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2023.05.09 01:46 D0-or-Die BPM Question

Hey, I got the beat from a producer on beatstars. In the description he has the BPM listed as 155 but I checked with logic pro’s BPM counter it says BPM is 77 and even double checked with the help of this website “tunebat.com” and it also says 77. I’m thinking maybe the producer was just tired when adding in the BPM info on beatstars. What do you guys think ? Thanks in advance for any input
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2023.05.04 17:57 OverlyConcernedMan Help a rookie editor with their first short film - Advice/Questions

I’m making a 10 minute mini-doc on a very famous athlete. This is my first solo project. For reference, the short is kind of similar to “The Last Dance”. Will be posting this on social media (YouTube, TikTok, IG, FB) when I’m done. Very close to being done, just a few days away I think. I know it’s a lot of questions, so I appreciate any help at all.
Note: I’m doing this for fun (not profit) and to grow my name, portfolio, and skills as an editor.
A lot of the doc takes place off-court, but there are a few pivotal scenes that revolve around big games. For a really epic, triumphant moment, I wanted to use the song “Superhero (Heroes & Villains)” by Future and Metro Boomin. I really like this song, and I think it captures the moment the subject overcomes adversity really well. The first 30 seconds-1 minute when the beat drops and the music swells after the opera singer especially encapsulates the feeling I want to convey. It also synced up incredibly well with the video. Although I really like this song, I’m worried I’ll get copyright striked to hell. It’s also a really popular song and probably very overused, so that might make it less impactful. Tunebat lists the song at 117 BPM, F Minor Key, 4A Camelot. I’m totally open to similar suggestions if you know of an indie song/artist or preferably a royalty-free song I can use instead. I love giving smaller artists shine whenever possible. I’m looking for something at least 2 minutes long to give me some flexibility.
For the movie poster, which would also function as the thumbnail, I’d like to create a mock rating seal. Think MPAA, TV Parental Guidelines, ESRB, etc. This doc would probably warrant a PG-13 rating since the word “fuck” is used a handful of times. Personally, I’m against speech censorship, but making a censored version would allow for a greater audience. For people who don’t like cussing or SFW crowds. So, I’ll effectively have SFW and NSFW versions. I’ll put a quick language disclaimer at the start of the NSFW video too. All of the ratings systems I looked up are copyrighted, but I believe I can use the same format as long as I don’t mention the organization. Does anyone have experience with this? Can I use my own “PG-13” rating without “MPAA” on the seal? Or am I better off making something original that says “NSFW” or “explicit content”?
Lastly, there’s no voiceover or original content from my end. I’m basically taking clips I found on YouTube and cutting them together to tell the athlete’s story. There’s been quite a bit of cleaning up of speech to take out unnecessary words like “ums” and “uhs”, but also to just make things flow better. IMO it’s a very compelling story, which I have nothing to do with. What I’m doing is compiling a bunch of clips and organizing them in a structured way. Most of the clips were uploaded to ESPN’s YouTube channel or re-uploaded by someone else. A lot of it is talking heads and people giving opinions or “takes” about a current event or the subject juxtaposed by game tape or a counter argument made by another talking head or the athlete himself. I was thinking of just crediting ESPN and anyone else with them a special thanks, but I didn’t get their authorization. From my understanding this should fall under fair use. I could also credit specific shows/people like First Take or Stephen A. Smith. Also, I’m not sure what to title myself besides “editor”. Maybe director? Thoughts on credits?
I have not seen anyone tell this person’s full story in a meaningful way, which is kind of shocking given how famous they are. So, I wanted to put this together as an ode to someone I admire. I think it’s incredible what they’ve done and had to overcome in life and repeatedly at the highest levels of competition. To me, it’s very representative of the underdog, someone who’s not supposed to succeed, beating impossible odds. Again, I know this was a lot of questions, but as mentioned this is my first solo film. I usually handled pre-production before, so most of this new to me. Thanks help in advance for helping a rookie editor and filmmaker.
TLDR: 1. Song recommendations similar to “Superhero” by Future & Metro Boomin.
  1. Can I use a rating like PG-13 on promo material and/or thumbnail if I don’t mention MPAA?
  2. How do I credit companies or individuals whose media I used?
  3. How do I credit myself? Editor? Director?
  4. Any other advice or insight for a newbie?
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2023.05.02 21:20 IllSociety4 Are key websites wrong, or is my ear shitty ?

