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2023.05.31 02:39 AtrophyG4 Group texts from iPhone user go to new group without iPhone user

We have a family group text. The group is me on a S9+, two S9s and an iPhone 14. For the iPhone and two S9s group works fine but for me on the S9+ most of the texts from the iPhone user go to a new group that is just me and the two S9s. Every once and a while it comes through to the group with all four, but usually not. In the new group the iPhone message is there, but if I respond there it doesn't go to the iPhone. I have to back out and go back to the group with all four of us and respond there.
If the two S9s respond it goes to the group of all 4. I know it seems like I should be asking about this in the Samsung subs and I will, but it seems like the iPhone is the odd one out here. Everything I find online is about not being able to text android at all or groups with all but one iPhone user, the opposite of what we have.
I have checked and group messaging is on. I have tried turning off iMessage and restarted the iPhone after toggling both. Neither has worked.
Any input would be appreciated outside of suggestions of third party apps. We want to keep using the stand messaging apps for our phones, just want them to work like they should. Thanks, but we don't want whatsapp, signal, hangouts or any other work arounds.
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2023.05.31 02:38 cakeasdkjasdk Destroy Ganondorf/ Find Zelda mission still there after completion

I beat the game but the gloom is still rising up from Hyrule Castle, and the two missions that it said I completed before the credits are still there. Anyone know why? i clcked on my most recent save file after the credits and it had a star next to it, but now it’s saying I didn’t beat the game
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2023.05.31 02:38 Practical-List-2790 Remote/Hybrid Research Dissertation - Volunteer Research Participants Needed!

Hello All,
I am currently finishing my dissertation on the effectiveness of remote and hybrid work arrangements, compared to traditional work arrangements, and need volunteer participants for my field research. The research is exploring the explosion of remote and hybrid work over the last several years and attempting to determine if remote/hybrid workers are more effective than in-office workers.
I am looking for 20-30 participants who would be willing to volunteer to participate in my field research. The field research has two components: a survey and an audio interview. Participants must be engaged in either a remote or hybrid work arrangement, preferably in the finance or technology industries. Participation will include two steps: an online survey (which takes about 10 minutes) and an audio interview (which takes about 20 minutes). While your identity will be 100% confidential, the audio interview will be recorded and your email address will be linked to your survey response.
Participation is volunteer only (there is no compensation), but will contribute to the academic research into remote and hybrid work.
If you are interested in participating, please reach out to me via a direct message!
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2023.05.31 02:38 useyourcharm Darlin’ (2019)

I just finished this movie, and enjoyed it! It wasn’t scary in that it unsettled me or had any jump scares, but it was a fun ride (particularly for some of the side characters). It did leave me a bit confused about one aspect:
>! In the scene where the nurse from the beginning, Tony, is taking Mama Darlin’ to find her daughter, and the car flips- we see that kind of percussive boom and she’s gone. They don’t do this again, so I’m left to rely on Darlin’s comments later: “she go invisible, like god”. Does The Woman have invisibility powers or is she just very skilled at camouflaging? Or was the scene in the car showing her projecting herself from the vehicle? My partner and I rewound it a dozen times trying to see it. We also note that after she is supposed to have disappeared, the car seat has a big chunk of hair attached to the headrest? Idk if that’s just an error on the set design team’s behalf or if she’s supposed to still be there, I found it confusing. !<
I enjoyed it overall, I need to hunt down the two that came before it (didn’t realize it was a trilogy, but at least this one stands on its own).
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2023.05.31 02:37 SneakyPanduh It’s honestly hilarious they didn’t fox the dungeon boss cheese.

