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Please help me interpret my blood results

2023.05.31 12:37 soberto Please help me interpret my blood results

I (40M) recently got my first bloods done. I am trying to interpret these myself and the lab added what they describe as normal levels for each marker. All but one (Globulin) I appear to fall inside of but I am keen to determine which need improvement based on Peter's teachings. I am by no means healthy - having only recently taken up healthy eating and exercise so falling inside any level of normal is confusing me
I think these are the most important?
Marker Result Normal Unit
Lipoprotein (a) 26.5 <50 nmol/L
Apolipoprotein A1 1.012 >1.0 g/L
Apolipoprotein B 0.891
Second test:
Marker Result Normal Unit
Sodium 142 133 - 146 mmol/L
Potassium 4.6 3.5 - 5.3 mmol/L
Urea 5.0 2.5 - 7.8 mmol/L
Creatinine 96 59 - 104 μmol/L
eGFR result/1.73m2 85
Total Bilirubin 15 <21 μmol/L
ALP 72 30 - 130 U/L
ALT 31 1 - 41 U/L
GGT 11 1 - 60 U/L
LDH 200 135 - 225 U/L
Calcium 2.43 2.20 - 2.60 mmol/L
Adjusted Calcium 2.34 2.20 - 2.60 mmol/L
Albumin 49 35 - 50 g/L
Urate 300 200 - 430 μmol/L
Total Protein 72 60 - 80 g/L
Globulin 23 24 - 37 g/L
Cholesterol 3.87 5.0 mmol/L or less
HDL Cholesterol 1.04 1.00 mmol/L or more
Triglyceride 0.79 1.70 mmol/L or less
Cholesterol:HDL Ratio 3.7 4.5 or less
Non HDL Cholesterol 2.83 <3.37 mmol/L
CRP <0.6 <5 mg/L
LDL Cholesterol 2.47 3.0 mmol/L or less
White Blood Cell Count 4.4 4.0 - 10.0 10*9/L
Red Blood Cell Count 4.91 4.50 - 5.50 10*12/L
Haemoglobin (Hb) 151 130 - 170 g/L
Haematocrit (Hct) 0.46 0.40 - 0.50 L/L
Mean Cell Volume 93 83 - 101 fl
Mean Cell Haemoglobin 30.7 27.0 - 32.0 pg
Red Cell Distribution Width 12.8 11.6 - 14.0 %
Platelets (Plt) 182 150 - 410 10*9/L
Neutrophils 2.4 2.0 - 7.0 10*9/L
Lymphocytes 1.7 1.0 - 3.0 10*9/L
Monocytes 0.3 0.2 - 1.0 10*9/L
Eosinophils 0.0 0.0 - 0.5 10*9/L
Basophils 0.0 0.0 - 0.1 10*9/L
Third test:
Marker Result Normal Unit
Serum Folate 15.11 3.89 - 26.80 ng/ml
Vitamin B12 408.0 197 - 771 pg/ml
Total Vitamin D 184 nmol/L
Fourth test:
Marker Result Normal Unit
Glucose (Fasting - Plasma) 5.0 4.1 - 6.0 mmol/L
Fifth test:
Marker Result Normal Unit
TSH 2.060 0.27 - 4.20 mIU/L
Free T4 15.74 12 - 22 pmol/L
Iron 21.5 5.83 - 34.5 μmol/L
UIBC 28.5 22.3 - 61.7 μmol/L
TIBC 50.0 40.8 - 76.6 μmol/L
Transferrin Saturation 43.0 15 - 45 %
Thank you
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2023.05.31 12:20 Ok_Masterpiece_9508 list index out of range. i need help !

hey everyone i hope you are all having an awesome day! i've been working on this assignment for a few days now and i get this error when trying to compile using the testing system that my university provided this is the error:Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 678, in
total_correct, total_q = Q1(vpl_execution)
File "", line 261, in Q1
IndexError: list index out of range i have tried anything and many fixes but i still get the same error no matter what i do. any help would be much appreciated here is the code that i am trying to compile: from datetime import datetime, date
from random import randrange
import copy
class Bird():
def __init__(self, ID: str, btype: str, birth: str, colors: list, foodtype: str, volume: int):
self.btype = btype
self.colors = colors
self.foodtype = foodtype
self.volume = volume
if isinstance(ID, str):
for s in ID:
if s.isupper() or s.isnumeric():
self.ID = "".join(s)
raise ValueError("the ID code should contain only numbers and capitalized letters")
raise ValueError("the ID should be a string")
if isinstance(birth, str):
birth = birth.split(":")
day = int(birth[0])
month = int(birth[1])
year = int(birth[2])
if month == 2:
max_days = 29 if year % 4 == 0 and (year % 100 != 0 or year % 400 == 0) else 28
day = min(day, max_days)
elif month in [4, 6, 9, 11]:
max_days = 30
day = min(day, max_days)
max_days = 31
day = min(day, max_days)
self.birth = datetime(year, month, day)
raise ValueError("The birth date should be a string.")
def get_age(self):
today =
age = (today - copy.copy(self.birth)).days
age_year = age // 365
age_month = (age - age_year * 365) // 30
age_day = age - age_year * 365 - age_month * 30
return str(age_year) + "Y," + str(age_month) + "M," + str(age_day) + "D"
def get_type(self):
return copy.copy(self.btype)
def get_colors(self):
return copy.deepcopy(self.colors)
def get_food_type(self):
return copy.copy(self.foodtype)
def get_volume(self):
return copy.copy(self.volume)
def __str__(self):
return 'Bird ID:' + self.get_id() + "\n" + "Bird type:" + self.get_type() + "\n" + "Age:" + self.get_age() + "\n" + "Colors:" + str(self.get_colors()) +"\n" +"Food type:" + self.get_food_type()
def __eq__(self, other):
if not(isinstance(other, Bird)):
raise ValueError("you should give Birds for comparison")
if self.get_type() == other.get_type():
return True
return False
def __lt__(self, other):
if not(isinstance(other, Bird)):
raise ValueError("you should give Birds for comparison")
if len(self.get_colors()) > len(other.get_colors()):
return True
return False
def __gt__(self, other):
if not(isinstance(other, Bird)):
raise ValueError("you should give Birds for comparison")
if len(self.get_colors()) < len(other.get_colors()):
return True
return False
def get_id(self):
return copy.copy(self.ID)
class Finch(Bird):
def __init__(self, ID: str, btype: str, birth: str, colors: list, volume: int):
super().__init__(ID, btype, birth, colors, "seeds", volume)
def nest_building(self):
temp = ""
age_years = int(self.get_age()[0])
for years in range(age_years):
temp = temp+"_"
return ""+temp+""
def __str__(self):
return super().__str__()
class Parrot(Bird):
def __init__(self, ID: str, btype: str, birth: str, colors: list, volume: int):
super().__init__(ID, btype, birth, colors, "Corn", volume)
def find_nestbox(self):
if int(self.get_age()[0]) < 2:
return None
age_years = int(self.get_age()[0])
temp1 = [["*" * age_years]]
temp1 += [["*" + " " * (age_years - 1) + "*"] for _ in range(age_years - 1)]
temp1 += [["*" * age_years]]
str = "\n".join("".join(sublist) for sublist in temp1)
return str
def __str__(self):
return super().__str__()
class Zebrafinch(Finch):
def __init__(self, ID: str, birth: str, colors: list):
if isinstance(colors, list):
if len(colors) != 0:
color_lst = ['Brown', 'Orange', 'Black', 'White']
use_colors = []
for color in colors:
if color in color_lst:
use_colors = ["white"]
raise ValueError("colors should be a list")
super().__init__(ID, "Zebrafinch", birth, use_colors, 27000)
def jump(self):
return "I like to jump"
def __get_type__(self):
return super().get_type()
def __str__(self):
return ""+super().__str__()
class Gouldianfinch(Finch):
def __init__(self, ID: str, birth: str, colors: list):
if isinstance(colors, list):
if len(colors) != 0:
color_lst = ['Red', 'Green', 'Blue', 'Yellow', 'Orange', 'Black', 'Purple', 'White']
use_colors = []
for color in colors:
if color in color_lst:
use_colors = ["white"]
super().__init__(ID, "Gouldianfinch", birth, use_colors, 96000)
raise ValueError("colors should be a list")
self.singpower = randrange(1, 11)
def __get_type__(self):
return super().get_type()
def sing(self):
return "i like to sing "+str(copy.copy(self.singpower))
def __str__(self):
return super().__str__()+"\n"+"Singing strength:"+str(self.singpower)
class Budgerigar(Parrot):
def __init__(self, ID: str, birth: str, colors: list):
if isinstance(colors, list):
if len(colors) != 0:
color_lst = ['Green', 'Blue', 'Yellow', 'Gray', 'Purple', 'White']
use_colors = []
for color in colors:
if color in color_lst:
use_colors = ["white"]
super().__init__(ID, "Budgerigar", birth, use_colors, 96000)
raise ValueError("colors should be a list")
self.tweetpower = randrange(1, 11)
def __get_type__(self):
return super().get_type()
def tweet(self):
return "i like to tweet "+str(copy.copy(self.tweetpower))
def __str__(self):
return super().__str__()+"\n"+"tweet strength:"+str(self.tweetpower)
class Lovebird(Parrot):
def __init__(self, ID: str, birth: str, colors: list):
if isinstance(colors, list):
if len(colors) != 0:
color_lst = ['Red', 'Green', 'Blue', 'Yellow', 'Black', 'White']
use_colors = []
for color in colors:
if color in color_lst:
use_colors = ["white"]
super().__init__(ID, "Lovebird", birth, use_colors, 120000)
raise ValueError("colors should be a list")
def __get_type__(self):
return super().get_type()
def kiss(self):
return "i like to kiss"
def __str__(self):
return ""+super().__str__()
class Cage:
def __init__(self, ID: str, length: int, depth: int, height: int, color: str):
color_lst = ['Silver', 'Black', 'White']
if isinstance(ID, str):
for s in ID:
if s.isupper() or s.isnumeric():
self.ID = "".join(s)
raise ValueError("the ID code should contain only numbers and capitalized letters")
raise ValueError("the ID should be string")
if isinstance(length, int) and isinstance(depth, int) and isinstance(height, int):
if length in range(30, 181):
self.length = length
raise ValueError("the length of the cage should be in range (30-180) cm")
if depth in range(30, 61):
self.depth = depth
raise ValueError("the depth of the cage should be in range (30-60) cm")
if height in range(40, 181):
self.height = height
raise ValueError("the height of the cage should be in range (40-180) cm")
raise ValueError("the dimensions of the cage should be integer")
if isinstance(color, str) and color in color_lst:
self.color = color
self.list_of_birds = []
self.cage = ["#" * (length//10) for _ in range(height//10)]
def add_bird(self, bird):
total_bird_volume = 0
cage_volume = self.height * self.depth * self.length
for bird in self.list_of_birds:
total_bird_volume += bird.get_volume()
if self.get_num_of_birds() == 0:
return True
elif bird.get_type() == self.list_of_birds[0].get_type() and bird.get_volume() + total_bird_volume < cage_volume:
return True
return False
def get_birds(self):
return copy.deepcopy(self.list_of_birds)
def get_num_of_birds(self):
return len(self.get_birds())
def get_cage(self):
if self.get_num_of_birds() != 0:
self.cage = [self.get_birds()[0].get_type() * (self.length // 10) for _ in range(self.height // 10)]
return copy.deepcopy(self.cage)
return copy.deepcopy(self.cage)
def __str__(self):
if self.get_num_of_birds() == 0:
btype = "Empty"
btype = self.get_birds()[0].get_type()
return ("Cage ID: "+self.ID+"\n"+"Size: "+str((self.length, self.depth, self.height))+"\n"+"Color: "+
self.color+"Num of birds: "+str(self.get_num_of_birds())+"Bird type: "+btype)
class Birdroom:
def __init__(self, length: float, width: float, height: float):
if isinstance(length, float) or isinstance(length, int):
if isinstance(width, float) or isinstance(width, int):
if isinstance(height, float) or isinstance(height, int):
if int(length) in range(2, 11):
self.length = length
raise ValueError("the length of the cage should be in range (2-10) m")
if int(width) in range(2, 7):
self.width = width
raise ValueError("the width of the cage should be in range (2-6) m")
if int(height) in range(2, 4):
self.height = height
raise ValueError("the height of the cage should be in range (2-3) cm")
raise ValueError("the dimensions of the cage should be float")
raise ValueError("the dimensions of the cage should be float")
raise ValueError("the dimensions of the cage should be float")
self.cage_lst = []
self.birdroom = [[""] * int(length / 0.1) for _ in range(int(height / 0.1))]
def get_cages(self):
if len(self.cage_lst) == 0:
return []
return self.cage_lst
def get_birds(self):
bird_lst = []
for cage in self.cage_lst:
return bird_lst
def get_strength(self):
strength_count = 0
if self.get_cages() == []:
return 0
for cage in self.get_cages():
for bird in cage.get_birds():
if bird.get_type() == "Gouldianfinch":
strength_count += int(bird.sing()[15])
elif bird.get_type() == "Budgerigar":
strength_count += int(bird.tweet()[16])
return strength_count
def add_cage(self, cage, x: float, y: float):
if x + cage.length <= self.length and y + cage.height <= self.height:
for i in range(int(y // 0.1), int(y // 0.1) + cage.height):
for j in range(int(x // 0.1), int(x // 0.1) + cage.length):
if self.get_birdroom()[i][j] != "":
return False
return False
for i in range(int(y // 0.1), int(y // 0.1) + cage.height):
for j in range(int(x // 0.1), int(x // 0.1) + cage.length):
self.birdroom[i][j] = cage.get_cage()[0][0]
self.cage_lst.append(cage) # Add the new cage to the list of cages
return True
def get_birdroom(self):
return copy.deepcopy(self.birdroom)
def get_most_colorful(self):
bird_lst = self.get_birds()
if len(bird_lst) == 0:
return "There are no birds."
max_colors = 0
most_colorful_birds = []
for bird in bird_lst:
num_colors = len(bird.get_colors())
if num_colors > max_colors:
max_colors = num_colors
most_colorful_birds = [bird]
elif num_colors == max_colors:
if len(most_colorful_birds) == 0:
return "No birds with the most colors found."
return most_colorful_birds
def __str__(self):
return ("Size: "+str((self.length, self.width, self.height))+"\n"+"Number of cages: "+str(len(self.get_cages()))
+"\n"+"Number of Birds: "+str(len(self.get_birds())))
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2023.05.31 12:11 Beanieboy42 Medical/health anxiety is ruining my life

In the last 3 weeks I've been to a & e 4 times ,had bloods taken 3 times .I've been on here before scared it was lymphoma but there were no t cells in my blood but a higher count of white blood cells ,I went to hospital thinking something was in my nose but it was an imflamed tube in my nose poking what the doctor called a semi bone ,through the skin of my nose ,I went again because I had a new lump that my doctors didn't want to check ,turns out it was a cyst in my groin on an artery causing sexual disfunction and pain ,I'm on antibiotics now ,my bloods before I went on antibiotics the white cell count was 11 then after antibiotics it was 10 .I've had some horrible pressure in my head where I literally can't think with it ,I've been scared it was a clot in the brain but it was just really bad sinusitis ,he looked at the back of my eyes for pressure in the brain and saw nothing so why am I still terrified that I'm sick ,I've been seen and finally given some answers and treatment but I'm still scared ,it still feels like somethings wrong, I don't want be alone in fear that I'll die in my sleep from something missed but I can't keep having a full blown breakdown ,it's ruining my life I'm laying here wanting to rest but I can't because what if somethings still wrong with me ,I just want to be okay ,I have an ecg soon and had more bloods taken today but I'm still not calm it still feels like somethings wrong, I saw the crisis team at a and e and they said I wasn't bad enough to need mental health there even when I'm at the point of wanting to end it so I don't have to do this ,I can't live everyday feeling like I'm dying and rotting when I'm begging to be seen
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2023.05.31 10:33 JoshAsdvgi The Enchanted Moccasins

