Racist dawg king of the hill

I tell you hwat.

2010.11.08 03:44 roger_ I tell you hwat.

A subreddit for fans of Mike Judge's 1997 animated series "King Of The Hill"

2022.10.25 06:07 Chunk_Cheese KingOfTheHillSleepers

A community for people who like falling asleep while watching King of the Hill! 🛌 😴

2021.03.22 11:11 QueerPapi KingOfTheHillFanfic

A collection of 7 short stories giving us a glimpse of what Arlen is like through the eyes of today. The introduction of PC culture, aftermath of a global pandemic and the strengthening of the Black Life Matter movement. The world has changed and exploring Arlen more in depth as the set of these short stories take place 20 years after the series ended. *This is just Fanfic.

2023.05.31 11:24 hoagsobjectearth One Kings Lane Promo Code for June 2023

Visit this page for One Kings Lane Promo Code for June 2023. The website offers a wide selection of coupons, promo codes, and discount deals that are updated regularly, just visit the website to find the perfect one for you.
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2023.05.31 11:23 CooksieWulf How much of Until Dawn PS3 Prototype can I play?

I just heard there was a prototype of Until Dawn on the ps3, and I heard that it was 95 percent complete, and the only things that are different are the graphical changes, the non existence of Dr.Hill and the first person view. The story is almost identical, so how much of it can I play, I want to play Until Dawn but don't have a ps4, so the only alternative is this (even if it is pretty different).
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2023.05.31 11:23 Banzo41 Stephen King

I recently watched this Stephen king interview where he said “I write 6 pages a day, that’s about 2 months of writing a 300 page book” and that is how he releases 3 books in 6 months.
I’m sorry but that just makes it sound like horrible writing. How can you 3 book ideas in 6 months? All of which are unique and layered and meaningful. This just says to me that if he can polish 6 pages in a day, and have 3 ‘original plots’, then it might not be that good.
Can anyone who reads Stephen King’s new books inform of their opinion on his writing? From what I know, just pumps out horror novels non-stop. This post doesn’t really apply to the green mile and his older work, as I’m not sure of the timeframes he wrote them and seeing as they were very successful, probably aren’t as similar as his new ones which I haven’t seen gain as much support.
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2023.05.31 11:23 ukaelezerk Where to watch The Seven Swords: Eye of Chaos Drama subbed online, no pop-ads, for free!

Where to watch The Seven Swords: Eye of Chaos Drama subbed online, no pop-ads, for free!
Looking for place to watch The Seven Swords: Eye of Chaos for free? We just updated it to Drama Full, follow the below link to watch/download it: The Seven Swords: Eye of Chaos
Rumors of the rivers and lakes, in the Shura Mountain, the hidden gods and the magic phoenix double repair, the magic phoenix repaired the magic eye, once smashed into the rivers and lakes, the emperor to curb the magic of the magic, to repair the eyes of God. The magic eye can repair the body of King Kong, which makes the skill increase, while the god eye can contain the magic eye.
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2023.05.31 11:22 NotSoAlphaMan It isn't racist for women to prefer white men

Contrary to the popular rhetoric on here, it's not racist to prefer certain race(s) romantically or sexually.
Definition of racism: noun
prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized. "a programme to combat racism" 
h Synonymes : racial discrimination racialism racial prejudice xenophobia intolerance bigotry chauvinism fascism Nazism apartheid
the belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another. "theories of racism" 
Definition of preference: a greater liking for one alternative over another or others. "her preference for white wine"
A woman stating she prefers white men isn't saying that other races of men are inferior. She simply just doesn't prefer them. Sexual rejection or apathy =/= hatred of a human being
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2023.05.31 11:21 stellafleurets Safe to play?

Hello~, i’m someone with a congenital heart condition (truncus arteriosus type 1 if it helps!), i have never been a fan of horror; silent hill games and the likes. I really can’t stand jumpscares, i tend to scare easily by those. i have played a bit of omori and reached the aubrey door scene (it did scare me, the knocking did too but i didnt lose sleep over it, i laughed about it later that day). Does the game have more instances like that? the build up towards a jumpscare or a scary face or loud noise makes me anxious, i don’t mind the dark themes, but if it has many jumpscares i might be content w watching a play thru ;;
i don’t mind its dark themes, just the sudden sounds coming and suddenly smth popping on the screen is what im worried about. thank you ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ
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2023.05.31 11:19 OUPES__Official 7 Reasons Why Portable Power Stations Are Perfect for RV Camping

In 2019, only 4% of households that went camping were first-time campers. However, following the pandemic, that number increased significantly to 21%. Are you planning on RV camping?
A portable power station is the perfect companion for your next RV camping trip. These innovative units provide a safe and reliable source of power when you’re on the go. You can enjoy all the comforts of home without worrying about being stuck in a remote area.
Supercharge your RV experience with a portable power station for camping. Not only will you enjoy convenience when you invest in a solar generator for an RV, but there is a load of other benefits.
A portable power supply will elevate your RV experience in more ways than one. Read on to discover why you should invest in a rechargeable power station today before your next camping trip.

1. Eco-friendly

If you enjoy camping, it's likely because you have a passion for nature and want to experience the fresh air of the woods. You are probably passionate about your carbon footprint and leaving as little impact as possible on the planet.
If you're trying to decide between a solar-based power station and a fuel-based generator for camping, it's best to choose the solar power station. They don't produce pollution, keeping the air in your camping area clean and safe to breathe. And because they use renewable energy, they have a minimal environmental impact making them a great choice for eco-conscious campers.

2. Minimal Noise

One of the main reasons people enjoy camping is that it's a great way to get away from the noise of everyday life. Using a noisy diesel generator to make coffee while primitive camping won't impress your neighbors who share the space.
If you require additional power but prefer not to disturb your peaceful vacation, a portable power station with a solar panel may be the solution.
You can use the station to boost your unit's power and also charge your equipment and devices when using it outdoors.

3. Portability of Outlets

RV camping is a great way to enjoy outdoor adventures and explore different places. It's special to park your RV at the foot of a hill or by a beautiful beach, creating unforgettable memories. However, at times, your RV might feel a bit restricting.
When you set up your campground or picnic spot near your RV, you may realize you are far from your home comforts. It can be frustrating to have to set up long extension cords from your RV to your camp spot. This can also drain power and can be limited by their reach.
If you have a portable power station in your RV, you can enhance your outdoor experience. Add in fairy lights or set up a projector for a movie; the options are endless.

4. Charging Flexibility

RVs usually use two energy sources to charge onboard leisure batteries: the mains hook-up and the engine alternator.
Relying solely on these two methods might restrict you as you need to either drive your vehicle to charge the batteries or get electrical access from a campsite by paying for it. It may seem like a lot of work just to power a couple of electrical devices.
A portable power station is also a great choice as an emergency backup for power outages at home. They can also be used in your garden for BBQs and parties without having wires saying about as a trip hazard.

5. Prevent Power Drains

Getting a low-power warning alarm from your RV's power station can be very frustrating during an RV trip. Our love of electrical gadgets is difficult for RVs to handle and keep up with.
Our reliance on electrical devices has increased, and they need to be charged frequently. When we add in an AC unit or entertainment system, our RV's capacity is quickly reached.
Using portable power stations can resolve the issue of power drains. They do this easily and cost-effectively. By using a portable power station, you can avoid tripping fuses, extend your watt hours, and extend the life of your RV batteries by taking the strain off your RV's power supply.

6. Endless Energy Supply

Portable solar power stations work like a large batteries. They will store enough electricity to power your essentials for a weekend camping trip with just one charge.
One of the advantages of solar energy is that it allows you to produce electricity during daylight hours. Unlike gasoline or other non-renewable sources of energy, solar energy is sustainable and comes at no cost.

7. Easy to Use

Using portable solar power stations is convenient because you don need to depend on fuel. You don't have to carry extra gas or have access to a gas station.
Using a portable solar power station is a convenient and easy way for RV campers to access energy; you simply need to plug in the station to your RV and leave it in the sun. It will automatically store enough electricity to power your needs for the duration of your camping trip.

Looking for a Portable Power Station?

Portable power stations are an excellent choice for RV campers looking to enjoy their outdoor adventure. You can forget about the hassle of dealing with long extension cords and draining your RV's batteries.
Visit OUPES to discover the best portable power station for your needs. Our units are robust, powerful, and easy to use. Visit the online store today to browse our power products.
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2023.05.31 11:17 theresnothinginmyway 10:17 am, that can only mean rockbusters time

Got 3 good clues this week so see how you get on.
First one - So um Gary Lineker' brother right, he's not exactly a giant is he? Not really. That's LW the initials.
Smithy's sister out of Gavin and Stacey, she's a bit crazy. She's this you'd probably say. That's just R for that one.
And finally ya know, Jamie Redknapp's ex, um she's having a bit of medicine and she's sitting by a river in Chester. Think that makes sense. Remember they're cryptic n that. Oh the initials are LC almost forgot.
Decent prizes this week, I've got the best of Bob Marley and Kings of Leon CDs going spare. Ladder 49 on video as well so worth emailing in I reckon. Right, shall we have some ads?
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2023.05.31 11:16 teller_of_tall_tales The friends we made...

