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2023.05.31 11:45 BruteSentiment Observations from a Week in Eugene (High-A)

Observations from a Week in Eugene (High-A)
This is a little late, but it took some time to write and get the photos together. After spending a week watching the Emeralds play in Eugene, I’ve got some assessments of the players and the team for everyone to read.
Grant McCray
McCray has been having a better May than an April, which mirrors his 2022, but this past week he looked fairly frustrated, even as he picked up hits here and there, until Sunday’s two double game. He looks a lot like he needs focus, because when he has it, the game comes to him. What was not a question was his fabulous gifts of athleticism. He covered center field beautifully with great routes, and showed off his speed on the basepaths as well.
Grant McCray. He's going to beat that throw.
Grant McCray watches his bunt...this one became a hit.
Aeverson Arteaga
The biggest thing that stood out about Arteaga this week was how smooth his defense was. Although you don’t see Arteaga as a speedster on the basepaths, he has quickness at the shortstop position to be able to reach anything near him, and his throws were all very easy for the first baseman to handle. Arteaga also had a walkoff home run in the first game of the week, his third game with a home run in a row, but the offense is not going to be his calling card. As long as he is driving baseballs, whether or not they’re over the fence, his defense will carry him.
Aeverson Arteaga. It's pronounced \"Iverson\", btw.
He gets there. He got the out on this play, too.
Carson Whisenhunt
Okay, so I got to see Carson on his worst day (so far) in High-A. Whisenhunt was relying far more on his fastball than I expected, and he was not very sharp with either his fastball or his changeup, which led to hitters being able to wait for fat ones over the plate to prey on. This is probably just a one-off, considering how well Whisenhunt had done before this start. What is good news is that Whisenhunt continued to show a mid-90’s fastball, which is up a bit from his college numbers, and should make his changeup even more effective. I believe I also saw Whisenhunt working with two different changeup grips, which was interesting, a standard one and a circle change that had more movement. He did flash a curveball, but it wasn’t a primary part of his arsenal right now.
Carson Whisenhunt
Gotta say, that hair and facial hair is a terrifying thing to face.
Eric Silva
It was also a rough game for Eric Silva this week. His slider did net him quite a few strikeouts, but he was a bit off with his fastball, and gave up hits off of both of those pitches in this game. You can see flashes of the top prospect that many people rank him as, but I hope we’ll see more consistency out of his fastball to pair with that slider, and hopefully a little more strength out of the 20-year old as he grows.
Eric Silva
Victor Bericoto
One thing about Bericoto that was very different about him now, compared to the 2022 version I’d see, is that he just looks polished at the plate. He was driving balls more consistently, and that matches what we’ve seen with his numbers. This will help establish him on prospect lists starting this season. The downside, though, is that he still struggles defensively. He is much improved in right field from last year, but he’s still sub-par, with his route-taking still needing work, and some misjudged dives and ricochets. Bericoto did look decent at first base, and that could be a fallback for him if his bat helps carry him.
Victor Bericoto
Gassed...but more importantly, how does his hair still look that good after being in a batting helmet?
Adrian Sugastey
It’s hard not to have a good impression after a 2-home run day, and that’s what Adrian Sugastey had on one day during this trip. Sugastey was driving baseballs with surprising power considering his frame, as the 20-year old still looks very young among his peers and there’s growth still to come. Behind the plate, there’s still work to do, as Sugastey had a couple of passed balls and wild pitches he could’ve done more with, but he still looks like a catcher long-term.
Adrian Sugastey
He looks so young (because he is!).
Logan Wyatt
Out of any player on the Emeralds that I was seeing for a second or third time, none was as different a player as Logan Wyatt. He looks like he’s grown into his body, grown stronger, and among a lot of younger players in High-A, he looked like a man among boys. He was also different on the field. He was being more selective at balls he swung at, and was driving them much more. His defensive fundamentals were also changed, and looking better. This is Wyatt’s second go-around in Eugene, so you don’t want to look at good numbers on a second season at a level and take it without a grain of salt, but Wyatt looks like a player who should be trying Double-A. At 25, he definitely should be.
Logan Wyatt
It's crazy to see a big man still go for a slide all out.
Jimmy Glowenke
Glowenke was doing his thing on the diamond, both at second and third base, and was slapping the ball all around all week. He was looking very impressive indeed, although the same caveat of repeating a level applies to him that I mentioned with Wyatt. But the thing about Glowenke is that he is still a wiry young man, although at 23, there’s not much more growth I’d be expecting. The power, or lack thereof, will be something of concern for him going forward.
Update: After writing this, we learned that Jimmy Glowenke earned a callup to Richmond!
Jimmy Glowenke
Yes, ump, I still have the ball. He was caught stealing. Call him out. (He was out.)
Jose Cruz
Of all the 40-man additions made last November, José Cruz was the unlikeliest, and he surprisingly remains in just High-A (in the past, Farhan Zaidi has been very aggressive after placing the 40-man tag on a young pitcher). Cruz attacks the plate with some ferocity, although his velocity was still around 92-93 with the fastball, which is a tick down from what got him that 40 man spot. I’d expect a call-up sometime soon for him.
José Cruz
I don't think I saw any pitcher look as tensed as him on the mound.
Ben Madison
One of the most surprising pitchers was Madison. Madison had just about the highest velocity I saw in his two appearances, topping out around 96. Madison’s numbers don’t look overwhelming, but at least in this week, they were. The 25-year old is another pitcher I’d say is looking for a promotion, and might be a serious sleeper in the system.
Ben Madison
He's older than a lot of his competition, but he just looks fierce up there.
The Team
Eugene, as a team, is simply one of the most well-run minor league teams around. Just look at all the different uniforms in these pictures to get an idea of how tapped into the idea of different team identities from the leadership. Especially the incredibly popular Exploding Whales uniforms and story behind it. While not every game has the stands packed, especially on weeknights, but the fans are always having fun and it’s clear that everyone there is engaged, on and off the field. But that’s why this final thing is sad to say…
The Stadium
In past years that I’ve visited Eugene, the Emeralds had a presence in the pictures and banners and other things around the park. On this visit, it was all, and only, Oregon Ducks. Granted, it’s the college baseball season, but still. Even to the point that the whiteboard that held lineups that you see at almost every park only had the last Oregon Ducks’ game lineup, and not the nightly Emeralds lineup. Everyone knows that the Emeralds need a new stadium that meets MLB guidelines, but on this visit, it was clear whose home this stadium was, and who just plays there.
It’s unfortunate. A franchise as well run as the Emeralds deserves their true home.
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2023.05.31 11:45 AdministrationHour93 Approved at last!

Applied for dependent visa : 25th Nov 2022 Ukvi req additional doc : 8th Jan 2023 Refusal: 3rd March 2023 Applied for admin review: 9th March 2023 Successful admin review: 28th March 2023 Approved decision: 25th May 2023 Brp received: 31st May 2023
After a long wait and fight with UKVI, I received my BRP today! Thanks alot to all the redditors here who responded to my queries! Finally feeling relieved!
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2023.05.31 11:42 Happy-Perception-823 Timeline of leaving a BPD Partner

