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2023.05.31 13:16 nokman25 i asked AI to write about a story about a minimum wage breadwinner who availed the assisted suicide program

kakabayad ko lang ng bills kanina, ubos na agad yung sahod ko. sa sobrang kakaisip ko may pumasok sa isip ko na ganitong scenario
sorry for the bad english in the prompt. gumagaling na writer si chatGPT
AI prompt: create a very sad tearjerking story with 5 chapters about a 35 year old male, a minimum wage earner who chose to avail the assisted suicide pod program he was burden of all financial responsibilities in life and supports his old retired parents and their needs. in the final chapter he was bawling in tears as he enters the pod, contemplating that this was his only chance to have a bit of rest for his mind and body. on the final scene, as the suicide pod takes the life out of his body, he hallucinates about his life with a slightly better living conditions. abot how his life could have been if he had better life
Chapter 1: The Struggle John works as a cashier at a convenience store. He barely makes enough money to pay for his rent, food, and utilities. He also has to support his elderly parents who are retired and have no savings or pension. His father suffers from diabetes and needs regular medication and check-ups. His mother has arthritis and can barely walk. John has no siblings or relatives who can help him. He has no friends or hobbies either. He spends all his time working, sleeping, or taking care of his parents. He feels trapped in a cycle of misery and despair.
Chapter 2: The Decision One day, John sees an advertisement for a new service called the assisted suicide pod program. It is a voluntary euthanasia service that allows people to end their lives peacefully and painlessly in a comfortable pod. The program offers a free consultation, a farewell video message, and a cremation service. The program also promises to donate the organs of the deceased to people who need them. John is intrigued by the idea of ending his suffering and helping others at the same time. He decides to call the number on the ad and make an appointment.
Chapter 3: The Consultation John meets with a counselor from the assisted suicide pod program. The counselor asks him about his reasons for wanting to die, his medical history, and his mental state. John tells him everything about his life and how he feels hopeless and exhausted. The counselor listens sympathetically and explains the process of the program. He tells John that he has to sign a consent form, undergo a psychological evaluation, and wait for 48 hours before he can enter the pod. He also tells John that he can change his mind at any time before entering the pod. John agrees to everything and signs the form.
Chapter 4: The Farewell John spends his last two days with his parents. He tries to act normal and cheerful, but he can’t hide his sadness and guilt. He knows that his parents will be devastated by his death, but he also knows that they will be better off without him. He hopes that they will receive some financial assistance from the government or a charity after he is gone. He also hopes that his organs will save someone’s life or improve their quality of life. He records a video message for his parents, telling them that he loves them and that he is sorry for everything. He also writes a note for the pod program, thanking them for their service and asking them to donate his body.
Chapter 5: The End John arrives at the pod facility. He is greeted by a friendly staff member who guides him to his pod. The pod is a sleek white capsule with a glass window and a control panel. John enters the pod and lies down on a soft bed. He sees a camera and a speaker above him. He hears the voice of the counselor who tells him that he can start the process whenever he is ready. John looks at the window and sees a beautiful view of a lake and a forest. He feels a pang of regret and wonder. He thinks about his life and what it could have been if he had more opportunities, more choices, more happiness. He imagines himself living in a nice house, having a loving wife and children, enjoying his work and hobbies, traveling the world, and growing old with his parents. He cries as he realizes that he will never experience any of that. He reaches for the control panel and presses the button. He hears a soothing voice say “Goodbye, John. Thank you for your donation. You are not alone.” He feels a warm sensation in his veins as a lethal injection flows into his body. He closes his eyes and drifts into unconsciousness. His last thought is “Maybe in another life…”
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2023.05.31 13:16 Exact_Wrangler_2073 tips on how to make my aroma chemicals last longer

I recently bought a bunch of aroma chemicals, both f-tecs and traditional aldehydes etc. I've been doing some research an I have discovered that these things don't necessarily last forever. That some of them are very volatile and prone to oxidization and going rancid.
What can I do to make them last longer? Does anyone have any tips? I have some BHT here. Do I need to add the crystals to every bottle of aroma chemical that I have? Should I dissolve it in something first? It seems to dissolve in oil and alcohol. Should I mix it with an unscented oil and put a couple drops in every bottle? Or do you think alcohol would be best? I hear that you're supposed to dilute aldehydes in alcohol as soon as possible, otherwise they'll go bad quickly. Apparently you're supposed to dilute them to 10%. I have 10 milliliters of every aroma chemical that I have. I can't start putting them into 100 milliliter bottles. Unless it's absolutely necessary. Do you think it's absolutely necessary? The bottles are 15 milliliters. Can I top off the extra 5 milliliters of space with alcohol? Will that help at all?
Any tips whatsoever about oxidization and how to keep my aroma chemicals lasting as long as possible would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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2023.05.31 13:16 iwy_iwy I wanna ask about discussion culture and relationships. I dated this Irani guy. I've had troubles understanding him cos seems he doesn't say things very straight. His message is always between the lines. Is this common in ME!? I have an Iraqi guy friend who is also like this.