Dart gripped the rusty pipe he'd taken as a weapon. Swinging hard, he smashed the giant hissing lizard in the face. He heard a crunch as the creature crumbled, skull caved in.
Breathing heavily, Dart cursed this labyrinthine prison. Made back in the dark ages of the universe, it was meant to be escapable, but your odds were millions to one. First you needed to find a gate key, then you needed to find a gate. At least, that's what all the signs said. Yet he'd been wandering around fighting these stupid lizards and machines.
Caught in his reverie, Dart didn't notice the massive lizard creeping up behind him until it shrieked, biting for the soft flesh between neck and shoulder.
A flash of silver and the Lizard head went flying into the air. A human male kicking dart away even as the creature's acidic blood spurted his direction. The human whipped the axe around, flicking blood off of it before turning and offering his hand.
"Gotta stay sharp kid. This place just waits for a lack of Concentration to throw you a curve ball."
Dart breathed a ragged sigh of relief before taking the human's hand.
"Thank you, I thought I was a gonner."
The human smiled confidently and slid the axe into a holster on his belt.
"Not a problem, name's Jebediah King, I'm somewhat of a veteran of this place."
"Dart, just... Just Dart, I don't even know where 'this place' is... I just wanna go home."
The human frowned sympathetically patting Dart's shoulder before offering a hand to help him up.
"I do too bud, tell you what, I know of a key room near here. It's heavily guarded, but I think I'll be able to fight off the mechs while you snatch the key."
Dart looked suspiciously at the human. Considering the option to hit them with his pipe before running. But the human had their axe sheathed and was otherwise unarmed. Slowly he took Jebediah's hand and let the human haul him to his feet. But, Dart still couldn't assuage his worries just yet. He needed the humans word that he wouldn't hurt him.
"How do I know you won't just kill me after I get the key? Your species doesn't have the best reputation for when you're backed into a corner."
Jebediah looked hurt, but nodded in understanding.
"If that was the case, I'd have asked you to fight the mechs while I grab the key."
Dart nodded cautiously, the human's logic was sound.
"Okay, lead the way."
Jebediah nodded and drew his axe before turning and starting to walk down the hall in the direction Dart had come from.
"Back this way you're normally inserted within a few hundred yards of a key room."
Dart bobbed his head and followed on Jebediah's heels. The metal corridor stretching on far longer than what felt like a few hundred yards. Occasionally they came into contact with the mechanized guards or giant lizards. But with a little bit of teamwork and Jebediah kiting them around, they escaped most combat unscathed. Eventually, a door with a little key symbol engraved on it appeared around a bend. Jebediah paused and stopped Dart from immediately opening the door.
"An alarm is going to sound when this door opens, it's going to draw a lot of baddies our way. What I need you to do is sprint as fast as you can across the key room and start the key-making progress then wait until you can grab the key. Once you have a key everything should leave you alone."
Dart nodded along, looking at the door with apprehension. He looked back at Jebediah.
"What do I do if you die?"
Jebediah smiled.
"Not happening, now, when I open this door you've got approximately three minutes to get in, get a key made and get back to me before the prison fills the room with a poisonous gas. Ready"
Dart looked from Jeb to the door, then he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, opened his eyes and nodded.
Jebediah swung the door open and Dart ran in as a wailing alarm split the air. Dart had no issues spotting the massive red button marked "make key." He kept over an inactive machine and slammed the button, making the room hum to life as the machinery began to move.
Nervous and on the clock, Dart watched Jebediah's fight.
Axe and owner danced through machine and lizard alike. The bearded blade of the axe biting deep into both flesh and exposed circuitry. Beams of light scorched the rust from the walls and acidic spit reapplied it as the axe welding maniac dodged the shining crystal gaze of the mechs and acidic saliva from the lizards. A loud Beep sounded from the button and an odd blue crystal dropped out of a chute.
Elated, Dart began running back towards Jeb.
A mech raised it's arm from where it lay legless on the ground.
A lizard bit into Jebediah's axe arm, halting the swing that would've ended the mech.
The Mech's gauntlet flashed and boomed as a kinetic projectile ripped through Jebediah's body a few inches below the sternum.
Dart screamed his defiance, leaping over a still running machine and bringing Jebediah into the Key's safe zone.
The Mechs deactivated, the lizards ran, Jebediah crumpled, bleeding profusely.
Dart knelt by what he could safely call his only friend, ripping off his own shirt he packed it against the human's wound. Frantically trying to calm the panicked man down.
"I've got the key, don't die on me Jeb!"
The human's eyes sharpened and he shook his head, clutching the shirt to his wound. Jebediah took a breath and hacked up some blood before saying.
"You're gonna have to carry me, I think it clipped my spine... Please... don't leave me behind Dart..."
Fear entered the human's eyes and dart froze. He had the key, he could just run... But Jebediah had risked his life to give him the time to do it. He couldn't pay back the human's kindness with betrayal. He swallowed and nodded.
"I've got you, gimme your uninjured arm."
Breathing heavily, Jebediah slung his good arm around Dart's neck. The young Filosian struggling slightly under the human's weight. Carrying Jebediah free, he asked.
"Where's the exit Jeb? We gotta get you to a doctor."
The human was growing pale as he responded.
"The exit's back where you started.. it's... It's that metal archway you woke up beneath."
Dart nodded, pushing his burning legs to go faster as he retraced his steps to familiar territory. Leaving a trail of Jeb's blood in his wake. Dart turned a corner, spotting the jagged edge of a pipe jutting from the wall. The place he'd gotten his pipe. At the next intersection, he turned left and found himself at the arch.
Dart panted excitedly, gently setting Jeb down against the wall saying.
"It's okay I'll get it activated and we can-"
The human grabbed Dart's arm, a sad, sad smile on his pale face.
"Just you man... Just... Just you. My journey ended a long time ago. I just wanted to make sure somebody got out before... Before I could rest. Thank you, Dart for being my friend... And Thank You... For... Making... It... Out......."
Jebediah's eyes glazed over, the smile on his face and the words on his lips dying with him. Like ash on a windy day, the human's flesh darkened and blew away. Leaving only a pile of bones and a rusty pair of holo-tags.
Dart looked down at the bones. They weren't Jebediah. They weren't Jebediah. They weren't Jebedia-
He felt the tears coming as he looked back. A trail of rust in that streaked from the door to the pile of bones. Dart let himself cry as he fell to his knees, gently taking Jebediah's holo-tags. The holographic tags weakly shone when he tapped their buttons.




Dart slowly stood, gripping the holo-tags so tight his knuckles turned white. He staggered to the arch and set the key crystal in a slot at the top. Before he walked through, he looked back at the pile of bones before taking off the shirt he'd thought he'd taken off to staunch Jebediah's bleeding.
Tying the sleeves and neck closed, Dart gently collected Jebediah's bones into the makeshift bag with tears in his eyes.
"I'm not leaving you behind Jeb... We're both getting out of here..."
Setting his friends skull gently on top of the rest, Dart cradled the bag as he stepped through the archway.
"I don't care if it takes the rest of my life... I'll get you home Jeb... I'll get you home..."
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2023.05.31 11:14 Ctrl__P The Sequins…

The Sequins…
When King Tut’s tomb was discovered in 1922, gold sequinlike disks were found sewn onto the Egyptian royal’s garments. It’s assumed they’d ensure he’d be financially and sartorially prepared for the afterlife.
Sewing precious metals and coins onto clothing wasn’t just prepping for the hereafter. In fact, the origins of the word “sequin” have always referenced wealth.
“Sequin” originated from the Arabic word sikka, meaning “coin.” Sewing gold and other precious metals onto clothing was multifunctional, serving as a status symbol, a theft deterrent or a spiritual guide. Especially for those with more nomadic lifestyles, coins were kept close to the body and attached to clothes (see example above).
In 14th-century South America, chiefs wore gold sequins on their battle gear to make their impressive war maneuvers sparkle, turning the battlefield into a great gleam of light.
“The sequins Tripping on the light, whoa I feel it Hugging me so tight, whoa”
Sequins are traditionally sewn to the garment using a single thread; similar to that which is used to fly a kite, stitch a seam or sew a wound.
“To dress up a wound, heal a scar I’ve caught the wind in a kite of dreams In a flight of seams”
Acknowledging the fact that Josh has claimed Sacred the Thread is about his jumpsuits, this seems to me to be satirical and metaphoric similar to ‘wearing ones heart on their sleeve.’
Sacred describes something that is considered worthy of spiritual respect or devotion; or inspires awe or reverence among believers.
This appears to connect strongly with the description of Meeting the Master:
"'Meeting the Master' peers into an esoteric world heeded by the word of a wise teacher. Sung in the voice of a devout believer, and eventual group exclamation, the song details the love these fervent followers have for their teacher and their firm belief in his vision."
It is my belief that this describes the unknown creator of Bitcoin - Satoshi Nakamoto and the growing global community adopting a free and open monetary system. Bitcoin is ‘freedom technology’ providing millions of people refuge from authoritarianism, high and hyper-inflating currency as well as state controlled monetary policy.
The Bitcoin blockchain, originally referred to as the ‘timechain’ is the protocol ‘stitching’ the 21 million coins together. I believe Bitcoin is the Sacred Thread.
“Like freedom sewn And the people roar And the people soar”
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2023.05.31 11:14 insane_gandalf Dystopian fiction, dehumanization, individualism, terror in general

I've been reading and logging books on Goodreads, always thought that I enjoy different genres of books, such as fantasy, some horror, adventures, etc. Well I looked through my "read" shelf and think that dystopian fiction, dehumanization, individualism are topics that I read the most. Based on this, I picked out 6 books that I enjoyed the most (in no particular order) and would love to hear your suggestions on what should I read next. Tender is the Flesh was my latest book and I finished it basically in one sitting, I was captivated and couldn't stop reading, although some parts made me mumble WTF.
Oh and I suggest all of these books for everyone interested in dark reads. Some of them are lighter, but one thing in common is probably a feeling of desperation.
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2023.05.31 11:12 Slight-News-3137 Repost as it got removed: So the king of the letter “S” is… Scar Tissue! With a huge 2913 votes! Commiserations to 2nd place which was Soul to Squeeze with 1934 votes and 3rd place Sir Psycho Sexy with 1619 votes. Onto day 20 for the letter “T”! Comment your favourite song!

Repost as it got removed: So the king of the letter “S” is… Scar Tissue! With a huge 2913 votes! Commiserations to 2nd place which was Soul to Squeeze with 1934 votes and 3rd place Sir Psycho Sexy with 1619 votes. Onto day 20 for the letter “T”! Comment your favourite song! submitted by Slight-News-3137 to u/Slight-News-3137 [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 11:12 Smiths_fan137 The last Spanish royal family that can be considered imperial a few months before the exile of King Alfonso XIII

The last Spanish royal family that can be considered imperial a few months before the exile of King Alfonso XIII
Left to right sitting: Princess Beatriz of Spain; Princess Maria Cristina of Spain; Consort Queen Victoria Eugenia of Battenberg; Infante Gonzalo of Spain; Beatrice of Sax-Coburg-and-Gotha - Duchess of Galliera Left to right standing: Infante Jaime of Spain, Duke of Segovia; Alfonso de Orleans-Borbon, Duke of Galliera; Infante Alfonso of Spain, Prince of Asturias; King Alfonso XIII of Spain; Infante Juan, the Count of Barcelona (Juan Carlos's father).
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2023.05.31 11:12 Agreeable-Cancel8567 Congratulations to Chennai Super kings

Congratulations to Chennai Super kings
CSK crowned as IPL Champions for the 5th time
Chennai Super Kings (CSK) defeated Gujarat Titans (GT) by five wickets (DLS) in a rain-hit thriller to #win their fifth IPL title in a row at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on Monday (29 May).
Five trophies in 14 seasons for CSK, under the #captaincy of #legend MS Dhoni!
What a nail-biting match it was! FirstLease extends big congratulations to Chennai Super Kings (CSK) on their remarkable #victory in the IPL 2023!
CSK has once again shown their mettle, determination, and exceptional skills to emerge as the #champions of the tournament. Throughout the season, CSK's performances have been extraordinary and captivating #cricket fans #worldwide.
Your consistent performances, professionalism, and unwavering spirit have won the #hearts of millions of cricket enthusiasts.
Keep Inspiring!!!
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2023.05.31 11:11 isdabest Terrible