Maybe next week, abuse it all you can. It’s so much better then running the axtual figeon legit. It’s honestly a awesome dungeon, but people don’t get it. We want an awesome dungeon the first run. But we want a dungeon we can easily run and farm over and over. This one we have to run through methane and slow down and blah blah blah, and at this point, em veterans will find every and any way to cheese something to make it faster. Especially people they play all three characters. We will abide the shit out of the cheese, not regrets. And we can also play it normal. But it just takes so much less time to cheese jt every week.
That’s what people don’t get: people that only play one character. Day one veterans olau all three characters and have family’s and Barbie’s and work, we are looking to complete ops and challenges and energy int asap, so if there’s a cheese, or speeds on last wrist, we will do it on all 3 characters. If you play one character. You just don’t understand. We have played all three characters since day one.
Running through ops, slipping ads, we do it for catalysts, or harder content, we skip shit for other shit. Bait? Making public events heroic! You miss out on one bait and move on. Veterans know what is worth it and what’s not worth it. New players, sorry you’re new, but eventually you’ll learn what’s not worth it. You can tell shit all you want, but you need to believe in veteran players.
We know. Heroic public events aren’t worth it. Skip it and move on to more important shot.
Anyways. See you on. I got 4 more master dungeon checkpoints since they didn’t latch it. Ttyl lol
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2023.05.31 02:37 albertclee How would you improve my recipe for more volume and a bit more clarity?

Have a recipe I'm generally happy with. Good body, decent clarity, but it falls a little short on total volume and always interested in areas to improve my brew. Think I'm extracting ok but maybe there's more to be had.
I'm using a standard AeroPress with a Prismo so I can brew upright, but before this, I was brewing inverted. Don't think the Prismo is making any difference here other than letting me brew upright without leakage. Using a standard AeroPress filter along with the Prismo metal filter.
Current recipe:
Yield is 190g-195g of coffee. I bypass an additional 150g of water to get to a total brew of about 340g-345g of coffee.
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2023.05.31 02:37 EngLitIsLit I was told head gasket may be blown on my Infiniti G37 because it is overheating. Just noticed there is this small hose which appears to be split apart and the smoke seems to be coming from there. Any idea on what that part is? Is it an easy fix? Should I have some hope?

I was told head gasket may be blown on my Infiniti G37 because it is overheating. Just noticed there is this small hose which appears to be split apart and the smoke seems to be coming from there. Any idea on what that part is? Is it an easy fix? Should I have some hope? submitted by EngLitIsLit to MechanicAdvice [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 02:37 Dramatic-Trash3816 My brother is a NUISANCE and I fear for my life

