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Starsector: 2D RPG/Trade/Fleet Combat Game

2013.01.10 06:49 spaceindaver Starsector: 2D RPG/Trade/Fleet Combat Game

It used to be called Starfarer. 2D RPG/Trade/Fleet Combat Game

2023.05.30 09:19 Officerperma For love of Ludd help me! Two days can't play without crash. Is modded. First pic is the error second is mod list

For love of Ludd help me! Two days can't play without crash. Is modded. First pic is the error second is mod list
I have searched the forums the Google read anicet scripts and I can't fuckin figure it out I have java 8 worked fine with few mods no issue did the ram thing with vamps still no issue added uaf mods then this mod started to happen stop using mod still happens.
I have full AMD system on windows 10 Ryzen 7 5800x 8core Radeon RX 6700 XT 40gb ram
Please please help I'll send blue lobsters please.
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2023.05.29 21:35 JudgementallyTempora Shiplist: "Cruiser Mafia" Edition

(I'll be borrowing Grievous69's certified Starsector Ship Rating System™. The first score is for a flagship and the second is for an AI ship)
NOTE: In general destroyers become almost completely useless by the endgame. While (good) frigates justify their existence by being able to cap objectives, kill stragglers and generally be a distraction that in most cases is almost impossible for the enemy to kill, destroyers lack the speed to do any of this while at the same time lacking range, damage and tank to duke it out with cruisers and capitals.
NOTE2: Carriers(of all sizes) become progressively less useful as fleets get bigger because there's just so much ordnance flying around that fighters evaporate quickly even without any dedicated PD. And bombers don't change targets mid-flight which often leads to them charging right into enemy lines trying to fire on ships that have already retreated.
AI Ships:
Logistic Ships:
Valkyrie/Phantom/Colossus Mk.III: not much to say, Phantom is best. Although it should be pointed out that for getting undercover agents out of Pirate/Pather space stations all you need is Valkyrie and 100 Marines, anything above that does nothing.
Nebula/Starliner: you will literally only use these for creating colonies. Why am I writing this. Nebulas are rather common as wrecks during exploration so you can save yourself some money just by keeping any you find for later. Wow.
WayfareGemini/Mule/Tarsus: the "combat freighters", well except for Tarsus but I didn't have anywhere else to put it. Needless to say you should never bring a freighter into combat so only two ships here stand out. The first is Wayfarer which somehow packs 150 cargo space into a frigate hull with no civilian sensor profile penalty and which has OP to spare for Insulated Engine Assembly making it an early game smuggler's best friend. The other is Gemini which is wise enough to stay the hell away from combat, as a freighter should.
Dram/Phaeton/Revenant/Prometheus: unless you really really need sensor profile below 30 without S-modding then Phaeton completely obsoletes the Dram. Revenant exists as a more fancy Phaeton which also doubles as a cargo ship and makes it easier to keep your fleet's sensor profile low which means you can bring larger ships on your smuggling trips. Prometheus is completely pointless, you will never need this much fuel.
Buffalo/Colossus/Atlas: which ship to use will vary depending on your skills(Bulk Transport), desired base Burn, desired sensor profile and how much SP are you willing to spend. From endgame perspective Atlas is a clear winner, being most efficient by just about every metric. With S-modded Insulated Engine Assembly you can get its sensor profile down to that of a frigate(!), hovewer it will have base Burn of 8 - either with Bulk Transport or Augmented Drive Field - which is usually not enough for early game or exploration. Colossus gets to Burn 9, Buffalo gets Militarized Subsystems instead to lower its sensor profile without S-modding, etc.
Salvage Rig: put three of these in your fleet and stop whining about supplies/fuel.
Ox: with the massive bonuses logistics hullmods got when S-modded in this patch there is even less reasons to not use the Ox. Or two.
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2023.05.29 21:34 Vigozann Peak Starsector® modding

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2023.05.29 21:00 DontFearTheReapers Weekly Starsector Discussion Thread - May 29, 2023

Welcome to the /starsector Weekly Discussion Thread! Use this space to discuss anything you feel doesn't warrant a dedicated thread, whether that be subreddit suggestions, newbie questions, showing off, or just random chat about Starsector and its community.

Useful links:

And don't forget to buy the game if you haven't already!
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2023.05.26 21:10 Global_Excuse_7736 Where the hell are all the pirates?