So I thought maybe it's not like this guy's fault. I am from Northe Europe where reliability, honesty and STRAIGHT communication is the key. So we find someone easily inreliable, if they doesn't say things straight. I figured maybe this guy is not bad and trying to fool (maybe he can but) maybe it is about his culture and how they communicate!?
What do you think about this? Do you feel that in middle east your style is communication is more indirect? Cos I feel like this Iraqi friend of mine is doing the same thing. He might not ask something straight for example, but gives hundred hints. Ofc sometimes he does ask straight.
This Iran guy doesn't say anything straight. 😅😆 It's been a struggle as a dated this Iran guy. I have had to ask everything from him, what does he mean, and what is he thinking abot our situationship. Cos he says something "straight" but it means something different. We have had lot of misunderstandings because of this. We are not dating atm, but I still thought about this, since it is interesting. And we are still in touch.
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2023.05.31 13:16 Valutin Received my Protoarc EM03

OK. 2 min feedback as I need to prep dinner. I own a Kensington orbit fusion (KS for short) that has a limping right click, now that I received another trackball, I'll be able to take the Kensington apart.
My 2 min feedback so far. Maybe more as I push it through its pace. -there are some striction, it's not as bad as my fusion that requires some cleaning. -dpi setting is weird.. Will have to re adjust this. And probably do 2 settings between the Kensington and the Protoarc, my plan is to use one of each at work/home. Changing dpi... Is clumsy.. I know you are not changing everyday.. But it remains clumsy. I would have liked a software support. -can be surprising.. But I was surprised that the ball would fall off... I am so used to the KS that I forgot that this can happen. -i used a KS expert since 2004 and switch to the fusion orbit 1 or 2 years ago... That ring scroll muscle memory is going to take some time to correct. I need to find the special work around I read about using the ball as a scroll.. I think I read about it here. -protoarc has no dedicated drivers? -silent left and right button clicks...! This is bliss... No more click sound, but.... The previous and next buttons does have clicks.. This is a weird choice.. But well, left and right button clicks are enough.
My main activities on pc : -CAD work -office work -light gaming (dungeon crawler so not face pace stuff).
Will start to work as my work from home daily driver for the next few days.
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2023.05.31 13:15 adarisz I was kicked out from my job for being autist

Hello, thanks for accepting me! I was recommended to join this group in order to find support. Thanks in advanced. Yesterday I was fired from my job. I am from Argentina and I live here currently.
I worked 3 years in customer service as a receptionist earning 1USD an hour for 4 hours from Monday to Friday, working holidays, doing graphic design, managing social networks, customer service, salary settlements, etc. However, it has always been difficult for me to talk to people because I am diagnosed with autism in adulthood (I am 21), so I limit myself to saying the minimum and essential so as not to make mistakes.
Yesterday they fired me because they told me that I am very sharp with people and because I had to tell my boss that I would call him later because he had to attend to a person who was at the counter and that seemed disrespectful to him, when we had already arranged in which we always prioritized the customer who is waiting to be served.
I am a self-taught programming student, in August I start to study a degree in computer science at the university, which is a good thing. The problem is that now I have no income (at least they fired me at the end of the month and they pay me at the beginning of June, so I have one more month's salary). I live with my mother, but I have to pay for my psychiatric and psychological treatment for my autism and, as you know, medication and this type of therapy are expensive things. I was already asking her for money even though I was ashamed because that money is not enough for me at all.
I wanted to do this disclaimer because I know there are people more experienced than me around here. I'm sending CVs like crazy for whatever: waitress, barista, customer service, reception, back office, trainee programmer, whatever comes, because I really need to pay for my treatment.
I'm going to try my luck selling used clothes, like a thift shop, also doing a fair, I see that a lot of people buy that way and in my house we have practically new clothes to sell.
Thank you very much in advance for reading. I hope I haven't gone too far.
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2023.05.31 13:15 MooZell 15 hours into my journey! I can definitely do this...

