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2023.05.31 02:02 alyssam134 How to feel less disconnected from my partner after not seeing her for a while

For context, she works night shift which is opposite from my schedule. On the times that she does 3 or 4 in a row, I barely see her and we don’t really get a chance to talk. On the day before and the day after her 3/4 day stretch, I feel so much disconnect to a point where I get very shut down and numb almost. I also have a history of being passive aggressive or irritable so when I’m feeling this disconnect, I tend to revert back to being irritable or passive aggressive. I’m working on it but this makes it so hard sometimes. I was wondering if anybody else has ever dated a night shifter or someone they didn’t get to see that often and felt the same disconnect that I’m dealing with and if anyone has any tips for dealing with this. It’s so depressing and I can’t tell where this is coming from or how to heal this.
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2023.05.31 02:01 PowerfulAsk9868 How do I (F31) tell my partner (M32) that our new house takes priority?

So my partner and I just moved into a new house. We've been here 3 days and it looks like we have a major blockage in our pipes - food from the kitchen disposal is coming up in the shower.
He said he'll fix it Thursday. Why then? Because he's working late tonight and then wants to hang out with a friend on Wednesday. I understand working late, but shouldn't a plumbing issue that big take precedence over hanging out?
Right now I'm trying to Google what I can do before Thursday and before calling a plumber. But what's a constructive way to talk to my partner about this? Right now I feel like chewing him out for being immature.
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2023.05.31 02:01 MerkadoBarkada Repower delays pricing after finding anchor buyer; PSE hit with P189M BIR assessment; BHI un-suspended (for now); AGI loses gaming partner Genting; MJIC to finally complete private placement (Wednesday, May 31)

Happy Wednesday, Barkada --

The PSE lost 82 points to 6511 ▼1.3%

Thanks to Miguel R. Camus and Jing for appreciating the Zoolander references in yesterday's send (Google is wrong when it says the movie was released in 2001... right?), to kalelManila.eth, grinskin, and Jupitel Thunder for noticing that yesterday's horrific Martin Romualdez meme was AI-generated (I was experimenting with Midjourney; it was a tweak of a combo of this and this), and to 14dM24d, CertainBonus2920, Joel Jucom, John, and Enrico for the continuing conversation about the Maharlika Investment Fund and all of the potential risks that it may pose.
Shout-outs to Amos Henley, Homer, Tommy, RUNxCRYPTO, creeptocrypt, Indio Guerrero, Palaboy Trader, Bien EC, LanAustria, koninja, Dividend Pinoy PGG, meloi, CHARToons, arkitrader, KingArk, J o j o, Chip Sillesa, Lance Nazal, Evolves Capital, Inc., and Jing for the retweets, and to Maxi Leve, Edward Dulfo, Marvin Quezon, Evolves.co, Padilla GJ, Jayvee Menil, Genesis Umali, and Mike Ting for the Facebook shares.

In today's MB:

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▌Main stories covered:

">- [NEWS] Repower anchor IPO buyer in listed Japanese company… Repower Energy Development [REDC pre-IPO] [link] notified the exchange yesterday that it would extend its “book-building period”, but Merkado Barkada has learned from a source with first-hand knowledge that this is because REDC found a listed Japanese company that confirmed it will buy the majority of the REDC IPO as an anchor buyer. REDC did not say whether the extended book-building period would impact the tentative schedule of the IPO.
  • MB: This is a fresh development that has many potential benefits to REDC both for this transaction, and going forward post-IPO. Typically an anchor investor can help build confidence in an IPO because it helps validate of the business model and support the valuation. That information could be useful to potential buyers, as the thought of a huge chunk of shares being off-the-market does increase the scarcity of the remaining float. I’m curious to learn the identity of the buyer, to learn more about the relationship between the parties, and to see if there are any strategic benefits to REDC beyond this deal. Of course, I’m also curious to learn the price, but there’s plenty of time for that.
    • [NOTES] Quick takes from around the market...
  • PSE [PSE 164.00 unch] [link] notified the market that it received an assessment from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) that it owed ₱189.2 million in alleged tax deficiencies, penalties, and interest, coming from calendar year 2017. The PSE said that it would dispute the BIR findings. Finance Secretary Benjamin Diokno said that the BIR was “just doing their job.”
    • MB Quick Take: Getting the BIR’s attention is never a good thing, but it’s important to put the potential size of this assessment in context with the PSE’s financial standing and performance. According to its Q1 earnings report, the ₱189.2 million is about 93% of its quarterly profit, but the PSE has over ₱2 billion in cash and cash equivalents on the balance sheet that it could use to take the hit. It’s a weird situation that should cause some behind-the-scenes process adjustments, but this isn’t an existential threat by any means.
  • Boulevard Holdings [BHI 0.07 ▲33.3%; 1304% avgVol] [link] had its 110-day suspension lifted after it finally submitted its annual report for the fiscal year ending May 31, 2022, and the following three quarterly reports. BHI surged 33% on massive volume after the suspension was lifted.
    • MB Quick Take: Play if you want to play, but be warned that BHI is very casual with its reporting and is often suspended for failing to do the bare minimum with respect to its reporting obligations. BHI also seems to be alarmingly comfortable in a state of suspension, which is a massive red flag to me.
  • Alliance Global [AGI 13.34 ▲0.5%; 573% avgVol] [link] is losing the Hong Kong-based Genting as its foreign partner in the local gaming industry. AGI revealed that it is buying Genting’s entire stake in Newport Wold Resorts project.
    • MB Quick Take: As I’ve said before, I’m not comfortable in my analysis of the gaming sector, so I’m not really sure what to make of this news. To an outsider like me, it just sounds like a pretty big deal to lose such a powerful 40% stakeholder in one transaction, but I’m not really sure what this means for Andrew Tan, AGI, and the Newport project. Any guest analysts interested in providing some context, please send me a note!
  • MJC Investments [MJIC suspended] [link] disclosed that its board authorized the conversion into equity of ₱2.4 billion in “deposits for future subscription” made by HK Strategic Investors and Manila Jockey Club [MJC suspended]. The unusual deposits were made way back in 2021.
    • MB Quick Take: As an investor, I hate seeing these massive pending transactions on the books that fester for years. The depositors will get 2.2 billion shares out of the conversion, which is a 69% increase in the outstanding shares of MJIC. That’s a substantial change.
MB is written and distributed every trading day. The newsletter is 100% free and I never upsell you to some "iNnEr cIrClE" of paid-membership perks. Everyone gets the same! Join the barkada by signing up for the newsletter, or follow me on Twitter. You can also read my daily Morning Halo-halo content on Philstar.com in the Stock Commentary section, and in the Saturday edition of the Daily Manila Shimbun.

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2023.05.31 02:01 StateoftheYo Cloudy Pool Due to Chemical Balancing Issues - Seeking Advice!

Cloudy Pool Due to Chemical Balancing Issues - Seeking Advice!
Hello Everyone!
I've learned some great things from this subreddit and I am now in need of a bit of personalized assistance if you will. Opened up the pool about 10 days ago. When I opened it up, the water itself was clear, but the liner was covered with algae that appeared to be quite powdery. When I got the pump/filter hooked up, I brushed up the powdery algae off the bottom to get things through the filter. Since that point, the green seemed to disappear, but I can't seem to break the cloudy pool water. Note the above pix.
In reading this sub, as well as some online forums, I have come to the conclusion I have a substantial issue with chlorine being consumed at an extremely high rate. Consequently, when I've hit the pool with shock or liquid chlorine, it seems to be gone extremely quickly. Case in point I triple shocked my 15k gallon pool (5lbs of shock) last night and by this morning there was very little total chlorine and -0- free chlorine registering. Last week I also dumped 4 gallons of liquid chlorine in one night and the same thing happened. FWIW, much of last year and this year my CYA has been nonexistent. I put 4lbs of CYA in over the weekend and it never moved the needle.
I did get my water tested over the weekend at Leslie's and my alkalinity was quite high, which I did get back into range, and my pH was also within the normal range. But when it comes to CYA (non-existent) and total and free chlorine, I am getting absolutely nothing. I got in the pool for the first time tonight and it certainly wasn't slimy, but the water doesn't smell quite right.
I know if I go back to the pool store they will try to sell me everything in sight. There are some great commenters on here with a lot of knowledge. I'd greatly appreciate any and all advice that you can provide. I can't keep dumping in these chemicals expecting and hoping for the stars to align. I just need a concrete battle plan to first get the chemicals registering and the pool clear. Round 2 would be setting myself up for success all summer with CYA and not dumping tons of shock in each week to get me by.
Thank you in advance!!
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2023.05.31 02:01 intjesus420 Is there any chance for me to save myself from eviction if I can't pay 100% of what I owe before my hearing?