Am I the only one who having this problem or have Pirates become less and less of a real threat and more of just an annoyance in recent updates? I started playing Starsector in 9.1 and one thing I've noticed was how much of a problem pirates could truly be, but as time has gone on and the game has been updated I haven't seen the mass pirate armadas I use to see back then in 9.1 when a pirate raids could include massive fleets that could number in the double digits in one system. Now I only see one or two fleets every now and again even when I sell them blueprints and nanoforges they never seem to amass in huge numbers any more. Even in 9.1 when I didn't sell them blueprints and nanoforges they would still hit systems with huge numbers of fleets enough to overwhelm defenders. But now when I see them raid a system there are only 1-3 small fleets with only frigate, destroyer, and now pirate "armadas" will often at best only have one cruiser. No more mass amounts Atlas Mk.IIs just a single eradicator and a handful of frigate. Is this just me am I losing my mind or is it the mods because I didn't start moding tell 9.5. I ask all this because of the new hostile activity event that tells us how dangerous the pirates are even as the system wide raids they launch barley have ships enough in them to equal a single fleet of 20 ships.
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2023.05.25 07:40 Sensitive_Willow4736 Making own mods for personal consumption

I have been playing Starsector for a while now.
And making my own mod is something I have always wanted to do but I don't know where to start.
I am confused with the Starsector guide to modding in the wiki.
Any help?
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2023.05.24 01:18 GonzaSpectre Frigate Carrier? Frigate Carrier!

Frigate Carrier? Frigate Carrier!
A couple days ago I posted THIS discussion regarding what a frigate would look like, ideas and if people were generally interested. It seemed that a couple of you at least thought of the idea as something that could work.
So I started working on a mini-mod ship, while my spritework is not good it was mostly done for the fun and to try doing something new and different.
I present you the Raven-Class Escort Carrier:
Following the footsteps of the Condor, it's bigger sister, it is too a converted freighter. It sacrifices cargo holds, fuel capacity, and 3 of the original 6 weapon mounts for a fighter bay. It keeps the two back facing universal mounts for either PD or missile-support and one of the frontal ballistics for PD or light anti-shield/armor. I gave the original wayfarer a reskin and chopped the side for the hangar. Most of the stats are derived from what we can see on the Tarsus to Condor conversion.
Let me know what you think, probably the stats need tweaking or if there's something else to change!
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2023.05.22 21:00 DontFearTheReapers Weekly Starsector Discussion Thread - May 22, 2023

Welcome to the /starsector Weekly Discussion Thread! Use this space to discuss anything you feel doesn't warrant a dedicated thread, whether that be subreddit suggestions, newbie questions, showing off, or just random chat about Starsector and its community.

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And don't forget to buy the game if you haven't already!
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2023.05.21 06:00 JohnSmithTA How is it going for y'all that just manually update mods to 0.96?

I'm dying to get back into starsector but a lot of the mods I want to play with haven't been updated yet.
I've been hesitant to manually update them for fear that I'll discover my game is cooked halfway through a playthrough because the mods need more than an updated version to be compatible.
For those of you that have done this, has it generally been fine for you?
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2023.05.21 01:26 sibi33 Best mods for new (0.96) game version?

I'm back into Starsector after a few years and obviously i've got right into modding the crap out of it, but unfortunately, it seems many mods are not working anymore. Out of 9, just 3 are working. Thus my question - what are some of the best mods that will work with the current game version? Bonus question, is there some mod updateloader like KSP or DSP have? Would be super useful. And to all the modders - you make a great game even better. Thank you for your work!
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2023.05.20 22:19 StavTri Dassault-Mikoyan Engineering... Where?

Greetings! I am just writing this post as I am coming back to starsector from an extended vacation from it, after losing a long time save file of 1 year. As I went through the mods to update them, I came across a dear mod that I enjoyed playing as for a number of other runs, Dassault Mikoyan Engineering. However, as I went to update this, I came across that the normal page was unavailable to me. Has something happened while I was away? and if it was just migrated to another area, may I receive some guidance on where that place may be?
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2023.05.20 09:32 Harothir Combat Salvage

One of my favorite play styles in EVE was to fly around in a cloaky salvage fitted T3 and hover around large fleet battles until a capital was destroyed. I’d swoop in and loot/salvage for those sweet officer mods.
Now, in Starsector I know salvage is profitable. But, is there a reliable way to know when and where large fleet actions are happening?
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2023.05.19 12:01 SyriusCrux Collaborative Supercapital Mod