Hey Folks,
Just wanted to share my experience so far in regards to leaving my wife of 7 years for others to see how long this process can take and some of the things I went through / going through.
Early October 2022 - I have a full mental breakdown after years of arguments over 'minor' issues which drove her to constantly fight with me. Prior to this I tried everything I could to avoid upsetting her but nothing worked. I was constantly 'walking on egg shells' i stopped seeing my family and friends in the hope this would help her remain calm. I stopped taking her out places because random things would upset her and cause her to fight with me
Mid October 2022 - We attend relationship counselling together, the counsellor tells her in the first session she is 'too controlling, too dominating and disrespectful' to me. My ex wife disagrees so we switch to another counsellor he goes a step further and tells her 'your the one with the problem here, you don't let your husband even speak'. We both continue individual and joint counselling whilst living together. At this point my mind is a mess and I am thinking about leaving her. She tells me 'she can fix me' I say tell her she is the one who caused me to have this mental break down in the first place. She gets her family to constantly talk at me, they tell me 'you will never be happy with anyone else', 'you will never get into another relationship', 'what your going through is very minor'. No one seems to acknowledge that my mental health is destroyed and all I do is cry non stop every day and want to end my life.
Late October 2022 - My ex wife tells me 'she wishes she never married me' she tells me this for the millionth time during our relationship. She tells me 'you should get back with your ex girlfriend, it wouldn't bother me at all' I finally snap, after hearing this again day in and day out. I make the wrong decision and I ring my ex girlfriend on Instagram. I tell my ex girlfriend I am going through a really tough time and need some support, my ex girlfriend says she has moved on and doesn't want anything to do with me and she has been living on the other side of the world enjoying her life for the past several years. Later that night my ex wife goes through my phone and sees I made 1 phone call to her and she locks me in the bedroom for 3 hours and takes away my cell phone. After 3 hours she forces me to go to my parents house. At 1 am her family turn up and they all accuse me of 'having a 7 year affair' based on 1 phone call I made whilst I was mentally unwell. My family support me and refute this claim. By this time I join an online relationship forum and start talking to other people who are going through a similar situation. I still feel suicidal and think of ways to end my life. I try to reach out to a mens support number but there are wait times of 2 / 3 hours. My ex wife also attacks me and leaves a scar down my arm. My parents see this and later question her on what happens, and she denies it all.
Nov 2022 - My ex wife takes my car keys / house keys / passport away from me and says I am never allowed to return to our marital home. She has now been convinced by her family that I was having an affair for 7 years. During Nov, I am going through the worst time of my life. I feel like I have lost everything, I am now stuck living with my family and have lost access to my house and all my possessions my life is now a mess and I don't know what to do. We continue to attend counselling every week, the counsellor tells her 'he is not having an affair it was 1 phone call'. I acknowledge my mistake and apologise. My ex wife full of anger still refuses to let me back into the house. The counsellor, constantly tells her the marriage will break down unless you forgive him and support him. She says 'if he wants to get back to me, I need access to all his social media, passwords, mobile phones, and everything he does'. The counsellor tells her she is wrong and continues to challenge her on her behaviour. My ex wife allows me to get my possessions but constantly follows me around the house. I was in the bedroom getting my clothes and she wraps her arms around me and begins kissing me, I try to push her away but she continues. I keep pushing her but she doesn't stop. I finally manage to push her away and she again denies anything happens....I bring it up in our next counselling session and she says 'I have no idea what your talking about'.

Dec 2022 - I finally start to feel better, I manage to get my house keys back, I begin to realise living with my parents isn't so bad. I am now in an emotionally stable environment and have no fears of upsetting anyone. Everyday I continue to rebuild my life and get mentally stronger. My friends and family continue to support me. I now realise I was in a toxic relationship, and things were not good. I hear back from a job I applied for in September and they have offered me a position. I start to realise I am turning things around. I now continue to speak daily to this lady online and we begin to realise we have a very strong connection through our past experiences. My ex wife is now noticing I am no longer weak, I have started to speak up to her and she hates it. She starts to query why I haven't returned home and I tell her I have no intention to return home. I tell her during a counselling session 'I want to have a divorce' she is in (apparently) in shock and starts screaming and crying saying she will kill her self..I then notice 15 minutes later on our ring doorbell she is perfectly fine and has gotten home without any issues. The counsellor now says 'we are done', there is no point both of you coming to see me again. I continue to attend weekly for 1 on 1 sessions , my ex wife stops attending counselling. My ex wife now begs me to come back home and 'sleep with her one last time' I refuse.
Late Dec 2022 - I start meeting up with new friends and old friends and begin to become social again. I start to buy all new clothes as since October I lost a significant amount of weight. My ex wife sees I am no longer chasing her and starts telling me she is in hospital and in critical condition. She advises I need to come see her as a her husband. I refuse, as I know her health conditions and feel like this is just a trick. My ex wife leaves the joint owned home and moves back with her parents.
Early January 2023 - My ex wife begins to realise I am going to leave her, she starts to beg me to get back with her. She sends me pages and pages of whatsapp messages telling me how much she loves me and then also saying , 'you will never get into another relationship, no one will want you'. She constantly tells me 'you won't be able to live without me' I continue to ignore these and say I want a divorce. I begin the process of finding a solicitor to help me. Her family begin to threaten my life saying 'I must try again and get back with her'. My ex wife also tells all our joint friends I had an affair for the last 7 years...

Feb 2023 - I continue to develop my social skills and also pass two exams at work. I start to realise I am going to be okay alone. I can manage by myself. She continues to flood me with messages some days begging me back and someday saying she doesn't need me or want me and I was a terrible husband . I also find out by this time, she has been on several dating sites for the last 6 weeks and has met up with a number of guys....I don't let this bother me and continue to work on my self daily. I continue attending counselling every week. My ex wife moves back into the joint owned home.
March 2023 - I send her an official notice of divorce, she takes the full 14 days to respond and finally begins to acknowledge the process. My counsellor helps me become stronger and helps me get new direction in my life. I now officially start my new job and realise I am actually doing pretty well in life. I travel to the other side of the world on a solo trip (my brain tells me I won't be able to cope without her, but I push through). I travel 16 hours and realise I can do things by myself, I also begin to realise how many beautiful amazing girls there are out there! (Without BPD!) I begin to realise I can do whatever I want...My ex wife starts hoovering me again, saying we should try again.
April 2023 - I advise my ex wife we need to sell the house, she refuses, we going around in circles until she finally agrees. I notice massive changes in my body, I start to build the body I have always dreamed of and start to notice my (thinning) hair is regrowing. My ex wife begins posting racy photos of herself on whatsapps and starts putting up statuses saying 'she is having the time of her life' . She keeps telling me how happy she is without me.
May 2023 - We list our house on the market and it sells within 3 days! We are both shocked, I am super happy, she is really upset. She tries to slow down the process but I put pressure on her to accept the offer. She can easily move back in with her parents (like I have).
Mid May 2023 - She blocks me on whatsapp and says I have ruined her life, she also promises to make me pay for what I have done to her. Her family continue to threaten my life..
Late May 2023 - She unblocks me and says 'we should get back to together' . I receive official notification the divorce will be legally completed by October 2023. I continue to attend counselling train daily at the gym, taking work related exams, and focus on my self. I also begin doing charity work to help other people.
So this is the roller-coaster ride so far, I guess the main point of this post is, things get tough but you can turn around your life if you work at it daily and put yourself first!!
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2023.05.31 11:36 Imperial-Wealth- Imperial Wealth International

Imperial Wealth International's Education Resources provide traders with access to informational materials and training resources to help them expand their knowledge of the financial markets and improve their trading skills. Here are some steps that can be incorporated into the use of Imperial Wealth International's educational resources:
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2023.05.31 11:36 Rosesilove84 8 Most Common "Why" Questions on Google

  1. Why is there a leap day? Answer:Nearly every four years, we add an extra day to the calendar in the form of February 29, also known as Leap Day. Put simply, these additional 24 hours are built into the calendar to ensure that it stays in line with the Earth's movement around the Sun.
  2. Why is the sky blue?
Answer:Blue light is scattered in all directions by the tiny molecules of air in Earth's atmosphere. Blue is scattered more than other colors because it travels as shorter, smaller waves. This is why we see a blue sky most of the time. Closer to the horizon, the sky fades to a lighter blue or white.
  1. Why you always lying?
  2. Why is my poop green?(ok this is gross as it gets)
Answer:Food may be moving through the large intestine too quickly, such as due to diarrhea. As a result, bile doesn't have time to break down completely. Green leafy vegetables, green food coloring, such as in flavored drink mixes or ice pops, iron supplements. A lack of bile in stool.
5.Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?
Answer:The mystery of why cats hate cucumbers is normally explained by the natural fear cats have towards snakes. To a feline's eyes a cucumber can look similar enough to the pesky reptile to elicit their fear response and make them jump a few feet in the air to avoid being bitten.
6.Why do dogs eat grass?
Answer:Dogs need roughage in their diets and grass is a good source of fiber. A lack of roughage affects the dog's ability to digest food and pass stool, so grass may actually help their bodily functions run more smoothly.
7.Why do cats purr?
Answer:In most cases, cats will purr when they are in a relaxed environment, sending out waves of calmness. This may also occur when you stroke them, and if this is the case, your feline friend is feeling happy or sociable. However, cats purr to communicate other emotions and needs, too.
  1. Why did I get married?
Answer: we’ll it’s a movie so yeah.
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2023.05.31 11:35 nexaei How to Build Trust and Foster a Sense of Community in Virtual Teams

How to Build Trust and Foster a Sense of Community in Virtual Teams
With the advent of advanced technologies, anchoring the conventional work culture with the virtual team’s setup is a prevailing challenge for companies around the world.
Research reveals that over 82% of employees in key economies have felt lonely at work, and nearly half feel a more intense sense of loneliness than before the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only is this detrimental to employee mental health, but it also dents productivity, brings down engagement, and eventually causes attrition.
That is why team collaboration needs to be a top priority for managers today, especially those overseeing virtual teams and distributed workforces. These setups are likely to witness a breakdown in community, teamwork, and collaboration without timely intervention.
Wondering how? Let’s delve deeper.

