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2023.05.30 23:01 riotinthehall Please suggest a new AVR for upgrade

Have been using a Marantz Nr1509 it's a good avr , however it does not have Dolby atmos or dtsx and many of not all of the major titles in Netfilx Prime etc have that. It's a bit irritating that I'm missing out on it.
I have a modest 3.1 setup with a pair of Wharfedale diamond 11.2 11.c as center and an svs sb1000. May add surrounds but not immediately. I also have a marantz pm6006 that I use to power the left rights, thanksnto preouts on the Nr1509. The avr mainly powers the center and outputs the sub.
Now to note that my speakers have a very laid back and warm sound, good for music and not that great for movies. The avr also does not really power them for that enjoyable feel when watching movies. So then my presumption is that an AVR with a very forward sound and good treble should get thr desired output from thr speakers. Let me know in case I'm wrong.
I've narrowed down on certain options
The Denon x1700h : decent for the price, however it lacs that new factor as the GUI menu is outdated.
Denon x2800h: advantage over the x1700h is that the menu on screen is new and has zone 2 out. So at some point can use my Marantz pm6006 as zone 2 but I'll have to buy another set of speakers.
Onkyo nr7100 or nr6100 : the 7100 is definitely more expensive than the Denons, but has Dirac. Don't know if it would make any difference with my 3.1 setup , smaller room size ? The 6100 seems decent for the price but no Dirac, only Mcacc. Is that not great ?
Pioneer vsx lx305 : as pricey as the Onkyo, though it has Dirac also.
Marantz nr1711 : easiest alternative to the Nr1509, as it supports Atmos and has preouts So that I can use my pm6006 and not let it gather dust. But not sure if it will have that underpowered listening effect on the Wharfedale as explained earlier. Other than that it's a bit old
Marantz cinema 70s : Expensive. Paying only for looks and that new feel over the Nr1711. Has preouts so can use my pm6006.
I have written my thought process in deciding between the AVR'S, and though it might read as though im really confused about this and can't seem to decide I want a AVR that I won't bother replacing for the next couple years. Would really like your thoughts and inputs.
Please help decide and talk some sense into me. Thanks
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2023.05.30 19:43 DesperateFig8401 Problem with Bass