To start off, I am just looking for answers here. Please reserve your judgment as I have been hearing it non-stop and I am just looking for answers to my question right now. Obviously I would've paid on time if I could have.
The question- I owe rent from March/April/May and now June. My hearing is in two weeks. The day before the hearing I will finally receive my commission check and I will be able to pay for March/April/May, but not June. I'll have enough money to pay for the rent I owe for June exactly six days AFTER the hearing is scheduled.
Is there any chance of me saving myself from eviction if I pay the June rent I owe after the hearing date?
My landlord is (understandably) upset for how late I am and very likely not keen to let me delay this any further even if I pay most of what I owe before the hearing date.
I don't know what else to do, I don't have anyone I can ask for money and this year has already been filled with tragedy and life ruining shit that I'd rather not get into it on here, so please spare me any "they just want to be paid" or whatever. Yes, I get it. I'll remember to save crucifying myself for AFTER I pay the balance I owe.
Sorry I'm bitter, it's been a stressful few months. If it helps you reserve any judgement, the landlord is a big company and not some person who just rents out their extra room.
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2023.05.31 02:00 Logic_Sandwich JoJo's Bizarre OC Tournament #6: Semifinal 1 - Electra Heart vs 10538-2095

(Shoutouts to u/TheSlyKoopa for the match concept!)
Scenario: Isla de Piedra, Somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea — 11:44AM
Dédalo Viatger, adventurer, archaeologist and explorer extraordinaire, had filled his travelog with countless exploits on his never-ending quest to uncover the secrets of the ancient world. Following the trail of the lost civilization of Pieduro was proving to be his lengthiest entry yet. Armed with powerful Pieduron artifacts known as the Temples, Dédalo and the Pieduron entity 「Perdida」 had forged a path across the Mediterranean, getting ever closer to solving the mystery of their disappearance.
With assistance from Cullinan Dwarf Star, Patron of the House of Muses, Dédalo and Perdida were on the verge of discovering the final piece of the puzzle. Their journey had come full circle, and Dédalo and Perdida’s adventure would end where it began; on the island of Isla de Piedra.
Situated between the coasts of Southern Spain and North Africa, Isla de Piedra had been uninhabited for all of recorded history, though not for lack of trying. The dense forests and greenery that covered every square meter of the island made it a ripe target for logging companies and greedy colonists to strip it for all it was worth. None had succeeded—their abandoned camps had long since been reclaimed by the forest.
The only other sign of human life on the island was the ancient Pieduron outpost where Dédalo’s journey first began, and where it would now hopefully end. The trek to get there was as difficult as the first time—but he didn’t have to do it alone now. At his side were his ever faithful companion Perdida, the inquisitive swordswoman Ninian, the extraordinary android 2095, and the illustrious ice skater Electra (although he didn’t call them that out loud).
Dédalo led the party up a long, winding stone staircase, pointing out the many partially-disabled traps along the way. He and Ninian had long been in contact, and the latter could personally vouch for her +1s—2095 one of the few Bastards she could trust and Electra having earned her trust in for her actions against Enyalius & Enyo Pharmaceuticals in San Battista.
“...and here’s a wall of spikes that shoot out when you pass over that threshold,” he pointed out with a tour guide’s enthusiasm. “I managed to jam up the mechanism with some cloth, but we should probably tread carefully around here.”
Electra rolled her eyes, even though Dédalo couldn’t see the gesture. “Should have just blown it up,” she muttered, annoyed. While her experiences in San Battista had somewhat melted her frosty demeanor, it had still been a long, hot, exhausting trip to get here, and old habits died hard.
“Watch your tone, miss,” Perdida said from behind her ear, making her jump. “My people’s architecture is not something to “blow up”.”
“And it might not have worked,” 2095 chimed in. “If this outpost could survive all those centuries of wear, I doubt a mundane explosion would do much damage to it.”
“The Piedurons built everything to last, from their treasures to their traps.” Dédalo gingerly ducked under the blade of a massive pendulum axe that jutted out from the ceiling. “Fortunate in some ways, unfortunate in others.”
At last, they reached the center chamber. Carved from stone and coated with moss, it appeared just as untouched as the rest of the outpost—save for the podium in the middle of the chamber and the conspicuously empty space on top of it, where the moss grew a little bit thinner.
“Ah, this brings back memories,” Dédalo chuckled. “This is where Perdida and I first met. The El Cor Terra necklace lay in this very spot at the heart of the chamber. When I unfastened it, poof! There she appeared in all of her resplendent glory. We hit it off right away.”
“He tried to cut my head off with a machete.”
“In self-defense!”
“Ok, move it along, lovebirds,” Electra huffed. “Where’s the thing we were looking for? It’s somewhere in here, right?”
Brushing past the “lovebirds” comment, Dédalo retrieved a piece of parchment from his explorer’s pack marked with the symbol of the House of Muses. “According to Cullinan, the hidden door should be right over on that wall.” He pointed over 2095’s shoulder at the northern wall of the chamber. “The question is…how do we open it?”
2095 gave the room a once-over. Aside from the layer of moss and vegetation covering the chamber, it was pretty bare. Its only noticeable feature seemed to be the podium.
“Perhaps the podium could offer some answers.” The party gathered around the stone podium—a stone cylinder, atop which stood a carving which vaguely resembled the neck and collarbone area of a human, with a thin groove running where a necklace would hang. Perdida instantly recognized the Cleria stone inlays around the circumference of the podium.
She traced a finger along the length of the groove, and the Cleria stone beneath it glowed—and, at a volume only audible to 2095’s mechanical hearing, it began to hum.
“Keep going, Perdida,” she whispered. Perdida closed her eyes, feeling herself attune to the place where she lay dormant for thousands of years. The Cleria stone grew brighter and brighter, the hum getting louder and louder.
Suddenly, the room shook. Electra leaped back, expecting another trap. Instead, she watched as the north wall slid open like the doors of an elevator, revealing two hallways; one leading up, the other leading down, both with Cleria stone markings along the walls that pulsed with a gentle light.
“Thank goodness,” Dédalo sighed. “I was worried the real treasure was going to be the friends we made along the way.”
Dédalo and Perdida continued to trek up the hallway, climbing what was likely the control tower of the outpost. Ninian dutifully followed behind them, ready to draw her blade at whatever might strike from the newly unknown section of the outpost. The sound of exhaled breath made her jump...but it was only a sigh from Dédalo. “A shame you came aboard so late, Ninian; our journey’s almost up.”
Ninian’s confusion spiked to alarm as the explorer motioned to lean against the wall. “Watch out-”
Dédalo made contact and nothing happened. He tilted his head to the end of the corridor, a doorway just a few meters away. “We’re far enough in that we’ve most likely avoided the worst of the traps. Besides, I don’t think the Piedurons would have placed many traps so close to a place of importance.” He wistfully rubbed his arm, massaging the strain of adventures and injuries in equal measure. “Feels almost bittersweet. So many months of travel and turmoil, and the end of our journey is in sight.”
“Hey, don’t say that yet. We still need to find a way to get my human body back.” Pedida gently punched him in his shoulder. Still, her pout eventually softened as she looked back towards the final chamber. “I guess you are correct, though. The answer to the Pieduron collapse lies beyond those doors. What comes after…nobody knows”
“Quite right,” Dédalo nodded, and the group moved onwards. “I hope that Electra and 2095 are doing okay down there, in any case.”
“I hope that the rest of the outpost is okay,” Perdida frowned. “They didn’t seem to appreciate how precious this place is—I don’t want to lose another one.”
“I don’t think we have to worry too much about losing them,” A grin of cat-like mischief unfurled on Ninian’s face as hoarse laughter echoed on a draft. There were adventures to come and to be seen, but one to reach its conclusion here and now, and the anticipation made Ninian’s hair stand on end.
The group carefully entered the room, and Perdida flickered out of existence. Before any of them could respond, the control room flickered to life. The stone walls that extended higher and higher suddenly turned “on” as if they were screens, but these were more akin to slabs whose light-emitting runes and rocks flickered and changed in the appearance of Perdida—Perdidas, in fact. All of them, on the many screens, acted in unison as Dédalo rushed forward. “Dédalo, what’s going on?”
“We’re figuring it out,” he shouted as he and Ninian raced to the panels below, trying to decipher the text streaming by. Soon, however, one message displayed on a readout screen:
Meanwhile, having taken the outpost’s lower path, 2095 and Electra entered into a large atrium. Like the rest of the outpost, the walls and floor were composed of the usual, teal stone that seemed impossibly durable. The fact that they could use it to form buildings, carve intricate murals, and keep it all hidden was impressive, but they craned their heads upwards towards the skylight that would let rain and sun in. Through the overgrown foliage, they could see a massive flat ring of Cleria floating above the ground in stubborn defiance of the laws of physics. Gravity-defying gyroscopes of stone spun and swirled in the air above, rotating with the same slow grace as the ancient gears that whirred to life around them. The glow of the Cleria blended together with the light of the noonday sun; the hum of power permeated the entire chamber.
