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Cheap Disposable vapes - Grey-vapour

2023.05.31 11:27 greyvapour35 Cheap Disposable vapes - Grey-vapour

Cheap disposable vapes are becoming more and more popular in recent years because they are very convenient for people who want to try vaping without investing in an expensive device. They are also easy to use and require no maintenance, which makes them perfect for people on-the-go or for those who do not want to fuss with complicated devices. One of the main benefits of cheap disposable vapes is that they are ready to use right out of the box - you don't need to charge them or fill them up with e-juice. They are also very affordable which makes them an excellent option for anyone who wants to try vaping without breaking the bank
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2023.05.31 11:16 ex_ulansis Husband is a dick. I trust and love too easy.

I don’t even wanna get into everything, it’s such a long story. Been married a year. I moved across the world for him. He’s had some really hard times through the years with fucked up family shit and whatever, I’ve always been there and helped him. I didn’t think he’d ever hurt me.
A month after we got married I had this hit of intuition something was up. He’s not overly weird about his phone, but enough it made me wonder. I’m a curious cat. He had given me his bank statements 6 months prior for my visa, told me to not look through them because it’s weird, so I didn’t (I figured it was because all the fast food he was eating as he didn’t have a place to cook, and he’s also just very weird like that, it made sense in the moment because I’d be the same). Well the intuition made me go back to those bank statements (they were on my phone), and I found he was paying for Only Fans a year prior. Once I found this I decided to go through his phone. I don’t care that it’s “wrong”, I couldn’t live without looking. I found screenshots of women in his phone.
I don’t even know where to start with how much this has fucked me up. My confidence is nonexistent. I hate myself. I told him I knew about the OF but didn’t mention I went through his phone. To be honest I was so focused on the OF I didn’t even fully process the other stuff until recent.
He of course cried, apologised, said everything you’re meant to when you got caught being a big fat fucking lying piece of shit. I guess I believed it but now I don’t know.
He’s away for work, has been since Jan. I went into his old phone and it’s logged into Instagram. I’ve seen he’s recently saved a few videos of women, nothing sexual but they’re attractive. He’s also clicked only fans links recently, but I know he deleted his OF account (I have the log in), and I have access to his and our banks so I’d see if he bought anything. He’s unable to open a secret bank account right now with how his job works. But I mean who knows, right? Could’ve created a new OF account too I guess.
It just hurts. I’m so drained. But I also know leaving him doesn’t feel like an option, idek if that’s too extreme since I don’t know if this is cheating. I don’t count it as cheating, it’s just sad and scummy. I just feel so disrespected and unloved. Undesired, unwanted, not needed.
I cry every day. I starve myself. I wish I could be what he wants. I know someone out there would treat me how I deserve to be treated. I’ve only ever done right by him, done so much for him. I’ve done too much to be honest. Besides this he’s always been such a kind and thoughtful partner.
Thanks for reading if you have. I don’t have anyone to talk to. I probably won’t respond to any replies because I know a lot of people will call me stupid, ugly, etc. I’m already aware so I don’t need strangers telling me. I don’t have the mental capacity to deal with negative comments, I’m just going to post this and never look at it again.
Just thank you for being here.
And husband, I know you’re on Reddit, I think I’ve seen you on this sub. If you read this you might connect the dots. I hope you do, and I hope it makes your blood run cold and your heart to leap out of your chest - just like how it feels for me every time I find more betrayal.
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2023.05.31 11:00 Hotdogcannon_ Looking for some advice on choosing parts for my first build.

*this will be a very long post, so TLDR will be at the end.
Hi everyone! I’ve been planning on building a PC for a while now, and I’ve finally saved enough to pull the trigger. I’ve been gaming on an ASUS TUF laptop for the past 3 years (Ryzen 7 3750H, 1660Ti, 1.8TB HDD) but I think it’s time for a replacement. Modern games won’t run on my GPU’s measly 6GB of VRAM, and some of my favourite games now require having an SSD to keep up with UE5 updates. Even battlefield 1, a now 7 year old game is only able to run smoothly on low settings (and by smoothly I mean 60fps, 1080p)
My problem is that it’s my first time. I’m fairly confident in the building process, in part due to the Verge’s fantastic guide (kidding), I’m just not entirely confident in picking the parts. I’m a bit worried that I miss something and that two parts are incompatible, but im far more concerned about more difficult to spot issues like bottlenecks.
When getting the parts, I was envisioning a pretty sick build designed mostly for gaming. I want something that will last me the better part of a decade before I have to think about completely replacing it. I also wanted something that was (of course) able to run the newest games quite well. Visually speaking, I’m going for black all around with RGB mixed in, so that I can customize the secondary colour. Pretty straightforward.
Below I’m gonna outline the parts that I chose, and my thinking behind them.
  1. GPU This is one that I’m not quite settled on. Originally, I was gonna spring for a 4080, but I’ve heard they aren’t great and I’m worried it won’t last too long before I need a new card. My alternate choice would be a 4090, and while definitely overkill, would last me that decade and is only $400 (CAD) more than the 4080. Keep in mind that most of the other components I’ve chosen were with the 4080 in mind.
  2. CPU Keeping in mind the recent X3D disaster, I still decided to go for team red, just with a less combustible chip. After doing some research, the Ryzen 9 7900x seemed like a good choice.
  3. Case I decided to go for the 4000d airflow case. I don’t want an absolutely massive or flashy case. It’s black, fits the parts I’m using (I think, please correct me if I’m wrong) and has good thermals
  4. AIO As I mentioned before, I’m going for a black + RGB look. I’d like for the RGB to be all synced up, so the AIO and the next few components will all be iCUE compatible. I’m a little unsure about this as they’re pretty pricy, so please let me know if I’m getting ripped off. As for the cooler itself, I heard some pretty good things and it doesn’t quite cost me an arm and a leg, so I thought it’d be decent
  5. Fans I went with Corsair’s iCUE ML120 RGB fans for the reasons mentioned above. They’re also magnetic levitation fans, which might not be a great idea, especially at such a high price.
  6. Motherboard This is where I’m the most uncertain. I’ve heard from several people that motherboards don’t really affect performance, and that the best strategy is to just buy the cheapest compatible one. Nonetheless, I’m worried that my powerful CPU and GPU will be too much for my board to handle. The board in question is a $320 (CAD) GIGABYTE B650 Aorus motherboard. The socket matches the chip, the board is (supposedly) able to handle my DDR5 memory, and the PCI slot is 4.0, making it compatible with both my GPUs. Is there something I’m missing
  7. PSU A late addition to the potential build, I went with the Corsair RM1000e PSU to handle the TDP of a 4090 (if I decide not to go with the 4090, I’m gonna downgrade it to an 850w). Outside of that, I chose this one because:
  8. Corsair is a reputable brand
  9. it’s 80+ gold rated
  10. gives plenty of wiggle room
  11. RAM Another area that I’m uncertain in, I decided to go with 2 sticks of Corsair vengeance 16GB DDR5 @5600mhz. I’ve heard that 32GB is now becoming a minimum with modern games. Due to this and rock bottom RAM prices, I’m considering going for 2x 32GB instead
  12. Storage Finally, I decided to go with the 2TB WD BLACK SN850X M.2 SSD. 2TB should last me a few years, but once I fill it up it should be more than easy enough to add more storage.
I’d appreciate any and all feedback and tips. I’m very grateful for your help.
TLDR: I’m upgrading from my gaming laptop and building a new PC. I’d like some good performance, but my main goal is to have it last for a decade without bank busting major replacements My specs are - 4080/4090 haven’t decided which yet
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2023.05.31 10:54 BluSplntr Current account and savings account advice

Hi all, recently stumbled onto this Reddit when searching for the best savings account.
Having been one of those people that has stuck with their current bank for longer than they can remember, I think it's time to start getting those switching bonuses.
I'm currently with Santander (current and savings) and getting next to nothing. I'm looking at switching to First Direct to get the £175 and access to their 7% saver.
I'm also looking to open a second savings account that I can dip into IF I ever need to. I was thinking Chip for that one?
One savings account will be just an ongoing saver whilst I'd like the other one to be towards a big trip to Japan in summer 2025.
Any advice or recommendations?
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2023.05.31 10:28 AES202209 What should be considered when choosing a solar folding bag?

