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2023.05.31 11:37 Psychological-Bat687 I'm not the player I once was

I started playing Valorant a few years back when my friends introduced me to it. I was bad and had a hard time BUT I wanted to become better so I went away and didn't play with them but soloed for a while until I was comfortable holding my own. After 4/5 months I made it and started playing with them again, it was fun and I was enjoyed the game. Valo is a love/hate relationship for sure and currently I'm hating it due to my own performance. I peaked at Gold 1 last act and usually drift around high silver. This act I haven't being playing much ranked this act cosi have introduced some of my friends to it and bewn playing with them alot. I have only won 5 and lost 12 (I think), I want to get back to high silvegold(currently S1) and become the player I once was, I am good and I know I am however my recent games don't reflect that.
How do I improve? Should I play less but more quality games? Should I take a break for a few days? Train more? How do I stay positive in a when I'm performing badly?
Anyone got any useful advice, I was close to just throwing in the towel last night we played 3 comp games and lost each one. Pls help.
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2023.05.31 11:37 CalligrapherCivil946 how can i fix what I've done and be there for my boyfriend

TW: death of a loved one
i would try to keep this as short as possible, my boyfriend had a neighbor back home who he thought of as his sister, being an only child, his connect with her was very strong. unfortunately she was battling a genetic condition and by the time he and i were dating, she was on palliative care, he used to pray for her and once I found out about this, i prayed and fasted as well, just through stories of her, i became extremely connected and thought of her as my sister as well, of course my love for her was nothing compared to how he felt, but she was special to me too and whatever i did, i did with all my heart.
a few days ago, he was on call with her and i (unknowing to the fact that he was even on a call, let alone with her) called him, he cut her call to be there for me and at the time, i had no idea, only 2 days later when i asked him how she was, he mentioned that she is doing good and in fact he was on call with her the other day when he cut it and picked up mine- i felt terrible, because i know he gets barely any time for himself, i said im sorry, i had no idea and "i suck, i always do this to you" and he said that it was no problem at all and there's no need to be sorry, from there the conversation went to something else and we were perfectly okay, happy in fact.
3 days ago, we had an argument, out of no where, completely started and fueled by me, i too have no idea why i said what i did, especially as he was trying to diffuse the situation with jokes, I've been trying to reflect where any of it came from and why i couldn't control myself and apologised profusely as soon as i gained some sanity, he asked me to stop apologising and that he isn't angry at me, we're absolutely okay and he loves me a lot- even if im an idiot. the next morning, he seemed a bit off but said it was just due to his ongoing exams and after asking him several times if everything is truly okay and getting only "yes im just tired and been studying all day, maybe tomorrow I'd be better" and... i believed him, cause it's quite natural for that to happen, i still felt something is off but didn't push it much, he was giving me pep talks for college and even if he sounded off, everything seemed okay between us, he even said that i'm with you regardless of anything and will always be. the next day (yesterday) there was absolutely no contact, i thought he was giving an exam, then i thought he is napping, but towards the evening i got really anxious, i asked him what's going on and if he's angry at me, at anyone else, tired, upset, sick. i just asked him to communicate whatever is going on, he said he's not mad at me at all, i proceeded to ask him if he needs time to which he said yes and i- maybe out of instinct asked him if it was just with me or everyone, he said just with me and that really got me, i agreed to give him time but asked him for reassurance, he gave extremely short answers but nonetheless said i love you, but i was still really afraid and so he called me.
on call, after a lot of digging, asking him if he wishes to separate (to which he said no), if he was mad at me (partial no) and if it has to do with that day (somewhat), he finally told me that his sister passed away on the same day i did that tantrum, i asked why he didn't tell me and he asked me when he should've since i was acting like that, i asked him why he didn't the next day to which he asked me what i would've done. he resents me that in the time he was mourning, i was doing that drama and didn't let him mourn properly and... he... rightfully so, is holding a lot of bitterness towards me, starting from cutting the call on his sister for someone like me that acts like this or telling him he doesn't cherish me when he was mourning for her and... i had no idea, but regardless of that, i feel and now after knowing this, feel so much more remorse and guilt, i deserve every negative thing he said and did not say to me, i cannot begin to explain the sinking feeling in my heart and i know for a fact that if stuff does go back to what it was, i would never do something like this again. im in absolute shock at what has happened and I want nothing more than to be there for him, but i know im the last person he would want to see right now.
im looking for advice on how i can diffuse this situation, how much space should I give him, how can i be there for him. any recommendations and opinions would be greatly appreciated
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2023.05.31 11:37 No_Rate_4431 What's wrong with InterBus and EverMore?

