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2023.05.31 12:29 AvantAdvent Wanting to meet someone else before I’m an comfortable being friends with LDR ex

So I met someone on OkCupid before the covid blip. I was worried a bit because she was in another country but she was real haha. Traded pics and voicemails. We liked each other, made plenty of plans, decided to date online. Similar interests. Supportive. We planned that I would earn while she studied. Then after her degree I would move to where she lived. Probably buy a small place for us. Etc. I loved her. I began learning about her culture and language, she lived in Europe.
Anyway, then covid struck. We kept trying and planning however we sort of drifted apart, mostly due to our hopes being dashed due to the lockdowns. So we decided be friends and to just go with the flow.
Recently she started going quiet and revealed that someone began speaking to her. She said she’s not sure about him but she might date him because he’s closer.
Now, I’m happy in general. Hurt that that she chose him just because he’s closer. I spent the last 3-4 years waiting for her. But happy. She’s alright and deserves someone okay. (He doesn’t have a job so I’m worried. He wants to go and study though.) I would like to still keep in touch but I figured it would be more healthy for me to stop talking to her atm. Possibly get in contact again after I find someone. She didn’t like that idea. “You only want to talk when you have a gf? :o”
I thought was doing the right thing. And if the situation was reversed i would understand. What is everyone’s thoughts on the matter?
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2023.05.31 12:27 cjoenic Help with TOP258PN ic

So my monitor (dell 22 inch) keep having this ic blown, TOP258PN by power integration, i replace it regularly every few months. The longest it lasts was a year. Theres no burn mark visible. Its just not passing any voltage to switch on the power circuit that power up the monitor.
I do have replacement in hand, since i know basic electronics soldering and using multimeter to check for its output reading. so you get the idea of my basic expertise. Ive read somewhere, that this component is usualy the weaklink in power supply circuit.
So the question Is, is there any equivalent to this ic that might lasts longer? (or permanent solution) I cant seems make sense of what i should be looking for.
Please dont suggest me buying a new monitor as i did have other monitor to use. but just for sake of curiosity and hobby, do give me some ideas. Since it simply works by replacing the component, an extra 1080p monitor, why not right? i dont mind keep replacing it.
more info on this ic here:
it looks like standard 8 pin dip, with its 3rd pin cut off.
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2023.05.31 12:27 AllTimeL0 Help/advice needed: bonus kid is struggling but his behavior is affecting my oldest son

I'm a divorced mom of 3 kids. My kids are 8, 7 and 5. My new partner has 3 kids too: 9, 7, 5. Our schedules overlap for a few days: I have them Monday evening - Monday morning He has them: Thursday evening - Wednesday morning (going to court in September to make it 7/7 custody)
So we have all 6 kids Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday
On Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday we usually are at our own houses with our kids. We have a sleepover like maybe once a month/every month and a half. It's usually just one night. We cut it back from 2 nights/once a month because of the 9 year old not coping.
We have been together for almost 2 years now. We have kept our distance/let it grow naturally with sleepovers and play dates but we are now at the point of moving in together.
The 8 year old, 7 year olds and 5 year olds all get along pretty well. Even my 7 year old, who is on the spectrum, is being accepted for who he is/is adjusting really well.
The 9 year old however has been.... A lot. He's angry that his dad left his mom for me (which I can totally understand).
I have taken a step back already and decided to not sleep over when he was alone with his kids, so their core unit could still have their own family time. (He sleeps over at my place when I have the kids and his aren't with him yet and my kids are totally fine with it.) As mentioned earlier, we cut back on the sleepovers as well.
Last weekend was... Eye opening. We were all invited to my partners extended family for a birthday party. We all went and we all had a blast. The 9 year old hung out with his nephews most of the time and the others were just chilling/playing/like an internal conflict between my 2 oldest but that was it.
Because we live pretty far away from each other we decided we would sleep over. The 9 year old has been acting out with the same mental game he always plays during sleepovers with my oldest which is "yes you can sleep with me/no you can't sleep with me/ok fine you can crash at my room/but I don't want him to be in my room". Last time I said "we're not doing this again" and I decided to put all 5 kids in one room and he would have his room to himself. The 5 don't mind, they love it and it keeps my oldest 2 from feeling rejected/accepted/rejected again/...
I let my guard down and went along with it this time, only to see my oldest get rejected again right before bed time because suddenly it wasn't ok anymore for him to share his room. I just said "ok, all 5 together again".
My partner went to his son's room and I heard him say that we'll be gone tomorrow morning. He said this after the kid having to "tolerate" us for 6 hours at a party where he had fun with his family and my kids barely bothered him and one day after my partner deciding with me on buying a house together (we already visited it/talked to banks for a loan/we just said "ok we're going for it and gonna place an offer" 24 hours before).
It felt like a dagger to the heart to hear him say that. My partner says he's sorry and he only said it to stop him from whining.
The 9 year old plays Fortnite with my son. He's actually very mean/heated/critizing the others a lot/it's never his fault but always my kid and I literally heard my oldest say: "I'm only trying to do my best you know". Bam. Another dagger to the heart.
I don't know how to deal with this anymore. He is bullying my oldest. My partner is barely responding to it but I'm trying to do the "nacho parenting" thing and not yank the PS5 power cord when he's going off again. But there's barely a response. My partner admitted he needs help in raising him and admit that his kid is very rude (like when he refuses to say good morning back or bye when we leave) but each time it just stays with 1 or 2 appointments and then he stops again...
I don't know how to handle it anymore. It's been 2 years of him having the time to slowly adjust to the situation but it just keeps getting worse. He's getting more rude/more impolite/bullies more/etc...
I love our blended family and I know 5 out of 6 kids love it too but I don't know how we can move forward and start living together if even spending 6 hours with us is already being an issue...
Any advice is welcome. What can we do? What help do we get? Do I let go of the nacho parenting? Do we let go of the plans of moving in together, despite 5 out of 6 kids begging for us to take that step?
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2023.05.31 12:25 Watachips How often to practice sharpening ?

