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To Help others with ideas for each room in the home This can include gardens Post your favourites

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the place to find ideas for your game room or game collection many featured on the YouTube channel Disk Cart which focuses on this! Link Here!

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Welcome to DesignMyRoom! Do you need help transforming your living space? Then look no further, we can help with all of your decor and design needs!

2023.05.31 12:36 moppopi Feedback for house extension

Feedback for house extension
We have just bought a house with the intention to add an extension. We will be hiring an architect but would like to go into the consultation with some ideas. 1st pic is the current layout, 2nd is what we were thinking. Any feedback or other ideas?
Open to any and all ideas, but hoping to keep it relatively simple/ not change plumbing too much for cost reasons. We are wanting to add a master suite with WIR and ensuite and also a second living room/family room, open to 3 or 4 bedrooms total. Would also like a double garage, preferably at the front so we still have a reasonably big back yard.
Lot size is 530m2 and is in the southern hemisphere.
Thank you!
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2023.05.31 12:33 throwawayacc542179 i (17F) feel like scum because of my feeling for my best friend (16M)

to preface this, i know i’m very young and that i have my entire life ahead of myself, but i really truly feel stuck. last summer, i got into a relationship with my friend (17m). though it lasted a mere month, we decided to stay friends and now he’s really one of my best friends. however, we never stopped sort of flirting with each other (he says i look pretty, takes my glasses and plays with them, whenever i get mad at him and ignore him he clings onto my shirt till i look at him, whenever i talk to a guy he must make his presence known, i’m the only person in our large friend group he introduced his cousins to, a few weeks ago he tried to scare me, but i ended up clumsily hitting my head on the wall and he kept apologising and saying jokingly “i beat my wife” etc) and literally everyone around us says we have crazy chemistry (so i know i’m not delusional). he’s in my opinion a very handsome guy, but what drew me to him was his personality. it’s like we clicked with each other, and i have never had that prior with anyone, so naturally i get jealous (which i am not proud of) whenever my one friend, let’s call her V, says that he’s flirting with other girls (though i need to say, she’s always trying to say every guy is flirting with her, every guy i or our other friends meet must be hers and all that, so i don’t know how reliable she is). because of V’s comments (like, “oh, this guy said you were the prettiest out of the group only because i’m taken”) and the fact that i have no idea he still likes me or not as more than a friend, i’ve been really doubting my already bad self esteem. last week was a really hard one for me, i had to leave for a school function the day i learned my uncle passed away, which my attention seeking father made me feel terrible for to the point i had to step out of the debates to puke in the bathroom stalls from all the stress, one of the girl’s i was rooming with had alcohol poisoning and had to go the hospital, and the only thing going through my mind was that i want to be with him. on the trip however, i met a boy, let’s call him Mac. he’s nice and asked me for my instagram, and since V constantly told me he definitely has a girlfriend (even though she didn’t even exchange one word with him) i thought nothing of it. now, we’re texting and while i don’t mind it and want to get to know him, i feel like absolute scum because my thoughts keep coming back to my friend, wondering if he would feel jealous, if he would confess his feelings for me, however stupid that may sound. i don’t want to use mac, i think he’s a really nice person, but i can’t stop thinking about my friend. but on the other hand, what if i throw a valuable relationship, whether platonic or not, away and end up broken-hearted because of my friend anyway? soooo… please help me?
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2023.05.31 12:30 Rare-Bowler-8817 My (23F) mum (43F) has kicked me out

My mum is wanting to move with her boyfriend (38M) so they have been looking at renting a property together, she was expecting me and my partner (24M) to pick up her mortgage and bill payments to rent her house from her so she can move out. We have two dogs which my partner and I were expected to take on as she wouldn’t be able to take them with her. My partner didn’t want to take the house on as we would then be trapped renting as wouldn’t have enough money to save for our own deposit for a house. So she made it clear that if we didn’t take on the house she would rent it out privately. Therefore with her still moving out and me now having to find somewhere to go and no deposit saved and not enough money to rent ourselves and still save, my partners mum said I could just move in with them whilst we save. She’s been let down a couple times by some properties she’s seen and didn’t get them. So she’s now decided she won’t move out and just move her boyfriend in so I figured great I’ll just stay in my bedroom and pay my rent and save up as planned and be out within the year (I will admit I am quite attached it has always been my room even for before my mum bought the house off her parents) but she didn’t like that idea because if I stay her boyfriends kids won’t have anywhere to stay, so she will still continue to look to move out (2hrs away) but if I leave it fixes her problem as she can use my old bedroom as somewhere for his kids( they aren’t young 18,16 and maybe 15 but they aren’t adults either) I’m just really upset that she’s kicking me out so that his children (which she’s never met) will have a place to stay, over me I only have her and they don’t live with their dad. But she’s told me to leave and live with my partners family. I’m just really shocked and upset
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2023.05.31 12:25 mrbl4ckkk Server/Waiter making a major career transition - need advice

(questions I seek advice on are at the bottom)
I am currently serving tables at a restaurant and I have decided I cannot wait any longer to get back into the professional world and make use of my talents and skills. It has been since about ten years since I any sort of heavily involved tech related business, although I have kept up on quite a few things, and expanded my marketing knowledge.
I have a B.A. From University of Miami in Entrepreneurship and have be designing, developing and marketing websites since age 14.. I have a tremendous amount of experience doing digital marketing (as well as web design /development. My last major tech business was starting a cyber security business selling Ipv4 addresses in 2010 , where I flew out to Texas and partnered with a highly skilled group of programmers, and a Texas business man and created the foundation unique technology for changing IPv4 addresses. It ended with me getting a contract with Time Warner Telecom but also falling extremely ill out of nowhere, which nearly ended my life and caused me to need and major transplant, and stopped me from signing the contract.
I am still to this day in pain frequently but have recently got a hold of my pain a lot more and I am now ready to get back to what I enjoy.

My skills and strongest abilities
I have been building websites since I was 14 years old. Using Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator etc. Once I made it to college I taught myself a lot about digital marketing, landing page design, design concepts, etc. I ended up doing affiliate marketing and doing very well for awhile doing this by automating the marketing process with scripts and software. I went to college for Entrepreneurship and marketing, and was taught well on how to start a business. I worked at the Miami-Dade county health dept in college helping to manage their database. I got a remote job immediately out of college in Manhattan, NY at an ad agency doing web graphic design for their different marketing efforts.
I am highly skilled at research, market segmentation, and creating original, creative and very effective ideas for many different type of scenarios, from marketing to product ideas. This is thanks to my intuition and understanding of the big picture of things.
I ended up very sick and in a lot of pain as I mentioned, specifically Chronic pancreatitis, and I am only now, half way through 2023, even close to the point I was back in 2009 before going to Texas (health wise). I have worked in restaurants as a server for several years, and it is extremely unsatisfying, stressful, and not profitable and I am ready to use my abilities rather then waste any more of my life at a restaurant.
I am currently (slowly) learning python, but not sure if there's a better skills for the type of job I would be best suited for that I could be learning.
I am 36 Yr old by the way.