“...shit,” Electra murmured, not sure what else to say.
2095 scanned the rest of the atrium, but ultimately found nothing beyond a discolored, glowing pad on the floor by the opposite wall, outcroppings on the walls that resembled benches, and the remnants of what appeared to be ancient drinking fountains. Rest now before it’s too late, the room seemed to scream.
“I believe we should wait for the others before we go deeper,” 2095 announced. “We could retrace our steps and explore the previous areas, in case we missed another hidden passageway or an undiscovered treasure. It would be a shame to proceed not knowing whether we’ve left every stone unturned-”
“Not a chance,” Electra huffed. “I’m not letting us get killed because of your FOMO. Come on.”
She grabbed 2095 by the wrist and began to drag her over to the pads. 2095 let her—partly because she weighed significantly more than Electra did and she didn’t want her to hurt herself trying to pull her by force, but partly because she was right. She could feel the air buzzing with energy, intensifying by the second. Something big was about to happen.
The two stepped onto the floor pad and immediately felt themselves being shunted into a different space as the teleporter activated. When their vision cleared, they found themselves standing on top of the Cleria ring itself. Electra could smell the ozone in the air and taste the prickling on her tongue. This ring was the key to the whole mechanism—either it was powering the outpost…or the outpost was powering it.
2095 gazed in awe at the machinery surrounding them. It reminded her of the technology from her time; except instead of steel and chrome, it was made of rock and crystal. What secrets died with the Piedurons when they disappeared?
She turned to Electra to express her wonder and nearly screamed when she saw the vantablack vines burst out of her shadowed face, ready to smash the ring to pieces.
“What are you doing?!” 2095 yelled, 「Yours Truly」 appearing at her side, tentacles raised.
“I’m destroying this thing, duh,” spat Electra. “I know a superweapon when I see one, and I’m not about to let some dipshit corporation get their hands on it after we leave.”
The chamber shook, bits of rocks and dust falling from the ceiling. “B-but we don’t even know whether this is a superweapon! Aren’t you acting a bit rash?”
“Rash? Seriously? You have no idea what some people in Dead Drop Bay would do for an artifact like this.” Electra remembered what she saw in San Battista—the monster that she had to put down, fuelled by a desire to abuse the remnants of the past for her own gain. “Farewell to Kings, Dead Man’s Hand; hell, even my own company. They’d sink this island to the bottom of the ocean for the chance to have this thing for themselves. This way, I’m solving the problem before it has a chance to start.”
“And risk destroying the legacy of an entire civilization?!” 2095 felt anger boiling in her metallic chest. A part of her resonated with the Piedurons in this moment—she knew what it was like to be a relic of an era far from the present, the last remaining piece of a time nobody would ever know. “What gives you the right to decide what to do with an artifact of this magnitude? To bury what could be the last hope of Pieduro to be remembered as anything but a footnote in history?”
The chamber shook again—this time, both 2095 and Electra felt the ground shift under their feet. Without warning, walls of stone burst out of the ground around them, tearing through centuries-old roots and vines to surround the ring on all sides. Slabs of Cleria stone with deep divots carved into the top of them emerged from the ring itself and floated just above its surface like a magnet levitating atop another.
In the control tower below them, Dédalo and Ninian scrambled from panel to panel, desperately trying to decipher what was going on. Dédalo could see the two other members of the party facing off inside the ring—but before he could call out to them, he heard Perdida’s voice resonate from every screen.
“The Temples…I can see them.”
Ninian watched the panel in front of her light up, displaying a holographic map of the Mediterranean, hundreds of glowing blue dots scattered across the projection.
Dédalo rushed to the nearest screen and grabbed it. “Perdida! Are you alright?!”
“Y-yes, I’m fine.” Perdida blinked hard, putting a hand to the side of her head. “I can feel every Temple in the Mediterranean. I…I think I can gain access to them from here.”
“Access? Like…you can turn them on?” Ninian asked.
“Yes. All of them.” Before Perdida could say any more, the chamber shook once more. In the room below, the ring glowed even more brightly, the two would-be explorers now utterly trapped within it by the sloped walls surrounding it.
“See what I mean?!” Electra clenched her fists, snapping flytrap jaws emerging from the shadow underneath her. “We need to put this entire place in the ground. For good. And like hell am I going to let you stop me!”
Suddenly, all across the surface of the ring, crackling orbs of energy sparked to life, both 2095 and Electra just managing to avoid them. The orbs spun in a circle around the ring, accelerating rapidly until they were nothing but a blur. 2095 recognized the movements of the orbs immediately; it looked like a particle accelerator.
“I hoped we could resolve this peacefully, Electra.” 2095 flicked the silver locks out of her face. “But now I have to convince you in the only language you seem to understand—the language of violence. Don’t hold back.”
The age-old machinery around them hummed to a crescendo. If either of the two combatants wanted to see their convictions through, they would need to survive the full power of Pieduro first.
Location: On Isla de Piedra, (Shoutouts to u/TheSlyKoopa for the match art) inside the Floating Ring. The arena shown here has Electra on the north side and 2095 on the south side represented by their character tokens. The players are in the area inside the ring and have no way to exit with sloping walls on all sides.
The ring has a diameter of 60 meters and the internal width is 15 meters; the entire structure is A Durability.
The brown rectangles inside the ring are Pieduron Temples that resemble short, knee-tall minecarts made out of stone slabs.
Goal: RETIRE your opponent!
Additional Information: Over the course of 10 minutes, the ring will spawn 6-inch diameter orbs of light that will accelerate and move in an orbit around the ring at A Speed. Each orb takes 4 seconds to spawn-in, glowing in place and translucent, before it becomes a solid orb.
Trajectory of the orbs move completely along the curvature of the ring, counterclockwise (denoted by the arrows on the map) and can be spawned anywhere inside the ring. When they hit something solid, they will detonate at C Power—powerful enough to destroy ink left by 「Venus Fly Trap」 and tentacles from 「Yours Truly」—and cause another orb to spawn where the original one started. The orbs have a blast radius of half a meter and other orbs exploding around them will not trigger them to detonate.
Orbs will complete one revolution around the ring anywhere from 3 seconds (inside track) to 6 seconds (along the rim).
Assuming you are standing still, the rough number of orbs that pass by will be 5 orbs per second at the first minute mark, 10 orbs per second at the second minute mark, and so on until the maximum of 50 orbs per second at the ten minute mark.
Starting near each player and around the map are Pieduron temples that resemble minecarts. Each kart can comfortably fit one person, have a handle on either side, and a single rudder-like steering peripheral. The wheels of the kart will always stick to the ring, but they can drive just fine along the walls or even the ceiling of the ring. Karts move at up to B Speed and players intuitively have a 4 in driving them. At max speed, karts can complete one revolution in 4 to 8 seconds (4 seconds on the inside track and 8 seconds on the rim).
All karts have three other special features that can be activated when a driver is steering it, the Turtle, the Spider, and the Crab:
  • The Turtle is a forcefield-like shield that can cover the kart and anybody riding inside it. This forcefield only protects against the fast moving orbs and their explosions and is intangible to everything else. It lasts up to 2 seconds and has a 6 second cooldown before it can be activated again. It can also be set to automatically activate if the minecart is about to hit or be affected by an orb, otherwise it can be manually activated by the driver.
  • The Spider is a net-like shield that functions somewhat similarly to the forcefield the Turtle. The main difference is that instead of blocking orbs, it catches them and converts them into an inert palm-sized orb that is stowed inside the minecart. This shield does also block explosions produced by orbs, but will not produce an inert orb in those cases. The Spider lasts up to 1 second and shares a cooldown with the Turtle. Inert orbs are orbs that can be converted back into fast moving orbs by being thrown with force and intent. They can be made to move exactly in a straight line or along the curvature of the ring when thrown. Inert orbs have no other special properties, other than being A Durability.
  • The Crab is a fast sideways dash up to 8 meters, with a minimum distance of 1 meter. Once the dash is finished, the kart will resume moving in the direction and speed it had before initiating the dash, making it useful for dodging without turning or changing the direction the kart is going in. This feature has a stamina bar where the longer your dash distance is, the more stamina will be used up. It takes 4 seconds for the stamina bar to fill up from empty.
The cooldowns and stamina bars are tied to the person, not the karts themselves.
Team Combatant JoJolity
Anvil Procession Electra Heart "I need to master this Spin..." Have a good plan for how to avoid and deal with the orbs spinning around you!
Bastards of Barcas 10538-2095 "The secret to the Steel Ball is the search for infinity..." Have a good plan for how to avoid and deal with the orbs spinning around you!
Link to Official Player Spreadsheet
Link to Match Schedule
As always, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and be among the first to get updates for the tournament, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff for an invite to our Official Discord Server!
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2023.05.31 02:00 zackereee GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!!