I started smoking in 2020 during lockdown, my husband has been a smoker for years.
In December last year we stopped cigarettes together and continued to vape. I have been lurking here for a while, kinda waiting for my husband to realize we need to quit... but maybe i could do it by myself?
On monday i had such terrible pain in my upper abdomen... woke up at 2am and didnt sleep till after my husband made an afternoon appointment for me. I smoked some weed and was able to sleep for 40min. I found out this morning that i have gallstones and will need surgery because that's what doctors do for this.
Last night at 9pm i decided that I'll put my vape off and when i automatically put it into my mouth all the time i can try to do a few deep breaths instead of puffing on it. My coil is done anyway so it tasted shitty.
And now i am 15 hours in and i didn't need the morning puffs. I have been to the doctor already with the stressful news and still no puffs. We dont have medical insurance so i am scared about what this will cost. I have been researching gallstones all morning. i feel i don't need to have this surgery if i change my habits more. So I'll quite vaping, grains or soda. I'll get my supplements in order instead of buying vape juice this month.
If i could survive that excruciating pain for 12 hours waiting for the doctor to see me, then i can do this with a smile.
Here we go, wish me luck. Day 1.
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2023.05.31 13:15 Shepo1234 At my wits end…..

Guys, I’ve done my sciatica many times, one very severely and took me 4-5 months to recover.
However this time, overdoing it in the gym, poor form from squats, I’m in a mess.
I’ve not left my bed apart from the 2 times to walk to the doctor (4miles in total- taking the car and sitting is not an option - I’d rather take my own life).
I’ve been given every medication under the sun. When they gave me morphine I thought finally I will have some rest bite but alas no. Nothing has worked. It just made me constipated so I’ve stopped taking it all.
I have an emergency MRI this Sunday.
I’m not looking for sympathy, I’m just crying out to see if anyone has any advice they can give me. I’ve tried exercises.
Read the back mechanic book.
My pain is currently in left side mainly if my bum and high thigh area.
Lying down is the least painful option. Sitting being the worst.
I have a wife and 5 children all dependent on me and I’m self employed. I need to somehow be able to sit and drive so I can work soon.
I feel like I have very little fight left in me now. I’ve never been this low before.
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2023.05.31 13:15 Less_Job_3991 Is this a good deal -e40/socal

Here is an offer for e40, premium package. 62k price. 751/month -12k/36 month lease. Downpayment 7500. Interest rate 4.89%. There is a $3500 lease credit + $1100 dealer contribution.
Questions - Is this a good deal ? Does giving multiple security deposit instead of downpayment help reducing monthly.
What other options, I have to reduce monthly amount. Any other pointers that might help either increasing mileage or add-ons ( like prof package) .
We hv locked rates but am also thinking of waiting for the June promos.
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2023.05.31 13:15 Complete-Wrap-1767 Am I being neglected?

(Rewrite, I apologise if my explanation of mental illness is bad)
So, i’m a teenager. My mother’s been living with depression since she was 13, she was also an alcohol up until last year. I just want to start off by saying depression and alcoholism is terrible and is disabling to live with, I acknowledge and understand that. I got a comment on my old post about that, I apologise.
I was also severely abused in the past because of my mothers alcohol issues, it was a very difficult time for me when i was a kid. My mother stopped drinking around march of last year after 2 years of CPS being involved. I won’t get into the details, but it was very traumatising for me growing up.
My mother is usually very tired or sick, or moody. I understand, we’ve all been there, but i feel it’s gotten to a point where she’s dismissing my needs. She usually won’t wake up until late morning and if she’s especially tired won’t get up at all. This often leads to us having to order unhealthy food as she won’t cook, it would be 100% understandable regularly, but this happens constantly.
Whenever my mother’s angry or annoyed, she’ll get hostile, even if you’re calm. For example, the other day I asked her to help me put up something in my bedroom (it was a 2 person job and she said she’d help me), and I was being a bit impatient and said please a couple times, nothing extreme though, just calmly. She raising her voice and started yelling at me saying I should leave her room when I persisted, then long story short I started explaining how I felt neglected and like she dismissed my feelings, all she then said was “you’re just annoyed you didn’t get your own way.” while not even looking at me and ignoring me. I got really annoyed and said she was mean, she then said I was mean and selfish, repeatedly.
I do admit I then went on a rant about her being a bad mother and how she was neglectful and dismissed my feelings, etc. Nothing too mean, unlike how it sounds.
I’m also homeschooled (I can’t handle school, i’m autistic) and she doesn’t educate me even when i’ve repeatedly asked for education. she does forget to do it, but still. I want an education and that’s her responsibility, she’s also acknowledging that she’s not been teaching me.
I understand she’s mentally ill (way better now, she’s in therapy), but still? I feel very neglected and upset. Is this neglect?
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2023.05.31 13:15 Miss_Ann_Thrope55 Are we able to report Elderly Driver Concerns to PennDot?