Can you even call this a meme
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2023.05.31 11:09 Any_Sherbert_2072 Maintain campus cleanliness Reject Yan Limon for Perelman Medical College

In the global epidemic, the economy is shrinking, the employment rate is low, the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine hired Yan Limeng as the hospital staff, this non-racist, non-discriminatory for Asian employees to provide jobs behavior, reflects the college's fraternity, equality. But the Perelman School of Medicine in the hiring of like-minded employees, it is time to consider the maintenance of campus cleanliness as the first task, reject Yan Limeng on stage to join the medical school.
Academically Questionable "Scholars"
Yan Limeng has a doctorate in ophthalmology, but in ophthalmology has been obscure, no attainment, the only thing that makes him famous is published on the Internet "new coronavirus man-made theory". Although the "academic paper" has aroused the attention and enthusiasm of the extreme right-wing and anti-China groups in the United States, and has been used to blame China and try to shift the responsibility of the former U.S. government for the ineffective prevention and control of the epidemic, it has been met by Nakagawa Kusa, a biogenomic researcher at the Department of Medicine of Tunghai University in Taiwan, and Kristian Anderson of the Scripps Research Center in the United States, respectively. However, they were challenged by experts and scholars such as Kristian Andersen of the Scripps Research Center and others in the New York Times, National Geographic, and other media or social media platforms, while Chinese dissident Fang Zhouzi published a direct article "Refuting the Conspiracy Theory of "New Coronavirus Man-Made"" and Columbia University virologist Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University, even argued that Yan Limeng's paper was "political propaganda" aimed at deception.
Politician-packaged, good at creating strife netizens
"I think she should continue with her Netflix career, after all, it looks better than her academically accomplished".
"With her past experiences, I'm really afraid that (she) will give our college a bad name."
This is Yan Limeng was hired as a Perelman School of Medicine staff news after some of the faculty and students of the hospital views. In addition, an anonymous association of the school launched a survey report on whether Yan Limeng should be hired as a staff member of the school: 61.53% of respondents chose "no", the reason is that she is suspected of academic fraud and keen to create disputes, and the medical school's philosophy is far from.
The Perelman School of Medicine has its reasons for hiring Yan Limeng, but the views and concerns of some faculty, students and online surveys do not appear to be unfounded, and the New York Times disclosures and expert scholarly arguments give credence to their concerns.
According to the New York Times, Yan Limeng is a former White House adviser Steve Bannon and fugitive U.S. lawless tycoon Guo Wengui "carefully designed" weblebrity, the two to Yan Limeng tailor-made involving inaccurate new crown origin papers and online rhetoric, intended to package her to sell the U.S. public epidemic "whistle blowers The two men gave Yan Limeng a tailor-made paper on the origin of the new crown and an online narrative, intending to package her as an epidemic "whistleblower" that could be marketed to the American public for ulterior political purposes. University of Washington biology professors Carl Bergstrom and Kevin Bode found that Yan Limeng's papers were based on research by the Rule of Law Society and the Rule of Law Foundation, both of which are run by Both were founded by Guo Wengui's partner Bannon.
Yan Limeng in the former U.S. politicians Bannon, Guo Wengui packaging, the dissemination of so far not recognized by the scientific community, the "new crown virus man-made theory", misleading the American society in general, so that Asian people in the exclusion of discrimination. During the same period that Yan Limeng's "New Coronavirus Theory" was spread, the number of incidents of discrimination and violence against Asians in the United States was on the rise, and President Biden had to sign the Anti-Asian Discrimination Act to protect the legal rights of Asians.
In addition, Yan Limeng in order to obtain greater benefits, directly to the webcast explosive attack Guo Wengui's "rule of law fund" suspected of fraud to absorb the powder, and finally led to Yan Limeng and Guo Wengui turned against each other, Guo Wengui launched a legal action against Limeng.
Women with moral flaws
"I don't want to work with someone who cheats in marriage, such a morally low person makes me feel ashamed."
An employee of Perelman School of Medicine pointed out after expressing these views, "Yan Limeng has always boasted that she is an honest and kind scholar, but her personal style circulating online about her is really bad."
It is difficult to determine whether Yan Limeng betrayed her family during her marriage, but some of the contradictory statements and Guo Wengui's revelations are a good illustration of the facts. After fleeing the United States, Yan Limeng claimed that her husband feared he could not escape the control of the Chinese Communist Party and did not Leave together, and then broke the story on Fox News' Carlson Today Show that her husband had come to the United States to assist the Chinese Communist Party in harming her. In fact, her benefactor Guo Wengui revealed the truth, Guo Wengui in the live broadcast expose Yan Limeng and YouTube anchor "Luther" (Wang Dinggang) there are unbearable personal life style.
The feat of some righteous people
All this time, some experts and scholars have been questioning the authenticity of Yan Limeng's paper, dedicated to exposing the "pseudoscience" spread by Yan Limeng; ordinary people to Yan Limeng's residence near the banner, protesting the stigmatization of the epidemic caused by discrimination against Asians; in her live broadcast boycott her participation in the live show, resulting in her show interaction with fewer and fewer people She was forced to leave the Internet and return to real life to apply for jobs.
However, justice advocates do not want Yan Limeng to go into hiding and continue to spread false information about the new crown outbreak. Guo Wengui found out Yan Limeng's current address: Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania (3400 Civic Center Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19104) through the FBI agent's connection, Some members of the "New China Federation" started a campaign to "maintain the clean campus and reject Yan Limeng's entry into Perelman Medical" on the telegram, calls on people who love freedom and uphold the "Rule of Law Foundation," especially members of the "New China Federation. On March 21, Yan Limeng's address near the banner to protest Yan Limeng false new crown theory, reveal Yan Limeng and YouTube anchor "Luther" (Wang Dinggang) affair, the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine campus to protect the clean land.
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2023.05.31 11:09 babash33ba Thorfinn is really Naive

Thorfinn is Naive, stupid & most of all, SELFISH. I need to see your perspective on what I'm saying here. I'm hoping you all can enlighten me in some way with a different perspective I haven't thought about that can change my mind on this.
I'm not hating on thorfinn...I'm just calling it as it is. I've initiated debates with people and no one gives any valid reasons to think otherwise except accuse me of being into shounen battles LMFAO
The most valid argument I've seen is that thorfinn is a representation of an ideal. And that eventually he will probably die if the story is realisticin other words he will pay for his pacisfism.
I understand thorfinn has been hurt by war...I understand he saw terrible things and the author hates violence and its a cool concept that we have a pacifist main character.. I think there are no issues with the fact thorfinn has embarked on his mission to create a peaceful land without injustice.
Here is why I think he's a Dumbo, Naive and most of all SELFISH. Why even bother reproducing? Why bother bringing a wife along for the journey?..you've seen first hand the scumbags in war. Youve seen men grape woman and fall asleep like a baby next to her lifeless body. You've seen these men never regret their actions.
Thorfinn admits he will keep RUNNING from violence to Canute. Fair...but why haven't you taught your people how to fight? Why do you have no weapons? It's fully logical for Einar to question thorfinn about war but all thofinn says is
"Meh it Won't happen if you don't think about it...STOP MANIFESTING!"
Like what?... there are men who aren't willing to be reasoned with and thorfinn will raise his fist yes. But what happens when they just keep coming back with more people till they eventually overestimate your power. Thorfinn including his people aren't immortal.
What happens if thorfinn goes out for milk? What's he going to return home to? His wife with her pants down bent over a table with tears in her eyes, a Slit throat and vikings laughing eating the tuna sandwich she made him for lunch? Whatll he do then? Probably thank them I bet knowing him and hope they just leave.
By starting a family, you've endangered your child's life because you're not willing to kill for him. I bet thorfinn would rather die than kill someone even if those people won't kill his son. That's stupid.
The goal of a father is to protect and nourish his child at any cost. Even if that means sacrifice of himself or someone else. Being a good person and being a good father are quite different
Thorfinn should've stayed a good person and not get an innocent child involved his stupid mission to teach his child a stupid lesson that thorfinn REALISTICALLY should die a horrible death for(I'm not saying he deserves a horrible death...I'm saying him dying makes perfect sense though LOGICALLY in their world)
Running doesn't always work and you will HIT A WALL HARD. If you aren't willing to kill for your son because you hate violence. That's called prioritizing your trauma over your child's life.
THAT IS SELFISH. Creating "vinland" is not selfish. But his METHODS of doing it are UNREALISTIC and selfish.
Thorfinn doesn't STOP violence by taking 100 punches to the face... he just takes the violence onto himself but the violence STILL EXIST.
Thorfinn isn't Christian..thorfinn doesn't think about life after death.. if he did then that would change things. Christians don't believe in death...it's simply the relocation of the spirit which is raw consciousness to an extent on a deeper level than the brain can supply physically.
Thorfinn doesn't believe that so this life from his perspective is all he and his people have. And he's teaching them essentially. It's better to be tortured and murdered horribly aswell as let your loved ones be tortured/murdered horribly as long you don't defend yourself even if that means killing someone. That's what thorfinn is teaching his people
Correct me if I'm wrong. But this is my rant I need some explanation on. No I don't care about the fights but the message is unrealistic to me. Thorfinn is an ideal yes... but he is also the embodiment story wise of a "true warrior" arguably more than Canute.
But in all honesty to me he just seems like the embodiment of a selfish, dumb, Naive person who prioritizes his trauma over logic and his own flesh and blood and those close to him to rely on him.
Sometimes his pacifism makes sense. But honestly that viking had no reason to not go to 101 hits realistically. He had honor and in real life thorfinn would've taken 101+ hits. That wasn't so bad at the tine because thorfinn didn't have a wife and kids. Although he probably would've gotten Einar killed if the men weren't honorable.
I think thorfinn teaches a horrible lesson unless he dies then the story redeems itself. He now is obligated to either change his pacifism or die for the story to make sense. He isn't a true warrior even if he subjectively THINKS he is including his father who was also wrong & right but more right than thorfinn.
Thors decision to let askeadd kill him made sense because he didn't want his village pillaged if he had killed askeladd. Plus the other vikings would've killed everyone else on the boat more than likely. So his decision made but I'm sure even if the king wouldn't have done this going after thors village in Iceland, thors would've still let askeladd kill him over simply beheading askeladd. And that's stupid that he'd prefer that over being able to provide for his family.
Thorfinn having a family is selfish if had a family just for the sake of creating vinland. If thorfinn had a chikd just to take his role up and try creating a peaceful land. That is selfish. A better person than a father
That's my perspective. Enlighten me with your perspectives. Is thorfinn not SELFISH? he's not a coward I know that.
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2023.05.31 11:08 ridecabjodhpur Travel from Jaipur to Ajmer - By road with JCR Cabs

