Jaws of the lion red guard

Do not impede the patrol of the fine, red suited, furry helmed, Queen's Guard

2018.07.24 12:55 Do not impede the patrol of the fine, red suited, furry helmed, Queen's Guard

Occasions when tourists or other idiots have obliviously found or placed themselves in the way of marching guards. Primarily focused on The Queen's Guard in Britain but open to related variations. Sorry about the sub title. Character limit ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯

2012.11.21 19:40 DanezTHEManez Huzzah!

The opposite of /britishproblems

2016.11.25 17:00 Eyegleam Gloomhaven

Gloomhaven is a cooperative game of tactical combat, battling monsters and advancing a player's own individual goals in a persistent and changing world that is played over many game sessions. In the process, players will enhance their abilities with experience and loot, discover new locations to explore and plunder, and expand an ever-branching story fueled by the decisions they make.

2023.05.31 12:58 AlcoholicCocoa My coworker, her mood swings and I

TL;DR: One of my co-workers is angry at me and two other people for any reason she can find when she has a little of a bad mood.
English is not my first language. Mistakes will occur in regards of grammar and vocabulary
I started to work as a nurse/teacher in a pre-kindergarten last year in March and I do love this job. When I started some people already told me to keep my guard very high when dealing my coworker (Let's call her Adele). I was told she was moody and doesn't have a proper professional way to deal with this mood swings and rather let's anyone have it who she feels like.
I didn't believe it, the field of pedagogy is riddled with false rumors, jealous people and a big chunk of miss communication. I wanted to know Adele on .my accords and it started fairly well. We clicked well and worked as such. Ofc some mistakes happened on my end but when pointed out, I worked on them not re- occuring anymore.
In August came another new coworker as addition to our team, Celene. Celene was a nursing assistant (Sozialassistentin in German) and while I managed to didn't make her feel too welcome, Adele ensures she doesn't give Celene any feeling of being equal in any regard. As the third coworker came, Jay, we were a complete team. By number only though. We all had some rough start but managed to get it better - at least Celene, Jay and I. Adele didn't appear to any of the team meetings but left topics to discuss without explanation. That's when her mood swings became very apparent:
Adele didn't like that Jay had some fresh ideas that find their roots in the teachings of Montessori and gentle parenting. Adele didn't like that Jay was more lax about some rituals that didn't always work in favour of the children. So, she gave Jay the cold shoulder, was incredibly dismissive towards them or undid any change Jay brought into the group.
At the same time we had new children and one of them was incredibly angry and unhappy. It was my task to get it accustomed and it didn't work, so Adele started to be the same way to me as she was to Jay. After one very bad day she shouted at me what I want from them and why I am not helping the child properly - and it didn't help me, quite contrary, from being sad myself I grew very close to tears. Jay and Celene recognized it and asked me if I want some suggestions from them and i gladly accepted - and Adele was livid.
It was similar throughout the last year up until February. Celene and Jay became good friends, I tried to keep my profile low and Adele - suddenly became very friendly and open to me again. This time however I was weary and kept my guard up and tried to get closer with the other two as well and it figured this was a good idea. This way I learned that Adele thought of me as a lesser teacher than any other in the building and that I cannot handle the children properly or that I am way too often sick (three times since December and prior to that ... Only twice). It also showed that Adele felt threatened in her position as team leader, a position neither of us three wanted. I'm very open about not wanting to make any jumps in the career ladder but having a secure job.
Jump towards today: For two weeks now she gives me the same ol' treatment again. Jay and Celene quitted their job - officially due to personal reasons and pregnancy but they told me that Adele didn't actually help with their wish to stay. anything I do is commented with sheer sarcasm and neglecence, corrected though unnecessary or dismissed. Decisions that matter for the entire team are made without me nor does she note that there had been some changes. I had lost my Countenance for a bit and got sassy myself and suddenly she asked why I think that's an appropriate tone to speak with anyone Infront of children. Next second she wanted to gossip with me about "sick" colleagues who quitted a day prior.
I am extremely fuming right now and got a stomach ache from that anger and try to keep my cool Infront of the children and other people but most of them recognize that something's up.
Telling her that her behaviourisms affect other people negatively and make it much harder with her to work isn't leading anywhere but her feeling attacked and striking back immediately. I do not wish to switch to another team but I have to face that I cannot stay in that toxic environment for very long
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2023.05.31 12:54 IcyAssistant5506 Reliable Forex Signals