TLDR: Let's get together to create an "Immersive Supercapital" mod. Vanilla friendly supercapitals for hegemony, tri-tach, maysuran and sindria (maybe luddic church+path). I cant sprite or create artwork for the life of it, but really want to create this mod and looking for community members willing to come together.
So I have been playing starsector for quite some time and of course used a lot of mods while doing so. The quality and sheer count of mods surprised me and I wanted to contribute to that. Unfortunately, I have no modding experience whatsoever but am eager to learn. I was thinking it would be more fun to work on such a project together and I hope to learn something from more experienced modders.
Anyway, heres the idea: As stated in TLDR I want to create unique supercapitals for the vanilla factions that guard their homeworld or their nanoforge if they have any. So that it functions as some kind of bossfight and makes it a bit harder to obtain the nanoforges. These one of a kind supercaps should only be available after you defeat them in combat to create another endgame challenge. I would want to keep the mod clean and not add in any smaller ships or new weapons, as I've found that these go mostly unused and just clutter the game.
The supercaps should of course represent each factions main features. I was also thinking of utilizing the new duel minigame. Perhaps after youve beaten the fleet in combat you storm the bridge and fight the captain of the supercap...
Anyway let me know what you are thinking.
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2023.05.19 11:59 ZURATAMA1324 [Mod Suggestion] "You, be my Nakama!"

"His power is to rally those around him. Of all the people seeking to conquer the sea, he may possess the greatest talent of all" — Dracule Mihawk, 'One Piece'

"While I was with you guys, I became more human. I didn’t like that. I even have a family and started to like living on earth." - Vegeta, 'Dragon Ball Z'.

In Shōnen manga, it is a common trope for the protagonist to beat up a rival, only to later inspire and recruit her to the protagonist's cause. Since we are all weeb degens here, I thought it would be amusing if there was a mod that gives you a chance of recruiting the commander of a randomly generated bounty officer as befitting of a anime Shōnen protagonist.
Does it make sense? No. Does it fit with Starsector? No. Do I want to install degen portrait mods and create a space-harem of furry waifus? Who wouldn't? uwu
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2023.05.19 03:52 salemonz [DW1] Distant Worlds Universe Refreshed released (+1,400 character images, new planets graphics, tweaked UI, sounds, shipsets)