I've been into sharpening my knives in the last 2 weeks, while i can get it working sharp, like cutting through a tomato skin is easy, but i cant get it dangerously sharp that it just slides through anything that it comes contact into.
When i sharpen my knive and it doesnt get super sharp, i get dissapointed and just want to keep sharpening, so how often should i practice sharpening ? does it matter at all if i sharpen alot in a short span, or its better to learn slowly ? and i use a cheap knife to practice. thanks
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2023.05.31 12:24 HRHPrettyInPink Random nonsense.

I like being awake in my house at ass crack of dawn just listening to the sounds of the house, the birds outside, & enjoying some good teas as I reflect. Looking at some random things in the news right now. I don;t know. At the moment all I can think is this stuff w/Ukraine droning Moscow feels different. I mean, it's a war so I suppose everything is fair game right. But somehow I feel like things are about to take a turn for the worst. Especially when one factors in the Russian neo Nazis attacking fellow Russians on Ukraine's behalf. Putin is far right and leans really hard into U.S style culture war politics. Much like the GOP here, he uses these wedge issues to divide & deflect from more real/serious issues. Where he differs is that he keeps Russian Nazis under control. They aren't appointed to the highest positions of power & permitted to run amok like Nazis here and in Ukraine are. So it's totally unsurprising that neo Nazis have thrown in w/Ukraine where their ilk are exhalated. Ppl will no doubt demand that Putin take a harder line against Ukraine now that Moscow proper is being repeatedly targeted w/drones. THe F-16's that Ukraine is being given will no doubt be used to target Moscow and other Russian cities as well. The Biden regime wants to topple Putin, but all the gasoline being dumped on this proxy will have the opposite effect. I mean reverse the situation. If someone starts droning or bombing U.S cities, IDGAF how awful our president is, everyone will rally to him.
The shenanigans in the South China Sea are continuing apace. It looks like part of D.C's strategy on China is economic decoupling. They're calling it 'de-risking" but it's decoupling lol. I'll take this as a strategy over warmongering. Economic decoupling isn't without risk either bcz after all, China is the 2nd largest economy in the world. But D.C has a right to, for example, incentivize companies to resume manufacturing here. It's gonna take decades to undo the damage caused by Clinton era trade deals/offshoring. I don't even know if completely undoing it will be possible. But doing so could be a way of rebuilding this country. I think ppl in high places are realizing that de-industrialization of this country was a horrific idea and I'm all for efforts to undo that if it's even possible. I just hope they're serious about actually trying to do so.
The Tara Reade defection seems to have a lot of layers to it. I had heard yesterday that she was warned by someone high on the food chain that she's no longer safe here. So I just checked out her Twitter and I guess that's accurate bcz she RT'd someone who pointed out that Matt Gaetz warned her. I know that Gaetz & Marjorie Taylor Green were gonna have her testify before congress. Maybe Gaetz genuinely believes that Reade was in some sort of danger from the Biden regime. But I have major doubts about this as fact bcz MSM very successfully discredited her resulting in most ppl not believing her about Biden. So I don't believe that the Biden regime viewed her as a threat. Anywho, Maria Butina will help her and advocate for her which is very kind of her. I just hope that Tara can find in Russia, the peace that she's looking for.
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2023.05.31 12:22 vonarden Hello, I need some advice