Why Are Trust and Community in Virtual Teams So Important?

Even before COVID-19, progressive companies were turning to remote and hybrid work as an effective cost-cutting measure as well as an attractive employee benefit. Workflow automation company, Zapier, for instance, always operated on a 100% remote model. But this has now become the norm, even in sectors previously accustomed to remote work, such as financial services.
In 2021, 75% of employees were still operating as a virtual team, and 58% said their ideal work situation would be hybrid.
Yet, employees acknowledge that there can be challenges in terms of trust and communication. 40% of research participants admitted they found it difficult to achieve the quality of communication necessary. Team leaders, in particular, were under the pump to force fit interactions into virtual team setups.
This is because the interactions we take for granted in a physical office space no longer occur automatically when we are in a virtual team. There are several reasons why trust and community in virtual teams are so important.
  • Human beings are social animals: While remote and hybrid work presents undeniable benefits, they rob employees of the psychological benefits of daily team collaboration and interactions. With designated time and tools for meetings, interactions are no longer organic, and there is no sense of working in a psychologically safe “tribe” — i.e., a community.
  • Real-time team collaboration is essential for productivity: Much of the benefits of virtual teams are due to the use of asynchronous communication. It gives employees the flexibility to work at their preferred pace and hours. It also combats presenteeism. But the downside is that productive workflows often break down when team collaboration does not happen in real time. Thus, it becomes inevitable to integrate a collaboration tool that enables smooth communication among the teams on a real-time basis.
  • The lack of transparency may give rise to conflict: In a virtual team setup, it is difficult to always know what another team member is working on, and, therefore, if there is an equitable distribution of work. Employees aren’t always on top of each other’s challenges, which makes it difficult to build a sense of empathy and trust.
  • Without trust and community, employees are at risk of attrition: From this lens, virtual teams are a double-edged sword. Report after report shows that employees are ready to quit their jobs if they are forced to return to the office. Yet, a working environment that lacks close interpersonal bonds, trust, and transparency, will push team members towards quiet quitting, disengagement, and eventually resignation. In this case, collaboration can be a powerful tool to combat the risk of employee attrition. By creating an environment that fosters collaboration, organizations can increase employee engagement and job satisfaction, which can ultimately lead to lower turnover rates.
The onus, therefore, is on organizations and team leaders to intersect virtual team dynamics with the same level of community employees are used to in a physical workplace.
Read more: Are You Bringing Your 2019 Workflows Back to the Office?

3 Ways to Build Trust and Community in Virtual Teams

In 2023, organizations need to work on their virtual team-building skills so they can retain the productivity advantage initially unlocked from remote and hybrid work. This includes:

1. Build a culture of communication

An outcome-centered work environment does not mean that employees clock in, get immersed in their solo work, and tune out. Work culture should be built in a way to promote communication where interacting with other people and team collaboration is as important as getting the job done. There are several ways to do this: by embedding communication in employees’ KRAs, adopting a democratic approach to problem-solving, incorporating collaboration tools that create clear communication channels and implementing practical examples.

2. Create the right expectations

Managing and setting the right expectations is a vital part of building trust in virtual teams. For example, if employees feel that they are expected to reply to each and every email, it will create a sense of unhealthy pressure. However, there have to be implicit expectations of availability during all working hours and active participation of the workforce. To achieve this, managers need effective communication skills, the right virtual team collaboration tools, and a set of people management guidelines for hybrid work.

3. Pay attention to top-down communication

Top-down communication plays an important role in virtual teams, where water cooler chats and impromptu conversations are not possible in a virtual setup. For this reason, company newsletters, leadership town halls, announcements by managers, and even posts on professional social networks garner much more attention. Top-down communication will set the tone for how your team interacts and shares the information, as well as the confidence they have for team collaboration.
Read more: A New Chapter in the Future of Work: Part I – Nexval

Getting Started with a Positive, Productive Virtual Team Culture

The first step towards building trust and community is to understand what employees actually need. Are they happy with team structures? Do they want more or less top-down communication? Are team collaboration tools easy to use? You can gather this data through company surveys and start rolling out changes that show employees that their voices are heard and valued.
Furthermore, team leaders and the management must work together to envision the culture of belonging that they are looking to build. Document which behaviors are encouraged and which ones must be de-incentivized. Finally, make sure that everyone is empowered to communicate and collaborate effectively. Introduce a collaboration tool that helps foster healthy communication and real time collaboration between teams. Not only will it help in ensuring transparency but also in allowing for quick resolution of any issues that arise.
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2023.05.31 11:33 sgurpreet022 How can I improve technical skills with IT training?

IT training can be a great way to improve your specialized skills and remain competitive in today's rapidly evolving digital world. IT training will provide you with all the knowledge and skills you need to be successful in your chosen field, whether you want to enhance your existing abilities or acquire new ones. This article will examine different methods and resources that you can use to maximize your IT training. Best Training Institutes in Pune
Define Your Goals: Before embarking on any training adventure, it is important to clearly define your goals and targets. Determine the specific specialized skills you want to develop or refine. You may want to focus on programming languages, database management, organization, cybersecurity, distributed computing or any other IT area that aligns with your career goals.
Investigate Training Options: Once you've identified your goals, you should research and examine the available training options. You can choose from a variety of paths, such as online courses, certifications, training camps and studios. Take into consideration factors such as the cost, the term, the credibility of the provider, and the skills covered in the training.
Choose Legitimate Trainers: When choosing an IT trainer, ensure they are reputable and offer top-notch content. Look for training providers with industry recognition, positive reviews, and teachers who have experience in their field. Suppliers who are trustworthy often offer certifications that are highly respected within the industry and can increase your credibility as an authority.
Create a Learning Plan : Once you've chosen your training provider, create a learning plan to structure your research. Divide your goals into smaller, more realistic achievements and assign specific time frames for each. Plan a review strategy that is right for you. Use tools like online calendars or venture board software to track your progress.
Involved learning is important: Information Technology is a practical field and hands-on experience is invaluable. Look for training programs with useful labs or tasks that can be certified. These activities will help you apply the knowledge you have gained and develop critical thinking skills. Use virtual environments, test systems and sandboxes to explore and experiment with different ideas.
Participate in Online Communities and Discussions Find people who share your interests and draw them into online communities and discussions. Participate in discussions, ask for clarifications on certain things and seek advice from people with experience. It is a great way to share information, grow your organization and learn from other people's encounters.
Stay up-to-date with industry patterns: As the IT industry is constantly evolving, it's important to stay updated with the latest trends, tools, and innovations. To stay up-to-date with the latest developments, it is important to understand persuasive idea pioneers. You can also buy into industry specific bulletins and participate in relevant online entertainment gatherings. To maintain a competitive edge, it is important to learn and change constantly.
Influence Web-based Learning Stages Internet-based learning stages such as Udemy Coursera Pluralsight and LinkedIn Learning provide a wide range of IT courses and exercises. These stages often offer flexibility in terms of timing, independence, and access to an extensive library of resources. These stages allow you to improve your skills at your own pace. Best IT Training Provider in Pune
Look for Industry Certificates. Industry certifications confirm your specialization and demonstrate your dedication to professional outcomes. Study the certifications applicable to the IT field you have chosen and prepare for the test. Some of the most well-known IT certifications are CompTIA A+ and Cisco Affirmed Organization Partner.
Search for Opportunities to Apply Your Ability in Real Activities: In order to build your knowledge and gain practical experience, you should look for ways that you can apply your ability in real activities.
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2023.05.31 11:31 KKshilling Advice For Interns Nailing Your Summer Finance Internship