[DW1] Distant Worlds Universe Refreshed released (+1,400 character images, new planets graphics, tweaked UI, sounds, shipsets)
DWU Forum Post for this mod compilation:
With the release of Distant Worlds 2 more than a year ago, I thought it was high time to put out a mod compilation for Distant Worlds 1!
Haha, but seriously...
While I do very much enjoy the combat and quality-of-life changes of DW2, Distant Worlds 1 (Distant Worlds Universe) is still more fleshed out IMO, having the benefit of several expansions and years of refined gameplay. I keep coming back to the ol' classic. ... Aaaand DW1 is in greater need of some new shiny graphics. ...AND AND I'm a 2D art hobbyist, so all the 3D modeling of the ships and whatnot of DW2 is just too much for me.
So I present: Distant Worlds Universe Refreshed ... or DWUR if acronyms do it for ya (no kink shame) ... a compilation of original and procured mod content from around the Distant Worlds community (and beyond!).
Trigger warning: I use Midjourney for the race portraits and ship-set space stations. I know some folks feel very strongly about AI art, so I’m not trying to hide anything. I’m also not trying to portray myself as an artist. I’m a dad and a spouse with limited time and money to commission 1,460 portraits and 46 alien species designs from actual artists for a free mod compilation for a 13-year-old game :) If it makes anyone feel better, it still takes a long damn time to get the consistent results you see in the 1,400+ images in the compilation. That said, if Midjourney isn’t your scene, then I wish you fair winds and following seas.
/=== DWUR Features ===\
  • New race and character art for all species (22 original species PLUS the 24 additional ones from Haree78's Distant World Extended Mod)
  • New art for planets (all but gas giants and frozen gas giants...I'm still terrible at those)
  • Scaled down ships and weapon effects for better immersion
  • New art for space stations for most races
  • Refreshed shipsets for all races (mix of old/new/tweaked ship sets)
  • Refreshed engine and weapon effects (hand picked and modified from various sources)
  • Refreshed galaxy symbol overlays (decluttered and more specific)
  • Refreshed UI (new role graphics and old DWU UI favorites (DasChrome!))
  • Refreshed sounds (mix of old/new/tweaked) and music (mainly Stellaris and some Stardrive tracks)
/=== Installation Instructions ===\
Step 1: Install the Bacon Mod.
DWUR utilizes the changes made by the Bacon Mod. I have not tested it without Bacon installed. So, install the Bacon Mod in the most comfortable way you know. This involves replacing the Distant Worlds Universe executable, so I would encourage you to install it yourself so you’re not downloading an .exe file from a stranger (me) on the Internet.
When you start up the game after installing the Bacon mod, you should get a pop-up window as pictured above upon launching the game. That will let you know you've installed things correctly.
Note: In my Bacon install with my BaconSettings.txt, I disable Bacon Mod’s Gravity Wells. While it is a wonderful idea (ships can’t enter FTL until they travel a certain distance away from a system’s star (distance depends on the star type)), however I find the AI struggles with this as it wasn’t a feature in the base game. Regardless, you can go into the BaconSettings.txt file in your DWU root directory and turn that option to “true” if you want Gravity Wells. All other Gravity Well Bacon features are still in place.
Step 2: Install DWUR
Download the DWUR archive file from the link at the top of this post. Create a folder called DWUR within the CUSTOMIZATION folder in your Distant Worlds Universe install location. Extract the files from the DWUR archive into your created DWUR folder.
Step 3: Activate DWUR within Distant Worlds Universe
Start DWU. When the game loads, pick “Change Theme” from the main menu. Find the DWUR option and click “Switch Theme”. Wait a few seconds (upwards of a minute) for DWUR to start.
/=== New Race Art ===\
So the biggest part of this mod for me, work wise, was re-imagining the various alien races in DWU and creating the different character portraits for each species and each job.
I kept the original images and descriptions in mind, and at times tried to stay true to the original intent of each species, but at times I took some creative liberties to give as many species as much uniqueness and character as possible. Yes, there are straight up space squirrels (Jintus) and space emus (Banoserit). But you'll also notice Earth cultures in the clothing as well…Bedouin, Tibetan, Mongolian, Nubian, Hindi.
In the end, I’m very happy with the results. Hopefully you all like them too.
/=== New Planet Art ===\
DWU original and modded planets were…okay…but I wanted to see if I could create my own. I taught myself a bit about Blender and followed some detailed tutorials to dive into planet creation.
I ended up mixing textures. Procedural planets can turn out looking–again…okay, but they were always too fractal-y for my tastes.
I took real NASA planet textures along with some purchased sci-fi textures from the web and came up with this collection of planets.
/=== Scaled Down Ships and Weapon Effects ===\
Original ships and stations were okay…but you ended up with moon-sized escorts and moon-sized battleships. I put ship scaling into every design template to give a default sizing for each ship class.
Ship class sizes:
Capital Ships - 0.950
Carriers - 0.950
Large Freighter - 0.950
Medium Freighter - 0.750
Small Freighter - 0.500
Cruisers - 0.750
Construction Ship - 0.750
Destroyers - 0.650
Frigates - 0.500
Escorts - 0.500
I also halved the size of the weapon effects to fit in with the scaling.
/=== New Space Stations ===\
Many of the stations included with the original or modded ship sets were kitbashes of ship parts. They were all kinda “meh” to me. I used Midjourney and based each station design on the colors and aesthetic of the ship set they belonged to.
Turned out pretty well, I feel. There aren’t any show-stopping iconic pieces…no Golan Defense Platforms or DS9s…but I think they collectively boost the quality of the original and modded ship sets, even if they are subtle.
/=== Refreshed Ship Sets ===\
I intended to take a variety of awesome ships from a variety of awesome games. I wanted all 46 races to have new ships. But ultimately that was more than I could achieve (Midjourney makes terrible ships and it would take me hours to create each ship in Blender for middling results).
I went through all the DWU modded ship sets I could–even kept a couple of DWU original ship families–and cobbled together a passable collection of ship sets to start with.
I then visited some old favorite games of mine to fill in the ship families I was missing. This is where DWUR really earns its “compilation” name. You’ll see ships from Master of Orion, Eve Online, Endless Space 2, Stellaris and Sins of a Solar Empire in this mod compilation. You’ll also see a ton of ships from mods of the game Starsector.
/=== Refreshed Engine and Weapon Effects ===\
Most of these were already modded into DWU by others. I just hand-picked my favorites and included them in DWUR. I also used some engine effects from Starsector as a basis for some Photoshopping. I think I grabbed missiles from Starsector too. Cheers!
/=== Refreshed Galaxy Symbol Overlays ===\
Galaxy view in DWU gets cluttered. I usually like the clutter. I like seeing all the civilian ships shuttling resources to and fro. But it’s too much. I can’t tell what is what.
I legit don’t remember where I got the civilian ship galaxy symbols (dots and dots with crosshairs). But I liked them and included them in DWUR. Happy to append the credits section if anyone can remind me where they came from.
I decided to add special symbols to exploration and construction ships.
As you zoom out, these symbols will help you see where your intrepid explorers and builders are off to. Little easier to distinguish at distance than diamonds vs squares vs circles, IMO.
Similarly, I swapped out the military and fleet icons. Old ones were okay, but again…“refreshed” is the theme.
/=== Refreshed Sounds and Music ===\
Most sounds and music were fine. Most notably, I swapped out a lot of weapon effects from Stellaris or Starsector.
The sound you’ll probably hear the most are the hyperdrive enteexit sounds. Grabbed some from Stardrive 1.
Music is a collection of tracks from Stellaris and Stardrive.
/=== Credits ===\
While I created some things and curated Midjourney prompts for other assets, a large part of DWUR is from other people. I am very grateful for the authors who gave their “yes” to be included in DWUR. For those I couldn’t connect with, thank you as well!
As I’ve said earlier in this post, if you see your work being used here and don’t like it, please contact me and I will attempt to make things right. I want everyone to be credited for their work and/or remove anything that other authors don't like.
As for the assets I’ve created (alien portraits, planets, symbols), please feel free to use them for whatever purposes you would like. DWUR is a free compilation and a labor of love.
Thanks to Code Force for the amazing DW series–my absolute favorite Space 4X games. Looking forward to making mods for DW2 as I plus-up my 3D skills!
Tools used to create DWUR:
-- Sabranan's Modding Tool
Incorporated DWU mods:
-- Roger Bacon's Bacon Mod
-- Retreat1970's RetreatUE Mod
-- Mordachai's Unleashed Extended Mod
-- DasTactic's DasChrome Mod
-- Kebw1144's Stuff&Bits Mod
-- Haree78's Distant Worlds Extended Mod
-- Icemania's AI Improvement Mod
Starsector ship sets:
-- Bigbean's Ship Compilation
-- Dazs' Carter's Freetraders
-- Flashfrozen's Neutrino Corp
-- Gwyvern's Legacy of Arkgnesis
-- Iriscoral's Polaris Prime & Traverser's Design Bureau
-- Johnny Cocas' Fringe Defense Syndicate
-- Originem's Foundation of Borken
-- MesoTroniK's Tiandong Heavy Industries
-- MinusUdn's Green Knight Security
-- MShadowy's Shadowyards Authority
-- Tartiflette's Diable Avionics (used with special permission)
-- TheDragn's Apex Design Collective
-- Toopok4k3's Osiris Alliance
-- Weftin's Ship Pack
-- Zudgemud's P9 Colony Group
Edits: formatting woes
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2023.05.19 03:02 YanniCanFly Mods not showing