The Enchanted Moccasins

The Enchanted Moccasins

A long, long time ago, a little boy was living with his sister entirely alone in an uninhabited country, far out in the north-west.
He was called the Boy that carries the Ball on his Back, from an idea that he possessed supernatural powers.
This boy was in the habit of meditating alone, and asking within himself, whether there were other beings similar to themselves on the earth.
When he grew up to manhood, he inquired of his sister whether she knew of any human beings beside themselves.
She replied that she did; and that there was, at a great distance, a large village.
As soon as he heard this, he said to his sister, “I am now a young man and very much in want of a companion;” and he asked his sister to make him several pairs of moccasins.
She complied with his request; and as soon as he received the moccasins, he took up his war-club and set out in quest of the distant village.
He traveled on till he came to a small wigwam, and on looking into it he discovered a very old woman sitting alone by the fire.
As soon as she saw the stranger, she invited him in, and thus addressed him:
“My poor grandchild, I suppose you are one of those who seek for the distant village, from which no person has ever yet returned.
Unless your guardian is more powerful than the guardians of those who have gone before you, you will share a similar fate to theirs.
Be careful to provide yourself with the invisible bones they use in the medicine-dance, for without these you can not succeed.”
After she had thus spoken, she gave him the following directions for his journey:
“When you come near to the village which you seek, you will see in the center a large lodge, in which the chief of the village, who has two daughters, resides.
Before the door there is a great tree, which is smooth and without bark.
On this tree, about the height of a man from the ground, is hung a small lodge, in which these two false daughters dwell.
It is here that so many have been destroyed, and among them your two elder brothers.
Be wise, my grandchild, and abide strictly by my directions.”
The old woman then gave to the young man the bones which were to secure his success; and she informed him with great care how he was to proceed.
Placing them in his bosom, Onwee Bahmondang, or the Wearer of the Ball, continued his journey, and kept eagerly on until he arrived at the village of which he was in search; and as he was gazing around him, he saw both the tree and the lodge which the old woman had mentioned.
He at once bent his steps for the tree, and approaching, he endeavored to reach the suspended lodge.
But all his efforts were in vain; for as often as he attempted to reach it, the tree began to tremble, and it soon shot up so that the lodge could hardly be perceived.
He bethought him of his guardian, and invoking his aid, and changing himself into a squirrel, he mounted nimbly up again, in the hope that the lodge would not now escape him.
Away shot the lodge, climb as briskly as he might.
Panting, and out of breath, he remembered the instructions of the old woman, and drawing from his bosom one of the bones, he thrust it into the trunk of the tree, and rested himself to be ready to start again.
As often as he wearied of climbing, for even a squirrel can not climb forever, he repeated the little ceremony of the bones; but whenever he came near the lodge and put forth his hand to touch it, the tree would shoot up as before, and carry the lodge up far beyond his reach.
At length the bones being all gone, and the lodge well-nigh out of sight, he began to despair, for the earth, too, had long since vanished entirely from his view.
Summoning his whole heart, he resolved to try once more.
On and up he went, and, as soon as he put forth his hand to touch it, the tree again shook, and away went the lodge.
One more endeavor, brave Onwee, and in he goes; for having now reached the arch of heaven, the fly-away lodge could go no higher.
Onwee entered the lodge with a fearless step, and he beheld the two wicked sisters sitting opposite each other.
He asked their names.
The one on his left hand called herself Azhabee, and the one on the right, Negahnabee.
After talking with them a little while, he discovered that whenever he addressed the one on his left hand, the tree would tremble as before and settle down to its former place; but when he addressed the one on his right hand, it would again shoot upward.
When he thus perceived that by addressing the one on his left hand that the tree would descend, he continued to do so until it had again settled down to its place near the earth. Then seizing his war-club, he said to the sisters:
“You who have caused the death of so many of my brethren I will now put an end to, and thus have revenge for those you have destroyed.”
As he spoke this he raised the club, and with one blow laid the two wicked women dead at his feet.
Onwee then descended, and learning that these sisters had a brother living with their father, who had shared all together in the spoils of all such as the wicked sisters had betrayed, and who would now pursue him for having put an end to their wicked profits, Onwee set off at random, not knowing whither he went.
The father coming in the evening to visit the lodge of his daughters, discovered what had happened.
He immediately sent word to his son that his sisters had been slain, and that there were no more spoils to be had, which greatly inflamed the young man’s temper, especially the woeful announcement at the close.
“The person who has done this,” said the brother, as soon as he had reached the spot, chafing and half beside himself at the gloomy prospect of having no more travelers to strip, “must be that boy who carries the ball on his back.
I know his mode of going about his business, and since he would not allow himself to be killed by my sisters, he shall have the honor of dying by my hand.
I will pursue him and have revenge.”
“It is well, my son,” replied the father; “the spirit of your life grant you success.
I counsel you to be wary in the pursuit. Bahmondang is a cunning youth.
It is a strong spirit who has put him on to do this injury to us, and he will try to deceive you in every way.
Above all, avoid tasting food till you succeed; for if you break your fast before you see his blood, your power will be destroyed.”
The son took this fatherly advice all in good part, except that portion which enjoined upon him to abstain from staying his stomach; but over that he made a number of wry faces, for the brother of the two wicked sisters had, among numerous noble gifts, a very noble appetite.
Nevertheless, he took up his weapons and departed in pursuit of Onwee Bahmondang, at the top of his speed.
Onwee finding that he was closely followed, climbed up into one of the tallest trees, and shot forth the magic arrows with which he had provided himself.
Seeing that his pursuer was not turned back by his arrows, Onwee renewed his flight; and when he found himself hard pressed, and his enemy close behind him, he transformed himself into the skeleton of a moose that had been killed, whose flesh had come off from his bones.
He then remembered the moccasins which his sister had given him, and which were enchanted.
Taking a pair of them, he placed them near the skeleton.
“Go,” said he to them, “to the end of the earth.”
The moccasins then left him, and their tracks remained.
The angry brother at length came to the skeleton of the moose, when he perceived that the track he had been long pursuing did not stop there, so he continued to follow it up till he arrived at the end of the earth, where, for all his trouble, he found only a pair of moccasins.
Vexed that he had been outwitted by following a pair of moccasins instead of their owner, who was the object of his pursuit, he bitterly complained, resolving not to give up his revenge, and to be more wary in scrutinizing signs.
He then called to mind the skeleton he had met with on his way, and concluded that it must be the object of his search.
He retraced his steps toward the skeleton, but to his surprise it had disappeared, and the tracks of the wearer of the ball were in another direction.
He now became faint with hunger, and lost heart; but when he remembered the blood of his sisters, and that he should not be allowed to enjoy a meal, nor so much as a mouthful, until he had put an end to Onwee Bahmondang, he plucked up his spirits and determined again to pursue.
Onwee, finding that he was closely followed, and that the hungry brother was approaching very fast, changed himself into a very old man, with two daughters, and living in a large lodge in the center of a beautiful garden, which was filled with every thing that could delight the eye, or was pleasant to the taste.
He made himself appear so very old as to be unable to leave his lodge, and to require his daughters to bring him food and wait on him, as though he had been a mere child.
The garden also had the appearance of old age, with its ancient bushes and hanging branches and decrepit vines loitering lazily about in the sun.
The brother kept on until he was nearly starved and ready to sink to the earth.
He exclaimed, with a long-drawn and most mournful sigh, “Oh! I will forget the blood of my sisters, for I am starving.
Oh! oh!”
But again he thought of the blood of his sisters, and what a fine appetite he would have if he should ever be allowed to eat any thing again, and once more he resolved to pursue, and to be content with nothing short of the amplest revenge.
He pushed on till he came to the beautiful garden. He advanced toward the lodge.
As soon as the fairy daughters perceived him they ran and told their father that a stranger approached.
Their father replied, “Invite him in, my children, invite him in.”
They did so promptly, and, by the command of their father, they boiled some corn, and prepared several other palatable dishes.
The savor was most delicious to the nostrils of the hungry brother, who had not the least suspicion of the sport that was going on at his expense.
He was faint and weary with travel, and he felt that he could endure fasting no longer; for his appetite was terribly inflamed by the sight of the choice food that was steaming before him.
He fell to and partook heartily of the meal; and, by so doing, he was overcome, and lost his right of revenge.
All at once he forgot the blood of his sisters, and even the village of his nativity, and his father’s lodge, and his whole past life.
He ate so keenly, and came and went to the choice dishes so often, that drowsiness at length overpowered him, and he soon fell into a profound sleep.
Onwee Bahmondang watched his opportunity, and as soon as he saw that the false brother’s sleep was sound, he resumed his youthful form, and sent off the two fairy daughters and the old garden; and drawing the magic-ball from his back, which turned out to be a great war-club, he fetched the slumbering brother a mighty blow, which sent him away too; and thus did Onwee Bahmondang vindicate his title as the Wearer of the Ball.
When Onwee swung around, with the great force and weight of the club with which he had dispatched the brother of the two wicked women, he found himself in a large village, surrounded by a great crowd of people.
At the door of a beautiful lodge stood his sister, smiling, and ready to invite him in.
Onwee entered, and hanging up his war-club and the enchanted moccasins, which he had recovered, he rested from his labors, and smoked his evening pipe, with the admiration and approval of the whole world.
With one exception only, Onwee Bahmondang had the hearty praises of all the people.
Now it happened that there lived in this same village an envious and boastful fellow, who had been once a chief, but coming home always badly whipped, he was put out of office, and now spent his time about the place mainly, in proclaiming certain great things which he had in his eye, and which he meant to do—one of these days.
This man’s name was Ko-ko, the Owl; and hearing much of the wonderful achievements of the Wearer of the Ball, Ko-ko put on a big look, and announced that he was going to do something extraordinary himself.
Onwee Bahmondang, he said, had not half done his work, and he, Ko-ko, meant to go on the ground and finish it up as it should be.
He began by procuring an oak ball, which he thrust down his back, and, confident in its magical powers, he, too, called himself the Wearer of the Ball.
In fact it was the self-same ball that Onwee had employed, except that the magic had entirely gone out of it. Coming by night in the shadow of the lodge, he thrust his arm in at the door, and stealthily possessed himself of the enchanted moccasins.
He would have taken away Onwee’s war-club too, if he could have carried it; but although he was twice the size and girth of Onwee, he had not the strength to lift it; so he borrowed a club from an old chief, who was purblind, and mistook Ko-ko for his brother who was a brave man; and raising a terrible tumult with his voice, and a great dust with his heels, Ko-ko set out.
He had traveled all day, when he came to a small wigwam, and on looking into it, he discovered a very old woman sitting alone by the fire; just as Onwee had before.
This is the wigwam, said Ko-ko, and this is the old woman.
“What are you looking for?” asked the old woman.
“I want to find the lodge with the wicked young women in it, who slay travellers and steal their trappings,” answered Ko-ko.
“You mean the two young women who lived in the flying lodge?” said the old woman.
“The same,” answered Ko-ko. “I am going to kill them.”
With this he gave a great flourish with his borrowed club, and looked desperate and murderous as he could.
“They were slain yesterday by the Wearer of the Ball,” said the old woman.
Ko-ko looked around for the door in a very owlish way, and heaving a short hem from his chest, he acknowledged that he had heard something to that effect down in one of the villages.
“But there’s the brother. I’ll have a chance at him,” said Ko-ko.
“He is dead too,” said the old woman.
“Is there nobody then left for me to kill?” cried Ko-ko.
“Must I then go back without any blood upon my hands?”
He made as if he could shed tears over his sad mishap.
“The father is still living; and you will find him in the lodge, if you have a mind to call on him. He would like to see the Owl,” the old woman added.
“He shall,” replied Ko-ko.
“Have you any bones about the house; for I suppose I shall have to climb that tree.”
“Oh, yes; plenty,” answered the old woman.
“You can have as many as you want.”
And she gave him a handful of fish-bones, which Ko-ko, taking them to be the Invisible Tallies which had helped Onwee Bahmondang in climbing the magical tree, thrust into his bosom.
“Thank you,” said Ko-ko; taking up his club and striding toward the door.
“Will you not have a little advice,” said the old woman.
“This is a dangerous business you are going on.”
Ko-ko turned about and laughed to scorn the proposal, and putting forth his right foot from the lodge first, an observance in which he had great hopes, he started for the lodge of the wicked father.
Ko-ko ran very fast, as if he feared he should lose the chance of massacring any member of the wicked family, until he came in sight of the lodge hanging upon the tree.
He then slackened his pace, and crept forward with a wary eye lest somebody might chance to be looking out at the door.
All was, however, still up there; and Ko-ko clasped the tree and began to climb.
Away went the lodge, and up went Ko-ko, puffing and panting, after it.
And it was not a great while before the Owl had puffed and panted away all the wind he had to spare; and yet the lodge kept flying aloft, higher, higher.
What was to be done!
Ko-ko of course bethought him of the bones, for that was just what, as he knew, had occurred to Onwee Bahmondang under the like circumstances.
He had the bones in his bosom; and now it was necessary for him to be a squirrel.
He immediately called on several guardian spirits whom he knew of by name, and requested them to convert him into a squirrel.
But not one of all them seemed to pay the slightest attention to his request; for there he hung, the same heavy-limbed, big-headed, be-clubbed, and be-blanketed Ko-ko as ever.
He then desired that they would turn him into an opossum; an application which met with the same luck as the previous one.
After this he petitioned to be a wolf, a gophir, a dog, or a bear—if they would be so obliging.
The guardian spirits were either all deaf, or indifferent to his wishes, or absent on some other business.
Ko-ko, in spite of all his begging and supplication and beseeching, was obliged to be still Ko-ko.
“The bones, however,” he said, to himself, “are good.
I shall get a nice rest, at any rate, if I am forced to climb as I am.”
With this he drew out one of the bones from his bosom, and shouting aloud, “Ho! ho! who is there?” he thrust it into the trunk of the tree, and would have indulged himself in a rest; but being no more than a common fish-bone, without the slightest savor of magic in it, it snapped with Ko-ko, who came tumbling down, with the door of the lodge which he had shaken loose, rattling after him.
“Ho! ho! who is there?” cried the wicked father, making his appearance at the opening and looking down.
“It is I, Onwee Bahmondang!” cried Ko-koor, thinking to frighten the wicked father.
“Ah! it is you, is it? I will be there presently,” called the old man. “Do not be in haste to go away!”
Ko-ko, observing that the old man was in earnest, scrambled up from the ground, and set off promptly at his highest rate of speed.
When he looked back and saw that the wicked father was gaining upon him, Ko-koor mounted a tree, as had Onwee Bahmondang before, and fired off a number of arrows, but as they were no more than common arrows, he got nothing by it, but was obliged to descend, and run again for life.
As he hurried on he encountered the skeleton of a moose, into which he would have transformed himself, but not having the slightest confidence in any one of all the guardians who should have helped him, he passed on.
The wicked father was hot in pursuit, and Ko-koor was suffering terribly for lack of wind, when luckily he remembered the enchanted moccasins.
He could not send them to the end of the earth, as had Onwee Bahmondang.
“I will improve on that dull fellow,” said Ko-ko.
“I will put them on myself.”
Accordingly, Ko-ko had just time to draw on the moccasins when the wicked father came in sight.
“Go now!” cried Ko-ko, giving orders to the enchanted moccasins; and go they did; but to the astonishment of the Owl, they turned immediately about in the way in which the wicked father, now, very furious, was approaching.
“The other way! the other way!” cried Ko-ko.
Cry as loud as he would, the enchanted moccasins would keep on in their own course; and before he could shake himself out of them, they had run him directly into the face of the wicked father.
“What do you mean, you Owl?” cried the wicked father, falling upon Ko-ko with a huge club, and counting his ribs at every stroke.
“I can not help it, good man,” answered Ko-ko.
“I tried my best—”
Ko-ko would have gone the other way, but the enchanted moccasins kept hurrying him forward. “Stand off, will you?” cried the old man.
By this time, allowing the wicked father chance to bestow no more than five-and-twenty more blows upon Ko-ko, the moccasins were taking him past.
“Stop!” cried the old man again. “You are running away.
Ho! ho! you are a coward!”
“I am not, good man,” answered Ko-ko, carried away by the magical shoes, “I assure you.” But ere he could finish his avowal, the moccasins had hurried him out of sight.
“At any rate, I shall soon be home at this speed,” said Ko-koor to himself.
The moccasins seemed to know his thoughts; for just then they gave a sudden leap, slipped away from his feet, and left the Owl flat upon his back! while they glided home by themselves, to the lodge of Onwee Bahmondang, where they belonged.
A party of hunters passing that way after several days, found Ko-ko sitting among the bushes, looking greatly bewildered; and when they inquired of him how he had succeeded with the wicked father at the lodge, he answered that he had demolished the whole establishment, but that his name was not Ko-ko, but Onwee Bahmondang; saying which, he ran away into the woods, and was never seen more.
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2023.05.31 10:30 Savethelight2 30F Night owl. Who else? Someone read the whole caption before sending out a DM.