Hi all,
I try to work on my ear these times, so I usually have fun figuring random songs by ear (usually the chords, main melodies, ...).
I was listening to Donald Trump by Mac Miller, and I started figuring out the chords, and to do so I started by figuring out the key using the main melody. I figure it's a B major key, and find the chords (or at least chords that sound good and fit the song in my opinion), no problem.
However I wonder if it could be G# minor key instead, so I look it up and... Every website and their server are telling me it's C# minor.
To me, it makes no sense, since the main melody doesn't even fit in the notes from that key, so I go on one of the websites (tunebat) which has a key finder algorithm, put the song mp3 in it and... B major.
So who is right, and most importantly, how can all the websites say it's C# minor when B major does not only seem so much simpler and more obvious, but is the answer their own algorithm find ?
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2023.05.01 14:01 stel1234 [Meta] r/mashups Request and resource thread for May 2023

May 2023 request and resource thread

Welcome to the all new mashup request and resource thread for May 2023!
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2023.04.29 23:40 accomplished_shoe904 Problem with key detection

I analyzed this song and I hear it as d minor (Song: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CothoZuzauM). Many key detectors (like Tunebat or Autokey) say it‘s in C Major. What do you think? I tried the C Major scale over the song, but the B doesn’t sound good. The Bb in d minor sounds right in my opinion.
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2023.04.21 09:49 jaypeeghee [TOMT][SONG][00s] indie rock band OG sample of a famous newer pop song??

This earworm has been pestering me for months, and I really need your help!
I know for a fact that there was a 'rediscovered' one-hit wonder, male, indie rock band that got credited for having written the lyrics to a super smashing house-ish pop hit a few years back and that their original version of this song dates to the 00s (maybe 2007-2010??). I'm fairly sure that the frontman had dark hair (maybe curly??) and very distinct teeth and gums. A bit of a Mick Jagger aura meets FOB's Pete Wentz situation haha.
I have searched through artists like Florence+The Machine (with songs like Sweet nothing, you've got the love as my main leads), Calvin Harris remixes and Lykke Li's I follow rivers has been melting into this earworm in my conviction of these artists having sampled their song. Led me nowhere. I've used Spotify's radio function ferociously, to no help.
So thus I turn to thee for help, dear TOMT-legends. I hope this quest proves me right somehow.
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2023.04.19 05:39 CactusShaver Tonic and I-IV-V in a minor key?

I think the tune Hesitation Blues ( https://tunebat.com/Info/Hesitation-Blues-Live-Hot-Tuna/0Z9c3hDuzlx5jAHG1kfqk9 ) is in Am but I need help understanding how you’d figure that out from the chords used in it so that I can transpose using the Nashville numbering system.
How does a minor key work with the Nashville numbering system? What is the tonic for the key of Am? Is it C?
This tune uses Am and E7 (major), C7 (major), F (major) and G7 (major).
In the key of C, the I-IV-V are are all major: C—F-G, and the rest are minor chords (or diminished). How does that work for it’s relative minor?
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2023.04.17 01:28 3Stain Some problem with song "Pony"

Hey hi all! Sorry if i go straigh to the problem but Pony by Ginuwine is killing me. For me is impossibile to beatmach, i've try with a lot of songs and there's something for sure i loose in the making... Either Serato and Tunebat say the Song is a 142 BPM... I don't belive it's a 142 i think It's a 71 better. What i found Is that if i slow the BPM of another song to start the Beatmach Pony seems to spin a lot faster than the other... Serato laydown the grid perfectly.(not Always happens) I'm using turntables with Phase. I'm no super skilled but i can beatmatching with confidence. Some one can give a try and understand the problem?? If can help or someone wants i can write down the songs i've try to beatmatch with Pony. 😀
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2023.04.10 16:47 AliffTheOne Tunebat said these can be synchronized. Anyways, enjoy Catharsis X mashed with Fusion

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2023.04.07 06:30 Own-Phase1870 which key/scale is played in "John Wayne", "k", "Crush" and "Apocalypse" ?