Mods not showing
Hey I downloaded graphicslib and lazylib. I extracted them in the mods folder but they are not showing up in starsector to be enabled. Any answer for this?
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2023.05.18 19:31 Calm-Consideration25 [STORY] Office Lady in Space (2), Volkovian Catgirl Nurse

The world has ended.
The vastness and might of the Domain of Man is no more, and the pretenders are fighting over its carcass, sending humanity even further into the abyss. Throughout the sector people are scrambling to survive on half terraformed planets, on farming worlds with great soil and no atmosphere, on planet-cracked lava worlds, and on toxic biospheres filled with dangerous mutated livestocks. What little dreams one can hope to achieve in this hell can quickly vanish under the merciless idiocy of war, piracy, and religious fanaticism.
Will you call me a bad person if I say I don't care about any of these? At least not at the moment?
No, my biggest concern after I was made aware that my entire world had gone down the chute was that I did not exist.
The day when I stepped into that cryopod feels like it was just yesterday. Yesterday, when there were still people that knew my name, when I knew where I should go to work and where I should go to sleep. I was not rich, but I never had to worry about food.
Now I have no house, no money, no ID, and basically no support system whatsoever. I feel like a war refugee, and perhaps I technically am depending on which theory is right about why the gate network collapsed.
I remember that I was starting to panic, trying to figure out how I would live. Begging? Can you even panhandle with digital credits?
Fortunately, before my mind could wander and think of nonsense about the world's oldest profession, I was told that I was not, in fact, special.
The two giant cryo sleepers that the Domain had sent to jumpstart the colonization of the Persean arm apparently have survived and were recently discovered. Steiner is currently in control of both of them and is actively reviving people. Individual or small clusters of cryopods are apparently always edge cases, and can be quite troublesome since they tend to have different freezing methods than the Domain-funded mass sleepers. Fortunately Iron Shell and Eridani used similar cryotech, and the doctor onboard has read the case paper on Iron Shell cryorevival protocol. ("I know they're trying to be cheap, but industrial preservatives are kinda pushing it, mate.")
Still, the fleet that I was in did not have the proper facilities to fully bring me to full recovery, so I'm currently in a Kite shuttle heading to Lyran, the capital planet of Steiner Exploration Company.
At first I was flattered that they'd send out an entire shuttle just for me, but then I learned that they had just salvaged a derelict shuttle from a black hole system, refurbished it in half a day (seriously how did they do that?), And then put their spare crew in (apparently they just carry around a few hundreds more guys than they actually need, all the time).
They said that after I recover in their surface cryorevival facility they're going to put me through some sort of a special job assignment system, making me an employee of Steiner. That is awfully generous of them. I still remember my job-seeking days, it was not a good place.
Of course, this is assuming they're not just going to throw me into the mines.
Just in case it matters, I'm currently sitting on my bed typing away at my CV on my TriPad. Though my degrees and certificates are obviously goner, so I'm not sure how legitimate I can make it. Will there be an interview? I hope my anxiety won't kick in.
"Icey, dear, is everything alright? Can I come in?" Calls someone from outside the door.
Icey. Funny story, I actually tried to tell people my actual name, but apparently that certain dialect has died out and no one in the sector can actually pronounce it properly anymore, so I guess I'm Icey now. I honestly don't mind it, besides the implication that my entire ethnic background is apparently extinct.
“I’m alright Emma, come in.”
The door opens, revealing a lithe, brown-haired woman in a standard pressure undersuit, carrying 2 packs of space food.
She also has cat ears, because of course those Volkov weirdoes survived. Not even the apocalypse can curb mankind’s universal desire to become catgirls. Probably.
“So what are you up to this fine day?”
“Just filling up my resume. Not sure if it’ll matter though.”
“Sheesh, you're supposed to rest, you know?"
Emma is my designated nurse, responsible for overseeing my recovery and my integration into modern society. She has said that she’s uniquely qualified for this job since she used to work in a nursing home. I’m not sure what to think about that. I guess I technically am a senior citizen.
"I'm about done, but just sleeping around bores me." I say with a small smile as Emma hands me a pack of food. I quickly untangle the straw from its mounting. This part of space life hasn't changed much at least.
"Well, you're still required to limit moving as much as possible so…how about eating in the cockpit?"
Now that's an interesting preposition. Back in my days (now I'm really feeling old) passengers generally were not allowed access to the cockpit due to fear of hijacking. I guess rules got relaxed after the apocalypse.
"Sure." I give a simple nod. "That sounds good."
"Great! We still have some hours before your physiotherapy session, so we can grab some snacks on the way.”
Apparently they use a planet called ‘Chicomoztoc’ as a standard clock nowadays, and the day of the gates collapsing as year zero. Not everyone can say they’ve lived through a calendar reset.