Does PennDot have any mechanism to report concerns about an elderly driver? I only see how to do it if you are their medical provider.
I am aware of an elderly person who should NOT be on the road. Their kids are not super involved and/or ignoring the situation.
Any help/ideas?
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2023.05.31 13:15 Rhz4gbwn6 Budget Laptop/Pre-made Gaming PC

I am wondering what laptops or store-bought PCs you guys would recommend for something casual like playing Classic WoW and Old School RuneScape currently but wanting to be able to play other things later like Lost Ark and similar games. I have a PS5 so I don’t need it to run Diablo IV or anything but Lost Ark and Retail WoW are my two main targets besides the previously mentioned two. I’ve only ever had store bought so I don’t know how to build rigs very well or at all honestly so that’s why I ask specifically for pre-builds. My budget starts as low as $400 and can only go as high as $600 and most everything I find by googling this question is sponsored BS about sales from best buy and not actual specs or anything like How much VRAM it comes with or anything. If this is impossible I understand I just wanted to ask this community because you guys seem incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about how to get best performance for lowest price. Thank you ahead of time and happy gaming. ❤️
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2023.05.31 13:15 Horror_Grocery_9818 It’s spreading??

I have always gotten sun rashes ever since I was a child. I also get these rashes from sunscreen. This year it’s horrible. It’s all over my legs, arms, face, back, neck and ears? It’s so itchy. I’m trying to figure out if it’s actually a sun rash or if it might be a allergic reaction to a tanning lotion I used (yes, I go out in the sun still becuaae typically I get one rash In the beginning of the year and then I don’t get one again till next year.) Does this look like PMLE??
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2023.05.31 13:14 franci0_1 Electric heater - custom fog machine

Hello everyone,
I have a question regarding electric heaters for use in a fog machine. I need a system powered at 48v that can produce fog and can fit inside a tight space, for this reason I was thinking of building myself a custom fog machine.
First of all was the heater, so I looked online and found several 48v heating elements that would fit my application. The problem then was that I needed (or at least it would have been better) to cast aluminium in between and around the electric heater and the smoke fluid pipe, which is not very easy to do. I then looked online for 48v heat block (so with the heating element, pipe, aluminium...) but found very little.
My question is: if I buy a commercial fog machine powered at 220V that produces 400W can I have the same effect (of course it would draw 4 times as much current, not a problem) by powering it at 48V? Is the heating element just a resistance, so that it does not have a preferred tension?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.31 13:14 Jolly_Adhesiveness49 Grades and intelligence?

Hi all,
Have a question I have been mulling about it in my head for some time. What do you think about grades and intelligence? I tend to think grades have more to do with commitment and hard work. For example, I had horrible grades in high school because I never went to class or did any homework. My father was an abusive alcoholic, so nightly terror interrupted my ability to effectively study.
However, in law school, I did pretty well because I studied very hard and figured about the best resources to maximize my ROI on study time. I always was not being terrorized. I graduated honors and in top 25 of class. My roommate graduated in the bottom half. BUT, my roommate was much better at quickly synthesizing facts on the spot and coming up with a great rebuttal. She just didn’t study that much. She had depression and would have many days where she just couldn’t get out of bed. But even if she did study, she might not have made the grades I did because she was much more out of the box thinker (a good skill for lawyers). Additionally, I think she would grow bored of the rote and predictable study methods and long to engage with more nuanced material. In short, I think her way of thinking about the legal concepts demonstrated higher intelligence because she could apply the reasoning to situations beyond the immediate problem presented (which wouldn’t reflect on something as one-dimensional as a test) much more easily than I could.
I have been thinking more on this concept lately and how unfortunate it is that some kids feel they are dumb because they don’t make good grades because the way we as a society have indoctrinated our youth to think “good grades=smart” and “bad grades=dumb”. Here is an example of this unfortunate consequence: I have a teenage (almost 18) relative I must associate with that is completely enthralled with her own “intelligence.” That is understandable given her age and she has impressive grades, but she is constantly degrading everyone else as stupid or beneath her in some way (I have tried to gently redirect her, but her parents think this is cute, so I stay out of it). She got me thinking about the relationship between grades, intelligence, and the consequence of assuming one automatically equates to the other (neglecting to listen to those with lower grades who might have good ideas). She does make very good grades, straight As (despite not being able to properly use apostrophes in forming a plural possessive and/or singular possessive noun...sorry, had to be snarky given the constant grandiosity. I don’t doubt she is smart, but it does make me laugh).
When she started on one of her self-aggrandizing tirades, I questioned, “I don’t doubt you are smart, but what would you say to a kid who is neurodivergent in some way and has trouble with attention span and/or comprehension, but can simply look at a piece of complex machinery and diagnose a malfunction in a matter of minutes? Would that person still be dumb or just not interested in the material being taught?” Her response was, “dumb and that would never happen… it’s not that hard to make good grades if you are smart, if he can’t make good grades, he can’t do something like that.”
I posed questions like this over and over again. Same answer. Maybe I am missing something and she has a point? Questions I have are: (1) what do you think the relationship between grades and intelligence are and (2) what do you think the consequences of society equating the two are? I am betting a lot of people think like she does, so I can’t blame her. In my opinion, this is unfortunate for kids with learning disabilities or kids who come from abusive homes, where grades could suffer.
Just some thoughts on this. Maybe if I see the other side, I will be able to understand my relative’s loneliness with being so devastatingly intellectual.
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2023.05.31 13:14 Less-Ordinary502 Season 2 release date?