Hi there I’m not sure how old this forum is or if anyone on here is still even active hehe. If there’s a better more active and updated place then please let me know. However, I kinda need some advice on a query I have in terms of sand casting and lost wax. For some context I am just learning about silversmithing/silver casting and jewellery making and have absolutely fallen in love with the trade. I’m doing as much research as I can before making any purchases and seeing what is best for me. From my research I’ve conducted that Clay/sand casting is the best method for me to go about doing the craft as it’s what I can afford and easy enough for me to wrap my head around, however, I am aware that the Lost Wax casting is better for more intricate detailings. So I was wondering, is it safe to kind of mix the castings? Say for instance, putting wax ring that I’ve just made into the sand, keeping it there and letting the silver take it shape similar to OG wax casting but with Sand/Clay instead? Or would that yield either a bad result or a hospital visit? I look forward to hearing some of your replies, and please be kind, I’m new and I’m just here to learn :)
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2023.05.31 12:19 CarefulAmbition [SCAM REPORT] u/Superjaiden32 is a known scammer across PlayerAuctions, EpicNPC and Discord. Do not trade with this user.

[SCAM REPORT] u/Superjaiden32 is a known scammer across PlayerAuctions, EpicNPC and Discord. Do not trade with this user.
User is signaled as a scammer on discord - ID: 372179820056018945

their \"mm\" is just them on an alt - thank you u/FGoodell and u/Otakugung for the heads up!
Then, there's this whole album of images that incriminate said user. Here's the TL;DR (on the image) [thank you u/xNanaOsaki for your hard work into reporting and compiling all this proof!]:

by u/xNanaOsaki
More incriminating proof here.
Special thanks to: u/FGoodell u/Otakugung u/xNanaOsaki
User has already been dealt with, nothing guarantees they won't come up with an alt here, though - keep an eye out. We'll work into adding them to the scammer list asap.

With that said, please remember to always use a Trusted MM and never go first.
New to trading? Here's our trading guide!

Happy trading and take care, everyone!
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2023.05.31 12:17 AzgrymnThePale Demon Gate: a dark fantasy TTRPG

Demon Gate
If you are interested in dark fantasy and would like something a little different than 5e. Check out Demon Gate. It is meant for long lasting campaigns into epic levels. A great survival system that forces you to keep fed, watered, and warm. A physical and mental condition counter that tends to make you feel dread as your physical or mental status begins to weaken. It has been my go-to for many years. It is on sale currently, take the link for PDF or hardback.

Demon Gate: Core Rulebook

An apocalyptic dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game set within a feudal, medieval era. You are a survivor, an adventurer fighting for your soul in a world filled with darkness, monsters, and demons. Delve into the ancient ruins of races long dead and otherworldly beings lost to the teeth of time. Explore lost tombs or the black towers of the Void Gods which hold untold treasures and mystic artifacts that wield esoteric technology, or what we call "magic".
The world Koth has suffered through the Apocalyptic Prophecies with the final tragedy yet to be fulfilled. The legends say that the world was once infested by demons and for eons they have been imprisoned. Now stories are spreading around the campfires of the dead rising from their graves and the very darkness of the Veil Myst coming to drag souls to the Black Plane. If this is true, the Demon Gate has opened, and it will take more than just heroes to stop it.
Demon Gate uses the Chaos System for its mechanics. This system uses a resisted D20 for combat. You must roll to attack and defend. The skills and attributes part of the system uses a dice ladder mechanic d6 to d8, d10 to d12, d8+d6 to 2d8, etc. Increasing skills and attributes will grant you a greater dice pool to utilize in order to reach target numbers or resisted rolls. Hunt, harvest, and collect items or creature parts to craft, trade, or sell. A survival system is set up for food, warmth, physical, and mental condition so that your characters must eat, drink, keep warm, and keep sane while traveling the world and staying alive. If not the stats and rolls begin to degrade building a sense of dread before the character falls.
The core rulebook is 454 pages of a highly detailed world known as Koth! A planet where all races were once enslaved by the demon lords. Come and join the struggle to shatter the gate.
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2023.05.31 12:17 Thomson-132 WELCOME!