“Let’s go then.” I say, removing the strap around my thighs keeping me on the bed and start floating towards the door…
…and smash right into the doorframe.
You know how you often feel sluggish after a long nap? Get that and multiply that by a millennium. Also the preservatives replacing the oxygen in my blood probably doesn’t help my motor function.
Also I still don’t have my glasses.
“Are you okay?! Did you break something?!” Emma comes to me panicking. My bone density is also apparently affected, so it’s natural that she’s worried.
“No, I don’t think so.” I give Emma a thumb up, reassuring her that my head is, in fact, still in one piece. “I guess I overestimated myself.”
“Sheesh, stop worrying me like that.” Emma floats beside me, grabbing me by the waist. “It’s okay to want to feel independent, but I’m here for a reason, you know.”
Slowly, We make it outside the door and into the corridor, Emma gently guiding us both through a series of handholds and conveyor belts bolted to the walls and floor. The corridor feels eerily quiet. The Kite is one of the smallest vessels capable of interstellar travel, but it’s still a massive shuttle built to carry a maximum of 30 passengers. Currently there are a total of 4 people onboard including the two pilots currently steering the ship. It kinda feels like the beginning of a horror movie at times, with an unknown monster slithering through unpopulated paths.
“So, uh, how much for the ears?” I say partly in an effort to break the silence. Say what you want about Volkov’s taste but their body mods are definitely conversation starters.
“Oh, they’re free actually, I even got paid for it. They’re experimental, you see, integrate better than the previous models.”
To make a point, Emma moves her fuzzy cat ears around. The movements are very smooth and natural, and since they’re the same color as her hair I almost believe that she was born with them, if not for the obvious pair of very human ears still attached to the side of her head. I wonder how it feels to have four ears.
“Let’s grab some snacks for the guys too.” says Emma. “They've been working pretty hard.”
I nod in agreement, and Emma leads us towards the food storage.
Space foods are still familiar even after so long. They’ve been very carefully engineered to not leave any crumbs or dust flying around and compromising the ventilation system. Freeze-dried and prepackaged are the way to go in the warpstorms infested void, since you can’t exactly cook in space. You don’t usually appreciate how humanity’s millenia of culinary history is utterly reliant on gravity until some idiot decides to try to saute in zero-G.
We grab a pack of space tortillas (planetbounds will probably just call them ‘soggy tortillas’) and thaw some meat, veggies, and other fillings, and take out a few packs of juices of different flavors from the fridge before heading towards the cockpit. I also grab a pack of ramen as a treat for myself (after some debate with my nurse about what constitutes a healthy diet, of course), using the rehydration machine to add 50cc of hot water into the freeze-dried pack before leaving the food storage room.
“Hey guys, we’ve brought food!” Emma exclaims loudly as we enter the command room, brightly lit and very clean for something that just got picked up from a black hole. There are two people seated in front of the command console, one of them, old and bearded, mirthfully answers back.
“Oh, nice!” he says, looking at the food we carry. “Space burrito is always classic!”
As I understand it, burrito, although an unromantic menu, has been a staple of space cuisine ever since the beginning of space exploration, when humanity was still mostly stuck to low Earth orbit.
I notice that the other pilot hasn’t said anything, only silently watching us. Or maybe watching me. I can’t be sure since the moment I look at him he immediately averts his gaze. Kinda weird.
“Rudolf, set the cruise control to burn 2. We’re having an early lunch.” says the bearded pilot, who’s probably the more senior one.
“R-roger.” stutters the other pilot. His submissive tone makes him seem even younger than he already is.
The Kite is running on a skeleton crew, meaning there are plenty of chairs to be shared, but most of us choose to float freely while we eat. Only Rudolf is still strapped to his seat, so we all end up eating around him.
As the others begin assembling their burrito in accordance to their own tastes, I finish up the slurry food that Emma had brought to my room, and then start cutting away at the packaging of my already rehydrated noodle.
Space ramen is a little bit different than the stuff people usually eat at the surface, and honestly I prefer the space variation since the taste is a lot stronger due to the thickened broth. Well, I say broth, but they are more like sauce, sticking to the noodle in a stable, non-messy compound. The noodles themselves, instead of being free to float individually, are tangled tightly like a wheat crochet into a number of mechanically solid, bite-sized pieces, making the experience akin to eating chips.
It has always been my comfort food, and I’m glad it actually still exists. Of course due to various considerations I probably shouldn’t eat it very often, but considering the circumstances I think I deserve a pack. Sure, my muscles are sore and my brain is cloudy like a permanent early morning haze, but I have my ramen and my stomach is warm, and for the moment I feel surprisingly content.
Until the muscle lock acts up again and I smack a forkful to the side of my face.
I manage to recover well enough, but still get a bit of sauce on my cheek. I look around and see Emma is talking with the captain. It seems that no one saw my little mishap…except for Rudolf, who has his eyes locked to my face.