I would like to know in which key/scale is played in "John Wayne", "k", "Crush" and "Apocalypse".

Tunebat tells me that the 4 tracks are in major scale but chatGPT tells me that the 4 are in minor scale :/

Could you help me?

Thank you in advance :)
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2023.04.02 22:37 OhKayDen08 Mashup Artist, asking another bpm question 🤟

I've been trying to do something with Giants and can't seem to find the actual bpm of it, Tunebat says 62 but it's a little bit higher than that I think.
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2023.04.01 14:00 stel1234 [Meta] r/mashups Request and resource thread for April 2023

April 2023 request and resource thread

Welcome to the all new mashup request and resource thread for April 2023!
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2023.03.28 13:14 Will-Never-Straight Go home, TuneBat, you're drunk.

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2023.03.19 13:51 josejayant13 Where can I search songs by key, bpm, genre etc.?

I want to search songs by bpm, key, genre etc. I'm aware of beatport.com but that only has EDM. There is also tunebat.com but it doesn't has the feature to search songs by genre. It would have been great if these websites allowed searching songs by language as well.
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2023.03.15 01:11 IanNBF It's only a matter of time until we get the perfect mashup

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2023.03.01 14:01 stel1234 [Meta] r/mashups Request and resource thread for March 2023

March 2023 request and resource thread

Welcome to the all new mashup request and resource thread for March 2023!
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EDIT: Post updated to reflect March 2023 thread
EDIT 2: for visibility
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2023.02.21 11:40 hiitsmed Beatgridding ABBA songs?! (Help!)

I downloaded songs like mamma mia. And just their top ones, but beatgridding them is proving very difficult. I used mixedinkey to get the bpm. Or tunebat or both to figure it out. I can’t tell if the boom is just wrong?
Or did ABBA record live? As opposed to producing? Because maybe it’s the right bpm but just swaying out of sync. But it doesn’t seem to be that.
Please help with this 🫂
*EDIT - thanks for all the support and advice. I decided to analyse dynamically and then beat grid myself to make accurate 100%.
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2023.02.21 05:39 whatisgf Is the Mixed in Key website accurate?

I'm comparing songs in tunebat.com and Mixed in key which I've bought, looks like the results are not similar across these two. As the tunebat relies on the spotify API's this is legit, so is the MIK. Let me know your thoughts. From the posts, I've understood that, not always we want to follow the camelot wheel for mixing, just want to know what people decide when they find these differences.
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2023.02.16 04:47 Hirosashii Key of "Forest Temple" from Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

The song in the Forest Temple in the video game "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" has its key listed as F♯/G♭ Minor both here and here, but I can't agree when I think about it. At least to my ear, it definitely sounds like E Mixolydian ♭6, but I have... certainly been wrong in life before. I pretty rarely use Reddit, but I don't have really anyone else I can ask and I'm by no means experienced at music theory, so I figured I'd ask here! Please excuse me if I am indeed incorrect.
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2023.02.01 14:00 stel1234 [Meta] r/mashups Request and resource thread for February 2023

February 2023 request and resource thread

Welcome to the all new mashup request and resource thread for February 2023!
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2023.01.22 00:54 DeinLichtel In-Depth Depeche Mode Discography Analysis

In-Depth Depeche Mode Discography Analysis
As a side project, I’ve been playing a lot with Spotify’s API, and especially it’s audio features recently and thought it’d be interesting to take a look at the results for Depeche Mode songs. Just take all of this with a grain of salt ;). Keep on scrolling if you’re not into statistics.
*BEGIN TLDR*: I analysed the entire Depeche Mode discography using Spotify’s API and got some interesting results. Quick result overview:
All Tracks Danceable Energetic Happy
Least Junior Painkiller Everything Counts (Reprise) Easy Tiger
Most Satellite The Sun and the Rainfall What's Your Name?