As we know, in October last year, after the sudden death of the old CEO of InterBus, Alexander Ducasse was appointed to take his place. He immediately established himself as a very enterprising and courageous leader.
“A rising star in the organization, Ducasse has a reputation for innovative thinking.”
Alexander Ducasse : “InterBus is an institution, a pillar of New Eden. Yet, New Eden is changing, and we must change with it.””
In just 2 days, InterBus was incorporated into the new EverMore organization, and a week later, the new Paragon project was launched.
And here interesting questions arise. To begin with, I would like to draw attention to some details of those events:
  1. Opinion of some InterBus employees
“A number of longer-serving InterBus executives resigned over the deal, stating that "far from safeguarding InterBus's future, the empires have sacrificed it in order to fill their war coffers."”
InterBus shares were owned by 4 empires of New Eden. Before EverMore bought them out, tension between the empires was rising - the Stellar Transmuter in Turnur had already been launched, Caldari defeated the Federation in the fight for Athounon. The empires urgently needed money, and when EverMore offered it (and much more than expected), the empires did not care about WHAT and to WHOM they were selling.
Some people at InterBus were very concerned about this.
  1. EverMore Acquisitions
Immediately after the purchase of InterBus, EverMore bought 7 more companies! Many of them had thing in common - not the best reputation or serious financial problems, or both. And no one could understand why EverMore needed them, and in this lineup. If the acquisition of cloning or implant companies can be explained by the launch of Paragon in the future, the purchase of small media and food companies is still a mystery.
  1. EverMore internal activities
The in-game description of the corporation also includes the following: “ Critics of EverMore claim that its practice of directing its child companies to outsource key services to each other is a deliberate device to obfuscate their inner workings”.
The internal logistics and operation of EverMore remains a mystery. It almost does not use external outsourcing, a significant part of the corporation's activities are hidden from prying eyes, and EverMore makes sure that this remains so in the future.
  1. Project Paragon
Just a week after the creation of EverMore, she launched a project to exchange elite services for capsuleers in exchange for ITEMS. Here the questions arise - WHAT? WHY? What is the ancient method of bartering, why not exchange for currency, loyalty points or capsuleer services (quests)?
The somewhat strange decision of the implementation of Paragon's services can have many explanations. I'll give you one thing: perhaps bartering with capsuleers is EverMore's way of fighting corporate espionage. If EverMore needs something that it can't get through internal outsourcing, it will have to be bought. Buying large quantities of something in New Eden is difficult to hide, and even if you work through a chain of shell companies, it is possible to find the source of the transaction (especially for regulatory authorities). Receiving items from Capsuleers creates an almost UNLIMITED and UNCONTROLLED purchasing method that no one can track - there are many Capsuleers, they report to no one. It is almost impossible to track the exact number of transactions and their composition.
Also, don't forget that Paragon's director is IRIS, the first AI director. Perhaps Ducasse just loves innovation. The AI as a boss has a number of advantages, including - it is executive, strictly obeys the given program, does not ask unnecessary questions and has large computing power. But if EverMore suddenly needs to hide certain purchases using statistical analysis among millions of regular orders, without attracting unnecessary people and without causing questions from subordinates - AI is the perfect candidate.
Perhaps all this is just a series of coincidences, EverMore is a great company that loves innovation and does not want to reveal its plans to competitors. But if we combine these facts, we get this:
Ducasse (and the group of people he represents) took over as director, took advantage of the political crisis in New Eden, and used InterBus resources to get out of the control of the empires and gain free rein (through buyouts of InterBus shares). He then acquired a number of small companies of low value in a variety of areas, in order to ensure maximum independence from external companies. Some InterBus members quit when they saw what was happening. The work that takes place inside EverMore is unknown to us: what they do, what specialists they attract and in what areas they work - EverMore does everything to keep incognito. They buy ship hulls in large quantities through Paragon - no one is able to find out the exact composition of purchases and their volumes.
EverMore has unparalleled freedom from controls, vast resources and NO ONE knows what they are really up to. And EverMore does everything to hide it.
I hope I'm just being paranoid : )
In-game description of corporations
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2023.05.31 11:36 Hereticgate Go home Amazon, you're drunk.

Go home Amazon, you're drunk.
Rates all over the place this morning.
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2023.05.31 11:36 Huge_Grab_9380 In the recent survey by Respawn, I want to suggest some of these changes. Should they be in the game or am I just crazy and don't know what I am saying? What's your thoughts on this?

Starting from⤵️
  1. Revenant needs a rework like in his trailer,
a. Passive: the current state is perfect just add wall run.
b. Tactical: Change completely to an orb like the current model and texture just with a tweak where it slows the enemy down and partially blocking their vision and deals damage. Say 10 damage per second.
c. Ultimate: Not a totem (it is useless) -> an immortality shadow form (just like the trailer), where he regains 100-150 HP extra to kill a few opponents. Can be used effectively to push. No shield is allowed while using this ulti, only base hp, a noise should be there to warn opponent that a semi-immortal shadow form is pushing with his team. And I believe it is perfectly balanced. And after knocking the shadow Revenant (by his opponent), he will be on his shield hp (on whatever his shield hp was before using his ulti), and his base hp should be at 1, (just like in season 4). Duration is idk... say 30 sec immortal form. That's for revenant.
  1. Now ballistic.
His ultimate: Dude got speed-hacks and reload-hacks at the same with golden weapon along with his whole team. THIS IS OVERPOWERD. But tbh, I personally have so much fun abusing my opponents with his ulti along with my team, and feels so unfair.
His tactical: It literally prevents you from using your gun and if you use the gun, the over-heat deals 50 damage which is HUGE (20+30). I believe No ability should interfere with the core mechanics of the game, especially the gunplay. Abilities are meant to help the player, not to get free kills (But, I personally do enjoy bullying my opponents ngl). This needs a nerf. Say from 50 -> 30(10+20).
  1. Lastly Burst-fire guns like Prowler and Hemlock: Their controls should be like Nemesis and Eva-8 where you just click and hold to fire, after using Nemesis for a while, it's now a habit (in my muscle memory) to just burst fire guns just by click and hold. Not in all weapons though like snipers and pistols, they are in their perfect position.
Other than that, I feel the game is superbly balanced unlike some other fps games in the market available right now. Apex is a solid 8/10 by me. -2 for audio issues.
What's your thoughts on this? If you think I am talking crazy, would you mind explaining me where I am wrong, maybe I will change my mind
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2023.05.31 11:36 eermNo Question for stay-at-home-moms

Hello hello! I am a SAHM to 2 children(4 yr old & 4 month old). My husband is the “breadwinner” and is earning very well. He just got a big promotion and work stress has increased. We don’t live close to family so we don’t have “help” per se but we have a cleaner who comes to clean every other week. My husband drops my daughter to her kindergarten daily and picks her up 3 times a week (when he works from home) and I pick her up 2 times when he works from office. Once he gets her back @3:30, I am with both kids until about 6:30 when he gets done (when he works from home) he then looks after the baby for about an hr while I cook bathe and feed the toddler. He then takes the toddler to bed and I take over the baby feed make him sleep etc. I am pretty much exhausted and sleep deprived and constantly resentful. I also get the toddler ready in the mornings for nursery no matter how hard the night with the baby has been. My husband gets ready and the toddler is ready by the door for him to take. On the days he works from office he gets home at 7:30. What realistic expectations can I have from my husband in our situation to help me out a little? I want to keep an open mind and i will try my best to understand if i shouldn’t be expecting more.
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2023.05.31 11:35 Electrical-Leg7886 Should i take it in the morning instead? (Can’t sleep)

Ive been on strattera for a 7 weeks now and im up to 60mg. But the last few days ive been barely getting any sleep. I also wake up 3 times at night and i hate it.
Anyways i take it at 6pm the only thing i notice is my pupils larger than ever and mild short-lasting anxiety. Besides that nothing major.
Should i start taking it in the morning when i wake up instead?? Will this solve the issue so i can sleep at night?
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2023.05.31 11:34 st0nednsnse My (29F) boyfriend’s (24M) ex moved in my apartment building on the SAME floor.

