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2023.05.31 03:23 muffinman0807 Troubleshooting Help Drill conversion

Hello All, I need some help trouble shooting this. I did a drill battery conversion on my daughters car and it worked great at first. Then one day it wouldn’t work immediately after I plugged a battery in but would start working about an hour after. I tried it with a not fully charged battery and the same problem. I changed the low voltage cutoff and it went back to working just fine but is now doing the same thing. Any tips?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.31 03:23 muffinman0807 Troubleshooting Help Drill conversion

Hello All, I need some help trouble shooting this. I did a drill battery conversion on my daughters car and it worked great at first. Then one day it wouldn’t work immediately after I plugged a battery in but would start working about an hour after. I tried it with a not fully charged battery and the same problem. I changed the low voltage cutoff and it went back to working just fine but is now doing the same thing. Any tips?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.31 03:23 RobotTomPeterson Police: Toddler accidentally left in hot car outside Puyallup hospital dies

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2023.05.31 03:23 Floor_Cheezit I (19F) and my boyfriend (22M) are having problems regarding his girl best friend. We have been in a relationship for 1 yr and 6 months. How do I go about this???

Reddit, can you help me? Am I too much?
Hey reddit users, I wanted to inquire about this because I just don’t know how to feel or what to do. My boyfriend and I have been going steady for a year and 6 months now and the only problems we ever had were about my concerns with his girl best friend. He would tell me that he does not see her in a romantic way which I believe, but I tell him it does not mean that she may not feel that way for him though. So trying to be nice I attempted a friendship with her and it went well for a while, until she started making me uncomfortable bringing up the status of her relationship between her and him and how frequent they talk, making them seem closer than what he told me they were. Our friendship went south when I finally brought up my concerns with her making me uncomfortable and providing ways in which she did so and I brought up ways to come together and remedy the issue, but I found it quite alarming when she wanted to end the relationship and all contact immediately and she said a lot of things that hurt me. I expressed how I felt to my boyfriend and that naturally I did not want her in my life at all, which meant cutting her out of everything in order to preserve myself. I achieved this, but my therapist told me that she is technically still in my life and that I still feel uneasy because she hurt me so deeply and she still has constant contact with my boyfriend. He has not told her about being in the wrong and has supported her every time I brought up a concern about our friendship with him. Anyways reddit, my main point is that up to this state in time it still bothers me when he replies to her texts in front of me. I understand that he can be friends with whomever he wants and I cannot stop him from doing that (not that I ever want to stop him from talking to anyone cuz that seems controlling) but I set boundaries for myself when it comes to him and her hanging out together because naturally if your significant other is hanging out with someone who hurt you (or your bestie was hanging out with someone who hurt you vice versa) you would be pissed or hurt too, right?? He had a whole elaborate texting chat with her yesterday in the car with me laughing at her texts and I guess it made me feel hurt or a type of way about it because I was there… how do I do anything with this? Any advice? *or two cents whatever you wish to give
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2023.05.31 03:22 IbuiltComputers Looking for sub $9k first car

There are a lot of options and I have absolutely 0 clue what to get. The cars I am currently considering are the following:
2010 Infinity G37
2012 Hyundai Genesis 3.8l V6
2009 Audi A6
I'm looking for something that won't hammer my insurance, but still be able to be to have a decent 0-60 and be tunable with lots of room for customization so that it can be a good ride and not a sluggish 4 cylinder. I am able to do minor work (well, I'll learn lol) but nothing crazy like an engine swap, so don't send me a 4 cylinder JDM to ls swap. Essentially, the bottom line is: Over 200HP (0-60 preferably would be under 6 secs)
Already have or be able to upgrade the electronics to take Bluetooth
Over 20 MPG
Any drive , although AWD is preferred but not 100% necessary
Reliable (I'd rather spend more time driving it than fixing it even if it's a "good JDM")
And lastly, I prefer Sedan's and Hatchbacks but if it's a Coupe it needs rear seating.
Lastly, I live in the New England USA area so don't tease me with the perfect car that's balls deep in New Mexico lmao
Thanks, a very poor teen :).
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2023.05.31 03:22 NeatOk9002 Inhaling Seagull

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2023.05.31 03:21 Lentriox Used Mazda 3 Turbo Premium Plus VS New Jetta GLI

