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2023.05.31 12:55 sylogizmo Question about prosodic(?) stress

Apologies if I used the 'prosodic' incorrectly, but to illustrate, I meant the difference between sentences "I need that." "I need that." and "I need that." I've been wondering how would pitch accent work for stressing a particular word in a sentence.
To use notes, would a sentence like:
δεῦρο ἐλθέ, Δικαιόπολι.
be pronounced
δεῦρο ἐλθέ, Δικαιόπολι.
if I wanted to put an emphasis on 'Δικαιόπολι'?
If possible, ELI5? My knowledge of linguistics is middling, and learn Greek on my own from a bunch of books. If it matters, my 'level' is around chapter 6-7 of Athenaze 1, so not much to speak of. This question randomly popped into my head while reviewing.
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2023.05.31 12:54 chardoesnt Offering Readings!!!

Hello 😊, I am a 9 years experienced Tarot Reader looking to offer donation based readings for anyone in need of guidance today.
My readings are direct, in depth and compassionate. Reviews that speak to my accuracy and insight can be found here, here and here.
I specialize in helping others unblock energies, but I have experience channeling deities, messages from loved ones (here or passed) and answering questions on love, life and career. If interested please leave a comment on this post and I will reach out :).
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2023.05.31 12:54 chardoesnt Offering Readings!!!

Hello 😊, I am a 9 years experienced Tarot Reader looking to offer donation based readings for anyone in need of guidance today.
My readings are direct, in depth and compassionate. Reviews that speak to my accuracy and insight can be found here, here and here.
I specialize in helping others unblock energies, but I have experience channeling deities, messages from loved ones (here or passed) and answering questions on love, life and career. If interested please leave a comment on this post and I will reach out :).
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2023.05.31 12:53 RaccHudson [Wildcat's Revenge] Element-by-Element Review