I met my boyfriend at work back in January, and it was something out of a movie. We were instantly attracted to one another, clicked effortlessly, and have spent every day together since.
When we first met, he was at the tail end of a 2-year relationship. She was staying with him at his apartment temporarily for about a month when we first met. She was in the process of looking for apartments after being displaced from her parents house. He allowed her two months max, and told her not to help with bills so she could save money faster.
My boyfriend ended things with her 3 weeks into meeting me. He gave her a deadline to be out of his place (2 week time frame) and helped her move her things into a storage unit. It was an amicable and respectful breakup. He also blocked her on social media, her cell phone number, and has had no contact with her since then to avoid any potential issues for our relationship.
We are literally together from morning to night. We’ve met each others family’s and things are serious with us. I firmly believe this is my husband, and we’ve already decided on marrying within the next year.
But there’s one problem…
I recently discovered his ex moved into my apartment building on the SAME floor! Last night I went to check my mail and saw her waiting for the elevator with a laundry bag going to the laundry room in the basement. She doesn’t know how I look yet, so that moment was fine. But I’m concerned for whenever the time comes where I’m coming/going with my boyfriend and we end up crossing paths with his ex.
My boyfriend and I have our own apartments with leases that end in September. We’ve been discussing getting a place together after this horrifying discovery.
How would you all navigate this situation?
TLDR: My boyfriend’s ex moved into the same apartment building on the same floor this month. I saw her for the first time last night.
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2023.05.31 11:33 dr_rickcrabb Employer study packages for IFoA exams appear wholly inadequate, especially for CS2

Employer study packages for IFoA exams are usually in the region of 40 days off a year, or around 300 hours. These study packages were designed mainly in line with false IFoA claims of qualification times.
These packages fall very short of what's needed to qualify in the 3 to 6 years that IFoA claimed, which u/pjlee01 is debunking on this subreddit with his model that has not been disputed by IFoA, suggesting huge dropout rates and much longer qualification times than IFoA admit.
Such a study package is also wholly inadequate when you look at the suggested study hours, captured in this post, showing Fellowship is 2400 study hours, that would be 8 years worth of study support at 40 days a year support from your employer. We know however actuaries who qualify in 8 years have put in a substantial amount of personal time in above 40 days a year in order to qualify, probably in total dedicating 120 days a year to achieving this.
It's not clear whether IFoA believe the e.g. 250 hours recommended for CS2 is for the first attempt or includes time for doing resits, given that it has a 20% pass rate, suggesting many resists or never passing it. Studying for one attempt of CS2 would take up your entire year's worth of study allowance from your employer at 40 days/year.
Often the study package is withdrawn or reduced when people fail exams... but nowadays you can't leave CS2 until the end, a tactic some did with other low pass rate exams like CA3 which had a low pass rate in the early 30%s. As you must become Associate first now before becoming Fellow.
Please give details of your study package below and whether CS2 failures is putting it at risk.
View Poll
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2023.05.31 11:32 TelevisionSpirited55 I had a threesome, he's upset, but I don't remember a boundary being set