My 2012 Avalon unfortunately had its transmission give out about two months ago, so I'm looking for a replacement. After a while of research, I've settled on two options (open to others, though.)
I found a new (only one in Houston, I might add) Jetta GLI DSG for around $35,000. It's very tempting. I cannot find a single Mazda 3 Turbo Premium plus, but it'd most likely be a used '22 with under 20k miles for around $30-33k.
So, my question is.. which of the two make the most sense? I drive from Houston to Dallas for college fairly often. After the Avalon, I wanted something with a little more kick (even though I beat on the Avalon as if it was a performance car, lol).
The Jetta has more features that I like, such as the fully digital dash, ambient lighting, etcetera. However, the Mazda is a hatchback and has AWD, and is quicker off the line.
I'm very torn, so any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.05.31 03:21 purple9g9 diamond parking is a leech on innocent taxpayers

while parked in the parking lot for my partner’s appointment at ideal option, which is a medically assisted treatment center for substance use disorder, i received a ticket from diamond parking company. ideal option, the building is owned by campbell realty, my partner and i have been coming to ideal option for him for almost 2 years and they semi recently moved to this location on 10th. i was waiting in my car for him and decided to go inside and use the bathroom and check and see how it was going, i was out of my car for 30 minutes. i came back to a ticket. upon asking other patients and providers, i heard that this happens extremely often, predominantly to the older patients as there is a hearing aid provider located here. i am absolutely outraged and trying to get the ticket excused, i am more so outraged that the parking company is so eager to gouge the pockets of people who are actively trying to get their life back together, trying to get off fentanyl, meth, and heroin. this is absolutely atrocious. i was thinking of making a petition to excuse all parking tickets given at places of medical treatment because this is so outrageous. wondering peoples thoughts and experiences with diamond parking specifically thanks
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2023.05.31 03:21 jk_arundel Tunein on Sonos now has ads?

About a week ago I noticed that when I start playing an internet radio station via the Tunein service, there are ads. Usually it is an ad for Sonos itself, but the other day there was a very obnoxious ad for a car dealership in California. The ad plays only at startup.
I've been using Tunein on Sonos for years and the ads are new. Has anyone else noticed this?
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2023.05.31 03:21 CaptainChristopher02 My Floridian Arxur Daughter (Part 16)

My Floridian Arxur Daughter (Part 16)