The remote job I desire
I am seeking a remote job that :


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2023.05.31 12:17 TourismIRCTC Explore the incredible India with Bharat Gaurav Train

Bharat Gaurav Tourist Trains, a division of Indian Railways, pioneered the idea of operating tourist trains on circuits with a specific theme. The Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train, operated by the IRCTC, comprises a mixed composition of Sleeper (Non AC), AC III tier, and AC II tier coaches. Every coach of the 14-coach Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train has been created as a "kaleidoscope of Pride of India-Bharat Gaurav" that showcases diverse aspects of India, including monuments, dances, cuisines, dress, festivals, flora and fauna, yoga, folk art, and so forth. The Bharat Gaurav trains are an effort to exhibit the nation's rich historical, spiritual, and cultural heritage to the Indian populace. People from around the country will have the chance to see the nation's architectural, cultural, and historical wonders. The trips taken on these trains are on various circuits that are offered as vacation packages, including amenities like pleasant train travel and related onboard services, off-board bus excursions, hotel stays, tour guides, meals, etc., and travel insurance.
You can check the "Shri Ramayana Yatra” theme based pilgrimage tour by Bharat Gaurav Train tours.
Tour name
17 nights/18 days
Tour Date
Tour itinerary
Delhi- Ayodhya-Nandigram-Janakpuar-Sitamarhi-Buxar-Varanasi-Prayagraj-Shringverpur-Chitakoot-Nashik-Hampi-Rameshwaram-Bhadrachalam Road-Nagpur-Delhi
Train Itinerary
Delhi Safdarjung-Ayodhya-Janakpur-Sitamadhi-Buxar-Varanasi-Manikpur Jn-Nashik Road Hospate-Rameshwaram-Bhadrachalam Road-Nagpur-Delhi
Boarding stations
Delhi Safdarjung, Ghaziabad, Aligarh, Tundla, Etawah, Kanpur, Lucknow
De-boarding stations
Virangana Lakshmi Bai, Gwalior, Agra, Mathura
No of seats
120 (AC I Coupe 24; AC I Cabin 48; AC II 48)
You can discover more interesting Bharat Gaurav Train tours north and east beyond Guwahati, Bharat Nepal Ashtha Yatra, Ekta Samanta Yatra, etc. The cost of the trip package varies based on whether you choose a single room or a room with multiple people sharing. It is offered in three categories: Economical, Standard, and Comfort. Explore the beauty and architectural and structural heritage boosting the history of India with Bharat Gaurav Train because every area, every region, and every nook and cranny of this nation has something beautiful to contribute to its overall beauty. The Bharat Gaurav Train tour will immerse you in a rich assortment of historically significant places in India. Don’t wait for more, and book your tour package soon.
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2023.05.31 12:16 jpitha Just A Little Further 17/40