What should be considered when choosing a solar folding bag?
Portable solar panels are also growing in popularity as people look for an easy, sustainable way to charge their devices. Whether you're a hardcore backpacker heading into the wilderness, or a sunbather looking to get some work done at your local park, there's a solar pack for you.

Why Buy Portable Solar Panels?

When you think of solar panels, you probably picture a large black slab leaning toward the sun. Portable versions of these fixed arrays use the exact same technology as solar panels, just bundled in a lightweight design. This makes them ideal for a variety of uses, from powering your recreational vehicle to charging your electronics.
Portable solar panels are also a great way to get renewable energy. While you may not be ready to install a solar roof on your house just yet, charging your phone or laptop with small panels can help you gauge the light levels in your area to see how solar might be able to meet your needs.

solar folding bag

Factors to consider

While most portable solar panels are easy to install and use, there is always a lot to consider when investing in a new technology. We've rounded up what we think are the most important factors to consider before you start powering up the great outdoors.


Start by figuring out how much power you need. Some individual panels come in many different wattages, which is a measure of pure electricity. For example, the AES Solar Folding Bag, a panel that can be folded into a compact rectangle with a handle for easy portability, is available in 100W, 120W, 200W, and 300W. Higher wattage designs are larger and more expensive, so the best panel for you will depend on which electronics you want to power.
Low-wattage panels won't prove useless in your quest to move away from traditional energy sources, but they may charge your devices more slowly than you're used to. For best results, look at your device's specs and figure out how much power their charging cables will allow. This can help prevent you from buying a panel that watts more than your equipment limits

Portable outdoor mobile power supply (energy storage) selection

Many portable panels come with the necessary cables and a portable outdoor power bank (energy storage) that you need to store power for later. A portable outdoor power bank (energy storage) is especially helpful if you want to use solar power when the sun isn't shining: lighting up a campsite at night, charging your phone during a thunderstorm, or keeping your batteries on a cloudy afternoon. Laptops running, are good examples. If you want to stock up on solar, consider buying a kit that includes the necessary portable outdoor power banks (energy storage), converters, and cables.
It is also possible to use your solar power immediately without these additional accessories. Many portable battery boards have USB ports that allow you to charge your electronics directly. A small and lightweight option might be all you need to keep your phone or laptop running on sunny days. Forgoing portable outdoor power banks (energy storage) and wires can also help keep the cost of your solar setup low.


The size, weight and design of your portable solar pack will determine its portability. If you plan to drive to a sunny location to get some work done, a more powerful and relatively heavy solar panel might be fine. You can keep it in your car until you reach your destination, so its size and weight won't be an issue. Backpackers and hikers, on the other hand, should opt for panels that are small and light enough not to be a burden on long outdoor hikes. Before you buy, make sure you check the weight and dimensions of a panel, as well as the weight and dimensions of all its accessories.

Weather resistance

While most solar panels are at least somewhat weather resistant, not all are truly waterproof. The last thing you want is to ruin your brand new gadget and leave it without power just because it wasn't designed to withstand the outside world. Depending on the intensity of your outdoor activities and the weather in your area, determine the tolerance of your panels before you make a purchase.


The final factor to consider is how much you are willing to spend on your new portable solar panels. There's no way a panel this small will pay for itself through the electricity it generates, but the freedom and access to the outdoors it can afford you is an intrinsic value. Prices will vary based on your panel's power output, energy storage components, and overall volume. This is related to the factors considered in the price of solar panels.
AES PV Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest manufacturers for small solar panels and has been devoted to the production of solar panels and mounting structures from 2008. We are one of the pioneers for small solar panels and its solar applications. We mainly focus on Portable Modules and have been developing higher efficient 545W to 700W solar panels with HJT, Top con and Shingled technologies. If you want to customize the mass production of portable solar panels, please contact us.
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2023.05.31 10:16 JoshAsdvgi THE DOG AND THE STICK



This happened long ago. In those days the people were hungry.
No buffalo nor antelope were seen on the prairie.
The deer and the elk trails were covered with grass and leaves ; not even a rabbit could be found in the brush.
Then the people prayed, saying : " Oh, Old Man, help us now, or we shall die.
The buffalo and deer are gone.
Use less we kindle the morning fires ; useless are our arrows ; our knives stick fast in the sheaths."
Then Old Man started out to find the game, and he took with him a young man, the son of a chief.
For many days they traveled the prairies and ate nothing but berries and roots.
One day they climbed a high ridge, and when they had reached the top, they saw, far off by a stream, a single lodge.
"What kind of a person can it be," said the young man, "who camps there all alone, far from friends? "
"That," said Old Man, "is the one who has hidden all the buffalo and deer from the people. He has a wife and a little son."
Then they went close to the lodge, and Old Man changed himself into a little dog, and he said, "That is I."
Then the young man changed himself into a root-digger, and he said, "That is I."
(( Root-Digger A carved and painted stick about three feet long, shaped like a sacking needle, used by women to unearth roots. ))
Now the little boy, playing about, found the dog, and he carried it to his father, saying, " Look ! See what a pretty little dog I have found."
"Throw it away," said his father ; " it is not a dog."
And the little boy cried, but his father made him carry the dog away.
Then the boy found the root-digger and, again picking up the dog, he carried them both to the lodge, saying, "
Look, mother ! see the pretty root-digger I have found ! "
"Throw them both away," said his father; "that is not a stick, that is not a dog."
" I want that stick," said the woman ; " let our son have the little dog."
" Very well," said her husband, " but remember, if trouble comes, you bring it on yourself and on our son."
Then he sent his wife and son off to pick berries ; and when they were out of sight, he went out and killed a buffalo cow, and brought the meat into the lodge and covered it up, and the bones, skin and offal he threw in the creek.
When his wife returned, he gave her some of the meat to roast ; and while they were eating, the Little boy fed the dog three times, and when he gave it more, his father took the meat away, saying, "
That is not a dog, you shall not feed it more."
In the night, when all were asleep.
Old Man and the young man arose in their right shapes, and ate of the meat.
" You were right," said the young man ; " this is surely the person who has hidden the buffalo from us."
"Wait," said Old Man ; and when they had finished eating, they changed themselves back into the stick and the dog.
In the morning the man sent his wife and son to dig roots, and the woman took the stick with her.
The dog followed the little boy.
Now, as they traveled along in search of roots, they came near a cave, and at its mouth stood a buffalo cow.
Then the dog ran into the cave, and the stick, slipping from the woman's hand, followed, gliding along like a snake.
In this cave they found all the buffalo and other game, and they began to drive them out ; and soon the prairie was covered with buffalo and deer.
Never before were seen so many.
Pretty soon the man came running up, and he said to his wife, "Who now drives out my animals?" and she replied, " The dog and the stick are now in there."
" Did I not tell you," said he, "that those were not what they looked like?
See now the trouble you have brought upon us," and he put an arrow on his bow and waited for them to come out.
But they were cunning, for when the last animal a big bull was about to go out, the stick grasped him by the hair under his neck, and coiled up in it, and the dog held on by the hair beneath, until they were far out on the prairie, when they changed into their true shapes, and drove the buffalo toward camp.
When the people saw the buffalo coming, they drove a big band of them to the pis'kun ; but just as the leaders were about to jump off, a raven came and flapped its wings in front of them and croaked, and they turned off another way.
Every time a band of buffalo was driven near the pis'kun, this raven frightened them away. Then Old Man knew that the raven was the one who had kept the buffalo cached.
So he went and changed himself into a beaver, and lay stretched out on the bank of the river, as if dead ; and the raven, which was very hungry, flew down and began to pick at him.
Then Old Man caught it by the legs and ran with it to camp, and all the chiefs came together to decide what should be done with it.
Some said to kill it, but Old Man said, " No ! I will punish it," and he tied it over the lodge, right in the smoke hole.
As the days went by, the raven grew poor and weak, and his eyes were blurred with the thick smoke, and he cried continually to Old Man to pity him.
One day Old Man untied him, and told him to take his right shape, saying : " Why have you tried to fool Old Man ? Look at me ! I cannot die.
Look at me ! Of all peoples and tribes I am the chief.
I cannot die. I made the mountains.
They are standing yet.
I made the prairies and the rocks.
You see them yet.
Go home, then, to your wife and your child, and when you are hungry hunt like any one else, or you shall die."
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2023.05.31 10:12 mu88blog What does it mean to dream about chickens?