as i lay down for bed tonight i wanna wish everybody on this sub that isnt a reseller the best of luck tomorrow scoring all the pairs you want 🤞
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2023.05.31 02:00 BlueArchiveMod Daily Questions Megathread May 31, 2023

Please use this thread to ask any questions you have about the game. Please search though the comments section as your question may have been answered already or through the search bar.

General Resources

REMINDER: Bind your account!

Please remember to bind your accounts and take note of your UID, member code, server location, and any information related to your account (e.g. amount spent, student roster, etc). If anything happens to your account (e.g. losing access, unauthorized access), you will need to provide as much info as you can to Nexon's customer support email. Guest accounts that are unbound will be extremely difficult to recover, perhaps impossible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

[01] When does the server reset?
For global, dailies reset at 19:00 UTC and weeklies reset on Sunday.
[02] Should I re-roll this account?
This will depend on your priorities with PvE, PvP, or both, but you can generally see the “ideal” units as Iori, Hibiki, and Tsubaki for most content, while Shun and Haruna are great for PvP.
[03] Who should I spend my elephs on? Who should I mystic unlock?
At the start, prioritize spending your blank elephs on getting Serina to 2-star for the increased healing stat, Tsubaki to 3-star for the extra tankiness when she is reloading. It is generally advised not to spend your elephs on increasing characters to 4-star and 5-star ratings, since there is only a stat increase and the amount of elephs needed is quite high.
[04] What do my support students’ stats do?
Aside from increasing the stats of their own skills, support students will provide additional stat boosts to your striker team. The specific increase(s) can be viewed by clicking on “Support” on the right side of the team formation screen.
[05] What should I buy in the shop?
[06] What does the “leader” position do?
This is purely cosmetic, as it changes which student’s chibi shows up on the map.
[07] What benefits are there to joining a club?
  1. Students assigned to assist with TA cannot also be selected to assist with JFD.
  2. 20 credits are rewarded every minute by setting assistants.
  3. The specific unit that is borrowed can be only used once a day.
  4. There's a fee of 40,000 credits, when borrowing a assistant student.
  5. The donor receives 50,000 credits instead; even though the fee is 40,000 credits.
  6. The fee can only be received 20 times a day.
[08] How does the pity system work?
You need to pull, at a minimum, 200 times in order to get 200 recruitment points that are redeemed for the character you want. The recruitment point system does not carry over from banner to banner, it is only shared between banners that are concurrently running.
[09] Why can’t I find my friend’s club?
While the servers’ updates are separated from JP and global, the global servers are separated further into smaller divisions. You need to be on the same server as your friend, which you can check from the home screen: top-right menu button > account > version info. The server must be the same.
[10] When is X banner coming? Should I save for X student?
We never know for sure, due to the fact that global servers are on an accelerated schedule compared to JP. Please refer to this guide for some more info.
[11] Should I use Pyroxenes to refill my AP?
If you want to prioritize progression, the first three daily refills are decently valuable, this is because the Pyroxene cost of refilling will increase for every three refills. If you are focused on character collection or future banners, you should be saving your Pyroxenes.
[12] Why can’t I buy X student’s eleph in the shop?
You can only buy elephs of students you own.
[13] What should I craft?
At the start, prioritize crafting cafe furniture until your comfort is maxed out, then students’ gifts, then whichever upgrade materials you need. The crafting system is the only way to get furniture and gifts at the moment.
[14] What is the “Anniversary” in account settings?
This is your birthday, used for characters to wish you happy birthday.
[15] When will the beginner guide missions for Nonomi end?
This is a permanent addition, so feel free to take your time with the tasks.
[16] What is the best place to farm EXP?
You can run any map to farm EXP, as the EXP gain is equal to the amount of AP spent (i.e. 10 AP spent = 10 EXP gained). You should be looking at the stages that drop the equipment upgrade materials that you need.
[17] What is the “Secret Tech Sheet” in the Total Assault shop?
This is used to upgrade a student’s (non-EX) skill to level 10.
[18] Is it worth doing a raid if I can’t pass X difficulty level?
It is always more efficient to clear the highest difficulty you can finish instead of failing/forfeiting a higher difficulty.
[19] Can I claim the Limited Students through exchanging Expert Permits? How often does the Expert Permit shop resets?
You cannot get the limited students via this method. You will still need to pull for them. There's no specific mentioned but it's expected to be monthly.

OthePast Megathreads

Please have patience with other members of the community and be as polite as possible. Everyone has to start somewhere!
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2023.05.31 02:00 Idiot_Unknown Saw this on my friends status is it real?

Saw this on my friends status is it real?
Please help
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2023.05.31 01:59 Safe-Experience-2917 Free tickets for tonight's show in Rochester

I have free tickets for tonight's show!! First person to DM me can have them. Couldn't make it tonight.
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2023.05.31 01:58 Fresh-Alfalfa-2788 Told me to come in but not on the schedule?

My first day was Sunday for ON stocking. They hadn’t had my schedule up until a few hours ago. I checked in with one of my TL before I left work this morning and she said that it’ll be up soon enough and I should probably just come in if it isn’t updated.
Wellll it’s showing that I don’t work tonight 10pm-7am. Ngl I could use the day off because I’m adjusting to the whole night thing.
Question is will I get put in as a NCNS ? Or because it isn’t official that I’m in the clear to just show up for my next shift ?
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2023.05.31 01:58 kdamemphis Selling Tickets for Drake and 21 Savage Nashville Show (Rescheduled: Oct 2, 2023)

I have tickets for the Drake and 21 Savage Nashville show, originally scheduled for June but now happening on Oct 2, 2023. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to the Nashville show and I'm looking to sell my tickets.
Details: - Section: 331 - Price: $200 (including fees) - Same price as I paid, cheaper than StubHub after fees
I'd love to sell them to a fellow Drake fan at the same price I got them for. This way, you'll be saving money compared to other tickets available on StubHub and I can get tickets to the Memphis show.
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2023.05.31 01:58 ELMAGDOULY How do I make money with YouTube automation 2023?