Hello, I would like to warmly welcome you to my Reddit community. In the future, you will find posts here about trading with futures as well as other financial topics. My native language is German, but I want to keep the community in English to reach as many people as possible. Please forgive me if my English is not perfect, and ChatGPT is my best friend 😂 . I hope that your interest is piqued and that the community grows quickly. You are more than welcome to recommend this community to others. Please be kind and respectful to each other. Here's to a great community!
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2023.05.31 12:16 uruindevrytngustpdb I can't maintain healthy relationships even though I feel I'm trying. Seeking advice from people with similar issues who've found workable solutions/new perspective/realisation.

This post is long but I seriously need to change and wanted to put down all my social issues in one post, because it's cathartic and I want to know if others with BPD have these issues. If you notice any weird perspectives/unhealthy thought patterns I have, I'd like to hear about them and how I could go about changing it.
As a person, I've been described as charming, colourful and crazy. I have a lot of interests and love getting to know people. But in my adult life (25+), that's only when people get to know me and I feel comfortable sharing more than small talk. Otherwise I seem uptight and am a bit guarded. I feel like I've lost my boldness in being myself the more aware I am of my patterns and behaviour since being diagnosed with BPD.
I've been so confused lately. I thought I was sociable and had a lot of friends. I feel like with most relationships in my life (and that's very few actually) including my mother, my sibling, my closest friend and one or two other friends, I have been a good friend. I have listened to them when they had something to gripe about, I've made myself available for them whenever they've needed me, I've compromised according to their needs, I haven't needed much from them. But the second I need them (the close friends), they won't even respond to a text or listen to me when something is bothering me without cutting me off saying 'eh, it happens to everyone'. This happens when their lives are going well in every way, and then I hear from them when they're struggling, I think because I like to listen and they don't get that elsewhere.
The only place I really talk about myself is with my family, but even there I keep feeling a sense of injustice, like my needs are never met and theirs are for the most part. I know I'm not perfect, I'm hot headed with them and get irritated a lot, but is my perception of injustice so skewed? I often feel like I'm being gaslit into thinking I'm overreacting to not having my needs met. And then when I vocalise it (it usually leads to a fight, and I say the worst things because I feel like a pot boiling over), they appease me in a begrudging way and keep a safe distance, and then old patterns come back where I feel like a doormat.
The part that makes me think it's my fault is that I can't sustain healthy relationships outside of my family and close friends. When I meet new people, I'm withdrawn, shy and self conscious, but very friendly and polite, but I never 'make' friends. I don't like to overshare because I'm hypersensitive to people's expression changes, and instantly change what I'm talking about if I notice disapproval/judgment. I'm fine with small talk and superficial chat, but when conversations get more serious, I've noticed I live in a very 'prudish' place where I don't fit in with the culture. It's not ok to talk about sex, mental health, social stigmas, feminism, or to point out injustices in our society. And the people I find that are comfortable with those conversations or share similar opinions often want to push me to do things I don't want to do (not in a healthy way) and don't respect my boundaries. I feel like those groups think open-mindedness means ignoring other people's boundaries and pushing for things without consent. I don't get invited to things and people forget me pretty quickly although they're friendly. I think I've made one friend in 5 years, and that's because they were into me. A lot of my friendships are that. A person of the opposite sex is into me and wants to date but I say no and we stay friends. They then disappear when they have a new crush or relationship, and then reach out whenever they're in-between things. It's only this year that I noticed this pattern, and I feel used and hurt, but also like it's my fault for not noticing that they were so attentive and 'close' friends because they needed me as a stand in for a relationship or wanted to date me.
And the healthy relationships I have had (with coworkers, classmates), I don't know how to keep in touch with them because I had so many depressive episodes and didn't have sufficient things to update them on in my life so became withdrawn and AWOL for months at a time and that has ruined the friendship.
Two things that make me embarrassed and ashamed to talk to people is that I'm unemployed and overweight. I used to be slim growing up and through my teen years, and a high achiever through high school so being overweight now I feel ugly because it doesn't feel like my body. And I feel like a waste of space since I haven't been able to get a job for a few years. I have closed off body language, I think my self consciousness shows and I avoid sports, going out, dancing, exercising in public even though I love it, and things like reunions. I'm working hard now to lose the weight because I haven't ever been able to come to terms with being overweight or accepting my body over the last decade. But I'm pretty lost about the employment thing because my social issues slightly get in the way of being able to stand up for myself in interviews and even seem confident. I've had so many shame spirals over the last 5 years, it's been the worst thing for me mentally. I really need therapy but the therapists I've seen in my area over the last few years are all for medicating with an antidepressant rather than talk therapy.
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2023.05.31 12:16 Squeezitgirdle Coloring black and white images without changing the original image