Singles Only Danceable Energetic Happy
Least Somebody Goodnight Lovers Little 15
Most Dream On Barrel of a Gun Dreaming Of Me

  • Most similar songs: "Zenstation" and "Always"
  • Least similar songs: "Something To Do" and "Esque"

Decade Most Typical Song
All Time Pipeline (Go read the detailed explanation before you come for me)
1980s Shake The Disease
1990s Home
2000s Little Soul
2010s Going Backwards

Now to the a detailed explanation of what I've done.


I used this Spotify Playlist as a basis for the analysis. I made sure only to include one version of each song. If there’s a single and an album version, I chose the album version. The only exceptions to this are “Enjoy the Silence” and “Personal Jesus”, for which I included both single and album version because of the huge differences between them. I also excluded remixes except “In Your Room (Zephyr Mix)”, “Freelove (Flood Mix)” (singles), and “Never Let Me Down Again (Split Mix)” (played live). Finally, I had to exclude “Corrupt” because of the three minutes of silence it has on Spotify which affected the analysis heavily.

I'm only going to show you an excerpt of the results here. The full result is available on Results.

Audio Features

Spotify’s track analysis provides a score on certain song characteristics. Websites like Tunebat use these as well. If you want to verify my data, please use a website like this (they multiply the scores by 100).
Feature values (except mode and tempo): Every track is assigned a value between 0.0 and 1.0.
mode value: 0 indicated minor key, 1 indicated major key.
I focused on the characteristics danceability, energy, instrumentalness, mode, tempo, valence, and speechiness.
I decided to exclude acousticness because the results were incredibly off (Such as giving “Waiting for the Night” a score of 0.88). I also excluded liveness because we know that none of the tracks in the playlist are live tracks.


Least Danceable
These are the top 10 least danceable songs:
Least Danceable Song Danceability Score
1. Junior Painkiller 0.113
2. Introspectre 0.124
3. Eternal 0.186
4. Oberkorn (It's a Small Town) 0.208
5. Sometimes 0.226
6. Slow 0.244
7. The Dead of Night 0.247
8. To Have and to Hold 0.247
9. One Caress 0.259
10. Sibeling 0.269
As you can see, a lot of these make sense here. I was surprised to see “The Dead of Night” on here though. I should probably mention now that the Spotify data is far from perfect, and we’ll also see later that it gives straight up bad results for some tracks.
“Eternal” is the least danceable song with vocals. If we’re not counting “One Caress” as a single, the least danceable single is "Somebody” at 24. (Fun fact: The album version of “Enjoy the Silence” comes right before this on 23.)

Most Danceable
These are the top 10 most danceable songs:
Most Danceable Song Danceability Score
1. Satellite 0.63
2. Boys Say Go! 0.845
3. Monument 0.836
4. Puppets 0.834
5. Any Second Now (Voices) 0.828
6. Fools 0.822
7. Dream On 0.813
8. Nodisco 0.806
9. Leave In Silence 0.782
10. The Sun and the Rainfall 0.781
The most danceable single is “Dream On”. Other songs that might be interesting are “Just Can’t Get Enough” at 17 and our favourite disco song, “Enjoy The Silence (single version)” at 58.
It’s very interesting to see almost only songs from the first two albums on here. If we exclude “Speak & Spell” and “A Broken Frame”, the top ten would look like this:

Excluding S&S and ABF Song Danceability
1, Fools 0.822
2. Dream On 0.813
3. Lovetheme 0.773
4. Welcome To My World 0.771
5. Breathing In Fumes 0.768
6. Flexible 0.767
7. Get the Balance Right! 0.764
8. Shame 0.761
9. Happiest Girl - Jack Mix 0.755
10. Work Hard 0.748