Art by u/HaajaHenrik
Memory Transcription Subject: Dennis Ramos Rodriguez, Floridan Factory Meat Distributor
Date [Standardized Human Time]: November 25, 2136
I woke up to my wonderful wife by my side. She was still asleep. I gave her back rubs, earning a delightful coo from her.
“Psst, my love. Pancakes?”
Elena was still tired from last night. She spoke in a tired voice. “Mhmm, in bed please. I don’t think I can walk for now.”
I gave myself a pat on the back. “Your husbands still got it right?” I said smugly, earning a smile and blush from Elena.
I gave my wife a couple good kisses before heading downstairs. On my way to the kitchen, I noticed everyone else was up and already had breakfast.
Did I sleep in that much? We got home at 9:00pm… me and Elena started at 10:30pm… finished around 1:30… nope it’s only 9:30.
Everyone at the table looked like they didn’t get any sleep. Except for Chalta, who had a picture book next to her about aquatic animals, but why was she wearing headphones around her neck.
“Hey gang, how did everyone sleep?”
“Great daddy! Big brother gave me his special headphones, their so comfy and helped make everything quiet!”
“That’s great. Why did he give them to you though?”
Every adult looked at me like I said the worst dad joke in my life. Carlos put the headphones over Chalta’s ears while she continued eating.
My son looked right at me. “We heard it dad, all of it.”
Wait he doesn’t mean… oh sh-
Salisek interrupted my train of thought. “Where you even trying to be quiet?! We started hearing moans and had to cover Chalta’s ears! Also, three hours?! How?!”
“W-why didn’t you just go back to sleep?”
“Go back to sleep? With the last thought that my boyfriends’ parents were doing it in the other room?” Salisek looked at her parents. “You’re no better either! My ears work fine, and I know you two were having your own moment!”
That’s why the Venlil couple looked tired?
Carlos pointed at the princess. “Seriously! Did none of you think about Chalta! She’s like six! I wanna protect her innocence as much as possible, but it’s pretty hard when we have a grown women screaming in the next room ‘Oh yes, mi amor! Show me the nature of predators’! Like, what the hell is that even supposed to mean!”
My face was red with embarrassment. I could have sworn she whispered it! Tarvik and Talice also looked embarrassed.
Salisek continued from where Carlos left off. “That’s nothing compared to my dad who bleats like crazy! Yes, I know you do that, you were terrible at hiding it when I was growing up! I know you weren’t just giving mom a message! Then MOM was moaning ‘my dearest, show me the savagery humans have taught you’! That alone is not only wrong, just wrong, it’s also like… what does that even mean?!”
Talice spit out her orange juice! “Y-you heard that!”
“Seriously dad, WHAT IN THE ACTUAL SEPH!” my son said calmly. Wait, isn’t that a Venlil swear? “I gotta wait till marriage, but you couldn’t wait util we were all out of the house! GAWD DAYUM!”
We all looked over at Chalta who was still calmly eating her food. Smiling at the delicious bacon and eggs while looking at the pictures of fish. Those noise cancelling headphones where a really good investment.
“I’m… gonna make pancakes. Sorry.”
Everyone returned to their respective breakfast. As I walked past Tarvik I gave him a high five. Which earned a distasteful look from my son. I finished the pancakes and reached for the orange juice… I decided to go for the Gatorade instead.
My son noticed, “Why are you getting an energy drink?”
“Well since everyone knows I thought I might as well get ready for round too while you and Salisek take Chalta to the park or something. She hasn’t seen her Arxur playmate in a while.”
“Don’t you da- Arxur playmate?”
“Call Samuel, your old friend. I met him, he’s living with Arxur and her sister. The sister is close to Chalta’s age, and they became friends. Call them and set up a play date.”
“Yup. Now if you excuse me, I’m going back upstairs to make intense love with your mother.”
Tarvik and Talice looked at each other prompting a horrified look from the young couple.
“What? We might as well get it out of our systems?” Tarvik said, pulling his wife up and carrying her to the guest room.
Memory Transcript Subject: Carlos Jose Rodriguez, Mechanical Engineer, Florida Man
Date [Standardized Human Time]: November 25, 2136
I cannot believe that I had to grab my girl and sister because the “adults” got an itch from the Devils Tango! I decided to shake it off and enjoy the opportunity to spend more time with my sister. I decided to call Samuel another day. I’ll take Chalta to her old friend, but I wanted ‘us’ time.
I drove my car, my baby, of my own design and make. Mom said she’d keep it in good shape and boy did she! Electric and smooth, self-driving but I love having control. It also looked futuristic, as in glowing LED’s and a spoiler that moves on its own to adjust for aerodynamics.
The girls were sitting comfortably in the back. Salisek was reading to Chalta about blue whales.
“Wow! They’re so big!” said our wonderful princess.
“Yes, they are, apparently they weigh at most 330,000 pounds. Do you know how heavy that is?” said my adorable Venbig.
“No, is it a lot?”
“Your brother weighs about 200 pounds. It would take…” Salisek used the Calculator on her holopad. “1,650 of him to be the same as one of them!”
“That’s a lot of big brothers. What do they eat?”
“They eat very tiny fish called ‘krill’. They swim in very big groups. When a whale finds them, they open their mouths really big and filter the water out.”
It impressed me that Salisek was at the point where reading about predators didn’t bother her. I was proud at how far her family had come. They were once a timid bunch, now they’re riding death rides and cuddling with predators. It’s a good day to be a Floridian!
After some more driving we finally got to the area I wanted to spend the day. The Florida Mall had gone under some renovations in the past decades. The center of the mall had a small play area, perfect for kids. It also had some interesting places I wanted to check out with my, hopefully, future wife and little sister.
Chalta walked with us through the front doors, and she was in awe. She looked around at all the sights and smells the mall had to offer before tugging at my shirt. “Big brother, this place is so big! What is it?”
“It’s a mall Chalta. It’s a big store with a bunch of smaller stores in it. With some other places to play and eat. We have so much to explore!”
Salisek wrapped her tail around my waist. “So, where do we go first?”
“What are you in the mood for? Clothes, games, food, toys, cosmetics, technology, the list goes on.”
Chalta let out an audible gasp. “I KNOW! Let’s go look at dresses!”
“Like all dresses… or princess dresses. The Disney store has-”
Chalta’s scream turned about a dozen heads in the mall. Salisek walked over to give Chalta uppies. “Well Carlos, I guess we’re going to the Disney store.”
I looked on my phone for the Florida Mall app so I could perfectly Navigate the store. The Disney store was more in the center since it was popular with tourists and would bring people further into the store. This wasn’t a big deal as it allowed the girls to take in more of the sights. Despite being only stores, the designs and aesthetics were there to wow and impress.
“We have nothing like this on Venlil prime. Most of the stores we have are outside, but because these are all indoors it gives them more options for comfort and decorations since they don’t have to worry about weather and can put a plug anywhere.”