Travel from Jaipur to Ajmer - By road with JCR Cabs
It is a great experience for travellers to go on a road journey from Jaipur to Ajmer since it provides them with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the diverse cultural legacy of Rajasthan. This trip will be much more convenient and pleasurable if you take advantage of JCR Cabs, which is a reputable and trustworthy taxi service.
This blog will act as a tour guide, taking you along the scenic path and pointing out the most important landmarks along the way.
Overview of the Route and Distance
● The distance by road between Jaipur and Ajmer is roughly 130 kilometres, which makes it an ideal day excursion for people who are looking for a fast break.
● The route that takes you along National Highway 48 is highly recommended because it is one of the roads that is kept in the best condition.
● You will be able to kick back, relax, and take in the breathtaking views as JCR Cabs transports you through the heart of Rajasthan.
Attractions Located Along the Route
1. Pushkar
● As you make your way from Jaipur to Ajmer, you might want to consider making a pit break at the sacred city of Pushkar, which is only 15 kilometres away from Ajmer.
● Pushkar is a place that everyone should go see at least once because of its holy lake and Brahma Temple.
● Take a relaxed stroll around the lake, go shopping at one of the lively markets, and completely submerge yourself in the meditative atmosphere.
2. Ajmer Sharif Dargah
● The Ajmer Sharif Dargah is the spot where the Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti was laid to rest, and it is the reason that Ajmer is so well-known.
● Many believers from different parts of the world make the journey to the Dargah in order to pray for blessings and pay their respects.
● It is a symbol of religious harmony, and individuals of all religions are welcome to visit and pray there.
3. Ana Sagar Lake
● This placid and lovely lake may be found in the middle of Ajmer, and it is known as the Ana Sagar Lake.
● Anaji Chauhan is responsible for the construction of the picturesque gardens, pavilions, and pedestrian promenades that encircle the lake.
● Take a leisurely stroll around the lake, go for a ride on the water, or just sit back and take in the serene setting.
4. Taragarh Fort
● The architectural marvel that is the Taragarh Fort can be found atop a hill that looks out over Ajmer. From here, visitors may take in breathtaking vistas of the city below.
● Discover the splendour of Rajasthan's past as you wander among its ancient ruins, enjoy the detailed carvings, and learn about its rich culture.
JCR Cabs
➢ JCR Cabs is a dependable and customer-centric taxi service that guarantees a comfortable and trouble-free trip for its passengers.
➢ The journey from Jaipur to Ajmer may be made stress-free and enjoyable thanks to their fleet of vehicles, which is meticulously kept, as well as their experienced drivers. Because they are familiar with the route, the drivers are able to provide insightful information on the points of interest that are located along the way.
Travelling by car with JCR Cabs from Jaipur to Ajmer is a practical and entertaining way to discover Rajasthan's rich cultural history. JCR Cabs offers a transparent and user-friendly price system in addition to a comfortable trip, so book a taxi service in Jaipur or a car hire in Jaipur with JCR Cab. To provide readers with a flawless experience, below are the terms and conditions related to JCR Cabs' services in this post.
Pricing and Extra Fees
➢ JCR Cabs provides a selection of cars, including sedans, SUVs, Tempo Travellers, and Fortuners, to meet the demands of various travellers.
➢ The base rate for these cars covers the trip from JCR Cabs' office in Jaipur to its office in Ajmer and is included in the pricing structure.
❖ For sedans, there will be an additional fee of 10 for each additional kilometre driven beyond the allotted distance.
❖ Similarly to this, the extra fee for SUV automobiles is $15 per kilometre, while the fee for Tempo Travellers is $22 per kilometre.
❖ For Fortuner vehicles, the supplemental fee is 50 per kilometre.
If the customer wants to keep the car overnight, there will be an extra fee of 300 for the driver's night local. The prices already include toll taxes and parking fees, guaranteeing travellers a hassle-free trip.
GST (Goods and Services Tax) would be added on top of the previously specified tariffs at the current rates.
Travel & Route Information
➔ JCR Cabs offers transportation between Jaipur and Ajmer that begins at the Jaipur office and ends at the Ajmer office. To ensure openness and accuracy in fare calculation, the taxi's journey will be measured from office to office.
➔ The most popular route for this trip is National Highway 48, which offers a nice ride on a supple, well-maintained road.
Reservations and bookings
➢ Customers may effortlessly reserve a cab with JCR Cabs for the Jaipur to Ajmer trip using their website or by calling their customer care.
➢ To guarantee that the selected vehicle will be available, it is preferable to make reservations in advance.
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2023.05.31 11:08 Svveet_Mavis A girl's first time modding skyrim! Please help! Stuck Loading Main Menu!