Least Energetic
These are the top 10 least energetic songs:
Least Energetic Song Energy Score
1. Everything Counts (Reprise) 0.0556
2. Oberkorn (It's a Small Town) 0.131
3. Junior Painkiller 0.137
4. Jazz Thieves 0.145
5. Sonata No.14 in C#m (Moonlight Sonata) 0.171
6. Sometimes 0.176
7. Lovetheme 0.191
8. The Great Outdoors! 0.197
9. The Child Inside 0.221
10. Shouldn't Have Done That 0.224
I don’t think there are any big surprises on here. The least energetic song with vocals is “Sometimes”. The least energetic single is “Goodnight Lovers” on 17.

Most Energetic
These are the top 10 most energetic songs:
Most Energetic Song Energy Score
1. The Sun and the Rainfall 0.993
2. Kaleid - 7'' Version 0.981
3. Breathing In Fumes 0.966
4. Shout! 0.959
5. John The Revelator 0.57
6. Soft Touch / Raw Nerve 0.951
7. More Than A Party 0.948
8. Barrel of a Gun 0.948
9. A Photograph of You 0.947
10. Better Days 0.939
I’m very surprised to see “The Sun and The Rainfall” first here because I’d say “Kaleid” is a lot more energetic. My assumption is that it got such a high score because of the drum machine but that is just speculation. All of the other songs on this list make sense to me. As you can see, the most energetic single is “Barrel of a Gun”.


Valence: Describes the musical positiveness conveyed by a track. Tracks with high valence sound more positive (e.g. happy, cheerful, euphoric), while tracks with low valence sound more negative (e.g. sad, depressed, angry).” – Someone on the Internet.

Least valent
These are the top ten least valent songs:
Least Valent Song Valence Score
1. Easy Tiger 0.0327
2. Slowblow 0.0378
3. Pimpf 0.0384
4. Fail 0.0389
5. Jezebel 0,0391
6. Nothing's Impossible 0.0429
7. Introspectre 0.043
8. Oh Well 0.0497
9. Memphisto 0.0518
10. When The Body Speaks 0.0535
Given that “Fail” is the only explicit song in the catalogue, it’s very apt that it turns out to be the least valent song with lyrics. While all the other songs make sense to me, it’s really surprising for me to see “When the Body Speaks” on here because to me it seems like a rather positive song.
If we go looking for the single with the least valence, we find the album version of “In Your Room” on 23 but that doesn’t count, of course. So, the single with the least valence is “Little 15” on 25, followed by “Cover Me” on 27.

Most valence
These are the top ten songs with the most valence:
Most valent Song Valence Score
1. What's Your Name? 0.99
2. (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me 0.983
3. Told You So 0.969
4. Something To Do 0.966
5. Pleasure, Little Treasure 0.963
6. Big Muff 0.961
7. Dreaming Of Me 0.961
8. A Photograph of You 0.96
9. World In My Eyes 0.959
10. The Meaning of Love 0.953
I love to see “What’s your name?” being the most valent song out of the ENTIRE catalogue. While you might say that some of these songs don’t make sense on this list, you can find a common pattern in all of these songs: High-pitched, fast synth riffs without vocals.
The most valent single is “Dreaming of Me”. The single with the most valence not written by Vince is “The Meaning of Love”. Funnily enough, the next singles with the most valence are “See You” at 13 and “It’s Called a Heart” at 17, which Martin also both hates ;). The single with the most valence while still being liked by Martin is “Precious” at 23, which again has a high-pitched synth riff without vocals.

(Depeche) Mode

Interestingly, if we average all the song’s modes, we get a value of 0.541 which means that the songs are slightly more likely to be in major key than a minor key.
If we now exclude “Speak & Spell”, this value comes down to 0.528.
If we then also exclude “A Broken Frame”, we’re left with 0.519.
All in all, it seems like Martin uses more major keys than he likes to admit ;)
Just know, that I’m not very trained when it comes to music theory and I know Martin uses a lot of borrowed chords, which will probably also affect this score.