I’ve been grinding away on a lot of writing on credit recruiting, advice for interns, and other career resources for junior peers in finance and have roughly 17,000 words written so far. This will steadily be coming out over the next few months – and we’re kicking it off today starting with advice for interns. My disclaimer for everything I’ll be writing is as follows – one person’s career advice may not be the perfect fit for you and you should combine the opinion of 5-10 people you respect and then determine what is YOUR best path. But alas, I’ve walked the path of being a bulge bracket intern, and have spent a lot of time thinking through the insight I can provide the interns and junior people that follow the account – and here’s what I’ve got.
First – advice for people with interns: Be nice and understanding to your intern.
To be honest, whether we like to admit it or not, this is how most of us came into the industry: A lot of us came into the industry thinking we knew more than we actually did because we read about it in a textbook, got good grades, and saw xyz finance meme. But the reality is a lot of us were vastly unprepared to be a value-added resource during the early stages of our career. One MD said to me once as a college senior “They don’t expect you to know anything. They’re hiring for someone who can learn as they go.” I didn’t realize this as a college senior, but after six months of working this became very obvious to me. Companies are hiring interns for their potential. Their potential comes from 1) having a good work ethic and 2) having a good attitude. As an intern, if you work hard and be pleasant to work with, then you’re going to win 9 times out of 10.
It's hard to remember, but there was a time where none of us had any clue what we were doing. Arguably, this continues on in your career and the humblest investors truly believe this. So look here’s my advice – sure interns be saying the darndest things sometimes – but let’s try to cut them slack, treat them fairly, and remember we were once in their same shoes?
Sure, if a Gen Z intern is out there being a jerk and snobbish, then maybe this isn’t valid, but if they’re hardworking, showing a lot of potential, and are super coachable then it is your job to help them develop into a potential asset at your firm.
Also – this is a relatively more “stressful” year for interns. College kids are always a lot more panicked about the job market than people who already have experience under their belt to begin with - but this economy isn’t lessening their worries. A lot of college kids are seeing the class of 2023 have offers pulled and enter a tougher job market. Now they’re starting to get spooked a bit and may feel a little out of control. Try your best to encourage and develop them – these guys are probably feeling a little like how the 2008-2009 grads felt, to a degree.
Okay – so here’s my 20 point list of recommendations for interns.
First - last year I started a debate over whether banking interns should take vacations in the middle of their internship….and people actually tried countering it. LMAO! I’m going to try this bit again sometime soon to get the people going and let’s still see people still think that while we’re on the precipice of a recession.
1) Be careful with social media. DO NOT MAKE TIKTOKS. Emphasizing this in all caps. There’s a reason all the Finmemes and FinTwit burners are anonymous and not dancing around on the internet. Most TikToks are very cringeworthy and seem to always find their way to HR once they go viral. People will 100% get fired over what they post to TikTok or Snapchat. Your TikToks are very likely to be spread to large audiences on Instagram or Twitter – which is totally fair game (you posted it, you gotta own what you post). With that said, if you ask nicely I’ll take a TikTok down, but other accounts openly will not. In general, don’t take your phone out and record or take photos of stuff, especially given all the sensitive materials we work with. Don’t post sensitive information from your computer on your IG story captioned “grinding hard” “working on the weekend like usual” or some shit.
2) Don’t take a week long vacation during a ten-week internship. Last year, I made this obvious remark on twitter, got a bunch of ppl in agreement, but also riled up a tonnnn of people on twitter (didn’t seem like the typical finance folk though) but it’s true. I want everyone reading this to succeed – which is why I’m telling this hard truth. Bosses in banking will frown upon you missing 10% of your learning experience to go vacation. You can always vacation before or after your internship (this is what I did lol). Remember as an intern, you are trying out for a sports team – you haven’t made the team yet, but you’re getting the chance to make the big leagues. Would you leave the team in the middle of preseason before the roster is finalized? Of course not. It’s that simple.
3) Dress the part without overdressing: You don’t want to wear a significantly oversized suit but you also shouldn’t be wearing Gucci loafers as an intern. Ideally you want to dress in a pretty standard way that isn’t drawing attention to yourself as someone who seems out of place. I’d lose any dress shirts with shirt pockets and I’m not a fan of oxford collars (this one may be too harsh but just my opinion). I just don’t think oxford collars go well with a tie and/or suit. Make sure your dress shirts aren’t wrinkled af. Obviously no Gordon Gekko dress shirts. In terms of shoes, Gucci loafers are frowned upon as an intern/first year because you haven’t really gone through the ringer, may be perceived as entitled, and hence don’t deserve this status symbol. This is the case for nice watches too. This is the perception from senior people, so ya, just wait until after a sick bonus and snag the more-status like attire after your first 1-3 years.
4) You want to look professional, this may mean having a professional haircut: Look – so if I see a Gen Z analyst with that typical Gen Z haircut (I later learned it’s called a “broccoli cut”) I do not take them seriously. I figured this was kind of mean of me, so I went to Twitter to confirm whether other people think this. In fact, they overwhelmingly agree. Older generations think the broccoli cut looks stupid as hell.

Again, it’s not about “what’s accepted” by your generation, it’s about what’s accepted (without being said obviously) within the workforce. Again, this is me speaking a hard truth. I’d like for HYH readers to be taken seriously – and I’m telling you a large amount of FinTwit just said this haircut below looks silly! Read the tea leaves.
5) Don’t make the same mistake twice: Easier said than done, but the people evaluating you are keeping tabs on whether you’re smart/teachable. They’ve been trained by this philosophy and are judging you by the same standards. If you make the same mistake twice, then they may perceive that you may not have the ability to retain information, learn from experience, etc. Tough, but this is true and happens constantly. I got screamed at once where my VP said “he asked this same question before!!” to a couple of MDs. Tbh the MDs didn’t really care, but wasn’t a great feeling. Try to keep tabs on what you’ve already asked and have been shown.
6) Don’t #REF the model or some important file: When you’re working in an excel model or PowerPoint on your own you should make a copy from the original just in case you totally #REF! the model. Create a copy of “ImportantModel” and name it “ImportantModelYourInitials”. That way if you do something really dumb (who knows, you may change something they don’t like), at least there’s a backup. Tbh you may need to keep doing this throughout the entirety of your career and should engrain this in yourself as a best practice.
7) Steve Schwarzman (Founder of Blackstone) once said this isn’t school – you need a 100% score. This is the most important lesson here. In college, an A is a mid-90s grade. In a famous YouTube video where Schwarzman greets the first year analyst class at Blackstone, he notes how only a 100 is acceptable and As/Bs are not. He says this was his biggest challenge when he was just starting out. I’d strongly recommend watching this video later when you’re done reading through my list. He spits absolute fire here.
8) WFH will happen later in your career….your internship isn’t the time to be remote: In 2021/2022 I got some pushback on this point, but look now! Finance firms have brought pretty much everyone back to the office and a large chunk of front office professionals are in five days a week. Obviously there’s plenty of people at three days a week and four days a week, but I don’t know anyone in finance with “one or two days or fully remote”. I’ve previously noted that I thought a bunch of people were making a mistake by moving to fully remote too soon in their careers. I thought remote workers would be the first to go in a downturn and that has played out a ton over the past year. A remote worker’s connectivity is lower than the people a manager may see around a water cooler. Obviously, someone outside of finance, someone who’s an absolute stud, or an entrepreneur can leverage remote work ofc. I personally don’t think your 20’s are a great time to be too focused on being remote first, and the focus should be on building a reputation first. Obviously your first job (your internship) is meant as mainly a learning experience and a great opportunity to learn from smart people! Therefore as long as those smart people are in the office, you should be there too. If the firm has a 3-4 day policy then you get to follow that, but if you have a couple notable people in 5 days a week, then I would suck it up and get in the office 5 days a week. Also, this may be a great way to differentiate yourself and get more one-on-one time while the rest of the office is empty. Also – you’re trying out for a team! Make the team!
9) Proofread constantly: The more you re-read the higher the probability of catching errors! I’m terrible at proofreading. My ADHD ass is bouncing around constantly and I always miss stuff – but hopefully you guys can do better than me. Some tips: A) read from beginning to end, B) read backwards (from end to beginning), C) say out loud what you’re proofreading under your breath, D) read on a different format (for ex. If you were proofreading in word, try proofreading again in a PDF format), and E) print out the end product and proofread on paper. You don’t have to do all 5…(I don’t)..but you should find a formula to proofread and over-read effectively.
10) Over-communicate: It’s okay if you say or email “Will do”, “sounds good” , or “On it” constantly – I would confirm receipt to every email your direct co-workers send you so the sender knows you’re attentive and understood their instructions. Over-communicating via responding to emails is the move because it allows the person delegating work to you to understand that they don’t have to hover over you. When someone who isn’t your staffer talks to you too, it might be helpful to bring up in conversation – “I’m working with Kevin on xyz deal” or “I’ve been helping with xyz”- this is a good way to show people that you’re 1) staying busy and 2) contributing and people actually know what you’re up to.
11) Write everything down: When someone is speaking to you there is an expectation that you should be taking notes. Would be brutal if you finish an assignment but forget one piece because you forgot and didn’t have that part written down. Part of writing everything down too is so you can review and refresh on the lessons you’ve learned from your internship. I’d recommend reading through the learnings you have written down once a week. And obviously, post internship you can reflect on what you’ve learned and have off hand in case you need it in another setting. On that note, if there’s anything interesting you wrote down or worked on that you need to reference going forward – make sure you grab it and take it with you before your final day. Not the cleanest advice I’m giving rn – but it’s something a lot of people do and post-internship you may regret forgetting to bring home your firm’s powerpoint shortcut pdf, a primer on covenant lite loans, or a certain sell-side research report. Just speaking facts.
12) Predict demands: This may be more for first-year analysts, but figuring out where you can add value and save people time is how you can justify your salary. For interns, it’s more about 1) learning experience, 2) being a good cultural fit, and 3) being teachable. But if you’re an intern tasked with “analyst like tasks” then I would try to take a step back and think of where you can add value. If someone senior asks you to do a task that seems recurring in nature, that’s a good place to take initiative going forward. Just confirm with them of course, that this is something recurring and something they want you to do, as you don’t want to accidentally mess something up or overstep. If you can get started on a task that you know someone is going to ask you to do anyways, go for it. Show that initiative.
13) Network with everyone, leave no stone unturned: I wouldn’t network with people immediately (you need to find your footing the first week or two) but it’s a mistake to not block off time to talk to every relevant person you can get in front of. Personalize your approaches and personalize your follow-ups, but recognize as an intern you’ll get a lot of flexibility to get in front of people that you may not be able to get in front of in a couple of years. Also make sure you chill with your fellow interns. Don’t be the person who doesn’t converse with the other interns. These are relationships that can become pretty important down the line as you will be able to pick each other’s brains as you navigate your early career. Also make sure you remember people’s names and don’t guess if you don’t know. If someone has a name that’s hard to spell – check their email first to make sure you spelled it right before firing it off. Last summer I got called the wrong name a few times by an intern on a different team. I didn’t bother correcting them, figuring it’s funnier to let them keep making the same mistake, and they looked like an idiot when they got it wrong in front of other people near the end of their internship
14) Show this is where you want to work after graduation (even if that’s not true): Remember, you’re trying out for a sports team, make sure you show you want to join the big leagues. Look, you may even have to pretend you want to work there after graduation even if that’s a bold faced lie. If there’s murmurs you’re just using this internship as a stepping stone, you will be toast. You’ll have a year to shop for a better gig – just focus on securing the offer! Also – we’re probably about to enter a recession – don’t get cute! Get the job!
15) Don’t get sloppy while drinking: This is very important. This isn’t college anymore. Bosses don’t care about how much you drink or how sick you are (I’ve made this mistake honestly). Keep your cool while drinking with colleagues and keep your cool if there’s an intern after party that follows a general work party. Again, this isn’t college, use your best judgement even when impaired.
16) Focus on what you can control, don’t focus on what you can’t control. This was really good advice I got from a MD. You have to accept some things are out of your control, which is tough for the personality types that know they can force a lot of their own future. If you put a lot of work in and are strategic, you can carve your own path forward, but there will still be external stuff out of your control that you can’t sweat over and will have to power through. Differentiating the two is crucial. But if there is something you can improve on that will impact your outcomes going forward, make sure you address that vs. incorrectly think it’s something you can’t control. Once you know what you can and cannot control you’ll be able to shape the path you want.
17) In hindsight you’ll realize you asked dumb questions/cared about the wrong stuff: You may realize over a few years that you panicked over stuff that didn’t matter. Try not to sweat it. It’s all part of the process. The stuff you read on WSO isn’t the bible. Just remember to be fair and helpful when an intern a few years from now has the same level of naivety and comes to you to learn.
18) Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes: I still vividly recall dumb mistakes I made as an intern/first year analyst. Hell, I still remember the dumb mistakes I made in middle school! It’s easier said than done, but try not to be too hard on yourself. It’s important to learn from mistakes, but make sure you learn to forgive yourself.
19) Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get the offer: This doesn’t mean you’re a flawed human. You may not have been ready yet, the standards of the firm may be unrealistically high, or (more likely than not) they may not actually have the ability to hire a full-time analyst and just wanted a cheap intern. Also, in 2023/2024 – the market sucks. M&A is grinding to a halt and high interest rates are hurting economic activity. Hell, the bank you intern at may not exist in a year. One job will not define you. If there are mistakes you think you can improve on, then recognize what they are and adapt.
20) It’s just a job. All this aside, remember, it’s just a job, not your life. A job is only a way to drive cash flow to fund your livelihood. That is it. You are young, you are energized, you are fungible – you will figure it out even if the path seems unclear sometimes.
That’s all! Best of luck!
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2023.05.31 11:28 Strange-Necessary-58 Expat with enkeltpersonforetak seeking tax advice and tips

