendered: abomination).
The following points are given by reason of "standard" numerological symbolism and interpretation methodology, and apply directly to the interpretation of any number (and more loosely, in concept, to any symbol). The numbers involved in this methodology are 0 and 1-9, as well as the so-called master numbers: 11, 22, and 33.
We will be using "1212" as example for interpreting numeric symbols. This number, if I am not mistaken, is commonly considered an "angel number," but meaning is not determined by a name, although sometimes a name is determined by meaning.
Here we have our symbol 1212, and in that, the following:
1212; 1 and 1 and 2 and 2 (thus 11 and 22 as well); but then we just have 12 and 12 left.
Now 11 and 22 are master numbers, and carry (at least some) meaning wherever they appear. But 12 is not meaningful in and of itself. Then does 12 mean nothing? Of course not. Nothing has meaning except that it relates to another; meaning is wrought by relationship. Therefore all things relative, are meaningful.
The general recourse is then to "reduce" (or translate rather) the number to a single digit, which is done by adding the individual digits. And then if necessary, adding the digits of the sum, repeating until a single digit is reached.
1212/1,212/121.2/etc > (12 + 12 = 24 > 2 + 4), or (1 + 2 + 1 + 2) > 6
12:12/12.12/etc > 12 and 12 > 12 > 1 + 2 > 3 and 3 > 33
Both apply; all answers apply. Any indication as to either specific answer being "dominant" in the final interpretation may be gathered by things intuitive, such as the simplicity or complexity of discernment, or a prevalence in the format or pattern perceived, or other inspiration or suggestion one might intuit.
Otherwise, as a rule of thumb, all symbols (in this case, from among numbers 0, 1-9, 11, 22, and 33) are given equal weight towards our final interpretation, wherein (generally) multiple instances of a concept stack, and opposing concepts cancel.
Metaphorical example:
win and lose > draw
win and lose and draw > draw
win and lose and draw and win > win
win and draw and win and win > a great victory
lose and lose and lose > go directly to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.
And so, in the case of our example numeric symbol, 1212, meaning can be interpreted by gathering the meanings of our extracted symbols: 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 6, 11, 22, and 33.
Thus we might, using The Great Book of All Knowledge, combine the meanings of 33, 22, 11, and 6, as well as two instances of the meanings of 1, 2, and 3, to interpret the overarching meaning of 1212, which you might try before proceeding if so inclined.
And you should have something to the effect of:
Initiating an undertaking (1), from a well balanced or grounded precipice (2), decision or tipping point (6), to solve or reconcile some difficulty (3), having all ability/power (11), tools/ingredients (22), and ingenuity/creativity (33) to overcome whatever adversity or difficulty might occur.
Therefore: trust in yourself; trust in your intuition/guides/etc; trust in all the work you've done so far, all the distance you've come; trust in your resources; trust in your team.
You are already up to bat, a pitch has already been thrown, you have already locked eyes on the ball, you have already begun the motion...
1212: follow through with your swing
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2023.05.31 02:53 Significant-Baker-85 [F4F] Novella style RP for WLW