I'm working on a game with an artist friend of mine. Originally I had full intention to do black and white as is her art style. I thought it would be pretty neat.
She wants it colored she asked me to use ai to color her images.
So there are two versions, one she can give me lineart which controlnet does am amazing job coloring, but also changes way too much of her image. (and requires me to inpaint over them as they tend to look ridiculous).
Then there are her finished images which are already shaded. Trying to color those through controlnet or img2img or inpaint doesn't work.
If course, I could badly color it, then slowly inpaint over everything, but I doubt that would work either.
I know there are also paid tools available online, but I'm looking for something with the quality SD can put out and also would rather not pay for it when I have SD.
I have seen plenty of people talk about lineart in controlnet, but she tends to draw very busy artwork with a lot going on in them. Additionally not really sure what to use as a prompt considering there is a lot to describe in her images. A house with chicken legs mushrooms growing on trees, tombstones, grass dirt and weeds, the moon, a man with an owl on his shoulder, a cooking pot over a fire, bones all over the floor, and so much more.
If I use lineart and keep it balanced, it stays relatively close to the original image. Messes up hands of course but that's no surprise. I can redraw or photoshop those. It does a surprisingly great job this way but still messes up too much fun her original drawing.
If I set controlnet as more important, it gets wild and starts pumping out different images.
Her finished /shaded images don't work in controlnet or inpaint at all.
That said I'm hoping there's a more simple tool I can use in SD, perhaps via am extension or otherwise.
The alternative I see is to cut her image into pieces and use lineart piece by piece.
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2023.05.31 12:15 alex_a1b2c3 AITAH for cutting off a depressed friend?

I recently cut off all contact with a girl I know who has been constantly hinting at the fact she considers me as a possible dating partner even though I always say no. She started trauma dumping to me and saying a lot of stuff I don't need to know, and since I'm not really strong emotionally what she told me affects me and upsets me a lot so I figured the best thing I can do for my own good is to wish her the best in life and cut her off. But doing this has made me feel extremely guilty and just in a general bad mood all the time, even though I know I pretty much had to do it in order to keep my mental health together.
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2023.05.31 12:12 jhiescrap Managing Surplus Test Equipment And Optimising Assets

Managing Surplus Test Equipment And Optimising Assets
Due to the rapid pace of technological change, test equipment is constantly being updated to keep up with the latest standards in the testing and measuring industry. This results in many companies and institutions having unused test equipment lying around. Fortunately, there are ways to make the most of these resources by managing excess test equipment. This article will discuss the factors to consider when disposing of surplus test equipment and its advantages and tactics.

The Advantages of Managing Excess Test Equipment

Recouping Expenses
Controlling new testing tools might help you recoup some of your investment. Organizations may alleviate outdated machinery's financial burden by selling unwanted assets and recouping some of their original investment.
Efficient Use of Available Means
By properly managing their surplus test equipment, businesses save space, money on upkeep, and employee hours that can be used elsewhere.
Environmental Consciousness and long-term viability
Surplus test equipment may be recycled and disposed of eco-friendly, reducing electronic waste and the accompanying environmental effect.

Methods for Handling Extra Testing Gear

The first thing is a careful assessment of the excess testing gear. Evaluate the state, usefulness, and marketability of each item. Potential resale value and best manner of disposal may be derived from this analysis.
Sales Methods and Distribution Platforms
Find the best places and methods for selling your unused testing equipment. Think about online auction houses, used machinery dealers, specialized retailers, and equipment brokers. There are benefits to each potential course of action, such as more exposure or market knowledge or lower prices.
Factors Affecting the Cost
Find a reasonable and market-based value for the unused testing gear. The equipment's age, condition, functioning, market demand, and current market pricing are all essential factors to think about. Examine similar ads and, if required, get advice from professionals when setting a price.
Promotion and Inclusion in Listing Databases
To help sell your surplus test equipment, you should provide accurate and complete descriptions of everything. Specifications, conditions, and extras should all be included. Listings benefit significantly from high-quality images and videos that show the item in use and convey its condition.
Shipping and Logistics
Successful trade requires streamlined shipping and logistical procedures. Pack the gear securely to prevent it from becoming damaged in transit. Figure out who's paying for what in terms of shipping, if any, and whether or not customs clearance and insurance are required.
Appropriate Record-Keeping
Keep detailed records of your efforts to manage your excess surplus test equipment. Equipment inspection reports, purchase contracts, invoices, shipping paperwork, and certificates of conformity with environmental regulations all fall under this category.