“I love the pretty lights! The ladies in the windows are pretty. I wish I was as pretty like them.”
I stopped in my tracks and scooped up my sister from Salisek’s arms. I held her close and looked her dead in the eyes.
“What did you just say? You are the prettiest of the pretty! You know that right?” Chalta looked unconfident in her appearance. Time to be a big brother. “I want you to repeat after me, I am the prettiest of the pretty. Say it!”
“I am the prettiest of the pretty?”
“I am the prettiest of the pretty.”
“Louder, give it all you got!”
Some random group of young women where walking past us and heard our conversation and decided to join in. “Yes, you are gator girl!” “The prettiest of the pretty!” “You are so cute!” “I wish I had your claws!” “*squeal*AWW, BABY!”
At moments like these I realized, I am such an awesome brother. Salisek seemed to think so. The way she moved her tail and ears indicated attraction. Can’t say I blame her; responsibility is one of the hottest traits a man can possess.
Chalta giggled in my arms and gave me a forehead kiss. “I love you, big brother.”
“I would die for you.”
After some more walking we finally arrived at the Disney store. I let Chalta down and she raced to the Princess section. There were a variety of styles of new and old characters. Snow White, Belle, Merida, Ariel, Mulan, Tiana… but we all knew what she wanted.
“Cinderella! Big brother look it’s Cinderella!”
“I can see.” I looked around for one of the employees. An older Hispanic women caught my attention, and I flagged her down. She seemed to know the drill and wasn’t even surprised that Chalta was an Arxur. I didn’t know why until she spoke.
“Hello niña, what can I help you with?”
“I wanna Cinderella dress!”
The women whose name was Camila, indicated by her name tag, looked Chalta up and down. I had a feeling she was getting her measurements. Grandma would do the same thing when fixing our clothes. Some women just had a knack for knowing your size after getting a good look at you.
“Give me a moment.” She went to the back and pulled out an extra small in… Arxur?! “I always keep spares just in case. This should fit your body type nicely. Would you like to try it out?”
Chalta looked at the dress, mouth agape and eyes wide. “Yes. A thousand times yes.”
She ran into the changing room and Salisek followed to help her with any zippers and fittings. I took the time to ask Camila some much needed questions.
“Camila… how often do Arxur shop for princess dresses?”
“A lot of Arxur. Most of the refugees from Wriss love getting pretty. They just don’t show it in public.”
While I was trying to process the information, I noticed a tall figure approaching us. It was an Arxur, a very big female Arxur. The gator women paid no attention to us as she confronted Camila.
“Hello Camila, I’m here to pick up my order. Under the name, Vraka.”
“Of course, you said it’s for work, right?”
“Yup, boss said I could get it here. They really want to make young Arxur feel more comfortable at Disney.” Vraka turned her gaze towards me and took on a defensive tone. “What? Got a problem with an Arxur making little Arxur girls dreams come true?”
“N-no ma’am. In fact, I think it’s rather beautiful.”
Vraka smirked and pulled a picture from her wallet that was in the greenish blue dress I just realized she was wearing. Arxur usually don’t wear clothes, but since coming to Earth they’ve started adhering to a lot of our customs. Whether it was for integration purposes, or they just liked it was anyone’s guess.
“Sorry sir, but I already have a human in my life.” The human in question must be the man in the picture next to her and the smaller Arxur. Wait a minute, is that Samuel?
“Does this human know a man by the name of Dennis… and an Arxur named Chalta.”
Vraka’s eyes shot wide open and pulled the photo back. “How do you know that?”
“Big brother! How do I look in my dress!”
I turned around to see… oh my god. The most beautiful princess in all the land had somehow waltzed into the real world with grace unlike any other.
Salisek followed behind and both the girls were frozen at the sight of the huge Arxur.
“C-Carlos… who is this?”
I quickly answered to calm her down. “Chalta, you had an Arxur friend on the ship, right? What was her name?”
“A-Akara.” Chalta stuttered.
Vraka’s eyes lit up and a smile cracked beneath those huge teeth. “Akara! I got someone you might like to see!” A small Arxur appeared from the direction of the toy section. Not as small as Chalta, but definitely a child.
The two girls ran toward each other and embraced in a beautiful display of affection. It’s good we came today, otherwise we might have missed them.
I gently grabbed Salisek’s hand, she seemed to be feeling better. Seeing that the small Arxur was clearly friendly and familiar with Chalta, it only seemed natural that it would help calm her senses. Still, I could tell she was overwhelmed with fear, mainly from Vraka. A smaller Arxur was one thing, but Vraka was anything but small.
“Vraka this is my girlfriend Salisek. I’m Carlos, Dennis’s son. I used to know Samuel from our old jobs. The little princess you see is Chalta, I’m sure Akara has told you something.”
“Yes, she has, thank you. I don’t think you have any comprehension of just how happy Akara is. Finding friends and adjusting to Earth’s customs was hard enough for a young Arxur. Everything we’ve seen seems like a paradox from what were used to. Even you, Salisek. It’s nice to know some Venlil aren’t measly cowards.”
Salisek swallowed. “I-it’s n-nice to know n-not all Arxur are vicious k-killers, b-but Ch-Chalta already p-proved that t-to m-me.”
Vraka gave a hardy chuckle. Arxur voices are surprisingly deep, it’s hard to imagine that might be Chalta one day. “You do have some moxxy, I’ll give you that. Not even some humans would call us killers to our faces without trying to get on our bad side. Yet here you are fighting fear, and not letting it control you from some decent banter. I’m impressed.”
The girls continued playing and I noticed that Akara had a purple dress. I assumed that dresses where popular with Arxur women since they didn’t have to worry about their tails being constrained and it would help humans better identify their sex.
“Vraka, is Samuel here today?”
“No, but I’ll tell him about you. He’s at work right now. Funny thing, when he came back, he talked about some fond memories of you and your family. I assume you too go way back?”
“Yeah, but I changed jobs and after keeping in tough for a while he just… stopped. I was always worried and tried to contact him, but nothing happened. I just assumed he moved on and that was that.”
“Really, just like that?” Vraka’s voice indicated sympathy. That seemed to take Salisek off guard slightly. I guess she assumed that most Arxur couldn’t feel much empathy. Chalta seemed to be an exception due to her age.
“Yeah, could you talk to him about it for me? I don’t know if he’ll open up to you and it might be wrong, but I just want to know if he’s okay.”
“I’ll get your contact information, and I think Samuel already has your fathers, but as of now you don’t need to worry. Samuel is doing fine.”
“Thanks. Say, how did you and Samuel meet?”
“We met while I was stationed on Earth with Chief Hunter Isif to help with survivors.”
“Really, why did you decide to stay?”
Vraka’s face seemed to turn red almost instantly. Did I say something wrong? Wait, what did dad say about them.