How to Start a YouTube Automation Business: The Step-by-Step Guide for Setting Up a Cash Cow Channel in 2023
How I make $13K per month
If you’re looking for an online business model that generates passive income, a YouTube automation business may just be your best option after local lead generation
. YouTube automation channels have been gaining traction for a few years as a legitimate way to make money online and it’s no surprise why. A quick search using the global analytics tool, Search Blade, reveals that many of these channels, like Bright Side, make hundreds of thousands in revenue every year. That’s some serious cash flow for not having to show your face or even be involved much at all in the operations of the business.
If you want to start your own YouTube cash cow channel to make a passive income, then this YouTube automation business step-by-step guide is for you! In the following article, we look at the YouTube automation business model, go over some of the major pros and cons, highlight 4 key metrics to understand, break down each aspect of the business you need to outsource in order to automate the work, list out the 5 main steps to start your automation channel, and some major mistakes to avoid. Plus, 8 additional strategies to monetize your YouTube automation business beyond the YouTube Partner Program so you can set up multiple income streams and maximize your profit potential!
What is YouTube automation?
YouTube automation is an online business model that employs outsourcing and automation tools to create a YouTube channel that operates and generates money independently (mostly) of the channel owner. As the YouTube channel owner, you build a team to handle the entire content development process, from research to content creation and video publishing. A successful YouTube automation channel pays for itself through the revenues it produces and leaves the owner with a solid profit after all expenses.
YouTube automation channels do not incorporate a YouTube influencer in the content like the videos by many other successful channels, such as Mr. Beast
videos. Instead, these are faceless YouTube channels that rely heavily on stock footage or animations with voiceovers.
Should you start a YouTube automation channel? The pros and cons
Is a YouTube automation channel right for you? Here are some of the main pros and cons of the business model to help you decide.
Passive income
Passive income is the ability to make money without having to be actively involved in the operations that generate the cash. You outsource all aspects of your YouTube automation channel to your team, so the money you make is passive income. Most business models, like a social media marketing agency
, do not generate passive income. Passive income is a major advantage of a YouTube automation business, as it allows you to engage in the things you enjoy instead of working.
Not constrained by channel creator
Unlike traditional YouTube influencer channels that rely on the availability of a single person, the content output of a YouTube automation channel is unconstrained. For example, Mr. Beast needs to be involved and available for every video his channel produces, resulting in around just two videos per month to be published, while a YouTube automation channel can publish content at a much faster rate because it's not dependent on the creator.
Multiple income streams
With a YouTube automation channel, you aren’t limited to just a single source of income for your channel, like ad revenue. There are many ways you could potentially monetize a YouTube automation channel, which we’ll discuss in more depth later in the article.
Establishing a successful channel takes time
According to HubSpot, it takes an average of 22 months for a YouTube channel to reach just 1,000 subscribers. Well, if you want to make a decent income with your YouTube channel, you’ll need closer to 100,000 subscribers at least! Although YouTube automation channel growth rates vary dramatically, expect to spend around two years publishing consistent, high-quality content before the channel performs well.
Need capital to invest
Although you can start a YouTube channel for free by making your own content, your channel won’t be “automated” until you can hire out a team to handle the work for you. According to YouTube automation expert Joey Gaule, you can get simple videos made for around $30 to $50 if just using stock footage and voice overs. However, if you want to develop high-quality videos that incorporate animation, you’ll be looking at closer to $100+ for each video.
YouTube is extremely competitive
There is a ridiculous amount of content already on YouTube. In fact, according to Zippia, approximately 500 hours of new videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute! No matter which niche you choose, there’s no avoiding at least some competition.
An alternative passive income online business
U can make use of a text to speech software to create your videos by inserting text and and it will generate human like speech within seconds
A YouTube automation channel can be a great investment for someone who is looking for passive income a few years down the road. However, the extended waiting period before you make money is not for everyone. If you're looking for a much faster way to generate passive income, a local lead generation business is an alternative online business model that could be a better fit. With a local lead generation business, you can start earning passive income in a matter of a few months.
Local lead generation involves ranking a website on the first page of Google for a local business niche and then selling the leads the website generates to a local business for hundreds to thousands of dollars each month. Learn more about starting a local lead generation business here
4 Key metrics to know for a YouTube automation channel
RPM, or revenue-per-mille, is a metric that tells you how much you’ve earned on average per 1,000 video views.
Watch time
What aspects of a YouTube automation channel do you need to outsource?
Research and optimization
If you want your faceless YouTube channel to be a highly successful money making machine, you’ll need someone to do the necessary research to find video ideas and optimize the title and description of the video for YouTubes algorithm. A YouTube SEO expert will use the right keywords so that the most people possible can find your video content through YouTube search.
Script writing
A good script writer may be the most important hire for your automation channel. The script writer finds interesting points to keep the audience engaged throughout the video and really sets the tone of your videos. A professional script writer knows how best to present information to the audience to make sure they keep watching the video as long as possible and, therefore, plays a major role in your channel's watch time. Plus, if you hire a voice actor, you need to tell them exactly what to say in the video.
Voice over
Ever notice how some voices are able to demand your attention more than others? That’s the power a good voice over actor can have on your YouTube content. For channels that don’t use YouTube influencers in the video content, a high-quality voice over actor is an essential component to creating content that maintains attention.
Video editing
Obviously, if you want to make videos but automate your role as a YouTube creator, you’ll need someone with access to top-notch software and editing skills to handle your video editing. A good video editor finds the right clips and puts them together in a meaningful way to provide proper visual context.
You won’t grow your channel unless you get YouTube viewers to choose your videos over the millions of other options available. That’s why having someone on your team who understands YouTube marketing trends with the skills to create captivating thumbnails is crucial to the success of your channel. The thumbnail is the first visual information people see before deciding whether they should watch your video, so it needs to grab their attention and coerce them into clicking the video.
Channel management
Aside from automating the content creation aspect of your YouTube channel, you can also outsource the actual management of the channel if you want to make it completely autonomous. A YouTube channel manager manages your channel from within the YouTube studio, scheduling videos and keeping track of the YouTube analytics to suggest content adjustments to the team when applicable.
5 Steps to set up a cash cow YouTube automation channel
1. Select a YouTube niche
The first step in starting your YouTube automation channel is deciding which YouTube niche you want to create content in. Not all niches are equal. Some niches are substantially more competitive than others, and those are usually the niches with the highest RPM payouts as well. High value niches like “personal finance” or “how to make money online” are one's advertisers will pay a lot to run YouTube ads in, so channel owners benefit from larger paychecks if monetizing through the YouTube Partner Program.
However, that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed in those niches, it just means it will be harder. You can certainly find a micro niche or a unique angle for your content that sticks to establish your space within the niche. Check out this comprehensive list of YouTube automation niches with long-term profit potential
2. Create a branded YouTube account
With just a personal Google account, you’re able to like videos and subscribe to channels on YouTube. However, if you want to create your own channel and publish content for the public, you need to create a YouTube channel. You have the option of creating a personal YouTube account, or a branded account for a business. For a YouTube automation channel, you’ll want to set up a branded YouTube account because it allows multiple users to access and manage the account. Also, a branded YouTube channel keeps your personal information private. Here’s how to create a branded YouTube account.
  1. Go to YouTube
  1. if you wish.
Once your channel is set up, you'll need to add channel art like a branded logo and banner to show your audience that your channel is legit. You can create these yourself with free tools like Canva
, or outsource it to a professional like you'll do with most of your channel tasks.
3. Build a high-quality automation team
You may have to do much of the work yourself in the beginning if you’re trying to start a faceless YouTube channel on a small budget. However, if your goal is a YouTube automation channel, you’ll eventually need to put together a team to create your videos and manage the channel. Fortunately, there are many available freelancer websites you can use to hire high-quality and affordable remote workers for your business. Some of the best freelancer websites to hire talent for your YouTube automation business include:
4. Use tools to automate processes
In order for your team to work together efficiently, you need to put the necessary structure and processes in place. In 2023, modern teams can leverage a variety of workflow management tools like Asana
, Trello**, or** Clockify
. These tools enable your YouTube automation channel to effectively assign work, track project hours and progress, and organize a content schedule.
Beyond workflow management tools, you should also use at least one YouTube automation tool to improve your business operations. The two best YouTube automation tools are Tube Buddy
, both of which offer a variety of free and paid tools to help grow your YouTube channel by automating data analysis, research, video editing, and video optimization.
5. Monetize your channel
Once your YouTube automation channel starts to attract a decent amount of YouTube views and subscribers, it’s time to monetize your YouTube business. The standard method for YouTube automation channels to monetize is by letting YouTube ads run on your content through the YouTube Partner Program. Requirements for a channel to be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program include:
However, the YouTube Partner program isn’t the only way you can monetize your YouTube Automation channel.
8 Alternative ways to monetize a YouTube automation channel
  1. Super chats - For channels that live stream their videos, a super chat is when a viewer pays to have their live chat message pinned. Super chat amounts range from $1 up to $500!
  2. Print on demand - With a print on demand service like Printful
or Printify
  1. or OnlyFans, you can offer your audience access to exclusive channel content in exchange for a recurring subscription fee.
YouTube automation mistakes to avoid
Some people are misled that YouTube automation is just taking already published content and reuploading it on your own channel without any real work. Unfortunately, reuploading another creator’s content may work on other social media platforms like TikTok, but on YouTube, you’re likely to receive a copyright strike.
Using copyright music
If you use copyright music in your YouTube automation videos, YouTube will flag your video so it can’t be monetized when you upload it. Therefore, you are not able to earn from the YouTube Partner Program when using copyright music in your video. Fortunately, there is tons of royalty free music available on the internet that you can use in your videos, but it just won’t be any mainstream
submitted by ELMAGDOULY to aiprofitcourse [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 01:57 kuramatd WTS User S90V PM2

Hey Swappers! Looking to move along this S90V PM2 today. Seeking PayPal F&F on this one. I'm working a 12 tomorrow, so it will ship out via USPS Priority Mail on Thursday, June 1st, but I'll get the shipping purchased and provide a tracking number to you tonight.
S90V Paramilitary 2 - SV: $120
This has been a user for me. I am the original owner. Will come in the original box, but I have dyed the scales.
This is originally the teal variant of the S90V PM2. I RIT Dyed the scales peacock green, but there's evidence of the dye wearing off from carry time as well as snail trailing from objects in my pocket rubbing on the scales. I've taken the blade to a sharpening stone once, though I just refined the apex more than gave it a thorough sharpening, so you can see much of the factory grind lines toward the choil side of the edge. Has been maintained on a strop since. Currently shaving sharp.
Blade centering is pretty good but not quite perfect and there is zero side-to-side blade play, while dropping shut when you disengage the compression lock. Some wear to the black pocket clip as to be expected when carrying and using a Spydie with a black clip. Overall in smooth, functional condition, but definitely shows it's a user.
submitted by kuramatd to Knife_Swap [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 01:56 MrKenXXX PTSD C&P Exam Details