TW: gaslighting, psychological abuse (?)
Hello all. Thanks in advance for any support. I've been in a 4 and a half year relationship that has been progressively opening up, to full nonmonogamy on both sides now (i.e. I can see people of any gender now, whereas before it was limited to women only). Seeking advice from the community about his reaction to my actions and what is okay or not, in terms of how one is spoken to.
Context: I (29F) stopped wanting threesomes with him (M32) last summer since at the time I felt I wasn't getting much from them. After some reflection, I think this was down to the pressure I was putting on myself to make sure the other girl would be having a good time, and not able to fully relax into the experience myself. This week I was able to experience one with a lovely couple, this time being the third, and I was able to let go and enjoy it casually and in a fun and playful way. Just lovely.
This week I have been staying at a friend's place to look after her dog. At the same time, my partner's friend is visiting him. I went out with them briefly last weekend, where one of my metas was present, who i met for the first time there. I got tired early and went home to the dog. I find out yesterday that my meta went home with my partner and his friend. Also yesterday, my partner asked what I had been up to and I told him about the threesome in a very factual way.
The strange thing is that he showed up to the place where I'm staying with his friend last night and only gave me 30 minutes notice. I was not expecting them, and they came, he looked around for "evidence" I had been with someone, mentioned the washing machine has been on so he knew I had washed some sheets, and when I mentioned the threesome then my partner refused to talk to me further. He finished dinner speaking with his friend in their native tongue and ignored me, and left. I asked "why did you com over tonight?" and he didn't have an answer for me.
Since, he has said many hurtful things:
  1. insulting my intelligence
  2. saying I'm conducting "whorry behavior"
  3. telling me I can "stay longer" at this house and invite the "gang bang" and read my "whitty educational books"
  4. telling me he will just go to a sex party with his friend this weekend without me since "i dont care" (great! I don't mind I hope he has fun!)
  5. making me feel guilty for potentially ruining the trip with his friend (he accused me of the same last summer. same friend).
...and generally telling me that I should not have done that, and that as always its terrible timing for me to go off and do something when he's busy and his friend is there. He also claims that we set a boundary about this in the past, when I have no recollection of it. In fact, we never formally discussed boundaries, or went through the process of writing them down, which I would have liked to have done, but he is wary of any kind of "ideology" or book that "preaches" sex positivity that would suggest such an activity. We're navigating in the dark here.
Here are my questions on ethics:
I guess in a sexy nutshell, I understand that he is upset that I did not disclose beforehand my intentions with this couple, and let my anticipation cloud my judgement. But I feel resentful for how he is reacting, calling me stupid and asking me not to come home. I was actually looking forward to his visit in the afterglow of the threesome, and he could have benefitted from that positive energy if he had been in the right mindset. I wish he could see that a positive threesome with others could have opened it up again for us, but now all I want to do is end things and start over with someone less hurtful and jealous, who is able to talk about these things and willing to put in the work that I do to learn about ethical nonmonogamy, rather than blaming me when things don't go his way, always rationalising himself to be the victim.
What am I potentially blind to here? Did I do something deeply wrong as he says, or is he gaslighting and using psychological tactics to control my behaviour when it doesn't benefit him or his his fantasies directly?
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2023.05.31 11:31 a4fertility How do I Track the Different Stages of IVF?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a complex assisted reproductive technology (ART) that involves multiple stages, each crucial to the success of the treatment. At A4 Fertility Centre, we understand the importance of staying informed and involved throughout the IVF process. One innovative approach we use to enhance transparency and patient engagement is remote image witnessing (RI witnessing). In this article, we will discuss the stages of IVF and the role of RI witnessing in tracking the progress of your treatment at A4 Fertility Centre.
Stages of IVF:
Ovarian stimulation: The first stage of IVF involves administering medications to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs. This process usually lasts for 8-14 days and involves regular monitoring through blood tests and ultrasound scans.
Egg retrieval: Once the eggs are mature, a fertility specialist performs a minimally invasive procedure to retrieve the eggs from the ovaries. This is typically done under mild sedation and guided by ultrasound imaging.
Fertilization and embryo culture: The retrieved eggs are then combined with sperm in the laboratory to facilitate fertilization. The resulting embryos are cultured for 3-6 days, depending on their development and the clinic's protocols.
Embryo transfer: Once the embryos reach the appropriate stage of development, one or more are selected for transfer into the uterus. This is a minimally invasive procedure performed under ultrasound guidance.
Pregnancy test and follow-up: Approximately two weeks after the embryo transfer, a blood test is performed to determine if the treatment was successful and pregnancy has been achieved.
Role of Remote Image Witnessing:
Remote image witnessing (RI witnessing) is a state-of-the-art technology that allows patients to track the development of their embryos throughout the IVF process. At A4 Fertility Centre, we use RI witnessing to enhance patient engagement and provide a transparent, informative experience.
Here's how it works:
Continuous embryo monitoring: Our advanced embryology laboratory is equipped with time-lapse imaging systems that continuously monitor and capture images of the developing embryos. Secure access: Patients receive secure access to a personalized online portal, where they can view images and videos of their embryos as they progress through the different stages of development.
Communication with the embryologist: The online portal also facilitates communication with the embryologist, allowing patients to ask questions and receive updates on their embryos' progress.
Informed decision-making: Access to real-time information about their embryos' development helps patients feel more involved and informed, enabling them to make educated decisions about their treatment alongside their fertility specialist.
At A4 Fertility Centre, we believe in providing transparent, patient-centered care throughout the IVF process. Remote image witnessing offers a unique opportunity for patients to stay informed and engaged, tracking the development of their embryos and playing an active role in their fertility journey. If you are considering IVF or looking for a fertility clinic that prioritizes patient involvement, contact A4 Fertility Centre to schedule a consultation with one of our expert fertility specialists.
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2023.05.31 11:31 KKshilling Advice For Interns Nailing Your Summer Finance Internship

I’ve been grinding away on a lot of writing on credit recruiting, advice for interns, and other career resources for junior peers in finance and have roughly 17,000 words written so far. This will steadily be coming out over the next few months – and we’re kicking it off today starting with advice for interns. My disclaimer for everything I’ll be writing is as follows – one person’s career advice may not be the perfect fit for you and you should combine the opinion of 5-10 people you respect and then determine what is YOUR best path. But alas, I’ve walked the path of being a bulge bracket intern, and have spent a lot of time thinking through the insight I can provide the interns and junior people that follow the account – and here’s what I’ve got.
First – advice for people with interns: Be nice and understanding to your intern.
To be honest, whether we like to admit it or not, this is how most of us came into the industry: A lot of us came into the industry thinking we knew more than we actually did because we read about it in a textbook, got good grades, and saw xyz finance meme. But the reality is a lot of us were vastly unprepared to be a value-added resource during the early stages of our career. One MD said to me once as a college senior “They don’t expect you to know anything. They’re hiring for someone who can learn as they go.” I didn’t realize this as a college senior, but after six months of working this became very obvious to me. Companies are hiring interns for their potential. Their potential comes from 1) having a good work ethic and 2) having a good attitude. As an intern, if you work hard and be pleasant to work with, then you’re going to win 9 times out of 10.
It's hard to remember, but there was a time where none of us had any clue what we were doing. Arguably, this continues on in your career and the humblest investors truly believe this. So look here’s my advice – sure interns be saying the darndest things sometimes – but let’s try to cut them slack, treat them fairly, and remember we were once in their same shoes?
Sure, if a Gen Z intern is out there being a jerk and snobbish, then maybe this isn’t valid, but if they’re hardworking, showing a lot of potential, and are super coachable then it is your job to help them develop into a potential asset at your firm.
Also – this is a relatively more “stressful” year for interns. College kids are always a lot more panicked about the job market than people who already have experience under their belt to begin with - but this economy isn’t lessening their worries. A lot of college kids are seeing the class of 2023 have offers pulled and enter a tougher job market. Now they’re starting to get spooked a bit and may feel a little out of control. Try your best to encourage and develop them – these guys are probably feeling a little like how the 2008-2009 grads felt, to a degree.
Okay – so here’s my 20 point list of recommendations for interns.
First - last year I started a debate over whether banking interns should take vacations in the middle of their internship….and people actually tried countering it. LMAO! I’m going to try this bit again sometime soon to get the people going and let’s still see people still think that while we’re on the precipice of a recession.
1) Be careful with social media. DO NOT MAKE TIKTOKS. Emphasizing this in all caps. There’s a reason all the Finmemes and FinTwit burners are anonymous and not dancing around on the internet. Most TikToks are very cringeworthy and seem to always find their way to HR once they go viral. People will 100% get fired over what they post to TikTok or Snapchat. Your TikToks are very likely to be spread to large audiences on Instagram or Twitter – which is totally fair game (you posted it, you gotta own what you post). With that said, if you ask nicely I’ll take a TikTok down, but other accounts openly will not. In general, don’t take your phone out and record or take photos of stuff, especially given all the sensitive materials we work with. Don’t post sensitive information from your computer on your IG story captioned “grinding hard” “working on the weekend like usual” or some shit.
2) Don’t take a week long vacation during a ten-week internship. Last year, I made this obvious remark on twitter, got a bunch of ppl in agreement, but also riled up a tonnnn of people on twitter (didn’t seem like the typical finance folk though) but it’s true. I want everyone reading this to succeed – which is why I’m telling this hard truth. Bosses in banking will frown upon you missing 10% of your learning experience to go vacation. You can always vacation before or after your internship (this is what I did lol). Remember as an intern, you are trying out for a sports team – you haven’t made the team yet, but you’re getting the chance to make the big leagues. Would you leave the team in the middle of preseason before the roster is finalized? Of course not. It’s that simple.
3) Dress the part without overdressing: You don’t want to wear a significantly oversized suit but you also shouldn’t be wearing Gucci loafers as an intern. Ideally you want to dress in a pretty standard way that isn’t drawing attention to yourself as someone who seems out of place. I’d lose any dress shirts with shirt pockets and I’m not a fan of oxford collars (this one may be too harsh but just my opinion). I just don’t think oxford collars go well with a tie and/or suit. Make sure your dress shirts aren’t wrinkled af. Obviously no Gordon Gekko dress shirts. In terms of shoes, Gucci loafers are frowned upon as an intern/first year because you haven’t really gone through the ringer, may be perceived as entitled, and hence don’t deserve this status symbol. This is the case for nice watches too. This is the perception from senior people, so ya, just wait until after a sick bonus and snag the more-status like attire after your first 1-3 years.