About two and a half years ago I got the old Stereo Reciever (Denon AVR 1909) from my Grandpa who didn't need it anymore. the first 2 Years I just used to hear CD's to fall asleep better (Im 13 Years old) about half a year ago I started to watch more and more stuff about good Audio. It was also the Time where I got a new Monitor which already had speakers. But a few months after getting it I noticed that my Reciever had 3 HDMI in ports and 1 for the Monitor. At this point I just had some old Panasonic Speakers form an old boombox which I also got from my Grandpa. Then one day I decided to add a old passive one from an old Supermarket in Germany which doesen't exist anymore (I couldn't find any Data about but I'll put a picture form it in the Post) and also added from the same brand two small back speakers and a center Bar. My school makes Musicals but instead of ordering people to do all the Audio and lightshows they have a sort of club that meets everytime when a musical s and once a week and often we find old tech we don't need anymore so we ask the teacher who is the leader of all the musical and Tech club if we can take it. So one day I came to our weekly Meetings and there were some custom made Byerdinamic speakers with 6 small speakers on each side (I'll also put a picture of them in here) and I asked if I could take them. So i took them Home a few weeks later they said they needed them back so I switched back to the Panasonic speakers. This was short before the eatser holiday so I searched on ebay alot and found a pair of Yamaha NS-G 30 SPeakers for 30$. One or two weeks ago the Stereo sytem from my Uncle broke so they bught a new reciever and speaker set. Because I love cablemanaging and tearing my Setup down and building it up again I asked if I could come with my dad to help him build it because my Uncle doesn't really know how to do it. So, the day came and I asked my Uncle if I could have his old active Onkyo Subwoofer (I also couldn't find the right model so I'll put a picture of it) and his Center bar because mine was really big and made my Monitor stand way to far out on the table. So the next day I installed the subwoofer made the perfect setting for it with my dad and was happy. But now, after two weeks of using it, it somehow feels like no matter how much I turn the bass up on the reciever it doesn't seem to get the same amount of power it used to. To that I should say that my Audio setup stands on a little shelf next to my Desk. The shelf has two layers the top one where my distribution socket is clamped down so the side has like a little extra space for stuff and on the ride side theres another little space but this side has a backwall and a door. Over that door stands my reciever or as I like to call it "The Tower of Beauty" The first layer of the Twoer of Beauty is my Denon Reciever then there is a Kenwood Casette Player which is pulgged into the Outlet in the Reciever and on top of that there is a Pioneer CD player which most of the Time isn't plugged in because I don't hear CD's that much anymore. Why I'm wirting down whats on top of my reciever is becuase I have the Theory that the heat that is produced, while I'm using it everyday mostly from 01:00 pm to 21:00 pm on school days (sometimes when im to awake to sleep its on till 11:00 pm) on the weekends and holidays usually from 10:00 am to 3:00 am but most of the time I plug the HDMI port from the reciever directly into my Laptop and just my Headphones, broke something inside the reciever. The reciever usually works flawlesly except that one time where I couldn't sleep so because I use my Fire TV stick when I cant sleep, I turn my Monitor to my Bed and turn my Left speaker on max while the right speaker is off. So one day after school I plugged my Laptop into the reciever but for some reason even after I turned the Right speaker up again it wouldn't get any louder. I tried multiple things but after a few tests nothing would happen. But luckely somehow I was able to fix it an d that was the only time it didn't work properly. I would be most greatful if somebody could help me and tell me what could be broken, If it's just an Error or if I am just not hearing right. This post got a little bit longer than I expected and I'll give an update if something happened or if its good again.

The Pictures didn't Upload sry
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2023.05.30 11:44 Skeletorfive Here me out, what are the best speakers to pair with consoles for best gaming experience on OLED?

If I put in audiophiles, or budget audio they are mostly for music or movies. I'm looking for best speakers to highlight gaming. I have an onkyo tx rz50 but wondering if I should go traditional elac, sony, emotiva, or computer speakers like logitech, Harmon Kardon, cyber acoustics, etc. Any advice greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.30 03:02 IonZero New RLS 5.1 vs used Polk Audio Signature 5.1

For the same price, would you go with a new Denon S760H + RLS CG23M 5.1 vs a used Denon x4700h and 5.1 Polk Audio Elite (ES55/ES20/ES35 HTS 10" (I think it is same as this set https://www.adorama.com/pkes55blkak.html)?
At what price would you take the Polk over the RLS?
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2023.05.29 22:08 JohnSmith--- Dali Zensor 7 vs 5, for Denon AVR-X1400H, replacing Zensor 1

So I have a 3.0 setup with Dali Zensor 1 as fronts, Dali Zensor Vokal as center and a Denon AVR-X1400H. But recently my PC speakers died so I got a little class d mini amp and hooked up my Zensor 1 speakers to it. Now I’m in need of new front speakers. I’m either gonna buy the Zensor 5 or Zensor 7, not gonna ditch the Vokal center. I like Dali. Also not gonna buy the Zensor 3 cause I don’t want to buy new speaker stands.
I’m in a small room, but there is still a possibility of moving in the future, so I don’t think size will be a issue. Both will fit in my room probably. I’m wondering if the 7 would be much better than the 5. Cause if not I’m leaning towards the 5. Also wondering if my receiver will be enough for both. Thoughts?
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2023.05.29 16:45 Consilium_et_Animus Demon X3700h for $801 open box fair Best Buy is that a good deal?

There’s a Best Buy 1 he away that has a DENON x3700h.
Really need a new atmos receiver as I’m coming from a VSX-530 from Pioneer.
It might not have anything at all meaning no accessories? Worth it or no?
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2023.05.28 22:55 Socialmediaisbroken Denon x3700h shows up as Denon s760 on network?

