Toyota tacoma rim size

Which rims look the best?

2023.05.31 01:27 wetmeatlol Which rims look the best?

Which rims look the best?
I’m going to upgrade my rims and get rid of the 8.5” stock wheels finally but I’m very indecisive and not sure which style I like the best. I love the rims I have currently but they don’t come in the 11” width size but the second rim is the closest to them, but I think I’m actually leaning more towards the ZL1 style rims. Just want some opinions from others 😬 for reference I have a 2022 rapid blue LT1 with gloss black accent trim
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2023.05.31 01:22 MaintenanceOk1572 Dumb question but I’m looking to buy new rims and im wondering if I have this right, this is my tire size so this means I need to buy 17 x8.5 inch rims?

Dumb question but I’m looking to buy new rims and im wondering if I have this right, this is my tire size so this means I need to buy 17 x8.5 inch rims? submitted by MaintenanceOk1572 to MechanicAdvice [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 01:10 222joel Almost 20k these sellers are out of their mind

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2023.05.31 00:47 cratky Rattling noise from passenger side

Rattling noise from passenger side
I have a 2023 toyota tacoma sport. Ive had a rattling issue from the passenger side of the truck for a bit. I assumed it was the items in my glove box and it was not. There is nothing else it could be inside the cab. I checked the mud flaps and they’re tight and secure. The only thing it could be is this protector. The circled rivets are loose and the overall protector is much looser then the one on the drivers side. When I tap my finger on it too it seems to make a rattling noise. Anyone else have anything similar happen or any other culprits?
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2023.05.31 00:41 2222014 Cant decide what I want, not enough weirdness in the current truck market

I currently have an oddball an 03 sierra denali with working quadrasteer, I love the truck but its getting up in age and I can no longer fully trust it to tow my camper and family to all the places we want to go its had several major issues within the last year that ive fixed myself but still gunshy of what might be next and strand us far away from home. I like weird stuff any rare optioned, one year only, crazy engine that no one bought is right up my alley but Id like to buy a truck around 2017 or newer and nothing is all that appealing. I daily drive a '21 Tacoma for work and my wife has a '23 Lexus NX350 so toyota is looking better everyday but id really not like to spend more than 35k and the older tundras are lame sauce and way too boring for me.No dodges at all and im not a huge fan of F150s. Will have around 10k to put down, great credit, 65k a year income 130k if the wife and I finance it together. What do I want.
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2023.05.31 00:10 utility68 So Much For Statistical Probability. What Are The Odds?

So Much For Statistical Probability. What Are The Odds?
Today, on what felt like a whim but may have been more, I stopped at my bank and asked if they had rolled half dollars. I have NEVER intentionally sought bank rolls of change to see if you can still hit the silver lottery, because I figured the odds were just horrendous—there've been 59 years of people (and institutions?) doing this, after all.
Well, my bank only had ONE ROLL and $7.50 sitting out on their counter, so I said "I'll take everything you can sell me." So they sold me 35 Half Dollars—coincidentally, on the "mirror date" of 5/30, and a day after President #35's 106th birthday, WHO is of course on the coin.
My VERY FIRST TIME I'VE EVER DONE THIS, and only a 35-coin sample size, and I get a WALKING LIBERTY HALF on one end?!?! Not even buried in the middle—right out on the end of the roll. Despite that, I didn't see it until my side rim-check singled it out as showing no signs of copper. Made my day!
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2023.05.30 23:47 Madame_FemFatale Cora Perfect Fit vs Soft Fit vs Flex Reusable Comparison Review