4) You want to look professional, this may mean having a professional haircut: Look – so if I see a Gen Z analyst with that typical Gen Z haircut (I later learned it’s called a “broccoli cut”) I do not take them seriously. I figured this was kind of mean of me, so I went to Twitter to confirm whether other people think this. In fact, they overwhelmingly agree. Older generations think the broccoli cut looks stupid as hell.

Again, it’s not about “what’s accepted” by your generation, it’s about what’s accepted (without being said obviously) within the workforce. Again, this is me speaking a hard truth. I’d like for HYH readers to be taken seriously – and I’m telling you a large amount of FinTwit just said this haircut below looks silly! Read the tea leaves.

5) Don’t make the same mistake twice: Easier said than done, but the people evaluating you are keeping tabs on whether you’re smart/teachable. They’ve been trained by this philosophy and are judging you by the same standards. If you make the same mistake twice, then they may perceive that you may not have the ability to retain information, learn from experience, etc. Tough, but this is true and happens constantly. I got screamed at once where my VP said “he asked this same question before!!” to a couple of MDs. Tbh the MDs didn’t really care, but wasn’t a great feeling. Try to keep tabs on what you’ve already asked and have been shown.
6) Don’t #REF the model or some important file: When you’re working in an excel model or PowerPoint on your own you should make a copy from the original just in case you totally #REF! the model. Create a copy of “ImportantModel” and name it “ImportantModelYourInitials”. That way if you do something really dumb (who knows, you may change something they don’t like), at least there’s a backup. Tbh you may need to keep doing this throughout the entirety of your career and should engrain this in yourself as a best practice.
7) Steve Schwarzman (Founder of Blackstone) once said this isn’t school – you need a 100% score. This is the most important lesson here. In college, an A is a mid-90s grade. In a famous YouTube video where Schwarzman greets the first year analyst class at Blackstone, he notes how only a 100 is acceptable and As/Bs are not. He says this was his biggest challenge when he was just starting out. I’d strongly recommend watching this video later when you’re done reading through my list. He spits absolute fire here.
8) WFH will happen later in your career….your internship isn’t the time to be remote: In 2021/2022 I got some pushback on this point, but look now! Finance firms have brought pretty much everyone back to the office and a large chunk of front office professionals are in five days a week. Obviously there’s plenty of people at three days a week and four days a week, but I don’t know anyone in finance with “one or two days or fully remote”. I’ve previously noted that I thought a bunch of people were making a mistake by moving to fully remote too soon in their careers. I thought remote workers would be the first to go in a downturn and that has played out a ton over the past year. A remote worker’s connectivity is lower than the people a manager may see around a water cooler. Obviously, someone outside of finance, someone who’s an absolute stud, or an entrepreneur can leverage remote work ofc. I personally don’t think your 20’s are a great time to be too focused on being remote first, and the focus should be on building a reputation first. Obviously your first job (your internship) is meant as mainly a learning experience and a great opportunity to learn from smart people! Therefore as long as those smart people are in the office, you should be there too. If the firm has a 3-4 day policy then you get to follow that, but if you have a couple notable people in 5 days a week, then I would suck it up and get in the office 5 days a week. Also, this may be a great way to differentiate yourself and get more one-on-one time while the rest of the office is empty. Also – you’re trying out for a team! Make the team!
9) Proofread constantly: The more you re-read the higher the probability of catching errors! I’m terrible at proofreading. My ADHD ass is bouncing around constantly and I always miss stuff – but hopefully you guys can do better than me. Some tips: A) read from beginning to end, B) read backwards (from end to beginning), C) say out loud what you’re proofreading under your breath, D) read on a different format (for ex. If you were proofreading in word, try proofreading again in a PDF format), and E) print out the end product and proofread on paper. You don’t have to do all 5…(I don’t)..but you should find a formula to proofread and over-read effectively.
10) Over-communicate: It’s okay if you say or email “Will do”, “sounds good” , or “On it” constantly – I would confirm receipt to every email your direct co-workers send you so the sender knows you’re attentive and understood their instructions. Over-communicating via responding to emails is the move because it allows the person delegating work to you to understand that they don’t have to hover over you. When someone who isn’t your staffer talks to you too, it might be helpful to bring up in conversation – “I’m working with Kevin on xyz deal” or “I’ve been helping with xyz”- this is a good way to show people that you’re 1) staying busy and 2) contributing and people actually know what you’re up to.
11) Write everything down: When someone is speaking to you there is an expectation that you should be taking notes. Would be brutal if you finish an assignment but forget one piece because you forgot and didn’t have that part written down. Part of writing everything down too is so you can review and refresh on the lessons you’ve learned from your internship. I’d recommend reading through the learnings you have written down once a week. And obviously, post internship you can reflect on what you’ve learned and have off hand in case you need it in another setting. On that note, if there’s anything interesting you wrote down or worked on that you need to reference going forward – make sure you grab it and take it with you before your final day. Not the cleanest advice I’m giving rn – but it’s something a lot of people do and post-internship you may regret forgetting to bring home your firm’s powerpoint shortcut pdf, a primer on covenant lite loans, or a certain sell-side research report. Just speaking facts.