I bet no one read these, I won’t be writing to much to avoid wasting my time.
Hi. My favorite color is black. I’m into the more dark and sinister theme. My house is actually almost completely black. I own all black clothing, a few white and different color ones but they came with combo packs. Only wear them as a last resort. Im pale, the black contrast the tone I feel. Im a tomboy, prefer to swear a lot, sweat pants and t-shirts. I say that but I also have had breast implants, forehead botox, and lip injections, if that’s not over sharing.
Im pretty tatted up. Don’t ask me how many, to many to keep count. I have had neck surgery that put me out of work for years. Still not allowed to work and am actually considered “disabled”. I work now with different brands to promote their product online though. Clothing, energy drinks, ect. It’s not too bad.
Wondering if I’ll get any cool conversation. Maybe we can talk about body difference with all the cosmetic changes I did. Injuries. Compare and contrast post to pre changes. Probably if we get to that point. Not off rip though. No short messages. I hate those.
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2023.05.31 10:22 Zealousideal_Art_163 The Love of the Star versus The Secret of the Spy - Forever My Idol

Marilyn Monroe; the name that made me famous.
I achieved everything that many gals wish they would have. Yet, no one knows the real me. They love me on the silver screen and for the press. But no one ever looks behind the mask and sees me.
California, US
"Aunt Ana, can we leave, alright. It's boring!"
A twelve-year-old girl in a white shirt and denim skirt whines while she and an older woman walk through an exhibit in a history museum.
Norma Jeane Baker (Later Marilyn Monroe)
Age: 12
"Come now, Norma. You ought to get out of the house more often," Ana said as she wore a floral dress.
Marilyn's Aunt
Ana Lower
"Yeah, but can we go somewhere more fun, like the movies or the park?" Norma whines some more.
Ana let out a soft chuckle as she said to her niece.
"Sweetheart, I want you to know something. While most women are okay with being known for their looks alone, don't be like them. You're intelligent, Norma, and I don't want to waste it."
The pair moved through the new WWI exhibit as they gazed at worn uniforms, models of aircraft and subs, photos of famous battles, and more.
Suddenly, something caught Norma's eye. She saw a picture of a beautiful woman in jewel-crusted lingerie dancing with an elegant smile.
"Aunt Ana, who is that?" Norma said, pointing at the photo.
Ana looked at the picture and smiled as she rubbed Norma's curly blonde hair.
"Her name is Mata Hari. She is the dancer who became a spy for the French and later Germany. It's said when she blew a kiss at her executioners. Quite a brave woman, indeed."
Norma was amazed to hear that. A woman who died defiant to the end.
At that moment, I became a fan of Mrs. Hari. The more I learned about her life, the more I respected her. Of course, I eventually went out with a whimper instead of a roar. If only I could've met her just this once.
In the arena, silence fell as no one knew what would happen next.
Mata Hari's harsh expression softened upon hearing those words.
"You...idolized me?"
Marilyn gave an embarrassed smile.
"Heh, yeah. In fact, back in Hollywood, I tried to get a project for my version of your life out to little success."
"Why? You do know history deemed me a traitor. So why?" Mata said with a mix of anger and sorrow.
Marilyn bows her head and sighs, "Because you're like me. We both were abused by our lovers. Many tried to defame us. Make us feel we're nothing more than playthings. But you taught me to be a woman who endures and triumphs. Perhaps I failed, but I will always respect you, Mata Hari."
Marilyn Monroe then raises her head, beaming with love and pride.
"Because I'm proud to call you my hero!"
As Monroe's heartfelt words overwhelmed the audience, all were moved to tears. Even the bloodthirsty warriors from this realm felt their hearts ache with love and sadness.
Wu Zetian mocked the display, "Look at these fools. Letting their emotions be swayed by honeyed words. Pathetic."
Then the empress notices Ching Shih crying, even soaking her eyepatch.
"Why are you crying?"
"I...I never got to tell my husbands how much they mean to me," Ching said as she wailed.
"Fu Hao, do you see this non-" Wu cut her words as she witnesses Fu Hao wiping her eyes.
"Such true love. It's just like my Wu Ding writing poems just for me," Fu Hao said happily.
'Idiots. I'm surrounded by them.' Wu Zetian thought as she was annoyed by this rubberish.
Meanwhile, Bellona shared Wu's sentiments as she groaned.
"Seriously, I wanted a bloodbath, not a soap opera."
Nemesis scoffs after wiping a tear of her own.
"That's typical of you, Bellona. Can you show a tiny bit of empathy?"
Bellona rolled her eyes while Ocypete tried to hold back her emotions.
Mata Hari drops to her knees as she can process how she is feeling. Then she felt her anger, despair, resentment, shame, and loathing finally fade.
'I...I never thought I would actually make a difference in someone's life. To think I would attribute her success, I'm... I'm so glad."
A single tear fell from Mata's face as she got up. Mata looks at Marilyn, not with indifference or hostility, but with a warm, motherly smile.
"Marilyn, thank you."
Marilyn was shocked to see and hear the change in demeanor in Mata Hari.
"I thought people would remember me as an untrustworthy harlot for all the years I had to leave my legacy. But you, you saw through that. You saw me for who I am, and I appreciate that."
Marilyn grinned, "You deserve to be happy, Ms. Hari."
"No, don't call me Ms. Hari. Please, call me Margaretha Geertruida."
Marilyn beams with joy at this.
"O-okay! Then I guess I'll use my real name too. I'm Norma Jeane Baker. Nice to meet you, Margaretha!"
After sharing warm smiles, the two lunge at each other with determination. Their weapons clash, which gets the audience back to normal.
"*Sniffle* O-oh my! Mata Hari and Marilyn Monroe are going at it once more. Despite their confession of admiration, they're willing to see this fight to the end," Aello said
Marilyn blocks one of Mata's attacks and goes for a counter. Mata Hari sways to dodge the thrust and goes for a ballet-style spinning kick. Monroe narrowly avoided it, only knocking away the hat, and teleported away.
Marilyn reappeared a few feet away and laughed, "Geez, Margaretha, you're a good fighter!"
Mata Hari smiles softly, "Thank you, but I'm not fighting. I'm simply dancing, Norma. Now, can you keep up?"
"You bet!" Marilyn Monroe exclaimed as she teleported in lightning-quick succession toward Mata.
Love Magic: Hollywood Star Step
As they fought, there was no malice, competitiveness, or satisfaction. It was two women giving the performance of their lives. For a moment, they feel content, but nothing last forever.
Marilyn manages to get the rope dart out of the dancer's hand.
"Forgive me," Marilyn said, preparing to land a fatal thrust into Mata's chest.
Marilyn saw Mata's saddened expression as the dancer whispered, "No, I'm sorry."
Marilyn's vision became white briefly until she found herself in an exhibit. She then sees the picture of Mata Hari, this time with a remorseful smile.
Marilyn gave a failed smile.
"Well played, Ms. Geertruida."
Once Marilyn snapped back into reality, she saw Mata Hari already pierced Monroe's chest with her sword. Mata Hari expected Norma to hate her, but instead, Marilyn looked embarrassed.
"Oh...oh golly, I guess I failed to understand your actual ability, huh? Whoops."
Mata gave an amused giggle.
"You're something else, Norma."
Once Mata pulled the sword out of Monroe's chest, Marilyn coughed a bit of blood. She fell into Mata Hari's arms and breathed slowly.
"Margaretha... performance good?"
Mata looked at the defeated actress, resting her on Hari's shoulder.
Marilyn received a gentle hug from Mata, and she said, "You did an excellent job."
With that, tears of joy flood Marilyn's eyes as she begins to disappear.
"Thank you...for everything And know this, I'll always be there if you need me."
Mata then felt a strange sensation within her. Before she could question it, Marilyn dispersed as she became sparkling dust in the winds.
Mata looks at the dust in the wind with a sad yet pleased expression.
"Shine bright, lieve ster (dear star)."
Aello cleared her throat to announce the winner.
"After an emotional fourth bout of the Machi Animatos, we have our winner! Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for...MATA HARI!!!!!!!"
Marilyn Monroe vs. Mata Hari
Time: 7 Minutes 2 seconds
Marilyn Monroe X
Mata Hari O
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2023.05.31 10:20 nierrein-guide [NOTICE] Event Quest "Record: The Devil's Tray" On Now

Hello, and thank you for playing NieR Re[in]carnation. This is a message from the management team.
The event quest "Record: The Devil's Tray" is available starting May 30 at 18:00 PST. Event Small Stamina Boost x300 have also been gifted to all players. * Once the event quest ends, you will be unable to claim or use Event Small Stamina Boosts.


May 30 18:00 - Jun. 18 17:59 PST
* The Exchange can be used until two days after the event duration ends. Please see the Exchange in game for details.

How to Play Event Quests

Save up the The Devil's Tray Medals you receive for completing quests to trade in at the The Devil's Tray Medal Exchange for the event-exclusive character False Guardian Captain, as well as enhancements and other items.
The more difficult the quest, the more Medals you will earn as a reward. Additionally, using certain characters, costumes, or weapons while playing the event quest will grant you a quest bonus that will allow you to play more efficiently.

Quest Bonus: Resonant Weapon

Equipping certain weapons while playing the event quests will grant the quest bonus for resonant weapons. This bonus increases the amount of different kinds of The Devil's Tray Medals dropped, depending on the weapon. Ascending these weapons further increases the bonus effect.

Quest Bonus: Resonant Weapons Effect List

Ascension Count
![](/ Pistol
![](/ Abandonment
![](/ ![](/
![](/ Corpse: Leg
![](/ ![](/ ![](/
![](/ Staff
![](/ Light
![](/ Greatsword
![](/ Blessing
![](/'s Cannon
* Equipping resonant weapons will grant you this bonus regardless of whether they are equipped as primary or secondary weapons. * Resonant weapon drop increases will stack if multiple resonant weapons are equipped.

Quest Bonus: Resonant Costume

Using certain costumes will grant the quest bonus for resonant costumes. These bonuses activate various effects for associated costumes when playing the event quests. Plus, some bonuses will have increased effects depending on the ascension count of a costume.

Quest Bonus: Resonant Costumes Effect List

Resonant Costume Characters
Abstract Pupil
Resonant Costume "Shadowbound Werebeast" Ascension Count Effect
Attack +100% HP +50%
Attack +125% HP +50%
Attack +150% HP +50%
Attack +175% HP +50%
Attack +200% HP +50%

Selected Costumes and Resonant Weapons Enhancement Glorious Success Rate Tripled

The chance of getting a "Glorious Success" result will be tripled when upgrading resonant weapons and Priyet and Griff's costumes.
* Excess materials and weapons used in enhancement will be returned if the maximum level is exceeded. * This campaign's effects do not stack with other "Glorious Success" rate up campaigns.

Mama Point Missions

Completing missions will earn you Mama Points. Check the Special tab on the Missions page for details.

Shadowbound Werebeast Summons

Starting May 30 at 18:00 PST, the Shadowbound Werebeast Summons and the Paid Only: Shadowbound Werebeast Multi-Step Summons will be available with increased appearance rates for costumes and weapons that grant a quest bonus in "Record: The Devil's Tray". Please check the corresponding notices for more details on these summons.
Shadowbound Werebeast Summons On Now
Paid Only: Shadowbound Werebeast Multi-Step Summons On Now


Thank you very much for your ongoing support for NieR Re[in]carnation.
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2023.05.31 10:17 LoserCowGoMoo Your reactions to the last FantasyFootballers Podcast: "I'm out on Dameon Pierce."

Pierce redraft rankings for Fantasy Footballers Podcast:
Analyst 1: ranked 22
Analyst 2: ranked 24
Analyst 3: ranked 32
Analyst 3: I have 2 main reasons for this; one is the historical context and data on draft capital. And then you mix that with a new coaching staff that was not here for that rookie breakout last year. Pierce is a day 3 pick and for better or worse the difference between a day 2 pick and a day 3 pick in the NFL is massive...the 2nd round and 3rd round picks those are perceived as so valuable, so much was work is put into them, and then day 3 is like "OK we're gonna shotgun 4th through 7th get special teamers" and what not and... but here's the proof right? I went back and over the last decade I looked at all of the best 4th round running backs over the last decade... I'm talking about the ones who performed well...the best of the best over the last decade who proved they were good. The next year, their sophmore year, on average, those players lost 42 fantasy points per season on average and in fact almost all of them were worse...only 2 of the top 10 were better in year 2: Tarik Cohen and Rhamandre Stevenson... if you compare that to the guys picked in round 3... just barely ahead on average... they scored 20 more fantasy points per [game] (season?) and 50% of them improve on their rookie numbers. But day 3 picks just don't have the same...the team is not invested the same way and so that's another issue. They went out this off season, with this coaching staff, and picked up Devon Singeltary. DS is make it 3 million dollars, Pierce is making a million dollars....DS does not get enough respect in my opinion as a running back. He is a good veteran running back who just played meaningful snaps for a Super Bowl contender who took a second round pick in James Cook and said no..."You're the backup I got a 177 carries, you get 89 carries." You combine all of this and you look the percentage of running back carries that went to Damian Pierce. I mean yeah he had a great season but part of the reason he had a great season was because his primary ...the next most carries went to Dare Ogunbowale.
Analyst 2: 10 of the 13 games he played he was a 85% or higher snap count...he had 6 or 7 games at a 100%.
Analyst 1: Thats outrageous...
Analyst 3: ...This doesn't project to be a great team, to have a rookie quarterback who will probably start week one, if you look back at the last decade of how their running backs performed: only one was a top 24 running back. I'm completely out on Damian Pierce. I worry he could be the next Jeremy Langford, and you might not even remember Jeremy Langford but he was a 4th round pick, had a great rookie campaign, everybody loved him... and then...
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2023.05.31 10:14 TiberiusWoodwind Taste the Rainbow - Beyond the Visible Spectrum

Taste the Rainbow - Beyond the Visible Spectrum
TL;DR – Today’s break out is cool and I’m jacked over it, but there’s more interesting things about this slope and the TtR channel than just the price breaking over a line.
Hi Apes,
I was able to do a quick pic post from my phone earlier today when we broke above the top line of the TtR channel. Folks liked that but also asked if I could show the big picture stuff. I also got some questions about why I call it the top line of TtR when there’s the one additional line beyond it. To really explain that well, I need to go into what these fib lines are so you understand where they come from and why that last line is an anomaly. First section of the post will be a little math heavy but if you can do basic division on your calculator it’s nothing more difficult than that.

Let’s go back 800 years

Leonardo Bonacci (Fibonacci) is writing the manuscript Liber Abaci which starts tying together Western and Indian mathematical ideas. In it he describes a sequence of numbers used to predict the breeding rates of rabbits over the course of a year. It’s not linear population growth, as the number of rabbits increases the rate at which they breed increases. This same principal pops up frequently across nature but it’s also been applied to computer science because in some applications using a Fibonacci sequence to search data is more efficient. So for the folks who say its just mumbo jumbo golden ratio magic, sorry but there’s algorithm writers who might have good reason to use it.
The Fibonacci sequence is one where the next number in the sequence is the sum of the prior two numbers.
F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9
0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34
F10 F11 F12 F13 F14 F15 F16 F`7 F18 F19
55 89 144 233 377 610 987 1597 2584 4181
For the purpose of understanding how the Fib sequence relates to our stock stuff, we’re only going to be using from F10 and up, and the reason for that is decimals are more consistent from F10 up. You’ll get similar answers no matter where you start, F10 is just where things are easiest. Now take out your calculator and do the following 4 equations and tell me what you notice about the answer to all 4 of these ……
- F10/F11
- F11/F12
- F12/F13
- F13/F14
Answer – You keep getting the same result of 0.618. One number in the sequence divided by the next will always give you 0.618. Likewise you’ll always get the same result if you divide one number by the second number after it, so on and so forth.
Ok, next up I want you to try out these equations
- F10/F12
- F10/F13
You’ll end up with 0.382 and 0.236 (yes, just round them off to 3 decimal places). Now why did we do that. Well those answers you just got are the standard Fibonacci retracement levels.
This was drawn bottom to top, but you can also draw this top down with 0 on bottom
0 is wherever we say the beginning is. 1 is wherever we say the ending is. 0.5 is included in retracements for stocks, it’s a psychologically satisfying place (halfway) and it does occur once with F2/F3. And that leaves us with .786 which you haven’t been able to solve for yet. To do this, find the square root of .618. If you are trying to wrap your head around why this works, in really smooth form it’d be like F10/F10.5. So by now you should understand how these fib levels are derived and that algo writers could find value in picking them as targets for the price to move to. The last piece we are going to hit before getting back into TtR stuff is fib extensions. Luckily, the math is the same difficulty, we just go backwards through the fib sequence.
- F13/F12
This should give you 1.618. Then we’ll also get the square root of that (like we did to find .786) and that gives us 1.272. The idea with an extension is that these are expected areas the price might check beyond 0-1. There are a few more extensions I’m gonna point out when we get back to TtR stuff, it takes a little more wrinkle braining to understand them because they almost work like the extension of an extension, but if you are alright with understanding 1.618 and 1.272 you know enough to see what I’ll point out.
I think it’s important at this point to remind folks that if you were lost on any of the above, please ask questions in the comments. I’m passionate about this subject because as I’ve worked on it I’ve begun to believe that the short side of this has been operating under a fairly tight set of rules and if we understand the rules they are going by it only helps apes. There shouldn’t be any worry about asking a “dumb” question, if it’s your intention to learn I’ll chat with you for as long as you need help unpacking it all.

Jumping forward 800 years to now

It’s January 28, 2021. Shorts just loaded up on massive amounts of DOOMPs to build the swaps they’d need to hide their position. The channel they plan on walking the price down has been built (TtR channel), and the channel is built so that the top line is 0. But before the price stabilizes in the channel, they are going to take a few opportunities to shake as many shares loose as possible.
Inner lines of TtR are excluded just to make it easier to see. The white lines represent 0 and 1.
Shorts push as far down as the 2.272-2.414 extensions in February, but the price comes back to the channel. They push again Feb 26 to 1.618, but the price comes back into the channel. They try a final spike down on an earnings call March 24 to 1.272, but the price comes back into the channel. And since then, besides a rare wick we’ve stayed within the channel. And each of these extensions haven’t just been tossing out lines willy nilly, we are deriving them the same way we can figure out each of the lines within the channel.

What’s Inside That Counts

To recap what this means about the inside of the channel, top line is 0 and bottom line is 1.

GME since October with levels highlighted.
The piles of DOOMPs came into exist during the run up on Jan 27th. So the first actual movement through the channel was top to bottom. For drawing, this means the top of the channel where the move begins is 0, bottom is 1. This matters for a few reasons.
- One is that you need those increasing values pointed down in order to get those extensions we saw in wintespring ’21.
- Two of the retracement lines (.786 and .236) only line up with bounces when oriented this way. .382 and .618 are equal distances from .5 and from 0 and 1 so they look the same regardless of which direction the channel is facing.
Since the sneeze, almost every time we hit a low it isn’t getting as far away from the 0 line. You could make the argument that the one time this wasn’t followed was in summer 2021, but that’d be the exception.
Typically after hitting 0, our next low is higher than the previous low.
I get people’s excitement over hitting the top today, but ignoring that these lows have sequentially been getting higher relative to the channel has me pretty excited too. Because let’s say we go through another cycle again, picking the dip could be as simple as waiting on the price to come into contact with .382 since we’d expect that as the lowest line we would reach.