Cora Perfect Fit vs Soft Fit vs Flex Reusable Comparison Review
Cora Perfect Fit: ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ The Perfect Fit had a firmer, thick rim with a slightly thicker basin that wasn’t entirely comfortable for me upon insertion, wear or removal. It stayed slightly more open when inserting and removing because of its firm, wide, fish mouth fold, which allowed it to pop into place nicely but caused me to feel a little swollen. When inserted, even after kegals, I could feel that the disc felt too large or noticeable and it put pressure on my vagina and bladder. I realized that it was too wide of a rim to go unnoticed inside of me because I think I have a slightly more shallow fornix? I also have strong pelvic floor muscles that aren’t lax, so it just didn’t feel right for me. I think it would be awesome for weaker pelvic floor muscles and someone with a slightly deeper fornix!! It didn’t leak and only auto dumped when full, which was relatively quickly for me because the basin isn’t HUGE and some basin space is used up by the thumb impression. I have a flow that doesn’t trickle but gushes irregularly, so that can randomly cause leaks for me with any product. I loved the darker color and finger notch for easier removal. The disc lasts up to 10 years and holds the equivalent of 5-7 regular tampons. The Cora company was great about sending me their Soft Fit disc to try because of my pressure irritability. The PF has been sterilized and is available for anyone interested! Cora Soft Fit: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Soft Fit is exactly the same as the Perfect Fit in size and design. It has the thicker rim for a more structured disc and wide, ribbed finger notch for removal. The disc is noticeably softer, but it works well because of the thicker rim. It can pop open and into place without struggle and fold slimmer for easier insertion and removal. The basin is thinner than the PF but not quite as thin as the Flex Reusable basin, which has the thinnest basin of any disc and is only suggested for 2 years of use because of this. The SF is a beautiful teal medical grade silicone and it is soft, smooth and flexible while maintaining its position within one’s body. It’s not a tiny or huge disc, but a great medium size. No leaking problems but will auto dump when full just like the PF. I do wish it was somehow able to hold a little more, but it’s not possible with the handy finger notch so I get it. It is truly very comfortable and easy to wear, insert and remove. I would recommend the SF for anyone in need of a medium sized disc to fit their fornix (tailbone to pelvic bone length), whether you are pressure sensitive or not. Flex Reusable: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This disc holds A LOT! The disc and basin is quite wide and the thinnest of any disc, so it isn’t as structured in the body and crumples but works well with the thin but firm rim. With the split rim it can get pretty slim for insertion and removal, which is very cool; however, the thin rim made it a little more lost behind my pubic bone and harder to pinch to remove. There was no leaking until full and cartwheeling, which was easily caught by my liner. I didn’t feel the disc when inserted at any point and there was zero pressure on my insides. I wasn’t a fan of the white/translucent color, as it seemed a very odd choice, and wish the disc had a slightly thicker, thinner rim for easier removal. Overall, great disc who would fit anyone unless you have a small fornix space or an impossibly low cervix (exposed basin?).
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2023.05.30 23:22 NewOnsetHeartburn29 Finally bought my dream truck!

Finally bought my dream truck!
2023 Toyota Tacoma, TRD off road with a Doubble can and 6foot bed.
3 years ago I almost got screwed and bought Tacoma Limited edition, was told online and in person it was 4x4, found out it was not. That gave me anxiety and kept me from searching.
Two months ago my buddy and I went to the dealer and after a battle, managed to get everything I wanted in this truck and not the thousands of dollars worth of extra B.S.
So far I’ve taken it on the beach (4x4 was amazing), into the woods, loaded up two of my 10 and a half foot long kayaks to various rivers, lakes and bay launch points and hauled everything I could imagine.
I’m having a blast but…. I can’t figure out what to start upgrading first!
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2023.05.30 22:47 idoidoidoew What car(s) should I buy?

A family of 4 with two under 4 years old. Interested in potential changing one or two of my current vehicles.
Current: -2006 Toyota Tacoma crew cab with 300k -2017 Subaru Forester with 100k
Why change? -would like more space for 2 hour road-trips most weekends -Aging vehicles
constraints: -no minivans (wife) -need a truck -prefer Japanese but other reliable cars acceptable -light towing
Budget is roughly $70k - open to splitting this into two vehicles or keeping one vehicle and buying another as long as it fits our needs. We are both WFH but travel on the weekends.
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2023.05.30 22:43 Amazing_Cyclist Thinking of building a bike and looking for advice

I have experience completely taking apart a cube bike to sand down the frame and give it new paint and putting it back together with new parts, so i think the assembly part is fine.
But i do not have enough expertise and knowledge to know what things would be the best/fastest/cheapest or comfortable.
What am i using it for ? I am gonna use it for commuting ( i bike everywhere that is under 20-40km, in normal clothes) so comfort and effectivity (speed and ease of using it) is my big concerns.
I am good at maintaining a bike too, but would also love for options that require the least amount of upkeep.
The stuff i am unsure of, i know the basics like weight but none of the other concerns.
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2023.05.30 22:37 Axelson78 Tire recommendation for lift

Anyone have a suggestion and/or experience with a 3.5 inch lift? Specifically what size tire recommendation for said size lift. Also, it’s my understanding that anything over a 3 inch lift will void the warranty on a 2022 Tundra. However when I called the Toyota main information number no one seemed to be able to validate that claim. Any and all input is very much welcomed!
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2023.05.30 22:21 Mean_Drop_2087 Unprofessional proctor conduct