Hi! I have assembled a modlist together of mods I want to use and I have used MO2 and LOOT and everything I have read. It was working fine for awhile but I removed RSchildren because it wasn't working properly and all the children faces looked weird and stretched out, so I replaced it with simplechildren. Now, instead of weird children it doesn't open at all but loads the main menu forever. Any help would be nice! Here is my load order from LOOT. I am on the latest version of AE, btw.
0 0 Skyrim.esm 1 1 Update.esm 2 2 Dawnguard.esm 3 3 HearthFires.esm 4 4 Dragonborn.esm 5 5 ccasvsse001-almsivi.esm 6 6 ccbgssse001-fish.esm254 FE 0 ccbgssse002-exoticarrows.esl254 FE 1 ccbgssse003-zombies.esl254 FE 2 ccbgssse004-ruinsedge.esl254 FE 3 ccbgssse005-goldbrand.esl254 FE 4 ccbgssse006-stendarshammer.esl254 FE 5 ccbgssse007-chrysamere.esl254 FE 6 ccbgssse010-petdwarvenarmoredmudcrab.esl254 FE 7 ccbgssse011-hrsarmrelvn.esl254 FE 8 ccbgssse012-hrsarmrstl.esl254 FE 9 ccbgssse014-spellpack01.esl254 FE a ccbgssse019-staffofsheogorath.esl254 FE b ccbgssse020-graycowl.esl254 FE c ccbgssse021-lordsmail.esl254 FE d ccmtysse001-knightsofthenine.esl254 FE e ccqdrsse001-survivalmode.esl 7 7 cctwbsse001-puzzledungeon.esm 8 8 cceejsse001-hstead.esm254 FE f ccqdrsse002-firewood.esl254 FE 10 ccbgssse018-shadowrend.esl254 FE 11 ccbgssse035-petnhound.esl254 FE 12 ccfsvsse001-backpacks.esl254 FE 13 cceejsse002-tower.esl254 FE 14 ccedhsse001-norjewel.esl254 FE 15 ccvsvsse002-pets.esl254 FE 16 ccbgssse037-curios.esl254 FE 17 ccbgssse034-mntuni.esl254 FE 18 ccbgssse045-hasedoki.esl254 FE 19 ccbgssse008-wraithguard.esl254 FE 1a ccbgssse036-petbwolf.esl254 FE 1b ccffbsse001-imperialdragon.esl254 FE 1c ccmtysse002-ve.esl254 FE 1d ccbgssse043-crosselv.esl254 FE 1e ccvsvsse001-winter.esl254 FE 1f cceejsse003-hollow.esl 9 9 ccbgssse016-umbra.esm 10 a ccbgssse031-advcyrus.esm254 FE 20 ccbgssse038-bowofshadows.esl254 FE 21 ccbgssse040-advobgobs.esl254 FE 22 ccbgssse050-ba_daedric.esl254 FE 23 ccbgssse052-ba_iron.esl254 FE 24 ccbgssse054-ba_orcish.esl254 FE 25 ccbgssse058-ba_steel.esl254 FE 26 ccbgssse059-ba_dragonplate.esl254 FE 27 ccbgssse061-ba_dwarven.esl254 FE 28 ccpewsse002-armsofchaos.esl254 FE 29 ccbgssse041-netchleather.esl254 FE 2a ccedhsse002-splkntset.esl254 FE 2b ccbgssse064-ba_elven.esl254 FE 2c ccbgssse063-ba_ebony.esl254 FE 2d ccbgssse062-ba_dwarvenmail.esl254 FE 2e ccbgssse060-ba_dragonscale.esl254 FE 2f ccbgssse056-ba_silver.esl254 FE 30 ccbgssse055-ba_orcishscaled.esl254 FE 31 ccbgssse053-ba_leather.esl254 FE 32 ccbgssse051-ba_daedricmail.esl254 FE 33 ccbgssse057-ba_stalhrim.esl254 FE 34 ccbgssse066-staves.esl 11 b ccbgssse067-daedinv.esm254 FE 35 ccbgssse068-bloodfall.esl254 FE 36 ccbgssse069-contest.esl254 FE 37 ccvsvsse003-necroarts.esl254 FE 38 ccvsvsse004-beafarmer.esl 12 c ccbgssse025-advdsgs.esm254 FE 39 ccffbsse002-crossbowpack.esl254 FE 3a ccbgssse013-dawnfang.esl254 FE 3b ccrmssse001-necrohouse.esl254 FE 3c ccedhsse003-redguard.esl254 FE 3d cceejsse004-hall.esl 13 d cceejsse005-cave.esm254 FE 3e cckrtsse001_altar.esl254 FE 3f cccbhsse001-gaunt.esl 14 e ccafdsse001-dwesanctuary.esm 15 f Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp 16 10 Unofficial Skyrim Modders Patch.esp 17 11 LegacyoftheDragonborn.esm 18 12 JK's College of Winterhold.esp 19 13 3DNPC.esp 20 14 Skyrim Extended Cut - Saints and Seducers.esp 21 15 BSAssets.esm 22 16 Water for ENB.esm 23 17 BSHeartland.esm 24 18 BS_DLC_patch.esp 25 19 HammetDungeon01.esm254 FE 40 NoBrokenWhiterunTower.esp 26 1a RaceCompatibility.esm 27 1b Falskaar.esm 28 1c JSwordsD.esm 29 1d Gray Fox Cowl.esm 30 1e Vigilant.esm 31 1f WheelsOfLull.esp 32 20 Wyrmstooth.esp254 FE 41 EVGAnimatedTraversal.esl254 FE 42 TrueHUD.esl254 FE 43 SimpleChildren.esp 33 21 ImCh.esm 34 22 SkyUI_SE.esp 35 23 Audio Overhaul Skyrim.esp 36 24 SMIM-SE-Merged-All.esp 37 25 ELFX - Weathers.esp 38 26 TrueStormsSE.esp 39 27 Obsidian Weathers.esp 40 28 EnhancedLightsandFX.esp 41 29 ELFX - Exteriors.esp254 FE 44 ELFX Fixes.esp 42 2a Book Covers Skyrim.esp 43 2b JKs Skyrim.esp 44 2c Immersive Weapons.esp 45 2d AI Overhaul.esp 46 2e Cutting Room Floor.esp254 FE 45 JK's Understone Keep.esp254 FE 46 JK's The Bards College.esp254 FE 47 At Your Own Pace - Thieves Guild.esp 47 2f Race Compatibility Dialogue SSE.esp 48 30 Diversity - A Character Overhaul.esp 49 31 JKs_Skyrim_No_Lights_Patch.esp254 FE 48 JK's Castle Dour.esp 50 32 JK's Blue Palace.esp254 FE 49 JK's High Hrothgar.esp 51 33 DungeonsRevisited.esp254 FE 4a JK's Temple of the Divines.esp254 FE 4b JK's Sky Haven Temple.esp254 FE 4c JK's Arnleif and Sons Trading Company.esp254 FE 4d JK's Jorrvaskr.esp 52 34 Immersive Encounters.esp254 FE 4e JK's Mistveil Keep.esp254 FE 4f JK's Haelga's Bunkhouse.esp254 FE 50 JK's Temple of Mara.esp254 FE 51 JK's Palace of the Kings.esp254 FE 52 JK's Temple of Dibella.esp254 FE 53 JK's The Hag's Cure.esp 53 35 MoonAndStar_MAS.esp 54 36 Undeath.esp 55 37 Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp 56 38 WACCF_Armor and Clothing Extension.esp 57 39 Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp 58 3a Point The Way.esp254 FE 54 JKs Sky Haven Temple - JKs Skyrim Patch.esp 59 3b UndeathFixes.esp 60 3c CRF - Lighting Overhaul.esp 61 3d ArcheryDummyXP.esp254 FE 55 JK's Sinderion's Field Laboratory.esp 62 3e SkyrimSewers.esp254 FE 56 JKs Bards College - Undeath - Sewers Patch.esp254 FE 57 JK's Dragonsreach.esp254 FE 58 JK's Silver-Blood Inn.esp 63 3f Stendarr Rising.esp254 FE 59 JK's Elgrims Elixirs.esp254 FE 5a JK's Bee and Barb.esp254 FE 5b JK's New Gnisis Cornerclub.esp254 FE 5c JK's The Pawned Prawn.esp254 FE 5d JKs Bards College - ELFX patch.esp 64 40 SkyrimsUniqueTreasures.esp 65 41 JKs Whiterun.esp254 FE 5e Diversity - CRF - AIO patch.esp 66 42 Guard Dialogue Overhaul.esp 67 43 PrvtI_HeavyArmory.esp 68 44 Dwarfsphere.esp254 FE 5f JK's Riverwood Trader.esp 69 45 Windhelm Docks Pathways SE.esp 70 46 JK's Riverwood.esp 71 47 TSR_TeldrynSerious.esp254 FE 60 JK's Radiant Raiment.esp254 FE 61 JKs Skyrim - AI Overhaul Patch.esp 72 48 Run For Your Lives.esp 73 49 Cloaks.esp 74 4a SL01AmuletsSkyrim.esp 75 4b VioLens SE.esp 76 4c Ultimate Dodge Mod.esp 77 4d DawnguardArsenal.esp 78 4e About Roggvir.esp254 FE 62 JK's The Bannered Mare.esp254 FE 63 JK's White Phial.esp 79 4f moonpath.esp 80 50 JRMoonpathtoElsweyrPatch.esp254 FE 64 At Your Own Pace - Companions.esp 81 51 fallentreebridgesSSE.esp 82 52 TreasureHunter.esp 83 53 WZOblivionArtifacts.esp254 FE 65 JK's Sleeping Giant Inn.esp254 FE 66 JK's Angelines Aromatics.esp254 FE 67 JK's Temple of Talos.esp254 FE 68 JK's Candlehearth Hall.esp254 FE 69 JK's The Ragged Flagon.esp254 FE 6a DBM_AmuletsOfSkyrim_Patch.esp254 FE 6b DBM_OblivionArtifacts_Patch.esp254 FE 6c At Your Own Pace - College of Winterhold.esp254 FE 6d JKs Temple of the Divines - ELFX Patch.esp 84 54 Trees in Cities.esp 85 55 konahrik_accoutrements.esp254 FE 6e JK's Septimus Signus's Outpost.esp254 FE 6f JK's Bits and Pieces.esp254 FE 70 JKs College of Winterhold - CRF Patch.esp254 FE 71 JK's Warmaiden's.esp254 FE 72 JK's Arcadia's Cauldron.esp 86 56 BGCollectables.esp 87 57 RBB Row Boats.esp254 FE 73 JK Skyrim Feat Trees In Cities 5in1 Patch v4_3.esp254 FE 74 DBM_BGCollectables_Patch.esp254 FE 75 DBM_AHO_Patch.esp254 FE 76 DBM_IW_Patch.esp254 FE 77 Complete NPC Overhaul - Argonians.esp254 FE 78 ECSS - Staff of Sheogorath Patch.esp 88 58 Fossilsyum.esp254 FE 79 JK's Sadris Used Wares.esp254 FE 7a JK's Temple of Kynareth.esp254 FE 7b JKs Castle Dour - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE 7c JKs College of Winterhold - AI Overhaul Patch.esp254 FE 7d JKs High Hrothgar - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE 7e JKs Jorrvaskr - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE 7f DBM_Vigilant_Patch.esp 89 59 Undriel_Ebongrove.esp 90 5a JK's Riverfall Cottage.esp 91 5b More Stagecoaches.esp 92 5c Immersive Patrols II.esp254 FE 80 DBM_ELFXExteriors_Patch.esp 93 5d ElysiumEstate.esp254 FE 81 AdditionalHearthfireDolls.esp254 FE 82 DBM_JKSkyrim_Patch.esp254 FE 83 Diversity-USSEP-CRF-update.esp 94 5e SaveTheBrotherhood.esp 95 5f ww_AlternateDBEnding.esp254 FE 84 DBM_CRF_Patch.esp254 FE 85 WACCF_Survival Mode_Patch.esp254 FE 86 DBM_WACCF_Patch.esp 96 60 Better Claws And Gauntlets.esp254 FE 87 Project ja-Kha'jay- Khajiit Diversity.esp254 FE 88 ECSS - Shadowrend Patch.esp254 FE 89 PaarthurnaxQuestExpansion.esp 97 61 ForgottenCity.esp 98 62 ktWeaponPackSE.esp254 FE 8a JKs Jorrvaskr - WACCF Patch.esp 99 63 PrvtIRoyalArmory.esp254 FE 8b DBM_RoyalArmory_Patch.esp254 FE 8c DBM_TreasureHunter_Patch.esp254 FE 8d DBM_JaysusSwords_Patch.esp254 FE 8e DBM_MAS_Patch.esp254 FE 8f DBM_Undeath_Patch.esp100 64 Missives.esp254 FE 90 DBM_KA_Patch.esp254 FE 91 DBM_Fossils_Patch.esp254 FE 92 3DNPC - MAS.esp254 FE 93 JKs Bannered Mare - ELFX patch.esp254 FE 94 SUDs.esp254 FE 95 JKs Castle Dour - CRF - Undeath Patch.esp254 FE 96 JK's Belethor's General Goods.esp254 FE 97 JKs Belethors General Goods - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE 98 DBM_SUT_Patch.esp254 FE 99 Falskaar - Bug Fixes.esp254 FE 9a DBM_Falskaar_Patch.esp254 FE 9b Windhelm Docks Pathways - 3DNPC Patch.esp254 FE 9c JKs The Drunken Huntsman.esp101 65 BooksOfSkyrim.esp254 FE 9d JKs Arnleif and Sons - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE 9e JKs Bee and Barb - ELFX patch.esp254 FE 9f JKs Sleeping Giant Inn - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE a0 treasure_hunt.esp254 FE a1 JKs Bee and Barb - 3DNPC Patch.esp254 FE a2 JKs College of Winterhold - WACCF patch.esp254 FE a3 JKs College of Winterhold - LOTD Patch.esp102 66 icebladeofthemonarch.esp254 FE a4 DBM_IceBladeMonarch_Patch.esp254 FE a5 DBM_Wyrmstooth_Patch.esp103 67 HearthfireMultiKid.esp254 FE a6 JKs New Gnisis Cornerclub - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE a7 JKs New Gnisis Cornerclub - 3DNPC Patch.esp254 FE a8 JKJ - 3DNPC.esp PrinceandPauper.esp254 FE a9 PrinceandPauperRefine.esp104 68 KhajiitChildren.esp254 FE aa JKs High Hrothgar - LOTD Patch.esp254 FE ab JKs Silver-Blood Inn - ELFX patch.esp254 FE ac JKs Silver-Blood Inn - Spell Knight Armor Patch.esp254 FE ad FacegenForKids.esp105 69 Kidmer - Adoptable Elf Children 1_2.esp254 FE ae AI Overhaul - Cutting Room Floor Patch.esp254 FE af DBM_JKBluePalace_Patch.esp254 FE b0 JKs Blue Palace - JKs Skyrim - LOTD Patch.esp106 6a DwemerSpectresLegendary.esp107 6b ArtifactsOfBoethiah.esp108 6c JK's SkyHaven Forge.esp254 FE b1 JKs Jorrvaskr - Skyrim Sewers Patch.esp254 FE b2 DBM_ArtifactsofBoethiah_Patch.esp254 FE b3 DBM_NewTreasureHunt_Patch.esp254 FE b4 DBM_TheGrayCowlofNocturnal_Patch.esp254 FE b5 DBM_WheelsofLull_Patch.esp254 FE b6 FossilMiningMapMarkers.esp254 FE b7 DBM_Missives_Patch.esp254 FE b8 MoonAndStar_Undeath_compat.esp109 6d Aymarandfriends.esp254 FE b9 3DNPC - Treasure Hunter Patch.esp254 FE ba Reverb Interior Sounds