Are you struggling with the intimidating nature of forex trading? Does it seem strange to you that others appear to have a solid understanding of it?
The excessive amount of information can actually prove to be counterproductive in practice.
If you are in need of Reliable Forex Signals to determine a suitable entry point for your trading endeavors, I have included a link to a recommended service.
A prevalent worry among aspiring traders is the vulnerability to scams orchestrated by deceitful forex services.
Through diligent research, applying signals on a demo account, commencing with a trial account for service assessment, and steering clear of services displaying numerous red flags, you will realize the substantial benefits of using signals.
Signals Link checks off all the necessary criteria and is a dependable provider of signals.
If you want to proceed with caution, you can consider giving their trial plan a try before making a decision to purchase the full plan.
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2023.05.31 12:53 Madsy_hatter I need some advice on what to say to the guy(20m) that’s I’m(19f) dating.

So I met this new guy and he is just amazing. We’ve been dating for about a month now. There are a few red flags, but he is so respectful and kind. He respects my boundaries and asks if I’m comfortable. Anytime we have a moment, he always asks if he can kiss me which really throws me off. I’ve never dated anyone who’s asked, I’m so used to them just doing it. I tried expressing to him that he doesn’t need to ask, and he ended up giving me the cold shoulder. It got awkward and I couldn’t fix it. I’m afraid of losing him, if I’m completely honest. I think he’s the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time. I tried to make a move to kiss him, but I got so nervous. If I can’t do it, should I just make it more clear to him that he doesn’t need to ask?? I’d be fine if he just went for it, but I know he doesn’t want to. I’m not sure how to resolve this. I could use some advice. Thank you <3
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2023.05.31 12:52 Kanuxx Dvt or health anxiety?

So, my left leg tends to ache when i don’t move around a lot. I remember the first time I thought it was dvt (i have horrible health anxiety) and I paid for it to get an ultrasound and they didnt find anything, and then it went away. And then it came back but I assumed it was because i wasnt really being active and so i let it be until it went away and now its back again. I’m pretty sedentary but I don’t sit all day I lay in bed, though recently I have been trying to get up and walk around/stretch every couple of hours. The reason why i’m anxious this time around is because i accidentally went to bed and slept with my left ankle crossed over my right ankle for maybe 4-6 hours. I woke up and panicked bc i know crossing your legs can be bad for circulation but the only stuff I can find it just when it comes to crossing your legs while you’re sitting. I guess I just wanna know if I should be worried or not. There is also similar pain in my right leg, no redness or warmth or swelling, the pain comes and goes. I am 20 years old, female.
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2023.05.31 12:52 succhao I don’t know why he started spam-liking one of my Instagram accounts.

So my ex and I broke up a few days ago and it didn’t end on a good note. TLDR; he realized he wasn’t confident enough to do long-term with me especially after showering me with words of ‘commitment’ - he was also pretty narcissistic and misogynistic, he was a walking red flag and I allowed him to treat me like a doormat.
He has unfollowed me on Instagram and I’ve blocked him everywhere except one account of mine. I have an Instagram account dedicated to my cats to which he still follows but I don’t. I will admit, the past few days, I can’t help but still try to peek at his stories, so I have been on my cat account checking on him.
Then, today, I thought, okay, I SHOULD STOP. So I proceed to go on that account and suddenly see him SPAM-LIKING all the cat posts he didn’t like before. Like he went through the account and liked every picture. I got scared - I thought, oh no, he probably saw that I viewed his stories so he’s retaliating. He’s caught me. Yet he still follows the account?
A part of me is trying to grasp why is he still following my cat account, proceeding to like all the pictures, and still follow it afterwards. I feel ashamed that I was lurking at his account and I don’t even follow it so it’s clear that I am deliberately checking his name and viewing his stories. That probably gave him an ego boost so I’m mad, but at the same time, I’m also thinking maybe he didn’t see that I viewed his stories and is just doing something petty because he still follows the account and is still trying to be present in my life. What do you think? My petty ass doesn’t wanna block him and see if I post on that account in a day or two - he’ll react to it.
I don’t know what kind of response I’m getting from this subreddit, I just needed to let it out.
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2023.05.31 12:51 spacecatssl Red dots on my tongue

Red dots on my tongue
Hello, I have these red dots on the root of my tongue for over two weeks now. They’re painless at the moment, just sometimes feels weird on that area. I got sick from my tonsils two months ago, since then I am easily getting a sore throat. I will visit a family doctor but can these red dots be a warning something serious. Looks like thrush but not going away. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.
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2023.05.31 12:51 godtering Thoughts on making the Isofarian Guard a more fun experience

Below points are after several sessions playing, and while I did my homework, these points were not easy to foresee without actual product ..