Slowest Songs
These are the top five slowest songs:
Slowest Songs Song Tempo (BPM)
1. Condemnation 58
2. Stjarna 74
3. Easy Tiger 74
4. I Want It All 75
5. Sonata No.14 in C#m (Moonlight Sonata) 76
No surprises here. The slowest song and single is “Condemnation”. "Slowblow" ranks at 9 with 79 BPM. But where does “Slow” rank…?

Fastest Songs
These are the top five fastest songs:
Fastest Songs Song Tempo (BPM)
1. One Caress 201
2. Cover Me 196
3. Blue Dress 187
4. Dressed In Black 187
5. Slow 187
Pretty ironic to see “Slow” on here, isn’t it? I’d say that the algorithm struggles with double-time which is why I won't use this feature for any of the following analyses. Looking for the fastest song with the BPM matching the information on DMLiveWiki, we got “Black Day” at 11 at 177 BPM. The fastest single matching the information on DMLiveWiki is “Barrell of a Gun” at 18 at 166 BPM.


If we rank all the songs by instrumentalness, the lowest instrumental on the list is “Headstar” at 125 out of 208. The highest non-instrumental on the list is “When the Body Speaks” at 12 out of 208.
Interestingly, there are five songs that got a score of 0.0: “Dressed in Black”, “Condemnation”, “Everything Counts”, “Wrong”, and “I Want You Now”.


“This is an estimate of the amount of spoken word in a particular track. High values indicate that there’s a good deal of speech in the track, and low values indicate that there is very little speech.” – Again someone on the Internet.

Lowest Speechiness
These are the top five song with the lowest speechiness score:
Lowest Speechiness Song Speechiness Score
1. Going Backwards 0.0229
2. Useless 0.0231
3. The Sweetest Condition 0.024
4. When The Body Speaks 0.0248
5. Love, In Itself 0.025
“Going Backwards” is the song and single with the lowest speechiness score.

Highest Speechiness
These are the top 5 songs with the highest speechiness score:
Highest Speechiness Song Speechiness Score
1. Shouldn't Have Done That 0.183
2. The Dead of Night 0.167
3. Lovetheme 0.149
4. Any Second Now (Voices) 0.119
5. Hole to Feed 0.118
“Shouldn’t Have Done That” topping this list makes a lot of sense to me. However, a score of 0.183 is still quite low. “I Feel You” is the single with the highest speechiness score at 8. But why is there an instrumental on here...?

Track Pairings

For the following analyses I used a vector comprising the values for danceability, energy, and valence for each track. Since the playlist contains 209 songs, we’ve got (209^2 – 209) / 2 = 21736 pairings to check. I compared the two vectors for each pairing using different vector similarity measures (Reference) to get a similarity score.

Most similar pairings
These are the top 20 most similar pairings (using TS-SS):
Most Similar Pairings Song A Song B
1. Zenstation Always
2. In Your Memory It's Called A Heart
3. Pimpf Nothing's Impossible
4. Goodbye The Worst Crime
5. Mercy In You So Much Love
6. I Am You Always
7. Stjarna Death's Door
8. Rush Going Backwards
9. Christmas Island So Much Love
10 Freestate Scum
11. Damaged People Fail
12. Stories of Old The Love Thieves
13. In Your Room Damaged People
14. Freestate Shine
15. It's No Good The Sweetest Condition
16. I Am You Zenstation
17. Blue Dress Get Right With Me
18. Pimpf Spacewalker
19. Shine Scum
20. Just Can't Get Enough Work Hard
I think it’s best if you listen and judge for yourself how accurate this is (remember that features like tempo, key etc. were not used for this). All I can say is that listening to “In Your Memory” and “It’s Called a Heart” back-to-back has been eye-opening for me.
If we’re looking for the most similar pairing only including singles, we end up with “Fragile Tension” – “Peace” at 28, “People Are People” – “Martyr” at 29, “Enjoy the Silence” – “Lillian” at 48, and “A Question of Lust” – “Home” at 49.
Another interesting pairing is "Peace" - "Scum" at 91 ;).
I should also mention that, while “Zenstation” – “Always” is first on this list, all other similarity measures have “In Your Memory” and “It’s Called a Heart” ranked first.