12) Predict demands: This may be more for first-year analysts, but figuring out where you can add value and save people time is how you can justify your salary. For interns, it’s more about 1) learning experience, 2) being a good cultural fit, and 3) being teachable. But if you’re an intern tasked with “analyst like tasks” then I would try to take a step back and think of where you can add value. If someone senior asks you to do a task that seems recurring in nature, that’s a good place to take initiative going forward. Just confirm with them of course, that this is something recurring and something they want you to do, as you don’t want to accidentally mess something up or overstep. If you can get started on a task that you know someone is going to ask you to do anyways, go for it. Show that initiative.
13) Network with everyone, leave no stone unturned: I wouldn’t network with people immediately (you need to find your footing the first week or two) but it’s a mistake to not block off time to talk to every relevant person you can get in front of. Personalize your approaches and personalize your follow-ups, but recognize as an intern you’ll get a lot of flexibility to get in front of people that you may not be able to get in front of in a couple of years. Also make sure you chill with your fellow interns. Don’t be the person who doesn’t converse with the other interns. These are relationships that can become pretty important down the line as you will be able to pick each other’s brains as you navigate your early career. Also make sure you remember people’s names and don’t guess if you don’t know. If someone has a name that’s hard to spell – check their email first to make sure you spelled it right before firing it off. Last summer I got called the wrong name a few times by an intern on a different team. I didn’t bother correcting them, figuring it’s funnier to let them keep making the same mistake, and they looked like an idiot when they got it wrong in front of other people near the end of their internship

14) Show this is where you want to work after graduation (even if that’s not true): Remember, you’re trying out for a sports team, make sure you show you want to join the big leagues. Look, you may even have to pretend you want to work there after graduation even if that’s a bold faced lie. If there’s murmurs you’re just using this internship as a stepping stone, you will be toast. You’ll have a year to shop for a better gig – just focus on securing the offer! Also – we’re probably about to enter a recession – don’t get cute! Get the job!

15) Don’t get sloppy while drinking: This is very important. This isn’t college anymore. Bosses don’t care about how much you drink or how sick you are (I’ve made this mistake honestly). Keep your cool while drinking with colleagues and keep your cool if there’s an intern after party that follows a general work party. Again, this isn’t college, use your best judgement even when impaired.
16) Focus on what you can control, don’t focus on what you can’t control. This was really good advice I got from a MD. You have to accept some things are out of your control, which is tough for the personality types that know they can force a lot of their own future. If you put a lot of work in and are strategic, you can carve your own path forward, but there will still be external stuff out of your control that you can’t sweat over and will have to power through. Differentiating the two is crucial. But if there is something you can improve on that will impact your outcomes going forward, make sure you address that vs. incorrectly think it’s something you can’t control. Once you know what you can and cannot control you’ll be able to shape the path you want.
17) In hindsight you’ll realize you asked dumb questions/cared about the wrong stuff: You may realize over a few years that you panicked over stuff that didn’t matter. Try not to sweat it. It’s all part of the process. The stuff you read on WSO isn’t the bible. Just remember to be fair and helpful when an intern a few years from now has the same level of naivety and comes to you to learn.
18) Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes: I still vividly recall dumb mistakes I made as an intern/first year analyst. Hell, I still remember the dumb mistakes I made in middle school! It’s easier said than done, but try not to be too hard on yourself. It’s important to learn from mistakes, but make sure you learn to forgive yourself.
19) Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get the offer: This doesn’t mean you’re a flawed human. You may not have been ready yet, the standards of the firm may be unrealistically high, or (more likely than not) they may not actually have the ability to hire a full-time analyst and just wanted a cheap intern. Also, in 2023/2024 – the market sucks. M&A is grinding to a halt and high interest rates are hurting economic activity. Hell, the bank you intern at may not exist in a year. One job will not define you. If there are mistakes you think you can improve on, then recognize what they are and adapt.
20) It’s just a job. All this aside, remember, it’s just a job, not your life. A job is only a way to drive cash flow to fund your livelihood. That is it. You are young, you are energized, you are fungible – you will figure it out even if the path seems unclear sometimes.
That’s all! Best of luck!
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2023.05.31 11:31 Doted36 Be patient or move on?

We broke up 3 months ago and I have been in tears everyday since. We were together for almost 6 years and he ended things in the heat of the moment. I know we both have regrets over it however I am unsure about what to do.
To give some background, I am an insanely jealous partner. I would religiously monitor his IG and FB followers/friends list and likes and would feel hurt when there would be scantily clad accounts he was following. I would bring this up to be told ‘all guys look’. If you were to ask him, he would say I was controlling.
We both have high sex drives however sex was becoming less frequent (1-2 months without sex) and I was becoming increasingly suspicious that he was enjoying too much me time.
Anyway, he broke up with me however we have still been talking almost everyday since the breakup. We have also been intimate a few times however I’ve noticed he has downloaded Snapchat and friended/followed new girls on FB and IG. I know he isn’t sleeping with anyone else though.
Everytime I’ve approached the topic of where his head is, he tells me he isn’t ready to be back in a relationship. I should also add he races motorsports and had a fairly traumatic accident 6 months ago which is impacting his memory. He tells me he needs time to himself and just be by himself as he felt drained.
The latest breakthrough we had was that he agreed to meet me for dinner last weekend. Things were great, the spark was still there however he said he’s not ready to talk or decide what’s next. He ended up paying for dinner and we hugged before we said goodbye. He then texted to ask if I got home safely and continued texting me for the rest of the night.
I should add (if it makes any difference) he is a Scorpio. I know this star sign are notoriously difficult to date.
Could I please have some advice on how to deal with this? He is 36 and I am 30.
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2023.05.31 11:31 Foxy_Traine Bile Reflux? 31F