  1. The Walk in the Park difficulty mode wasn't my cup of tea, 1) monsters became trivial without any defense; 2) your disinclination to grind leaves you on chapter 2 with very difficult to accomodate debuffs. On my first playthrough my Grigory ended up with 3 poison chips, them being purple would stay until Alek would grow sufficiently to get rid of them. My guards felt weak and unprepared. While you can continue, the game would make it very clear you're doing something unintended because while you're blundering about you still defeat each enemy. So I restarted the campaign on Normal. A future suggestion might be to add to the story mode a sectioned plan to equip Guards with items or chips alongside this story mode difficulty. Your thoughts?
  2. Inn Dynamics. I chose to break off from the story at 1.1 to explore to Strofa alone with Grigory. Bad mistake. When I got there a night at the inn cost 20 where I barely had scraped 12 sil together. Stripped from rank, alone, wounded and tired that felt a bit unfair. Inn costs should depend on the chapter - fixed costs make initial entry unaffordable and in last parts meaninglessly cheap. It's easy to correct the inn costs with "5xchapter" sil (for strofa; for mir and other towns obviously accordingly). Your thoughts?
  3. Field event dynamics. Field events should be dependent on the chapter too, while at chapter x all events from chapter 1-x should be available, and this adds to the immersion of an evolving world.
  4. World level evolution. When you pass certain points (before the next chapter) pop the entire world becomes the new level, meaning 1-star enemies are gone forever (for that guard pair). It would feel more natural (to me at least) to have regions increase in level locally, so that you have the option to go out of your way to other regions where the level is still lower.
    1. This would mean reorganizing the index book primarily by node and per node by chapter, where you can tick off the current level of that node or keep track of node level by (removable) stickers on the map itself and the node number shouldn't be inside the node in the first place but next to it..
Would be curious on your thoughts and suggestions. It's a good system, but so far it feels a bit rigid.
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2023.05.31 12:48 Kervati hmmm yes Joseph stalin

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2023.05.31 12:48 ShakablePilot51 Idea concepts on how to "fix" Widowmaker

Just a few ideas I've been collecting from fellow players that think oneshots are too strong in OW2. This is just a list of ideas on how to make one shots less efficient, could be just one of them or any combination of them to balance it out.
1.- Make her scoped in shots like Symmetra's secondary fire. Widow while scoping will no longer charge her shots automatically, now she has to hold left click to charge it up. And, similar to Symmetra's right click, when it reacher 100%, it shoots automatically. This will make it so it requires more tracking rather than a flick, making it harder to get headshots with.
2.- Make her scoped in shots do DOT like Ana. Just as it says, if that changes like that, 1 single headshot from Widow can't kill you if you use: Junker Queen's Shout, Zarya's bubble, Mei's cryo freeze, Reaper's self healing, Reaper's wraith form, Soldier's healing station, Sombra's Translocator, Torbjorn's overload, Tracer's recall, Ana's biotic granade, Ana's nano boost, Baptiste's inmortality field, Baptiste's regenarative burst, Brigitte's self healing, Kiriko's Teleport, Kiriko's suzu, Lifeweaver's life grip, Lucio's healing song, Mercy's self gealing passive (when you heal someone with your staff you receive part of the healing), Moira's Fade, Moira's healing orb. If fast enough of course.
3.- Make her, while scoped in, if she receives any kind of damage, she now looks up. Idk how to describe this but if she gets damaged she gets recoil and now has to look down to reposition her crosshair. Hope it's understandable, cause I got no other way to explain it. This will make it so rapid fire heroes can make her less efficient while still not being a threat to her due to the long distances
4.- Her fully charged shots depletes her whole ammo, also her rechage time is increased if ammo is depleted while scoped in. Many snieprs are balanced around by having low ammo and/or huge recharge time, this will help making her kill enemies slower, leaving the enemy team time to react and do something about her.
5.- While scoped in, give her a big red laser sight and a sniper flare As the title says, give her a lser sight while scoped in and a sniper flare so everybody can see where she is when she scopes in and make everyone aware of where she is and where she is aiming.
What do you think? Again, these are just idea concepts and are not perfect solutions
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2023.05.31 12:48 settlecanadaofficial Safeguarding Against Immigration Scams: Tips for Protecting Yourself