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The moment I sat down on the Throne, something activated. The lights that I turned on in the room became brighter, and there were more of them. Galleries on my left and right lit up, empty now but clearly meant for the residents to see me when I make speeches or proclamations. And most surprising of all
I can see.
I can see how many ships are docked - it's 6 counting us. Hah, we're listed as UNKNOWN STARSHIP. Hold on, I can fix that... There. Now we're listed as FarReach - Human/K'laxi exploration Starjumper.
I can see how many people are here - it's 11.5 million - huh, Rapid River Roaring wasn't lying after all.
I can see the food distribution centers - they're offline. What the? How are people getting fed? Clearly something is up there. I won't turn them on just yet until I learn more.
I can see the environmental systems... why are they running at such low output? That doesn't seem right. I think if I push here, and tweak there... There we go. That should help a great deal.
I can see... wait, what's this over here?
I can see the Gate
The Gate is locked.
How did we get through the Gate then? I mean, that means that Ottarn won't be able to get through at least. I'll have to explore that one later.
Turning away from the Gate, I look back at the Starbase. Hmm. It feels like I'm on the edge of something big. If I were to just... let go a little bit... I think I can... see...
I regain consciousness on the floor, out of breath, with Ava kneeling over me nearly in tears from panic. "Melody! Melody! Oh thank goodness you're all right!"
I sit up and look around. Ava wraps her arms around me and hugs me tightly. "I was so scared Melody. After you sat on the Throne, I heard noises like heavy machinery starting up, and then there was this storm of wind, and then your eyes glowed and there was a scream."
"Slow down Ava, a scream?"
"It came from everywhere. It sounded like the whole Starbase was screaming! It sounded like you were screaming. I looked up at you, and you had blood coming from your nose and ears and your mouth was open and you were glowing but your body wasn't making noise. I-I didn't know what to do, so I pulled you off the Throne."
Reaching up to my face I touch my ears, sure enough, my finger comes back wet with blood. I can feel it drying under my nose. What the hell happened?
You tried to integrate with Reach of the Might of Vzzx, but the Nanites weren't ready. You had a partial connection. Ava was correct to pull you off.
But what does it mean? What about all that stuff I saw?
When you sit on the Throne and truly integrate you become Reach of the Might of Vzzx. This is what Builders are.
Wait. Our starbases and starships are operated by AIs. You're telling me that out here they're operated by Builders?
Builders build. They rule. They are.
I look back at Ava "Thank you Ava, the Nanites tell me that you saved me." I return the hug just as tightly. "Builders are the starbases out here. They sit in the throne and become the starbase."
Holy shit. That's the missing piece!
"Ava! I know why everything looks so run down here. They haven't had a Builder on the throne in a long time. Reach of the Might of Vzzx is running on automatic! The wind you heard? The environmental systems were running at a super low setting. I turned up the air and scrubbers!"
Ava breaks the hug and looks at me wide eyed. "You mean that they... don't have AIs here, they have... humans running all the stations? As Builders?"
"Yes, I think that's how it works. A Builder, or a team of Builders lives and works at every starbase and they... become the starbase with the help of the Nanites. My Throne is like a... superpowered version of that. I can see so much more than the Starbase. I was able to perceive out into space, I could see the Gates! Ours is locked by the way, Ottarn isn't going anywhere."
"But, how did we get through then?"
I shrug "Builder magic I guess. As we learn more, we will become more proficient at operating things I think. For now, I'm going to take it easy and just try and get a handle on the basics." I move to get up and get back onto the Throne.
"No Melody! It nearly killed you!" Ava's voice trembles.
I reach for her hand and squeeze it tightly. "It's okay Ava. I know what I did wrong. I tried to go to deeply too early. The Nanites say I'm not ready to fully integrate yet, but I can get on and at least like... read the status log. Find out what needs to be done, and then make plans. I'm also going to try and reach out to FarReach, and let her know what I've found."
"Okay, if you say so." Ava plunks down next to the throne, sitting on the floor. "I'm staying right here though. If you start making the Starbase scream again, I'm pulling you off."
"Thanks Ava, please do that." I smile warmly at her. With the dried blood under my nose and down my neck, it probably doesn't look at nurturing as I meant it to.
Sitting again, I'm more prepared for it, but it's still a shock when I become the starbase again. This time, I reach out for the radio. There, okay, I see how it works. I think about the human system frequency for our Starjumpers and try and talk to FarReach.
There's a pause and a burst of static, then it clears and I hear FarReach! "This is FarReach, joint Human/K'laxi exploration Starjumper, who is this?"
"Hi FarReach!" I say brightly! "It's Melody!"
"Melody? Where are you? What are you doing? I suddenly got flooded with radio until I opened the mic to listen, and then it focused in on the standard channel."
"Sorry, that was me."
"You? Are you at a comm station?"
"Kind of? I'm Reach of the Might of Vzzx right now."
"I know you're on the Starbase Melody, where on the Starbase are you?"
"No no, I mean I am Might of Vzzx right now. I've reassumed my Throne and it turns out when a Builder does that.. they kind of become the starbase.
"Become the-- Melody, What are you doing?" FarReach sounds worried.
"Don't worry FarReach, other than the screaming - that was totally my fault, I tried to go too deep at first - it's fine. It's better than fine actually! I can see everything. I can see the Gates - they're locked by the way, I have no idea why we can traverse them. Also I can see... everything. It's tough to describe."
"Believe it or not, Melody, I have a hunch I know what you mean. You're looking at things like we see them."
"Yes! That's what I was thinking. I don't think they have AIs out here, they have Builders."
"Melody, that's... quite a lot. Is this what being an Empress is over here?"
"I think it's what being a Builder is. As Empress I think I have access to like, a higher level. I tried to access it, but Ava said I made the whole Starbase scream, and she had to pull me off the Throne."
"We heard that! That was you?" FarReach sounds worried.
"Ava said it was. Sorry if I scared everyone."
"And you got back onto the Throne?"
"Well, yes. I am Empress now. This starbase hasn't been managed in a long time. I need to read the logs and figure out how to start affecting repairs."
There's a pause at that. I bet FarReach is talking with the crew.
"So Mei'la was right. Thank you for reaching out and letting us know where you are and that you're safe. Captain Q'ari was worried when Mei'la and Fer'resi came back alone. Ava is with you?"
I look down at Ava, and she looks back up to me worried. I smile down to her and give her a thumbs up.
"Yes, Ava is here with me, she's okay too."
"Thank you Melody. Come on back when you're able. Everyone would love to hear about what you found." and FarReach closes the connection.
Huh. That was odd. She sounded distracted at the end. I wonder why.
The crew told her something she didn't like.
But what, do you suppose?
Many people in the crew do not like your new role and title. Some worry about what it means for them, others worry about what it means for things back home. Still others seethe with jealousy.
No, that can't be it. Why would they be jealous? Why would they worry about what this means for back home?
Melody, you are being naïve again. You are Empress. You can control matter. You can order people to do anything. You rule this side of the Galaxy now, and can easily rule the other again.
But it's not like I'm going to do anything bad to anyone. I'll be a good Empress. A great one even.
Great Empresses are feared as much as they are loved. More so perhaps. We can discuss this later. Look, you are seated upon your Throne. Much can be done here, call up the Gate map.
I think about a Gate map. Springing in front of me is a stylized map of the Galaxy. I recognize the spiral arms and it's actually quite pretty. A small royal blue dot is lit. That must be here.
I concentrate on the map "Show me the location of all Gates."
A flood of yellow dots appears on the map, all over the Galaxy. Far more than we had mapped out, truly there are over five hundred of them.
"Show me currently active Gates."
A worryingly small amount of the yellow dots turns blue. Maybe seventy five of them? Interestingly there is a large cloud of blue dots over on the other side of the galaxy, back home. Other than a small swarm around here, that's the largest other location of Gates.
Even after they rejected your rule, they kept their Gates and they are some of the largest group now active. The Nanites chuckle to themselves.
Hmm. If the Gates are connected to each other - and they'd have to be in order to work then I wonder...
"Ping all Gates. Color code replies; Green as working active gates, Yellow as working but deactivated gates, Red as locked but still active gates, and Black as no reply received."
At that command, I can feel it. My... order, my command leaves the Reach and connects to the Gate. There's a sense of spreading as the command reaches out. How am I able to see the Gates so quickly? What am I seeing?
There is only The Gate. All Gates you traverse are... shadows of The Gate that exist in four dimensional spacetime. They all pass through The Gate that exists in a higher plane.
So Gate traversal is instantaneous?
Well yes. You're not moving once you enter the Gate. The Addressing Module directs the Gate where to put you in Spacetime. It takes no time, because no distance is traveled.
Wild. Did Builders make them?
Yes, long, long *ago. It was one of our greatest achievements.*
Okay, so I have the data, but how to interpret it. Let me try and overlay the results of the Census over the galaxy map. When I look up, my jaw drops.
Way more of the gates are green than I had figured. As in, active, operating and ready to traverse. The majority are yellow, meaning that they're currently not online, but can be brought online. There are only a few red gates, and no black gates.
The Gate system is completely intact.
Wait, what's that red gate over on the other side of the galaxy. There's a locked gate near home. The K'laxi have never reported to us they found a locked gate. I wonder if that's one we don't know about or if...
That's the Gate to Earth.
It's just locked? As in, I could unlock it and open it?
At any time, Empress.
But, we never had a Gate. We explored our system inside and outside and never found any technology - and believe me we looked. We spent millennia thinking we were alone until we met the K'laxi. Why didn't a previous Empress open it though. If it is that easy, they could have gone back at any time.
I want to unlock the Gate. Pass through it, and show everyone what I found, what I am.
You need only say it, Empress.
No. Not yet. I need to be able to go there in a way that's... befitting me.
Back to the starbase. If it has 11 something million people, then it has to be way larger than what I've seen. Show me the whole thing.
I'm shown. I see kilometers upon kilometers of halls, thousand upon thousands of living quarters, I see gardens, and parks and playgrounds and offices and... I see a whole transit system I had no idea was here! I can't believe there's a train here and I haven't ridden it yet!
Remembering Ava, I say out loud "Holy shit, this place is huge. The parts that we've seen is barely a tenth of the whole place. They have a train Ava! Let's go for a ride later!"
Ava smiles "I'd love that, Melody."
Wait a minute. I turn inwards again.
"Give me a listing of all known Starbases."
A list appears next to the galaxy map. Almost every system at one time had a Starbase at least as large as this one, some had even larger ones.
"Give me a listing of known Planets."
A slightly smaller, but still large list appears. I'm starting to feel faint. What have I dived into? There are literally tens, if not hundreds of billions of people here. Back home there around 15 billion humans spread across space, with 4 or 5 billion K'laxi and 3 or 4 billion Xenni. Combined that's...
That's more people than what I can effectively rule. What am I doing? I don't even know about this whole Starbase, let alone the Galaxy. One person can't rule a Galaxy, no matter how much they want to. What are these Nanites trying to sign me up for?
We need you to understand the immenseness of your task, and understand that we do not intend for you to rule alone. Currently, you are the only Builder known, but that never meant you were meant to be the only Builder. Make more.
W-What? I don't even have a partner! I don't even really know yet if I like men or women or both or neither! I'm barely out of my teen years, I can't make more people!
Sigh. Not like that, Melody. Use us. Use the Nanites to make Builders. You are Empress, only you will have the commanding voice, but other Builders will help you to rule. Start with that one, Ava. She already craves it. She will be a welcome and loyal addition.
I look over at Ava. She's still looking at me worriedly. She really does want to be a part of all this - whatever it's going to be.
There are others too. Q'ari wants to be involved very badly, but we don't know if the Nanites will work on K'laxi. We don't know how we feel about K'laxi Builders too.
Don't be racist. They'd do a fine job.
So you say, Empress. Invite them then.
Ugh. If I'm going to do this, the Nanites are right. I need help. I'll need more Builders. Should I do this? I want to do this, but is that the Nanites talking? Every time I let them off leash I tend to sound... intense. I wish I had some coffee.
I wish I could get some range time in.
I sigh. Am I doing this? Am I really doing this?
I think I am. I have never really wanted anything as much as I want this. As much as I want to show everyone what I can do, what I can be.
I stand up and break the connection. I feel... empty for a moment. I can see how people could get addicted to data streams like that. I stretch mightily and sit down on the floor next to Ava.
"Ava. There's a metric ton of work to be done, and I don't think I can do it all on my own. I don't want to do it all on my own. The Nanites were giving me options and I was wondering..."
As I speak, her eyes get wider and wider and she practically vibrates from excitement. She knows what I'm going to ask her.
"Do you want to become a Builder? You won't get the voice that orders people around, that's an Empress thing apparently, only one person as a time can do that. I can see why too, what happens if we both have the ability and try to use it on each other, right? Anyway. The Nanites say I can make you a Builder, and you can help me out. We'll need more Builders too. I want to try on the K'laxi too, Captain Q'ari seems like she wants in, though I don't know if she'll agree to it. Being Captain is important to her. So what do you say?"
"Yes yes yes yes! I want in!"
I hold up a hand. "This means that officially, your old life is over. It means throwing our lot in on this side of the Galaxy permanently. We can Gate home for visits or something, but it won't be for a while, and it'll be as foreigners. We will be cutting ourselves off from our old lives."
"My old life sucked ass. I want in!"
"Okay, last thing." I take a breath. "It could mean - though I hope it doesn't - that we will be seen as enemies back home. You saw the Marien's ship, it's trying to escape and is taking days to get somewhere FarReach can go in hours. FarReach alone has enough firepower to shrug off any threat we can bring to bear. If the folks back home decide to cause trouble for us, it'll be big trouble. If you throw in with me, it becomes your trouble. Our trouble.
Ava kneels down in front of me without a single bit of hesitation. "I want this, Melody. More than anything else I've ever wanted. I accept all the risks, I happily throw my old life away."
We like her. She gets it.
I stand up in front of her.
Okay then, how do we give her the Nanites?
Give her a kiss.
You are kidding me.
We are completely serious. It's the quickest way to transfer enough of us to begin the process. Plus, it's ceremonial, has an air of regal intimacy about it. Also, she'll love it.
I reach down and gently tip her head up with my fingers, bend down and gently kiss her on the lips.
She leans in slightly and melts into the kiss.
Told you she'd love it.
"Rise, Builder."
She stands on shaky legs. "Builder Ava, it will take a day or so for the Nanites to replicate and integrate, but once they do, you will be a Builder like me, and be able to do many of the things I can do. You will be my right hand, and be my voice where I am not. You will carry out my decisions and have the power to make your own. Together with the other Builders I create, we will reunite this galaxy and show everyone our power, our might and our love."
"I am yours to command Empress."
"Excellent. Your first task is to get me my coffee supplies from FarReach, I am dying for a cup."
First / Previous / Next
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2023.05.31 12:13 addadoll Frustrated