Among them include financial recoupment, more efficient use of available resources, and less environmental impact. The value of a company's excess test equipment may be increased by implementing tactics including an appraisal of the equipment, locating sales channels, establishing reasonable prices, and maintaining adequate documentation. Factors such as market demand, environmental restrictions, warranty and service records, and data security must be considered. Businesses may contribute to sustainable practices in the industry and use idle assets by taking a proactive approach to managing excess test equipment.
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2023.05.31 12:10 Accomplished_Slice87 [OPENING SOON] Legacy SMP

If you looking for fresh start or just fresh world to play in then good news is Legacy SMP is starting soon
Legacy MC is new peaceful minecraft server powered by its custom lore and focus on player driven economy. Occasionally we also like to blow off some steam sometimes, thats why we implemented custom enchantments and weapons which you can costumize by your liking.
Best of both worlds.
The server provides a number of plugins like keep-inv, player warps, grief prevention, playershops, custom enchantment and many more... Previously mentioned lore will have a lot of events following it, like mysteries, riddles,treasure hunts and much more...
I dont want to make this post long read so it best to join our discord and see everything.
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2023.05.31 12:09 Accomplished_Slice87 [OPENING SOON] Legacy SMP

If you looking for fresh start or just fresh world to play in then good news is Legacy SMP is starting soon
Legacy MC is new peaceful minecraft server powered by its custom lore and focus on player driven economy. Occasionally we also like to blow off some steam sometimes, thats why we implemented custom enchantments and weapons which you can costumize by your liking.
Best of both worlds.
The server provides a number of plugins like keep-inv, player warps, grief prevention, playershops, custom enchantment and many more... Previously mentioned lore will have a lot of events following it, like mysteries, riddles,treasure hunts and much more...
I dont want to make this post long read so it best to join our discord and see everything.
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2023.05.31 12:06 Accomplished_Slice87 [OPENING SOON] LEGACY SMP

If you looking for fresh start or just fresh world to play in then good news is Legacy SMP is starting soon
Legacy MC is new peaceful minecraft server powered by its custom lore and focus on player driven economy. Occasionally we also like to blow off some steam sometimes, thats why we implemented custom enchantments and weapons which you can costumize by your liking.
Best of both worlds.
The server provides a number of plugins like keep-inv, player warps, grief prevention, playershops, custom enchantment and many more... Previously mentioned lore will have a lot of events following it, like mysteries, riddles,treasure hunts and much more...
I dont want to make this post long read so it best to join our discord and see everything.
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2023.05.31 12:05 Maksimka_Fleksit I posted here some stuff about my off au so just wanted to share my thoughts