My girlfriend is very upset about her exam and I’m not sure where else to go for advice.
She failed the practical exam by a single point. I drove her there and waited outside while she took her exam.
One individual drives up on a c7 corvette and another in a Toyota Tacoma. I was waiting outside and saw them chatting it up and shooting the shit before going inside.
The proctor assigned to my gf’s during her manicure was one of the very chatty ones and continued to do so during the exam and wasn’t watching her during the manicure process. She marked my gf for not doing tasks that she claims she did do and I believe her based on what I saw.
For the beginning she had a different proctor and she did great on those sections of the test. Then they switched and the chatty one was assigned to her and she lost 17 out of 38 points in the last 2 sections the new proctor was “watching for” causing her to fail the exam by 1 point.
In total she missed 34 total points out of 10+ sections half of those 17 being the 2 sections when she was evaluated by the proctor who wasn’t watching.
This seems very unprofessional and she’s been crying about it. I remember her getting in the car that day and being very upset because she said the proctor wasn’t watching or paying attention at the end.
We waited outside until they came out and she pointed out the proctor she was upset about and low and behold it was the individuals driving the corvette and Tacoma.
We can’t afford another test is there anything we can do?
Additionally they were supposed to mail the results in 5-7 business days. The test was taken on 5/8 and we had to call today to get the results on emailed on 5/30 because they never sent them. It just all seems very unprofessional and like there’s a lack of competence and professionalism.
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2023.05.30 20:18 lumeryn Reliable car for a new-grad, relatively new driver < $30,000

I'm a relatively new driver in my early 20s with probably less than 200 hours of driving experience. Last year, I moved across the country to a city with unreliable (but existent) public transport. I've managed to get by walking and taking the bus so far, but having a car for groceries, out-of-the-way destinations, emergencies, etc. feels really appealing.
Budget isn't a huge concern for me, as I have a stable income. < $30,000 is a good starting point. Parking would be an extra ~$100 a month, and car insurance will be a bit expensive due to my age. Here are the other points of note:
Any suggestions for model, make, etc. are greatly appreciated! So far, I've been looking at Toyota Corollas and Camrys - this is the type of car I'm used to driving, but I'm keeping an open mind.
Also, any feedback on whether or not it's even worth it to buy a car in my situation is very welcome. New or used, leasing, etc. - I am open to all suggestions! Thank you!
ETA: More relevant info - I've never owned a car before; this would be my first. I looked into renting a car for a month as a "trial run" in case I decide it's not for me, but the cost at this point would be very similar to buying an older used car.
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2023.05.30 20:08 DavefromCA Test drove a 2023 Ridgeline...

Some background: My 2016 Civic MT has been perfect, however, with my boys getting older, it's too small for certain activities, so I've been looking at midsized trucks. We've always had Hondas in the family, so we are well aware of Honda's reliability and resale. I have 10 years experience in the automotive field, parts, service and sales, so I'd like to think I know what I am doing.
I began internet research of midsized trucks a few months ago and giggled when I saw how in love the internet was in with the Honda Ridgeline. My ignorance was thinking its Honda's half assed attempt at cutting into the sales of other manufacturers. As I continued my research, the appeal of the Ridgeline quickly became apparent, the only downfall is the more extreme off-roading ability, but after talking to friends, you have to be prepared to spend big bucks, break parts, and scratch paint. We went off-roading in two Tacoma's on this trip, and while the Toyota's off-roading was excellent, it wasn't ideal for my family life.
Last night, I was coming back from vacation on an 8-hour drive. Halfway through I saw a Honda dealership....hell why not? I stopped at the Salinas Auto Mall. They were just about to close up but were kind enough to give me the keys to a 2023 HPD edition.
I am completely in love with this vehicle. Just as the internet said, the real-life, day-to-day usefulness of this vehicle is off the charts. The rear cargo trunk is huge, the rear leg room is excellent (I'm a hair under 6'), the interior is extremely comfortable, and as a whole is again, so, so useful, especially for a family. Then I drove of the best handling trucks I've ever driven, the engine has tons of power with an outstanding torque curve, the paddle shifters make the fact that there are no manual transmissions tolerable. The build quality felt excellent.
I hope to be an owner of one in the next year or so, maybe when the next gen comes out, the used ones will come down in price.
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2023.05.30 19:42 demondork224 [F4GM] - Fun with Taimanins (Or Sexy Ninjas in General!)