Expansion.esp254 FE bb AcousticTemplateFixes.esp254 FE bc JKs Bards College - AI Overhaul patch.esp254 FE bd JKs Castle Dour - USSEP patch.esp254 FE be 3DNPC - Vigilant Patch.esp254 FE bf 3DNPC0.esp254 FE c0 3DNPC1.esp254 FE c1 AcousticTemplateFixes_CC_Farming.esp254 FE c2 AcousticTemplateFixes_CC_Seducers_EC.esp254 FE c3 AcousticTemplateFixes_ReverbInteriorSounds.esp254 FE c4 AdditionalHFDollsPassivesPatch.esp110 6e AllGUD_IED.esp254 FE c5 Alternate Elytra Nymph Footstep Sounds - Mudcrab.esp254 FE c6 AlwaysPickUpBooks.esp254 FE c7 Animals Swim.esp111 6f AnimatedEatingRedux.esp254 FE c8 JKs Understone Keep - 3DNPC.esp254 FE c9 Bandit Lines Expansion.esp112 70 Better Claws And Gauntlets - Immersive Armors.esp113 71 Better Frost.esp114 72 BetterCraftedPotions.esp254 FE ca Buyable Home Patch - Elysium Estate.esp115 73 BuyableGoldenClaw.esp254 FE cb CarriageAndStableDialogues.esp116 74 Chesko_LoreBasedLoadingScreens.esp254 FE cc Civil War Lines Expansion.esp117 75 Cloaks - Dawnguard.esp118 76 Cloaks - USSEP Patch.esp254 FE cd CNPCO Argonians - CRF + AI Overhaul Patch.esp254 FE ce Conditional Expressions.esp119 77 CRF - ShieldSpellFXS Restore.esp254 FE cf DBM_AmuletOfKings.esp254 FE d0 fallenbridgesSSE-Patch.esp254 FE d1 JKs Palace of the Kings - Skyrim Sewers Patch.esp254 FE d2 JKs Blue Palace - Skyrim Sewers Patch.esp254 FE d3 JKs High Hrothgar - Amulets of Skyrim patch.esp120 78 Disable Combat Boundary.esp121 79 Don'tTalkWithYourMouthFull.esp254 FE d4 Dynamic Impact - Slash Effects X.esp254 FE d5 ECSS - Book Covers Skyrim Patch.esp254 FE d6 ECSS - Ruin's Edge Patch.esp254 FE d7 EVGConditionalIdles.esp122 7a First Person Horse Riding.esp123 7b FNIS.esp124 7c Footprints.esp254 FE d8 Forsworn and Thalmor Lines Expansion.esp125 7d Fullscreen Book and Item Zoom.esp254 FE d9 Gotobed-HearthFires-patch.esp254 FE da Gotobed.esp126 7e HalfKhajiit.esp127 7f HearthfireMultiKid_LastName.esp128 80 IdlePlayWheelMenu.esp129 81 iHUD.esp130 82 ImmersiveInteractions.esp254 FE db JKJ - AI Overhaul Patch.esp254 FE dc JKJ - BCaG for Ohmes Patch.esp254 FE dd JKJ - BMF Patch.esp254 FE de JKJ - Immersive Weapons Patch.esp254 FE df JKJ - Moonpath.esp254 FE e0 JSwords-ImmersiveWeaponsPatch.esp254 FE e1 KSHairdosSMP.esp254 FE e2 Missives - Solstheim.esp131 83 NameYourHorse.esp254 FE e3 NPCs React To Necromancy.esp254 FE e4 Ohmes-Raht - Additional Hair Colors.esp254 FE e5 Ohmes-Raht - Project ja-Kha'jay Patch.esp254 FE e6 Player Blink Fix.esp254 FE e7 Precision.esp254 FE e8 smp beast tail.esp254 FE e9 Project ja-Kha'jay - SMP Fluffy Tail Patch.esp254 FE ea PrvtI_HeavyArmory_WACCF_Patch.esp254 FE eb PrvtI_HeavyArmory_USSEP.esp254 FE ec PrvtI_HeavyArmory_WACCF_AOS.esp132 84 Race Compatibility Dialogue SSE - Bruma.esp133 85 Race Compatibility Dialogue SSE - Falskaar.esp134 86 Race Compatibility Dialogue SSE - Forgotten City.esp135 87 Race Compatibility Dialogue SSE - Interesting NPCs.esp136 88 RaceCompatibilityUSKPOverride.esp137 89 RaceMenu.esp138 8a RaceMenuPlugin.esp139 8b Realistic-Voice.esp254 FE ed Reverb Interior Sounds Expansion_VolumeSlider_Rain.esp254 FE ee Reverb Interior Sounds Expansion_VolumeSlider_Thunder.esp140 8c Runandwalkpaces.esp141 8d sandboxcylinderheight.esp254 FE ef SensibleBribes.esp142 8e SimplyKnock.esp254 FE f0 Simply Knock - Tower Stone Fix.esp254 FE f1 SkyrimMaiqReplacer.esp254 FE f2 Sleeping Expanded.esp254 FE f3 Smart_NPC_Potions.esp143 8f StrongVampArmor.esp144 90 ThematicLootLE.esp145 91 Thief skills rebalance for Ordinator.esp146 92 UIExtensions.esp254 FE f4 Use Those Blankets.esp254 FE f5 Vigilant Voiced.esp254 FE f6 WACCF_Armor and Clothing Extension_SPID.esp147 93 WetandCold.esp148 94 WetandCold - Fur Hoods Fix.esp254 FE f7 WetAndColdSPIDPatch.esp149 95 XPMSE.esp254 FE f8 TrueStormsSE_AOS.esp254 FE f9 Prvti_Fishing_DraugrWeapons.esp254 FE fa About Roggvir - JK's Palace of the Kings Patch.esp254 FE fb At Your Own Pace - Dark Brotherhood.esp254 FE fc At Your Own Pace - Main Quest.esp254 FE fd At Your Own Pace - Misc.esp150 96 Hothtrooper44_Armor_Ecksstra.esp254 FE fe JKs Sinderions Field Laboratory - CC - Fishing patch.esp254 FE ff JKs Sinderions Field Laboratory - ELFX patch.esp254 FE 100 JKs Angelines Aromatics - ELFX patch.esp254 FE 101 JKs Angelines Aromatics - USSEP Patch.esp254 FE 102 JKs Angelines Aromatics - AI Overhaul Patch.esp254 FE 103 JKs Arcadias Cauldron - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE 104 JKs Arcadias Cauldron - USSEP Patch.esp254 FE 105 JKs Arcadias Cauldron - Bow of Shadows Patch.esp254 FE 106 JKs Arcadias Cauldron - AI Overhaul Patch.esp254 FE 107 JKs Arnleif and Sons - LOTD Patch.esp254 FE 108 JKs Arnleif and Sons - AI Overhaul Patch.esp254 FE 109 JKs Arnleif and Sons - SUT Patch.esp254 FE 10a JKs Arnleif and Sons - Treasure Hunt Patch.esp254 FE 10b JKs Bannered Mare - Immersion Patch.esp254 FE 10c JKs Bards College - LOTD patch.esp254 FE 10d JKs Bards College - Book Covers Skyrim Patch.esp254 FE 10e JKs Bards College - 3DNPC patch.esp254 FE 10f JKs Bards College - ELFX Exteriors Patch.esp254 FE 110 JKs Bards College - Oblivion Artifacts patch.esp254 FE 111 JKs Bards College - SUT patch.esp254 FE 112 JKs Bee and Barb - AI Overhaul Patch.esp254 FE 113 JKs Bits and Pieces - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE 114 JKs Bits and Pieces - LOTD Patch.esp254 FE 115 JKs Bits and Pieces - USSEP Patch.esp254 FE 116 JKs Bits and Pieces - AI Overhaul Patch.esp254 FE 117 JKs Blue Palace - 3DNPC Patch.esp254 FE 118 JKs Blue Palace - AI Overhaul Patch.esp254 FE 119 JKs Blue Palace - Immersion Patch.esp254 FE 11a JKs Blue Palace - Amulets of Skyrim patch.esp254 FE 11b JKs Blue Palace - Royal Armory Replacer Patch.esp254 FE 11c JKs Blue Palace - SUT Patch.esp254 FE 11d JKs Candlehearth Hall - 3DNPC Patch.esp254 FE 11e JKs Candlehearth Hall - AI Overhaul Patch.esp254 FE 11f JKs Castle Dour - Cloaks of Skyrim patch.esp254 FE 120 JKs Castle Dour - LOTD patch.esp254 FE 121 JKs Castle Dour - Additional Hearthfire Dolls patch.esp254 FE 122 JKs Castle Dour - BCS patch.esp254 FE 123 JKs College of Winterhold - USSEP patch.esp254 FE 124 JKs College of Winterhold - 3DNPC Patch.esp254 FE 125 JKs College of Winterhold - Amulets of Skyrim patch.esp254 FE 126 JKs College of Winterhold - Cloaks Patch.esp254 FE 127 JKs College of Winterhold - ACE Patch.esp254 FE 128 JKs College of Winterhold - CC - Goldbrand Patch.esp254 FE 129 JKs College of Winterhold - Konahrik Accoutrements patch.esp254 FE 12a JKs College of Winterhold - SUT Patch.esp254 FE 12b JKs College of Winterhold - Thrones of Skyrim Patch.esp254 FE 12c JKs Dragonsreach - AI Overhaul.esp254 FE 12d JKs Dragonsreach - AYOP TG patch.esp254 FE 12e JKs Drunken Huntsman - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE 12f JKs Drunken Huntsman - Civil War Champions Patch.esp254 FE 130 JKs Drunken Huntsman - USSEP Patch.esp254 FE 131 JKs Elgrims Elixirs - Bee and Barb Patch.esp254 FE 132 JKs Elgrims Elixirs - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE 133 JKs Elgrims Elixirs - CRF Patch.esp254 FE 134 JKs Haelgas Bunkhouse - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE 135 JKs Haelgas Bunkhouse - 3DNPC Patch.esp254 FE 136 JKs Haelgas Bunkhouse - AI Overhaul patch.esp254 FE 137 JKs Hags Cure - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE 138 JKs Hags Cure - AI Overhaul Patch.esp254 FE 139 JKs Hags Cure - SUT Patch.esp254 FE 13a JKs High Hrothgar - Additional Hearthfire Dolls Patch.esp254 FE 13b JKs High Hrothgar - Cloaks of Skyrim patch.esp254 FE 13c JKs Jorrvaskr - AI Overhaul Patch.esp254 FE 13d JKs Jorrvaskr - Amulets of Skyrim patch.esp254 FE 13e JKs Jorrvaskr - LOTD patch.esp254 FE 13f JKs Mistveil Keep - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE 140 JKs Mistveil Keep - AYOP TG patch.esp254 FE 141 JKs Mistveil Keep - AI Overhaul Patch.esp254 FE 142 JKs Mistveil Keep - BGCollectables Patch.esp254 FE 143 JKs Mistveil Keep - 3DNPC Patch.esp254 FE 144 JKs Palace of the Kings - AYOP TG patch.esp254 FE 145 JKs Palace of the Kings - BGCollectables Patch.esp254 FE 146 JKs Palace of the Kings - Cloaks Patch.esp254 FE 147 JKs Palace of the Kings - SUT Patch.esp254 FE 148 JKs Palace of the Kings - USSEP Patch.esp254 FE 149 JKs Pawned Prawn - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE 14a JKs Pawned Prawn - LOTD Patch.esp254 FE 14b JKs Radiant Raiment - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE 14c JKs Radiant Raiment - USSEP Patch.esp254 FE 14d JKs Radiant Raiment - 3DNPC Patch.esp254 FE 14e JKs Radiant Raiment - Immersion Patch.esp254 FE 14f JKs Radiant Raiment - Cloaks Patch.esp254 FE 150 JKs Ragged Flagon - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE 151 JKs Ragged Flagon - AI Overhaul Patch.esp254 FE 152 JKs Ragged Flagon - SUT Patch.esp254 FE 153 JKs Temple of the Divines - LOTD patch.esp254 FE 154 JKs Riverwood Trader - ELFX patch.esp254 FE 155 JKs Riverwood Trader - AYOP TG patch.esp254 FE 156 JKs Riverwood Trader - BGCollectables patch.esp254 FE 157 JKs Sadris Used Wares - ACE Patch.esp254 FE 158 JKs Sadris Used Wares - ELFX patch.esp254 FE 159 JKs Sadris Used Wares - LOTD Patch.esp254 FE 15a JKs Sadris Used Wares - SUT Patch.esp254 FE 15b JKs Sadris Used Wares - 3DNPC Patch.esp254 FE 15c JKs Septimus Signus Outpost - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE 15d JKs Septimus Signus Outpost - LOTD Patch.esp254 FE 15e JKs Septimus Signus Outpost - BGCollectables Patch.esp254 FE 15f JKs Silver-Blood Inn - AI Overhaul Patch.esp254 FE 160 JKs Silver-Blood Inn - 3DNPC Patch.esp254 FE 161 JKs Silver-Blood Inn - LOTD Patch.esp254 FE 162 JKs Silver-Blood Inn - Alt Dwarven Plate Patch.esp254 FE 163 JKs Sky Haven Temple - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE 164 JKs Sky Haven Temple - Heavy Armory Patch.esp254 FE 165 JKs Sky Haven Temple - LOTD Patch.esp254 FE 166 JKs Sky Haven Temple - IA Patch.esp254 FE 167 JKs Sky Haven Temple - 3DNPC Patch.esp254 FE 168 JKs Sky Haven Temple - Amulets Patch.esp254 FE 169 JKs Sky Haven Temple - BGCollectables Patch.esp254 FE 16a JKs Sky Haven Temple - SUT Patch.esp254 FE 16b JKs Sleeping Giant Inn - 3DNPC Patch.esp254 FE 16c JKs Sleeping Giant Inn - AI Overhaul SSE Patch.esp254 FE 16d JKs Temple of Dibella - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE 16e JKs Temple of Dibella - ACE Patch.esp254 FE 16f JKs Temple of Dibella - AI Overhaul patch.esp254 FE 170 JKs Temple of Dibella - Oblivion Artifact Pack Patch.esp254 FE 171 JKs Temple of Dibella - SUT Patch.esp254 FE 172 JKs Temple of Kynareth - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE 173 JKs Temple of Kynareth - 3DNPC patch.esp254 FE 174 JKs Temple of Kynareth - BGCollectables patch.esp254 FE 175 JKs Temple of Kynareth - Konahrik Accoutrements patch.esp254 FE 176 JKs Temple of Kynareth - Oblivion Artifacts patch.esp254 FE 177 JKs Temple of Kynareth - SUT patch.esp254 FE 178 JKs