Dreaming of chickens in general
When you dream that you see chickens in general, it brings you good luck. Shows the signs, in your love and marriage is in the process of progressing well.
Besides, it also signals you many good things about your career and work. In the coming time, you will have noble people behind you to help you in difficult times.
>>>See now:

Dreaming of a rooster crowing

The fact that you dream that the rooster is crowing. This dream brings you bad things and it will happen in the coming time. This dream signals that you are surrounded by people who want to harm and take advantage of you. Maybe they kick you down when you are in a loop. advise you to pay attention and be careful with the relationships around. To avoid people around you playing bad or harmful to you.
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2023.05.31 10:10 JTomkin005 Swiss chems took my money

I have placed an order for some peptides from swiss chems & paid via bank transfer. The order has been canceled on the swiss chems website but i haven't been refunded. Tried to live chat/email every day since but no response. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do? I have previously bought from Swiss chems and never had an issue but i can see from other people's posts that this kind of thing is happening regularly.
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2023.05.31 10:05 its_givinggg The REAL tea on the Golden Circle - RWT London

Hey y’all so this was my experience as a short person (5 ft tall) who had general admission (not early entry) Golden Circle tickets
So my group and I arrived at the stadium to start queuing at around 11 am. At that time there were probably 50-75 other general admission entry folks in front of us, which was great considering the number of people who were all queued behind us as the day went by. They didn’t seperate us by standing section, there was ome line for general admission and one line for early entry, regardless of whether you were CR, GC, or in the GA pit. The Beyhive sections were automatically in early entry.
Early entry line was let in 45 minutes before the general admission line. By the time my group had made it to the section there were about 3-4 rows of early entry GC in front of us. Now. I’m 5 ft tall. I wore 5.5 inch platform boots to give my self SOME type of chance to see anything. But lemme be honest with you, even just 3-4 rows back it was still a struggle to see the stage. So I had to put on my game face, be smart and manage to inconspicuously snake my way to the front of the section as close to the barrier as I could as the section was starting to fill. As the section starts to fill everyone got closer and closer together which gave me the opportunity to discreetly move thru people following the flow of the crowd as we filled out. As I moved there were times I would get stuck directly behind someone 3+ inches taller than me, and at that point I knew I would still have to keep moving.
About 10 minutes before the show started I made it behind some guy who was about 5 inches taller than me. It was just him between me and the barrier. I made a hail mary attempt and decided to ask him if we could switch spots because I honestly couldn’t see past him. My prayers were answered and the sweet guy let me switch! It took me the full 2 hours we waited for Beyoncé to come out to make it from the 3-4th row back to the barrier, and the only reason I made it was because of LUCK.
So all this to say if you have GC tickets with general admission and you are short, you will have to be not only extremely strategic but LUCKY. Because honestly if I hadn’t found a way to the barrier my view most likely would have been obstructed the whole night. And this was my first EVER concert, and it was Queen Bey, so that just wouldn’t do.
If tou are under 5’5 with general admission GC tickets you’d better invest in some platforms Imma be so honest with you. I’ve seen people say “It’s a Beyoncé concert, any seat in the house is perfect!” But that don’t automatically apply to short people. Be strategic if you don’t wanna just be watching the big screen or thru your phone screen.
Now onto the actual show. My view from the barrier of the GC was TOP TIER. Dare I say better than standing in CR or even the Beyhive (and Imma get to them mfs in a minute). There was a platform right at the barrier that I stood on that allowed me to see over the Beyhive’s heads giving me a clear view of the Queen. It was SURREAL.
The reason I say this was possible better than standing jn CR or even the Beyhive is because again as a short person, unless you makenit to the bery front of those sections you will be fighting to see over people taller than you. Not only that, but the catwalk/circle part of the stage was also quite tall and tbh the only people I could see in CR were tall people who could see over the catwalk stage. Anyone shorter than them stuck behind them probably had a rough time seeing Bey when she was on the main stage.
And as for the Beyhive pit, at least the one I was behind, they were pretty disappointing to watch. They had all that space and barely any of them danced. I only saw ONE person consistently dancing and singing the lyrics to a lot of Bey’s songs. She was the only one dancing and singing to Virgo’s Groove of all songs! So yea, wasn’t really feeling the bibe going on in front of me.
The vibe coming from the stage tho? UNMATCHED. Beyoncé ate. Her backup dancers and singers ate. The band ate. The outfits were envy worthy. The entire show run was beyond my wildest dreams I won’t go into depth of just how fucking amazing it was cause I’m sure there are a hundred other posts that will say the same thing. But yea, best night of my fuckin life!
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2023.05.31 09:56 Special-Ad-6501 List Of Cryptocurrencies Scams to Avoid Before Investing.