Safeguarding Against Immigration Scams: Tips for Protecting Yourself
In an era where immigration opportunities are sought after by many, it is crucial to be aware of the potential risks posed by immigration scams. These scams prey on vulnerable individuals who are eager to pursue their dreams of living and working in a new country. To protect yourself from falling victim to these fraudulent schemes, it is important to be informed and exercise caution throughout your immigration journey.
First and foremost, research is your best defense against immigration scams. Familiarize yourself with the legitimate immigration processes and requirements of the country you are interested in. Visit official government websites, consult reputable immigration lawyers or consultants, and stay updated on any changes in immigration policies. This knowledge will empower you to identify red flags and distinguish between legitimate opportunities and fraudulent offers.
Be wary of unsolicited communications or offers that promise unrealistic outcomes. Scammers often use high-pressure tactics, offering quick and guaranteed results, demanding large sums of money upfront, or creating a sense of urgency. Legitimate immigration processes take time, and no one can guarantee a specific outcome or expedited processing.
Always verify the credentials of any immigration representative or consultant you choose to work with. Ensure they are licensed, reputable, and experienced in immigration matters. Avoid individuals or organizations that promise shortcuts or claim to have exclusive connections with immigration authorities. Legitimate representatives will provide clear and transparent information, guide you through the process, and adhere to ethical standards.
Protect your personal and financial information. Avoid sharing sensitive details unless you are certain of the legitimacy and trustworthiness of the recipient. Scammers may use your personal information for identity theft or to perpetrate further fraud. Be cautious when providing credit card information or making payments, and always verify secure payment methods.
Lastly, trust your instincts. If something feels too good to be true or raises suspicions, it is essential to step back, gather more information, and consult reliable sources before proceeding. Seek advice from reputable professionals or government authorities who can help validate the authenticity of any offer or claim.
By being vigilant, informed, and cautious, you can protect yourself from immigration scams. Remember, legitimate immigration processes require patience, thoroughness, and adherence to established regulations. Don't let the allure of quick solutions blind you to the potential dangers. Safeguard your immigration dreams by staying alert and seeking advice from trustworthy sources throughout your journey.
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2023.05.31 12:46 CptSly Stuck on the maze in "Paradox" Chapter 1

Hi everyone! I am stuck in the maze part of chapter 1 (the boxes withe the little character) I play on android and the game seems to malfunction here. It takes endless clics on the little frame to zoom out, and it is impossible to activate the red lever. Does anyone encountered the problem, and have a solution to this ?
Thank you very much ! I hope you are having fun
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2023.05.31 12:45 Particular-Law-4697 Impetigo? Bullous or Non-Bullous? No prior hx (but a hx of oral hsv1) 32yo, no kids, nostril felt raw/inflamed from excess nose blowing (I had a cold) & quickly turned into this.

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2023.05.31 12:45 Rage_Gamer21 Please help I'm looking for a keyboard under $60

Hello guys im looking for a good wireless mechanical keyboard with Hot swappable keys under $60. I'm thinking of the Red Dragon K644. I just wanted to ask how is it? And do you guys have any other keyboard suggestions? Thanks :D
P.S:-This is the keyboard- https://www.amazon.com/Redragon-K644-SE-Hot-Swappable-Mechanical/dp/B0BRX8N14G
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2023.05.31 12:45 Davy49 I Can't Get Sync Function To Function Properly

I decided to download & install the latest windows version of the floorp browser, but before I've even had a real chance to evaluate it I've already discovered a major (at least for me) inconvenience with it. It's concerning the 'sync' feature, even though I don't have a copy of the firefox browser installed on my computer, I still do have an active firefox account. When I attempt to sign into my firefox account to enable the syncing of my saved item's, I enter my email address which is accepted properly, but upon entering my account password I receive a red rectangular box with a spinning circle and next to the circle is the word 'working' and nothing ever happening after that. Has any other user of the floorp browser encountered the same issue ?
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2023.05.31 12:44 magikatdazoo Best cards with NO Annual Fee or Foreign Transaction Fee?