I'm an EU citizen, moved to Norway in August 2022, incorporated my company here and it was made official by 27/12/2022. I'm an artist and a podcaster (in case that helps at all). My friend told me I should use Fiken and so far it's OK, but very confusing since I'm still learning the language and they use what I like to call "big words". So I end up confused and (more) than a little disheartened.
I know for tax purposes it's good to use a program like Fiken since I can pay them and they send over my tax stuff (for a price) directly to the Skatteetaten. Also, I'm aware that enkeltpersonforetak people have to pay taxes in advance and quarterly. So by 15 March, 15 June, 15 September, and 15 December. And i also know the tax year is the same as the calendar year.
***note: I don't have a tax card yet, I'm sending out my paperwork to report a move asap, but I needed to get my company settled and also collect invoices to show proof of income. This is also tricky since I can't get a Norwegian bank account without a person number (I have a d-number for now). It's funny how the system is all: show that you have a company in Norway, show proof of income, btw you need a Norwegian bank but you cant get one without a person number which we can only give you after you show proof of income and that you have a business in Norway. It's so roundabout, but oh well. (Not complaining, just pointing it out) I'm sure they'll be fine with whatever official invoices I can get that show my company is making money. (The reason why I got Fiken is because I get paid via PayPal and Fiken allows me to input that and they also calculate deductions based on whatever PayPal keeps, which is neat).
ANYWAY, here are a few things I'd love to know:
Tusen takk!
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2023.05.31 11:27 healthuseful20 Tinnitus with Ear Infection

Tinnitus with Ear Infection
Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the absence of external sound. It can be described as ringing, buzzing, hissing, whistling, or other noises. Tinnitus can be caused by a number of factors, including ear infections, hearing loss, exposure to loud noise, and certain medications.
Ear infections are a common cause of tinnitus, especially in children. When the eardrum and middle ear become infected, it can cause inflammation and damage to the tiny hairs in the inner ear. This damage can lead to tinnitus.
In most cases, tinnitus caused by an ear infection will go away once the infection is treated. However, in some cases, the tinnitus may persist even after the i Tinnitus with Ear Infection. If you have tinnitus that is not caused by an ear infection, it is important to see a doctor to rule out other possible causes.
There is no cure for tinnitus, but there are treatments that can help to reduce the symptoms. These treatments may include:
  • Masking: This involves using a sound machine or other device to create a background noise that can help to mask the tinnitus.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: This type of therapy can help you to learn how to cope with the symptoms of tinnitus and reduce its impact on your life.
  • Hearing aids: Hearing aids can help to improve your hearing, which can make the tinnitus less noticeable.
If you have tinnitus, it is important to talk to your doctor about treatment options. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but with the right treatment, you can learn to manage your symptoms and live a normal life.
Here are some additional tips for managing tinnitus:
  • Avoid loud noise. Loud noise can make tinnitus worse.
  • Get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can make tinnitus worse.
  • Manage stress. Stress can make tinnitus worse.
  • Relaxation techniques. Relaxation techniques, such as yoga or meditation, can help to reduce stress and improve your overall well-being.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine and alcohol can make tinnitus worse.
  • Talk to someone. Talking to someone about your tinnitus can help you to feel less alone and cope with the symptoms.
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2023.05.31 11:15 Last_Tear8186 Just need to get this off my chest