[F4F] Novella style RP for WLW
Hey, come with a plot idea or inkling. I'll help collaborate with the plot idea, but having to brainstorm a plot with y'all is like pulling teeth. also please stop sending me dms asking if i'm still looking- just assume! I'm looking for a novella-style RP please!
I'm looking for an adv. literate roleplay involving my favorite trope: enemies to lovers! I just love characters who both loathe and reluctantly admire each other. I want them to be abrasive and even terrible to each other in the beginning and fall in love and ultimately get a bit of some softness as the roleplay progresses. I don't want your sweet, cinnamon roll romance. Give me a female character who is trying to decide if she wants to kiss or kill my character. No cutesy, weak women characters. Scheming femme fatales are one of my favorite types of women.
I also really love age and class differences associated with our characters. I'm a sucker for an older woman characters who drink expensive bourbon cocktail parties and having to deal with a rather inexperienced and impulsive street kid for example.
I am an advanced literate woman who wants some good characters and good writing (I generally write 3-5 paragraphs). I have years of experience and I want someone who is willing to plan and be active (make up side characters without asking input, make up lore, help plan and push the plot along). I'm very much a planning person and would prefer lot of OOC back and forth.
Additionally, I only roleplay over Discord and in 3rd Person. I will ask for a sample! Do not be offended.
I'm only searching for FxF.
Pitch me your plot but note that I despise Slice of Life and anything Realistic. Usually fantasy (I prefer low), historical, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, etc.
Pitch me a plot!
Craving a Witcher RP or a Witcher Inspired RP
  1. WitcheWitcher (Two monster hunters from different schools fall in love?)
  2. WitcheSorceress (A witcher and a powerful sorceress work together to kill a king?)
Craving an Assassin Creed RP
  1. Like the Odyssey/Valhalla/Ezio Trilogy Setting (OC's only)
Craving a On a Leash RP
  1. Super niche, but if you read the manga, hit me up >_>
Craving a Wild West RP
  1. A certain lady of the night and a gunslinger having to protect the town from a rival gang
Craving a Grey's Anatomy-esque RP
  1. Two rival doctors who kinda hate each other but are also kinda attracted to each other
Craving a cyberpunk RP
  1. A corpo and a street kid have to figure out how to pull an impossible heist
Craving a lycan x vampire Plot! (I want to be a lycan!)
  1. An awkward blind date leads to something more.
Craving a weird Dark Souls/Elden Ring/Bloodborne/From Software RP
  1. Basically a demi-god character that has to face a lone mortal many, many times because the mortal can resurrect.
Fallout New Vegas
  1. Two NCR rangers - bitter rivals- find themselves fighting a common enemy.
Dragon Age
  1. Orlesian Knight x Fereldan Knight during the Orlesian occupation
  2. Dalish Warden x Human Noble Warden
  3. Mage x Templar
  4. Fem! Cullen x Warden or Inquisitor
  5. Fem! Solas x Inquisitor
  6. Pitch me a plot
Craving an ASOIAF plot
  1. A princess x hedge knight?
I'm also into F! Canon x OC especially for any movies/games/or anything- an AU! of a plot
  1. F! Rick O' Conner x Evie
  2. Fem! Anakin Skywalker x Padme
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2023.05.31 02:52 weedbeads7 Opinions on New Sensations, Growing Up and Public & The Raven?

New Sensations is alright, Growing Up in Public is bad, and the Raven is embarrassing. I like a lot of Reed tho.
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2023.05.31 02:52 Kerriigen Faction choice

Hello everyone this’ll be my first Reddit post [hype] anyways onto my question/ statement.
Assume we got a DLC where we get to see all the wars and fight after we Tarnished are banished. Who would you join and why? Remember in this scenario you aren’t a Tarnished. Just one of the humans that stayed in the lands between to witness all the chaos that led to the return of the Tarnished.
Factions such as: -The Cleanrot Knights and Melania -The Raya Lucarian Academy and Renalla -The Redmanes under Radhan
Etc etc.
Personally I’d love to have been a preceptor. Full access to all magic, and I get to witness all that transpired in the academy. Not to mention I’d be in high standing with the carian royals.
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2023.05.31 02:52 gottaloveagoodbook Had a mild meltdown at work, worried I might be let go.

Just what the title says. I'm learning a very new and very specific skill at a very new freelancing gig, and I thought I did it right.
Nope, did it wrong. Let's try again.
My clinical anxiety starts kicking in and I do my best to correct it using the instructions given, despite already getting overstimulated and my head starting to buzz.
Nope. Did it wrong again.
The first deadline has now past, but don't worry. We'll keep doing it until I get it. My heart won't stop racing now.
Repeat two more times. I'm so stressed out I can feel the skin on my arms buzzing.
I get instructions one more time and am told to fix it by the time the manager comes in tomorrow.
Thank goodness for remote work, at least I didn't have to drive home.
But what happens if I can't figure it out tomorrow?
God, I wish there was a way for me to go to work, do a job, and get paid a fair wage without having to deal with all of this... It doesn't matter how much support I receive or tools I have or therapy I get, this just. Keeps. Happening.
If you guys have any advice that could help me, please let me know.
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2023.05.31 02:51 Sharefold I think Succession was a disappointment