Over the Rainbow

So finally, let’s address how strange this line formed by the sneeze peak and last August is. Because now that you can explain how these fib levels are derived, what you are going to notice is there’s no explanation as of yet for why this one is where it is.
The heck is -0.17?
If you wanted to include this parallel that connects sneeze top and last August to the rest of the TtR channel, you’d need to add a line at -0.17.
- You can’t reach this number through division in the Fibonacci sequence
- It’s not a square root like .786 or 1.272
- It’s not an inverse of .786 (ie 1 - .786)
- If someone can explain how to derive it as a fib number, I’d love the explanation.
So this is weird, everything else used as a line in this channel we can explain why it exists where it does. But not this one. I’ve had some people suggest using this as the 0 line. The problem you run into there is that now all of the previous tops we hit and saw market halts align with nothing, and none of the extensions line up with bottoms anymore. The line we’ve stopped on so many times seems like the most significant one to base 0 on. So what in the heck is this top line? Because it seems relevant since its running parallel to the TtR channel, but for the life of me I don’t understand why it is where it is.

zOmG ThE tOp LiNE iS MarGe

I don’t think so. You can read my full thoughts on it here but the bullet points are
1 – Short collateral is not decreasing in a straight line. You can look up what they report as long positions and a chart of that would look wavy.
2 – It’s not that the GME price just hit the right point on the wave each time to make a line. Laying over an index chart over GME would show that on a big scale this idea wouldn’t work.
3 – The price has spent DAYS over most variations of people’s “critical” margin line. If you can just cross the line and then come back, it’s not that critical.
And tying in the rest of the TtR channel, EVERYTHING is moving on these parallels. We haven’t crossed this one yet but even if marge did exist on that line that wouldn’t explain everything moving with it. I think the much more reasonable statement to make on it is that it’s a very long term resistance line and there isn’t another one beyond it that we’ve encountered yet. Anyone making statements beyond that is promising you the moon based on 2 data points. Idk, seems a bit rash to me but what would I know.

Final Thoughts

I don’t want to spoil the excitement of crossing the 0 line (top line, whatever). It’s cool and it’s not a very common event for us to just be over it. There’s still at least one more of these diagonal resistances that we’ve seen before and luckily it sounds like there’s still some upward momentum in the cards for a while. But this is just one component of a very big structure that we can continue picking apart. However, nothing quite confuses me like hearing people claiming they crossed a critical margin line when the price isn’t immediately ripping into the heavens. And my guess is there will be a lot more posts in that same vein making extremely bold claims of the future that cherry pick data and ignore any evidence presented in contrast. So just keep a level head and recognize when folks get very careful about what they do and do not show in a picture. Anywho, here’s today’s TtR channel for the folks who wanted the big view. 4hr with ext hours.
The balls to show it alls
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2023.05.31 10:08 safaparksasquatch Is He Controlling Or Am I "Too Defiant"?

I travel over an hour to see my partner. I carry a big purse that I can put my meds, a change of clothes if need be, some water, makeup, tampons/pads, iPad, chargers etc basically emergency things I may need because I'm far away from home.
Through this wear and tear it has slightly frayed. Not much, but a few parts look like the skin is peeling off.
My partner hates it. He told me "not to bring it around his family" because it was "not presentable". I pointed out to him that because the bag is a bit heavy, I usually leave it on my car anyway.
I pointed out that I feel this sort of judgement and behaviour is controlling, and he's made remarks like this before.
For example, wearing a black jumpsuit for a party is "tacky" because my "arms are showing". I pointed out his sister was wearing a crop top and shorts to the same party.
I wore a sequin blazer. He said it's way too tacky and blingy to wear to his uncle's 75th birthday bash.
He pointed out my heels were too blingy.
In my parents house the interior designer put white lights instead of yellow, so he complains about it constantly and says "you guys should change it, it looks so tacky".
We were all leaving the party and he told me to say bye to his aunt, so I said in a sec because she's talking to someone. He snapped at me and said "don't give me that attitude say bye NOW".
When I tried explaining all these examples and that he's being controlling, he said "NO IM NOT BEING CONTROLLING IM MAKING SUGGESTIONS".
But when I decline these "suggestions" he becomes so hostile.
I just want to know from y'all if this controlling behaviour... that I'm somehow triggering? Am I wrong to keep carrying that purse or showing my arms in an elegant jumpsuit etc etc.
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2023.05.31 10:02 safaparksasquatch Is He Controlling Or Am I Really Unpresentable & Tacky?

I travel over an hour to see my partner. I carry a big purse that I can put my meds, a change of clothes if need be, some water, makeup, tampons/pads, iPad, chargers etc basically emergency things I may need because I'm far away from home.
Through this wear and tear it has slightly frayed. Not much, but a few parts look like the skin is peeling off.
My partner hates it. He told me "not to bring it around his family" because it was "not presentable". I pointed out to him that because the bag is a bit heavy, I usually leave it on my car anyway.
I pointed out that I feel this sort of judgement and behaviour is controlling, and he's made remarks like this before.
For example, wearing a black jumpsuit for a party is "tacky" because my "arms are showing". I pointed out his sister was wearing a crop top and shorts to the same party.
I wore a sequin blazer. He said it's way too tacky and blingy to wear to his uncle's 75th birthday bash.
He pointed out my heels were too blingy.
In my parents house the interior designer put white lights instead of yellow, so he complains about it constantly and says "you guys should change it, it looks so tacky".
We were all leaving the party and he told me to say bye to his aunt, so I said in a sec because she's talking to someone. He snapped at me and said "don't give me that attitude say bye NOW".
When I tried explaining all these examples and that he's being controlling, he said "NO IM NOT BEING CONTROLLING IM MAKING SUGGESTIONS".
But when I decline these "suggestions" he becomes so hostile.
I just want to know from y'all if this controlling behaviour... that I'm somehow triggering? Am I wrong to keep carrying that purse or showing my arms in an elegant jumpsuit etc etc.
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2023.05.31 10:02 Savethelight2 30F [Chat] Night owl. Evil. Vampires. Devils. Skulls. Just a few things I like.

I bet no one read these, I won’t be writing to much to avoid wasting my time.
Hi. My favorite color is black. I’m into the more dark and sinister theme. My house is actually almost completely black. I own all black clothing, a few white and different color ones but they came with combo packs. Only wear them as a last resort. Im pale, the black contrast the tone I feel. Im a tomboy, prefer to swear a lot, sweat pants and t-shirts. I say that but I also have had breast implants, forehead botox, and lip injections, if that’s not over sharing.
Im pretty tatted up. Don’t ask me how many, to many to keep count. I have had neck surgery that put me out of work for years. Still not allowed to work and am actually considered “disabled”. I work now with different brands to promote their product online though. Clothing, energy drinks, ect. It’s not too bad.
Wondering if I’ll get any cool conversation. Maybe we can talk about body difference with all the cosmetic changes I did. Injuries. Compare and contrast post to pre changes. Probably if we get to that point. Not off rip though. No short messages. I hate those.
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2023.05.31 09:55 safaparksasquatch Do BPDs Have A Need For Control?

I travel over an hour to see my partner. I carry a big purse that I can put my meds, a change of clothes if need be, some water, makeup, tampons/pads, iPad, chargers etc basically emergency things I may need because I'm far away from home.
Through this wear and tear it has slightly frayed. Not much, but a few parts look like the skin is peeling off.
My partner hates it. He told me "not to bring it around his family" because it was "not presentable". I pointed out to him that because the bag is a bit heavy, I usually leave it on my car anyway.
I pointed out that I feel this sort of judgement and behaviour is controlling, and he's made remarks like this before.
For example, wearing a black jumpsuit for a party is "tacky" because my "arms are showing". I pointed out his sister was wearing a crop top and shorts to the same party.
I wore a sequin blazer. He said it's way too tacky and blingy to wear to his uncle's 75th birthday bash. Everyone complimented me on my outfit, he was irritated lol
He pointed out my heels were too blingy and I "shouldn't be tacky" around his family. (They honestly don't care that much, till date the only comment I've got from his mum is to wear heels when we go for BRUNCH but ipolitely declined)
In my parents house the interior designer put white lights instead of yellow, so he complains about it constantly and says "you guys should change it, it looks so tacky".
We were all leaving the party and he told me to say bye to his aunt, so I said in a sec because she's talking to someone. He snapped at me and said "don't give me that attitude say bye NOW".
When I bump a vape off my friends he will get irritated and tell me to stop and that's enough.
When I tried explaining all these examples and that he's being controlling, he said "NO IM NOT BEING CONTROLLING IM MAKING SUGGESTIONS".
But when I decline these "suggestions" he becomes so hostile.
I just want to know from y'all if this controlling behaviour is a BPD trait that I'm somehow triggering? Am I wrong to keep carrying that purse or showing my arms in an elegant jumpsuit etc etc.
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2023.05.31 09:09 sugar-soad I was recently crowned America's Next Top Serial Killer (part 2)

I awoke and gazed around at a room I didn't recognise. I immediately started suffering from deja vu as I remembered what had transpired last year. I made my way to the door and looked down an empty hallway. I started moving forward towards the two large doors at the end of the hall.
The room inside was sparsely lit so I inched my way inside. I nearly jumped out of my skin when the door slammed shut behind me. Floodlights suddenly lit up the room and I had to use my hands to shield my eyes. A voice started booming over an intercom to announce that we were the contestants for this year's America's Next Top Serial Killer. A number of previous winners were now competing to see who was the ultimate serial killer.
My eyes adjusted to the lights and I saw there were a number of other people in the room with me. A few of them were looking over at me with sneering looks on their faces. They obviously knew I had won by sheer luck and had started off as an intended victim.
They were all dressed in an assortment of clothing while I was dressed in a hoodie and a pair of tracksuit bottoms. I spotted a number of weapons lying on a table nearby and went over to investigate. I quickly picked up a bow and a quiver of arrows as I used to be quite good as a child.
A number of large men came in and began leading us to a couple of golf carts. We were then led along a number of passages. We stopped intermittently and one of the other killers hopped off and were led away. I was the last one to be ushered out. I was led to a ladder and told to climb.
I climbed the ladder and stepped out into an open field. There was no one around me so I began to move forward at a steady pace. I spun around after hearing running footsteps approaching me from behind.
A woman carrying a spear with a small American flag attached was charging at me. The spear was lowered and she obviously intended to gut me. I stood aside at the last moment and stuck my foot out to trip her.
She fell awkwardly and the spear managed to embed itself in her throat. Blood started spurting out of her mouth as she lay on the ground. She looked like she was trying to say something but all that came out were bubbles of blood. I noticed a name tag on the spear and it said Lady Liberty. Her eyes slowly dimmed and I stood over her corpse for a few more moments.
I heard shouting in the distance and made my way towards it to see what was going on. I walked into a scene of absolute chaos. One of the other killers had cornered a group of victims and was using a flamethrower to burn them alive. Their screams were cut off as the flames destroyed their vocal cords. Within seconds they were nothing but charred ash.
I nocked an arrow and tried to sneak up behind the killer to get a better shot. I don't know how he heard but he suddenly wheeled around and smiled when he saw me. I had to rush back as he turned the flamethrower on me and the flames missed me by mere inches. I decided to call him Pyro as it suited him
I started to use the wide open space to my advantage. I refused to get too close to him so his weapon was useless. I could see that he was starting to tire as he was lugging around a heavy flamethrower. Sweat was pouring down his forehead and I decided to finish him.
I let loose an arrow and it managed to hit the tank on his back. He seemed to smile at me milliseconds before the tank exploded. His body became a flaming inferno and he tried to roll on the ground to put out the flames but to no avail. I considered killing him with an arrow but decided to let him burn. I started to move away as the smell of burnt flesh was starting to make me hungry.
I searched the area and found no one else alive. I did find some food supplies and quickly ate my fill. There was some cooked meat for sandwiches but I opted not to as I kept thinking of Pyro's burning flesh. I spotted cameras in nearby trees and considered destroying them but thought it would be best to leave them alone.
I spotted a couple of bicycles nearby and found a map attached to all of them. They showed my location and also indicated where we needed to go next.
I hopped onto the bicycle and began to move towards my next destination. I planned to save a few of the intended victims and kill the rest of these bloody killers.
I saw something on the horizon and was confused to see what looked like a cemetery in the middle of nowhere. I ditched the bicycle outside the entrance and hyped myself up before entering.
The interior of the cemetery was dark and foreboding as a large number of trees cast shadows over everything. I kept seeing movement out of the corner of my eye which were only branches moving in the wind.
I crept forward with an arrow ready to let fly at a moment's notice. I was soon surrounded by shadows as the trees were all around me. I was having to step over the gravestones as many of them were cracked and broken.
I stupidly tripped over a gravestone that was buried in grass, which managed to save my life. I felt a breeze against the back of my neck as I was falling. I quickly pushed myself off the ground to see a man standing beside me carrying a scythe. He had obviously swung it at me but had missed due to me falling. He was dressed all in black and wore a hood that covered his face.
I lashed out with my foot and heard a satisfying crack as it connected with his knee. He fell backwards and I flinched as I heard the sickening sound of his head smashing into one of the gravestones. I found his name tag and wasn't surprised that it read Grim. I pulled his hood back and laughed when I saw his face. He looked so much like my old science teacher Mr Rogers who always showed up to work with the stench of alcohol on his breath.
I started to move through the rest of the cemetery and found the decapitated remains of victims who Grim had managed to sneak up on. Many of their faces looked surprised as if he had caught them completely unawares.
There was a paved road on the other side of the cemetery and I found a number of segways hidden close by and more food supplies. I spent a few minutes learning how to ride without falling off before setting off along the road. The road was very thin and the woods on either side could have hidden anything.
I passed bodies that looked like they had been ripped apart by a wild animal and decided to walk the rest of the way. I kept getting a feeling that I was being watched and I could feel the hair standing up on the back of my neck. I heard something come charging out of the woods and I let fly with an arrow.
A demonic creature came tearing out of the woods and I knew that I was dead. It seemed to be seeming to size me up before suddenly falling forwards. I was frozen in shock for a couple of seconds before finally snapping out of it.
I spotted my arrow in the creature's head and was ecstatic that I killed it. I quickly realised that this wasn't a creature but an almost seven foot tall man. He was naked except for a pair of underwear and was covered in mud and god knows what else. I opted not to look for a name tag and just call him The Beast.
I found a clearing nearby and decided to get some rest as it was starting to get dark and I could barely stay standing.
I awoke the next morning invigorated and determined to kill anyone that stood in my way of surviving this. I still had a healthy supply of arrows left so I just needed to keep any enemies at bay.
I started to jog forward along the road as I wanted to get this finished by the end of the day. I slowed my pace as I reached the bottom of a steep hill. I set a steady pace on the way up but didn't exert myself as I knew that I might need the energy later in the day.
I finally reached the peak and stood there gazing down at the horrific sight that was unfolding in front of me. Three of the killers had teamed up and were now slaughtering a number of victims. The victims were running around like headless chickens and were being easily picked off one by one.
I grabbed an arrow and fired it at a man wearing a Jim Carrey mask who was killing his victims with what looked like a stick of sharpened liquorice. I let out a satisfied sigh as I watched the arrow go through his ear. He turned his head for a moment and I saw the tip had exited the far side. He took two steps forward before falling dead on the floor.
The two other killers had finished off the other victims and now began to make their way toward me. I grabbed an arrow to fire and then began to panic as it dropped out of my hand. The killers quickly covered the distance and I prepared to use the bow as a club.
I tried to keep both killers in my eyeline as they circled around me. One was a girl dressed in a cheerleader's uniform who kept twirling a baton with blades on either end. The other was a male dressed as a pirate who had hooks on the end of each arm. He had an eyepatch covering one of his eyes.
The Pirate darted forward and I managed to whack him on the side of the head. I ducked out of instinct and watched as the baton was swung harmlessly over my head. I managed to swing the bow and knock the baton out of her hands. I then grabbed the arrow I had dropped earlier and plunged it into her eye. She seemed to be winking at me before walking off.
The Pirate let out a cry of anguish and ran over to her. He held onto her as she slowly began to fall over. He started to weep and begged her to get up. He gazed at me with a look of fury and then suddenly charged at me. I grabbed her baton and placed it in front of me. He must not have seen it because he impaled himself on it. He stared at me for a few seconds before looking down at the blade that was now stuck in his gut. He pulled the baton out of my hands and made his way back to the Cheerleader. He lay down beside her and died in her arms.
I did a quick count in my head and knew there was only one killer left. I walked past the recently killed victims and made my way down the slope towards the bottom of the hill.
My heart was beating quickly as I knew that I was one kill away from surviving. I noticed what looked like a pitch ahead and knew that was where this would be decided.
The final killer stood on the pitch awaiting me. He was dressed in an American Football uniform that had once been white but was now stained red due to the bodies that lay at his feet.
I fired an arrow that struck him in the shoulder and he barely flinched. I could see a fresh trickle of blood running down so I knew that I got through his uniform. He charged at me and I quickly fired another arrow which missed him by inches. I moved at the last second but he still collided with my side and I was sent sprawling to the pitch. The bow went flying out of my hands and he stood on it and snapped it.
I began wheezing as he moved away and seemed to be gloating. He waited until I got my breath back and stood up before coming at me once again. I managed to avoid him this time but knew I wouldn't survive for very long.
He turned around and advanced on me while obviously intending to use his overwhelming strength to crush me. He pulled me into a bear hug and I started to feel light headed as his arms crushed my body.
I managed to grab a hold of the hook that I had cut off the Pirate's hand and plunged it at his groin area. He immediately released me and I fell to the floor. He was now bent forward and I crawled forward and used the hook to slice open the back of his ankles. His feet gave way beneath him and I climbed on top of him and used the hook to open up his jugular.
Music began blaring and the same host from last year seemed to emerge from nowhere. He grabbed my arm and wrenched it into the air while declaring me the ultimate serial killer. He then stepped back after looking into my eyes. A number of armed guards appeared after he clicked his fingers. I moved past them and towards a door which I hoped would lead me away from this place.
100 million was transferred into my bank account the next day but I refuse to touch it. I have been searching for a job lately and always smile when applying for jobs when they ask do you have any special skills. Unfortunately no job I apply for is looking for someone who is exceptionally good at killing people.
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2023.05.31 09:02 Micateam [Divergent Shadows] Limited-Time Event

[Divergent Shadows] Limited-Time Event
[Duration] 5/30 After Maint - 6/20 18:29 (UTC-8)
[Redemption Deadline] 6/27 18:29 (UTC-8)
[Explanation] During this time, you can play through event stages and complete event missions in [Operation Checklist] for rewards.
[Unlock Conditions]
■ Operation Vestige: Clear Cyclopes Sector Standard Mode Stage 2-15.
[Special Explanation]
■ During the event, Keys spent will be converted into [Special Ops Re-Trial Vouchers] which are required for the EX stages in [Operation Vestige].
■ You can farm for [AP Round Casings] by clearing the EX stages without spending Keys.
■ During the event, Clukay will gain +50% extra Intimacy when spending Keys to attempt missions.
■ Support Dolls cannot be used in the event stages.
■ Once the event ends, [AP Round Casings] and first-clear rewards for event stages can no longer be obtained, and [Anomalous Theater] will be closed as well.
■ After the redemption deadline, all [AP Round Casings] will be cleared, and the [Secret Armory] as well as all event-only missions will be closed as well.
■ Once the event page is closed, you can enter [Operation Vestige] from Clukay's character file to view the event story.