So yes, I don't really know if this can be called a theory, it's more like just my thoughts bunched together, however, it is still the closest concept. I hope you'll enjoy my thoughts.
The game raises a lot of life topics presenting them to us in a distorted way, and sometimes it is not easy to decipher them. But I managed to use some information to interpret the game content. Before reading you must know that everything contained in this text is just a theory, personal guesses and does not claim to be canon. The whole theory is based on the concept "if something exists in the game universe, it also exists in reality." By reality I mean our human mundane reality. Thus all the characters that exist in the phantasmagoric game world are just projections of people and creatures created by Hugos flexible baby mind. The fact is that children aged 3 years just begin to develop long-term memory. In your 4-5 (approximate Hugo's age) you are more likely to remember people you know, other children and adults, rather than cartoons you watched. In fact, sleep is a way for our brain to cope with the impressions of the day. Children do not have a very stable psyche and that is why they often have dreams with various content. Perhaps the part with PIB comic book that Hugo remembered so well probably means that his father gave it to him. Thus, brain generates dreams due to mixed and exaggerated emotions, interaction with different people, phrases the boy heard and so on. For example, the image of background characters such as Elsen could arise due to the familiar sentence "to burn out at work", that means emotional burnout, but Hugo at his his age could take it literally and make poor workers burn alive. That's why their monster form is called "Burnt". The phrase "the stab of happiness" refers to the disclosure of drug addiction topic, which explains what the secret fifth element is - "sugar". It would be easier for a child to perceive white packaged narcotic substance as identical-looking sugar. Let's talk about the boy's family and friends. The main character, Puppet aka the Batter is his father, as many objects and other game characters hint at this point. He is a baseball player or maybe he was into baseball in the past, so he wanted Hugo to follow in his footsteps. For this reason Hugo could remember him as a baseball player. Another proof of why Hugo's son is the moment with the music box. According to the note, one day his father brings him this item, which also contains in our inventory during the game, and we are able to leave it on the bed in Hugo's room. The thing will play a pleasant melody and player will receive an Aura of Ideal. Probably Batter was a bad father, at least we are hinted at it in the game. dad was not too interested in his child and family life, he even could've been an abuser. The Queen, aka Vader Eloha is definitely Hugo's mother, we were directly told about it. The child believes she's nice, but she's often not around. In a relationship with the Batter, it seems that wife trys to be patient, even when he is in a bad mood. The child remembers some of her phrases, for example "Do you want coffee, my love?", "He has your eyes." Perhaps Hugo was quite far from his parents, since their appearance features in the game are quite blurred. "The room" may be an allegory for the hospital where Hugo gets his treatment. At some point we pass through a room resembling a hospital ward with his stuff. Later he appears in a same (but changed) room. It got me thinking about the Elsen we meet in the "room", asking us questions quite similar to those we hear at the hospitals: "how do you feel today?" and so on. In addition to this it can also be assumed that "the room" is a family house and a child's nursery but this is not reinforced with facts. Theres a calendar on the walls with alternating dates that mean something since the child memorized them. The Queen said she baked a big cake for him and maybe one of these dates is Hugo's birthday. He remembers holidays coming soon and how parents are quarreling over a party for him, a certain part of the dialogue between the Batter and the Queen bares resemblance to it. Thus, plenty of things hints at strained relations in the family. About Zacharie. His name can be an abbreviation of the name "Zacharias" in order to make it easier for the child to remember and pronounce. Zacharie can be a family friend. Hugo's parents leave Zach with Hugo as a babysitter, since they are too busy to spend time with him. Though his role as a merchant can extend to reality since it was quite common to run a small business in those years. By those years, I mean the 50-70s in which real events take place. Since the song at the end of the game was written in 40s and the heyday of the popularity of comics happened in 60-80s. Sometimes his speech is replaced with Spanish. Hugo could listen to his conversations with other people and memorize ьsome simple phrases such as "amigo" "buenos días" and so on. His mask may just be a metaphor for "hiding behind a mask", hiding his true emotions in other words. For example when the guardian of the Zone 0 dies, he says "maybe it will be better this way" and just changes the subject. Although we might guess that these two were quite close to each other. But Zacharie's words can be taken out of context because I don't think Sugar could have died in reality. But who knows. Although the game does not contain information about who they are to each other but I am more inclined to believe that they are relatives, presumably brother and sister. But this is just my opinion. About Sugar aka Sucre. This girl suffered from drug addiction, because of her name and the first time we meet her in a sugar cellar. In any case, in the game she is shown to be quite cheerful and less serious than Zacharie. She can also be friends with the family and keep an eye on Hugo as the merchant does. Pablo, Valerie and Jaffet. They can be Zacharie and Sugar's cats, and Japhet is Hugo's bird. Children like to talk to their pets and fantasize about various features, character and so on for them. When we fight Valerie/Jaffet, their reincarnation looks like a huge bird tearing a cat apart. But in the end they both die. In fact, it could look like a cat ate Hugo's bird, which caused the death of both animals: Japhet died because he was eaten and Vallery could simply suffocate with a bird's body or get an inversion of the intestines later. I've read a bit about child psychology and children often exaggerate situations that have had a big impact on them, like the one i just explained. I assume that Dedan/Tall Mister is their neighbor, namely an ordinary farmer because he has paddocks and barns for cows. He doesn't seem to be in very good relations with Hugo's parents (at least with his father), unlike with Hugo himself. And against the background of this I assume characters live somewhere in the province. Enoch/ Big Mister, can be the boss at father's work and that family friend who comes to stay from time to time, brings sweets with him and trys to be nice. If you take a look at the character from the other side, at this point Enoch would fit the role of a drug dealer, since there is a whole sugar factory under his leadership. Towards the end of the game we meet enemies such as secretaries. These are creatures that look like dolls in boxer suits. They, having more HP and damage, are not a courtesy. If you interpret them into reality, they still resemble toys. Sometimes in children's fantasies toys come alive and give their owners a sense of security. In our case Hugo created them to protect him from his own father, as it happens in the game. The reason why the secretaries look like boxers can be explained by PIB comics influenced on the young reader. Probably the Boxer, the main character, was loved by the boy which is why he awarded the secretaries with boxing suits. But let's not forget about another comic character - Ballman, who (just like the Batter) is a baseball player. This similarity is inherent in them due to the fact that Hugo sees the Batter as villian. And yet...what is the main point? We know that Hugo's sick, but we don't know with what disease. Some people believe that the disease is leukemia or some similar incurabledisease which can be confirmed by further information about his condition. From his words we can get the fact that the boy stopped taking prescribed pills which of course negatively affected on him.щ And this may be one of the reasons that caused a comatose state of any severity. It has already been proven that people in a coma are able to hear everything that happens near them. Due to these circumstances, Hugo's body is supported by a life support device and since his brain has started to shut down he may be disconnected from the device by the doctors. And if this is wont happen it will prolong the child and his loved ones' suffering. Possibly specters are also images of people Hugo remembered not that clearly due to his state, so they could become characters in his world of imagination. Judging by the conversation between the Batter and the Queen in the game, it is possible to admit real life's mother was against Hugo being cut off from life-support machine. But the father understands this will be the only way out. There is another suggestion of the real Zacharie had a mask something like a medical one. For this reason many people think he was Hugo's attending physician. It was quite odd that Zacharie was in "the room", even considering that he is the essential game merchant. And I don't think Hugo could have think up what he tells us there because children (even those gifted ones like our boy) can't know Latin. But there may be such a logical explanation for this - Zacharie was in the hospital at that moment to support the father of the family. His words are quite suitable for this situation. Maybe Hugo heard them from outside the ward. "bis Vincit, qui se Vincit in Victoria" Which translates as "the best victory is a victory over oneself." Which refers to what is written above. After all, let's admit it is psychologically difficult enough to disconnect your dying son from a life support device. The fact of killing characters in the game may be an allegory on Hugo begining to forget people and events associated with them. Apparently the game endings are the choice of Hugo's father in the real world: disconnect the child from the life support system or leave him in a coma until the darkness completely engulfs him. So the Batter says: "I'm here. From now on there will be no darkness." And in the true finale he nevertheless decides to turn off the switch. That's why the game is called that.
Everything in the game is pretty messy, but it fits pretty well doesn't it?
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2023.05.31 12:05 Accomplished_Slice87 [OPENING SOON] Legacy SMP