It’s as the title states, my brother (M45) is a fucking monster and I am scared for my safety. I talked to my therapist about this and he recommended that I talk with a close friend/authorities, but I’m too scared to even do that. I made this throwaway so I will share it here. Hopefully this will work to give me an “outlet” or whatever. This is going to be long, stay with me.
My brother is two years older than me and I am a “surprise baby.” I.E. I was a mistake, and my parents made it clear that I was to be treated as a sort of nuisance that way. But my brother is the real leech, and I know it.
My brother has always been malicious. One of my earliest memories with him was of him pushing me off my scooter and landing on my knee on the head of a sprinkler. I had to get nine stitches and I was adamant that my brother was the cause, but oh no, there little Timmy was harmless, their little boy never did anything wrong. But I knew.
As kids he would constantly break things in the house and blame it on me. Glasses from the cupboards, fancy china plates, vases, anything he could reach. But even when he broke something that was too high for me to reach and it was clearly him, they still believed him. “Danny knocked it over, I swear it!” “Mama Danny just threw it on the floor!” And they believed him. Every. Single. Time.
My mother was the most blind-sided. I understand now and understood then that my father knew that it wasn’t me, but he wouldn’t dare contest my mother and the word of her “perfect little Tim.” I sort of resented my father for that, even more so than my mother. But I continued to kiss up to them because I felt that they didn’t love me and that I was the problem.
I brought home straight A’s every trimester and my reward was not getting my ass beat and being served dinner. My brother would bring home C’s and my parents would congratulate him for “trying his best.” Trying his best? No. I was in 4 of his 7 classes and he slept all the time, skipped, barely turned in assignments, etc. But just as he had done with my parents, he put on a sob story to the teachers about neglect or whatever the fuck excuse he had and a pair of puppy eyes and he would gain their sympathy. So, every teacher looked the other way and passed him. I obviously complained, but my parents said that it was “easy” for me to get A’s so you shouldn’t expect/need praise. I worked my ass off.
That was just the surface. After middle school, my brother went ballistic. He began hanging out with a rotten batch upperclassman who he was convinced were his friends. I saw through it though. He was just their punching bag and wallet, and of course, they got him hooked on all kinds of shit just so they could sell it to him and get his sweet cash. Where did he get the cash, you may ask? He stole it from my parents wallets/purses and fucking blamed it on me. Every. Time. I have scars on my back from the whoopings.
My parents found marijuana all around the house, in his room, the kitchen, the living room, and even their bedroom, God knows why. He was constantly stoned and all he ever received was a stern word. Of course, stern words don’t do jackshit, so he continued, and got even worse. He started doing crack, meth, heroin, I don’t know drugs, but he did everything. One night he got so stoned or drunk or some combination of both that he assaulted the owner of a liquor store at the corner of our street and ran back home. The kicker? He hid in my room for some reason and shit literally everywhere. His hands were covered in shit when the cops were pulling him away. It was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen or heard up to that point.
What did my parents do? What punishment did he receive? None. However, my father did send him to rehab, which actually surprised me and made me think that things were gonna get better. Of course my mother was livid about the rehab decision and picked him up during the sixth week of his twelve week course. Even though he only completed half the course, I held out hope. But of course, he relapsed in record time and this time, my parents did nothing to stop it. I guess they just accepted his fate or got tired or whatever. That’s when I began to feel bad for my parents. What did it feel like to have such a horrible son? I couldn’t imagine.
He had to redo that year of high school because he had too many absences and the additional six weeks missing because of the rehab. I think that flipped a switch in him and he just stopped caring about his life all together. He befriended this freshman girl, she was 14 and he was 19 at the time. They were never officially dating or whatever, but I had suspicions. There was one time when I came home and saw them both laying on the couch, stoned out of their minds. They were both topless, just sitting there watching an episode of fucking Garfield or some shit and they didn’t even acknowledge my presence. I was obviously disgusted and I personally told the girls parents about the situation. They weren’t convinced because they were a devoted Christian family, but I knew. I knew.
Then, I found the condom. My parents made me clean his room because they were lazy fucks and my brother was out probably getting stoned somewhere, so I went in. I took his trash can out to the bin, and as I was dumping it, I saw a condom at the bottom. That was already horrendous, assuming that he used it with that young girl, but that wasn’t the part that got me. It was flipped inside out, meaning that whatever was inside at the time of use was now outside (nice one, dumbass) and whatever was outside was now inside. And inside the condom was blood.
I nearly threw up and I ran inside, but I didn’t tell my parents. Instead, I made the mistake of confronting my brother. Upon questioning, he beat the shit out of me and sent me to the hospital. I was there for a week and my family visited every day. When my parents left the room or weren’t looking, my brother would shoot me this evil looking grin or let out a faint chuckle.
I guess he must’ve exacted some kind of pleasure from the violence, because he committed two more criminal acts of violence that year. He stole my fathers keys and kidnapped that same young girl and took her to our cabin in the Cascades for three days. Eventually they were found by police at the cabin and he confessed to raping and cutting up the girls belly with a knife. Absolutely fucking despicable. After that he went to prison and got out earlier this year.
He came to my door a few months after he was released, held a gun out toward me, and just said “watch out.” He turned away and put his finger to his lips, shushing me, and then left with some Hispanic man in a pickup truck. I haven’t told a soul about the incident but I fear for my safety. I’m the person who found that condom, got him in trouble with authorities multiple times, etc. I know that if he wants to, he will kill me.
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2023.05.31 02:37 singing_janitor2005 Which is easier?