Embarrassed, I look away and try to covertly clean my face, which probably makes me look somewhat awkward. When I turn my face back Rudolf is already back at his food.
Trying to forget that small unpleasant memory, I let go of the pack of noodle, letting it float in space while I fiddle with the container of strawberry milk I’ve brought.
“I’m done.” says Rudolf, his hands empty.
“Oh, you’re done already?” I ask. The others barely began eating.
“My mouth’s bigger than it looks.” he shrugs, smiling noncommittally.
“Can you help finish up mine then?”
“Help me finish up my food.” I point at my floating noodle before sipping on my strawberry milk.
Although I enjoy ramen, I’ve never been a big eater, and I technically already ate since Emma already gave me a pack of nutrient juice.
Also, having a full stomach in space is kind of a bad idea in general, mainly relating to gas build up. Can you believe people used to romanticize space travel?
“What, don’t like noodles?” I ask when Rudolf keeps on being quiet.
“N-no, I’ll eat.” he says, grabbing my leftover and starts eating, his face reddening.
Is it really that spicy? Oh, well, whatever.
I recline back and relax, making use of the fact that the absence of gravity does a better job than any beanbags. I look towards the command room windows, more symbolically than anything since they're all sealed up on warp travel. I imagine what could be out there, and where life is going to take me.
I usually don't get this philosophical when drinking strawberry milk.
My relaxed philosophizing suddenly gets interrupted when a chime comes out of the command console. Rudolf immediately scrambles to it.
"Captain, there's a slipstream in front of us." He says, typing into the console. "Got it charted, might be able to get to Lyran within the day."
"Might get shaky though, and we've got a patient with us. What does the nurse think?" Says the captain.
"Well, at least you're not storm-surfing. As long as she stays harnessed…"
"What's a slipstream?" I ask, obviously being the only one in the room unfamiliar with the term.
"They're ghosts." Rudolf answers with glee on his face. "The souls of the sector's dead, running aimlessly unable to pass, creating warp anomalies as they try to breach the afterlife."
"Can it, boy!" The captain barks, looking irritated before switching his attention to me.
"We're not sure what they are, but they're harmless. Basically just weird spots in the warp that makes you go fast."
"I've never heard of it."
"Well, they're a post-collapse thing." Says Emma.
"Right, and they're going to make our trip much faster." Says the captain, finishing the last of his food. "Now if nobody minds, I have a course to navigate.”
"Well, I guess we're skipping the physiotherapy today. Come on Icey, we should get you strapped in."
We exchange some pleasantries with the pilots before leaving the command room, taking the leftover food for ourselves to eat later.
On the way back to my room, Emma suddenly smirks at me.
"I think Rudolf likes you."
"What? Nah."
"Come on. A waifish bedridden girl like you? Boys go all over that. Get their protective instinct going."
Personally I think that guy is the one that needs protecting. But it was a little adorable, I guess, a bit, in a 'weird exotic pet' kind of way.
The rest of our journey is somewhat uneventful. The ship shakes a lot, but it's tolerable enough considering it's an ex-derelict shuttle. Still, I can't get Rudolf's ghost story out of my head. I'm sure that I'm just imagining things, but I think I can hear something singing just outside the hull.
A nap and a snack later, we finally reach Lyran, third planet of the blue giant Remina and the capital of Steiner. I decide to go to the cockpit to get a good look at my first planet in this sector.
It looks…weird. It's supposed to be a water planet, but…
"Why is it glowing red like that?"
"Planetary shield. Some secret Domain tech the boss found, I've heard." The captain answers.
I guess it's natural that the Domain would have kept some secrets in the most remote sector of the empire.
"Lots of passenger ships today." Quips Rudolf, looking at his sensor.
"The refugee situation is getting a bit tight nowadays." Explains the captain, mostly for my benefit. "The Legio really does a number on the core systems."
"Ma'am, we're going to the station first, right?" Rudolf asks Emma.
"Yes, Icey needs a few days of gravity acclimation before going planetside."
She has already told me this, of course. I guess my feet's reunion with the dirt will have to be postponed.
They've said 'station', but apparently it's actually a Tri-Tachyon style star fortress. The docking procedure goes a bit longer than I'm used to because of the security and all the refugee ships, so I decide to take a nap on the wheelchair Emma has strapped me to.
As the Kite begins to match the station's rotation, I can feel my body getting heavier.
"You won't mind 0.7 G, won't you?" Teases Emma.
The docking process ends, and Emma pushes me through the pressure chamber and into the station itself. The station looks clean, both hygienically and aesthetically as expected of a Tri-Tach derivative design. The walls are lined with the usual space station warnings, like 'pressurized room', 'no smoking', and my favorite, 'gravity generated by rotation, dropped objects will fall sideways'.
All the expected sights. What unexpected though, is the woman standing right in the middle of the corridor in front of us.
The most interesting and despicable woman I will ever meet in my life.
"Huh, now this is an interesting unique event. I wonder which mod added this?"
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2023.05.18 19:21 Shadowizas When you are commissioned by the Hegemony you dont have to engage them