I’m 18+ and all characters and participants must be 18+
Evening. Tossing up another idea I'd like to play around with.
If you are familiar with the Taimanin series, then you know what to expect. For those who aren't aware, feel free to google them and you'll probably get a pretty good idea. In any case, imagine busty ninjas in sexy skin-tight outfits fighting against monsters, beasts, demons, and bad guys general...and then they lose! With such a delicious morsel delivered to their table, who can resist having some fun with their bodies?
And that's the gist of it. I'm looking to play out some scenes or RP in this Universe, preferably with the female characters but I am open to OC options. We can focus on the journey of one of these ninja lady's downfall, or we can endeavor to go through the roster and put them each into different saucy situations.
Kinks: cum, cum eating, cum food, cum play, cream pie,bdsm, bondage, forced, body writing, spanking, cuddling, degradation, rough partners, sizeplay, dominant partners, toys, multiple partners, spit roasting, mating press, full Nelson,frenching,rimming,body oil,bestiality,monsters,tentacles,water sports,wax play,sex machines,being filmed,cosplay,NTR,petplay,exhibitionism and biting and pretty much anything that isn’t my limits
Scat,gore,vore,hyper sizes,necro and vomit
If that's of interest to you, please get in touch at Demondork on Kik and come with any questions you have, clarifications you need and ideas you'd like to share. Just please do more than just tell me you're interested. Don't worry about responding slowly/late, I still want to hear from you. Finally, please no chat requests, I will simply ignore them.
PS: you get too priority if you’ve watched the series before
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2023.05.30 19:31 walkertexastoast Where my yo-yo dieters at? (Update from the "good" yo)

Haven't posted enough in this sub that I take so much pleasure in (even down to the car ads "Let's eat up the miles" lol are you serious Toyota?).
Some reflections upon tapping goal weight this morning.
[251lbs. to 208.5 in six months, 7 days.] Primary contributors:
  1. Logging (only weight-loss method that's ever worked for me. This time via the LoseIt app, following their guidance for a one pound per week journey.
  2. Walking (I walk a *ton* normally. Nine miles or more, maybe one day well below that once every two weeks).
    1. As walking pertained to exercise tracking in LoseIt, I would accept, at most, half of the calories credited by the app.
  3. Portion sizes. I believe my best single habit is to divide whatever I'm served in two, then pausing at the halfway point to assess satiety. This has saved me *so* many unnecessary (lesser, colder!) french fries alone.
  4. IF 16/8. I'm not convinced intermittent fasting really accelerates weight loss, but for sure the simple act of "corralling" consumption into a specific segment of the day helps reduce overall daily calories. IF simplifies decision making (Is it time to eat yet? Yes/No) and I love that most. Side note about diminishing IF returns, it seemed like when I tried 18/6 I would tend to gorge coming out of the fast.
Personal and miscellaneous
  1. Weight loss has taken effort but the process has not been exactly hard or in any meaningful way depriving. What that tells me is that I must have been working, really working, to get and stay as big as I was (250lbs from 215 lbs in 2018). So much snacking. So many Fritos.
  2. Maintaining, improving is going to take a focus on nutrition, which I've basically ignored up to now in favor of calorie counting and only calorie counting.
  3. Weight loss is definitely easier for men and I live in appreciation of that.
  4. This is my third time down a concentrated weight loss path. I reached one-derland from 240 in 2007 and then 215 from 240 in 2018.
  5. De facto progress pics
Huge thanks to the inspiring, life-affirming loseit and all who sail in her.
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2023.05.30 19:03 avwgtiguy Project vehicle

Hi! New to the channel, and lifestyle, and wondering which vehicle would be a good base to begin with. I'm between a Jeep Gladiator and Toyota Tacoma but would love to hear thoughts, pros vs cons, etc. between the two from folks with experience. Any other suggestions are more than welcome. One quick thought - how come you hardly ever see a F150 as an overlander?
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2023.05.30 18:12 Eduardo-izquierdo Toyota supra is the best