After it all, the show didn't have much to say. The kids start shitty and spoiled, they end shitty and spoiled. There was no bigger meaning to it.
The writers seemed confused about what they wanted the audience to think of the characters. On the one hand, they're clearly portraying the Roys and associates as terrible, selfish, small people. On the other hand, they portray these characters sympathetically.
One scene that sticks out to me is when Tom has Greg lay off a bunch of employees. In other universe, Greg might have been portrayed in such a moment as a Gordon Gekko, a corporate villain playing God and destroying people's livelihoods. Yet, despite Greg being a person who's basically a sociopath, you see many fans of the show heaping love on him. Why? Because the writers were too craven to portray him that way.
The writers didn't show the downstream consequences of the Roys enough. They tried to criticize wealth, but ended up showing the consequences of wealth as primarily being petty squabbles within the family. The primary victims shown are other members of the family. The closest the show gets to this is with Kendall at the end of season 1, but it still pulls its punches and doesn't let Kendall be too guilty of anything.
I think the writers got so occupied trying to write quippy dialogue and inserting 'fucky' into Roman's lines that they forgot a prestige TV show like this should have more layers to it other than unveiling drama. A show like the Sopranos did a much, much better job at showing the consequences of the mob on the world around it, and at weaving in broader themes and messages about middle class American life in.
I don't think this show will end up in the annals of good TV and will be remembered as just an average HBO entry.
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2023.05.31 02:51 Big_Put_2575 Secret smoking alleys

Secret smoking alleys
I'm a restaurant worker, just moved here from Asheville NC. Have been a smoker for years, the secret joy of the breaks you get to take, the quiet, not having to deal with tables. The little moments of contemplativeness. I know the good folk of this town roundly abhor the habit, that cigarette smokers are rated just above Henry Kissinger on the war criminal scale.
But still, here are some of my favorites. More to come as I discover them. .
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2023.05.31 02:51 Conscious_Balance_56 Listing my thoughts on Whatifalthist and other history-themed YouTubers + other stuff