Temple of Mara - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE 179 JKs Temple of Mara - 3DNPC Patch.esp254 FE 17a JKs Temple of Mara - AI Overhaul Patch.esp254 FE 17b JKs Temple of Mara - Oblivion Artifacts Patch.esp254 FE 17c JKs Temple of Mara - SUT Patch.esp254 FE 17d JKs Temple of Talos - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE 17e JKs Temple of Talos - AI Overhaul patch.esp254 FE 17f JKs Temple of Talos - 3DNPC patch.esp254 FE 180 JKs Temple of Talos - USSEP patch.esp254 FE 181 JKs Temple of Talos - ACE Patch.esp254 FE 182 JKs Temple of Talos - Cloaks of Skyrim patch.esp254 FE 183 JKs Temple of Talos - Oblivion Artifacts patch.esp254 FE 184 JKs Temple of the Divines - AYOP TG patch.esp254 FE 185 JKs Understone Keep - USSEP patch.esp254 FE 186 JKs Understone Keep - Amulets of Skyrim patch.esp254 FE 187 JKs Understone Keep - Additional Hearthfire Dolls Patch.esp254 FE 188 JKs Understone Keep - AI Overhaul patch.esp254 FE 189 JKs Warmaidens - ELFX patch.esp254 FE 18a JKs White Phial - ELFX Patch.esp254 FE 18b JKs Winking Skeever - Chair CR Patch no SFCO.esp254 FE 18c MCMHelper.esp151 97 ValhallaCombat.esp152 98 StaffOfSheogorath.esp153 99 TheDBInitiates.esp254 FE 18d VoicedCCStaffOfSheogorath.esp154 9a ww_AlternateDBEnding_SaveTheDBPatch.esp155 9b Zim's Dragon Improvements.esp254 FE 18e DBM_AOS_Patch.esp254 FE 18f AudioOverhaulSkyrim_WACCF_Patch.esp254 FE 190 CC-NecromanticGrimoire_WACCF_Patch.esp254 FE 191 CuttingRoomFloor_WACCF_Patch.esp254 FE 192 DawnguardArsenal_WACCF-ACE_Patch.esp254 FE 193 DBM_DwemerSpectres_Patch.esp254 FE 194 DBM_ktWeaponPackSE_Patch.esp254 FE 195 DBM_TeldrynSerious_Patch.esp254 FE 196 DBM_AdditionalHFDolls_Patch.esp254 FE 197 DBM_ForgottenCity_Patch.esp254 FE 198 DBM_IA_Patch.esp254 FE 199 DBM_HA_Patch.esp254 FE 19a DBM_DGA_Patch.esp254 FE 19b DBM_ELFX_Patch.esp254 FE 19c JKs Sinderions Field Laboratory - LOTD patch.esp254 FE 19d JK's Sinderion's Field Laboratory - USMP Patch.esp254 FE 19e DBM_JKArcadia_Patch.esp254 FE 19f DBM_JKBannered_Patch.esp254 FE 1a0 DBM_JKBelethor_Patch.esp254 FE 1a1 JKs Belethors General Goods - AI Overhaul Patch.esp254 FE 1a2 JKs Belethors General Goods - SUT Patch.esp254 FE 1a3 DBM_JKDragonsreach_Patch.esp254 FE 1a4 JKs Dragonsreach - BGCollectables Patch.esp254 FE 1a5 JKs Dragonsreach - Konahrik Accoutrements Patch.esp254 FE 1a6 JKs Dragonsreach - SUT Patch.esp254 FE 1a7 DBM_JKDrunken_Patch.esp254 FE 1a8 DBM_JKWarmaidens_Patch.esp254 FE 1a9 DBM_Moonpath_Patch.esp254 FE 1aa Hammets Dungeons1 - 3DNPC Patch.esp254 FE 1ab Project AHO - 3DNPC.esp156 9c The_Sinister_Seven.esp254 FE 1ac DBM_SinisterSeven_Patch.esp254 FE 1ad JKs Sky Haven Temple - USSEP Patch.esp DBM_RSChildren_Patch.esp254 FE 1ae DBM_SkyrimSewers_Patch.esp254 FE 1af JKs Temple of the Divines - Skyrim Sewers patch.esp254 FE 1b0 JKs Ragged Flagon - USSEP Patch.esp254 FE 1b1 JKs Temple of the Divines - USSEP Patch.esp254 FE 1b2 JKs Temple of the Divines - 3DNPC Patch.esp254 FE 1b3 JKs Temple of the Divines - Alt Leather Armor Patch.esp254 FE 1b4 JKs Temple of the Divines - Oblivion Artifacts patch.esp254 FE 1b5 JKs Temple of the Divines - SUT patch.esp254 FE 1b6 DBM_SMIM_Patch.esp254 FE 1b7 DBM_SUDs_Patch.esp254 FE 1b8 DBM_StaffofSheogorath_Patch.esp254 FE 1b9 DBM_TreesinCities_Patch.esp157 9d ELFXWeathers_TS_Patch_Lucid_WaterFix.esp158 9e ELFXWeathers_TS_Patch_Lucid.esp159 9f True Storms - Obsidian Weathers - Patch .esp254 FE 1ba Falskaar - Bruma Patch.esp160 a0 MLU_HeavyArmory Patch.esp254 FE 1bb Obsidian Weathers for Vigilant.esp161 a1 Obsidian_TS_Wet&Cold_Patch.esp254 FE 1bc WACCF_KonahriksAccoutrements.esp254 FE 1bd Water for ENB - Patch - Beyond Skyrim.esp254 FE 1be Water for ENB - Patch - Falskaar.esp254 FE 1bf Water for ENB - Patch - JKs Bannered Mare.esp254 FE 1c0 Water for ENB - Patch - Wyrmstooth.esp162 a2 MLU_RoyalArmory_patch.esp254 FE 1c1 Diversity-3DNPC-Patch.esp254 FE 1c2 Diversity-CharacterConsistencyPatch.esp163 a3 Customizable Camera.esp164 a4 Visible Favorited Gear.esp165 a5 KS Hairdo's.esp RSChildren_WACCF_Patch.esp166 a6 RealNames - SSE Edition.esp254 FE 1c3 adoptAventusAretino.esp254 FE 1c4 3D_FacegenForKids.esp254 FE 1c5 PnP_FacegenForKids.esp254 FE 1c6 AAA_PNP_USSEP_FacegenForKids.esp254 FE 1c7 BoS_FacegenForKids.esp254 FE 1c8 BSB_FacegenForKids.esp254 FE 1c9 CRF_FacegenForKids.esp254 FE 1ca DBM_FacegenForKids.esp254 FE 1cb FC_FacegenForKids.esp254 FE 1cc FS_FacegenForKids.esp254 FE 1cd IE_FaceGenForKids.esp254 FE 1ce MAS_FacegenForKids.esp254 FE 1cf WT_FacegenForKids.esp254 FE 1d0 PrinceandPauperRefine_BYOHFixes.esp254 FE 1d1 PrinceandPauperRefine_CC_Cave.esp254 FE 1d2 PrinceandPauperRefine_MultipleAdoptions.esp254 FE 1d3 PrinceandPauperRefine_NPCs_Simple.esp167 a7 MLU.esp168 a8 MLU - AE.esp169 a9 Helgen Reborn.esp170 aa ZIA_Complete Pack.esp171 ab Race Compatibility Dialogue SSE - Helgen Reborn.esp254 FE 1d4 JKs Bee and Barb - Helgen Reborn Patch.esp254 FE 1d5 JKs Candlehearth Hall - Helgen Reborn Patch.esp254 FE 1d6 MLU - Extended Saints and Seducers.esp254 FE 1d7 MLU - ZIA.esp254 FE 1d8 JKs Mistveil Keep - MLU patch.esp254 FE 1d9 JKs New Gnisis Cornerclub - MLU patch.esp254 FE 1da JKs Septimus Signus Outpost - MLU Patch.esp254 FE 1db JKs Sky Haven Temple - MLU Patch.esp254 FE 1dc JKs White Phial - Zims Immersive Artifacts Patch.esp254 FE 1dd MLU - Diversity.esp254 FE 1de MLU - AI Overhaul.esp254 FE 1df MLU - CRF.esp172 ac MLU - Immersive Armors.esp254 FE 1e0 MLU - Zim's Dragon Improvements.esp254 FE 1e1 MLU 2.0a DBM Patch.esp254 FE 1e2 DBM_MorrowlootUltimate_Patch.esp254 FE 1e3 DBM_HelgenReborn_Patch.esp254 FE 1e4 ZimsImmersiveArtifacts_WACCF_Patch.esp173 ad Tools of Kagrenac.esp254 FE 1e5 JKs College of Winterhold - Tools of Kagrenac Patch.esp254 FE 1e6 DBM_TOK_Patch.esp254 FE 1e7 TOK_EVGAT_Patch.esp254 FE 1e8 DBM_ZimsThaneWeapons_Patch.esp174 ae MLU - HammetDungeons Patch.esp254 FE 1e9 HR_FacegenForKids.esp175 af Complete Crafting Overhaul_Remastered.esp254 FE 1ea CCOR_JSwords_PrvtI_HeavyArmory_Patch.esp254 FE 1eb MLU - CCOR.esp254 FE 1ec AudioOverhaulSkyrim_CCOR_Patch.esp254 FE 1ed Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation_CCOR_Patch.esp254 FE 1ee Beyond Skyrim Bruma_CCOR_Patch.esp254 FE 1ef DBM_CCOR_Patch.esp254 FE 1f0 BookCoversSkyrim_CCOR_Patch.esp254 FE 1f1 CC-FearsomeFists_CCOR_Patch.esp254 FE 1f2 CC-Fishing_CCOR_Patch.esp254 FE 1f3 CC-NordicJewelry_CCOR_Patch.esp254 FE 1f4 Cloaks_CCOR_Patch.esp254 FE 1f5 DawnguardArsenal_CCOR_Patch.esp254 FE 1f6 PrvtI_HA_CCOR_DawnguardArsenal.esp254 FE 1f7 DBM_CloaksofSkyrim_Patch.esp254 FE 1f8 Immersive Weapons_CCOR_Patch.esp254 FE 1f9 SL01AmuletsSkyrim_CCOR_Patch.esp176 b0 Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp254 FE 1fa CCOR_Ordinator.esp254 FE 1fb Ordinator - Beyond Skyrim Bruma Patch.esp177 b1 Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim.esp254 FE 1fc Half-Khajiit - Sacro Patch.esp178 b2 Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul.esp179 b3 Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp254 FE 1fd Hunters Not Bandits.esp180 b4 Race Compatibility Dialogue SSE - RDO.esp254 FE 1fe AI Overhaul - Relationship Dialogue Overhaul Patch.esp181 b5 CollegeOfWinterholdImmersive.esp254 FE 1ff CWIEnLFXSEPatch.esp254 FE 200 JK's The Winking Skeever.esp254 FE 201 JKs Winking Skeever - ELFX patch.esp254 FE 202 JKs Winking Skeever - Undeath - SSewers Patch.esp254 FE 203 ICOW - AIO Patch.esp254 FE 204 ICOW Unofficial Patch.esp182 b6 Convenient Horses.esp254 FE 205 CWICRFSEPatch.esp254 FE 206 CWIOrdinatorPatchSSE.esp254 FE 207 JKs Jorrvaskr - Immersive Citizens Patch.esp254 FE 208 JKs Candlehearth Hall - Immersive Citizens Patch.esp254 FE 209 JKs Winking Skeever - USSEP Patch.esp254 FE 20a JKs Winking Skeever - Fishing Patch.esp254 FE 20b JKs Winking Skeever - Immersive Citizens patch.esp254 FE 20c JKs Bannered Mare - Immersive Citizens Patch.esp254 FE 20d JKs Belethors General Goods - Immersive Citizens Patch.esp254 FE 20e JKs Dragonsreach - Immersive Citizens Patch.esp254 FE 20f JKs Dragonsreach - Relationship Dialogue Overhaul Patch.esp254 FE 210 JKs Temple of Kynareth - Immersive Citizens patch.esp254 FE 211 JKs Sleeping Giant Inn - Immersive Citizens Patch.esp254 FE 212 JKs Drunken Huntsman - Immersive Citizens Patch.esp254 FE 213 JKs New Gnisis Cornerclub - Immersive Citizens Patch.esp254 FE 214 JKs Temple of Talos - Immersive Citizens patch.esp254 FE 215 JKs Jorrvaskr - Skyrim Sewers - Immersive Ctizens Consistency patch.esp254 FE 216 JKs Palace of the Kings - Immersive Citizens Patch.esp254 FE 217 JKs Riverwood Trader - Immersive Citizens patch.esp254 FE 218 JKs Silver-Blood Inn - Immersive Citizens patch.esp254 FE 219 JKs Temple of the Divines - Immersive Citizens patch.esp254 FE 21a JKs Understone Keep - Immersive Citizens patch.esp254 FE 21b JKs Warmaidens - Immersive Citizens Patch.esp254 FE 21c JKs Winking Skeever - 3DNPC Patch.esp254 FE 21d JKs Winking Skeever - AI Overhaul Patch.esp254 FE 21e JKs Winking Skeever - Alternate Start Mods Patch.esp254 FE 21f JKs Winking Skeever - Immersion Patch.esp254 FE 220 JKs Winking Skeever - SUT patch.esp254 FE 221 ICOW - JKs Skyrim Patch.esp254 FE 222 ICOW - WACCF Patch.esp254 FE 223 DBM_ImmersiveCollegeofWinterhold_Patch.esp254 FE 224 ICOW - 3DNPC Patch.esp254 FE 225 ICOW - TOK Patch.esp183 b7 TOK_CWI_Patch.esp254 FE 226 ICOW - Cloaks Patch.esp254 FE 227 ICOW - CC - Wild Horses Patch.esp254 FE 228 ICOW_GrayCowlCC_Patch.esp254 FE 229 JKs Blue Palace - ICOW Patch.esp254 FE 22a Diversity-ICoW-Patch.esp254 FE 22b JKJ - ICOW Patch.esp254 FE 22c ICOW - MLU Patch.esp254 FE 22d ICOW - Amulets Patch.esp254 FE 22e ICOW - ACE Patch.esp254 FE 22f ICOW - Additional Hearthfire Dolls Patch.esp254 FE 230 ICOW_KA_Patch.esp254 FE 231 JKs College of Winterhold - Immersive Citizens patch.esp254 FE 232 ICOW - BGCollectables Patch.esp254 FE 233 ICOW - SUT Patch.esp184 b8 Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp185 b9 Race Compatibility Dialogue SSE - ASLAL.esp254 FE 234 JKs New Gnisis Cornerclub - Alternate Start patch.esp254 FE 235 JKs Sinderions Field Laboratory - Alternate Start patch.esp186 ba ELFXEnhancer.esp254 FE 236 AcousticTemplateFixes_ELFXEnhancer.esp187 bb Immersive Citizens - ELFXEnhancer patch.esp254 FE 237 JKs Bards College - ELFX Enhancer Patch.esp254 FE 238 JKs Blue Palace - ELFX Enhancer Patch.esp254 FE 239 JKs Candlehearth Hall - ELFX Enhancer Patch.esp254 FE 23a JKs College of Winterhold - ELFX Enhancer Patch.esp254 FE 23b JKs Dragonsreach - ELFX Enhancer Patch.esp254 FE 23c JKs Palace of the Kings - ELFX Enhancer Patch.esp254 FE 23d JKs Understone Keep - ELFX Enhancer Patch.esp254 FE 23e ELFX Fixes Ragged Flagon Fix.esp188 bc Water for ENB (Shades of Skyrim).esp254 FE 23f Immersive Equipping Animations.esp
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2023.05.31 11:07 Drik54 Julia Getting Flame Over Someone Name Grace... Why And Who's Grace?