I just want to vent I am an average looking girl and I put so much of my time and energy trying to make best photos and videos. I invested a good part on backrounds, a better phone etc you name it Then I see girls that are more attractive like thick with slim waist that do not try at all, I see on there promo pics that they don't bother with aesthetics of the room etc and they do much better I know life is not fair and comparison is the thief of joy but sometimes is hard.
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2023.05.31 12:12 redshoesalphabet 20+ years of hating summer

Hi friends! I’ve been on a journey of self acceptance and have recently decided to try and enjoy dressing myself. Ive been hiding my body since puberty (20+ years now) to the point where I had been too ashamed to even sort out what ‘body shape’ I have.
I could go on a (20 year) long rant about feeling ashamed of your body but I don’t think it’s needed in this subreddit. Choir, I’m preaching to you. My body was brought to my awareness before puberty by my mother and older sister- both with weight issues of their own. By the time I was 11 I was already feeling ashamed and dressing in loose, unflattering clothing to hide myself. Being considered ‘curvy’ but not in the right places has stymied my capability of liking the way clothes look on my body.
I have this dream of not wanting to cry everyday this summer. It’s going to be in the 90s by the end of the week… and I have jeans. I love my arms and legs. I am strong and appreciate what my body allows me to do at work on a daily basis. I want to show my body that love.
I have a short torso, thick muscular thighs and calves, and have a large apron belly. I’m no longer concerned about dressing for others gaze but I do want to be comfortable and have no idea where to start.
I would love to spend the summer in swing dresses and bicycle shorts but scrolling through shops just feel overwhelming. I’ve tried high waisted jeans and crop tops and felt like crying in the fitting room because so much attention was drawn to my large and saggy apron belly.
I need to start from the bottom and begin building my summer wardrobe so any suggestions would be appreciated. Favorite styles, shops, brands would be super helpful!
I feel silly being almost 34 and needing advice but…. Help? Please!
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2023.05.31 12:09 TooCoolZuthar13 Roommate Conflict: Accusations Flying, Speculation Brewing, and a Desperate Plea for Advice!