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2023.05.18 08:14 Sorcerer94 How do you extend early game / frigate phase?

Is there any way to extend the early game frigate phase? If so how? I feel like As soon as I get to 4 frigates and there's a destroyer or maybe I have a certain amount of officers. The game ramps up the difficulty and my small wolfpack fleet is facing much larger fleets with fighters and etc. Making my frigates easy to overwhelm and kill.
Are there any mods that can change this or is this simply the way the game is played?
Additionally, sort of a sub question. What are interesting ways to play Starsector without commissioning for the Hegemony and farming commissions?
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2023.05.17 19:57 Sincostan_deletus Is it just me or is dis the RC9 Update break your RC8 saves too?

Is there a way to play my RC8 save in the new RC9 version of Starsector? Game is modded but that should not really make a difference since mods usually stay compatible until major releases.
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2023.05.16 16:07 Shokoshuro Sequence arrives into Starsector... As the new vanilla friendly modded fighter meant to serve along Thunders... And possibly other fighters!

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2023.05.16 15:07 DrDcter Do you guys run mods? I seriously consider making one

I've spent some times making some custom ships that add to the main game while I try to keep them balanced and feel like vanilla. But I was wondering if Starsector players tend to download extension mods to add custom hulls/weapons. I discovered it was possible to mod like that but wonder if that's what people running mods tend to install.

Do Starsector players install these custom ship expansion mods or should I make it more of a functional faction/ custom content to get people interested. My main strong point is just the art of the hull
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