List Of Cryptocurrencies Scams to Avoid Before Investing
If you’re looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, you need to know the scams and what not to do. In this post, I’m going to show you a list of some red flags that will help keep your money safe and sound.
List Of Cryptocurrencies Scams to Avoid Before Investing My Name is Wayne and I’ve been investing in cryptos for over 5 years now. It’s important that before we dive into the meat of this video, we understand how it can be very confusing sometimes when trying to figure out which coins are good investments or just outright scams. So let me walk through all these different points with you so that by the end of this video, you’ll have an idea of how crypto trading works without getting scammed! Investing in cryptocurrencies is a risky business.
It’s terrifying to think how many people have lost their life savings because of these scams-please don’t let it happen to you! We’ve compiled a list of the most common cryptocurrency scams so that you can avoid them before investing in anything. You should never trust a shady-looking website with a .com address, and always make sure you do your research on any coin before you put your money into it. These are just some of the things we’ll be talking about in this blog post. Hi, The Crypto Cell is an education organization that helps newcomers learn about cryptocurrency investing so they can invest and trade responsibly and safely with our expert advice on diversifying your portfolio, buying low, selling high, and avoiding scams.
  1. Fake ICOs that are set up to steal your money. You can’t always be sure that an online cryptocurrency wallet is safe. A recent study found out that there are many fake ICOs in the crypto space which will take your money and run with it! For example, hackers managed to steal about $80 million dollars from users back in 2017 through one such phishing scam — “The Wolf of Wall Street” (2017). So if you’re looking into investing some funds make sure they come recommended by reputable sources or have a strong security system like two-factor authentication enabled so this doesn’t happen again…
  2. Non-existent exchanges or wallets where you can buy cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are not yet established enough to have their own exchanges. If you want to buy some digital coins, your best bet is usually going through an existing one like Coinbase or Kraken which will allow beginners, as well as seasoned traders alike, access with the ease-of-use features that make navigating the market easier than ever before!
  3. Websites that offer fake cryptocurrency giveaways in exchange for personal information, such as a phone number and email address Websites that offer fake cryptocurrency giveaways in exchange for personal information, such as a phone number and email address are nothing new. They popped up all over social media earlier this year when more people than ever before began investing their money into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Websites promising free coins often ask users to provide sensitive data including bank account numbers which can result in identity theft if submitted without care.
  4. Stay away from any cryptocurrency that is not on a major exchange. Stay away from any cryptocurrency that does not have a major exchange such as Binance or Coinbase The safest way to invest in cryptocurrencies is by purchasing them on an established platform. These exchanges offer insurance policies and security measures so your funds are protected against hacks, bots, malware attacks, etc., which may affect other platforms like Local Bitcoins where you buy gold with bitcoin.
  5. Avoid cryptocurrencies with only whitepapers and no code. To be a successful cryptocurrency, you need to know that there are some things in this world that cannot be trusted. The first thing is the developers of your favorite coins and tokens — they might just disappear with all their money! Be sure not only do they have an idea but also code behind it so no one can steal away what belongs to yours or take advantage when something goes wrong (just ask anyone who invested in Bitcoin). So next time someone tries selling you on an Altcoin without any info available other than whitepapers, please remember this cryptocurrency scams list and make the right decision for yourself!
  6. Be careful of shady exchanges or trading platforms. There are many exchanges and trading platforms out there that can be dangerous to your coins. Make sure you only trade on established websites with transparency into their system, otherwise it might end up being a losing battle for them in the long run!
  7. Check the team behind the coin, their experience, and how transparent they are about their project. There’s no better way to invest in cryptocurrency than by checking out the team behind it. If you want a safe haven for your money that will be sure to have value 10 years from now, then coins with experienced teams are worth looking at! Cryptocurrencies are in a state of constant flux, and new scams pop up constantly. It can be difficult to know what is real and what isn’t when it comes to this emerging technology. The best thing you can do for yourself before investing is read everything you can on the subject, research every coin thoroughly, and only invest in currencies that have been around for at least one year with a solid market cap — these will likely not disappear overnight like most cryptocurrencies. If all of this sounds intimidating and you want help enacting these principles, let us know. Our team of experts is ready and waiting to partner with you to create a stellar SEO or marketing plan that drives sales by considering how your customers think. Which cryptocurrency has captured your interest? If you’re interested in learning more about how to invest in Bitcoin so it can be part of your diversified portfolio, then consider reading our free crypto investing eBook which will teach you everything from A to Z. You may also want to look into other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum if you’re looking for something else worth investing in outside of Bitcoin. With all this information we hope that we have helped make your decision easier when it comes down This post is going to be really cool, and you should Follow Us while it’s still free. I think you can learn a lot from our experts, and it would make me happy to have you as a part of my subscriber family. Share this with anyone you think might also enjoy it. Feel free to comment below! We can do more research on this topic with your information and send me an emoji below with the topic you’re struggling with and would like to see more content about our experts will help you with that.
Visit: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) for more information.
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2023.05.31 09:51 PermissionBest2379 Receiving a large amount of money

In order to buy a car I want to transfer a reasonably large amount of money from my offshore account in AUD to my Prestia account here in JP. I've transferred smaller amounts in before so know that the mechanics of the sending and receiving work okay, but my question is regarding any questions that might arise as such a large sum is received. I recall reading about people doing something similar and the bank hanging on to it until it can be proven where it came from. The answer is standard monthly salaried income, saved up.. but not sure how that can be proved as to the source. Or is that just a tick-box exercise for them?
Do they ask such questions and what would I need to prepare? Scenario I am trying to avoid is where they sit on it / keep it / delay releasing it.. or something else I haven't thought of.
(I think some chap said he needed four forms of Japanese photo ID and only had three?)
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2023.05.31 09:45 kagaguhanaccount145 What does it mean to 'get a bank approval first' before talking to agents?

I'm planning to buy a car. This will be the first car purchase in our family if ever so I really am quite clueless about the right things to do. Many people told me to get a bank approval first before talking to agents. What does that mean? if I'm getting the car through in-house financing, is a bank approval still necessary? mas makakamura ba ako if I get a bank approval first?
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2023.05.31 09:43 MaidOfClarity From chill walk-in to Eggpedia demon