“…Um. W-well you see. I-It’s actually a reaaaaaaly funny story.” Dear God, they totally did it. “Um, HEY LOOK AT THE KIDS!”
Not wanting to make the situation more awkward I diverted my attention to Chalta and Akara. The little Arxurs continued playing and I could only laugh at seeing something so precious. Salisek’s tail motion showed she agreed. Even Vraka’s cheeks blushed a little seeing her sister so happy.
Akara grabbed a red lightsaber from her dress pocket while Chalta grabbed a nearby magic wand bubble dispenser. While they were “battling” I looked at the price of the dress. A decent price but I was worried Chalta would wear it so often she would break it.
Like us and our Spider-Man costume.
Vraka seemed to sense my concern. “Don’t worry about it, I get discounts. We got a buy one, get one free sale right now.”
Freakin’ score!
I went and purchased two dresses of the same size. I also managed to find an extra secret surprise for Chalta when we get to Disney World this weekend.
Salisek was still anxious around Vraka but attempted to make small talk anyways. “S-so Vraka, h-how’s Earth? Do you l-like it more than W-Wriss?”
“Oh, much better. I’m always fed, and humans are also surprisingly warm to be around. If the socialization gets to be too much I can just politely leave and they’re okay with it. Their lives and cultures are all so interesting; I’ve been spending a lot of time studying them.”
“Oh, t-that’s very nice to know… um, I k-know I shouldn’t ask but h-have you ever… p-participated in a r-raid?”
Woah! Okay, even Vraka was shocked about that question!
“W-why would you ask if I participated in a raid?!”
Vraka and I were stunned. Somehow the girls ignored the yelling, but Camila was watching from a distance. She was definitely listening to our conversation like a soap opera.
Vraka took a moment to think and took a deep breath.
“I was part of Chief Hunter Isif’s fleet. I haven’t been on many raids, but I’ve still participated in some. Many of them on Venlil Prime.”
Salisek started to tremble. I gave her soothing scratches behind her ear to calm her down. I gestured that she could stop if it was too much, but she insisted. I couldn’t imagine why she’d do that, but she made her choice, so Vraka continued.
“When Earth was attacked, I was one of the many Arxur sent to help in the aftermath. That’s where I met Samuel. I eventually left the fleet, not because we were still eating… you know, but because I didn’t want to leave Earth. After me and Samuel had gotten… acquainted, I had gotten a taste of the love humans offered. I realized for the first time in my life that I was missing something, genuine love. Not obligatory or fake love many of us would emulate for benefits, but real love.”
Vraka’s voice started to tremble ever so slightly. She didn’t look like she was about to cry, but she sounded like she was fighting a tear. “Little by little everything that I believed about strength and usefulness, about sentience and betterment, was broken down into nothingness. Salisek, know I have been to Venlil prime. I have killed and eaten many Venlil. At the time, I enjoyed it. Now I hate myself for that. I realized what I’ve done. Since I’ve worked at those ‘theme parks’ the humans have, I’ve had to work with other prey species. I call them friends now.”
Salisek’s tail wrapped around my waist. I could feel her calming slightly as Vraka started showing more signs of emotion. “Nothing I do can erase my past, but I am trying to do better. Still, I understand if you hate me. I won’t judge, but please don’t blame Akara. She’s never been outside of home. Any sapient thing she’s eaten, it’s because that’s all we-”
“I know.” Salisek had finally worked up the courage to talk to the Arxur without stuttering. “I don’t know everything about the Arxur, but I’ve been talking with Carlos and Dennis. I know you didn’t have much of a choice.”
Tears formed in Vraka’s eyes, and she spoke humbly. “I… I’m sorry. For everything we’ve done, I’m sorry.”
Salisek let go of my waist, and with minor hesitation, embraced Vraka. Vraka looked like she wanted to return the favor, but she looked as though she was debating her worthiness of it.
“I can’t forgive every Arxur, and I don’t know if the thought of what you’ve done will ever leave my mind, but I know Arxur can show love. They can show regret, sadness, fear, and empathy. I don’t even know if I should, but I want Chalta to grow up in a world where she doesn’t need to hate who she is. If I want that, then maybe I need to break some barriers and accept some people can change.”
A small, singular tear found its way down Vraka’s cheek and onto Salisek’s fur. “W-what?”
“I… forgive you.”
Vraka finally accepted the hug and pulled Salisek in for a strong embrace. “Th-thank you. You have no idea how long I’ve been battling my own demons ever since I came to Florida. Thank you.”
Watching them embrace warmed my heart. I would have joined but I felt a little princess tug at my shirt.
“Big brother, why are the sisters hugging?”
“Because they love each other my little princess.”
Memory Transcription Subject: Vraka, Arxur Defector, Disney Cast Member
Date [Standardized Human Time]: November 25, 2136
While Carlos was playing with Vraka and Chalta I sat on a bench with Salisek. We agreed that the human had enough energy to spare for two active kids. I’ll admit that while I felt guilty hugging a, rather large, Venlil, her touch was much appreciated. We chatted a bit about our lives.
“Vraka, where do you work? I know you said at Disney, but doing what?”
I let out a heavy sign. “Tell no one.”
“Lips are sealed.”
“I work as… a princess. Disney likes representation so giving Arxur girls their own princess before their own proper movie made sense.” And it worked too, the kids love it. Human, Arxur, hell even a Yotul.
“Sorry what?”
“A princess! The outfit was for Snow White, or a guess Snow Grey now.”
Salisek looked like she was trying hard not to laugh. *pftt*“I’m sorry, ha. But that’s adorable!”
“Adorable huh! Well guess what, I bought a second dress because my human like a little role play!”
“…I beg your pardon.” Salisek’s face when to disgust and had an light orange color to it.
Heh, I’ll show her adorable!
“Oh yeah, sometimes I’ll send Akara out with his grandparents and we get busy after his big lonely Arxur princess craves some release. Think about that when you picture me in a dress! Wait… actually don’t I got way to ahead of myself. Oh, Prophet please forget!”
That was so stupid of me. God this is so embarrassing!
I covered my face with my clawed hands. After a moment I looked up at Salisek, who’s look went from disgust to… curiosity?
“Vraka, Carlos and I have an agreement. We’re doing the whole, ‘wait till marriage thing’, while I don’t mind, I am concerned that we won’t be… compatible. Is there any advice you can give me?”
Is she serious? This is what she wants to ask.
“Well… I don’t know much about Venlil anatomy, but it can’t be much different than Humans and Arxur. If you want my advice, let him lead. If he’s lost, help him find his way. Take your time and enjoy each other’s presence. But most of all, when in doubt remember this, humans are endurance predators. Do with that what you will.”
Her face was completely orange now, and she used her paws to bury her tail in her face.
“Oh Seph, I shouldn’t have asked.”
“Heh, you innocent Venlil!”
First Previous
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2023.05.31 03:20 jakub69 Tips on cleaning cars with CCB