Wanted to write up a post to anyone who might be going into a C&P Exam for PTSD and wanted to know the experience of it.
TLDR version; make sure to study the VA PTSD DBQ, realize where the examiner is trying to trip you up (I honestly believe they try several tactics as detailed below). Realize they are not your friends and it's in your best interest to be as honest but as direct as possible.
Background Info:
I worked as a CT in the Navy, never went to medical while I was in as I was told getting mental help would get my clearance removed. Definitely experienced issues that I won't discuss here due to the nature of the clearance.
I had gone in to my local VA hospital with major depression and talked to them about being suicidal in January of 2022. They were able to get me a VA approved social worker to work with and annotated in my record that I had a positive screening for PTSD. I then went in to my local VA advocate February 2022 and started my claim. I've had a year of psychotherapy through the VA since then and I believe the social worker put down that she believed I had PTSD with major and chronic depression.
I got my counselor (I had been paying for the better half of two years) to write a letter I could submit as evidence detailing my depression and PTSD from his perspective. I had submitted a PTSD claim in 2015 but the file was closed without a VA examination (they couldn't find any links in my medical record of trauma even though I spent time overseas in a warzone). I was pretty defeated so this time I wanted medical evidence to support my claim.
It seem to have worked as I was scheduled my C&P exam in May 2023 (sixteen months from submitting my claim for anyone wondering how long it took to get the exam). During this time of waiting for my exam I submitted signed letters from my wife, her sister in law (detailing my depression, suicidal thoughts and cutting) and signed letters from two shipmates I served with detailing what happen to us.
The Exam:
I arrived 5 minutes before my exam and was pretty silent in the waiting room. The front desk person was VERY friendly, almost overly friendly. Asking how I was, how the drive was, how my week was going, what I thought of the weather etc etc. I put on my serious face and gave direct answers "could be better, it was long, not good, it's cold". She sat back in her seat and then was quiet. I waited there for about 10 minutes staring at the floor until the Optum Serve psychologist came out.
She walked me back to a room where the chairs were arranged facing away from the door and the windows, towards her with my back turned to both. I could tell it had been purposely arranged to make it inconvenient to move with a table dividing the area and force me to sit with my back to the door and window, so I rearranged the chairs and sat with my back to a corner facing everything.
She was nice but I could tell she had read up on my file. She began by telling me she could not diagnose any issues and began asking me questions about my mom and dad, how they were, if they loved me and if I ever felt alone prior to the military. She then asked if I had ever been abused sexually prior to the military or ever been in trouble at school or law enforcement prior. To each question I answered "no" and that I had a great upbringing as a kid.
She then asked if "I was happy?" keeping it open ended, so I asked her if she meant if I was happy now or prior to the military. She then said "prior" so I told her I was happy before the military and miserable after just to make it very clear.
It was then she started to ask me questions straight from the PTSD DBQ that I had studied prior to going in (make sure to look over the DBQ to see where your exam is going). Almost verbatim one for one so make sure to memorize it so you can see where they are leading you. One question she tried getting me slip up on were "Did your suicidal thoughts come after you were in the military?" to which I replied "they started when I was overseas in the military in 2007 and have gotten worse since". She replied with "So they didn't start after service just to make it clear?" to which again, I replied with the same answer but added in the depression now has kept me from keeping employment since she was pressing it.
She then asked how I would commit suicide, if I had a plan. I replied with my plan as I have thought about it a great deal. She asked what had stopped me to which I gave her a reply that she wrote down. I told her I also cut now due to how my brain is working and she asked if that began after the military, I told her it started at my first command (the letter from my shipmate detailed this fact in her statement saying she saw cuts on my arms but was unable to help as she was so stressed out with depression).
Almost after EVERY experience I talked about with depression, suicide and self harm the psychologist kept checking to see if it happen AFTER service. It was almost deliberate how much she was trying to get me to say it started after I got out. (I recommend keeping an eye out for this when you go in for your exam as the wording was very weird).
Finally, I got into the sexual trauma I had gone through to which I started crying. I never reported it due to being threatened that my clearance would be revoked if I told anyone. It's a long story but I broke down to the psychologist about it. She too also started to cry along with me about all the experiences I had gone through and how hard it was at such a young age to experience it all. I could see the tear drops come down her eyes.
It was after her crying with me that I believe she changed from trying to see if I was faking everything to actually helping me, walking me through what she thought I was experiencing mentally. She was saying stuff like "if you haven't put this on your claim, you might want to look in to it" or "I would go get this checked up on". She was asking me questions that I had seen others here say to mention like paranoia, not being able to have friendships, being distant, being alone, having security cameras around my house. Not liking loud noises, not liking crowds, having panic attacks, etc. etc. Again, it was like she was trying to now help my claim with questions I had forgotten to tell her due to nerves. We covered the entire DBQ by the end of the exam.
As far as what she was writing out, I could tell she was annotating everything on the computer and the entire exam was about an hour and a half. Finally, she asked me how I was feeling letting me know that "after talking to a VA psychologist that most veterans feel much better and the weight usually has been lifted off them". I think this was a final trip up question to see my reaction of saying "Oh I feel much better! Thank you!". I didn't fall for it and replied "I just feel broken". I got up and walked out of the exam room.
Walking out, the same front desk lady who was overly happy got up and said "Have a great day and enjoy the weather! Thank you for your service!". Again, another trip up for me to reply back with something nice, instead I just ignored it and walked out while the psychologist watched me walk to my car.
Post Exam:
I'm checking my VA claim daily online but haven't seen anything change past "evidence gathering". I'm hoping I made a strong case but I'm not entirely sure if I'll get a rating as I never have had one other than an injury of 10%. The entire ordeal has completely screwed with me mentally and I'm STILL exhausted by all the questions.
Hopefully this helps another veteran out there to get the rating they deserve. We went through a great deal to be where we're at now and if by going through it I can help others in their walk, I'll gladly be there to help.
submitted by MrKenXXX to VeteransBenefits [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 01:56 601HYPE Girl from app

So 21M I started talking to this girl from tinder last friday and we have a date scheduled for this upcoming weekend and everything was going well we were texting alot and last night i responded to something she had said and now radio silence since. Anyone have a theory besides she's busy which may be true or is she trying to manipulate me into wanting her more by going ghost bc she did bring up in the conversation that her plan was working after i had gave her a compliment then when i asked what the plan was she said ill have to wait and see
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2023.05.31 01:56 Good-Run1088 12 days between ordered date and delivery!

MYP Blue exterior / white interior.
Ordered on 5/15 with June - July as estimated delivery date.
Second update was on 5/19 and was told May 25 - June 8.
Got a vin assigned on 5/24 and text about scheduling delivery that same day. Scheduling only gave me three days (5/28-5/30) and scheduled for 5/28.
On 5/27 was asked if I wanted to pick it up early and I did pick up on 5/27!
Fremont built with HW4
Edit: order date ** not ordered lol
submitted by Good-Run1088 to TeslaModelYDelivery [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 01:55 vvwvvvv Windows reinstall help!

Hello all. I was having some severe bluescreening and crashing while gaming on Windows 11 insider edition. After deciding enough was enough I did a hard windows reset through the settings and now have landed in quite the pickle. Every time I boot up I get to the initial Hi there screen and after pressing next my pc reboots and sends me right back.
Plugging “sfc /scannow” into the command line returns “Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them. For online repairs, details are included in the cbs log file…”
I can’t create a usb bootable until I get into work later tonight. So I was wondering if anyone has any fixes for right now?
My specs are:
I7 - 7700k RTX 3060ti 32 gb DDR4 ram 1tb and 256gb samsung ssds All powered by 600w psu
(For the purposes of troubleshooting though I’ve been trying to boot on the bare minimum, i7-7700k and 1 stick of 8gb ram.)
submitted by vvwvvvv to buildapc [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 01:54 SteelCityValkyrie I really wish you were here...

Hi mum. It has been almost 2 years since I lost you to lung cancer after you fought so ferociously against Covid-19, pneumonia and Multiple Sclerosis. The fact you are no longer with me still pains me immensely every day because you were a core component to my life before.

I wanted to tell you a few things that have happened since you left this realm to join the Gods wherever you may be.
  1. I have finally got a cat after I promised you I would in honor of our ginger cat who passed 11 months before you did. Her name is Yogi, she is a black cat and is an incredible companion. I'm sorry I never told you he passed away. It would have broken your heart even more and I couldn't risk further complications because you were so frail. I hope you can forgive me for that.
  2. I moved last July into a better home where I know I'm safe. You have a small shrine that I set up in my room where I have a few of your trinkets and crystals that you have given me over the years. I hope it's comfortable and you're ok with Yogi jumping up to say hi sometimes.
  3. I am currently in bereavement counselling to help me manage. I am not doing this to forget you or move on in the traditional sense, I just need a neutral space with a professional to help me understand why I feel the way I feel. It's difficult going through all those emotions again but I know you would have wanted me to try and get help eventually.
  4. I am hoping to carry on your legacy with Neil and Dirty Stop Outs Guide because I believe that if you were still here, you would have encouraged me to pursue it after I finished college in 2016.
  5. I am over 500 days sober from any form of self injury/harm and I intend to keep that number ticking up. I promised you at your funeral that I would never do such actions ever again. I intend to keep that promise.
And lastly for now... I love you so much, words can't fully let me express how sad I am that you passed on and I miss you... I hope the cats, Aunt Lynn and Great Grandad are keeping you company while you watch over me and the family. Please rest tonight knowing I have made it another day alive and well.
From your baby bat. Always will be...
submitted by SteelCityValkyrie to GriefSupport [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 01:54 katxvai My partner kicked me out and I don’t know my rights.

I (25F) have been kicked out of my partner’s house in Virginia. We’ve lived together in a few places here over the course of six years. I had scheduled to remove my items from the home to a storage unit, but was told to go to the driveway where I was picked up by a friend and haven’t returned.
Initially, my ex gave me one month to remove the items (he said this Friday) meaning I schedule to move and he puts everything on the curb. He is now saying I only have less than ten days saying I have abandoned the property. What can I do?
I’ve attempted to meet their demands and they’re asking for me to pay them what I’ve owed over “verbal contracts”, and I’ve done my best to still be polite and follow their instructions. They’ve made it difficult, asked me to leave them alone when they initiate the conversation, and accuse me of intentionally playing games. I’m not trying to, and I sort of feel like I’m being gaslit. I finally blocked their phone number after asking for everything to go through email or a mutual.
At this point, do I have any right pursue legal action? Or should I just accept what’s happening?
submitted by katxvai to legaladvice [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 01:53 vernerlatskin Season 4 is honestly kind of trash. PLEASE change my mind - I want to love it.