Let me start this post by stating: * Any customer and property names mentioned are aliases for privacy and subreddit rules reasons. * I can't use the exact name of the OTA, doing so is similarly against subreddit rules and will result in automod nuking my post.
I always dislike working Memorial Day weekend because it seems to bring out the worst in guests, or at least they are more obnoxious than the usual weekend assholes -- 4th of July weekend has a similar problem as locals turn the 4th of July into the 4th of Shit. So far I've dealt with constant guest complaints and requests even late into my usual night shift, as well as our wifi inexplicly crapping out for one whole night (which affects both hotel-property devices as well as guests who came here because the wifi was free), but now it seems to have come to a head even as it's now squarely into the work week.
Enter Bob McBobomb. Bob had stayed with us a few times earlier this month, and he would rent with me as a walk-in. No issues at that time, he would follow check-in ID and credit/debit card policy, I would even give him one of the authorized discount rates to incentivize him to stay with us.
During a prior stay he had emailed us asking how he could book for future reservations. I replied to his email saying he could either book through our official website -- as in [REDACTED]Motel dot com, not those funny third-party OTA (Online Travel Agency) websites that masquerade as the official Redacted Motel website -- or he could call us.
Unfortunately it seems the OTA devils tempted him over to the Dark Side instead.
So I'm about a quarter into my shift when Bob shows up. I recognize him, so I'm like "Welcome back, I need to see your ID and a cred or deb card--"
"I already paid for the room through Eggpedia."
Great, I know where this is going already.
So I explain to him that yes, your resso is paid for already, but you still need to front a bank-issued card under your name for the $50 incidentals.
He goes on about how he doesn't have his card on him this time, how his sister already paid for the room, ranting about how Eggpedia didn't tell him he'd need to front a deposit. Hard-to-swallow pill, mate: We always require incidentals at check-in. The Eggpedia listing for Redacted Motel says this too, I point this out to him, but he refuses to acknowledge that it was his responsibility to read the policies on the Eggpedia listing before booking the room, claiming "well the email didn't tell me I would need to provide in-shit-entals!"
I assume he booked some funny prepaid deal through Eggpedia in hopes of saving about 5-10 United States Dollars. I get where many discount-chasing hotel guests are coming from, some people are frugal and want to save some money when they can, especially since our motel seems to attract lower-income clientele. It's why many Steam users, myself included, wait for Steam sales so we can buy that one $60 game for only $30 or whatever.
But often times, these deep discount rates exclusively offered through third-party websites come with catches. The most common one being that the res needs to be paid for when it's made, not when the guest checks in. If all goes well with the customer's stay, this doesn't present any issues.
But when things go wrong, they go way more wrong than with a traditonal pay-when-you-check-in booking, as I will explain shortly.
He tries to present one of those prepaid debit cards for deposit like the ones SchmashApp, GreenDoot, and NutSpend offer, in a last-ditch effort to muscle his way into a hotel room. No can do, we don't take those (mainly because incidental holds take far longer to return to a prepaid debit card than to a bank-issued card, plus our card reader rejects those for auth holds). Asks if he can use his sister's card that was used to pay for the room -- nope, I don't care that she lives 30 miles away like you said, if she isn't here with ID, we ain't using it. 'Cause we can't be sure that she's authorizing the card to be used for incidentals rather than you trying to steal money from her.
Finally he asks about cancelling the res for a refund. I told him sure, we can do that, it's our policy to authroize fee-free/full-refund cancellations if you can't provide deposit. He asks how long the deposit takes to go back, I tell him 1-5 business days, an answer that keeps him upset.
Now, this is why I seriously advise against booking OTA prepaid unless you're seriously short on money and you are willing to accept the possible shortfalls and consequences of booking such. If this guy had booked directly with us, or even just used the "Hotel Collect" option on Eggpedia (meaning, the pay-at-checkin method I mentioned above), then we could cancel the reservation and that would be the end of it -- nothing would have been charged in the first place and he would not be out $70 for half a week like he was right now over a check-in that cannot be completed, and he could try to rent a room elsewhere.
He asks me if I can cancel it for him, unfortunately he has to do that himself, since the res was handled through Eggpedia. He leaves, but not before saying I'm mean and that he's going to tell my manager about it.
There you have it folks, I'm a mean, vile, and horrible monster because of his decision to book and prepay through a third-party website and inability to prepare for his check-in, because I did my job of refusing service as a result of him not following check-in procedures instead of risking getting in trouble with higher-ups. Racists, fascists, abusive parents, serial killers, and car-bomb terrorists ain't got shit on me! /sarcasm
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2023.05.31 09:41 moon-lover Nihilism and lack of purpose

I don't even know where to start tbh....
I've been living without a purpose for the past 6 years or so of my life... As a kid I had a rough idea of what I wanted in life (be a doctor, be rich, buy as many candy as I can), but after years of trauma, depression, mental breakdowns, hospital visits.... I don't see a purpose in living....
Not to say I'm suicidal, I know there's people who I care that cares about me, I just don't live for myself anymore...
I don't have any aspirations that I truly want to pursue, I'm not looking for love or a meaningful job, I'm just living. Eating when I have to, showering when I have to, sleeping when I'm tired, watching videos when I'm bored...
It's like I'm stuck in limbo, no big emotional attachments to anything, just living because I have to, because it's "the right thing to do"
I just turned 20 and I don't feel anything about it. It's just an arbitrary concept we humans made to track time, it doesn't mean anything really....
I'm sure a therapist and a psychiatrist might help me (I've had treatment like that when I was 16), but I just feel like it would be a temporary solution, just like back then... I'll talk, take my meds, feel better for about 2 months, my therapist will think I'm cured because the medicine makes my lack of purpose seem like "not a big deal", I'll get off my meds because I either can't afford it or the doctors think I don't need it, and then I'm back to square 1 with -$3000 in my bank account
again. I just don't see a purpose in life, I'm not striving for anything, I just feel like a wild animal living life because of the chemical reaction in their brain telling them that they're hungry, tired, bored....
I'm sure I'll just take the easy route and numb down my nihilism with pills to make reality more bearable....
I just wish I was anyone else but me tbh, someone more optimistic and determined... someone with a purpose...
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2023.05.31 09:39 BryanKerr7 Edinburgh Marathon - first marathon

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
A Sub 3:10 Yes
B Sub 3 Yes
B London qualification 2024 hopefully


Kilometer Time
1 4:11
2 4:07
3 3:56
4 4:10
5 3:54
6 4:00
7 4:01
8 4:03
9 4:11
10 4:06
11 4:08
12 4:05
13 4:03
14 4:09
15 4:04
16 4:07
17 4:08
18 4:06
19 4:09
20 4:02
21 4:04
22 4:03
23 4:07
24 4:13
25 4:04
26 4:07
27 4:07
28 4:02
29 4:07
30 4:08
31 4:08
32 4:07
33 4:05
34 4:07
35 4:10
36 4:13
37 4:13
38 4:13
39 4:16
40 4:17
41 4:21
42 4:18
43 3.45


First marathon. Began running in lockdown, seen vast improvements in all my distances, managing to get 5k under 19 mins, 10k under 40 mins, and half marathon under 1:40. I joined a running club in Oct 2022 and seen further improvements in all distances, so I set myself a target of completing a half marathon in under 1:30 and a marathon in under 3.30.
My training consisted on speed work on a Monday (track) and Wednesday (usually in a park or quiet area with no traffic).These sessions are provided by the coaches at my running club. Some examples of the sessions are;
Monday: 5k paced session - 20 x 200m at 5Km Pace/100m Same Time Recovery e.g if 5Km pace is 40s for 200m then 100m recovery is covered in 40s
Wednesday: 10k paced session - 6 x 5 Mins @ 10Km Pace with 2.5 Mins Jog Recovery
Monday: 7 x 800m @ 5Km Pace with 100m in 90s Jog Recovery
Wednesday: 5min, 4min, 3min, 2min, 2min, 3min, 4min, 5min @ 10k pace with half jog rec.
Monday: 10 x 3 Mins/90s Jog Recovery (10k pace)
Wednesday: 8 x 4 Mins @ Half Marathon Pace with 3 Mins Reovery at Easy Run Pace (Not a jog)
Outwith these sessions, I tried to do at least 40km over another 4 runs at an easy pace, keeping heart late below 150bpm. Total monthly kilometres always over 200km. Since the new year I have been trying to hit at least 60km per week.
I booked this marathon last summer and had no idea of a plan or targets. I completed a half marathon in 1.19.59 the end of April this year, and this gave me belief that I would be able to post a good time in this race. I would have been disappointed if I did not manage to complete it in 3.10.
The longest run I completed during my training was an easy run of 33km, about 4 weeks before the race. I was confident I would be able to finish but had no idea how my body would do after that distance at a quicker pace.


I done my last long run (~22km) exactly one week before the race. Easy 10km runs Monday & Tuesday, Wednesday I done 3 x 10km at target marathon pace (4.14/km) with 2 mins rest in between. Another easy run on Thursday and then complete rest Friday & Saturday. On the Wednesday I started upping my carb intake significantly, eating a lot more bread, rice, pancakes, crumpets, scones, tortilla wraps, potatoes and chips. I was feeling rather bloated for these few days so cut back a bit on the Saturday in order to be good for Sunday.
Race day: Got up at 5.30am - big bowl of porridge with a scoop of protein powder, 2 slice of toast & strong coffee. Had a cereal bar and a banana at 8am (2 hours before start). Sipped water through the morning - not too much as was wary of toilet breaks during the race.