I've only heard of this show over the past week. I got through S1 within a couple of days and was really hoping to jump straight into S2. I'm in the UK though and it doesn't appear to be released here yet. And I can't find anything on the internet about it either. Does anybody know how long I have to wait to get my fix if this show? It's so bloody good!!! I'm watching it on Sky Sci-Fi if that helps? Thanks!
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2023.05.31 13:14 Technical-Abroad8918 About the mixed response in China and why I think TTEOTM will prevail in the end

Saw the "Badly Received in China?" post earlier and thought to share a longer take on the situation in China, why are there so many antis, and my own predictions on its future.
First, a clarification, TTEOTM has been an massive hit in China. The data speaks for itself in every way you can measure commercial success: viewership, platform membership, app downloads, social media heat index, advertisements, merchandise sales, unintended tourism GDP contribution. The drama has shattered records and outperformed all the recent xianxias, which you'd never dare to expect for a drama with no dingliu (顶流) that airs exclusively in the dead April slot on a platform that's 3rd (sometimes 4th) amongst online streamers. (Some day I'll create a master post just on the stats.)
The only area it falls short on is critical response. It's not just the low Douban rating (opened at 6.x and now dropped to 5.6). The three Bs - Douban, Weibo, and Bilibili (which you can think of as China's IMDB, Twitter, and Youtube) were full of attacks against the show. This included trending topics on how the actors looked (LYX too thin, BL looking old/big/overshadowed by CDL, CDL 照骗 not looking as good as in photo) as well as allegations of plagiarism and drama behind the scenes between cast & crew members. A lot of people watched video edits that twisted the facts and had a poor impression of the drama and even left 1/2-star reviews on Douban without ever watching an episode. (This type of brainwashing is more effective than you'd think. I've been reading a lot of negative posts about the Little Mermaid movie and almost caught myself writing something negative about it without ever watching.)
As all of this unfolded, I kept asking myself, why all the smearing? Who is behind it? And why TTEOTM in particular?
A lot of what appears to be normal user activity is driven by water armies, marketing accounts, and "black" hot search ranking, all paid. This is all backed up by photo evidence captured by netizens. It comes down to commercial interests of rival platforms, productions, actors. This actually happens to every drama that is threatening in some way (almost a proof of success), but TTEOTM attracted more $$$. Why? For one, it's seen as the secret weapon that could elevate Youku's status as a 3rd/4th player to a close 2nd to rival and even at times overshadow Tencent. It's no coincidence that, Bilibili, which is owned by Tencent and has way more daily active users than Youku, has promoted hate videos and limited the traffic of fan videos - at some point not even recognizing the drama's Chinese title in search results. (Bilibili used to be a haven for LYX fans and a platform LYX has partnered with extensively. This flipped 180 degrees since he no longer has any unaired drama with Tencent.)
TTEOTM is also a target for rival productions because it's got big name stars with solid acting reputation, one of the hottest IPs, and high anticipation from all the promotional materials - they've been super loud in letting everyone know that they have better costumes, special effects etc Meanwhile, there's a massive pipeline of unaired xianxia dramas that stick to the old formula and will likely feel dated after people have watched TTEOTM. So if you've invested in xianxia 101, you'd really want to dismiss TTEOTM and stop people from watching it.
But there's also rival fandom jealousy, which is almost worse. Someone asked which fandom is behind it, I would say everyone. There are only so many "resources" to go around in the "entertainment winter" and it's a zero sum game. LYX and BL are both already big stars but still not at the top yet. They are big enough to threaten the dinglius, but not big enough to be accepted as having "made it" by other rising stars. E.g. Yang Mi, Yang Zi, Xiao Zhan receive a lot of hate too, but it's less realistic as a prospect to bring them down. In contrast, the smearing of Bai Lu actually kind of worked (And I'm really talking about the fans. The actors probably leave it to their agencies/companies.)
Other fandoms are especially bitter in this case because TTEOTM really upset the status quo and commonly accepted truths in a way that kind of discredits everyone else. A lot of the below have been used by fans of dinglius as excuses for when a drama doesn't perform:
IMHO A lot of the intense hatred comes from long held beliefs being proven wrong. LYX has always been thought of someone who’s borderline A list and B list, yet the opening viewership of TTEOTM is like double that of dramas led by bigger stars. It would have been less threatening if it started low and slowly gained traction because the drama proved to be good. But the initial hype speaks to the market power of a LYX xianxia and so I think a lot of people wanted to see it fail and looked for faults everywhere.