So I am pretty much out of the loop with jk lately n I went to Julia's instagram just out of curiosity to see if she posted anything recently since she's been radio silence for quite a while n was one of my favorite people from jk. Her most recent post was last year on her birthday n i read the comments of people flaming her over someone named Grace n from what I am getting, she some racist karen that people assume Julia is friends with. Now I don't know the full details and have absolutely no idea who the hell Grace is, so anyone care to enlighten me?
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2023.05.31 11:06 Vanguard_CK3 [Event] National Quran Recitation and Poetry Competitions Underway in Yemen

The Kingdom of Yemen announces National competitions for Quran recitation and Poetry, inviting Yemenis of all ages to participate and showcase their talents. The Quran, holding immense religious significance, is not only a divine scripture but also a remarkable work of poetry. Its eloquent Arabic prose, poetic style, and profound messages have inspired countless poets throughout history.
Recognizing the power of poetry, the competitions feature distinct categories that honor Yemeni-Arab Islamic heritage. These include praising Allah and His Prophets, Praising the Yemeni culture, honoring the King and his lineage, paying homage to esteemed sheikhs, speak on the virtues of the regional Arab leaders, and criticizing the Zionist occupation of Palestine.
The Minister of Heritage and Culture encourages all talented Quran reciters and poets across the Kingdom of Yemen to participate and share their skills. The competitions provide a platform to showcas expertise in Quranic recitation, as well as the ability to craft meaningful and captivating poetic verses. Competitionbwill be held in various locations across Yemen in collaboration with the respective local authorities.
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2023.05.31 11:04 ukaelezerk Where to watch The New King of Comedy Drama subbed online, no pop-ads, for free!

Where to watch The New King of Comedy Drama subbed online, no pop-ads, for free!
Looking for place to watch The New King of Comedy for free? We just updated it to Drama Full, follow the below link to watch/download it: The New King of Comedy
A young woman strives to pursue the actors' dream despite being an extra and stand-in.
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