Weather on the morning was ideal - good temperature, no wind or rain. Had the potential to heat up later on in the afternoon but overall great running conditions.
Race began at 10am. This was an extremely busy race and had some very narrow points over the first 10km where it was impossible to get by anyone.
The first quarter of the race through the city is all downhill. Great scenery all along closed roads, very enjoyable and a good way to start the race and get warmed up. The streets were packed with spectators and an overall good atmosphere.
KMs 10-30 are where you really need to focus on hitting target pace. The crowds thinned out a bit although there was still locals outside their houses cheering, handing out sweets, playing music, and even a though bands/ dance groups along the way. I always race without earphones in order to take all of this in and it is truly a worthwhile experience. Plenty of water stations along this stretch and the weather was still good. Ran with a few groups during this stretch and chatted away, was lucky enough to move in front of most of them onto the next group.
There is a short gravel section around 28kms around Gosford House. Afterwards I heard a lot of people moaning about this - it certainly is a bit different from running on the road. I suppose it depends on what you are used to, I do a fair bit of trail running as well so felt comfortable. Only thing I would say is the terrain is not suited for the Nike Alphafly.
The last section of the race was by far the most difficult. Temperature had heated up to around ~14 degrees (not roasting, but for us Scots who train all through winter it is on the warmer side). Along with a few gradual inclines on the way back made for some tough kilometres. The number of people I passed on the last stretch who were cramping, being sick or simply walking grew the further I got to the finish line. There also seemed to be less water stations on this section, which is not ideal when you are in the final stages of a marathon.
The final couple of hundred metres was a flat, straight run along mats to the finish line. By far the best part - all the hard work is complete, thousands of spectators and knowing your family and friends are at the finish line waiting to congratulate you. Even better knowing when you know you have smashed every target set!

Nutrition & Strategy

When I signed up for the race I put in a target time of 3.45 - meaning I started in a pen with runners a lot slower than me. This was not ideal as it was very busy and I was stuck behind big groups of runners a lot for the first 20-30mins. I definitely could have went quicker at the beginning, maybe a blessing in disguise as I was still under target pace and perhaps allowed me to not come out the traps too quickly. I took 2 salt tablets every water station, which was every 30 mins or so. Took 1 gel at 10km, 20km then 32km. Fortunately was able to get through the whole race without stopping for the toilet. I was really comfortable up until the last 10km, I had never ran more than this so had no idea how my body would react. I had plenty of time in the bank so I dialled it back a bit to make sure I could finish without cramping or pulling a muscle. My plan before the race was to keep every kilometre below 4.15 and hold on for as long as possible.


I am going to take a few days off to let my body recover. I have a few 10k runs booked throughout the summer and hope to achieve some PBs. The time I posted should also qualify me for London next year.
Made with a new race report generator created by herumph.
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2023.05.31 09:30 Fynria Why is (sticking to) meal planning so impossible? What are your tips for meal prep ?

Cooking and working from home is a big challenge. My partner and me both want to eat healthy and freshly cooked food and somehow manage quite often. But we suck at meal prepping.
I would love to do meal prep but what’s stopping me is that a lot of vegetables get different texture (?) once they are cut and in the fridge for a few days. Do you know what I mean? I get easily grossed out by textures / do not want to eat it anymore if it does not look „right“ to me. I don’t know how to explain it better. Do you have any tips for that ? Like how to preserve them in a certain way.
I often fall back on plain foods (plain rice, plain noodles, …) but also get bored of it and don’t feel full or satisfied. And since my partner often cooks proper meals for us I feel can’t just offer plain foods (which only I enjoy). We try to cook more of dinner to have the leftovers at lunch - but we don’t always calculate right or I get grossed out by reheating for example already fried veggies.
My issue (and for that I don’t know if there will be any advice) is also that I often feel a lack of appetite (I’m not on meds) and am super uncreative when it comes to meals. I created a folder of meals we love, categorised by meal type on Google Keep. But it’s not so helpful for planning. I tried a handwritten planner on the fridge which kinda worked for a few days. I have done research on meal planning apps but a lot come with recipes and I want to add my own because I have very specific dietary needs and won’t eat most things ga suggested there.
Apps I tired KptnCook, Plant to Eat, Plantry.
How do you do it ? How do you people with kids do it ? It’s a mystery to me!
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2023.05.31 09:27 TightAsF_ck Respondent Get Paid £20 for a User Test if you have Luno

Respondent are currently offering £20 to people who use Luno and are willing to record themselves using the app (basically a user test)!

Respondent is one of the better market research sites with opportunities for taking part in focus groups, online diary studies, website tests, and other similar research studies. They have a lot of finance app studies.
They also have the gold mine of a "Homecare" panel, that is well worth signing up to when it opens. It pays a $600 over a year for weekly weigh ins of your cleaning products. Sadly, I still haven't been accepted to tha Homecare panel, but I keep trying whenever I see it!
Here's payment proof for a 10 minute game test I did last week

How to earn some beermoney with Respondend:
  1. Sign up to Respondent: TightAsF_ck's Respondent link
  2. Apply for some studies (they're mostly unmoderated app recordings)
  3. Get paid to PayPal

Current studies:
Respondent always has a whole load of finance related studies that pay $15-$25 for a 10-15 minute user test. Here's the details of the current Luno task
Pays: $25.00 (£20 atm)
Length: 15 min
Interview type: Unmoderated (Remote)
Schpiel: 11:FS Pulse is a research platform for people who want to see how the best finance apps are made. Record and share your experiences with us – both the good and the bad – and we can help your bank to build financial products with you in mind.

There are a load of others too, but I'm not sure many are for the masses.


Respondent sign up [Non-ref](
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2023.05.31 09:24 ThatBoioTaloon Manga/novel about monsters?

I really like monsters, but most manga/novels with monsters that I've read don't really explain much about their monsters, just saying "it's a dragon, it's breath attack hurts, scales hard, let's kill it," and while that's fine, I'm looking for something more.
I'm looking for a manga/novel about monsters, humanoid or not, that really deep dives into how the monsters work. At the very least, a monster girl manga that is actually SFW and isn't just an ero manga, but preferably something that goes beyond standard vampires or beast people. In the subject of monsters with human personality/qualities, I've already read Plant Girl Diaries and Kumo Desu Ga Nani Ka
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2023.05.31 09:15 jyotisingh11 Fantasy Cricket Has Overtaken Other Online Cricket Games