Roommate Conflict: Accusations Flying, Speculation Brewing, and a Desperate Plea for Advice!
Hey, fellow Redditors,
I hope this post finds you well, as I'm in desperate need of some guidance regarding an escalating conflict with my roommate. The situation has reached a boiling point, with unfounded accusations and speculative language thrown around like confetti. Buckle up, folks, because this is one wild rollercoaster ride!
Background: We're both college students sharing a dorm room for the past semester. At first, everything seemed fine, but lately, tensions have been skyrocketing. Now, we're at a point where we barely exchange a civil word, and the atmosphere is so thick with hostility that it's almost suffocating.
Accusations Galore: Here's where things get messy. My roommate, let's call them Roomie X, has accused me of stealing their personal belongings, specifically their prized vintage record collection. I have absolutely no idea where this allegation is coming from, as I've never had any interest in their records nor have I ever laid a finger on them. It's incredibly frustrating to be falsely accused, and it's straining our relationship to the breaking point.
Speculation on Steroids: To make matters worse, Roomie X has been fueling the fire with wild speculation. They claim that I'm harboring a secret desire to sabotage their academic performance. According to them, I've been tampering with their study materials, hiding their textbooks, and spreading rumors about their lack of commitment. These accusations are not only hurtful but completely unfounded. I genuinely want us both to succeed academically, and it's disheartening to be the target of such baseless claims.
Attempts at Resolution: I've tried to engage in open and honest communication to resolve this conflict, but it seems like every conversation takes a detour into the realm of conspiracy theories. Our mutual friends have been dragged into the mix, forced to take sides, and adding fuel to the already blazing inferno. It's a toxic situation that needs immediate intervention.
My Desperate Plea: Dear Reddit, I'm at my wit's end. How do I salvage this living situation without resorting to further conflict? Have any of you been through a similar roommate nightmare? What steps can I take to clear my name and rebuild trust with Roomie X? Any advice, strategies, or magical potions would be greatly appreciated.
TL;DR: Roommate conflict spiraling out of control with unfounded accusations and speculative language. Accused of stealing prized possessions and sabotaging academic success. Seeking advice on how to resolve the situation and rebuild trust.
P.S. Please refrain from judgment or making any assumptions without evidence. This is a plea for help, not an invitation to further speculation. Thank you!
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2023.05.31 12:01 greendecore Dining Room Rugs

Dining Room Rugs
Dining room rugs are quickly becoming a must-have addition to any modern home. Not only do they enhance the overall aesthetics of the room but also serve a practical purpose. One of the primary reasons homeowners are selecting a dining room rug is that it helps keep the floor clean. Dining rooms are notorious for spills and stains and a rug can help protect flooring while also making cleanup easier. A well-placed rug can also add an extra layer of comfort and warmth, making the dining experience more enjoyable. Additionally, a rug can be used to define the dining area and add a sense of structure to the room. It can also help reduce noise and echoes, making conversation more comfortable. A beautiful rug can also be used to add a pop of colour or pattern to the room, creating a cohesive look that brings the entire dining area together. In conclusion, dining room rugs provide both style and functionality, making them a practical and worthwhile investment for any homeowner.
Since, dining rooms are known for spills and stains, purchasing a washable dining room rug is the best investment. Green Decore’s Vernal Washable Rug Collection offers machine washable dining room rugs. These rugs are durable and can be easily tossed into the washing machine. Check out the entire collection today!
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2023.05.31 12:00 Economy_Carpenter_23 Organization Tips for a Neat & clean Bedroom

Keeping your bedroom neat and serene can greatly contribute to a peaceful and restful environment. Here are ten organization tips to help you create a tidy and tranquil bedroom: Declutter: Start by decluttering your bedroom. Get rid of items you no longer need or use, and create a sense of space and openness. Utilize Storage Solutions: Invest in practical storage solutions such as baskets, bins, and under-bed organizers to keep belongings organized and out of sight. Create a Functional Layout: Arrange furniture in a way that maximizes space and allows for easy movement. Consider the flow of the room and ensure essential items are easily accessible. Use Drawer Dividers: Organize your drawers with dividers to separate and categorize items like socks, underwear, and accessories. This makes finding what you need quick and effortless. Optimize Closet Space: Install additional shelves or a hanging organizer in your closet to maximize vertical space. Categorize clothing by type or color to simplify the process of selecting outfits. Clear Nightstand: Keep your nightstand clutter-free by only having essential items like a lamp, book, or alarm clock. Use a small tray or dish to corral smaller items like jewelry or hand cream. Implement a Laundry Routine: Avoid clothes piling up by establishing a regular laundry routine. Have designated hampers for dirty clothes and fold or hang clean laundry promptly. Invest in Hidden Storage: Choose furniture with hidden storage compartments, such as an ottoman or bed frame with built-in drawers. This helps maximize storage while maintaining a clean aesthetic. Organize Cables and Wires: Tidy up cable clutter by using cable clips or cord organizers to keep them neatly bundled and hidden from view. Make Your Bed Daily: Start your day by making your bed. This simple task instantly creates a more organized and visually appealing space.
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2023.05.31 11:58 starlighthonymoon I think one of my rats are being bullied. What Should i do! Please help!

I think one of my rats are getting bullied, and i am not sure what to do.
They are all female
So I made a post before where I was unsure about the state in the cage. But it wasn't really that much so it wasn't noticable enough and kinda cooled down. I thought that maybe Ko just tried to take the dominance but found her place. But I am pretty sure she has become a Zeta rat. It isn't like the two others aren't with her, but most of the time she is by herself. There are too many not playing fights in the cage for it to be normal and it is always with Ko. About a week ago i looked at Ko's neck and there was some fur missing. Then a couple of days ago i heard a loud squeck and i could hear it was ko, she was figthing Kylling (I Think she is Beta. She used to be Alpha, but i have an idea it changed when they got to puberty and then Prut Prut became the new Alpha. This was around the time I posted about Prut Prut biting and striking blood on Ko. The first and only time there has been blood, at least what i know of) Anyways, Kylling had some fur in her mouth and there was more fur taken from Ko's neck. You guys, idk what to do! Ko is so gentle and i feel her pulling more towards me... probably because she is lonely... her fur also looks more sticky and not at all as shiny and fluff as the two others. I wish i could stay with Ko all day, but work takes up so much time, and i therefore don't know what happens in the cage most of the time.... but i can just feel that she is sad and insecure. There seem to be tension in general in the cage btw. I have Also seen Kylling and Prut Prut fight, but that just proves to me something is wrong. I have read that when there is a bad Alpha, the tension rises in general and more fights occur, even when it isn't the bullied rat figthing. Kylling has also suffered from having a very clogged nose, and I've been to the vet multiple times, the first time there was an very early infection. Then she got antibiotics and it got better, but some days after it got bad again. Apperently not in the same way cause i took her to the vet again and she said there was nothing in the lungs... but there is red stuff around her nose and i can hear her breathing. I tried rinsing their things with water to eleminate soap and cleaned extra in my room but to no avail. Do you guys think it could be stress because of the situation in the cage Just overall please help :'(
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2023.05.31 11:58 dadcamebackwithcandy A Daughter and Wholesomeness (and Modern Fantasy)