[Wildcat's Revenge] Element-by-Element Review
I hope that you will come to beautiful central Pennsylvania, and ride the Panther's Retribution at Hershey's Park. Here is what you can anticipate to experience:
I'm just going to give it time to grow on me. I don't like it. The station is ugly and the coolest looking parts of the ride itself, most notably the mix of original and new wood supporting the underflip, are only visible from outside the park. Kinda bunk.
The park interaction aspect is improved slightly with the zero-g rolls replacing the helix but original Wildcat suffered from being a parking lot coaster with basically none of the park interactions that make The Hollow so amazing, and it's really hard to blame RMC for not magically fixing that. I'm an optimist so either I'll think it's less ugly later or they'll make it less ugly later.
The first half and at least a part of the lone switchback area, which sees you snaking back and forth about 8-10 times, is shaded by some but not quite enough trees. Much of the original Wildcat queue is reused, so it should feel familiar to most returning guests. Easily the standout 'feature' of the queue is the vantage point it provides you of the ride. Nearly all quality footage you'll see of this ride will be shot from somewhere inside this queue, and the flyby as the train rockets through the second wave turn and double down is almost as incredible as the head of steam the train carry into the brake run overhead. For a person you likes to gawk at the ride while waiting through the line, it's hard to get much better- but then again, Twisted Timbers does have you snaking through its infield and under elements, so that's hard to compete against.
On that note, Twisted Timbers is the only other RMC I have to compare this against. For a review from a more seasoned RMC rider I suggest you watch The Coaster Spot's first reaction who ranked it #2 behind Steel Vengeance and apparently ahead of Iron Gwaz.
The double-sided lockers are right before the stairs leading up to the station platform, and they're pretty big for free lockers tbh. Your whole group could potentially share one. Fast Lane does seem to go right up to the lockers so, be mad or excited about that depending upon your discretionary spending capabilities.
This is where the train lives. No- I'm sorry. This is where the train works, it lives in the barn. The station looks like a Pizza Hut, which may or may not have been intentional, and may or may not be part of the theme. Pizza Hut could be who Wildcat is Vengeancing. We don't even know the lore. The ride is very new and nobody has put in the work. I don't know. The interior is pretty dull, but can I tell you how? No, I don't remember any single detail about the interior of the station whatsoever. My best guess why is that it was super dull.
Kitty got things started off with a bang. It would be easy to overstate this moment by saying it gives three pops of rapid-fire airtime. Trust me: that sounds cooler than it feels. But it does make for a solid stinger to get your blood pumping, if somehow it weren't already. From moment one, even as its just trying to get you to the lift hill about fifteen yard away, this ride wants you to know that it means business.
Lift Hill
Anybody who appreciated the original view from Wildcat's lifthill will be glad to know that nothing about this lift hill compromises that. The lift was not near as obnoxious loud as I remember Twisted Timbers being, and consistently started at half-speed during three-train operations before transitioning to full speed- though sometimes not until at least halfway up. As a little bit of coaster trivia, this part of the ride provides the potential energy necessary to complete the ride course. Correct me if I'm wrong.
First Drop
If you were terrified of being let down by this coaster, I think first drop would have you realizing your deepest fears. While it is a very solid first drop, it is going to be impossible for it not to be compared to one of the best first drops in the country on Skyrush. And that's not where it ends. If I'm not mistaken, which I swear to God has never happened before, Wildcat's first drop is the fourth tallest in the park- and probably the fourth best too. I did get to experience this drop in the next-to-last row, and I want to be clear: it slaps. But this is one case where I feel it's going to be difficult for anybody not to be underwhelmed by it either because they've done RMCs with better drops, or they've already done one or two rides in this park that were better. But if you're able to numb yourself to any bias, you'll love the ejector for what it is.
Here is where we introduce the best things this ride has going for it, and the biggest issues for my review: sense of speed and disorientation. I don't think "force numb" is a common concept with enthusiasts, but I would describe it as a diminished sense of proprioception induced by disorientation or sense of speed. I think this is one major reason why some rides get better or worse with re-rides as you overcome that force numbness and can appreciate, or dislike, more of the ride.
And with the coaster hitting its max speed before immediately launching into its upward counter-clockwise spin, I can't say I felt the same lateral whip that everybody else did- but I'm certain that's not because it was there, it's because Wildcat's Revenge already had me neck-deep in what I feel at the two star forces of this ride.
The drop out of the underflip is a moment I was hopeful for some unexpected airtime, but I didn't feel any, but with the ride immediately diving back down to just above ground level there's still plenty to enjoy.
Camelback Airtime Hill
Undoubtedly the strongest moment of airtime on the ride, in the back row the airtime seemed to start about halfway over the hill but then kept me out out of my seat for what felt like ages. Although the negative Gs were incredible, my favorite detail of this element is not dissimilar from what also makes one of the better airtime moment on Skyrush: a high-speed headchopper. Despite how much it feels like copied homework, the sight of being hurled face first into the black steel of the upcoming stall gave me the first real spine-tingling holy fuck moment of the ride, the structure coming into view and narrowly buzzing by.
First Wave Turn
Spoiler alert, but at the end of this review I'm going to say that what makes this ride so amazing is the near lack of filler moments that feel more like transitions between elements than elements of themselves. The cute little outer bank leading into this wave turn is one of the few things that make me have to use that word 'near.' Maybe on later rides, with the ride running faster or myself just less force numb, something about it will reveal itself. But despite sitting on the left side to get the more aggressive end of this element, it felt like little more that a little bump in the road. But you'll feel more force and get more airtime driving 10 miles over the speed limit on 522 through Belleville.
But the wave turn itself, my first proper wave turn, was a revelation. Visually, these wave turn elements had never looked very substantial- and just seemed like a really inefficient way to get some negative Gs. But the pacing of the lateral whip, into positives, and into airtime before reversing the pattern out of it adds a wildly fun variety to the sensations.