I was born with cerebral palsy, but you wouldn't know anything is wrong with me if you see me walking on the street. It fairly mild. My wife and her family thought I just has MS or something.
Anyway, my siblings and a few bosses of mine agree I should go for disability benefits while I'm still able to get around.
I am a custodian at a school so it puts a lot of physical stress on me. I've hurt my back, two shoulder surgeries on the same shoulder.
My question is this. Is it easier to get benefits with a physical disability or mental disabilities. I have depression that I'm getting treated for. I have high anxiety at times. Been diagnosed ADHD as a kid in the 80s and as an adult early 2000s. No meds for that.
Even my daughter, 12, told me out of the blue I should not be working and asked if there's any help I could get.
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2023.05.31 02:37 Drew-4814 Starting rescue

Me and my family have been considering starting an animal rescue in our very small home town. There are too many strays and the local shelters are full, so we do believe that there is a need for a local rescue. What would be the proper steps needed to get an animal rescue up and running?
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2023.05.31 02:37 sheezytaughtme95 PS5 Not Booting or Entering Safe Mode Fix

Hey yall, not sure if this would be of any help to anyone out there, but recently I’ve been having some major issues with my console not wanting to boot. It just randomly started, and wouldn’t even let me enter safe mode. I have always taken care of my console and gave it good ventilation so after trying all the troubleshooting I could look up, I took it into a repair shop and they could not find the issue. They thought the motherboard memory was corrupted and that I would need an entirely new board, which would make the repair and cost more than just buying a new console. Facing defeat and an out-of-warranty refurbish/replace from Sony for $250 I figured why not just see what else I could do. Well it turns out that I hadn’t thought of my SSD upgrade a couple years ago. Sure enough I took it out and now everything works like a charm. I know I should have thought of it earlier and saved myself the headache but it is what it is. Just thought I’d share and see if I could save anyone else the trouble. Take care folks.
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2023.05.31 02:37 DrFapfapfap Least paranoid weed addict

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2023.05.31 02:36 Nomanorus Gardens of the Moon Thoughts from a First Time Reader.

Gardens of the Moon Review
I started getting back into epic fantasy after a long hiatus about five years ago. In that time, I’ve read several well known series such as Wheel of Time, Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere, the King Killer Chronicles and the First Law Trilogy just to name a few. But there was always a series on my radar that kept me at an arms length; Malazan: Book of the Fallen.
I avoided this series because I heard it was confusing, dense, dry and impossible to follow without extensive notes and multiple re-reads. In other words, it was big boy fantasy, noobs need not apply. Despite this, I constantly hear Malazan listed by fantasy fans as some of the best offerings in the genre. It was time to give it a try.
I finished Gardens of the Moon (book 1) last week and needless to say, I loved it. The first book largely lives up to its reputation but that’s not a bad thing. Is the story confusing? It is at first, but eventually I figured out what was going on (for the most part). The book employed a story telling mechanic known as “In Medias Res” translated as “in the middle of”. It throws you directly into the action without explaining much of anything. Slowly as you progress the story, the dots get connected and you ground yourself in the world. I was warned before starting the series the most important quality you need is trust. Just truth the author that things will eventually get explained and enjoy the ride in the process. I employed that strategy and it worked for me. I loved Gardens of the Moon. Here’s why.
- The book had beautiful prose. The prose is right up there with Kingkiller Chronicles as some of the best writing in the genre. The prose can sometimes be distracting as Erickson elects for style over clarity but those moments feel few and far between.
- The book has grounded and down to earth dialogue. Despite the flowery prose, the character dialogue felt fun, witty and realistic.
- The characters are morally complex and multidimensional. There are no one note mustache twirling villains here. Most everyone has complicated and nuanced reasons for what they do and darn it if it’s not extremely compelling to read.
- The world building is deep, complex and unfolds organically. This book contains some of the best and most interesting worldbuilding I’ve read in fantasy rivaled by perhaps on Sanderson himself.
- The ending was epic as all get out. I don’t want to spoil anything, but my goodness. Most of the time, it’s hard for inaugural books in a series to both set up the world and deliver an epic payoff. Gardens of the Moon accomplishes this in spades.
I’m almost half way through book 2 and I’m just as hooked. Cheers to finding another great series to sink your teeth into. I'll let you guys know my thoughts on DG when I finish it.
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2023.05.31 02:36 Outrageous-Taste-548 Base customisation

So I've recently acquired a couple starships and was wondering if there was a way to have all my starships near my base kind of like a garage. In the anomaly blueprint station I found an alternative landing pad but that just calls whatever is my current main starship. Is there a way to permanently have them parked at my base, and just pick out whichever one I wanna use for the day? I'm sorry if this is confusing i don't really know how to articulate what I'm tryna say but I hope someone gets me
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2023.05.31 02:36 mounts0721 Barrel options for zpap m85