Exclusive Search - Nighttide Predator
[Duration] 5/30 After Maint - 6/20 18:29 (UTC-8)
[Explanation] While Exclusive Search - Nighttide Predator is open, the probability of obtaining the ★3 Doll Clukay will be greatly increased. Please check the in-game [Neural Search] probability notice for exact details.
[Special Notes]
■ Doll duplicates can be turned into [Neural Kits] or [Neural Fragments] in [Exclusive Search - Nighttide Predator] by toggling between the 2 options available on the search screen.
■ While both [Advanced Search Commands] and [Nighttide 10x Search Command] can be used in [Exclusive Search - Nighttide Predator], the latter will expire when the exclusive search ends. Please take note of the end date.
■ The 60-search 3* guarantee for the exclusive search will be counted separately from other search modes. Furthermore, it will not be kept after the exclusive search ends, and for the next exclusive search.
■ Since Clukay is exclusively available in the exclusive search, she won't be included into [Targeted Search], [Advanced Search], [Basic Search], [Designated Neural Acquisition] or [Special Search]. Moreover, she can't be obtained via accumulating Neural Fragments.
■ Clukay won't be available in [Fragment Search].
■ Clukay will be included in future exclusive searches. Please pay attention to further notice.
* Please check the in-game notice on the exclusive search screen for exact details.

Targeted Search - Echo of the Earth's Core
[Duration] 5/30 After Maint - 6/13 18:29 (UTC-8)
[Explanation] While Targeted Search·Echo of the Earth's Core is open, the probability of obtaining the ★3 Doll Hatsuchiri will be greatly increased. Please check the in-game [Neural Search] probability notice for exact details.

Targeted Search - Temptation in White
[Duration] 5/30 After Maint - 6/13 18:29 (UTC-8)
[Explanation] While Targeted Search·Temptation in White is open, the probability of obtaining the ★3 Doll Florence will be greatly increased. Please check the in-game [Neural Search] probability notice for exact details.
Neural Cloud Projection - Clukay's Aflame Accent
[Duration] 5/30 After Maint - 6/27 18:29 (UTC-8)
[Explanation] During this period, Clukay's Aflame Accent from the [Iridescent Musicale] series will go on sale in the Neural Cloud Projection section of the Supplies Shop.
Furniture Set - [Fairground] Limited-Time Rerun
[Duration] 5/30 After Maint - 6/27 18:29 (UTC-8)
[How To Obtain] During this period, Professors can purchase the [Fairground] furniture set at the Supplies Shop.

Magrasea Battle Pass - Season 8 available for a limited time
[Duration] 6/12 05:00 - 7/10 03:59 (UTC-8)
[Explanation] Complete Daily Missions for [Magrasea Battle Pass] Activity Points and level up the pass for generous item rewards.
■ Activate the [Multichannel Battle Pass] and reach a certain level for Unsheathed Edge, Aki's Neural Cloud Projection from the [Awakening] series, as well as Advanced Search Commands, Quartz Sand, and other item rewards.
■ Activate the [Multichannel Battle Pass Plus] for all benefits listed under the [Multichannel Battle Pass], including 10 Pass levels, a limited icon frame, a limited furniture item, a limited profile background and 4 Key Memory Cards (Medium).

Special Packs - Open for a limited time
[Description] During this period, the following supply packs will be on sale in the shop for a limited time:
[Nighttide Shadow Supply Pack] 49.99 USD
[Duration] 5/30 After Maint - 6/13 18:29 (UTC-8)
[Contents] Quartz*3000, Advanced Search Command*30, Reconfiguration Generator*15, Algorithm Set A-la-Carte Box*15
[Stock] Max 2
[Combat Drill Supply Pack] 25.99 USD
[Duration] 5/30 After Maint - 6/13 18:29 (UTC-8)
[Contents] Quartz*1500, Advanced Search Command*15, Skill Pivot*12, Skill Sample*20000
[Stock] Max 2
[Bullet's Trail Supply Pack] 15.99 USD
[Duration] 5/30 After Maint - 6/13 18:29 (UTC-8)
[Contents] Advanced Search Command*15, Key Memory Card (Large)*3, Superior Breakthrough Widget Box (s)*15, Combat EXP *3600*20
[Stock] Max 2
[Quartz Surprise Pack] 0.99 USD
[Duration] 5/30 After Maint - 6/7 04:59 (UTC-8)
[Contents] Diggcoin*40000, Quartz Lucky Bag*1
[Stock] Max 1
[Cat's Claw Key Pack] 2.99 USD
[Duration] 5/30 After Maint - 6/7 04:59 (UTC-8)
[Contents] Advanced Search Command*1, Key Memory Card (Large)*1, Key Memory Card (Medium)*2, Key Memory Card (Small)*2
[Stock] Max 1
*Buy [Cat's Claw Key Pack] to unlock [Cat's Ear Key Pack]
[Cat's Ear Key Pack] 4.99 USD
[Duration] 5/30 After Maint - 6/7 04:59 (UTC-8)
[Contents] Key Memory Card (Medium)*5, Key Memory Card (Small)*3, Reconfiguration Generator*5
[Stock] Max 1
*Buy [Cat's Ear Key Pack to unlock [Cat's Maw Key Pack]
[Cat's Maw Key Pack] 9.99 USD
[Duration] 5/30 After Maint - 6/7 04:59 (UTC-8)
[Contents] Advanced Search Command*4, Key Memory Card (Large)*4, Key Memory Card (Medium)*5, Algorithm Set A-la-Carte Box*5
[Stock] Max 3
[A-la-carte Fragment Pack] 14.99 USD
[Available Duration] 5/30 After Maint - 6/7 04:59 (UTC-8)
[Contents] Neural Fragment (of one of your AI-enabled Dolls)*40, AI Enhancement XP*1000
[Stock] Max 3
*Complete Enigma Sector Standard Mode Stage 4-15
[Arma Inscripta Pack] 29.99 USD
[Available Duration] 5/30 After Maint - 6/7 04:59 (UTC-8)
[Contents] AI Breakthrough Core*2, Neural Fragment (of one of your AI-enabled Dolls)*60, AI Enhancement XP*2500, Diggcoin*200000
[Stock] Max 5
*Complete Enigma Sector Standard Mode Stage 4-15
[Special Offer Search Pack] 21.99 USD
[Duration] 5/30 After Maint - 6/7 04:59 (UTC-8)
[Contents] Advanced Search Command*20
[Stock] Max 1
[Sniper Special Supply Pack] 9.99 USD
[Duration] 5/30 After Maint - 6/7 04:59 (UTC-8)
[Contents] Quartz*680, Pioneering Breakthrough Widget·Sniper*30, Premium Breakthrough Widget·Sniper*45, Skill Pivot*24, Skill Sample*12000
[Stock] Max 2
[Clukay Neural Expansion Pack] 29.99 USD
[Duration] 5/30 After Maint - 6/20 18:29 (UTC-8)
[Contents] Clukay Neural Fragment*120, Key Memory Card (Medium)*5, Algorithm Set A-la-Carte Box*10, Reconfiguration Generator*10
[Stock] Max 1
[Arma Inscripta] Batch 3 Doll
[Date] 5/30 After Maint
[Unlocking Conditions] Complete Enigma Sector Standard Mode Stage 4-15
[Arma Inscripta] Groove's "Pulsating Soundwave"
[Anniversary Limited-Time Login] 7-Day Sign-in Event
[Duration] 5/30 After Maint - 6/14 4:59 (UTC-8)
[Explanation] Over this period, you can obtain Nighttide 10x Search Command, Groove's Projection [Sonic Flurry] and other generous rewards from [Anniversary Limited-Time Login] by signing in consecutively.
The cumulative sign-in rewards are as follows:
Sign in for 1 day: Nighttide 10x Search Command*1, Diggcoin*10000
Sign in for 2 days: 3 Pcs Set Orange Algorithm - α *1, Key Memory Card (Large)*1
Sign in for 3 days: AI Enhancement XP*500, Skill Pivot*3
Sign in for 4 days: Reconfiguration Generator*3, Key Memory Card (Medium)*2
Sign in for 5 days: AI Core Fragments*5, Skill Sample*1500
Sign in for 6 days: 3 Pcs Set Orange Algorithm - β*2, Pioneering Breakthrough Widget Box (s)*35
Sign in for 7 days: Groove's Projection - [Sonic Flurry]*1, Combat EXP *3600*10
For more game news and event information, please follow the in-game announcements for Neural Cloud and announcements from official social media.
[Neural Cloud] Operation Team
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2023.05.31 08:46 Traumatized_Waffle The Emissary - Part One