Moreover, because TTEOTM had an explosive opening, it did not have enough time for word of mouth to develop before people started bashing it. If you look at Douban ratings, shows that fewer people watched tend to have better reviews because only fans bother to rate it. Starry Love and Back from the Brink, both seen as flops by the industry, both have >7.0 on Douban. Meanwhile, people love to hate on a show that is receiving a lot of hype - suddenly they are held to completely different standards even if the budget is similar. Why are people more accepting of the rise of Dylan Wang and Esther Yu in LBFAD? In the end because the expectations were pretty low. We know they're not the most serious of actors. They were able to build up a fan base while no one was watching.
Finally, TTEOTM does have lots of production problems, some of their own doing and others not their fault. Either way this left the drama less defensible in the face of scrutiny or tucao 吐槽 culture. The production is very ambitious and took risks but did not deliver everywhere. It's got parts that look like a blockbuster film and parts that look like a B grade TV show. I personally did not like some of the editing, lighting, cinematography, color grading, special effects, makeup. AND this is precisely the type of production details Chinese viewers LOVE to fixate on. Meanwhile, compared to western viewers, they are more forgiving about things like mediocre acting, dubbing, slow pacing, repetitive tropes or storylines, uninteresting characters. (I think this has something to do with cultural differences around rewarding perfect execution over innovation/risk-taking, sum of the parts over parts that carry the sum.)
And then, there are creative choices that are daring and controversial. These are not problems per se - for every viewer that hates it, someone loves it because it's different. But this perhaps explain why its score has dropped further, even in non-Chinese platforms like MDL, even amongst fans of the show. For example...
However, even with all its flaws, I'm glad it aired and did not wait for perfection. (A lot of May dramas did not go live last minute due to "technical problems" i.e. government censorship. These days, airing = success.) In addition, I predict that over time people will come to appreciate TTEOTM more. Here's why:
1) A lot of dramas now widely lauded as classics started out with poor ratings. Over time, the noise will die down and make way for what really matters - compelling acting and story. Empresses in the Palace (2011) open with a Douban rating of 2.7 out of 10 (yes, this bad). Viewers didn't like the casting choice. They thought the actors looked bad. There were also issues with the costumes. Over time, its rating increased to 9.4. It's now a show rewatched so loyally that data analysts use its viewership to track market size. Similarly, a lot of the issues people have with TTEOTM are superficial. The things that matter most like acting are good, and even if you dislike the story and editing choices, it did manage to keep 70M people watching and engaged till the end, incl. people who don't watch a lot of TV or like this genre.
2) Moreover, when people look back or rewatch, they tend to focus on just the highlights, and TTEOTM is full of memorable scenes. There are also so many standout memes/gags (出圈梗) that will live in our cultural fabric forever. Fans on Douban were surveyed on who they would have chosen as the director instead and still overwhelming "rehired" Kuk Kok Leung. Biases aside, I think people realize that you could have a better executed drama overall - higher production value, greater consistency, more attention to detail, BUT you might also lose a lot of the things we loved. I don't know if another director would have allowed TTJ go full creepy/evil/weak in the first few episodes or filmed all the steamy love scenes without a modesty backlight. TTEOTM feels so different because it breaks ALL the rules (see above) that I'm not sure if dramas in the future will try to replicate it again. If they do, TTEOTM would have started a trend. If they don't, TTEOTM will remain the only option.
3) Only dramas that inspire passion will stand the test of time. Those that don't will fade away over time. The TTEOTM fan community is intense - there's so much discussion and engagement everywhere. Its Douban group is the #3 most active ever (measured by # of comments). Its MDL page has 68K comments, highest of all aired CDrama. Its Douyin topic has close to 29B views, highest of all costume drama. (Interesting to note that TTEOTM has an excellent reputation on Douyin, the platform with the most active users and least amount of toxic fan activity.) Fans have spent >25M RMB on merchandise, an unprecedented amount - 3M RMB on a character that appears for <10 mins (OG Devil God). It's got to have done something right because this is way more buying power than the fans of LYX and BL combined. And in my N=1, I've not been this excited about a franchise since Game of Thrones and then Harry Potter.
Bottom line, you might have liked it, liked it with regrets, hated it... but if you're spending the time to read this post, all the way till the end, you've become a luna-tic (or 烬神病人)!
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2023.05.31 13:14 AliveInvestment9213 Trash/Debris Removal as a Remodeling Contractor