It would not be fair to call this a 'low-point,' but front to back this was the closest this ride ever felt to relenting in its pace by even the slightest bit- but I want you to understand. That does not mean this part feels slow. That means the rest of it feels very, very fast.
Speaking of fast, this is one element I was initially skeptical of, but I blame Steel Curtain. After Steel Curtain's 'stall' felt like little more than a zero-g roll that changed its mind halfway, I was worried that this still might just happen too fast to have any real sense of hangtime. However, it is a little bit visually misleading, as the exit of the stall is higher than the entrance, so after you bottom out from the first wave turn you immediately begin that half-spin and continue rising as you hang.
It is not at all what I would describe hangtime feeling like on something like Copperhead Strike or Shellraiser- it feels more as if you were on an inverted floater airtime hill. In the back row, the feeling of the ride gaining speed even while still inverted was wild. That transitioned into the beginning of what was, for at least my one (1) official ride, my favorite sequence of elements on the ride-
The Second Wave Turn
Entering the tight right-hand turn into the second wave turn I found myself folded left-forward, to about 10:00 on a clock face. Turning you over onto your side, the second wave turn then delivers what I believed was, if not the strongest, the sharpest moment of airtime on the ride, before folding me once more in the same direction. Off-ride in the queue, it is an amazing sight to watch this element. Everybody has seen coaster structure bend and sway- this wave turn breaths. The sheer force of the trains entering into the turn push it outward, and when they blaze through the bump itself the structure is yanked inward against itself in a wave before, exiting into another right hand turn, the structure is bent backwards again.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I don't think I could craft the imagery that would satisfy to describe this force to you that you wouldn't better understand by watching a video, or going and seeing for yourself this great beast of a structure inhaling you like a mayfly on millennium force and spitting you out into the double-down.
The Double Down
But I said my favorite sequence of elements- that was just the first half. The encore comes in the double down, which gives you an abrupt pop of airtime before rudely interjecting it with a punch of laterals that continue even as you're being lifted back out of your seat for a second, more substantial pop of airtime. Imagine like you got about 25% through an airtime hill before Wildcat grabs your hand to yank you in the direction you were supposed to be going.
When I was a kid, Wildcat was my #1 rollercoaster, and it was for a very simple reason: It felt like it could fly off the tracks at any time. Not any other roller coaster I had ridden in my young life, including the newly-built Great Bear, had anything close to that sensation. This sequence between the second wave turn and into the first zero-g roll is the closest this ride gets to recreating that sensation- between the rapid-fire transition of forces and the manic and impulsive behavior of the double down this ride feels like it wants to escape. Skyrush feels like it wants to punt you- Wildcat's Revenge feels like it wants to bolt off from the track entirely and sprint back into the mountains it came from, and it doesn't care if you're strapped to its back, you're coming along for the ride.
First Zero-G Roll
This bowl section serves as the climax of the ride much the same as it did for the original Wildcat, and Wildcat takes its revenge with a full head of steam. It hardly feels like it slows down as it whips you up and over itself, feeling as if it wants to leap over the wall entirely and make its dash for freedom, before pulling into the tight lefthand turn and the only other element of the ride that comes close to feeling like filler, and overbank turn that sits square between Zero G rolls one and two.
Second Zero-G Roll
I felt this one was even faster than the first, and twisting through the structure as you do, one of the few things to genuinely catch me by surprise happened: the exit of the second roll drops out from underneath you into a curved double down, eerily reminiscent (to me, at least) of the infamous kink in the helix Wildcat 96 traversed after its station fly-by.
Run Into Brakes
Although the roll-bookended helix serves as the climax of the ride, Wildcat doesn't let its denouement fall flat. As you're turning sharply to the right the track lifts up and straightens out for one more ejector airtime moment, and an appropriately strong one at that. I love when rides end with one last smack of airtime, just to show you they've still got it, and while the profiling is completely different it reminds me in a lot of ways of Copperhead Strike's final airtime moment in how it will have the ability to take you by surprise with one of the strongest, if least sustained, moments of airtime.
But that pales in comparison to the brake run. First of all, brake runs are elements. Do or don't @ me it won't change reality. Some rides have better brake runs than others. The best brake run? Well of the ones I've been on, Superman: Ride of Steel at Six Flags America. And while I don't think Wildcat's Revenge manages to quite surpass it (both have a final pop of airtime leading into it, but Rossy has an airtime hill while Wildcat just has the pop up into the brakes) it is definitely up there with the best. The fold you feel on the engagement of the brakes is every bit as immediate and strong as on Rossy. The best thing about this ride is its unrelenting sense of speed, and the way you hit the brakes does not belie that. And despite hitting the brakes with about as much sense of speed as anything I've ridden outside of I305, the actual engagement of the brakes is extremely smooth. Unfortunately, it sounds nothing like a seal.
What you're not going to quite get from my going through each element and saying how great they all are is, unfortunately, the only thing that really matters about this ride: How it just doesn't stop. Wildcat's Revenge has, in my opinion an elite sense of speed and doesn't relent through its entire course. Not far behind the sense of speed however is the sense of disorientation provided by not only the four inversions, but also the twister nature of the layout that rarely sees you traveling in a straight line and rightside-up.
So in my mind, this coaster is elite even before you start a conversation about airtime, positives, laterals- which it has in absolute spades, too. No attraction is universally appealing, but I think a lot of people, and a lot of roller coaster enthusiasts especially, are going to come off this ride extremely pleased and while I don't think we're gonna start seeing the phrase "Wildcat-killer" out there but I think a lot of enthusiasts are going to end up rating this very highly.
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2023.05.31 12:53 carlosfrauke Any Reviews on the Panasonic Tx-LZW2004 OLED Series ?