31F, on levothyroxine for subclinical hypothyroidism (hashimotos) since last November. 172cm and 75kg. No smoking, rarely drinking.
For the last two nights, I've woken up around 3-4am, taken my medication, then threw up. This has happened before about a month ago, when I just threw up for no reason in the middle of the night. Once I still had undigested food from dinner about 9 hrs prior (salad leaves), but otherwise I just threw up yellow liquid. I'm guessing that was bile. Around the time of my vomiting (last few days), I've been having more heartburn and feelings of indigestion, plus extra fatigue and grogginess.
I told my doctor about this last month when it started and he gave me some herbs which helped for a bit. I figured if it passed then it could be a fluke, but now I'm throwing up again. I'm not pregnant.
I can eat and drink and keep things down during the day. My appetite is a bit lower, but not too low. I just don't know what is causing this or what I can do to get over it. Waking up to vomit is ruining my sleep, I feel foggy and out of it, and my stomach is upset. I've been eating white rice, some boiled vegetables, and broth to try and give myself easily digestible foods.
Is this bile reflux? What can I do about it?
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2023.05.31 11:31 LordofPvE Weapons pick up bug

Weapons pick up bug
I keep getting this bug in ranked. Can't pick them up. They are just there. I sometimes even get this bug in vaults with multiple weapons just stacking
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2023.05.31 11:30 SomnolentSquid Quitting 3 habits at once yayyyy

Adderall, Kratom, Caffeine: for the last 5 years or longer I've been using those to get through the day.. every day. Even if they don't work, I'd just take more. But I had the good sense to limit myself to a reasonable amount, at least when it came to the Adderall and Caffeine - cause I don't want to die.
Anyways, as the Gods would have it, my Adderall supply is gone, and I can't get more. I've been through this before. I just sleep and feel like shit, and my caffeine/kratom use goes WAY up to compensate.
HOWEVER, this time is different. My car is going in the shop for a couple weeks, and I'm gonna be stuck. So today, I have to pick up enough kratom and caffeine to taper off. It really had to happen at some point, maybe this is just the universe giving me a nudge...
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2023.05.31 11:30 AutoModerator May 31, 2023 Guided Introspection. Comment on this post.

Review the events of the day, and list any situations/events that impacted you. Pick the situation(s) that had the most impact on you and answer all of the questions below for each situation.
(Use a new comment for each new situation that you want to introspect upon.)

  1. What was the situation?
  2. How did I react to the situation? (eg. Didn't go to bed to sleep at 10PM. Stayed up on reddit instead)
  3. Why did I react this way? (eg. Poor self-control, addicted to reddit)
  4. What was the outcome? (eg. felt groggy and tired throughout the day)
  5. Is the situation positive or negative? (eg. negative)
  6. Do I want to change it? (eg. YES)
  7. How can I change it? (eg. Go to sleep on time)
  8. What substitute can be utilized? (eg. Use tech in the morning instead of at night before bed; replace reddit at night with reading a book)
  9. What are some ways of remembering when I am getting into this situation? (eg. Set phone alarm for sleep at 9:45PM. Turn off modem at 10PM)
Be honest. Be specific. Try to articulate why you felt that way.
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2023.05.31 11:29 Sucide5612 Mercenary/Commando badly need some buffs

Look, Commando is my main spec for this game, I love the playstyle and know it in and out, however in the current 7.0 meta both commando and its mirror mercenary are basically bottom of the tier in both PVP and PVE. Arsenal/Gunnery especially is the lowest parsing spec in the game, it really is only beating out Marksman/Sharpshooter (which also needs some buffing). Its been so long since these specs actually got some QUALITY buffs, the only thing we get here and there is a minor buff. While 7.3 is buffing stealth scan (Which by the way is still not worth it, as the radius for stealth scan is so small and can be avoided entirely.)
Can we get an actual buff to this spec instead of this tiny buff here and there? This class has been struggling for a long time now and needs some attention.
General Buffs
- There should be a mod in the CS tree, to have CC/Stun immunity. This would mainly be a PVP talent, One of the frustrating parts about playing these specs in PVP is that you get Stunned alot, Given the engagement distance of Commandos, they are often almost a few feet away from melee specs which allows them to get CC'd alot. My general idea is that this passive mod would make Energy shield (Which lasts 12 Secs or so) provide CC Immunity. This spec gets focused alot in PVP, and with the current CC Meta spam, this spec needs some CC immunity.
- We need better mobility, the amount of roots currently in PVP is ridiculous, Hold the line would be great but it has such a long cooldown, lasts only 6 secs, and only give a 30% compared to the 70% that is VG's/PT's. If Commando's/Mercs could gets PT's/VG's hold the line, mobility becomes massively improved. Propulsion Cannon would be nice if it was added back as a mainline, but because of 7.0s pruning design philosophy that's probably not going to happen.
-Change Electro net to NOT be cleansable, Net is basically the only really solid thing these specs have and having it be cleansed really defeats Nets gimmick as a hinder to stop melee/Ranged specs, but especially melee specs.
-If Bioware wants people to use Stealth probes more, Increase the radius, at least to that of Snipers/Slingers suppressing fire radius, Stealth probes radius is so small that most specs can cheese it and avoid it entirely.
-This one is not Required but it would be nice to add it, Bioware should add back the Apex Predator set as a legendary Implant, Concentrated fire is nice but its more so meant for AS/IO. Apex was the ideal set for Arsenal/Gunnery via buffing Grav round. Just adding in this implant alone massively improves the performance of those two specs.
-Increase the Crit DMG the Customized round mod for Demolition Round/Heatseeker missiles from 10% to 20%.
-Increase the DMG Done by Boltstorm by 5-10%
-Increase Vortex Bolt DMG by 5%
-Increase the DMG done by Grav round/Tracer missile by 5-10%.
-Buff the Primed Ignition tactical, make it so the Burning DOT is refreshed via Grav round, Boltstorm, and Demo round.
-Change the mod that makes Vortex Bolt do more Damage, Be it increasing the Crit DMG done by grav round and applying trauma (something akin to the snipeslinger specs), My personal one which is making Grav round a DOT for sustained DMG, or something else entirely. Gunnery/Arsenal has some really meh choices in their tree.
Innovative Ordinance/Assault Specialist
-Give Passive Energy Regen from Inc. Round and Serrated bolt, This spec has major energy issues.
-Increase the DMG done by Mag bolt by 5-10%
-Increase the DMG done by Thermal DetonatoAssault Plastique by 5-10%.
Just doing DMG increases across the board for these specs is a massive improvement by itself, These specs have been neglected for so long, Especially Arsenal/Gunnery which is unfortunate as it is I and a lot of other players favorite spec.
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2023.05.31 11:28 Fluffy-Special4994 Just needa get it out to the world that hates me