Audyssey app recognizes it as 3700 but my wifi and laptop say s760…. Just wondering if this is a known issue? Do i need to worry that i got ripped off?? Thanks
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2023.05.28 19:23 blue2836 Outdoor Speakers - PA Atrium 8, B&W AM1, or Martin Logan ML-75AW

Which of these would you choose? I have a pretty large backyard, and I plan on driving them with a Denon X3700h I have in my home theater. Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.28 18:00 guesthouseq4 Difficult purchase decision Marantz CINEMA 40 vs DENON x4800H vs Sony STR-AZ7000.

So I have recently purchased a Sony VPL-XW7000ES Laser projector, I´m also thinking of upgrading my receiver and after a lot of searching I found these 3 models, but I cannot decide which one to go for:
  1. Marantz CINEMA 40
  2. Denon x4800H
  3. Sony STR-AZ7000
My newbie intuition says to go with the Sony as probably there would be fewer connectivity or compatibility issues, but to be honest, I´m totally lost in this sea of receiver options, I will be using the projector for both movies and games, please help, thank you.
Also if you believe that there is a superior or newer model, please feel free to comment / recommend, thanks.
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2023.05.27 15:52 bladeofglass how do I improve the sound quality in this system

I have a basic HT setup I built over the years.
Receiver: Onkyo HT R2296 (bought around 2014).
Front main speakers: Polk RTi6 (around 2014)
Center: Polk CSi5 (around 2016)
Sub: DIY sub with its own amp. (around 2021)
I am looking to improve the sound quality. This is in an open concept living room with floor area of around 900 sq ft (edited down from 1000) with a high vaulted ceiling for half of it.
I am no audiophile but I will try to express my desire for improvement. The audio sounds warm, the middle and high seem lowemuted. The lows are great, after adding the sub couple of years ago.
To improve the sound quality, which is the weakest part I have? I am looking to improve this in steps to spread the expenditure.
If the speakers should be giving what I want, do I first upgrade and try out a better receiver? Can try Denon AVR S760H from Costco.
Should I upgrade fronts? Looking at Klipsch RT-8000F II and at Wharfedale EVO 4.3. (Floor standing or bookshelf is a whole another question I am looking at).
I am no expert in this, so all other helpful input is also appreciated.
submitted by bladeofglass to hometheater [link] [comments]

2023.05.26 19:27 Zortster99 Denon vs Marantz for 5.1.4

I need to replace a 4 yr old Onkyo TX-RX830 receiver as the amplifier(s) in it are shot. I have a 5.1.4 setup in family room and a pair of speakers on my patio using the 2nd zone.
I heard the Marantz SR7015 years ago in a Best Buy and loved the sound but couldnt afford it at the time. I hear a lot of good things about the Denon AVR-X3800H and AVR-X4700H. All are basically the same price.
How do I make a good choice among these 3? I use the system mainly for watching movies and television. We sometimes will play video games if we hook up the PS5, but probably less than 10% of the time.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!
submitted by Zortster99 to hometheater [link] [comments]

2023.05.26 19:07 Music-is-pretty-neat Denon sc5000/6000 vs CDJ-900NXS/XDJ's (for afterparties/home use)

I hope this topic hasn't already been beat to hell but I am in the market for new gear and need some advise. Here is the situation: I have a DJM-900NXS and am looking for 2 players to pair it with. I've come across some great deals for Denon SC5000's so was thinking about getting those, but have heard rumors of quality problems with the SC5000 when compared to the 6000's as well as software issues with both.
Additionally, I could go with CDJ-900NXS or XDJ players and stay with Pioneer. Only thing with that is that I have friends that have all their music on soundcloud go/tidal and want them to be able to DJ too. Also, the Pioneer is typically more expensive used and seem to have less features than the Denon decks in the same price range.
TLDR: If you were on a budget to get used DJ players, would you get Denon SC5000/6000's or CDJ-900NXS/XDJ's and why?