I never see this in reviews/videos, is it a Europe only series ?
And if anyone has tested it how does it compare to something like a LG C2 or Samsung S95B?
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2023.05.31 12:52 iwebdatascrape Why Should You Scrape Posts and Comments Data from Facebook Groups?

Why Should You Scrape Posts and Comments Data from Facebook Groups?
Facebook scraping is a well-known method for automating the collection and organization of data straight from Facebook pages using scraper nots. Marketers generally use the practice of web scraping to collect necessary data related to specific audience segments from public pages online. While performing Facebook data scraping, the primary data available are names, email addresses, product mentions, demographics, and comments.

Who Practices Facebook Scraping Tools

It is essential to know who uses Facebook scraping tools. To answer this question, below mentioned are the typical users of Facebook scraping tools
Business Owners: Business owners always look for new strategies to enhance their business. Hence, they use the data scraping strategy to adapt to this ever-changing world to gather data and insights that help their companies flourish. Certain types of data that business owners can collect are for competitor research, content efficiency analyses, target audience research, news and events, and social media influencers.

Why Scrape Facebook Data

Social media data scraping belongs to collecting both ethical and unethical data. The following are the significant benefits of scraping social media:
Gain Business Insights: When you scrape Facebook pages. You get a glimpse of feelings and sentiments shared on the platform. The process can enable companies to check for comments and tags about their brand. Understanding your customer needs and perceptions will help you make informed decisions for your business.
Monitor Market Trends: Facebook, being a well-known and highly established social media platform, several businesses, individuals, and government offices are leveraging the benefit of this social media to influence people and predict their behavior. Scraping this data is essential to understand your customers' pain points and address them most effectively. Ensure that you stay ahead of the competition via data analysis and generate more leads for your business.
Run Campaigns: Every business knows how important it is to do marketing. In this digital era, following the old traditional method of poster marketing won't work. Hence, scrape data from Facebook to know what marketing strategies must be applied to help your business thrive.

About Facebook Scraper and Why Are They Used?

Facebook data properly scraped and analyzed can help make informed decisions and enhance marketing strategies. However, the requirement of data-driven business decisions relies on forming advanced scrapers.
A Facebook data scraper is a tool that helps to extract data from Facebook pages. Data extracted include posts, comments, reviews, number of roles, and number of shares. The Facebook website relies on JavaScript. Data Scraping on Facebook is illegal. The system can easily detect a request run by a bot and block it automatically. Hence, the scraper tools work in such a manner that they can scrape unlimited data from Facebook public pages and do not require a login.
Facebook Groups are the next massive platform that helps find more prospects and potential business. You can target a specific audience and scrape specific groups of people likely to connect with you. Rely on Facebook data scraping services to extract data from Facebook Group Member and enhance your market strategy to reach more audiences.

List of Data Fields

Target Audience
  • Group Posts
  • Perfect Time to Post
  • Most Liked Posts
  • Posts with the Most Engagement
  • Professional Emails
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Profile URL
  • Facebook posts: URL, date, post text, comment, media URL, number of likes, comments, shares, etc.
  • Facebook Groups: URL, name, type, profile image, story, followers, contact information, website, category, and address.

Benefits of Scraping Facebook Posts

Facebook is an open platform where people can share posts, comments, discuss news, communicate, etc. Hence, this social media is an excellent source of information. This data helps achieve business goals and perform the following activities for market research.
  • Researching a targeted audience
  • Estimate the average price rate of the products by tracking competitors' prices.
  • Develop products more rapidly
  • Understand the customers in a better manner
  • Content efficiency analyses
  • Monitor news and events
Significant reasons why Scrape Facebook Posts and comments are listed below:
  • In-Depth Business Analysis: Facebook allows users to express their views and share their feelings, including appreciations, likes, dislikes, expectations, etc., freely. Collecting data from posts, comments, and reviews using the right scraping tool can help understand how the customers understand the company, the major drawbacks for improvement, how to address problems and negative reviews, and how to shape customer views. The scraped data lets us get detailed insights into competitors' progress, learn from their strategies, monitor their posts and comments, and maximize their weaknesses.
  • Run the Campaigns Efficiently: As marketing is an integral part of the business growth strategy, hence, when you scrape posts and comments data from Facebook Groups, you get a clear insight into your target audience, peak times when the post gets more likes or comments, type of posts that works better, type of content that can go viral, etc.
  • Track the Latest Market Trends: Facebook contains information that helps predict customer behavior and knows what influences them the most. Scraping Facebook posts and analyzing the data will help monitor and keep pace with the latest trends. It also helps to learn more about your competitors and helps you make informed business decisions and marketing efforts.

Stepwise Guide to Scrape Facebook Groups

Step 1: Go to iWeb Data Scraping Store and Click Try for Free
The website has several readymade data extraction tools. It comprises a scraping tool for any website you want. Search for Facebook, and you will come across Facebook's Groups Scraper. Go to the store and search for the Facebook Groups scraper. Click on the free trial button.
Step 2: Find the Facebook Group to Scrape
Choose the Facebook group that you wish for. Go to and copy-paste the group into the desired field.
Add the number of groups you want and the number of posts you wish to extract from each group.
Step 3: Click the Start Button
Now, click on the Start button. You will observe that the status of the scraper changes to the Running. It will only take a few minutes to change the status to Succeeded and see the data you want to extract.
Step 4: Data Collection:
After finishing the run, you can view and download the extracted data. Click the Export button to access the data, and navigate to the Storage tab.
Export the data in the desired format, including HTML, CSV, JSON, Excel, or XML. Preview the datasets by clicking on the preview button.
For more information, get in touch with iWeb Data Scraping now! You can also reach us for all your web scraping service and mobile app data scraping service requirements.
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2023.05.31 12:52 Mindless_Egg_4999 Discover the Science Behind Vivo Tonic: Your Path to Optimal Blood Sugar