Can anyone with personal experience share some tips on cleaning wheels on cars with carbon ceramic rotors? Picking up a car with them and never dealt with it before. I have a decent amateur set up just for self use. Typically for wheels I use Adams wheel & tire cleaner but I think it might be too harsh and risk damaging the rotors, and at $4,400 each is rather not risk it. Do you guys use a specific product? Would regular foam be a good substitute? (Adams mega foam in my case)?
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2023.05.31 03:20 ogreatgames Ford Vs Chevy: Gripping Racing Experience - PS2 Game

![video](agmojnhesx391 " Join in the Westington Cup and perform extraordinary racing performances. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#playstation2 #racing #sports --
Ford Vs Chevy for Sony PlayStation 2. Be the best racer that you could ever be! Choose over 48 high-powered Ford and Chevy cars. Participate in Westington Cup and make your name remarkable. Stun the audience with breathtaking performances while surpassing obstacles. Drift and drive - show us what you've got! --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.05.31 03:19 ThrowawayAcct_zz GF asked to go to Burning Man with an ex

I (M 37) am not into Burning Man or its culture but have nothing against it. My girlfriend (F 34) has gone three times. Last year my girlfriend went by herself and gave me COVID when she came back. She's a physician and came straight to my place from the airport and has no idea where she picked it up.
Recently, it came out that one of the friends she was at Burning Man with last year was a former partner, they'd met and hooked up at her first Burning Man, about 10 years ago. She insists nothing happened last year. She didn't mention it prior to planning to attend last year, because she felt I'd be uncomfortable. This led to some fairly in depth conversations and we put it behind us.
She bought two tickets and a car pass to this years festival early this year, unsure if she would go or just sell them. Today, she asked if she could go with a male friend (who she had mentioned before) and gave background that they had casually (unseriously?) dated about 9 years ago.
Although she knows my stance on not wanting to go, she emphasized earlier in the year that of all the people she knew that I was the only one she felt she would want to share that experience with. Now, since I am still not game to go she's apparently found someone who she does want to "share that experience with". She says it is ok to say no, she'll sell the tickets (or maybe go alone, unclear). So, what should I do? Am I crazy for feeling a bit uncomfortable about this?
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2023.05.31 03:19 Marklar916 People parking next to me when the parking lot is practically empty.