Fantasy Cricket Has Overtaken Other Online Cricket Games
It would be not an exaggeration if we refer to India as a cricket-insane nation. Cricket is not just a sport in this nation as cricket runs through the veins of the majority of the population. It is a common thing in India when the whole family sits together and watches cricket matches on their television or puts a projector on roads on a major cricket tournament such as Indian Premier League or International World Cup.
People worship cricket here and follow every match in this nation. This sport unites people irrespective of their age, caste, gender or religion. In the last few years, fantasy cricket has gained popularity beyond expectations. With the digital advancements, cricket has not been restricted to televisions and it has evolved the concept of fantasy sports platforms.
In a fantasy cricket contest, you will be able to experience the same enthusiasm that you feel in a field match. You can make your dream true of owning a cricket team along with the opportunity to win exciting rewards.
Have you wondered why fantasy cricket is getting more popular as compared to other online platforms? If your mind is stuck with the same query, this blog is perfect for you as here we are going to discuss reasons stating why fantasy cricket is getting a competitive edge over other online games.
  1. Feels Sense of Responsibility
Your obligation as a fan in a cricket match experiences a shooting rise whenever you make a team consisting of 11 players. You will be feeling a direct connection with the match as scores and wickets taken by your selected players are representing you in the match. Their scores will lead to getting a good rank that would enhance your chances of winning rewards.
  1. Play Through the Comfort of Your Home
As we have already discussed that cricket is the most loved sport in India. Times have gone when you have to travel long distances to become a part of a cricket match of your favourite team. With the evolution of fantasy cricket, you just have to download a fantasy cricket app, log in with your credentials and play fantasy cricket from the comfort of your home.
  1. Train You How to Select a Great Team
Fantasy cricket helps you in understanding the real concept behind discipline, tolerance and perseverance. You can be able to upgrade your game and enhance your chances of winning by selecting a strong team using a smart strategy. These fantasy cricket platforms will train you will be creating an ideal team in the most awful scenarios.
  1. Learn How to Face Challenges
Fantasy cricket is a game of skills and it remains challenging at several times. For winning a competition, it is required that you use your possessed skills in the best possible manner to overcome the challenges. As fantasy cricket offers you the opportunity of getting huge rewards, it will enhance your desire to create your fantasy cricket team.
Best Fantasy Cricket App in India
After knowing so many exciting things about playing fantasy cricket, you must be excited to enter the world of fantasy gaming. However, for this, you will be required to choose a fantasy cricket app. There are so many fantasy sports platforms in India and choosing the best one is as complex as finding a needle in a haystack.
If your mind is stuck in the same confusion, we are here to resolve your query by recommending the best fantasy cricket app in India. Think11 is a fantasy sports app where you can play fantasy cricket and get exciting cash rewards. This digital platform is equipped with a user-friendly interface where you will be getting 24x7 customer support. You can enter into the world of fantasy gaming with various international and domestic cricket tournaments listed on this platform. You can also directly transfer the winning amount to your bank account provided, you have completed the KYC documentation.
So download this fantasy cricket platform today on your smartphone and follow your passion for actively participating in your favourite sports.
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2023.05.31 09:10 jleanns June 4th TW: Suicide

I’ve decided that June 4th is the day. I’ll be house sitting for my friend here out of town. I started making a list earlier today and then spent the night working on the things I need to get done. It’s now 3am and I have work tomorrow.. but I don’t care about work. I want them to have the resources they need to backfill my position though. Working through that list is a nice distraction for some time, but I have things to do in order to prepare for the big day.
So far, I have: - written down all of my bills with due dates, amounts, account info, etc. - made a list of my doctors and other appointment-like people (hopefully my family contacts them to let them know of my passing) - list of important phone numbers.. people who I consider friends and some of my other family members - alllll bank info
I still need to do the following: - write my obituary - jot down my wishes - write letters - figure out how I’m going to do it..
That day, I will go in the afternoon to a restaurant my ex took me to when he asked me to be his girlfriend. I will order the lobster bisque soup and eat it. Go to a concert in the evening and then when I get back, it’s happening.
I have nothing else to live for. I’ve spent the last 28 years of my life with constant pain, hurt and trauma. Years of my life in therapy has done nothing to help. I’m tired.
With the life I’ve had, hell doesn’t seem as scary.
Someone please tell my mom that I am sorry.. and this is not anyone’s fault. It’s just time.
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2023.05.31 09:09 sugar-soad I was recently crowned America's Next Top Serial Killer (part 2)