The world has shown me I will never get what I want in life. The only thing I will get is used abused and lied too Everyone just wastes my time and takes what they can get from me. when I tried standing up for myself people just hit me harder their is only one person in my life that I feel comfortable letting close to me I even regret that sometimes but it's generally more positive than negative The world has shown me weather I am good bad or somewhere in-between I will never get anywhere in life. The last 3 job interviews I've had just got my hopes up then wasted my time most days I feel like an animal backed in a corner just looking for food but the most sad part is I feel as if it doesn't matter what decision I make I will never get the "food" I'm looking for. Because I couldn't get that much even if I tried. Fuck I tried getting food stamps and I was only offered $10 They told me they would help me get a job and or get into a trade school then never called me back. If I try being an asshole and taking what I want people go out of their way to attack me if I'm nice people just use me and I still get nothing. This world just loves to fuck me and their is nothing I can do about it. Anytime I get a shred of happiness it's taken from me some way or another
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2023.05.31 11:28 ridecabjodhpur A 3-day itinerary to Jodhpur

A 3-day itinerary to Jodhpur
Travellers are enthralled by Jodhpur, the "Blue City" of Rajasthan, India, for its vibrant culture, magnificent forts, and alluring scenery. With the help of our carefully prepared schedule, take a fascinating tour of this ancient city and experience all that its rich history and regal splendour have to offer.
Day 1
● When you go to Jodhpur, stay in a historic hotel to experience a step back in time. Explore the crowded streets of the old city in the morning.
● Spend some time getting lost in the bright bazaars where you may find magnificent handicrafts, vibrant textiles, and traditional Rajasthani jewellery.
● Enjoy the culinary treats the city has to offer, including dal baati churma and mirchi vada, to get a taste of the native flavours.
● Visit the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort in the late afternoon for beautiful views of the city. It is positioned atop a hill. Discover the fascinating history of the Marwar Dynasty as you tour its finely crafted palaces and marvel at the remarkable collection of artifacts.
● At the renowned Jaswant Thada, a cenotaph constructed in honour of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II, you can round off your day by taking in a spectacular sunset.
● As the sun sets, the marble building turns golden, lending the scene a mystical feel.
Day 2
● Visit the majestic palace-turned-hotel Umaid Bhawan Palace to start off your second day. Admire its magnificent architecture, deft carvings, and expansive gardens.
● Take a guided tour to discover the history of the royal family and see how lavish life was in the past.
● Next, pay a visit to the lively Sardar Market to fully experience the vibrant local culture. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells as you stroll through the market's winding pathways, which are dotted with stores selling spices, clothing, and handicrafts.
● Don't forget to try some delectable regional street food, such as pyaaz kachoris and mirchi pakoras.
● Take a village safari in the afternoon to see how people live in the countryside of Rajasthan. Observe traditional folk dances, go to a nearby handicrafts village, and talk to friendly locals to learn about their daily routines and long-standing customs.
Day 3
● On your last day, leave the city to see the picturesque landscapes that surround Jodhpur. Visit the tranquil Mandore Gardens, which are decorated with historical monuments, temples, and beautiful vegetation.
● Explore the grounds and discover the myths connected to this historic location.
● Continue on to the Bishnoi Village, which is renowned for its abundant wildlife and the community's conservation initiatives.
● Observe how people and nature interact together as you see deer, peacocks, and migrating birds in their natural settings.
● Visit lesser-known but no less fascinating monuments in the afternoon, such as the magnificent Chamunda Mata Temple and the Rai ka Bag Palace.
For tourists looking for an authentic experience, Jodhpur is a must-visit location because of its rich history, architectural marvels, and thriving cultural heritage. Book a taxi service in Jodhpur or a tempo traveller hire in Jodhpur at the low prices with JCR Cab. This three-day trip provides a taste of the city's many attractions, from touring imposing forts to getting lost in local markets and taking in the serenity of nature. Immerse yourself in Jodhpur's charm and grandeur to be fascinated by the "Blue City" and make memories that will last a lifetime.
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2023.05.31 11:27 Imaginary_Animal8125 sex before quitting combo pill

I had sex with my bf on my day 24 of using combo pills (which means i’m at my placebo week) and he came inside of me, few hours later i got a spotting (period) same day after we had sex. the period last for 3 days on my day 27, and finished the pack of pill. after i finished the pack of pill, i didn’t use another pack right away after finishing the pack of pill, i’m just going to use it again if we had sex again.
is there anything to worry about getting pregnant?
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2023.05.31 11:27 Bethanyexoh My (27f) partner (27m) of 6 years has ghosted me

A couple of weeks ago, my partner woke up and said he wasn’t sure if he loved me. Then, four days later whilst I was at work, him and his parents picked up all of his things without telling me. I rang him that night crying down the phone and he just kept saying sorry. I’ve tried to contact him but the last message I received was ‘there’s nothing else I can say. I’ve explained my reasons and going over the same things isn’t going to help.’ Now he’s blocked me on everything which is upsetting as I can’t see any of our pictures that he uploaded. I’m at a complete loss and I’m obviously heartbroken. I have a counsellor who is trying to help me through this difficult time but I just wanted advice from others who have been through this, or from men - why has he done this? What is he thinking and feeling? Thanks so much for your help.
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