Trip upcoming to Europe at the end of the month, and looking for a new card with no FTF. Spend isn't high enough to meet the SUB requirements for most of the "travel" cards with $95 AFs, such as CSP/WoH, so looking for No AF options preferably.
Current Cards: Discover (Chrome bc former secured, was first card - 2016), Target RedCard (2018 or 19?), Chase Freedom Unlimited (Dec 2022). My Debit card is USAA, who sadly charges a 1% FTF fee on purchases and ATMs withdrawals, CFU is no good bc of the 3% FTF, and Discover had limited acceptance last time I was in Europe (2018). Monthly Spending approximately $300-500/month plus discretionary purchases from memory, mostly dining/gas/grocery, so SUB spend up to around $1500 over 3 months is probably most that's doable naturally.
Considering: Wells Fargo Autograph and Capital One SavorOne are the two main options I'm aware of. Not sure if Chase Amazon Visa is worth considering (no Prime, I also try to minimize my spending there, ~$100-250/yr mostly around Xmas). Limited in my search to Visa/MasterCard to avoid any potential AMEX acceptance issues.
Any other cards I'm missing that should be considered? Suggestions/DPs between Autograph and SavorOne. Open to cashback or points (non-aspirational travel)
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2023.05.31 12:44 Impressive_Signal_81 Spotting, no HB at early US

Hi! This is a long one. I’m sorry!
I’m pregnant with my second child. It was a planned pregnancy and we were successful upon first try. I know we got super lucky and I’m beyond thankful!
My first pregnancy was a breeze. I had very little symptoms, delivered at 39w5d, healthy beautiful baby girl.
I’m about 8 weeks along in my current pregnancy. I switched OBs, so I called to set up my apt. I gave my conception date, but they said they don’t go by conception, they go by start of last period. That put me about a week and a half ahead of where I knew I was. They scheduled me for an ultrasound and first visit when I would only be about 6.5 weeks. I expressed that I was concerned that it was too early, but they assured it would be fine.
Fast forward to a few days before my apt. I started spotting brown discharge. I immediately got worried because I never experienced this in my first pregnancy. I also had yet to really experience any pregnancy symptoms besides tender breasts and exhaustion. I called the OB office and they assured me that this was common, but if it became red or heavier to go to the hospital or urgent care.
I then went in for my appointment. I had a urine pregnancy test there and it was positive, so they proceeded with the ultrasound. It was an internal one. The ultrasound showed a sad measuring 6w3d, which - i kid you not - was the EXACT amount of time, down to the day, from my conception date. I told them that made sense, but since it wasn’t measuring based on my last period they were concerned. They also said there was no HB detected, but if I am only 6w that was common. They still didn’t seem concerned about the spotting - they didn’t even do a vaginal exam.
I was told there’s a 50/50 chance of miscarriage and everything being okay. They scheduled me to come back in two weeks for a viability appointment. Again they said if the bleeding gets heavy or red, or if I start to experience cramping, to go to ER or urgent care.
My appointment is next Tuesday. I should be 8w6d at that time. However, I’m still spotting. It’s brown and not much, but sometimes when I use the restroom I see brown, mucus-y strings or small clumps in the toilet. I have had no cramping and still experience breast tenderness and exhaustion.
My question is - has anyone experienced anything like this? What was the outcome? I just feel like the days are dragging and I’m getting more and more anxious and stressed with every day that I still experience spotting and don’t know what’s going on.
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2023.05.31 12:43 BasilioSall76 Top 10 Casino Games with the Best Odds of Winning

Top 10 Casino Games with the Best Odds of Winning
Ever find yourself standing at the edge of a bustling casino floor, its multicolored lights shimmering like a neon rainbow? The clink of chips, the whirl of slot machines, the murmur of excited voices – it's a symphony that speaks to the very soul of thrill-seekers! But, dear reader, let's face it: It's not all about the glitz and glamour. We're here to win, aren't we?

Welcome to the Odds Ball

Now, we could toss a coin to decide which game to play, but why leave it to chance? Instead, let's take a peek behind the velvet curtain and explore the top 10 casino games with the best odds of winning. Imagine a beauty pageant, but instead of tiaras and evening gowns, we're dealing with numbers, strategy, and a healthy dollop of luck.