Hello everyone, It's going to be a long post. It'd be really helpful if you could give this a read and give some insight.
During the second half of December 2022 I reconnected with someone I went to high school with. He was also someone I shared a desk with during exams. And for some reason it was always easier to talk to him. When we reconnected, I was drawn to him and he was the only person who I could just talk to for hours and time would just disappear. Which was very surprising for me because I'm a closed off person and it's not easy for me to connect with other people. Maybe a tiny part of it had to do with the fact we had a history. And before I knew it I was crushing hard on him but I wanted to get over it because I always struggled with my mental health, And catching feelings for anyone scared the crap out of me due to my bad experiences with previous guys, So I thought it would be a bad idea if I liked him any more than I already do. After some days I confessed it to him and told him I'd get over him but he asked me not to do it. That maybe there's a chance he feels the same. But I told him I would have a hard time believing it. And it's not a good idea due to my tendency to overthink and not able to believe that he actually likes me. But he told me it'd be alright. That we can work. That he can deal with my overthinking. We met for the first time outside of school premises and after we came back home he sent me a long ass sweet text saying how we actually go “good” together and that he wants us to go out on a proper date and shit. And I believed him.
I always struggled with loving myself and it always made me feel like I'm never enough and sometimes when these insecurities would creep in, I would just ask him to stop with whatever we have and push him away and he would always talk me into not giving up. More like I let him talk me into it. And fast forward almost two months later we were in this situationship and he had still not asked me out officially despite telling me that he would. Made future plans with me. Out of nowhere he started acting all distant but then he assured me it's him and not me. That he is not in a good place mentally. And after few days he told me over call that he wants me to move on and he wants to do the same. That my behaviour is not “digestable” to him, was never acceptable to him. I also had the tendency to overthink silly things and not communicate with him when something between us bothered me. But I was working on it. I went to see him the same day and I told him that it's not easy for me to let go of him when he's become an important person in my life And he was like you are important for me too but I know you won't believe it. How could I really believe it when he's giving up so easily despite knowing what he was getting himself into. He was indifferent to my pleadings. I called him the same night hoping to change his mind, But he was firm in his decision.
A month passed and I reflected on my past actions, recognised my wrong doings. I was able to see things from his pov and I truly felt bad for him because my behaviour wasn't very normal. I let my fear get the worst of me and caused issues between us. I wanted to start over with him minus the situationship bullcrap so I reached out to him, poured my heart out to him and promised him I wouldn't repeat my past mistakes, Only for him to ask me to move on and that he's moved on and he isn't attracted to me anymore. He was cold and indifferent to me. As if I never mattered to him. It stinged like a bitch knowing that he once claimed that I was special and important to him.
I feel blindsided because I believe the issues we had were not something that couldn't have improved with time and building trust.
I don't know how to stop blaming myself. They say after you've been dumped you have to focus on the negative traits of the dumper, no matter how small they may seem. But I can't even bring myself to do that for someone my mind will start listing his postive traits and how he was the sweetest guy I'd ever met.
Please be kind to me if you're going to comment under this post. I'm still trying to heal and move on.
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2023.05.31 11:07 CharliesFlyingAngel These old geezers are so selfish. 🤮

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2023.05.31 11:02 thecareercounsellor DM MCh Admission 2023: Admission Guidance for Top Medical Colleges in India

DM MCh Admission 2023: Admission Guidance for Top Medical Colleges in India
After earning an MD or MS in medicine, you are eligible for DM/M.Ch courses, which are super specialties courses. To achieve high reputation and a good rank in society, doing MD/M.Ch courses is currently quite popular, or you could say it's nearly a requirement. The demand for DM/MCh admission as PG seats rises quickly over time, as does competition from those seeking medical degrees. There are close to 1400 seats available for people nationwide.
The difference between the MD/MS course and DM/M.Ch courses is that the MD/MS is a postgraduate degree granted after completing a postgraduate course in medicine, whereas the DM/M.Ch is a Super Speciality Degree granted after obtaining comprehensive knowledge in a certain field/Specialization of Medicine. Choosing a PG specialty branch is a difficult option to make after encountering numerous challenges in passing the PG entrance Exam. In this article, we have therefore covered everything there is to know about DM/M.Ch courses, specialisations, eligibility requirements, entrance requirements, etc.
Despite the fact that some states, universities, or institutions have varying requirements, over 90% of the eligibility standards in all medical institutions nationwide are the same. NEET SS, a national level medical entrance exam, would be used to administer admission to DM/M.Ch programmes. The online NEET SS application form is available at the official website for those who wish to be considered for DM/MCh admission. The National Board of Examinations, or NBE, oversees the NEET SS Exam.
  • All DM/M.Ch courses offered throughout the nation, including those at all private medical colleges.
  • At Armed Forces Medical Services Institutions, all DM/M.Ch courses

NEET entrance to DM/M.Ch Admission is not covered for the following medical institutions:

  • AIIMS, New Delhi
  • PGIMER, Chandigarh
  • JIPMER, Puducherry
  • NIMHANS, Bengaluru
  • SCTIMST, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
Attention! : No state government or private medical college or university, not even the state of Jammu & Kashmir, shall hold a separate entrance exam for admission to its DM or M.Ch programmes.
Indians studying abroad may even apply for the course. One form may be submitted by them at a time.

Available Post-Graduate Courses

As we have already indicated, the national level NEET SS exam is required for admission to all Super Speciality programmes. The DM/ M.Ch. programmes are three-year professional programmes with a variety of specialisations available to pursue a Post-Doctoral degree in a particular Specialisation.
DM Courses MCh Courses
Neurology, Urology, Cardiology, Nephrology, Haematology, and Immunology & Cardiac Anaesthesia. Neuro Surgery, Urology, Plastic surgery and Paediatric Surgery, Cardiothoracic and Vascular surgery, Surgical Gastroenterology & Oncology.

India's DM/MCh Course Eligibility

  • Candidates for the DM in cardiology must have completed an M.D. in (General medicine, paediatrics, or respiratory medicine) or have obtained an equivalent degree.
  • DM The M.D. in (General medicine/Paediatrics) or its equivalent certification is required for neurology and nephrology.
  • M.S. in general surgery or a degree of equal standing is required of applicants for the M.Ch degree.
  • Before July 15th, candidates must have earned an MD, MS, or DNB degree from a recognised medical university in India.
  • The Central/State Medical Registration Council must have the applicants' registration information.
Candidates for DM/M.Ch admission are eligible to apply if they are under 35 years old. The date of birth must match the one on the 10th grade mark sheet.
Foreigners: It is not necessary for foreigners to register with MCI. Without registering with MCI, they can take the NEET-SS. MCI will provide international nationals with a temporary registration. According to MCI regulations, the Medical Council of India may, upon payment of the required fee for registration, allow temporary registration for the period of the Postdoctoral course limiting to the medical college/institution to which he/she is admitted for the moment solely for pursuing postdoctoral studies. Furthermore, temporary registration for the foreign national is contingent upon the fact that the individual is properly registered with the relevant registering authority in the country from which he obtained his PG Medical degree and is duly acknowledged by the relevant Medical Council or relevant authority.

Forms For DM/Mch Applications

  • During the months of April and May, application forms were made accessible on the official website.
  • The application form must be completed and include all required attachments.
  • The application must be accompanied by certified copies of all supporting documentation, including the registration number certificate, degree certificates, and mark sheets.
  • Filling up the application form requires an online procedure.
  • Through the official website, you may get the application form.

Essential Documents for DM MCh Admission in India

  1. All India Quota/State Quota
  2. Community Certificate
  3. Transfer Certificate
  4. 10th / 12th mark sheet
  5. MBBS/MD/MS degree certificate
  6. Migration Certificate/eligibility certificate from other universities.
  7. State Council Certificate registration
  8. Valid Indian Passport of the NRI

Procedure For the DM/MCh Entrance Exam

  • The National Board of Examination will administer the NEET SS Exam online.
  • For candidates who select just one super speciality course or clubbed group, the actual exam will be 1 hour and 45 minutes. For students choosing two super speciality courses or clubbed groups, the exam will last a total of 3 hours 30 minutes.
  • At the time of online application submission, a candidate may select a maximum of two super specialty courses for which his or her broad specialty certification qualifies.
  • Exam structure: 40% of the questions must come from all applicable feeder broad specialty courses, and the remaining 60% must come from the super specialised course the applicant chose when submitting their online application.
  • Each super speciality course/clubbed group will have its own question paper, according to the policy. There will be a total of 100 questions on each question paper, divided into Part A and Part B. The level of all the questions must be PG Exit.
Medical aspirants are already aware of the fact that, after putting in a lot of time and effort to achieve an MD or M.Ch. Super specialty Degree, they will unquestionably get name recognition, financial success, a variety of job prospects, and high demand in the medical community. among the several alternatives for employment are;
The ideal career choice for medical professionals is opening their own clinic, while they can also join a private or public medical association and find good-paying employment in either a public or private hospital.
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2023.05.31 11:01 yuiop19 My resume that got me 6 interviews from 55 job applications and resulting to 2 job offers.