"How does it feel up there?" the earpiece crackled, the voice of Thomas in mission control penetrating the eerie silence. My heart raced, and I couldn't help but let out a deep, shaky breath in response.
"Feels... normal", I managed to stammer, my hands trembling as I tugged at the straps that held me firmly in my seat. The weight of the impending mission seemed to bear down on me, making every movement feel like a monumental effort.
"Status?" inquired Thomas, his voice a mixture of professionalism and concealed trepidation. I furrowed my brow, feeling beads of sweat trickling down my nose, my body betraying the anxiety that gripped me.
"I'm... strapped in and ready to fly, control," I replied, my voice trembling slightly. It was a struggle to steady my words, to mask the unease that threatened to consume me.
"Pilot is ready to launch. Begin final checks," Thomas instructed, his voice projecting a sense of duty laced with underlying concern. The gravity of the situation became more palpable with each passing moment, and the tension in the cockpit heightened.
"Communications?" I asked, my voice cracking ever so slightly as I awaited the confirmation. The silence that followed felt heavy, amplifying my apprehension.
"Go," came the response, a single word that hung in the air, pregnant with both reassurance and uncertainty.
"Engines?" I continued, my words barely escaping my lips, as if fearing their own existence.
"Engines are go," came the reassuring yet strained reply from mission control. The hum of the spacecraft's engines added to the symphony of nerves that filled the cockpit.
"Life support?" I pressed on, my voice faltering under the weight of the moment. The thought of relying on the complex systems that ensured my survival in the cold expanse of space only heightened my unease.
"Go," confirmed the voice from mission control, its tone laced with a mixture of confidence and unspoken worry.
"Tank pressure?" I asked, my voice strained and trembling with a mix of excitement and fear.
"Holding steady at 2.4 bar," came the reply, a fragile thread of stability in the midst of a tumultuous storm.
"Launch is go. Beginning countdown sequence," Thomas declared, his voice resolute and focused. The countdown loomed before me, an ominous reminder of the imminent journey that awaited, each passing second amplifying the nervous atmosphere that surrounded me.
As the countdown began, a sense of anticipation intertwined with an eerie uncertainty. The cockpit began to hum and rumble as the many systems began to come online. I held my breath for a moment, the air thick with nervous energy. The weight of the mission bore down on my shoulders, reminding me of the countless hours of training and preparation leading up to this pivotal moment.
"Ten... nine... eight..." The numbers reverberated in my mind, each one marking a step closer to the unknown. My grip tightened on the armrests, my knuckles turning white beneath my gloves as I braced myself for what lay ahead. Doubts and fears swirled within me, questioning my abilities and challenging my resolve. But amidst the unease, a spark of determination flickered, refusing to be extinguished.
"Seven... six... five..." The sound of the countdown merged with the pounding of my heart, creating a symphony of apprehension and intrigue. My gaze shifted to the vast expanse beyond the cockpit window, where the dark void of space awaited, both captivating and unsettling. The silence of the cosmos enveloped me, whispering secrets and posing unanswered questions, heightening the mystery that surrounded the silent alien spacecraft.
"Four... three... two..." The countdown continued, each number resonating through the cockpit like a ticking time bomb. Adrenaline surged through my veins, amplifying the nervous anticipation that clung to every fiber of my being. The silence of the alien spacecraft echoed in my ears, its lack of response a haunting reminder of the enigmatic presence that awaited me.
"One..." The final number hung in the air, pregnant with the weight of the moment. A surge of raw energy coursed through the spacecraft as the engines roared to life, their powerful vibrations reverberating through the hull. The moment had arrived. The moment where humanity would venture into the unknown, reaching out to a silent enigma that defied comprehension.
With a jolt, the spacecraft leapt forward, propelled by the immense force of the rocket engines. My body pressed back against the seat, the G-forces pulling at every fiber of my being. As the Earth retreated beneath me, a mix of awe and unease washed over me.
The spacecraft shuddered and groaned as the first stage detached from the craft with a heavy clunk. I could feel the vibrations coursing through the walls, a tangible reminder of the immense power propelling me forward. My eyes fixated on the exterior cameras, capturing the sight of the discarded first stage slowly descending back to Earth. It was a mesmerizing dance of gravity and momentum, a breathtaking spectacle that underscored the magnitude of our journey.
"First stage detached, igniting second stage engines," came Thomas's voice through the crackling earpiece. His words pierced through the silence, jolting me back to the present reality. Another surge of force enveloped the spacecraft as the three second stage engines roared to life, their fiery thrust propelling me further away from the familiarity of Earth and into the depths of space where the silent alien spacecraft awaited.
I turned my attention to the expansive view outside the cockpit window, transfixed by the ethereal sight of Earth's horizon stretching before me. The inky darkness of space met the delicate curve of our planet, while the radiant glow of the sun began to peek over the edge, casting a golden hue upon the celestial canvas. In that moment, the weight of the mission momentarily lifted from my shoulders, as I found myself lost in the awe-inspiring beauty that surrounded me.
But the crackling of my earpiece snapped me back to reality, a gentle reminder that time was of the essence. The significance of the mission flooded my thoughts once more, reminding me of the importance of the task at hand. With a deep breath, I refocused my attention on the mission control's communication.
"Final burn completed, Emissary 1 has reached a stable orbit," Thomas's voice announced, carrying a mix of relief and anticipation. It was a small triumph, a moment of reassurance amidst the vast unknown. The spacecraft had found its place among the stars, suspended in a delicate equilibrium as we prepared to embark on the next phase of our mission.
The silence of the alien spacecraft still echoed in my mind, an enigma waiting to be unraveled. With orbit achieved, I knew that the real challenge lay ahead – to bridge the divide between humanity and the silent emissary that floated in the vastness of space. The journey had only just begun, and every fiber of my being was primed for the encounter that would define the course of human history.
"Pilot, confirm status," came the unwavering voice from mission control, cutting through the hum of the spacecraft's systems. I took a moment to collect myself, my heart still racing from the intensity of the ascent and the weight of the mission ahead.
"Alive and well, if a little shaken up," I replied, my voice laced with a mix of relief and lingering adrenaline. My eyes darted across the intricate control board, scanning each indicator for any signs of anomaly. The complexity of the spacecraft's operations manifested in the labyrinth of switches, buttons, and digital readouts, a testament to the collective efforts of countless engineers and scientists who had made this journey possible.
"Confirmed. Beginning rendezvous burn," Thomas's voice responded, his tone steady yet tinged with an undercurrent of anticipation. The significance of this moment was not lost on me. The rendezvous burn marked the crucial step in closing the distance between Emissary 1 and the silent alien spacecraft. It was a delicate ballet of calculations, precision, and trust in the systems that held my fate in their electronic embrace.
With a flick of my gloved hand, I initiated the burn sequence, feeling the rumble of the thrusters as they came to life. The spacecraft responded with a subtle shift in trajectory, each burst of propulsion propelling me closer to the enigmatic presence that awaited us in the vast expanse.
As the rendezvous burn continued, the silence inside the cockpit enveloped me once again, broken only by the low hum of the spacecraft's systems. The gravity of the mission settled over me like a heavy cloak, reminding me of the responsibility I carried as humanity's emissary. Every decision, every action held the potential to shape the course of our encounter, to unlock the secrets held within the silent alien spacecraft.
Through the cockpit window, the star-studded backdrop of space unfolded before me, a vast canvas of infinite possibilities. The brilliance of distant galaxies and the gentle glimmers of neighboring celestial bodies offered a stark contrast to the enigmatic void of the silent spacecraft. It was a stark reminder that within the grand tapestry of the universe, we were but tiny specks, reaching out in search of connection, understanding, and perhaps even a glimpse into the mysteries that lay beyond our own realm.
With each passing moment, the rendezvous burn drew us closer, narrowing the divide between Emissary 1 and the silent spacecraft that awaited us. The anticipation within the cockpit grew, fueled by a mix of curiosity, wonder, and the ever-present nerves that accompanied venturing into uncharted territory.
In the depths of space, as I guided the spacecraft through the delicate ballet of propulsion and navigation, I couldn't help but marvel at the complexity of our endeavor. The culmination of years of research, technological advancements, and the collective ambition of humanity had led us to this precise moment. Every system, every line of code had been meticulously designed and tested to ensure the success of this mission. And now, as the rendezvous burn neared completion, I prepared myself for the next phase of our odyssey, ready to confront the enigma that awaited us with a mixture of trepidation and unwavering determination.
"Burn completed, trajectory established. On intercept course with the alien craft. Emissary 1 switching over to manual control. Godspeed, pilot," Thomas's voice resounded through the crackling earpiece, its cadence punctuated by a sense of both reverence and urgency. The connection grew more tenuous, the crackles and static intensifying as if mirroring the heightened anticipation that filled the cockpit.
As Thomas's voice faded into the background, the control board before me illuminated with an eerie glow, casting an otherworldly ambiance within the confined space of the spacecraft. Each precision instrument, meticulously calibrated and designed, hummed to life, their intricate displays offering a wealth of information to aid in the delicate maneuvers that lay ahead. It was a symphony of technology, a dance of light and data, empowering me to navigate the uncharted path around the enigmatic alien craft.
With a touch of my gloved hand, I assumed manual control, relinquishing the guidance of automated systems to trust my own instincts and expertise. The weight of responsibility settled upon my shoulders once more, the fate of this historic encounter resting upon the decisions I would make in the moments to come.
The spacecraft hurtled forward, rapidly closing the distance to the L1 Lagrange point, where the gravitational forces of the Earth and the Moon coalesced in a delicate equilibrium. I began to pulse the RCS thrusters, their calculated bursts of propulsion expertly slowing my approach to the enigmatic alien craft, which now loomed into view with an aura of mystique.
As the spacecraft inched closer, the details of the silent alien craft gradually emerged from the vast expanse of space. Its sleek and enigmatic design defied conventional understanding, bearing an otherworldly elegance that captivated the eye. The contours of its hull were adorned with patterns and symbols, an alien language that held secrets yet to be deciphered. It was a marvel of unknown technology, a testament to the ingenuity of a civilization that had journeyed to the stars.
The proximity to the alien craft ignited a surge of awe and trepidation within me. It was a moment of profound significance, where the aspirations of humanity and the enigma of the unknown converged. I felt the weight of the centuries of exploration and curiosity pressing against my chest, as if the eyes of the world were upon me, witnessing this delicate dance between two species on the precipice of discovery.
In this surreal moment, surrounded by the mysterious glow of the control board and the ethereal backdrop of the cosmos, I steeled my nerves and prepared to embark on this unprecedented encounter. The spacecraft's manual controls responded to my every touch, as I navigated the final approach, drawing closer to the silent alien craft that held the promise of answers and the potential to reshape our understanding of the universe.
"The craft is in view. No visible instruments or windows on the surface of the hull, but it is covered in alien symbols. Sending high-definition images now," I reported, relaying the information to mission control with a mixture of awe and fascination.
I gently maneuvered the controls, cautiously inching the Emissary 1 closer to the enigmatic craft. The powerful spotlights mounted on the spacecraft illuminated the hull, revealing a dazzling golden shimmer. I couldn't help but be captivated by its mysterious allure, wondering what secrets it held within.
My eyes scanned the surface, studying the intricate patterns of alien symbols that adorned the craft. Amidst the sea of enigmatic markings, my attention was drawn to a noticeable depression in the hull, marked by finely etched lines. It resembled a hangar door, an inviting entrance into the unknown.
"Mission control, I've spotted what appears to be a hangar door on the surface of the vessel. Can I proceed closer?" I requested, my voice resonating through the communication systems, filled with eagerness and curiosity.
A palpable silence hung in the air, prolonging the anticipation as I awaited mission control's response. The crackle of the earpiece served as a reminder of the weight of this moment, as if the entire world held its breath in anticipation of what lay ahead.
Finally, a voice emerged from the static, its tone cautious yet decisive. "You are cleared for approach," mission control declared, their words carrying a mixture of trust and caution. It was a moment of affirmation, a green light to delve deeper into this extraordinary encounter.
With permission granted, I took a deep breath, gathering my focus for the task at hand. The Emissary 1 surged forward, guided by my steady hand on the controls, drawing nearer to the enigmatic craft. The excitement within me swelled, fueled by the blend of curiosity and duty that propelled us on this unprecedented journey.
As the distance between our spacecraft and the enigmatic hangar door diminished, a sense of anticipation coursed through me. It was as if this moment held the key to unraveling the enigma that had silently traveled across the vastness of space. Step by step, we ventured into the unknown, driven by our insatiable hunger for knowledge and the indomitable spirit of exploration.
Just as it seemed the nose of my spacecraft would make contact with the hangar door, an astonishing sight unfolded before me. With a sudden burst, the large door sprang open, unleashing a blinding light that erupted from within the alien craft. Simultaneously, my communication system erupted into a cacophony of shrill noises, piercing my ears and jolting me with a sense of unease.
To my astonishment and growing panic, the Emissary 1 surged forward, propelled into the opening of the alien craft of its own accord. Desperation consumed me as I frantically reached for the emergency shutoffs, desperately trying to regain control. Yet, despite my efforts, the spacecraft continued to accelerate, hurtling forward with increasing speed.
Then, in a sudden and jarring turn of events, the blinding light from the alien craft flickered out, plunging the surroundings into darkness. The Emissary 1 came to a jolting halt, violently throwing me against my seat straps. The cacophony from the communication system abruptly ceased, leaving an unsettling silence in its wake.
Fear gripped me as I stared out of the cockpit window, my eyes scanning the void before me. In the distance, a dim, blue star flickered, offering an eerie illumination. Yet, what truly commanded my attention was the colossal structure that loomed ahead, fashioned from the same mysterious golden material as the enigmatic alien spacecraft. Its immense size left me awestruck and apprehensive, as if it held the weight of secrets that could shatter our understanding of the universe.
"Control, are you seeing this?" I spoke into the void, my voice trembling with a mix of wonder and trepidation. But there was no response, not even the customary crackling of the communication system. A deep sense of unease settled within me, the realization dawning that something had gone terribly wrong.
"Control, are you... are you there?" I repeated, my voice now tinged with palpable fear. Silence echoed in response, intensifying the growing dread that wrapped around my heart. The weight of isolation and uncertainty pressed down upon me, as if the vast expanse of space itself conspired to engulf me in its grip.
Before I could gather my thoughts or summon the courage to speak again, every light source in the cockpit abruptly went dark, plunging me into an abyss of blackness. In the midst of the void, a single screen dead center on the control board illuminated, casting an eerie glow. A simple message materialized before me, stark against the dark backdrop:
"We have been waiting for you."

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2023.05.31 08:37 Slayers_Picks UFC Fight Night: Kara-France v Albazi Fight Predictions!