I'm very picky when it comes to movies and TV. In the last ten years, I've genuinely liked less than ten shows. I have loved far fewer.
Starting with the pilot, I loved this show.
I think season 1 is practically perfect.
Season 2 gets dragged down a bit by the whole prison storyline being kinda pointless, outside of foreshadowing. It's not bad foreshadowing either, it's just that the show spends a lot of time on something that probably could have been conveyed in two episodes or less instead. But season 2 develops Darlene and Angela, and introduces Dom... it's all still amazing, it just feels less focused.
Season 3 feels to me like how season 2 should have. Like season 2 it suffers from still feeling a little murky and unfocused. At many points in season 2 and 3, tbh, it could be argued that there wasn't a completely solid reason for the show to keep going. I'm glad it did, it just feels like they meander some.
Season 4. When it first aired, it felt off-putting to me for a variety of reasons, but mostly due to feeling like the show had just flat out cheated in places, and also due to there being SO MANY unclosed plot threads. None the less, i shrugged it off, and just told myself that I was probably imagining some of them due to poor memory etc.
Over the next year, I watched the entire series three times through, and season 1 along with some various other episodes too many times to count. This is not something I do with anything else. I never rewatch stuff that isn't twin peaks or community. OR this show.
But 2 months back, something reminded me of the scene before Angela's death in S4E1. Something about it was bugging me, and so I started the episode, watched it closely, and I felt kinda duped. The direction and performances and production quality are all great as usual, but suddenly there were major issues i started noticing things that are very hard to reconcile with the accepted explanations given by the show and this community as a whole.
In fact, I see two possibilities regarding the truth about this show:
(A) season 4 tells us 1 story at the surface level but that is just there obfuscate the truth
(B) season 4 is a badly written and conceived collection of 13 episodes, despite the direction, production quality and performances all being uniformly amazing.
What makes this suck, is that if it's actually option B, it actively makes everything before it worse - especially seasons 2 and 3 - due to so much of the show being taken up by TONS of stuff, that according to the show and also this subreddit, doesn't matter, never mattered, and why would you even think that mattered, what is wrong with you, you stupid stupid question asker. After all the show tells us everything explicitly point blank in the finale.
Also, if you almost die in a nuclear plant meltdown that you avert from happening, but there is still an explosion and a fire that knocks you unconscious, when you come our of your coma you can be 100% CURED of your mental illness! As long you explain things to your alters nicely, they will finally understand and absorb themselves back into your consciousness so the real you can come out of hiding.
That last part is pretty representive of the issues I couldn't NOT notice this time around. I don't feel like the show we watched prior to S4 ever would have done something like this. I know Esmail has said this was always the plan, but man, for all the people on here who have a meltdown every time someone even mentions a question that falls outside the shows official Canon, or dares to mention anything "sci-fi" - how do you square THAT circle? Because, even though in wish to God it did, as someone very close to me suffers from schizoaffective disorder, mental illness just DOES NOT work that way no matter how hard you cried at the end. Honestly, time travel would have been more realistic and grounded than this. And don't dare try to say "it's just a TV show" or whatever if you are also one of the ones who get mad when sci-fi type elements or other possible interpretations get mentioned. Sometimes I feel like some of the people here, as well as Esmail, are trying to actually freaking gaslight anyone who think the finale doesn't really add up.
Angela's death and the moments that lead up to it, are also very strange and nonsensical in their execution. Why would Price agree to wear a fucking wire so White Rose could listen to him talk to her, tell her WR is a delusional psycho, and that she should really just let it go and move on - just to see of she buys it or not so WR knows if he is going to have his goons, who Price knows are like ten feet away, kill her. WHY WOULD HE DO THIS? And when did he agree to it? And why wouldn't he just write something down for her to let her know what is really happening so that he could get her to safety? Is Price just stupid suddenly? And why would Angela go from wanting retribution on moment to 30 seconds later just standing there as they shoot her in the back? And for that matter, why is WR, who for 3 seasons is calculated and meticulous and keeping everything on a perfect schedule, suddenly so sloppy and petty and obviously evil?
White Rose's whole character changes some in season 3 as well, but dramatically so in season 4, and not in any sense for the better. Up until this season, it was easy enough to believe she was possibly evil, but she was definitely principled and focused and you felt like there was ambiguity to her. S4 drops that entirely. She might as well put on a twirling mustache and laugh maniacally every time she is on screen with the exception of the two scenes in which she speaks to Elliot - in those scenes she seems sincere and empathetic, but due to the overall changes, we know that she is just trying to manipulate him. Or something. The last confrontation between her and Elliot makes no actual sense in many ways, but one of the things that really got to me was that SHE WAS RIGHT about Elliot, and Elliots response to her was just childish and dumb, not showing even a slight capability for reason or making a coherent argument against her.
And okay, the goddamned machine. If it didn't matter, and it never mattered, and people really should stop asking about it already because that's not what the show is about, stupid - then why does it need to be stopped? If it didn't work, then it poses no real threat outside of a nuclear meltdown, right? The plant is what needs to be shut down, not the machine. But Elliot went to infect the machine with malware to disable it. Disable it from doing what? If the machine is immaterial to the "REAL" story because it's a delusional fantasy that never could have worked anyway, and the only danger it poses is causing the meltdown, then why does Elliot go to infect her machine? He mentions that she wants to destroy the world to her. How? With ONE nuclear power plant melting down? And why is it such a problem that people feel that we should have been given answers to these questions? Elliot apparently knows what it does, and he also seems to think it's dumb, but he he goes there to disable a machine that doesn't work in order to keep it from doing something it never could do.
Better question - why was WR waiting for Elliot with the full brainwashing suite all set up for him? He wouldn't have gone if Price hadn't asked him to, to honor Angela, he says. But it must have been a setup somehow, because WR knew he was coming, and started running the machine long before he arrived. WR casually says that this process was never about brainwashing.
I find it funny the things that some people here will cherry pick facts over. In S2E11 most of the true believer types think everything that WR says is bs, EXCEPT for when he tells Angela that young Angela's bruises were fake. They accept this statement as absolute truth, despite WR seemingly brainwashing an entire army to kill themselves without hesitation any time something goes wrong or she says to. But clearly there is no chance she was lying about the seemingly abused girl sitting in front of a desk with a very deliberately placed copy of Lolita on it.
In that same scene, WR tells Angela Pont blank "it was not a coincidence that you and Elliot became the people that you are after the incident at the WTP". But, you see, she is lying in that part, because it makes the ending we got seem less complete. I would say that finding out whatever the hell that incident even was around be far more informative and useful than 10,000 revelations about being molested.
The episode before that is where Darlene talks about being kidnapped, right before Angela is kidnapped. These parallels either mean SOMETHING, or the show is possibly bad
The molestation reveal is a dumb twist in an actually otherwise great episode. I have now read 2000 and 1 reasons why S4E7 is the best episode of all time, and honestly, I get that it emotionally connected with a ton people, but I really don't see how this information changes anything about the story or characters for the better. And not to mention having Vera pushing the whole thing is pretty convoluted, and Vera's reasoning makes less sense even than leaving a computer game that allows your nemesis to shut down the project that is your life's work for no reason even though without that you technically win and also you shoot yourself because of faith or something.
Vera's return overall felt hack and unneeded for the story in S4, but the fact that they brought him back just to awkwardly facilitate a therapy breakthrough that, and I'm sorry I don't want to hurt anyone with my words, but a therapy breakthrough that I personally feel is another lie. When I look at the scene in S3 where Edward collapses, and the conversation they are having, and try to listen with this information in mind - dude, either the show is lying, or maybe the show is just bad. Because that scene is just STRANGE beyond human comprehension for me.in this context. It's so casual. It sounds more like something you might hear between two old, adult friends who got too drunk the night before, and one of them took advantage of the other. This does not sound like a conversation between an 8 year old and his father who it seems must have very recently raped him. I mean, Elliot acts like this just happened in the scene. And what kind of father apologizes for rape like that? I know there are people here who say this is a carbon copy picture of what this situation really looks like. Maybe it is for them, but as someone with some experience in this matter myself, I guess my picture is just a different one. And okay, fine, I can accept it could be like this for someone out there, but I just don't feel like it was the right choice here. The previous understanding that they were talking about Edward never getting treated for the cancer that kills him seconds later made much more sense to me. And besides, I don't know why we needed to know that anyway - because the show isn't really about that anyway, and you don't need answers for everything, right?
Honestly, the subtext of the show, I will agree, does point to Elliot being sexually abused. Just not by his father. It also points to both Darlene and Angela being abused as well, due to the Lolita references throughout the show. Now, I do think Elliot could possibly be blaming his father for what happened to him, but considering Krista is the least developed, most NPC like character in the show, I don't really trust that she is actually trying to help Elliot have a breakthrough - but that she is repeating the proper keywords to trigger this cover memory.
People will say that this is absurd, but WR KNOWS ABOUT THE SEXUAL ABUSE, as evidenced by the strategically placed copy of Lolita and her speaking to Angela as though her and Elliot were a package deal. There was no need for WR to mention Elliot at all. But she does, and draws explicit parallels between the two of them. The copy of Lolita, the abused young Angela, both point pretty clearly to sexual abuse. Darlene straight up uses the title charactes real name as her own alias. This is a lot of characters having been SA victims, so it seems to me that its all connected. Unless Edward was just the sweetest most prolific pedo in town, I think it's more likely something else happened, or at very least, others were involved. That would make 4.7 an episode that tried really hard to convince the audience of something that is just another layer, another obstraction to decipher. Or it's what the shows says it is and it just feels kind of lazy and insipid.
Look, first several times through, I didn't think any of this. It was only on this recent rewatch, after two years of not thinking about the show that I started noticing these things. After I had my theories I ended up here, and some of the cope I read from people here just blows my mind.