The Hall of Fame: Top 10 Games

  • Blackjack: The reigning king, the big cheese, the head honcho. With a house edge as low as 0.13%, it's like being a superhero with the power to tip the scales of chance in your favor.
  • Craps: Here's a fun fact: in this dice game, you're nearly fifty-fifty with the house! It's like arm wrestling with Lady Luck herself.
  • Baccarat: No need to be James Bond to get in on this action. With some versions offering a 1.06% house edge, it's a fantastic way to live out your 007 fantasies.
  • Three-Card Poker: Ever dreamt of fast-paced poker action with good odds? Well, dreams do come true!
  • Video Poker: This isn’t your grandma's poker game, but it could be your ticket to a jackpot!
  • Slots: Ah, the siren song of the slots. With payout percentages up to 98%, could this be your one-armed bandit of fortune?
  • Roulette: Red or black? Odd or even? The spinning wheel of roulette holds a special allure, like a spinning, polychrome top of fate.
  • Pai Gow Poker: An exotic import from the East, this game lets you play two hands at once. Double the fun, double the winning odds!
  • Caribbean Stud Poker: Who needs a tropical vacation when you can hit a progressive jackpot and feel the warmth of victory instead?
  • Let It Ride: Want to feel the rush of a horse race without all the mud? This poker variant gives you control like no other game in the casino.
slot machines

A Wise Gambler’s Creed

Having fun yet? Don’t rush to the casino just yet. We're on a roll, and we still have a nugget or two of wisdom to impart. Remember:
  1. Knowledge is Power
Before diving in, learn the ins and outs of a game. Know your straights from your flushes, your passes from your don't passes.
  1. Manage Your Chips
A smart player knows their limits. Don't put all your chips in one basket; spread them out, and let the games begin!
  1. Enjoy the Ride
Winning is great, but remember, the journey is half the fun. Each roll of the dice is an adventure, each spin of the wheel, a thrill.
poker blackjack player

Game On!

So, my daring friend, are you ready to dive into the whirlpool of excitement that is the casino floor? Ready to go head-to-head with the odds and come out on top? It's not a journey for the faint of heart, but then again, who ever heard of a faint-hearted adventurer? Now go forth, laugh in the face of the odds, and remember: in the grand casino of life, you're always a winner!
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2023.05.31 12:43 uitgedroogdeteelbal I’m at a loss, red triangle H150i lcd

I tried everything, checking all cables, remounting, pressing the shell on there again, powercycling, everything. Yet it still gives me the red triangle with the exclamation point, it shows up in software updates in icue but the lcd screen it self not, the pump works because my temps are great, the lcd screen just doesn’t want to work. Does some have a fix or knows what could possibly be the problem? I mean i spent quite a lot of money on the cooler and i just want it to work, i already opened a ticket but they have not responded for over 4 days, and I’m lowkey too impatient to wait for a response in where they’re probably gonna tell me the same things I’ve already heard online. Can someone help me?
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2023.05.31 12:43 Affectionate_End2804 Is it herpes?

Hi all. My doctor thinks I’ve got genital herpes. I’m freaking out of course and currently still dealing with really painful symptoms - painful swelling in my vagina, hurts to pee, itchy etc. My main query is about the spots I’ve got near my genitals that she thinks are herpes - they don’t look anything like what I see online? They are small red spots, not in clusters, not puss filled or blistery. Could this really be herpes? I’m trying to wrap my head around this.
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2023.05.31 12:42 Nice_loser How to get vintage LV bag authenticated?

I'm looking at purchasing a vintage LV bag through an acquaintance. She obv no longer has the receipt, & said she doesn't want to go through the work/ pay the money to get it authenticated, but is happy for me to do it before purchase. Any advice on how to go about doing this? Any red flags that I should be aware of? The bag is still pretty expensive.
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2023.05.31 12:42 FinishGreat597 It's f**king loop!!

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2023.05.31 12:42 Prot3si When I generate my rig, no errors occur, but the jaw master is missing

I need to find out how to recover this missing jaw master bone and other possible missing master bones so I can properly animate my model. I've tried using a copy of the meta rig that has had its face rig updated to re-rig and see if it's there. I have also checked all bones to make sure they are connected and correct. But still, after all that I end up with my jaw master bone missing. Hopefully, you can help. thx
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