Or: “Lysias, Father of Consequences”
41/m looking for a SFW RP with fantasy elements where you’d play the daughter of my guy, either adopted or natural. I figure they would be meeting for the first time for some reason, and he’d be trying to figure out how to be a parent/better human while your OC works on being at all okay with this. The goal is character development, drama, sarcasm, humor, and super sappy heartwarming wholesomeness. The idea is that they’d need each other, and both would come out of their adventures as better people and a better family.
I write third person via Discord, anywhere between several paragraphs to set a scene and a few sentences for dialogue. I’m pretty easy going in general and ask you to be the same; the goal is to post as long as necessary, not meet some quota for how much entertainment we’re providing each other—I am genuinely looking for a writing partner, not to be someone’s GM.
My schedule is maybe 8pm-12pm the next day Central Time, as I work nights. My job provides a significant amount of downtime however, so regular posting in the evening or morning won’t be a problem. If you can post a few times a week, that would be lovely. More is of course great too.
Story ideas!
The actual dynamic and events of the story are way up for discussion. I love brainstorming and world building and trading off who leads the next scene based on who has the vision for it. That said, I do have a few different ideas for settings and stories and themes, and beyond character development we can do Adventure or Mystery or Slice of Life or all of them together. The writing sample below is from one of my feistier characters in a specific setting, and if it sounds interesting we go with that and modify as we felt like, or something completely new.
If you’re interested, let me know via chat or DM’s. Thanks for your time.
An old French song played from a small room behind the counter of the pawn shop. Lysias sang along with some slight skill, turning an old violin over in his hands. The late sunlight that filtered in caught on the pits and chips of worn lacquer like they were being graded by one of his old professors, highlighting the imperfections with supposed warmth that dimmed the excellence of the work, nevertheless. It was a fine violin, too: one of the few brought in that was actually worth fixing. The varnish would need to be stripped before he could do anything, of course, like rehydrating the wood or sealing it—a tedious process by anyone’s standard but his. After all, ruination rested within his every breath, just a heavy sigh away.
The Cuss walked with him. Lived with him. Breathed with him.
Ate at him. Stole from him. Marginalized. Vilified. Consoled. Condemned.
It lifted his spirits and diminished his joys, adding and subtracting the human experience until the sum of his life was zero; no highs, no lows, just a meaningless medium. The Cuss was parasite and partner both. He almost hated it when he had the energy to hate something.
Lysias raised a finger, a mote of darkness erasing a spot in the air above it. As small as the tear was, he could hear the music bending, the sounds of the busy street outside distorted by its presence, sounding like water sloshing in his ear. The lacquer of the violin was gone in a blink, and the Cuss was put away again, as much as some distant, broken part of him wanted to watch as it ran loose in the streets.
Those visions always came. He knew what it wanted, but eff what it wanted—it had more than enough of him as it was.
Turning for the sanding block, he saw the ad for New York Healing Institute he pulled from his mailbox. A few stand-out words were read over his scarlet-lensed glasses. “It’s never too late to learn!” He had thoughts about that. “NYHI has new scholarships and grants for the aspiring healer! Find us on the web at-“
It was ridiculous.
Besides, no one would have a thirty-something, self-taught, null-aspected mage anyway. Just being around other casters as they spoke or chanted or sang or drew or painted their magic was enough to unravel it sometimes, and that was without trying. If a caster actually came at him, it wasn’t even a fight; he didn’t have to say a word to cuss out their pretty sparks and flames, turning their power and years of study into less than a fizzled-out bottle rocket.
As long as they were within a few feet of him, of course.
And they weren’t a mind mage.
Or an illusionist.
…Fine maybe a few others, but generally, he could take care of himself.
Lowering the sanding block to his work, the abrasive scoured away the bare finish of the violin, leaving a brighter, healthier wood waiting just beneath. Soon, it would be ready to accept new polish and a new role. In fact, there was so little preparation left that it hardly took any effort at all to remove the last of the stains and give it a fresh start.
Green eyes flicked again to the article, to the propaganda and its ludicrous optimism.
It was ridiculous.
But still.
Still, he wondered if there were pretty sparks or fairy lights that could restore to him what the dark had devoured. To put the lacquer back. To seal his surface so he might weather life without the stains of every tear warping him, cracking the grain, giving unnatural life to maladies that grew into ruin and rot.
Lysias was wallowing of a fine state of melodrama when the door jingled. Yet another customer here to rudely interrupt his pity party. He was just about list every woman that had ever shot him down, too.
With a sigh, he pushed up his glasses and stepped out from the back in a black tee and jeans, the latter slightly more torn than the former. Neither went with his super-sexy $1,200 caiman cowboy boots, but that’s what the matching belt was for. The tarnished silver buckle though? With the giant “L” in 18k gold? That was just for him, and he offered no apologies or for it—fashion sense be damned.
He saw intruder—or customer, whatever—from the corner of his eye, focusing instead on straightening the bracelets in the display case before him, both magical and mundane. “Weeeeelcome to Arcane Pawn & Repair,” he drawled, monotone, “where we REpair, REstore, and REgret every decision that brought us here. What do you want?”
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2023.05.31 11:55 Alternative_Farm_449 Going through the cards I bought in Japan... Put together all my TagTeam finds...

Going through the cards I bought in Japan... Put together all my TagTeam finds...
How did I do? I genuinely have no idea about this set, and bought them all for aesthetic reasons
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2023.05.31 11:46 zolmik Searching for a game (top-down, knights in a castle?)

Hi there,
I'm trying to find an old C64 game I used to play back in the days (middle europe), unfortunately don't have too much memories about that.
It was a "full" top-down game where you control a knight (or soldier?) in a castle (or military base?).
You start in a cell or a room. The game has good graphics and dark blue tone.
Any ideas?
Thanks :)
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2023.05.31 11:45 Haunting_Ad4439 What are brush tiles, and how are they used in server rooms, data centres, and other critical facilities to manage airflow, reduce noise, and improve cooling efficiency?