I awoke and gazed around at a room I didn't recognise. I immediately started suffering from deja vu as I remembered what had transpired last year. I made my way to the door and looked down an empty hallway. I started moving forward towards the two large doors at the end of the hall.
The room inside was sparsely lit so I inched my way inside. I nearly jumped out of my skin when the door slammed shut behind me. Floodlights suddenly lit up the room and I had to use my hands to shield my eyes. A voice started booming over an intercom to announce that we were the contestants for this year's America's Next Top Serial Killer. A number of previous winners were now competing to see who was the ultimate serial killer.
My eyes adjusted to the lights and I saw there were a number of other people in the room with me. A few of them were looking over at me with sneering looks on their faces. They obviously knew I had won by sheer luck and had started off as an intended victim.
They were all dressed in an assortment of clothing while I was dressed in a hoodie and a pair of tracksuit bottoms. I spotted a number of weapons lying on a table nearby and went over to investigate. I quickly picked up a bow and a quiver of arrows as I used to be quite good as a child.
A number of large men came in and began leading us to a couple of golf carts. We were then led along a number of passages. We stopped intermittently and one of the other killers hopped off and were led away. I was the last one to be ushered out. I was led to a ladder and told to climb.
I climbed the ladder and stepped out into an open field. There was no one around me so I began to move forward at a steady pace. I spun around after hearing running footsteps approaching me from behind.
A woman carrying a spear with a small American flag attached was charging at me. The spear was lowered and she obviously intended to gut me. I stood aside at the last moment and stuck my foot out to trip her.
She fell awkwardly and the spear managed to embed itself in her throat. Blood started spurting out of her mouth as she lay on the ground. She looked like she was trying to say something but all that came out were bubbles of blood. I noticed a name tag on the spear and it said Lady Liberty. Her eyes slowly dimmed and I stood over her corpse for a few more moments.
I heard shouting in the distance and made my way towards it to see what was going on. I walked into a scene of absolute chaos. One of the other killers had cornered a group of victims and was using a flamethrower to burn them alive. Their screams were cut off as the flames destroyed their vocal cords. Within seconds they were nothing but charred ash.
I nocked an arrow and tried to sneak up behind the killer to get a better shot. I don't know how he heard but he suddenly wheeled around and smiled when he saw me. I had to rush back as he turned the flamethrower on me and the flames missed me by mere inches. I decided to call him Pyro as it suited him
I started to use the wide open space to my advantage. I refused to get too close to him so his weapon was useless. I could see that he was starting to tire as he was lugging around a heavy flamethrower. Sweat was pouring down his forehead and I decided to finish him.
I let loose an arrow and it managed to hit the tank on his back. He seemed to smile at me milliseconds before the tank exploded. His body became a flaming inferno and he tried to roll on the ground to put out the flames but to no avail. I considered killing him with an arrow but decided to let him burn. I started to move away as the smell of burnt flesh was starting to make me hungry.
I searched the area and found no one else alive. I did find some food supplies and quickly ate my fill. There was some cooked meat for sandwiches but I opted not to as I kept thinking of Pyro's burning flesh. I spotted cameras in nearby trees and considered destroying them but thought it would be best to leave them alone.
I spotted a couple of bicycles nearby and found a map attached to all of them. They showed my location and also indicated where we needed to go next.
I hopped onto the bicycle and began to move towards my next destination. I planned to save a few of the intended victims and kill the rest of these bloody killers.
I saw something on the horizon and was confused to see what looked like a cemetery in the middle of nowhere. I ditched the bicycle outside the entrance and hyped myself up before entering.
The interior of the cemetery was dark and foreboding as a large number of trees cast shadows over everything. I kept seeing movement out of the corner of my eye which were only branches moving in the wind.
I crept forward with an arrow ready to let fly at a moment's notice. I was soon surrounded by shadows as the trees were all around me. I was having to step over the gravestones as many of them were cracked and broken.
I stupidly tripped over a gravestone that was buried in grass, which managed to save my life. I felt a breeze against the back of my neck as I was falling. I quickly pushed myself off the ground to see a man standing beside me carrying a scythe. He had obviously swung it at me but had missed due to me falling. He was dressed all in black and wore a hood that covered his face.
I lashed out with my foot and heard a satisfying crack as it connected with his knee. He fell backwards and I flinched as I heard the sickening sound of his head smashing into one of the gravestones. I found his name tag and wasn't surprised that it read Grim. I pulled his hood back and laughed when I saw his face. He looked so much like my old science teacher Mr Rogers who always showed up to work with the stench of alcohol on his breath.
I started to move through the rest of the cemetery and found the decapitated remains of victims who Grim had managed to sneak up on. Many of their faces looked surprised as if he had caught them completely unawares.
There was a paved road on the other side of the cemetery and I found a number of segways hidden close by and more food supplies. I spent a few minutes learning how to ride without falling off before setting off along the road. The road was very thin and the woods on either side could have hidden anything.
I passed bodies that looked like they had been ripped apart by a wild animal and decided to walk the rest of the way. I kept getting a feeling that I was being watched and I could feel the hair standing up on the back of my neck. I heard something come charging out of the woods and I let fly with an arrow.
A demonic creature came tearing out of the woods and I knew that I was dead. It seemed to be seeming to size me up before suddenly falling forwards. I was frozen in shock for a couple of seconds before finally snapping out of it.
I spotted my arrow in the creature's head and was ecstatic that I killed it. I quickly realised that this wasn't a creature but an almost seven foot tall man. He was naked except for a pair of underwear and was covered in mud and god knows what else. I opted not to look for a name tag and just call him The Beast.
I found a clearing nearby and decided to get some rest as it was starting to get dark and I could barely stay standing.
I awoke the next morning invigorated and determined to kill anyone that stood in my way of surviving this. I still had a healthy supply of arrows left so I just needed to keep any enemies at bay.
I started to jog forward along the road as I wanted to get this finished by the end of the day. I slowed my pace as I reached the bottom of a steep hill. I set a steady pace on the way up but didn't exert myself as I knew that I might need the energy later in the day.
I finally reached the peak and stood there gazing down at the horrific sight that was unfolding in front of me. Three of the killers had teamed up and were now slaughtering a number of victims. The victims were running around like headless chickens and were being easily picked off one by one.
I grabbed an arrow and fired it at a man wearing a Jim Carrey mask who was killing his victims with what looked like a stick of sharpened liquorice. I let out a satisfied sigh as I watched the arrow go through his ear. He turned his head for a moment and I saw the tip had exited the far side. He took two steps forward before falling dead on the floor.
The two other killers had finished off the other victims and now began to make their way toward me. I grabbed an arrow to fire and then began to panic as it dropped out of my hand. The killers quickly covered the distance and I prepared to use the bow as a club.
I tried to keep both killers in my eyeline as they circled around me. One was a girl dressed in a cheerleader's uniform who kept twirling a baton with blades on either end. The other was a male dressed as a pirate who had hooks on the end of each arm. He had an eyepatch covering one of his eyes.
The Pirate darted forward and I managed to whack him on the side of the head. I ducked out of instinct and watched as the baton was swung harmlessly over my head. I managed to swing the bow and knock the baton out of her hands. I then grabbed the arrow I had dropped earlier and plunged it into her eye. She seemed to be winking at me before walking off.
The Pirate let out a cry of anguish and ran over to her. He held onto her as she slowly began to fall over. He started to weep and begged her to get up. He gazed at me with a look of fury and then suddenly charged at me. I grabbed her baton and placed it in front of me. He must not have seen it because he impaled himself on it. He stared at me for a few seconds before looking down at the blade that was now stuck in his gut. He pulled the baton out of my hands and made his way back to the Cheerleader. He lay down beside her and died in her arms.
I did a quick count in my head and knew there was only one killer left. I walked past the recently killed victims and made my way down the slope towards the bottom of the hill.
My heart was beating quickly as I knew that I was one kill away from surviving. I noticed what looked like a pitch ahead and knew that was where this would be decided.
The final killer stood on the pitch awaiting me. He was dressed in an American Football uniform that had once been white but was now stained red due to the bodies that lay at his feet.
I fired an arrow that struck him in the shoulder and he barely flinched. I could see a fresh trickle of blood running down so I knew that I got through his uniform. He charged at me and I quickly fired another arrow which missed him by inches. I moved at the last second but he still collided with my side and I was sent sprawling to the pitch. The bow went flying out of my hands and he stood on it and snapped it.
I began wheezing as he moved away and seemed to be gloating. He waited until I got my breath back and stood up before coming at me once again. I managed to avoid him this time but knew I wouldn't survive for very long.
He turned around and advanced on me while obviously intending to use his overwhelming strength to crush me. He pulled me into a bear hug and I started to feel light headed as his arms crushed my body.
I managed to grab a hold of the hook that I had cut off the Pirate's hand and plunged it at his groin area. He immediately released me and I fell to the floor. He was now bent forward and I crawled forward and used the hook to slice open the back of his ankles. His feet gave way beneath him and I climbed on top of him and used the hook to open up his jugular.
Music began blaring and the same host from last year seemed to emerge from nowhere. He grabbed my arm and wrenched it into the air while declaring me the ultimate serial killer. He then stepped back after looking into my eyes. A number of armed guards appeared after he clicked his fingers. I moved past them and towards a door which I hoped would lead me away from this place.
100 million was transferred into my bank account the next day but I refuse to touch it. I have been searching for a job lately and always smile when applying for jobs when they ask do you have any special skills. Unfortunately no job I apply for is looking for someone who is exceptionally good at killing people.
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2023.05.31 09:02 LuckySquare9383 Digital Public Infrastructure

The digital age has brought significant changes in the way we communicate, do business, and govern. As technology continues to advance, it has become clear that the public sector needs to embrace these innovations to better serve citizens. One concept that has gained traction is the idea of a digital public infrastructure, which can improve transparency, accountability, and efficiency in governance.
The VREV Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on creating blockchain-based solutions for public good, is leading the way in this field. Blockchain technology offers a secure and tamper-proof way of storing and sharing data, making it ideal for creating public blockchain infrastructure. By leveraging blockchain for governance, the VREV Foundation aims to create a system that can transform the way governments operate.
One way in which blockchain technology can be used is to improve voting systems. By using a public blockchain, votes can be securely recorded and tallied, making the process more transparent and less prone to fraud. Additionally, blockchain can be used to create digital identities that are secure and verifiable, making it easier for citizens to access public services and participate in government processes.
Another area where blockchain can be utilized is in supply chain management. By creating a public blockchain infrastructure for tracking goods, it becomes easier to verify the authenticity and origin of products. This can help to combat counterfeit goods, reduce waste, and improve the safety of products.
The VREV Foundation is also exploring the use of blockchain for creating digital currencies, which can be used to provide financial services to people who do not have access to traditional banking systems. This can help to promote financial inclusion and reduce poverty.
In conclusion, the concept of a digital public infrastructure has the potential to transform governance, making it more transparent, accountable, and efficient. By leveraging blockchain technology, the VREV Foundation is leading the way in creating public blockchain infrastructure that can improve the lives of citizens around the world.
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