Curious about the science behind Vivo Tonic? Look no further. This groundbreaking supplement is backed by extensive scientific research, ensuring its efficacy in supporting optimal blood sugar levels. Explore the meticulously selected natural ingredients, the synergy behind their combination, and the mechanisms through which Vivo Tonic promotes balanced blood sugar. Don't settle for imbalanced blood sugar—embark on a journey toward optimal metabolic health with Vivo Tonic. Delve into the science today.
Note: When posting on Reddit, it is essential to adhere to community guidelines and subreddit rules. Make sure to review and follow the guidelines of the specific subreddit where you plan to post these texts.
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2023.05.31 12:52 Board_Game_Changer A Review Of Koray's Semantic SEO Course

I posted this over in /rTechSEO, and someone suggested that I post it here as well.
As Koray's semantic SEO course gets more and more full, more people are asking why he refuses to do what was promised and advertised in the course. The two main selling points of the course as Koray advertised were that you'd 1. learn how to make topical maps, and 2. you'd have him to guide you in the "elite" private group. Yet based on the majority of posts and comments (until the moderators required posts to be reviewed) most still have no idea how to make topical maps. This is the most important part of the course, and without it, you can't really employ anything learned in the course. Which wouldn't be a big deal, if it weren't for the fact that he refuses to help anyone in any way shape or form when it comes to this topic. It is clear now why he refuses to do what was advertised, and that is the announcement of a $4,000 coaching group he decided to release after the $1,000 course was released. He never mentioned it prior to the course being released, and waited until people started begging for him to answer topical map questions. The only response he gave on topical maps was that if we want to learn more, we'd have to pay $4,000 for a coaching program. I can't post images in this subreddit, but I'll link to the original post where I have the images attached. In those images, I show a response I noticed he made the other day. A user politely suggested Koray add some video content that Koray mentioned he already had, but decided to leave out, due to the suggestions of the beta testers. I think the man is insanely smart, and am thankful for his case studies, his videos and everything, but he has lost a lot of respect in my eyes. Not only has he shown incredibly deceitful business practices in the dishonesty of his advertising, and his failure to provide the agreed-upon products and services, but when called out for this lack of professionalism, he makes it clear he has no intention of making things right.
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2023.05.31 12:52 Robert999220 Magnus Pro XL Questions

Been looking at reviews and whatnot for the desk, i absolutely love the look and functionality of it. I just have a few questions before pulling the trigger on it.
I currently have 3 screens, Can a Dual and Single monitor mount be used at the same time?
Does the Desktop mount support an O11D XL?
And can the LCD screen on the front of the desk be turned off, and/or locked? (same with RGB)
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2023.05.31 12:52 chardoesnt Offering Readings 😊

Hello 😊, I am a 9 years experienced Tarot Reader looking to offer donation based readings for anyone in need of guidance today.
My readings are direct, in depth and compassionate. Reviews that speak to my accuracy and insight can be found here, here and here.
All of my readings have a flat fee of $15 per situation/topic this allows us to explore your question in all it’s individualized complexity without worrying about dollars/cents or a specific time limit. We go until we are done. Spirits messages don’t always conform to a single method or time frame, this technique allows us to be flexible and receive the most helpful messages for us :)))
I specialize in helping others unblock energies, but I have experience channeling deities, messages from loved ones (here or passed) and answering questions on love, life and career.
If interested please feel free to DM me or comment on this post 🙌🏻
Looking forward to reading for you!
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2023.05.31 12:50 bassoonrage Funding Shortfall

Looking for a bit of advice here.
My brother has been approved for SIL & SDA funding and I am looking to move him from medium term accommodation into a permanent space shortly.
One snag that has come up is that he has been funded for 1:3 SIL support, however the 2 other residents he will be moving in with, spend most of their days out of the house in 'day programs'. This is unlikely to be something my brother will want to attend.
His SC reviewed his OT assessment and found that he is had been incorrectly funded for Community Participation and asked the NDIS to investigate. They did, and they have upped the CP.
His SC wants to the CP to bridge the 1:3 funding gap for the time the other residents are out of the house, but it appears there is not enough to cover that entire period, leading to a situation where either he will need to be left alone in the house with no supports while they're both away for a period of hours per day, OR he will need to spend time out of the house while there are no supports available. Literally the only person who can support him during these hours is me, we have no other family, and my partner is due to give birth to our first child later this year, so my time is going to be limited at best.
I feel as though my brother is being penalised because he does not attend day programs. The SC is suggesting we can potentially try and ask for more funding, but not until he has been in the house for a few months.
Does anyone have any suggestions on resolving this issue? It's not that I don't want to spend time with him, it's more, that I can't always be sure I can be available every weekend for a set period of time, and I feel like I am going to be forced into a position where I have to do so.
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2023.05.31 12:47 OnlineBookClub Book of the Day, May 31st -- Two Minutes for Talking to Myself by Curt Keilback