I hope everyone here is doing well.
I have some unfortunate news to start this write up off with.
If you've been following my write ups, you may have seen that my mums health has not been the best. Unfortunately, this monday we received news that we were fearing to hear. To keep it short and sweet, months but not many. So, to say that this write up was a struggle is keeping it very light. Between crying, talking to family, crying more and just... you know?
So, here it is! I tried but you can most likely see a bit of a decline in everything.
(c) - Champ
D/DWCS - Debut/Dana Whites' Contender Series
FLS - Fight Lose Streak
FWS - Fight Win Streak
NS - No Streak
(#x) - Rank in Division
x/3 - Confidence Levels
Lets do this thing.
Light Heavyweight
Maxim Grishin (-150) (32-9-2, NS) v Philipe Lins (+120) (16-5-0, 2 FWS) - This is a fun one to start off the prelims. Grishin is coming off a strong win against William Knight, and it was Grishins very precise striking that got him the decision win. Knight was fairly relentless with the takedowns, attempting 9 and only landing 30% of those, with minimal control time. Grishin is very well prepared for most of his fights and his well roundedness showed during that fight against Knight, someone who has insane amounts of power but with the athleticism of a slug. Grishin is a veteran of this sport, and whilst some might say that he’s at that age where we see a natural decline in every attribute of a fighter, he could still very much get a win here if he keeps this fight neat and clean, since Lins himself is a bit of a brawler who pushes an incredible pace in short bursts. Grishin will need to rely on his footwork in order to frustrate Lins and force Lins to make a mistake, and rest assured that Lins has a propensity to make mistakes. Lins loves to make a fight gritty and exciting, and it’s what we saw when he fought the fairly old and slow OSP, and it’s exactly how I thought the fight would go, because Lins is a bit of a bulldozer when he fights, nothing but offence with very little defence, he’s exciting and sometimes that’s enough to be pushed in the UFC, but I feel like these two have been destined to fight at some point. They both started in the UFC in 2020, they both have the same UFC record, but the main stat that I want to point out, and I know that stats don’t mean much in the long run, but Lins has absorbed more strikes per minute compared to Grishin. This pretty much only tells me that Grishin is a touch more patient and tactical with his approach, he stays at distance and just throws attacks without much chance of his opponent retaliating. Lins has a fairly solid chance if he pushes the pace, and that’s most likely what he’s going to do, but he also has a tiny bit of an advantage on the ground, and since he does have a bit of a grappling background and has used his wrestling in his fights, that might be the more smart way to defeat Grishin. However, I do not like how Lins strikes, its very narrow and reckless, almost reminding me of Michael Chandler in that sense, just straight down the pipe aggression, minimal head movement and all out attacks. If Grishin can see that coming, angle off or circle away and land a counter, then this is going to be Grishin’s fight all day, but at the age of 39, I just don’t know if his chin can withstand the power of Lins. I got Grishin winning due to his technical advantage, but Lins will make a great underdog pick.
Grishin via UD - (1/3)
Luan Lacerda (-130) (12-2-0, NS) v Da’mon Blackshear (+100) (12-5-1, NS) - Lacerda is coming off a tough loss against Stamann, and that’s an incredibly tough debuting dance partner, and despite the odds being stacked against him, he did relatively well and learnt so much throughout that three round bout. Lacerda looked about as good as anyone who is making his debut against a veteran like Stamann can look, and he surprised me with his takedown success, albeit it was only one takedown, but to be able to do that against a highly dangerous wrestler like Stamann is pretty damn awesome. Lacerda in this particular bout will look to get the fight to the ground, as many of Blackshear’s opponents have done in the past and thus far in the UFC. Lacerda has nothing but submission finishes on his record and I feel like whilst Blackshear is going to be aware of that submission threat, nothing Blackshear can do will be able to prepare him for the skill gap on the ground between these two fighters. Lacerda also has very decent stand up and he utilises a Muay Thai style of striking, very heavy on the feet, heavy kicks from both sides, but he lacks any defensive counters that would potentially dissuade Blackshear from pushing forward, which is why I still think Lacerda taking this fight to the ground is the only clear way to get a win. Blackshear is coming off a tough loss against a very dangerous prospect in Farid Basharat, and it was the puzzle of Basharats skillset that somewhat froze Blackshear a little bit, it was the pressure on the feet, as well as the wrestling and takedown attempts that just overwhelmed Blackshear a tiny bit. Blackshear does have a few submissions on his record, but I feel like they have been against fighters who just lose by submissions a fair bit, so there’s a bit of a pattern there. Blackshear could have the knowledge to keep the fight on the feet and avoid any submissions, but if history dictates his ability to grapple, its that the better wrestlegrappler usually wins the exchanges, and in this case, Lacerda is the better grappler, plus he comes from the Nova Uniao which is a gym I have multiple times in past have said is one of the best. I got Lacerda winning this one, but if you were to place a bet I think this one is going over 1.5 rounds, it’s going to mostly be a bit of a chess match in my opinion.
Lacerda via UD - (1/3)
Women’s Strawweight
Jihn Yu Frey (-110) (11-8-0, 2 FLS) v Elise Reed (-110) (6-3-0, NS) - Well this is something. Frey is coming off two tough back to back losses, and it seems that she has been used as a stepping stone for a lot of the other prospects that have made their way through the rankings. Now, Frey is no doubt a very tough fighter to deal with, she is fairly athletic and physically strong, able to shove aside a lot of the takedown attempts from her opponents, but whilst she’s decent in the counter-wrestling department, she’s a bit of a easy target when it comes to strikers, as we saw when she fought Polyana Viana. She level changes a lot, dipping her head often in order to lunge attacks, but her head is always on the centre line and that could be enough of a read for Reed to set up her own attacks. The other problem is that Frey isn’t a young chicken anymore, she’s nearing 40 years of age and is coming off a KO loss. Frey does have a chance to win this fight, and that’s only if she uses her sheer physicality and strength to control and negate the striking of Reed. Reed is coming off a tough submission loss against Lookboonme, and if you’ve been following Lookboonme’s career, that’s a wild thing to say. Reed is someone who i’m not completely sold on, but if there’s one thing that she does very well, its pressure. She isn’t the type to just be patient in the centre of the octagon and exchange punches, she’s very good at starting fast and pressuring her opponent towards the cage, cutting off movement with her own lateral movement and just throwing attacks, despite her attacks sometimes being a bit overzealous and sloppy. I think that pressure is going to be key, and we have seen a few times now that Frey kind of crumbles under pressure fairly easily, she has her back against the cage pretty often and I think the longer this fight goes on, the more worn out she is going to be, and that’s when Reed will look her best.
Reed via UD - (2/3)
Daniel Santos (-165) (10-2-0, NS) v Johnny Munoz Jr (+140) (12-2-0, NS) - Let’s give this fight another shot huh? Santos is one hard fighter to predict because during his first fight, he fought Arce and he wasn’t very effective with his punches, he struck at a 27% accuracy which is pretty damn low, and he got outstruck about 3:1, so overall it wasn’t an excellent performance. During his most recent performance however he fought a tiny bit better, albeit he did get hurt a lot in the first round after eating Castaneda’s head kick and later his punches. Santos loves to set up the right hand with a strong jab or lead hook, it’s pretty much his only attack that he relies on. However, his ability to eat punches is not so great, he gets hurt so often and even though he recovered reasonably well when he fought Castaneda, it still does not give me a whole lot of confidence especially since he’s about to face another dangerous fighter in Munoz Jr. Santos can recover fairly well though, but he still shows problems with his skillset and that’s just a bit of a defensive deficit. The only thing that I can see that’s somewhat positive about him is that he doesn’t fade after getting hurt, he gets hurt easily, sure, but he recovers and moves forward relentlessly, and that can break the spirit of his opponent. His KO over Castaneda, and the gorgeous combinations before that eventual finish was a brilliant display of smart targeting and relentless pressure, and if he can replicate that very same level of pressure in this fight, he could find a whole lot of success. Still, Santos only has two fights in the UFC and I haven’t exactly seen anything major that makes me confidently think that he can win this one, apart from that incredible fight against Castaneda. Munoz Jr is coming off a strong win against Sholinian, and he looked very strong in there. However, one thing that stood out to me was how forward his lead leg was, it was exposed and it was at an angle that Sholinian could have targeted because the foot was turned on the inside, and you cannot check kicks if the foot is turned inwards unless that approaching kick is an inside leg kicks. Munoz Jr is very good at reading and reacting to his opponents movements and tendencies, we saw this when Sholinian kept ducking towards Munoz’s lead leg side, and Munoz saw that and threatened with a lead kick/knee, he is very good at reading his opponent and that could be a bit of a problem for Santos. However, Munoz Jr does succumb to pressure a little bit, he tends to be backed up a lot, and if Santos’ last fight tells us anything, its that Santos is the type of fighter to constantly move forward and force his opponent to back up, with the unfortunate downside of him being highly susceptible to being hurt. Now, in regards to this prediction, I do have Santos winning this one, simply because I feel like any form of lack of defence shown during his Castaneda fight would have been fixed for this fight, because Santos does come from the same gym that Oliveira comes from, so it’s highly possible that they’re well prepared. Either way, this is a 50/50 for me but I got Santos winning this one.
Santos via UD - (1/3)
Andrei Arlovski (-115) (34-21-0, NS) v Don’Tale Mayes (-105) (9-5-0, NS) - Well this is certainly a fight. Arlovski is coming off a tough submission loss against Rogerio de Lima, and it was the first loss in a while for Arlovski who previously was on a bit of a winning streak, albeit it wasn’t the best fights in his career, which is understandable because Arlovski is old now, and has started to fight a lot more methodically. Arlovski is still very capable of winning, there isn’t any sign of him slowing down, he isn’t stiff or one to gas easily, he looks reasonably okay in terms of fitness and athleticism, and being reasonably okay is pretty great for the Heavyweight division. Mayes is not a unique opponent that Arlovski has faced, and I think Arlovski’s experience is going to play a pivotal role in this fight. Arlovski will probably steer clear from striking against the much larger and potentially more dangerous fighter, so I can only guess that Arlovski is going to wrestle a lot in this fight since Hamdy has shown that Mayes is fairly easy to wrestle. The only problem is that the last time Arlovski has secured a takedown was back in 2018 against Abdurakhimov, and even during his winning streak from 2020 onwards, he hasn’t really attempted any takedowns, which only makes me think him getting takedowns will throw off Mayes a whole lot. Mayes no doubt has a huge size advantage here, and perhaps a power advantage. Although we have not seen great things from Mayes, he has been a bit of a silent fighter, or at least a forgotten one because of his performances being a bit dull apart from his Parisian win which is a bit of a lower level fight in this division. Mayes has a lot of power in his hands, and since he has a bit of a reach and height advantage, Arlovski will most likely play the safe game in this fight, chop at the legs and just lure Mayes into throwing something. Now, whether or not Mayes can crack the chin of Arlovski is the main question here, but considering that Arlovski has eaten some massive shots before and still stood tall makes me think that overall Arlovski has a lot of advantages here. However, and I cannot stress this enough, age is a massive factor here and this is Heavyweight, so whilst my prediction is a boring Arlovski decision win, Mayes via KO is a strong alt bet.
Arlovski via UD - (1/3)
John Castaneda (19-6-0, NS) v Muin Gafarov (D) (18-4-0, 2 FWS) - This is going to be a fantastic bout to watch for those that love striking. Castaneda is coming off a tough loss against Daniel Santos, and it was a very explosive and exciting war for the most part. Castaneda is a very tricky fighter to get a read on because he is very good at switching stance and giving his opponent a whole lot of different looks. He does have a very kick heavy style and it’s quite diverse, often attacking from all angles, targeting all sections of his opponent whilst moving around and feeling a groove. However, he is at his worst when he decides to box in range, and I know that sounds strange but like, whenever he’s in the pocket he tends to eat a lot of punches because he is not as comfortable in the pocket as he is at range launching kicks. However, that comfortability that Castaneda loves at range can be disrupted by the sheer explosiveness of Gafarov’s attacks, and I mean, if someone who is coming off two ferocious knockout wins after missing his chance at DWCS, I highly expect Gafarov to take off like a greyhound (the dog, not the bus, although, the bus might count here too) and overwhelm, or at least attempt to overwhelm Castaneda, because it’s very difficult to kick off a retreating motion, and Castaneda chooses to throw a punch than there’s a possibility that we could see the very same flaws in Castaneda’s boxing show once again during this fight. Gafarov is coming off two savage KO’s on LFA leading into this debut, and he’s no doubt going to carry some serious energy and excitement into this fight. Gafarov is a very exciting fighter that has come from some very good organisations such as One Championship and LFA, and that experience against incredibly talented strikers (especially in One) is no doubt going to help him coming into this fight against Castaneda. Now, Castaneda is not an easy outing for anyone, and as long as Gafarov does not become too placated with eating the kicks and timing his attacks, he should be okay because ultimately what bothers Castaneda the most, outside of being hit in the face, is the thought of being hit in the face, and I know that sounds like armchair psychologist stuff, but he does crumble under chaos. I think we are going to see a short and sweet KO by Gafarov, because if he doesn’t get Castaneda out of there in the first or second, by the third round he’s going to be pretty gassed. I got Gafarov winning this one, if you couldn’t already tell. As for betting, this one doesn’t go the distance in my opinion.
Gafarov via KO R1 - (1/3)
Elizeu Zaleski (-110) (23-7-0, NS) v Abubaker Nurmagomedov (-110) (17-3-1, 2 FWS) - I like this fight. Zaleski is coming off a fairly strong win against Saint-Denis thanks to his technical striking and sheer volume, and also thanks to Saint-Denis’ lack of takedown effectiveness which no doubt helped Zaleski a whole lot. Zaleski has always been a very tricky fighter to get a read on, he isn’t exactly a great fighter, he just has an incredibly wide selection of striking attacks that he uses relentlessly when he fights. Everything Zaleski does makes his opponent think for a second in order to react. The problem is that whenever something is coming back Zaleski’s way, it makes his whole rhythm change and he gets sloppy, and Abubaker isn’t the type to just stand there and absorb attacks. Zaleski needs to keep this fight on the feet in order to win, but unfortunately with how often he gets taken down, I feel like someone like Nurmagomedov won’t have much problem with being the aggressor and looking for takedowns. Zaleski also tends to load up alot, usually ending his combo with a wild, powerful right hand that can often outbalance him. This is of course me talking about him after watching his latest fight against Saint Denis, so there’s a solid chance that he has tightened things up, but honestly, Zaleski’s big attacks and propensity to throw that heavy right ending a combo is going to lead to him being a lot more tired, and that’s not exactly a great thing to see when you’re facing someone who has excellent cardio and great wrestling. Nurmagomedov is about as classic as one can get when we talk about Sambo style fighters, they like to pressure and to wrestle, and that’s honestly all I can see Nurmagomedov aiming to achieve this weekend, wrestle and smother, as well as avoid any defensive submissions that Zaleski will use. However, I am still a bit apprehensive about siding with Nurmagomedov primarily due to his experience in the UFC, he has only fought twice during the 2020’s and his opponents weren’t exactly high level competition. He is facing a veteran who, whilst has a whole lot of knockouts on his record, has shown that he is capable on the ground as a submission artist, and it’s a submission that Zawada caught Nurmagomedov on during Nurmagomedov’s debut, so there is a fairly solid chance here for Zaleski to get a win here through a finish, but I honestly just don’t see it going any other way than Nurmagomedov putting on a heavy pressure and a wrestling clinic. However, Zaleski’s knees are still going to be a primary advantage here, he throws it with such nasty intent and power, and even Saint-Denis learnt the hard way not to attempt takedowns brazenly against Zaleski. So, whilst Nurmagomedov has a wrestling advantage, those knees could definitely land flush, and I think that’s going to be a massive factor in this fight. Regardless, I still feel like Nurmagomedov can get a win here, but boy is this a fascinating fight.
Nurmagomedov via UD - (1/3)
Main Card
Jamie Mullarkey (16-5-0) (2 FWS) v Muhammadjon Naimov (D) (8-2-0, 3 FWS) - Alright, this is going to be an insanely short prediction because I just finished writing the original write up (Kutateladze/Mullarkey) and then the UFC does this and now i’m mildly annoyed lol. Let’s stick to what we know for sure. Mullarkey is both taller and longer than Naimov, has experience in the UFC, is coming off a full camp and is a proper lightweight. Mullarkey is also coming off two strong back to back wins, one in which he fought Michael Johnson and we all know by now that Johnson isn’t an easy opponent for anyone. Mullarkey likes to strike at a distance but also puts emphasis on his punches once his range is honed in, and his range is usually figured out by the second round, so I suspect that since he has a significant reach advantage, that range finding moment in the first round could come sooner than usual. Mullarkey has added another aspect to his game though, and that’s wrestling, and whilst he’s always been a bit of a wrestler, he has become a lot better at controlling his opponent and keeping one slight step ahead of them on the ground, and considering that Naimov is coming in as a late replacement against a fairly well rounded Mullarkey, the more Mullarkey mixes in his attacks, gets a takedown and ultimately keeps Naimov guessing as to what’s coming next, the more chance he has at winning this fight. By default though, just by him coming in a bit more prepared physically against a fighter who is fighting with 10 extra pounds and with less than a week of prep time… everything here just points to Mullarkey getting a win this weekend. This is one of those rare (or maybe first ever) predictions in which I didn’t break down anything for Naimov, and that’s just because there really isn’t much to say until we see something. So, for now this is a “bet at your own risk” kind of deal, as most late replacement bouts should be treated, but I do have fairly high confidence in Mullarkey getting a win here.
Mullarkey via KO R2 - (2/3)
Women’s Flyweight
Karine Silva (-225) (15-4-0, 6 FWS) v Ketlen Souza (D) (+175) (13-3-0, 5 FWS) - Well this is something. Silva is coming off a very strong debut submission win against Poliana Botelho, and it was a bit of a rough fight for Silva but ultimately she did get a submission just before the first round finished. Silva is definitely not a striker, she is a bit of a one dimensional fighter in that regard and I feel like she is going to require a whole lot of pressure in order to throw Souza’s offence off a bit and not let her settle into her own rhythm. However, it has been almost a year since Silva’s debut fight and I wonder if any momentum that she gained coming into the UFC has been lost since then because that’s a bit of a long time away from being in the cage. Whilst I did say that Silva isn’t a striker, she still does have some decent combos, and one of her better ones is a one two combo followed by a left mid-section or head kick, and I think with Silva’s slight head advantage, this could possibly throw Souza off a little bit. However I still think this will be ultimately a grappler versus striker bout with Silva needing to take this fight to the ground. Souza is making her debut coming off a strong 5 Fight Win Streak, with her last few wins being from Invicta, but giving her record and history a bit of a look, one thing stood out to me, and that was the amount of lower level fighters she fought against outside of Invicta, and that kind of rings some alarm bells, but maybe that’s just me focusing too much on her record pre-Invicta. Anyway, Souza is a knockout artist, everything she throws comes with a whole lot of force and power, and you can tell in her frame that she’s built for that, but I also think that she is still able to be controlled on the ground by a much better grappler, in this case that would be Silva. The only thing that Silva really needs to worry about is both entering the clinch because Souza has very strong knees, and exiting the clinch where Souza can throw a quick and powerful flurry. At its core, this is very much a striker versus grappler bout between two rather green fighters, and considering that we have seen what Silva is capable of against a fairly tested opponent like Botelho, I feel like that experience is only going to show in this bout against the very dangerous Souza. If there is an underdog that you wanna be on, it would have to be Souza, but as for my prediction, I feel like Silva might get the win here, I just wonder how long it would take before Silva finds that much needed takedown. My best guess is that the first 3-4 minutes would be a bit of a tit-for-tat striking bout, followed by a takedown attempt by Silva. With that said though, there is a possibility that this could be over 1.5 rounds despite both fighters being prolific finishers.
Silva via Sub R2 - (1/3)
Tim Elliott (#14) (-175) (18-12-1, NS) v Victor Altamirano (+145) (12-2-0, 2 FWS) - Well this is going to be a scrap. Elliott is coming off an incredibly hard fought win against Ulanbekov, and it was such a back and forth war, as most Elliott fights tend to be. Elliott is a grinder, he is one of those fighters that just doesn’t stop pressing on the gas pedal, shooting takedowns, throwing heavy strikes often and overall making it absolute hell for his opponents. It’s not just his skillset and ability that makes him a dangerous fighter, its his unorthodox style, he is a very odd fighter to get a read on, there’s a lot of different looks, funky looks, constantly moving and just not looking like a standard fighter. However, the big problem Elliott is probably facing during this camp is the absence of James Krause, this is his first fight without his main coach being in his corner, so there is a chance that we might not see the same Elliott. That of course could go both ways, either he could have finetuned his skillset a bit more with the new team, or he could still look like the same fighter. Either way, Elliott is a highly dangerous fighter to deal with, and since Elliott is mostly a wrestler, he does have, in my opinion, a style advantage coming into this fight since Altamirano is primarily a striker. Altamirano is coming off back to back wins, with his most recent victory being against the very tall and quite dangerous Salvador, and Altamirano adjusted relatively well to Salvadors quite wild and ineffective striking. He also landed a few takedowns which was probably the smartest choice anyone might make when facing someone like Salvador, but if we are to compare who is the better wrestler, there is no doubt in my mind that Elliott is leagues above Altamirano. However, with how accurate Altamirano is on the feet, it’s a near perfect counter to Elliott’s wrestling advantage because whilst Elliott does create a whole lot of chaos when it comes to wrestling, he also has a terrible chin and if Altamirano can read through the awkward movements, maybe throw up middle attacks such as an uppercut or a knee, I suspect that’s where we are going to see Elliott potentially get caught. Altamirano also has a slight edge in reach which only plays in the favour of the Mexican warrior. This is a bit of a tough one to predict due to the style clash, but I think Elliott will be able to edge out a decision win here, as long as he doesn’t commit about 20 or so fouls during the fight, because he has the propensity to just be a bit of a dirty fighter too.
Elliott via UD - (2/3)
Jim Miller (+200) (35-17-0, NS) v Jared Gordon (-250) (19-6-0, NS) - I love this fight. Miller is coming off a tough loss against Hernandez in which it was mostly a stand up bout where Hernandez just controlled the fight a lot better, negating a fair bit of Millers own offence. Miller needs no introduction, and if you’ve been reading my stuff for the past few years, you know his tendencies, his proclivities in the cage and his primary advantages over most of his opponents. His only chance in this fight in my opinion is to try to out-activity Gordon, and that’s a tall task for anyone to achieve due to Gordon’s own insane cardio and activity. Miller does perhaps have a chance on the feet since Gordon is coming off a “knockout” loss and might still be dealing with some post-KO cobwebs since he’s taking this fight on short notice. Miller is a veteran and will also have a bit of an experience advantage coming into this fight, and since Gordon isn’t a vastly unique fighter in terms of style and technique, Miller will probably know what to do or how to handle Gordon. Gordon on the other hand is coming off, for the most part, an outstanding fight against Green in which he was actually a fairly effective striker against the dangerous boxer, and it really showcased how well prepared Gordon gets for his fights, and I believe that’s testament to the camp work as we have seen with his team-mate Belal Muhammad and his massive success in recent years. Gordon has one major advantage over Miller in my opinion and that’s cardio and durability, he is an incredibly durable fighter who can push a nasty pace from the get-go, and I believe that’s going to be his main goal during this fight, just make Miller suffocate under pressure and overwhelm him with either grappling or striking, however i’m leaning towards the thinking that Gordon will just wrestle since Miller doesn’t have the best takedown defence. I know some of you are thinking that Miller could catch Gordon in a guillotine or some sort of defensive submission off his back, but I feel like Gordon has enough wherewithal to avoid all of that. There is also the matter of age, Miller has been on a bit of a slow decline, and whilst he has been winning a fair bit these last couple of years, the longer the fight goes on, the more slower and fatigued he gets, and with the amount of pressure and the pace that Gordon fights at, I can only assume momentum will be on the side of Gordon. I got Gordon winning this one. It will be a low confidence pick due to this sudden turn-around against a high level opponent like Miller, but ultimately I think Gordon wins this one.
Gordon via UD - (1/3)
Co-Main Event
Alex Caceres (#15) (-175) (20-13-0, NS) v Daniel Pineda (+140) (28-14-0, NS) - This is an interesting Co-Main for sure. Caceres is coming off a win against Julian Erosa, and it was a fantastic and incredibly sneaky head kick that caught Erosa off guard, and that’s essentially the weaponry that Caceres has mastered throughout his career. Caceres is one hell of a fantastic striker who uses traditional martial arts techniques in his fights often and with great effectiveness due to the rarity of seeing it in a practical MMA environment. Basically, he’s an incredibly difficult striker to get a read on and uses his speed and timing to land brilliantly thrown attacks. However that can some at a downside, and we have seen this particular downside in a lot of his fights, and that’s distance management, he has a heavy reliance on keeping a fight at a certain distance where he can throw and land these devastating kicks, and he utilises great footwork and movement in order to maintain this distance, but as soon as he is being crowded and pressured, he sometimes crumbles under that pressure and his opponent typically lands a takedown or just suffocates him in pocket pressure, overwhelming him with everything and anything. However, since he is facing Pineda, the biggest threat that will come his way is wrestling, so I suspect that Caceres’ footwork and evasive movements will allow him to stay away from Pineda’s aggressive attacks and takedown attempts. Pineda has been a bit of a weird one for me to talk about, because on one hand, I don’t think he’s ready for a lot of UFC’s competition, especially not in Featherweight where there are absolute killers, but on the other hand, he can give us exciting moments. Pineda’s level of competition does not shine a light on what Caceres has been able to accomplish, and with Pineda’s last win being against Tucker Lutz, a reasonably okay fighter, I just feel like Pineda’s biting off more than he can chew in this fight. Pineda no doubt has a bit of a wrestling advantage in this fight and he’s going to press forward and try to crowd Caceres’ striking, but depending on his approach he could get caught over and over again, and Caceres himself does have a very flexible ground game in which he could catch Pineda with something on the ground. This is a fun fight though, but I got Caceres winning this one.
Caceres via KO R3 - (2/3)
Main Event
Kai Kara-France (#4) (-110) (24-10-0, NS) v Amir Albazi (#7) (-110) (16-1-0, 5 FWS) - Interesting fight we got here for the main event. Kara France is coming off a fantastic fight against Brandon Moreno, and even though he lost, it was nothing but valuable experience against the best of the best in the division, and on the feet it was a reasonably close competition. Kara-France is a kickboxer, we know this already and i’m sure we collectively expect to see Kara-France to showcase his striking during this fight, but it’s his elusiveness and head movement that makes him such a tricky striker, there is rarely a moment where Kara-France is a stationary target, he’s always level changing, keeping his head off the centre-line and when he presses forward to attack, he tends to angle off in other to keep away from a lot of retaliatory strikes. This no doubt is testament to how excellent the striking training is at City Kickboxing, but what Albazi offers is capable of shutting all of that down. Albazi is a strange one for me to talk about, because if we look at his record, it looks like he has stumbled his way into this position, and that’s not because he was pushed into this main event, it’s simply due to the lack of talent outside of the top 10 of the division, and Albazi has just snuck his way into this Main Event. Albazi is a very well rounded fighter who has a major grappling and submission advantage over Kara-France, which shouldn’t be a surprise because that’s the easiest way to get a Kickboxer to not do his or her thing. However, the quality of competition, as I have stated with the Co-Main Event fighter Pineda, is not on the level of Kara-France, and I believe that the fight that Kara-France had against Moreno has pushed him because he tasted what it’s like to fight a champion and that’s a strong motivator. I believe that Kara-France has enough technical capabilities to move away and keep fleet-footed enough so that Albazi will need to work a touch harder in order to either close in the distance, or get that much needed takedown. This is all pure speculation though and we could possibly see Albazi feint low and attack high with a thunderous overhand, and that’s the beauty of the sport. However, I still stick by what I think, and that’s that Albazi only has one way to win this fight, and I feel that Kara-France and his team know exactly what to do and what to avoid. Very interesting fight for both warriors, but I got Kara-France winning this one, albeit it will be mostly a “wait and see” fight, so not a high confidence pick.
Kara-France via KO R4 - (1/3)
Locks of this week are going to be a hybrid of last weeks locks. There are locks this week, but i'm also adding an additional parlay.
Locks of this week: Mullarkey, Elliott, Caceres (Reed is optional)
Parlay: Lacerda/Blackshear o1.5 - Reed/Frey Goes the Distance - Gafarov/Castaneda Does not go the distance - Elliott/Altamirano o1.5. (Silva/Souza o1.5 is optional)
Alt Bets are: Lins KO, Mayes KO, Souza KO, Miller Sub/KO (Double Chance)
if you wish to keep in contact with me or follow me on twitter, my twitter handle is @Slayer_Tip, and my Discord is Slayertip#7013.
Lets have a fun and friendly discussion down below about this weekends card!
I hope you all have an amazing day, look after yourselves, and enjoy this awesome event!
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2023.05.31 08:24 angorafox Safest manicure(s) for a cancer survivor?