People parking next to me when the parking lot is practically empty.
I work Uber Eats at night and a lot of times I'll take something for dinner and eat it when I'm out out working. Once in awhile I get somebody who parks right next to me when there is plenty of space to spread out and it's drives me up the wall. I don't understand how people can think that parking right next one of the the only 2 cars in the lot is the best place to post up. Very unnecessary!
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2023.05.31 03:19 neb2357 10 brands looking for influencers

I run a platform that connects brands with influencers. After a lot of hard work, I've managed to get 10 brands on my platform which are actively looking for influencers to promote their products. Most are open to some combination of a fixed fee + commission.
  1. CAD-style technical drawing app for ipads and other mobile devices
  2. An ecommerce company that sells a Tenshi mousepad for PC gaming (eSports)
  3. An outdoor ecommerce company whose flagship product is a compact, eco-friendly alternative to a salad spinner
  4. A phone app to help people quit smoking / vaping
  5. An ecommerce company that sells ceiling fans (particularly a bladeless version)
  6. A luxury vacation rental in Colorado
  7. An ecommerce company that sells and delivers Maine Lobsters
  8. An ecommerce jewelry company targeted at moms
  9. An ecommerce company specializing in CBD products
  10. My platform
I'm actively looking for influencers to match with my partnered brands. DM me if you think you may be a good fit.
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2023.05.31 03:19 neo_sporin Got home from Charlotte, found 2 bears inside my fenced yard