For context and clarification:
I am from Malaysia (pardon my English as this is my 2nd language) and all of my working experience were in manufacturing environment, managing the environmental pollution control system (EPCS) such as wastewater treatment plant and/or other utilities system. From early 2022, I got involved with the sustainability/ESG effort at my workplace and became really fascinate about it. I would say 90% of my work are managing the EPCS and only 10% involved in the ESG initiatives.
Starting from early this year, I want to pivot my career fully into the sustainability/ESG field. I took the relevant certificate to strengthen my application and rewrote my resume to include a lot of the keywords usually in an ESG job advertisement.
In the span of 6 months from December 2022 to May 2023, I applied to about 55 jobs. I received one interview in December, two in January, one in March, one in April (I was offered this job) and the latest was two weeks ago for an ESG Manager position (my personal dream role).
So, I attended the interview at one of the big corporations in my country. It had a 4-panel interviewer. They are looking for an experienced ESG personnel with 10 years of experience in sustainability. I only have 7 years of working experience in total and less than a year in sustainability, but I never showed and mentioned to them about my lack of experience during the interview. Besides, this is a relatively new field in Malaysia. If we were to go back 10 years ago, no corporations were hiring for an ESG role.
A week after the interview, I receive the job offer with MYR24,000 annual raise.
This is a success story for me but if you personally think that the resume is not that all impressive, please feel free to comment too.
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2023.05.31 11:00 GeoffLeng 8 Noteworthy NFT Games to Watch in 2023

8 Noteworthy NFT Games to Watch in 2023
A recent report by Cointelegraph reveals that the gaming industry is set to achieve a remarkable milestone, projecting an impressive revenue of $196 billion by 2022. Interestingly, within this industry, there is a noticeable shift towards the emergence of NFT games that leverage non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are digital assets securely stored on a blockchain, serving as representations of various items within games or even ownership rights. This particular trend in NFT gaming has gained substantial momentum, primarily driven by the remarkable success of games like Axie Infinity and The Sandbox. These games alone have amassed millions of dollars in revenue, and they merely scratch the surface of the ongoing NFT gaming phenomenon. As the gaming industry continues its rapid growth, the popularity of NFT games is anticipated to surge even further. By providing players with tangible ownership rights and exclusive in-game items, NFTs possess the potential to revolutionize the entire gaming landscape. If you're keen on staying ahead of the curve, it would be wise to keep a close watch on the flourishing NFT gaming market. Additionally, if you're considering launching your own NFT game, we have compiled a list of top-notch NFT game development companies that can assist you in this endeavor.
What is NFT Games?
The fundamental principles behind NFT games align closely with those of traditional video games. NFT gaming incorporates cryptocurrency and NFTs as a means of payment and reward system, thereby offering players economic incentives. Players can trade and utilize non-fungible tokens representing their cherished game characters, items, or assets both within and outside the game environment. This paves the way for an innovative gaming experience for players in the near future. For instance, players may earn monetary rewards upon defeating an online arch-enemy, transforming basic gaming criteria into a lucrative endeavor. Now, let us delve deeper into the reasons why NFT games are currently in high demand. If you're intrigued to discover the best NFT games, the advantages they offer, and the costs involved in developing an NFT gaming platform, read on!
Name of the game Established Year Platforms Genre
Axie infinity 2018 PC/MAC/Mobile Creature Battler
The Sandbox 2012 PC/MAC Metaverse
Thetan Arena 2021 PC/MAC/Mobile Battle Royale
DeFi Kingdoms 2022 PC/MAC/Mobile DeFi
Illuvium 2022 PC/MAC Auto Battler
Alien Worlds 2020 PC/MAC/Mobile sci-fi nature docufiction
Cashbox 2023 PC/MAC/Mobile Metaverse
Guild of Guardians 2022 Mobile RPG

1. Axie Infinity - The Ultimate NFT Gaming Experience

Step into the world of Axie Infinity, hailed as one of the finest NFT games available today. With a staggering 2.8 million active players daily, Axie Infinity has cemented its position as a top-tier NFT game. Engage in thrilling gameplay and earn AXS tokens, which hold significant value as part of the platform's governance system.
In Axie Infinity, players start their journey by acquiring and nurturing digital pets known as Axies. Through careful breeding and genetic inheritance, each Axie possesses unique traits, strengths, and weaknesses. Players can trade these rare and exceptional Axies on Ethereum NFT marketplaces for substantial rewards.

2. The Sandbox - Where Creativity Meets NFT Gaming

For Minecraft enthusiasts seeking an exceptional NFT gaming experience, look no further than The Sandbox. As one of the most popular NFT games available, The Sandbox combines gameplay and creative freedom akin to Roblox or Minecraft, powered by NFTs. Utilize the SAND token on the internal marketplace to showcase and exchange your imaginative creations exclusively within The Sandbox.

3. Thetan Arena - Unleash Your Battle Skills

Enter the realm of Thetan Arena, a free online multiplayer crypto battle game accessible to all. Every in-game item and character is owned by users through NFTs, offering true ownership and value. Enjoy the freedom to play in either the free-to-play or NFT-free mode.
Thetan Coins can be earned through crypto gaming, while Thetan Gems serve as governance tokens and enable players to upgrade their in-game characters. Immerse yourself in intense battles and emerge as a formidable champion in Thetan Arena.

4. DeFi Kingdoms - Experience Play-to-Earn NFT Gaming

Discover the revolutionary potential of NFTs in crypto games through DeFi Kingdoms. This immersive game showcases RPG elements, including quests, hero development, resource management, and equipment upgrades. Collect JEWEL tokens within DeFi Kingdoms and exchange them for the Harmony One cryptocurrency. While access to DeFi Kingdoms is not free, it offers a gateway to the world of NFTs.

5. Splinterlands - The Ultimate NFT Trading Card Game

For Hearthstone enthusiasts, Splinterlands is the epitome of NFT gaming. This web-based trading card game supports cross-chain trading of cards and tokens on the Wax and Ethereum blockchains. Build your decks, engage in strategic battles against other players, and level up your cards to enhance their abilities and stats. Immerse yourself in the vibrant in-game market, where cards can be bought, sold, and even rented.

6. Illuvium - Embark on an Epic NFT Play-to-Earn Journey

Embark on an open-world role-playing adventure in Illuvium, a game populated by rare creatures called Illuvials. Capture, train, and battle these extraordinary monsters to assemble a powerful team of warriors. Illuvium combines free-to-play and paid elements, with in-game assets like LAND and Illuvials being sold as NFTs.

7. Cashbox - Unlock the Mysteries of Ancient Civilizations

Step into the enchanting world of Cashbox, a blockchain-based gaming platform that seamlessly integrates ancient civilizations, legendary gemstone NFTs, and mythical creatures. Immerse yourself in NFT auctions, land trading, mythical creature nurturing, and prophecy card games. Acquire and trade diamond NFTs stored in intricately designed treasure boxes. Discover a metaverse-like virtual space, where you can explore, interact, and own virtual land. The transparent blockchain ensures the authenticity and ownership of your digital assets.

8. Guild of Guardians - A Thrilling Upcoming NFT Game

Prepare for the upcoming launch of Guild of Guardians, an exhilarating NFT game that features gameplay and an in-game marketplace reminiscent of Diablo. This highly anticipated mobile action RPG game offers a cooperative playing experience, defying the norm. Control a squad of four heroes, one at a time, and engage in challenging co-op raids against formidable opponents. Choose from a variety of hero archetypes, each with their own RPG attributes, strengths, and weaknesses.
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2023.05.31 11:00 AutoModerator Daily Movement/Exercise Check-in Thread for May 31, 2023

Per popular demand, this is a daily check-in thread for movement and exercise. Inspired by this post.
Stretching, movement and exercise are important for people with lupus! Maintaining decent muscle tone and flexibility reduce joint stress.
Anyone who wants to add a workout to this comment, message the mods! We love input.
Workout suggestions of various levels. Courtesy of the lovely emerald-storm, bobtheorangecat, CandidTurnover.
Stretching and Yoga
Posture exercises
Low intensity
High intensity
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2023.05.31 10:41 Positive_Garden8052 Tim David

Tim David
To everyone who is shitting on Tim David, just look at Pandya and Polly’s stats from IPL throughout the years and you’ll see how difficult it is to be successful as a finisher in the IPL over the years.
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2023.05.31 10:40 AutoModerator [Get] G7FX Fundamentals Download

[Get] G7FX Fundamentals Download
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G7FX Fundamentals 2022
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You will be taught step by step how to build it from scratch and even better – how to interpret it like a truly Elite Trader. This personalised Dashboard will be at the centre of all your trading analysis.
Traders, Neerav here…
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Let’s be brutally honest for a moment; Retail Traders see a data calendar and focus on all the things that don’t matter or if they do they have an incredibly poor understanding of it.
They simply don’t know what to look at, how to interpret it, and end up making a complete mess of it. The result is huge losses, random decision making, and even worse, missed opportunities
At the other end of the spectrum, there’s the well known News Outlets and “expert” Economists who lack any understanding of what it means to develop edge as a professional trader. They focus on getting “clicks” and selling stories!
I’ve created the G7FX Fundamentals Course to bypass all that nonsense and help you develop the perfect hybrid between being an Institutional Trader and a truly Elite Market Fundamentalist.
This is the exact balance that the top Global Macro Traders in the world have perfected
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2023.05.31 10:39 Interrobang2023 Why Did the Defense Attorney Withdraw from the Beth Doe Case?