If you looking for fresh start or just fresh world to play in then good news is Legacy SMP is starting soon
Legacy MC is new peaceful minecraft server powered by its custom lore and focus on player driven economy. Occasionally we also like to blow off some steam sometimes, thats why we implemented custom enchantments and weapons which you can costumize by your liking.
Best of both worlds.
The server provides a number of plugins like keep-inv, player warps, grief prevention, playershops, custom enchantment and many more... Previously mentioned lore will have a lot of events following it, like mysteries, riddles,treasure hunts and much more...
I dont want to make this post long read so it best to join our discord and see everything.
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2023.05.31 11:58 Accomplished_Slice87 [Opening soon] [Legacy SMP]

If you looking for fresh start or just fresh world to play in then good news is Legacy SMP is starting soon
Legacy MC is new peaceful minecraft server powered by its custom lore and focus on player driven economy. Occasionally we also like to blow off some steam sometimes, thats why we implemented custom enchantments and weapons which you can costumize by your liking.
Best of both worlds.
The server provides a number of plugins like keep-inv, player warps, grief prevention, playershops, custom enchantment and many more... Previously mentioned lore will have a lot of events following it, like mysteries, riddles,treasure hunts and much more...
I dont want to make this post long read so it best to join our discord and see everything.
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2023.05.31 11:55 MR___SLAVE Ok wanna see crazy? This is my trade Lillard and draft at 3 trade. Build towards the future if needed.

Ok wanna see crazy? This is my trade Lillard and draft at 3 trade. Build towards the future if needed.
I know it's not optimal, but it means going the Simons, Sharpe, JB plus with Scoot or Miller route. If they draft Scoot, trade Simons later to a desperate team for a big and let him lead the youngsters with JB in the meantime.
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