Thanks for the help everyone!
submitted by Music-is-pretty-neat to DJs [link] [comments]

2023.05.26 08:10 n1x00 How do I find movies with dope audio?

Hi, I'm new to stereo/surround stuff, my brand new setup is comprised of:
Monitor Bronze 100 speakers: https://www.monitoraudio.com/en/product-ranges/bronze/bronze-100/
Danon AVR-S970H reveicer https://www.denon.com/en-us/product/av-receivers/avr-s970h/300612-new.html
Yesterday, I wanted to test my new speakers with some movies, and felt a HUGE difference in the sound quality of some. Ex: Alien (1979) amazing sound ! , Star Treck (2009) shitty sound....
Does the app you're streaming from (apple Tv, Youtube, BluRay on PS5, ...) makes a difference in the sound quality or is a matter of good vs bad sound production from the movie itself?
If so, how do I find movies with dope audio?
submitted by n1x00 to audiophile [link] [comments]

2023.05.26 02:24 alltimebackfire Subwoofer suggestions

Hey all, I've been pouring through threads and forum posts and am just looking for some final suggestions before pulling the trigger.
First off, the room. It's a fully finished basement that measures 27x23x8, so roughly 5000 cubic feet. About 3/4 is carpeted, the rest is vinyl flooring. It's mostly my space, so WAF is minimal. The seating area is on the carpeted section, the rest is as wet bahang out space. So not a fully dedicated theater room, but as close as I'm going to get. Not sure if this is relevant, but the seating area where the primary listening positions are is 13x15.
On to equipment. I'm currently running a 5.1.2 system with front mounted ceiling height speakers off a Denon S710W AVR (that upgrade is next, want to take care of the sub first). All the speakers are Dayton Audio, but my sub is the last remnants of an Onkyo HTIB I bought years ago. System is primarily used for video games and movies, really the only time I'd use it for music is when people are over and we throw Spotify on the TV.
I've been primarily looking at SVS PB-pro, HSU VTF-2 or VTF-3, and the new RSL 12S. I think I've got a pretty good handle on the sub specs, where I'm getting stuck at is sub vs room size, one big vs two smaller, etc.
Here are the options I've narrowed down to, but other suggestions are welcome
Tl;dr 5000 cubic foot room and the following under consideration
Budgetwise I'd like to be around roughly $1000, but if the right choice pushes over that a bit I'm flexible. Really just looking to buy once cry once.
submitted by alltimebackfire to hometheater [link] [comments]

2023.05.26 01:33 ben5642 Should I wall mount the speakers ?

Should I wall mount the speakers ?
Current work in progress as you can see but trying to figure out best way to setup my klipsch dolby atmos cinema reference speakers that I'm gonna use for my pc along with a onkyo tx-rz50 9.2 av receiver that's going to sit on a filing cabinet on the right side and wondering if I should wall mount the speakers and where would be the best place to mount them?
submitted by ben5642 to battlestations [link] [comments]

2023.05.25 03:13 ShoobieDoobie33 To Sonos or not to Sonos... Wired 5.1 vs Sonos Arc, Sub, Down Firing Surrounds w/Amp

I'm building a new house and am on the fence with what direction I want to go for my living room audio setup. I currently have a decent Onkyo TX-RZ710 powering some HKTS 30 along with a Klipsch Sub (nothing special, got it from Costco).
The new home floorplan is an open layout, one big long room with a living room that extends to a kitchen with an island.
I'm planning on adding two down firing surrounds in the ceiling regardless of which route I go (Sonos vs wired 5.1). Powered by Sonos amp or the Onkyo.
Really not sure what direction to go here. We love listening to music but I've read that the Arc isn't super great for playing music and may not even be comparable to a decent wired 5.1 setup in that regard. Obviously my HTKS30s aren't in audiophile range... Would the ARC be at least comparable (if not better) than the HKs?
If I do go with wired, I would be replacing the HK setup with some nicer towers or satellites on a stand. Wife factor is also in play here... Not 100% sure I'll even be able to sell her on a tower setup as she thinks it looks "clunky" based on some pics I showed her.
submitted by ShoobieDoobie33 to sonos [link] [comments]

2023.05.24 23:21 StevenPinkyless Best ACR Under $1000?