Morning Friends!
Reaching out to my contractors and GCs for advice regarding their preferred method of regular trash removal where a dumpster isn’t feasible. I’ve got a small truck (ford maverick) and a sprinter van, but now I’m considering a compact trailer for parking at clients’ homes for trash collection/material pick up. I’m thinking this would ideally let me advertise on the trailer, save some money on dumpsters (on jobs that are mid sized with relatively small amounts of trash), and have a dedicated spot for leftover materials. Does anyone have a system similar to this? What is your preferred system? This is really to the smaller guys in the industry that are only handling 1-5 jobs at a time. Apologies if this has been covered and I’ve missed it.
I’ve had my business for about 3 years and up until now have had a couple trash cans exclusively for me. That combined with an area for short term storage for excess trash has treated me well on my small jobs (less than a week or my handyman jobs I’ll take on the side). I’m moving this week to an apartment and need a new approach to trash storage/removal on the jobs where a dumpster isn’t really feasible. I got my truck prior to having this issue (18 months ago) and I’m just in need of a good system that will keep all the bags of trash out of my truck and van.
Obviously dumpsters are preferred always, but this advice is geared towards times where dumpsters aren’t the best play (size and location, expense vs amount tossed, etc.). Appreciate any advice from anyone in the field with advice or similar experiences. Thanks a ton!
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2023.05.31 13:14 lifemedicalsupply1 Embrace the Power of Home Health Care Products

In today's fast-paced world, where time is a valuable commodity, people are constantly searching for convenient solutions to their healthcare needs. Home healthcare products have emerged as a powerful tool in promoting wellness and independence for individuals of all ages. These products, ranging from medical devices to personal care items, can be instrumental in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and managing various health conditions. If you're in McAllen and looking for home health care products near you, read on to discover the benefits and diverse range of products available.
Home healthcare products offer a multitude of advantages, especially for individuals who prefer the comfort and privacy of their own homes. These products enable individuals to take control of their health and well-being, allowing them to manage certain conditions without the need for frequent visits to medical facilities. From monitoring devices to mobility aids, home healthcare products can significantly improve quality of life and promote independence.
One of the key benefits of home healthcare products is their ability to assist individuals in monitoring and managing chronic conditions. For example, blood pressure monitors and glucose meters allow people to keep track of their vital health markers without leaving their homes. This can help individuals with hypertension or diabetes to maintain stable health and promptly identify any changes that require medical attention. Additionally, products such as pulse oximeters and thermometers provide valuable information in assessing overall health and detecting potential illnesses.
Home healthcare products also play a vital role in enhancing mobility and safety. Walking aids, such as canes and walkers, enable individuals with mobility challenges to move around independently and reduce the risk of falls. You can find various home health care products near you that cater to different needs and preferences. Whether it's a lightweight wheelchair or a motorized scooter, these products empower individuals to maintain an active lifestyle and participate in social activities.
Moreover, personal care items are an essential aspect of home health care products. These products assist individuals in maintaining their hygiene and grooming routines, promoting comfort and dignity. From adaptive bathing equipment to incontinence supplies, there is a wide range of options available to suit individual needs. By having these products easily accessible, individuals can enhance their self-care practices and enjoy a greater sense of well-being.
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2023.05.31 13:14 Background_Peace Old AMD Graphic Card

I have a old laptop with an AMD Radeon HD 7570M and I'm running Xubuntu 22.04 LTS.
Both Dell and AMD does not offer support nor updated drivers for this tired machine.
What would be the best option for the graphic card? Install the old AMD Catalyst 15.9 built on the times of Ubuntu 14? Try to install the recent of "Radeon Software for Linux"? Other option?
I just wanna a best performance on some games like Minetest and emulators than the generic Intel HD Graphics 4000 can supply. Am I asking for too much?
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2023.05.31 13:14 Lnzlerobot Overthinking is destroying my game.

Hello everyone,
I'm actually meeting a pretty big problem in my sense. I can't get to do good games for the last few weeks.
My AIM is pretty good, but I can't complete being a “good player” in my ranked games. I think it is because of overthinking. When I'm doing a death match, I'm usually first or second.
I play a lot with my friends who are diamond, imo, high plat. I'm silvegold. I didn't have this difficulty a few weeks ago. My HS rate dropped from 22% to 14, my average game score did the same.
Does anyone have a solution to this difficulty? This is really frustrating.
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2023.05.31 13:13 tbla666 Adblock refuses to work on youtube now.