Got home from Charlotte, found 2 bears inside my fenced yard
We’ve lived in this house over 10 years, never had them inside our fence. We didn’t even see them til our 2nd trip to the car
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2023.05.31 03:19 theeagerpecan Vehicle repairs going on 8 months

Hi. I'm located in US, NC if that matters. I was in an at fault accident in Oct, 2022 and my insurance sent me to a specific body shop. I got my car back in Jan, after paying my $500 deductible and $1,400 in rental car fees after the 30 days my insurance covered. The head unit (screen for backup camera, radio, etc) was not fixed, along with some alignment and steering issues. They let me drive my car for about a week until they could get an appointment with the Subaru dealership to fix the screen and they said they would fix the other things. Said it would be a couple of days. At this point they picked up the rental car fees. March, I get my car back. The AC isn't working. The AC was working when I dropped it off... Took it to a 3rd party inspector, a multitude of things were wrong. Rusted weld points, no coolant in the car, the radiator hose wasn't attached (WTF?!?). I was put in contact with the regional VP, sent to one of their "good" locations. Assured everything is double and triple checked and my car is ready today. I pick it up, looks good, make it 2 miles and get the indication it is overheating. Pull over and call the guy and he had it towed to the Subaru dealership and they are taking it from there. At this point I want to wash my hands of it and get paid out for the car. Do I have any legal recourse? I will be contacting the inspector for advice as well as my insurance (USAA) to make them aware. Any other actions I can take?
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2023.05.31 03:18 PotSniffer0811 In hindsight, it probably wasn't the best idea.

Worked at a gas station owned by a grocery store for a very long time. We had little pouches attached to the clips for our name tags. I found out one day that said pouch was just barely big enough to put one of our orange clearance tags in. It had an arrow that was supposed to point up towards the item name, but instead, it pointed up to my name.
Any time a customer would ask how much I was on clearance for I would jokingly tell them $1 million. It was a nice ice breaker and most people would also joke back. I had one regular who started calling me Clarence, and another who actually presented me with a fake 1 million dollar bill. Any time I worked with one particular co-worker and someone asked, he would shake his head and say it was too much money (rude).
Of course there's always one person that ruins everything. He happened to come into the gas station on valentines day of all days. He pulled up to the pump closest to the pay window so I got a good look into the garbage dump he mistakenly called a vehicle. There were bags and bags of trash, old yellowed pillows, empty and half empty bottles of soda crammed up to the ceiling and in every free space of the backseat, to the point where it was spilling into the front seat. I'd never seen him before but this wasn't my first time handling a mobile hoarder.
He putzed around the store a bit, made his selection and came up to my pay counter. I made the usual small talk with him ('Hi, how are ya?' 'How was your day?') but he wasn't particularly chatty so I didn't press further. I had just finished scanning his items and was about to ask if he wanted a bag when he spoke first.
"How much?" He asked. After confirming with my register I told him the price of his items. I can't remember how much it was exactly but it couldn't have been any more than $15.
He goes, "No. How much." Then points to my name tag/the clearance tag. Realizing what he meant I laughed and told him $1 million, like I did everyone else.
Completely stone faced and without skipping a beat he asks, "Would you take $250,000 cash?"
"No, sorry. $1 million is already the discounted price." I tried to awkwardly laugh it off, wanting nothing more than for this man to leave.
He continued to give me his dead eyed stare before responding. "Damn. Wish I had it then you'd be coming home with me tonight."
Bruh, what? Do you mean out to the parking lot where your rolling cesspool awaits?
"Yeeah." I kind of nodded. We finished the rest of the transaction and he sat in his car staring at me through the plate glass window for about 10 minutes before finally oozing away. I took the clearance sticker out of my nametag pouch and never looked back.
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2023.05.31 03:18 Interesting-Show-736 Stockholmer Turks celebrating Erdogan in sports cars

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2023.05.31 03:18 THEREALRANEW Does anyone know what kinda bug bites these are?

Does anyone know what kinda bug bites these are?
These bites are randomly showing up on me and my friend. We live in South Georgia and recently just came home from the lake.
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2023.05.31 03:18 lazyrabbit94 Anyone else constantly getting flashed at by people thinking you have your brights on?

Newish 2023 CX30 owner here. I'm constantly getting flashed at by people thinking I have my brights on. Five times just tonight on my way home and I probably came across 20 cars max (2 moose as well). I always just turn my brights on quick to let them know I didn't have them on in the first place but it's getting annoying. Anybody else getting annoyed by this or just me?
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