Gee, ain't this an original post?
I've been subscribed to alternate history and history channels for around 5 years now, and like anyone who was growing up with this stuff in my playlists, my tastes changed. I recall jumping between the channels of socialists, moderates, conservatives masquerading as libertarians, and apoliticals. I lurked in r\PoliticalCompassMemes for a good month. Then came watching reply videos that thoroughly dissect and debunk points made by larger YouTubers like Whatifalthist or (if you know him) Shaun taking down points raised by PragurU. After a while, I settled on just hating big corporations, urban sprawl, and Reagan in particular.
I'm somewhat concerned that I could follow all sorts of philosophical trains of thought and agree with them completely at that moment, and then feel unsure when my subconscious disagrees with itself based on invisible scruples that I've collected from other videos that I've largely forgotten. Political videos are less fun when afterward you realize that you must now attempt to separate your thoughts from the person you have been listening to for an hour or more. It's especially difficult when you don't write essays for a living.
Now onto the point of this post, if it had any to begin with: My thoughts on the people I'm subbed to > I used to watch Monseuir Z but unsubbed after he jumped off the deep end into alt-right content. I recall watching his ethnostate video and while not agreeing with it, being unable to really critique it well-- a failure on my part.
> I slightly approve of AlternateHistoryHub's vagueness in his videos, but understand how frustrating that can be. I do like him adding more potential timelines per video concept lately. Props to him for the art style and for having IMO the most fun prompts, like a habitable moon.
> Whatifalthist needs an editor (though he probably won't because that might count as peer review), different and newer sources from past the 1970s, and to get off Twitter. Many of you on this subreddit have critiques better than mine, but I agree that Rudyard has been spiraling for the last 2 or 3 years-- pretty much since Covid started. It's annoying because while his videos still feel informative, I never know if they actually are or if they are instead based on old predictive models treated like facts.
> Second Thought is just so very aggressively opinionated in its delivery that it's hard to take it seriously. Every one of this channel's videos is emotionally charged and accusatory, but sometimes that is aimed at the injustices of corporate corruption instead of making assumptions about its viewers.
> Sisyphus 55 seems all over the place to me nowadays, but I watched the channel once for summaries of Jordan Peterson and Nietzsche, two philosophers who I now don't respect.
> exurb1a, aka drug turtle, counts somewhat since I find his existentialism interesting and densely poetic. The guy isn't exactly down to earth in his topics though.
> Shaun, aka skull guy with shades, got my attention as a reporter critique on the shenanigans that conservative channels/influencers try to pull. He's also an urbanist who supports train infrastructure, so he's got my sub.
> Adam Something is a Romanian YouTuber who I subbed to for learning about the stupidly unsustainable architectural projects planned by rich oil oligarchs, and he surprised me by also providing detailed news for the war in Ukraine, plus train activism. No complaints.
> Alan Fisher: Urbanist youtuber who covers public transit and reasonable urban planning.
> Innuendo Studios is generally built around a playlist called the Alt-Right Playbook, which is a left-leaning guide to identifying bad-faith arguments, plus trying to understand how people become alt-right. He's leftist enough to be concerned that it influences his arguments, but I'm somewhat leftist so who am I to say?
> I appreciate CaspianReport's professionalism, but they seem to always put a flair for the dramatic in their news reports that make sit come off as alarmist at best, and mis-informational at worst. Similar to TLDR news, they cover a wide variety of events like a rumor mill.
> Kyle Hill, cool science guy that he is, has recently made a video that seems relevant to questioning the validity of many online science videos that history fans often cross into.
> I recently found that Robert Riech, former Secretary of Labor under the Bill Clinton administration, has his own youtube channel. He occupies the same place in my queue as the person below.
> Leeja Miller, who I've only subbed to recently, has largely confirmed my hatred of the Reagan presidency by covering many of the reasons that the economy has worsened while companies continue to make more and more profit every year.
> J.J. McCullough, a Canadian pop culture channelist, has covered a lot of American sociological patterns that seem relevant to the act of thinking about sociopolitics by itself. This video of his makes the point that education, politics, and entertainment have congealed over the last decade or two, and it is what inspired this post.
> LegalEagle is interesting when my feeble mind can tolerate legal speak long enough to know why so-and-so political figure is in deep shit. Very informative, too fast for my liking.

...and I've probably driven most people off by now. Thanks if you read this far, Idk what I meant to accomplish with this.
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2023.05.31 02:51 Alternative_Bird_715 #Biggest_Bhandara_Of_TheWorld God Kabir prakat diwas कबीर परमेश्वर प्रकट दिवस भंडारा

#Biggest_Bhandara_Of_TheWorld God Kabir prakat diwas कबीर परमेश्वर प्रकट दिवस भंडारा submitted by Alternative_Bird_715 to u/Alternative_Bird_715 [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 02:50 8bit95 Legend Plate is not on the list of auctionable items

God spared AG of its wrath (for now). (I've tried and got 17 plates, which means both the Legend and Blank Plate is missing).
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2023.05.31 02:50 itzbethxo i feel like i’m missing out on my teenage years

i’m 15f and i feel awful saying this but part of me feels like by devoting my life to God, that i’m missing out on stuff.
but the thing is i don’t even know what id be missing out on, i constantly go between “i love being a christian” to “man it would be so much easier if i wasn’t a christian”
and i have no doubt that i believe in God, i know im a christian and i will be for my whole life but i just sometimes feel like it’s too hard to try to not sin constantly.
especially in the days of social media, all the people i see are always doing fun stuff or talking about things but it’s a sin so i can’t. i feel like everything is a sin.
im probably exaggerating but i feel awful whenever i have these thoughts.
so like … what can i do to stop having them? or any advice in general would be pretty great
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