Before anyone says anything yes i have tried all the other fixes and still nothing. In fact it has become worse.
I am now subject to countless continuous x of 2 ads at the start of a video. As soon as the 2nd ad finishes it just reloads the first ad and continues for up to 6 times in a row. I know adblock is working cause when a new ad loads the counter ticks up but does nothing. I have even tried with disabling adblock and i sometimes dont even get an ad.

Steps i have taken so people know:
Reinstalling adblock
Purging and updating adblock
Disabling all other extensions
Updating chrome (yes i know it does nothing)
Full clean re-install of chrome (i know it does nothing i just wanted to see if it would)
For now i have just had to resort to a new adblock because no one should have to watch or be subjected to that drivel.
Please help.
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2023.05.31 13:13 Researchnester192 Phycocyanin Market: Exploring the Latest Dynamics and Lucrative Business Opportunities 2020 to 2028

Phycocyanin Market: Exploring the Latest Dynamics and Lucrative Business Opportunities 2020 to 2028
Research Nester published a report titled “Phycocyanin Market: Global Demand Analysis & Opportunity Outlook 2028” which delivers a detailed overview of the phycocyanin market in terms of market segmentation by nature, by form, by grade, by application, and by region.
Phycocyanin is a kind of light-based protein pigment generally extracted from organic spirulina which not only offers natural food coloring but also has numerous health benefits. Growing awareness around the toxic effects of synthetic compounds has heightened the product penetration in medical, cosmetics, and nutraceuticals industries which shall further accelerate the industry growth.
The phycocyanin market is anticipated to witness an achievable high CAGR during the forecast period, i.e., 2020-2028. The market is segmented by nature, form, grade, and application. Among product form, the powder segment is projected to hold the leading market share owing to its fast break-down and great ease of digestion in comparison to other forms. Among product applications, the food & beverage segment is expected to register the leading position in the global market as a result of its wide application in the industry, escalating consumer demand as it’s a clean ingredient, increasing curiosity among the vegan population, and raising alertness about a natural lifestyle. The nutraceuticals segment in the application type is projected to grow at the fastest speed owing to several benefits particularly muscle enhancement.
Regionally, the phycocyanin market is segmented into five major regions including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa region.
Request Sample of This Strategic Report @
North America is projected to record significantgrowth during the forecast period on account of increasing consumer consciousness about chemical-free cosmetics, which has facilitated manufacturers to focus on using colorants derived from natural sources, and this is likely to augment the product demand.
Europe is expected to dominate the global market share for phycocyanin market in the predicted forecast period owing to factors such as rising consumer preferences towards clean ingredients, stringent government policies concerning the use of synthetic ingredients in food and cosmetics, growing awareness among civilization, and demand for healthy food and beverages.
Asia Pacific is expected to witness remarkable growth in the coming years. This growth is likely to be influenced by factors such as the growing infiltration of pharmaceuticals players in the region, growing awareness, rising disposable income, growth in R&D, and prevalence of various lifestyle disorders.
The growing application of phycocyanin in diverse industries across the globe and paradigm shift towards natural ingredients will fuel the overall market growth.
Majorly the global phycocyanin market is driven by the rising demand in the food & beverage industry after being approved by the FDA, in pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industries. It provides therapeutic effects for treating diabetes, cancer, and other cardiovascular problems which is the foremost driving factor for the market growth.
Superior health benefits of phycocyanin and non-toxic nature have enhanced its demand from numerous end-use industries which should fuel the industry growth.
Request a Sample Copy of Concerned Market Report @
This report also provides the existing competitive scenario of some of the key players of the Phycocyanin market which includes company profiling of Japan Algae Co., Ltd, Parry Nutraceuticals, Ozone Naturals, EcoFuel Laboratories, Nan Pao International Biotech.CO., LTD., Naturex S.A., Zhejiang Binmei Biotechnology Co.,Ltd, ScotBio, Norland Biotech Co., Ltd, DIC Corporation (TYO: 4631).
About Research Nester
Research Nester is a leading service provider for strategic market research and consulting. We aim to provide unbiased, unparalleled market insights, and industry analysis to help industries, conglomerates, and executives to take wise decisions for their future marketing strategy, expansion, and investment, etc. We believe every business can expand to its new horizon, provided the right guidance at the right time is available through strategic minds. Our out of box thinking helps our clients to take wise decisions to avoid future uncertainties.
Contact Us
AJ Daniel Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) U.S. Phone: [+1 646 586 9123] U.K. Phone: [+44 203 608 591]
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