On March 31, 2021, Luis Sierra, a retired bus driver from Brooklyn, was arrested for the 1976 murder of Evelyn Colon, his pregnant and very young girlfriend. [See Murder of Evelyn Colon ]. The Wikipedia page seems not to have been updated recently. There similarly has been a lack of updates to Evelyn-and-child's GoFundMe.
Local as well as PA state media have maintained radio silence on the case since Sierra's arraignment in the spring of 2021.
Few people know he was released on bail last June and fewer still know his defense attorney motioned the court this winter to withdraw from the case, which this past week, the court granted. For those interested, the docket number is cp-13-cr-0000469-2021 on Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System website.
Bryan Kohberger's Albrightsville family home is twelve miles away, but Kohberger wasn't arrested until Christmas, 2022. The Standard Speaker, a part of the Shamrock news company in northeast PA, publishes out of Hazleton, Pennsylvania (where the Pennsylvania State Police have directed the Doe case since its occurrence). In August, 2022, the paywall newspaper published the one and only article on the defense's prolonged attempt to get the prosecution to cooperate in discovery. As discovery should have been underway sixteen months after his arraignment, the article describes tension reaching a boiling point between the opposing parties. The District Attorney's Motion in Opposition to the Motion to Withdraw supports an inference the defense's claims of obfuscation and delay may be valid, specifically because this lawyer's firm's website featured among "firm news" last June the attorney's getting bail for Sierra: "The Phllly Lawyers Secure Bail for a Man Accused of First-Degree Murder". The question of why a victory of no small proportions should lead the person responsible for it to Motion to Withdraw from the case... is a headscratcher.
Considering the advancing ages of everyone connected to this case, repeated continuances could be cynical--i.e., everyone will die before the case gets to trial. Zeal to go to trial seems nil. New ADAs have come and gone. The question of which would be crueler is really cruel--for Sierra to fade away as a monster never proven to have done a thing to Evelyn except impregnate her, or, sometime far into this new decade, the case to go to some exhausted show-trial where a judge would dismiss it.
To my knowledge, the Pennsylvania State Police trooper whose name appears on original documents as authorizing the arrest, Gabrielle Van Wie, has never made a statement. The Preliminary Hearing transcript describes two male troopers driving to Sierra's Brooklyn home (with or without Van Wie?), less than twenty-four hours after the genetic identification match, and making the arrest before informing Sierra of the reason for their appearance (investiigating a murder, not a missing person case).
Last week, the popular YouTube channel Mysterious West Virginia uploaded a documentary-length Part One of "The Co-Ed Murder" that took place near the state university in 1970. The producer doesn't stint on archival footage interviewing young women who hitchhiked between the campus and local places of interest, or indeed young women who hitchhiked in that era simply because the 70s was a decade that soaked up the worst of the 60s The Co-Ed Murder . Emmett Madden, Sierra's departing defense attorney, brought up the Richard Cottingham Times Square case in the Preliminary Hearing. There has been no documentary planned on the Beth Doe case to my knowledge even though a documentary would go far to examine the cultural mores and violence if the 70s era.
I do not know if it is usual or unusual for a law enforcement officer whose name is on an arrest warrant to stay silent in perpetuity. I don't know if Bryan Kohberger isn't the best thing that could have happened to nearby Jim Thorpe. From now on, that small area of the state will be identified with him, and with neither Evelyn nor Luis Sierra. All I know is that for media to stay this silent for this long on a case that--depending on one's point of view--destroyed not only an underage girl and her baby in 1976, but *very* possible an innocent man and his children and grandchildren...
Makes you grateful for Netflix.
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2023.05.31 10:22 Holuden How can one reduce emotional constriction?

Good day!
I would like to kindly ask advice on how to … emotionally untense.
Long story short, I had my share of pain from the early childhood until solid maturity. Bullying at school, aggressively strict mother and no responsibilities. Chronical illnesses with regular surgeries. By the end of the day - infantile, sociophobic, unmotivated. Had several attempts at relationships but all ended up quickly.
Since the age of 28 went on crusade of changing the order of things.
Tried attending therapist at first, but that was particularly boring and unproductive.
Then attended hardcore self-development training course which set me on the rails of self-awareness.
Then for some years attended improv acting and psychotherapy courses, which helped me open up to myself and to people around. Remembered how to experience emotions and feel the body. How to get in touch with myself and others to properly experience life. Basically, without this skill therapy had no effect.
But now I’m 33 and materialistically pretty much with same state as on day 1. There is solid improvement in motivation and social anxiety, but pretty much the same level in matters of money and relationships:
- There is still a massive inner conflict between desire for longterm relationships and fear that those will shatter my freedom to manifest.
- Professionally-wise, I’m simultaneously afraid to return into 9to5 employment (where I will have objective role) and afraid to begin something of my own (where I have to be subjective). Though there is a desire for having subjective role. I am willing capable of proactive and leading roles in volunteering and hobby environments, But once it is about money, fear of responsibility kicks in and make me docile.
Such inner conflicts force me to freeze (in the fight-flight-freeze triade). Huge amounts of energy is spent on slowing myself down, leading to regular burnouts. Prone to emotional masochysm and a bit of physical.
Now few weeks ago I was struck with massive insight about the nature of most of my problems:
My main need – love.
Everything else is rooted from it. Motivation to seek relationships, money, freedom, subjectivity, self development etc.
Taking clam as an allegory, initially, life taught me to hold my shell shut and thus to protect the tender meat from worldly dangers. Closed shell does not allow a flow of water with nourishments inside, making said meat constantly hungry and frustrated. And for some years I’ve been learning how to open the shell and hold it for long enough to establish a contact with the world.
Being successful in this didn’t fix the issue. There is plenty of love sources around but it is barely consumed and the frustration persists. Which is apparently result of another newly noticed defense mechanism:
Shell is now wide open alright, but the tender meat is permanently tensed due to anticipated punch. It is supported by shame and self-critique.
For quite some time I do yoga, meditations, therapy, improv courses and play music on regular basis. Constantly contemplating on body. Being prone to addictions, I tend to get clean. But still having a feeling like missing something.
Could you please advise whether perhaps there is an approach, or technique, or study, except those mentioned above, that may help to untense that permanent anticipation of pain?
Thank you in advance!
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Did you know?
Incense burning for meditation and prayer is an ancient tradition. Burning incense for meditation decreases stress, and it is believed that different types of incense – frankincense, sandalwood, and sage – have the power to cleanse negative energy, ease tension, and elevate your meditative state.
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2023.05.31 10:09 moshpitrocker Vehicle registration,Guam Driver’s License and Guam ID services, Taxes, Permits UPDATE

Please take note that this information is subject to change, according to information from Rev and Tax.

Guam Vehicle registration

Temporary Vehicle Permits will be issued by the Collections Branch at DRT’s main office in Barrigada through June 2. The Vehicle Registration Branch in upper Tumon will be closed through June 2.

Guam Driver’s License and Guam ID services

Individuals with appointments originally scheduled between May 22 through May 26 will be contacted to reschedule via the individual’s provided phone number or e-mail address.
There will be no walk-in services through June 2. Services will only be for individuals with appointments.
Rev and Tax reminds the public that Guam Driver’s Licenses and Guam IDs can be renewed within 90 days of expiration. DRT recommended that eligible individuals utilize the drop box, mail-in, or online application. To schedule an appointment or submit an online application for renewal or replacement, go to

Income Tax

In line with the IRS’s announcement regarding tax relief for victims of Typhoon Mawar in Guam, deadlines falling on or after May 22 and before October 2023 are granted additional time to file through October 2, 2023. This includes calendar year partnerships and S corporations whose 2022 extensions are due to run out on September 15, 2023.
Unless an act is specifically listed in IRS Revenue Procedure 2018-58, the postponement of time to file and pay does not apply to the following:
However, penalties on deposits due on or after May 22 and before June 6, 2023 will be abated as long as the tax deposits are made by June 6, 2023.
The IRS’s announcement can be found on the IRS website at in the Tax Relief in Disaster Situations section.

Business License Permit Center, formerly known as the One-Stop Center

The BLPC, which is located at the Department of Public Works Compound, 542 North Marine Corps Drive in Tamuning, is temporarily closed.

Business Privilege Tax

Penalties on deposits for April 2023 Business Privilege Tax Returns, which were due on May 22, will be abated if both the filing and payment are made by June 20, 2023.
Penalties on deposits for April 2023 Use Tax, under Form UST, which were due on May 22, will be abated if payment is made by June 20, 2023.

For any questions regarding the aforementioned information, contact DRT’s Call Center by email at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or by phone at (671)635-1840/1841/7651/1813.
Source Guam PDN
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