Hello! I am buying my first audio setup and I want an AVR that will stick with me and be sufficient for 5-10 years preferably in the under $1000 range. The AVR needs to be able to handle surround sound and have good stereo playback. Otherwise, desired features that are important to me, but not necessities include Bluetooth, AirPlay, Wireless casting, HDMI 2.1, and 7.2 channel compatibility.
Looking through reviews it seems the new Sony AN-1000 holds a decent value proposition. Alternatively, some more tried and true devices I have read about include the Denon X1700H, the Yamaha RX-V6A, and the Onkyo TX-NR7100. Any comparisons between the pros and cons of these devices relative to each other or new recommendations that I may have overlooked would be hugely appreciated.
submitted by StevenPinkyless to BudgetAudiophile [link] [comments]

2023.05.24 06:47 ronnagesh Input vs output (Denon x3700h and Nvidia Shield)

Input vs output (Denon x3700h and Nvidia Shield)
With all other inputs (ATV, Roku, PC), input equals output with Sound Mode set to Pure (Auto).
But with Shield (using Plex), it seems to “upmix” to height speakers.
Thoughts / ideas?
submitted by ronnagesh to hometheater [link] [comments]

2023.05.23 19:02 MF-HUMP Sony PS 1100 vs PSLX2 vs Technics SL-D1 vs U-Turn Orbit Basic vs Onkyo CP1057F

Looking for an upgrade to a higher quality table without spending an arm and a leg. These are all available on FB marketplace pretty close to me and all reasonably priced, I believe (under $200). There's also a Kenwood KD 2077 which looks cool but I'm positive needs a little work. There are a lot of things to consider between these tables, however I'm not the most experienced in the world. I have a Crosley C6 currently with an upgraded stylus from LP Gear, and I do know how to balance the tonearm. I'm upgrading my whole system slowly so I'm not sure about some of the older tables unless they're better bang for buck. Pretty much all will need new cartridges/styli. Maybe a belt for some older ones. Thanks in advance for any advice.
submitted by MF-HUMP to turntables [link] [comments]

2023.05.23 08:22 hdeb89 Looking for help to get surround sound

Hi, I have a Priority membership and play using my Macbook pro with the native app. My mac is connected to my Denon X3700H receiver (5.1 speaker setup) using a usb-c to HDMI cable. In the mac MIDI setup i've confirmed the output is 5.1 with 24bit 8ch 48kHz as the rate (there is no 6ch option).
My Denon confirms it is getting PCM audio, yet no matter what game i play i can't get surround sound... in each game's settings i've tried setting the audio to 5.1 but it makes no difference... still just stereo.
Also of note, i'm in Australia so GeForce Now is provided by a company called Pentanet (reached out to them but still no word). Any help would be really appreciated, thanks!
submitted by hdeb89 to GeForceNOW [link] [comments]

2023.05.21 18:32 Tenrac Looking for the simplest solution to add a remote zone to my home theater.

I am running a Denon AVR-X3700H as my main living room home theater and sound system set up. I would love to add speakers in the upper living room and then out on the porch.
Due to the structural limitations of the house, running speaker wire is not possible, or rather...not desirable.
I am feeling like there is a bluetooth option to add a relay unit to the Denon?
Also, please forgive my lack of research here, I have a 3 year old and 9 month old and several other projects going on right, i just have so little free time. Just looking for someone to point me at what I need.
submitted by Tenrac to hometheater [link] [comments]