hey shut up bulley it’s all about that 2jz gte twin turbos in-line 6. Mk4 supra is a legendary car and the fastest one in existence. Supra wil literaly beat any tuner Bugatti from the factory. 2000hp how can you beat that. I am a real jdm fan any true jdm fans knows that the supra beats any jdm tuner period and if you don’t know that you’re not a true jdm enthusiast … were my young jdm fans at? 🙏🏼💯✔️ im 14 my favorite car is the legendary toyota supra mk4 with the 2jz.... they made it way back in the 1990s literaly history that’s literaly before we i was even born anyone heard of this car i know about it because my favorite actor in fast and fearious paul walker drive one haha like luke sky walker and 2jz is an ak47. Cheap and reliable makes 2000 horsepower just like ak47. And it sounds like one too! It will run til the day it dies. You can throw anything at it and it will handle it. Cheap reliable and powerful. And makes ak47 sounds. Why did they make the ak47 sound like a 2jz? It’s true 2JZ you can make 2000hp stock from the factory. The 2JZ was over designed and ahead of its time, which made it extremely robust and solid. The capabilities of 2jz far exceedes any engine with same size or class. Al toyota had to do is fall back on the 2jz as the base engine and just upgrade little things that were needed like electronics, turbos, etc. I think bmw has very good engines but I didnt see the need for toyota to go to bmw for an engine while they had made one of the best inline 6 engines in the world before they just needed to go back to the shed unlocked it and work on the 2jz again bro supra best jdm tuner but fuck all that elevtricity shit it’s all about that 2jz gte bro twin turbo literally TWO turbos 2000hp from the factory one turbo spools the other u really can’t beat that inline 6 Siamese bore closed deck girdled oil pan oil squirters best jdm oiling system with a built in cooler bro hell ya supra best jdm tuner EVER legendary because it’s in a Toyota Supra mk4 supra is best jdm tuner car. You cant compare because its just better. how can you beat 2 turbos and a 2jz. plus its a supra. if u dont think supra is the best u dont know a thing about jdm tuners or cars in general... even my dad drives a toyota 😡😡😡😡 all other jdm tuners cannot beat supra mk4 period🧐😧 anyone who doesn’t see that is ignorant 😤😤😤 TWO turbos not even one. One spools the other. Plus it’s a 2jz and lets be honest everyone knows that’s the best of course I am a supra fan… Damn guys, I know is nothing about JDM...but I just need to tell this to somebody, but I don’t have anybody to tell this, I just fucked up my best relationship so far, she was awesome, she had everything that I’m looking in a girl, and I lost her in a super stupid way, she always told me to never text her sisters or mom because she wanted to wait until that, but we didn’t texted for like 2 weeks and I was kinda worried (we didn’t texted because she told me she was having couple problems and she didn’t wanted to talk to anybody) so I texted her sister literally begging her to not tell her, but she did it anyway, and after that she (she meaning the girl who I was with) told me that I fucked up everything because if I wanted to know if she’s ok y had to ask her, so she said I’m wrong, and something’s wrong with me, and she said she don’t want anything with me, but we can be friends, and tbh I told her no, I cannot be her friend because of my feelings, so now I’m here... venting me in a JDM Facebook group…
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2023.05.30 17:47 BlackJadeOFModeling Need some help and advice please

Need some help and advice please
So, I am designing a Drow Elf, based on D&D Fantasy. I found reference images and actually found someone who did something similar. I used a image as the reference and added some prompts. After an hour of adjusting things, I still can not het Purple eyes. Any ideas? **It is taking my Purple and adding it to the shirt/scarf, whatever, the armor is not BLACK as referenced. Besides those 2 things I am happy with the output**
D&D portrait art by Tyler Jacobson of (Drow:1.3) elf male, Ranger, dark gritty weathered skin, tall, fit, (purple eyes:1.2), white hair, proper anatomy, perfect ears, smooth skin, only one person in frame, dungeons and dragons, fantasy d&d style, Intricate detailed (Leafs:1.0, webs:1.0) (Black:1.2) Chainmail armor, Rim lighting, perfect line quality, high pretty realistic quality oil painting, art by Tyler Jacobson, art by Norman Rockwell, Centered, dark outlines, perfect white balance, color grading, 16K, Dynamic pose, Sharp, Sharp edges, by R. A. Salvatore,
Negative prompt: Ugly, Tiling, Poorly drawn hands, Poorly drawn feet, Poorly drawn face, Out of frame, Mutation, Mutated, Extra limbs, Extra legs, Extra arms, Disfigured, Deformed, Cross-eye, Body out of frame, Blurry, Bad art, Bad anatomy, Blurred, Watermark, Grainy, Duplicate, Extra ears, no_mask Steps: 24, Sampler: Euler, CFG scale: 6, Seed: 190627796, Size: 512x768, Model hash: 27f37f2fd5, Model: icbinpICantBelieveIts_v8, Denoising strength: 0.6, Clip skip: 2, Version: v1.3.0
Drow Output image with prompts
Drizzt reference image 2
Drizzt reference image 1
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2023.05.30 17:15 dago_mcj Son of a retired Ford worker