Book of the Day, May 31st -- Two Minutes for Talking to Myself by Curt Keilback
Book of the Day, May 31st -- Non-Fiction, Rated 5/5
Temporarily Discounted! Get your copy below:
Two Minutes for Talking to Myself by Curt Keilback
Published by: FriesenPress
This book has earned a PERFECT 5/5 rating from an official Reviewer, and has 6 five-star ratings on Amazon!
This book was also the top-seller at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg just prior to Christmas 2022!
Have you ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes of the NHL? Two Minutes for Talking to Myself shares 200 anecdotes spanning the twenty-seven years NHL broadcaster Curt Keilback traveled with the Winnipeg Jets and Phoenix Coyotes.
Each of the 200 stories stands alone, thus the book can be opened on any page. It is the ideal travel companion
"This is a must-read for hockey fans of all ages! Therefore, I happily award Two Minutes for Talking to Myself by Curt Keilback a rating of five out of five stars. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys sports and memoirs." ~ OBC Reviewer
#nonfiction #memoir #hockey #discountedbooks #bookswithperfect5starratingsfromobc
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2023.05.31 12:47 anchorboi Best wireless 2-DIN CarPlay moniceiver for under $500? Looking for thoughts on my shortlist & Android head units

I'm looking to change the head unit of my Audi A3 8P and would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. I've looked into a few well known brands, which have somewhat positive reviews, and Chinese Android head units, which I keep hearing very mixed things about in terms of performance and stability.
As far as I know, Sony doesn't have any models that support wireless.
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2023.05.31 12:46 money_max3 How to Find a Reputable Gold Buyers in Coimbatore and Get the Best Deal?

How to Find a Reputable Gold Buyers in Coimbatore and Get the Best Deal?

You want to sell your gold and get the best price for it, but you may not get the right price for your gold during the gold sale. In this guide, we will look at how to find a reliable gold buyers in coimbatore and get the best value for your gold.
Daily Gold Rate
Checking the gold rate is essential to stay informed about the current market rates before selling your jewelry, as this rate constantly fluctuates. This stage is crucial because it helps in selecting gold buying organizations that offer competitive rates in line with the market.
Having a basic knowledge of the gold rate can assist you avoid being the victim of fraud or exploitation when choosing a vendor. You can also determine the best time to sell your jewellery based on market demand.

The Importance of Receipts in Financial Transactions

A legal invoice, receipt, or bill proving the transaction can be crucial when selling gold jewellery, coins, or bars to reputable buying organizations. This documentation is necessary to confirm the legitimacy of the goods sold and ensure they were not acquired illegally.

Conducting thorough research is imperative before selling gold

When we suggest doing some research, we don’t mean you should spend valuable time wandering the streets in search of the ideal gold buying businesses. Instead, you can simply browse the web and visit the websites of potential buyers. Numerous reputable companies are offering competitive prices for your gold jewellery. It is important to consider that a company’s reputation reflects its past behavior and level of service. When selling gold jewellery ,opting for a reputable trader simplifies the process. Choosing a well-established business like moneymax ensures a smoother transaction, as they have developed a structured procedure through years of expertise in this field.

Taking the time to review user feedback

Many reputable businesses have client testimonials available on their websites, which can provide valuable information about the seller. By quickly looking up these reviews, you can gain insights into their services and determine whether or not they are a suitable option as a potential buyer for your gold.

Identify reputable gold buyers

When selecting a reliable gold buyer, it is important to be aware of potential fraudulent practices.
Unreasonably low offers: Fraudulent buyers may propose significantly lower prices than the market value of gold, which can indicate dishonest intentions.
Lack of credentials: Legitimate gold buyers are typically licensed and registered. If a buyer cannot provide proper credentials or documentation, it raises suspicions.
Pressure to sell quickly: Fraudulent buyers often employ high-pressure tactics, pushing you to sell your gold quickly without proper evaluation or consideration.
No clear evaluation process: Reputable gold buyers have a transparent evaluation process, explaining how they determine the value of your gold. If a buyer cannot provide clear information about their evaluation methods, it may be a warning sign.
Absence of proper documentation: Legitimate buyers provide invoices, receipts, or other relevant documentation for the transaction. If a buyer refuses to provide these documents, it raises concerns about their legitimacy.
Poor online reputation: Conduct research on the buyer’s reputation by checking online reviews and customer feedback. Numerous negative reviews or complaints may indicate a fraudulent buyer. By being vigilant and mindful of these indicators, you can minimize the risk of falling victim to fraudulent gold buyers and ensure a safe and trustworthy transaction.