Are there any barrel options for my zpap m85 to make it compliant other than a barrel extension pin and weld? I have a keymo suppressor setup and a ton of upgrades on the gun and I love it. It sucks without a brace. I was under the impression that I can’t even submit for form 1 because it is an import?
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2023.05.31 02:36 madwitchofwonderland “I think we’re alone now…”

It’s such an absurd feeling when I’m alone and can’t sense or feel or hear the others…I haven’t been left alone in years and right now they are starting to leave me alone every now and then, which is just soo weird…It feels like an entirely different state of consciousness. It’s like coming back from a psychedelic trip and realizing that objective outside world exists. It feels like I’ve been living inside my head, in an imaginary world of my own making, for years.
I don’t even know what to do with myself. I just keep on hearing this song in my head over and over, which goes: “I think we're alone now There doesn't seem to be anyone around I think we're alone now The beating of our hearts is the only sound”
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2023.05.31 02:36 chentecross99 Sourdough Starter not sourdoughing (?)

I've been getting into the sourdough world for the past month and a half, and I think something is not working with my sourdough starters.
For the first one I made, I used Bob's Red Mill Unbleached White All-Purpose flour (I don't know why but in my town [not a USian here] there is not much variety of unbleached flour, so that brand is all I got my hands on) and bottled water. I followed Joshua Weissman's sourdough starter video, so every day I weighted my flour and water and kept it in a nice warm dark place, but it never resembled his nor the pictures I saw online or those of this subreddit. Yes, after 5 days or so, my starter had visible air bubbles and that distinctive acid aroma, but it never grew in since and was way far from overflowing from the bottle, as in many online pics. However, I decided to make pizza with it and it resulted delicious, bubbly and with that sourdough distinctive flavor.
Happy for my pizza but bummed by my not growing starter, I dug in and found that using wholegrain flour for it was a better option, so one week ago I made a new batch, this time using Bob's Red Mill 100% Stone Ground Whole Wheat Organic Flour and the Unbleached White All-Purpose in a 2:1 ratio. Again, I used bottled water but this time I went with my guts and only used tablespoons to measure. After only 1 day, my starter doubled in size and was smelling great. I was so excited!! Finally it looked as it was shown in YouTube and here. Next day, same thing but, after the third, the same fiasco of the first batch happened: a few noticeable bubbles and a nice aroma, but no growth at all. I did change the ratio to 1:1 for two days after the second day, but for the past 4 days I've been feeding it only with wholegrain flour and nothing has changed (overall, this starter is 8 days old).
I live in a hot climate area, so temperature is not an issue (the average temp. in my kitchen is 26-30° C). I don't know why the starter seems not to be working even with the change in flour. I'm planning on baking my first batch of sourdough bread and, although my pizza showed me that the starter works, I'm afraid that it wont for a loaf of bread.
I'm open to any advice. Am I doing something wrong? Is the brand of flour I'm using bad? Am I just sad that my starter doesn't look as good as yours? Will my loaves of bread turn out good with this starter?
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2023.05.31 02:36 Mippleberries Unsure about this growth on Sin, any ideas?

Unsure about this growth on Sin, any ideas?
So I picked up my betta fish from the local pet store a couple months ago, he did have this growth on his side when I first got him but I was in love with his color so I decided to get him anyway. I’m not sure what it is or if it causes him any pain or if there is anything I can do about it. It appears to have gotten a little bit bigger in the last week or so. He’s in a 10 gallon filtered, planted tank and the temp stays at a fairly steady 79-80°F I do 25-30% water changes when my nitrates go above 20ppm or if I get an ammonia reading which I test for weekly with a fluval master test kit. Other than the growth on his side Sin seems like a happy healthy boy, any suggestions as to what the growth could be or what I can do about it?
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2023.05.31 02:36 Ok_Historian_397 The Owl House x Halo AU fanfic Idea