I honestly feel that the indoctrination rooms WR speaks to Elliot and Angela in seem to clearly be crafted in a very specific manner, not to brainwash Elliot or Angela, but to trigger the programming done to them as children. WR pretends that he doesn't know anything about Angela is that scene, but the book is right there. The girl is a double of her child self at the exact age the 'incident' is said to have occurred. Either these elements are purposeful and have meaning in the story, or in my opinion, this is just bad writing. Creating 20-30 intriguing mysteries with symbolism and suggestion and carefully crafted moments, only to toss them all and say they were all red herrings and none of them mattered, you freaking suckers, at very least, shows a lack of respect and maybe even contempt for your audience. The specific references to some of this stuff are too numerous to count. Oh, and that's not how red herrings are supposed to work, you don't spend hours of screen time filling the screen and story with hundreds of little 'clues' to mysteries you aren't even sure are mysteries yet. It makes no sense. All the meticulous crafting of scenes and moments and all the detailed set work, and the specifically framed shots clearly being used to tell the audience to pay attention to that stuff - all of that was just to fux with the audience so they wouldn't guess esmails masterminded secret that no one has ever done before of SA from elliots father, and the fact that the character we know as Elliot is actually another alter created by Elliot that imprisoned Elliot in his own mind , that is literally called the MasterMind. And wow, does that ever sound dumb when I type it out.
Why woulf Eliot create an alter like MasterMind specifically to not know who mr. Robot or his father or Darlene or a ton of other people were, but made sure MM knew who Angela, Krista, and his coworkers were, in addition to how to hack anything, oh and also program in his addiction to Morphine. I mean, if you were creating an alter with intention, and the intention was to create a dark antihero superhacker version of yourself, and you could edit out things like who your sister was, what your father looked like, etc - you know, a slick more focused version of yourself, wouldn't you edit out the crippling addiction? The show says more than once that MM was only born a month ago, so it was Elliot assisted by Mr. Robot that created Fsociety? I thought that made sense for a moment, that Elliot freaked out and created MM when he realized his goals were probably going to have collateral damage no matter what he did. So, then he would create MM, his comic book alter, and put himself in the loop so he wouldnt have to deal with the consequences and memories that were sure to come if they pulled the plan off. But then, when Mr robot pulls who were told is MM back into the fold of the hacker alliance, all MM does is fight him on it every step of the way. Not to mention it makes no sense to edit out Darlene, mr. Robot, etc if MM is meant to work with them.
I'm not saying that Esmail is lying, or that the reality the show sold you is definitely not the one it believes it is depicting - it very well be just as the show and so many insist that it is - exactly what the show explains. Nothing more, nothing less. What I'm saying is that if these are the 'real' answers, the show is providing these answers to questions that are different from the ones the show has given us. In other words, the show is actually, much to my dismay and chagrin, actually very badly written and conceived.
Now if MM was an alter programmed into Elliot when he was a child and triggered into life like a sleeper agent by the dark army in order to carry out this plan as a sort of secret weapon...this is strongly suggested by the moment in S1E4 where Mr. Robot in the monopoly mask gives a mask to Elliot and tells him - "It belongs to you now. Made in the Orient. Made just for your head. Now find your monster and turn the key." The whole show makes more sense through this lens. I never noticed it upon my first several viewings somehow - and this was my favorite episode for a long time, ive seen it the most of all. But once I saw it, I couldn't shake it. His father, as the elder statesman of fsociety, seemingly, passes the mask/torch to his son, says it was made just for his head in the Orient, and hands him a key and tells him to find his monster, which the show now tells us is actually MM. If MM was a programmed alter, designed to focus and use Elliots "rage" so many other things fall into place. They trigger the alter as designed, but it's Mr. Robot, the manifestation of his memories of his father that they did not account for. Mr. Robot is antagonistic towards MM because he knows what MM is and that the consequences he is there to bring about will probably lead to elliots death. It's possible, in this context, that Krista is probably sent specifically as a handler for MM, to monitor him and keep him from discovering his true origins, which would likely end badly for WR because they know what they created and what he is capable of. I would also add that in this version, I would surmise that MM was actually "born" a long time ago, but he was placed in the loop and lived there for years. In the loop, Darlene does not exist because as robot loop Krista explains to MM, not Elliot, that removing Darlene from the loop was their best chance at trapping him (elliot prime) here. She doesn't say it was Masterminds best chance at trapping him there, she refers to a they. It is implied it's the other alters she is referring to - but they don't seem to be taking responsibility for creating MM or the loop, and I see no reason why they would be lying to each other about that. It makes more sense if it was the brainwashing programmers she is referring to, and that they created the loop and then MM and then placed MM there. By having this alter living this loop for years, when he was switched on, he immediately tries to seek what he lived in there for all those years - a job at allsafe, a relationship with Angela, and a world without the Washington township plant (which was removed because being the place his brainwashing originally took place, it's presence might trigger him and wake him up too soon, just like Darlene, which backfired, to say the least). Those things really do kind of belong to MM, he lived that loop for so long. Think of the loop in this instance as training of sorts. I can only assume they would have updated the loop periodically as well, to keep MM himself somewhat up to date so that when he is triggered he would recognize certain people, such as Tyrell, who would have been given a 'monster' of his own, placed in that same loop, as well as Angela, but I think Angela's programming failed "you were supposed to be dead 90 days ago" or whatever WR tells her. She seems to swap with a colder, more monster like persona at times, but it's unstable. For a bit at the end of S1, the presence of her father seemed to trigger her. But it glitches or loses control leading to her Think about that - they wouldn't need to supernaturally share the same 'world' they would just all need to be on the same software revision. Once the Monster alters are triggered, they seek out to change the world they see into what they had in the loop - what does this vicious Tyrrell seek? Power, to be the head of e Corp, filled with so much rage, because of what he doesn't have in this world that he had before. Joanna seemed to be more his handler than his wife, and she seemed to know exactly what was going on with both tyrell and Eliot. This version of event explains these things that the show just kind of drops.
Now, I Cannot prove any of that. And the text of the show explicitly contradicts it, but this is the only way I can make thus stuff make sense. Even the ending where in the current Canon he pretty much just decides to not be mentally ill anymore, in this version that would make so much more sense, as he isn't curing serious mental illness through heroism, he is breaking the bonds of his programming. Which, hey, isn't a perfectly grounded concept either, but it's actually more grounded than the alternative.
Sadly, this does not fix the biggest problem with S4 - well, two problems, actually -
1 - the entire premise of the majority of this season - the magical hack they do that somehow bankrupts a 100 billionaires via 2factor phishing like some fuxing 4chan goblins. Many people have pointed out - no billionare would have that much in liquid assets in any single bank account. Period. The entire IDEA of what they claim to steal is not even connected to how things work. Every hacking scene in this show has been brilliant until this. What's worse is that I don't eve understand how this is supposed to stop WR - they wiped her checking account so now she can't buy ice cream for the deus group on the way home? Kidding. But, seriously, compared to everything the fans came up with and everything that came before, this was boiler plate, brainless writing. It doesn't make sense on any level, tbh. So, the idea is that WR is gonna kill Elliot once the project starts "shipping" (must be one hell of a FedEx box) - also, why couldn't she just rebuild a new one there? Nevermind, doesn't matter, I forgot - so, the plan is to steal ALL ZE MONIES, so she can't pay the shipping fees, thereby stopping her from killing them for a little longer? What next? Stalk WR who is somehow poor now, and have tyrell pay her to let him beat her up now and then? If anything WR would just recover in a week or so and kill MM in the meantime. The whole concept of this is asinine and truly below the shows high standards and possibly even below trash level network tv mystery of the week stuff. S4 is already pretty far outside of grounded, sorry believers.
  1. The finale seems to me to be missing a major component that I feel was meant to be there throughout Angela. The scripts for season for absolutely stink of frantic rewrites to cover for something. It's pretty obvious what happened here - Portia left the show. They should have recast Angela, but I respect that Esmail tried to roll with it, and make it work without her character - it just feels like that is what seasons 1-3 were heading towards, Elliot, Angela, Tyrell and Darlene all united to fight back and take back control - but originally they would have been plotting to take down the machine itself.
I cannot prove this, to be fair. And I'm probably wrong, but it would have made so much more sense.
But what about the other stuff? If my ideas are so much better, why didn't the obviously more talented people behind the show do that instead? Portia leaving the show can't account for that. And you're right. But something else happened in the lead up to season 4s preproduction that might have just made the whole idea of an underground cabal of secret elites suddenly unpalatable to USA, and possibly to Esmail himself - a little thing called Pizzagate.
Rumors of the pizzagate scandal, leading to crazy people extremists threatening the employees of a small WASHINGTON Pizza joint. It would just look like the show was feeding conspiracy fires. Hell, in the same position I might have done the same thing. And sure, I might be getting the details wrong, but seriously, the story being told in at very least S1 and S2 matches up with this far better than what we got. It matches up with the ultimate ending and the MM reveal as well. This version, go ahead and tell me I'm crazy, but this version absolutely answers all the questions, except for the details of what the machine did. I think it probably was a massive control matrix of sorts, perhaps something that merged parallel realities with this one (not all that sci-fi at this point), it would have been tied to whatever happened to these kids, and it would have been the true source of White Rose's power. They would have banded together, finally realizing who they really were, and they would have destroyed the machine, and WR would have still pulled that trigger, but for different reasons. What reasons would those have been? I have ideas, but that's enough for now.
Seriously, I know these ideas are likely just wrong. That none of this was ever in the plan, and this is just me trying to make sense of the show, because the version we got doesn't really make sense. And I want it to so much. Because I love this show, but if all the symbolism and mystery and surreal everything were nothing but a bunch of puzzle box nonsense that never had answers and was just there to look cool, well, if that's the case then my opinion is sadly that my favorite show was ultimately not very good, actually. There are probably even better versions Than i could ever figure out, and if it was revealed that no, the stuff that I came up with was way off, but here's the real story and the we get hit with mind blowing thing that had to be changed for reasons? That would also be awesome.
But we wont.
I don't expect anyone to read this massive novel I spit out over the course of several hours, but if anyone does, thank you. I did this largely for myself because I needed to get it off my mind. Goodnight.
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