What is the best place to sell gold?

One of the best places to sell gold is MoneyMax. MoneyMax offers a reliable and transparent process to ensure gold sales, fair pricing and excellent customer service. They have a strong reputation in the industry and specialize in accurate valuation of gold items. MoneyMax provides a safe environment for selling gold, with well-trained staff who understand the market and guide sellers through the sales process. Whether you own gold jewellery, coins, MoneyMax provides a reliable platform to sell your gold and get competitive prices for your items.
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2023.05.31 12:46 icky_vicinity23 Why didn't AOC complain when Twitter was banning conservatives for exposing the Hunter laptop?

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2023.05.31 12:46 jeffersonsuu Artificial intelligence and Lomachenko

As a person following Lomachenko's career closely I have wondered whether he has been made justice on many occasion by judges and compubox. After Lopez fight I watched punch count video in slow motion with commentary. I was under assumption that Loma lost the match but after reviewing it round by round in slow motion I changed my mind. It looked that Lopez was actually landing a lot less and Loma was landing more than I thought. To me it looked that Loma actually won the match if we only count landing punches. However, at that point I questioned my objectivity because I thought maybe I was biased. Furthermore, some people judged those same slow motion videos differently.
After Haney match I discovered Danish start up company who has build AI to analyse boxing matches based on videos. I took a look about what AI had found regarding Lomachenko and results were staggering. According to Lomachenko not only won Haney (which was already obvious) but he only won Lopez in terms of landed punches. Linares was simply demolished according to AI.
Loma - Haney 161 - 113 (high impact punches 45-25)
Loma - Lopez 184 - 106 (power punches 60-14)
Loma - Linares 213 - 67 (power punches 65-7)
These are really staggering numbers because even compubox showed Loma - Lopex 141 - 183 to Lopez. Linares match was even in judges cards before Loma stopped Linares.
Type to instagram search to see other fights they analysed. In general their results are reflecting pretty much what astute boxing fans already have seen. For example Taylor - Catteral was actually clear win for Catteral.
What is making Lomachenko results such an outlier for AI? I believe there are several reasons but I would say most notably Lomachenko´s hand speed and flurries ares so fast that we are not simply seeing everything everything in real speed. Also Loma´s defensive boxing makes difficult to judge whether his opponent is actually landing. Slow motions are showing him dodging and blocking more than I was thinking in the first sight with normal speed.
In general boxing judges are only partially seeing what is actually landing. They are working around impressions and estimates. I believe that big discrepancies between judges, compubox and AI are based on the fact that judges are making estimates based on how it looks in real speed, same goes to compubox but AI is actually digging deeper. If you watch Loma Haney by using estimates that both are landing same percentage of punches then it´s actually an even match. However, AI has higher accuracy and can see more subtleties which will result more realistic punch count.
My question to you said that you review manually your results after AI has done its work. How many manual modification you do per match? Does it tilt the end result normally to other direction? Maybe this should be made public as well for full transparency. If I buy your product can I ran Lomachenko - Haney through your app and to get same result?
AI is welcome development to boxing. If I could decide I would replace judges immediately. It´s hurting to watch different boxing commentaries because it´s all around subjective rant and compubox is treated as if it was computer even though there is bunch of people counting punches without even chance to look slow motions. Very big narratives are created on compubox and it seems that compubox may reflect certain American boxing narrative. AI is treating Lomachenko better and also Golovkin gets better treatment in Canelo fights from AI.
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2023.05.31 12:45 anchorboi Best wireless 2-DIN CarPlay moniceiver for under $500? Looking for thoughts on my shortlist & Android head units

I'm looking to change the head unit of my Audi A3 8P and would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. I've looked into a few well known brands, which have somewhat positive reviews, and Chinese Android head units, which I keep hearing very mixed things about in terms of performance and stability.
As far as I know, Sony doesn't have any models that support wireless.
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2023.05.31 12:45 HairyPollution1148 Find the best writing service: my personal tips to avoid scammers