Brush tiles are essential in managing airflow, reducing noise, and improving cooling efficiency in server rooms, data centres, and other critical facilities. They are designed to prevent the escape of hot air from equipment and devices and to guide cool air where it is needed most. This blog will explore brush tiles,
how they are used in server rooms and data centres, and how Netrack India marks India's best brush tile manufacturer.
Brush tiles are a type of ventilation tile that uses a series of brush strips to manage airflow. The brush strips are soft, flexible materials designed to seal gaps between tiles and other openings in server racks and cabinets. They come in a various range of sizes and styles to accommodate various server racks and cabinets.
Brush tiles are used in server rooms, data centres, and other critical facilities to manage airflow and reduce noise. They can help prevent hot air from escaping from equipment and devices and guide cool air where needed most. This allows us to improve cooling efficiency and reduce energy consumption, resulting in cost savings for the facility.
In addition to managing airflow and reducing noise, brush tiles can also help improve the facility's overall cleanliness. For example, they can help prevent dust and other particles from entering the server racks and cabinets, improving the reliability and performance of the equipment and devices.
Brush tiles are an effective way to manage airflow in server rooms and data centres. They can help to ensure that cool air is given to where it is needed most, which can improve the cooling efficiency of the facility. In addition, by reducing the amount of hot air that escapes from equipment and devices, brush tiles can also help to reduce energy consumption and lower cooling costs.
Another benefit of brush tiles is that they can help to reduce noise levels in the facility. By sealing gaps and preventing hot air escape, brush tiles can help create a quieter and more comfortable environment for staff and visitors.
Besides managing airflow and reducing noise, brush tiles can also help improve the facility's overall aesthetics. They are provided in a variety of styles and colours to match the server racks and cabinets, which can help create a more cohesive and professional look.
At Netrack India, we understand the importance of brush tiles in managing airflow, reducing noise, and improving cooling efficiency in server rooms, data centres, and other critical facilities. We are a leading brush tile manufacturer in India, providing high-quality brush tiles in various sizes and styles to fit various server racks and cabinets.
Our brush tiles are soft, flexible materials designed to seal gaps between tiles and other openings in server racks and cabinets. They are easy to install and easily removed for cleaning or maintenance.
In conclusion, brush tiles are essential in managing airflow, reducing noise, and improving cooling efficiency in server rooms, data centres, and other critical facilities. As a leading brush tile manufacturer in India, we provide high-quality brush tiles that can help improve your facility's overall performance,
reliability, and aesthetics. To find out more about our brush tile solutions and how they may help your facility, get in touch with us right away.
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2023.05.31 11:40 Markitect024 AITA for asking a girl who liked me to hangout then cuddling with another girl I just met?

So I met this girl during track season. Let's call her Sarah. My friend thought she liked me and she was pretty cute so we started hanging out a few times a month.
So last week of school she wanted us to hangout so I agreed. Me and a few friends were gonna go do stuff during the weekend. But at this point I was starting to assume she wasn't interested in me. Everyone was saying she liked me and her body language when I sat on the couch next to her showed she wasn't down to cuddle. For me that's a big sign of whether they like me or not.
Anyway, I just wasn't getting the signs that she liked me so I wasn't gonna try anything.
Since I didn't think she liked me I had my friends GF set me up with one of her friends and she was going to pull up to hangout later. Let's call her Carly. So me, Sarah and others went to our local fun center and hung out. Sarah was supposedly flirting with me the whole time. But i'm a dumb guy so I thought nothing of it.
So we grabbed dinner and went back to my friends house to watch a movie. Again I didn't really sit by Sarah because I wasn't gonna try anything. But then Carly showed up and we instantly had a connection. We were talking and vibing to the point where they made us go to the other room to talk because they couldn't hear their movie.
Me and Carly ended up going back into the room and one thing led to another and we were full on cuddling. At this point Sarah had left the room out of embarrassment and cringe. Again I thought nothing of it because I thought she didn't like me. Afterwards everyone told me she was very annoyed at the fact we were cuddling and I felt bad. Usually I would have ditched the new girl and made it up to Sarah, but Carly was perfectly my type in every way. We have a ton of common interests and chemistry, where as with Sarah not so much. So I feel as if Carly is a better match for me anyway. We have been texting nonstop for the passed few days and we hung out the same weekend (this is all very recent).
I don't like getting played at all, it's one reason why I've dialed back going on dates. So I feel extremely bad for Sarah because I know the feeling. But we never actually flirted or anything so I had no idea she saw me as more than a friend. I later apologized for my actions and we're still friends but I can't help but wonder, Am I The A**hole?
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2023.05.31 11:38 operatiling Bathroom renovations Glen Iris

Bathroom renovations Glen Iris
Looking for professional bathroom renovations in Glen Iris? Discover top-notch craftsmanship and design expertise at competitive prices. Our experienced team transforms your bathroom into a stylish oasis, utilizing quality materials and innovative solutions. Enhance your home's value and comfort with our tailored renovation services in Glen Iris. Contact us today for a consultation.
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2023.05.31 11:36 SilentEpsilon First Boot Purchase Advice

Hi! This past weekend I went to a boot barn to try on cowboy boots for the first time and even though I didn't get a pair, I got a much better idea of what I am looking for.
I was able to figure out my size and the style I like. I really liked the look of black pointed boots. However I ran into a few problems. The first being, because of my flat feet, the vamp section of the boots felt very tight and uncomfortable. My foot would also overhang out of the side of the boot. I tried on a wide boot to see if it would help. While it did give my mid foot more room, it left the rest of the boot with too much excess space.
Also since I am on the tall lanky side, the shaft ended up moving around a lot as I walked (although this could also have been caused by my straight leg jeans I was wearing).
I'm looking for any advice/recommendations! Budget is pretty flexible (300-500) since I am not in a big rush to get a pair on my feet.
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2023.05.31 11:35 Cristianoluc A Conversation with Lo-Fi Music Pioneer Sebastian Kamae


Video Interview in #Italian and #English.
A Conversation with Lo-Fi Music Pioneer Sebastian Kamae
I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Sebastian Kamae, an acclaimed music producer and pioneer of the Lo-Fi hip hop genre. Sebastian is best known for creating the iconic Lo-Fi studio Ästhetik, where he produced hundreds of tracks and collaborated with artists that defined the early Lo-Fi sound.
Sebastian shared how he helped forge the Lo-Fi aesthetic by digging through old records for samples and creating atmospheric, layered beats inspired by 90’s East Coast hip hop. "Lo-Fi hip hop started by reusing forgotten sounds of the past to create something new,” he said. His experimental production techniques resulted in a sound both hauntingly familiar and refreshingly new.
Some insights I gained from Sebastian:
•He believes constraints breed creativity. The low-fidelity samples and production gear he had access to forced more inventive experimentation. "Fidelity was never a limit, but a tool to find new ideas."
•Collaboration has always been key. Sebastian brought together like-minded artists at Ästhetik studio, where they learned from each other and built on one another’s ideas in a highly prolific environment.
•Nostalgia and emotionality are drivers of musical aesthetics. The melancholic, reminiscent quality of Lo-Fi hip hop seemed familiar and poignant to listeners, sparking its rapid spread.
•New genres emerge from fusing past and present. Lo-Fi combined 90’s boom-bap with modern experimental electronic music. Pushing such fusions fuels continuous reinvention.
•Simplicity and clarity are Sebastian's guiding principles, in music and life. Keep only what's essential, cut out distractions and excess. "Do less, say more."
It's clear Sebastian Kamae's deep musical knowledge, technical skills, and collaborative philosophy were instrumental in launching the Lo-Fi hip hop movement. His focus on simplicity, raw experimentation, and community had a serendipitous power greater than the sum of its parts. Lo-Fi hip hop became the soundtrack of a generation and launched a wave of music producers.
I left the conversation with a profound respect for Sebastian as an artist and innovator. His vision and values hold lessons for creating meaningful work in any medium. By returning to what's essential, fusing past and present, and inviting collaboration, we can forge something radically new. Sebastian Kamae is a model of the impact possible when you pursue your craft for its own sake, without chasing mainstream success—but often finding it through the back door.