Least similar pairings
This list is less interesting, so here’s only the top 5 (using TS-SS):
Least Similar Pairings Song A Song B
1. Something To Do Esque
2. Satellite Introspectre
3. Pleasure, Little Treasure Esque
4. Something To Do Slowblow
5. Something To Do Death's Door
Looking for the least similar single pairing, we find “Little 15” – “World in My Eyes” at 175.
The other two measures I used have “Everything Counts (Reprise)” – “Introspectre” and “A Photograph of You” – “Oberkorn (It's a Small Town)” ranked least similar respectively.

Most Typical Depeche Mode Track

Next, I’ve calculated an average vector over danceability, energy, and valence. This vector contains the scores the average Depeche Mode track has. Then I looked for the track that is most similar to this average track to find the most typical Depeche Mode tracks.

Average Track over the entire discography visualised (sort of)
Average Track Comparison 1980s - 2010s
Average Track Comparison 1990s - 2010s
Average Track Comparison 1990s - 2000s

Most typical track over the entire discography
The average Depeche Mode song has these scores (rounded):
  • Danceability: 0.575
  • Energy: 0.653
  • Valence: 0.452

The top 10 most similar tracks to this:
Most Typical Depeche Mode Tracks Song
1. Pipeline
2. A Question of Lust
3. The Things You Said
4. Walking in My Shoes
5. Love, In Itself
6. Home
7. Shine
8. Only When I Lose Myself
9. I Want It All
10. Scum
This means, “Pipeline” is the most typical Depeche Mode track according to this. People, get your pitchforks out! The most typical single is “A Question of Lust”.

The top 10 least similar tracks to this:
Least Typical Depeche Mode Tracks Song
1. Satellite
2. Fools
3. Something To Do
4. Everything Counts (Reprise)
5. Introspectre
6. Pleasure, Little Treasure
7. What's Your Name?
8. Jazz Thieves
9. (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me
10. A Photograph of You
This means, “Satellite” is the least typical Depeche Mode track. The least typical single is “The Meaning of Love” at 11.

Average track:
  • Danceability: 0.627
  • Energy: 0.670
  • Valence: 0.614

The most typical 80s track and single is “Shake the Disease”.
The least typical 80s track is “Stjarna”. The least typical 80s single is “Little 15”.

Average track:
  • Danceability: 0.531
  • Energy: 0.644
  • Valence: 0.387

The most typical 90s track and single is “Home”.
The least typical 90s track and single is “World in My Eyes”.

Average track:
  • Danceability: 0.558
  • Energy: 0.663
  • Valence: 0.338

The most typical 2000s track is “Little Soul”. The most typical 2000s single is “Peace”.
The least typical 2000s track and single is “Precious”.

Average track:
  • Danceability: 0.523
  • Energy: 0.603
  • Valence: 0.285

The most typical 2010s track and single is “Going Backwards”.
The least typical 2000s track is “Soft Touch / Raw Nerve”. The least typical 2010s single is “Cover Me”.


The algorithm calculating the audio features is far from perfect and nothing from here should be taken as fact. This is just a bit of fun with numbers :). Based on this data, you can do lots of other fun stuff like comparing your Spotify listening profile to this and finding out which Depeche Mode track matches your listening habits the best. If you’ve got any other ideas or improvements, please let me know!
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2023.01.18 04:35 redwolf_reddit Where can i find all the true keys/bpms of older stuff

I've been using websites like tunebat for a while but i recently thought of how inaccurate they might be
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