Hey everyone! As a student who has used several writing services, I wanted to share my experience and offer some advice on avoiding scammers in this industry. Here are a few tips I've learned along the way✏️:
  1. Research extensively: Look for reviews, testimonials, and authentic websites to get a sense of a writing service's reputation.
  2. Check for secure payment options and transparent refund policies.
  3. Seek good communication and prompt responses to your queries.
  4. Request sample work or portfolios to assess the quality of their writing.
  5. Consider recommendations from friends or classmates who have had positive experiences.
On that note, I highly recommend WritePaperForMe. They have consistently delivered excellent papers, maintained clear communication, and provided top-notch customer support. They tick all the boxes for a reliable and trustworthy service. 🎓
Remember, diligence and caution are crucial when selecting a writing service. By sharing our experiences and recommendations, we can create a safer environment for everyone seeking assistance. Let's support each other in this journey!
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2023.05.31 12:44 Watterlolly hi welcome to cheese review here we will be rating cheeses on a scale of 1-10

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2023.05.31 12:43 jobaajlearning Biden and McCarthy have reached a debt-ceiling deal!!

Biden and McCarthy have reached a debt-ceiling deal!!
Biden and McCarthy have reached a debt-ceiling deal!!

Days after the world was comprehending a debt default by the world’s largest economy, the President and House Speaker of the USA agreed to suspend the debt limit for 2 years! Corporates, oil prices, and global indices cheered the decision with a rally as they are feeling optimistic.

What would’ve happened in the absence of this provisional deal?

In the absence of this deal, the US would’ve defaulted on its $31.4 trillion debt! This would result in a downgrade in credit rating, thereby spiking borrowing costs. Next, the government would be forced to cut spending in major areas such as welfare and social security, which would result in a fall in demand and a direct impact on output.

Estimates suggest that a default could’ve triggered a 6.1% contraction in the US economy, which would end up hampering global trade, trigger a decline in the value of the Dollar, and tip the entire global economy into a steep recession. So pretty catastrophic.

What does this deal involve?

The following points were concluded in the deal:-

o The debt ceiling, which caps borrowing by the US government, has been suspended entirely till 2025.
o Non-defense spending will not increase next year & grow by 1% in 2025 (Expected to reduce spending by around $1 trillion).
o Defense spending to grow by 3% to $886 billion.
o Unspent Covid funds, amounting to almost $30 billion, are to be returned to the government.
o No tax hikes
o Increase in age for availing nutritional assistance raised from 50 to 54 by 2025.
o Development of a single lead agency for environmental reviews, helping streamline important projects.

Can this deal pass?

Although President Biden and the Democrats are supporting the bill, it is seeing some resistance from the Republican party members. They are uncertain about the nature of the bill as they feel a cap on spending alone, without any tax hikes and policy reforms, could be detrimental to the country.

What do you think? Will the bill successfully pass?

Will we avoid economic disaster??

Or will America lead the world into an unparalleled economic crisis??? 🔻🔻

#development #economy #oil #environmental #projects #tax #globaltrade #security #dollar
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2023.05.31 12:42 Reasonable-Process-5 A Sr. Cyber Security Analyst preparing for CompTia Network+

Hello guys,
I just found out about this subreddit for CompTia exams. I've been working as a Senior Cyber Security Analyst for over a year now (previously I was a regular security analyst in the same company for 2 years).
So far, as certifications are concerned, I've studied and successfully obtained certification for IBM QRadar Analyst, IBM QRadar Administrator, PCCSA, PCCET, PCNSA, and PCNSE, as well as the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam certificate.
Now I'm interested in getting CompTia Network+ and then eventually LPIC-1 and Security+ later this year or in early 2024.
I'm having trouble finding the right Study Guide from where I should start studying for Network+.
I've found "CompTia Network+ Review Guide EXAM N10-008" on the pirate bay for free but it seems that this is only a "Review Guide" and not a full study guide.
I would really appreciate it if you guys could point me in the right direction for studying and let me know where I can find CompTia's offical Study Guide book for Network+ (for free ofc). Also, do let me know which exact sources you recommend for studying Network+
Additionally, if you guys have any other recommendations/suggestions, please feel free to write some advice/tips for me.
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2023.05.31 12:40 foxiebrown1 Press Review Copy = Lets Build Wiki's, Guides, Spam YT with our Videos

Press review copies have long been a common practice for organizations to provide early access to their products to publications and media outlets. Traditionally, these copies were intended to generate informed reviews, discussions, and recommendations about the product.
However, over time, the use of press review copies has evolved to encompass activities such as data mining, the creation of comprehensive wikis, and the proliferation of videos on various platforms.

What exactly happened here??
Do the game companies not care that a press review is turning into entire content wiki's and basically video spammers on youtube?
At least one good thing happen for Diablo 4, the data dumps have been leaked to just about anyone who wants it, leveling the field in some aspect for people in the content creation realm.

But damn these video spammers on youtube are something else, you can see how cutthroat its getting...

On Twitch its even worse, content creators are sitting and watching all the youtube video spammers ....
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