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2023.05.31 11:35 zeddidwrong Every little things happening daily fights over ruining/building my mood

Yeah this title sucks. My passage too. I know I suck at typing, being slow while not able to convey my thoughts. Day ruined thanks for this passage which supposed to make me feel better.
I'm 19. I struggled for two years. I swinged between many conditions like ADHD, depression, anxiety ,gender dysphoria, etc just to put myself in a category to know myself better or justify my act/thoughts but I don't think I fot any. It would be a nightmare if I be normal so my fate would be infact my fault not nature's. I just feel empty and my life goes on with absorbing environment's feedback?I handle a simple homework? Day made. Someone smiled at me even for reasons other than me? Good mood and endless list of small reasons to make me happy. But most of times is when my mood gets ruined. If I walk outside and someone frowns at me my whole day is ruined. I feel if someone says I have a bad taste at clothing, it's becuase I'm worthless and stupix. It's something overall to effect my whole abilities. When u suck at one, you do with all. Career, socializing,behaving, relationships etc. After unmotivating events, to get back to that idea that I'm a worthy person at least enough to live, I must dig into reddit with things like succ ppl who did suicide or ppl gaining fame at 60+ for whole day to get motivated for next day which will be probebly ruined easily and I do it every single day. I time travel with overthinking to prove myself I did something good 5y ago so I can do again. I'm really stuck. I'm sure I'm not depressed. People with depression have a stable state of hopelessness but me? I just lock myself in my room so I won't get criticized or don't lose hope over not receiving compliment. I hate how I get hyped by someone talks to me like a friend. My emotions are intense for no reason. I wish I had instability to when I receive a compliment, I would remember it longer than before I make a mistake as anti motivation. I was an online artist but I rather not call myself one and stopped using media becuase of not being being proved I'm a good artist. Why? Cuase some of my arts were less likable than the rest with no feedback. I guess I'm not honest with myself and what I told is lie. Even though it feels like a joke, it's real and everybody around me noticed my behavior. I wish life was more stable while I avoided social becuase I'm afraid of further unbearable emotions rushing toward me and all I don't know what is it? Hopelessness? Stupidness? Or simple sensitivity?imposter syndrome?what this shit even is? Any advice? Or at least tell me what this possibly might be? wish I really I had depression. Becuase then I had permanent feelings barley effected by any small and simple condition so that would leaded me to self awareness more, I guess. Yeah I was considering therapy but my lying ass is afraid to keep making the shit more complex.
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2023.05.31 11:31 EducatorRoom The Future of Online Learning Platforms

The Future of Online Learning Platforms

Educator Room

Educator Room is an online platform designed for 9th-grade12th grade students. It offers personalized learning experiences to students, helping them achieve their academic goals. Educator Room Provides different features, including video lectures, VAR Lessons, Quizzes, and more. Our Goal is to Provide. The platform is made to meet the requirements of distance learning for 9th-12th grades. It has to learn for students who can study at their self-paced.

The Future of Online Learning Platforms
Online learning platforms have become more accessible and famous in the last ten years. They are crucially important in the COVID-19 pandemic because they provide many benefits to students, such as flexibility, ease of use, cost, and individualization, as well as others. But, they have certain limitations and issues regarding quality security and motivation, engagement, and accreditation that could hinder their growth. In this post, we'll look at some of the latest trends and new technologies that are shaping the direction of online education platforms into the future.

The Increasing Popularity of Online Learning Platforms

Online Platforms started developing when everyone started getting Internet access and this makes it simple for everyone to gain experience in Online Learning. By the time the Pandemic hit, everything had come to online growth as education. It never stopped growing how convenient it is to learn at your own speed from at the convenience of your home, how affordable online courses are, and how adaptable it is.

Benefits Of Online High School Courses

Flexibility is among the most appealing advantages of online high school courses. Virtual Learning makes it easy for students, as it offers to study self-paced and revise accordingly. Distance Learning for 9th to 12th graders had the best benefits as they could schedule their timetable and maintain work and student life benefits.
Learning platforms online are reasonably priced, and students cut costs on travel accommodations, travel, and other expenditures related to traditional learning techniques. Learning online is also more accessible, and students can take advantage of courses and other resources anywhere in the world.

Current State of Online Learning Platforms

The present state of the online learning platform is impressive. A myriad of media for online Learning allows learners to select from an array of teaching resources and courses. Online learning platforms have been more engaging; students can engage with their instructors and other students through discussion forums, chat rooms, and video conferences. Furthermore, online learning platforms are less expensive, so that learners can find courses for free and other resources besides paid classes. Students can try Educator Room as its providing VAR Experience Digital Learning for 9th-12th Graders.

The Evolution of Online Learning Platforms

Online Learning's future looks promising. Recent trends and projections indicate that online Learning will likely increase knowledge's popularity and integrate with traditional classroom education. Online Learning's role for the next generation of educators is expected to be central. It can increase educational access and offer learners various learning choices. We will take a look at a few of the most innovative and exciting technologies currently being developed in Online Learning and explain how they transform how we view education.

Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education

Augmented and virtual reality technology can transform our Learning. Educator Room can provide an immersive learning experience that allows students to engage with virtual worlds in a previously unattainable manner. Augmented and virtual reality could be used to teach complex ideas in a way that's engaging and lasting.

Gamification in Online Learning

Gamification involves the utilization of elements that resemble games within non-game settings. In online Learning, gamification is an option to enhance Learning by making it more enjoyable. Students are enticed to finish their tasks and compete against each other by adding badges, points, and leaderboards to educational activities.

Personalization and Adaptivity in Online Learning

Adaptive learning platforms use machine learning methods to analyze student data and provide personalized Learning. These platforms can adjust the difficulty of content based on student performance, providing an individualized learning experience. Customized learning paths can also help students stay motivated and engaged.

Social Learning and Collaboration

Collaborative learning platforms allow students to work together on projects and assignments. Social media integration in online Learning can facilitate communication and collaboration between students and educators.

Accessibility and Inclusivity in Online Learning

Universal learning design is an approach to designing learning environments accessible to all learners. Accessibility for learners with disabilities can be achieved through assistive technologies and accommodations.


In Conclusion, Online learning platforms offer flexibility and accessibility to help individuals enhance their knowledge and acquire new abilities. With the wide variety of classes and materials accessible, there's something suitable for all. Choosing the best platform is challenging, and If you do a bit of study and thought, everyone can locate a unified platform for their needs. Educator Room It is an online educational platform designed for high school courses online. The platform provides pupils with personalized education experiences that aid students in achieving the academic goals they have set for themselves.
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