I figured I'd share my story.
As you can see from the title, I'm the son of a retired Ford worker. My dad worked 38 years and worked hard and did well. Throughout my lifetime we were always very appreciative and pleased with the Ford a plan for employees and z plan for retirees.
But this year is different, I normally drive all my cars into the ground and I'm finally at that point. My dad passed away but my stepmom is still with us, although has dementia. Came to learn that my step brother who has power of attorney is able to obtain a pin for me to use the Ford z plan.
So in the meantime I go to my trusted Ford dealership (have been amazing with service) and I'm quoted a price for a mid-tier Ford explorer. But the salesman keeps giving me this really weird kurt response every time I ask about the hybrids, and that they are flat out unavailable.
Ultimately, the z-plan discount tops out at a markdown of $2,500 from what the dealer pays for the vehicle. It's in the contractual agreement that's there is no haggling when a discount plan is applied. And this is where things start to go downhill and I'm not exactly pleased with the reviews I'm seeing for the explorer.
So for s***'s and giggles I build a Toyota Highlander to match my desired Explorer specification on the website and I'm really shocked at the price. It's exactly the same as the Explorer after the discount.
I may be loyal to Ford because of the benefits I've been able to reap from my dad's long employment with them. But my father didn't raise a moron either. If the cost is the same between the two and one product is clearly better in quality, I know what the right decision is.
The experience at the popular and outspoken Toyota dealership in my area was great! I ended up dealing with the owner of the dealership initially and totally by chance. We talked and laughed and I shared my stories I mentioned above and he was glad to accommodate.
Throughout this experience, I came to learn that the availability for a new order hybrid is on a little bit of a backorder because of supply issues. So be it, I decide not to get a hybrid now. But the explanation I received at the Toyota dealership totally makes sense for the matter with Ford as well being a supply issue impacting all manufacturers. But the sales guy at Ford gave me no information and kept cutting the conversation short. I really appreciate how they treated me like an intelligent person at the Toyota dealership and not talking down to me.
So I explained my situation and there wasn't a great urgency for the Highlander to come in my current car 2011 Fusion runs exceptionally well but suffers from the common well known problem of having a glass jaw (front bumper always gets ripped to shreds because of its low profile).
So as soon as they found something that fits my needs they would let me know after having made a deposit.
In the meantime, I shared this experience with some of my friends who were just as shocked that I didn't by default get a Ford. One even tried arguing with me that the higher price in the explorer was because " well it's just bigger in size than the Highlander". Politely, I said oh that probably explains it. But I did my due diligence later. The difference in storage area with all three rows up, two rows up, and one row up I don't think ever resulted in more than two cubic feet of a difference. I'm sorry. No I'm not paying $2,000 more for two more cubic feet of space in the back in exchange for an SUV that is hard pressed to last past 150,000 mi and not suffer from something crazy like an internal coolant leak that has an engine recall (example: my 2018 Ford Edge).
So now I wait for my Highlander XLE 2.4L AWD in any color that is not black or green, 4 captains chairs, with any softex interior that's not black and upgraded 12" screen.
Now on to the important question. How long do I have to wait?!?!?
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2023.05.30 16:46 MiLKK_ Do you think TRD pro is still better buy than competitors in its class?

With the competition in the mid size truck sphere heating up, do you think the TRD pro still comes as the best option compared to the Ranger Raptor or the ZR2 Bison etc?
Toyota dealers have been pretty cocky lately with their markups and this behavior doesn’t seem to be slowing down. All things considered, Toyota still clears the comp with reliability I’m assuming. With a 10-15k markup I’m expecting it to come to 70-75k? I just don’t see a world I myself would spend that kind of money for a Tacoma. Also availability, I’m sure the Raptor and Bison would be easier to find and maybe even at msrp or a smaller markup.
Is the Pro worth paying a markup and dealing with the dealers when the competition is just too good right now?
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2023.05.30 16:18 Hile85 You can't park there!

You can't park there!
A little backstory... a few weeks ago near where I live, someone was launching a boat alone into the Susquehanna River. The river was really high at the time and somehow the truck and trailer ended up rolling backward into the river. It wound up (sans trailer) about half a mile downstream wedged on a rock.
There are no roads or access areas nearby to get it with a towing/recovery truck and the river is generally too low for a barge with a crane. I'm thinking a helo is probably the best solution at this point.
This happened, as I said, probably a month-month and a half ago and my buddy just took these pics today while kayaking and it's still there. It,s a 2022 Toyota Tacoma, so yeah, that looks expensive.
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