Are there any manicures that still apply color but are safe as possible (no UV, minimal damage to nail bed), especially for a cancer survivor with a weak immune system?
I see mixed info about safety levels for different mani types. So far, it looks like I should be targeting LED light manis with organic nail polish, but curious if anyone knows more details?
Context: I took my mom, who is a cancer survivor, out to get her first mani and she loved it! She's very frugal and doesn't do self-care/"pamper" stuff often so I was hoping to make this our monthly treat now that I can afford it and visit home often.
Yes, I should've done more research... I had no idea about the dangers of manis. All I thought of at the time was to find a hygienic salon because she has low white blood cell count after chemo. We got dip nails since she wanted something sturdy that would last through housework. Of course after I see an article about dip nail infections, which led to a rabbit hole on UV lamps causing cancer, polish fumes, hepatitis exposure, etc. and it totally freaked me out. I know some are just fearmongering so I hope folks here can clarify which are bogus and real concerns. She's already excited for her next session and picked out her next color, so I'm hoping some are safe for her to enjoy!!!
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2023.05.31 08:16 teller_of_tall_tales The Lidoffad Caber toss.

Helvark the Zartani aimed the colt M40 carbine across the flower filled valleys beyond the city. Following Bobby and Brianna's advice, he slowly let out the breath in his lungs as he lined the primitive iron sights up.
Then he squeezed the trigger.
The rifle recoiled gently into Helvark's shoulder as the .25 caliber HEP projectile clanged off the titanium torso silhouette a hundred meters away. Dead on, center mass, the alloy the projectile has been made of was splattered across it's surface.
The taller than average Brianna whooped and slapped Helvark's shoulder in congratulations.
"You're getting the hang of this new guy. You handle the old Morty pretty damn well for a lizard!"
Helvark smiled as he squeezed off a few more shots. the new, custom fit active hearing protection he'd been given muffled the rifle's sharp report as the titanium plate shook from another half dozen impacts. Helvark smiled, the sharp tang of spent high explosives like an addictive drug as took a deep breath from the rifles locked open bolt.
The two humans exchanged a look of pride as the newcomer calmly inserted another thirty round magazine and went to town on the plate.
"I think Helvark's gonna fit right in here. I'm glad you introduced him to the local traditions."
Brianna chuckled as she nudged Bobby in the ribs, she may have been five foot ten but she looked like a child next to her lover.
The giant laughed softly in agreeance, watching his little protegé huff the fumes from the burnt high explosives again. Before setting the rifle down on the cargo bed of Bobby's All terrain vehicle.
"Mr lizard is our people, even if he has scales."
Brianna chuckled at her giant boyfriend's nickname for the Zartani.
The two continued to watch as Helvark drew the Block 9mm he'd originally wanted to buy. Snapping a few quick shots to bust some orange ceramic discs placed intermittently around the field. Roughly every other disk shattered as Helvark improved his aim. When the small pistol's slide locked back, Bobby stepped up to the firing line. C150 broom handle held steadily in one hand.
Helvark flinched in awe as the monstrously sized pistol spit fire and ejected a .50 BMG casing high into the air. The titanium plate downrange sung as the tungsten penetrator ripped straight through it like a knife through milk.
In anyone else's hands, that pistol would be a small artillery piece. In Bobby's hand? It looked like a slightly larger than average pistol. He'd let helvark fire it once from the hip that morning.
That was when Helvark learned he could fly short distances with recoil.
Bobby shot Helvark a grin as he holstered the small cannon on his hip. Helvark smiled back, the human still scared him slightly, but he felt it was wise to fear someone who could throw you like a petulant pebble.
"So, you said something about the 'lidoffad Caber toss festival'? Is it possible for us to go? I.. I was a chemist back home."
Helvark asked the two humans, excitement visible on his scaled face. A challenge burned in his eyes.
Bobby just nodded.
"The grounds are a few hours away, we should get going. Festival starts at sundown."
As the sun fell on Lidoffad, the festival grounds lit up with massive floodlights. Dozens up dozens of species intermingled, many that were missing fingers and limbs sported armored prosthetics. Aliens rubbed shoulders with their human comrades as they manufactured the explosives for their metal Cabers.
One group was a single, lone Zartani, madly grinning as the waxy liquid fuel dripped from the condenser tube. With the fuel collecting in a round bottom flask with a hotplate set to low, Helvark mixed red iron oxide with a locally sourced nitrate powder. Stirring the two oxidizers together so they were homogeneous, Helvark picked up the round bottom flask. The liquid fuel inside now a milky white color while also being thin and oily. He slowly poured the liquid fuel into the oxidizers, mixing carefully until he had a firm, grey ball of putty the size of a basketball. Picking up the bowl, the Zartani hummed as he took it over to the charge pack for his Caber.
With smooth, gentle motions, Helvark added the last few kilograms of explosives and called over the loaders. His eyes falling onto the tapered metal poles magnetically suspended above their launch chutes a few hundred yards away. Massive, shielded floodlights illuminating their gleaming surfaces. Surprisingly, helvark was the first done and thus, first up for launch.
He smiled and watched as the several hundred kilogram charge was loaded onto a trawler and hauled off to the Cabers. He watched giddily as the small silhouettes of the humans loaded his charge into a Caber and lowered it into the chute. The two humans then quickly retreated to an underground bunker a hundred yards from the launch site.
A siren sounded and both chemists and spectators looked up as the host of the event, a Mousian named Frank, handed Helvark the detonator.
Smiling and bowing to the small crowd of spectators, Helvark clicked the detonator. The earth rumbled slightly as the tube flashed, a streak of silver visible only for a split second before it disappeared above the clouds.
Commander Sharva of the infantile New Geknosian government dropped out of warp above the flower covered planet, ready to rain hellfire on the human stronghold. Commander Sharva stood in front of the viewing port, readying his speech as his comms officer hacked into their communications network.
Just as he was about to start speaking, his sensor technician yelped.
"Sir there's an object-"
Helvark's Caber pierced through the observation glass, the commander, the armored bridge door and sailed down the central hallway into the ship's open reactor room door.
The Caber festival audience oohed and aahed as a new sun backlit the clouds for a few seconds before fading away.
Helvark just looked upwards incredulously before an audience member began cackling loudly before projecting a holographic screen for everyone to see. It showed a Geknosian commander from the back, posturing for a speech when he suddenly looked very concerned. Not long after, a twenty foot long metal pole ripped through the ship. Dr. Frank N Stein slapped Helvark's back before raising the microphone to his mouth.
"You know the rules, and so do I! Taking out a hostile ship is an automatic victory. This month's champion. HELVARK THE FOREIGNER!"
Helvark was not prepared for the crowd and fellow competitors to suddenly rush him. Fearing the worst, he closed his eyes and and covered his face.
He was not ready to be lifted onto the shoulders of about a hundred locals. He bewilderdly opened his eyes and looked around, finally catching the words the were cheering.
Helvark blushed, Heart pounding with excitement as he joined in on the chant to raucous cheers. However he had a feeling the strong scent of alcohol on the crowd had something to do with the over the top celebration. Eventually he was sat down on a massive metal throne on the roof of an all terrain vehicle and handed a metal mug of frothy beer.
He was about to refuse the drink as it was illegal to drink alcohol on his planet. Then a thought struck him.
I'm on Fucking Lidoffad not Zartania!
The Zartani raised the mug to his lips and drained the strong, bittersweet beer with a grin.
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2023.05.31 08:15 TheElvenAngelCatboy Forests and Fields, a tile-laying game for 2 players.

Hey, everyone. :) Decided to try and come up with a new design for a tile-laying game. I describe it as Carcassonne mixed with Go, but even simpler than both. The rules are simple (so far, with this basic prototype version), the components are just tiles and a bag, making the game portable. I asked around on some Discord servers, and others have expressed interest already. One person even offered to try and code the game for playtesting on a computer! And I'm super excited to mock up a prototype of my own next month.
A short story about the game:
Runiel placed the small wooden tile next to the others with a satisfying click. His 12-point forest was finally complete, and Alirae’s 8-point field was looking mighty small in comparison. However, the game was far from over. “Puts me four ahead, if I count correctly…” he said, before looking to his drink, and taking a sip. Fine elven wine. Alirae scowled in mild frustration, but continued. Reaching into the bag, she drew a tile of her own. She placed it, starting to build up her other fields to a more formidable size. There were enough tiles left that one of her territories would have to score more than Runiel’s. That’s all she needed, just the biggest field. It didn’t matter if Runiel had five 12-point forests, a 13-point field would do the trick just fine. Runiel saw what she was up to, and now had to play somewhat defensively. If she pulled ahead, especially if it took her a few turns to do it, he might actually lose. It took some strategy to succeed at Forests and Fields. Deceptively simple game. But as with most things in life, luck played a part. And so it went. Back and forth. Back and forth. Threatening to expand, and being cut off. Building huge swathes of land, on the little tavern table. Alirae sipped her drink, then made another move. Runiel was seeing if he could build another forest to get an even more commanding lead, but she wouldn’t let him. She cut off Runiel’s path so that he would only have one more direction to go, and if he drew badly… Runiel cursed softly, after looking at his tile. “Four fields now?” he asked. There was only one of that tile in the bag, he knew. He couldn’t use it to expand his now dwindling path, and most places he could put it only helped Alirae. He threw it in some random part of the spiraling knotwork of tiles that always seemed to arise in the game, and then checked the bag to only feel a few tiles left. Alirae placed her tile, her field was 11 points now. Runiel played, trying to stop her. Then Alirae again, up to 13. But she still had to complete it if she wanted to win. Two tiles left. Runiel drew…again, not what he needed. Then Alirae drew, and the last tile was a perfect 1-field tile. She closed off her field, scoring 13 points on the last move. “Well played,” Runiel said. “However, there’s still more you need to learn.” He cleaned up the tiles, shuffling them back into the bag, put it away, and drew out a second bag. “This time, with the Fire and Ice set. And from there, you may even play me with my Masters set one day.” He smiled.
And the rules, so far:
Forests and Fields is an abstract, tile-laying game. Originally made for 2 players, though options for 4 or 6 players are available with multiple sets. The components are simple: 81 tiles. Each tile is split into 4 triangular sections. Each triangular section is colored one of 2 colors. Green and brown are standard, however red and blue or black and white are also possible. To play, first decide which color each player will be. A way to do this is for one to draw a tile from the bag, repeating if necessary; whichever color is showing more is the color that player will play. Find a “Cross-tile”, with two triangles of each color facing one another, and put it in the center of the table as the starting tile. Return the drawn tile(s) to the bag, and shuffle before beginning play. On your turn, draw a tile from the bag, and connect it to another tile on the table. You do not need to worry about matching colors for a tile to be legal to place, however a tile may only be placed orthogonally to another tile (that is, to above, below, to the left or the right of another tile), and not diagonally. Connected pieces of a color form territory, usually referred to as forests and fields. Each triangle of a territory counts for one point. A territory is said to be complete if it is a completely enclosed section of one color, with no free edges. The game ends when the last tile is drawn from the bag. At this point, play stops, and scoring is simple: whoever has the biggest completed forest or field wins, again, counting each triangle as one point. Incomplete territories don’t score anything, even if they are bigger than other complete territories.
It's been a while since I've gotten into game design. But I may have stumbled onto something elegant here. But we'll have to wait and see if it's as good as I'd hoped. I can already see three different versions of the simple, colored tiles coming out.
If anyone has any advice they want to share about creating abstract games, or is interested, feel free to DM me. Thanks for your time. :)
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2023.05.31 08:11 Tek466 21 [M4F] Illinois/anywhere - hey! Looking for a woman around my age or older to form a genuine online fwb with :)

Hi everyone!
I’m a 21 year old From the US who is looking to get to know each other and if we click, maybe something that could lead to us being more than just friends in a casual flirty way or friends with benefits. I don't mind where you are or your age whether that's around my age or older is fine. I've been pretty lonely and what comes with that is lack of online intimacy or sexual connection so I'm seeking someone to change that with haha
After we get comfortable I'm fine with moving to other platforms such as Snapchat or discord or something. With Snapchat, I prefer sending snaps over texting. I mainly find Snapchat to be the most fun when sending pics thus why I prefer it.
There's pictures of me on my profile.
Physically I'm 6ft tall, I'm average/slim build, and I'm white with hazel eyes and dark brown hair. I wear glasses too.
I've been feeling kind of lonely as of late and decided to try my chances. I live on a small farm house built in the 50s with family and my parents are a little on the older side and thus we don't really get out all that often, so it becomes kind of isolating at times. I figured why not make a post and possibly meet someone great as you never know what life will give you when least expected. I work as a facility maintenance tech for a company that I just started with a week ago!
Now that we've established who I am and what I'm looking for, here are a few interests of mine to get to know me better!
• Fall/Autumn season
Already mentioned, but had to list this one because I just adore the fall and everything that comes with it. My birthday is in October too so it's always been my favorite month. I much prefer fall and winter over a muggy humid summer. In the cooler seasons there's always ways to warm up.
• Technology
I'm good at fixing electronics and I'm quite nerdy in that aspect. So if something breaks I can fix it ;) I'm also good with my hands and quite inclined mechanically.
• Music
I love genres such as classic rock, alternative rock, psychedelic rock, gothic rock, heavy metal, punk, post punk, hardcore, etc. My current favorite bands are The Cure and Joy Division/New Order. But I like tons of older and newer bands as well.
• Cooking and Baking
I like to cook and learn new recipes, as well as bake fun things too! It's always nice when the house feels nice and cozy and smells good. I appreciate the simple pleasures in life, a cozy cup of tea and music or a movie in bed or sitting outside is so nice!
• Animals
I love animals of all types, and I currently have an older cat which I adore to death! We rescued her from the local shelter. She's the sweetest thing. (I think I love her more than anyone in the house lol, she just makes me so happy) :)
• Art
I enjoy art, both creating it from time to time such as drawing, and admiring other peoples work. There's just something so fun about it and seeing things so beautiful.
• Houseplants
I love houseplants and really anything nature related and also spiritual such as crystals and rocks. I love to help my mom in caring for all of our plants and also gardening outside when its a good growing season. Its fun! I also like cottage core and goblin core type vibes and enjoy sitting out on the deck burning incense, its peaceful :)
• Cozy video games
I'm not a hardcore gamer really, but I enjoy simple and fun cozy relaxing games such as Stardew valley and Minecraft. :)
I'm a very honest, caring, and loving type of person. I'm pretty introverted normally in private but get quite extroverted when I'm close with someone.
There's not much I expect from a potential friend except for respect, kindness, and honesty! I'm just very chill and easy going and able to adapt to all sorts of personalities.
If you think we'd vibe, send me a chat! I’d love to get to know you! :)
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