Ok, so I've come up with two different aus for the owl house that I like, but I don't know how to write because my knowledge of the worlds they take place in is limited. This is the first one.
TLDR: Halo Owl House au up for adoption.
(Halo AU) (Cannon designs and aged-up designs)
Summary: It takes place during and after the war with the Covenant. In the beginning, Luz is living with Eda an old friend of her dead parents. Eda is a Sargent for the UNSC and one of the members of the ORION I project that actually benefitted from the augmentations (Extra strength, speed, and recovery). She has been training and taking care of and teaching Luz how to survive since she was little. Eda is eventually called back to help fight the Covenant leaving Luz home alone. Luz only has her bullies at school (and possibly king depending on who he is in this story). One day Luz discovers what her dad was working on and she learns he was studying ancient technology and culture on this planet from an old alien race called the Forerunners. Just after she learns this alarms go off and the Covenant are invading the planet. Luz downloads all the data to a flash drive and destroys the rest, hoping to make it off the planet alive. However, she is caught by elites and is about to die when suddenly two Spartans save her. Their numbers are 095 and 027. They are here to retrieve the data her father had collected and keep it out of the Covenant's hands. The male spartan (027, who is Hunter) Got a call and a request for backup so he left spartan 095 to escort Luz to the nearest transport off-world and she's not exactly thrilled to be escorting a civilian when she could be doing more. Luz feels nervous around the giant armored soldier as they make their way toward the city. However, to their dismay, they find the city in ruin and all transports destroyed. To escape this doomed world Luz and the Spartan must travel miles across covenant-controlled territory with no communications just to reach the rendevous coordinates. After a few close calls, they have to settle down for the night. The Spartan received damage to their helmet and Luz offers to fix it. 095 takes off her helmet and Luz is surprised that the woman behind the helmet is the same age as her (15). She gets a name from her. Amity is her name. As they continue onward despite the danger Amity comes to enjoy hearing Luz's rambles even if she doesn't respond to them and has to tell her to be quiet when enemies are near. eventually after days they reach the rendevous point where they escape the planet and retreat. Luz gives Amity a Hecate key chain and some copies of her Good Witch Azura books as thanks. After Luz leaves Amity swears she won't read them, but quickly begins reading and rereading the books and keeping the keychain. Luz's experience inspires her to join the fight against their covenant. When she grows older she joins the ODST's and becomes one of the best. She still doesn't have friends though since she now idolizes spartans which makes her unpopular with her squad and other ODSTs. The only reason they don't kick her off the team is because she is the best of all of them in combat (Eda's trained her well) and if their team leader Boscha can't lead at the moment then she's the next best replacement even if outside of combat the team would rather listen to grunts banter then Luz talk about Azura or Spartans. They tell her if she likes the freaks so much she should bother them instead, and that's how she meets Willow and Gus and meets Amity and Hunter again years later.

Other character info:
King-I can't decide if I want King to be an AI companion for Luz because that would limit his life span to 7 years, or a grunt that Eda found before the war and raised. (his dad would have been the leader of the grunt rebellion and sent his infant child away in a cryo pod when all hope was lost and Eda found and raised him).
Rain-Captain of the Hexside after Bump (was killed or retired) has a crush on their ex Eda. Broke up because Eda wouldn't talk to them about some of the difficulties she deals with after ORION I.
Eda-One of the best Sargents. A good friend of Sargent Johnson. Is a blushing mess around the captain. Gives dating, flirting, and seduction, advice to Amity when she realizes she has a crush on Luz and explains to her that what she is feeling is love. Eda also threatens everyone on the ship to not tell ONI anything about her and Rain or any other relationships ONI might not like.
Lilith-ship's scientist, sister to Eda, a real nerd, and good friends with Hooty. (I haven't decided what Hooty should be yet). Also helps Amity with her Luz problem more than Eda sometimes.
Willow- a Spartan III that joined at age 11. Leads Gus, Hunter, and Amity (I can't decide if their team should be called Purple team, Gold team, or Titan team) and looks out for them. Before she was team leader she was a head hunter with Gus. They were the best of the best. survived all their suicide missions. Amity's best friend.
Gus- another Spartan III that joined at age 9. He is obsessed with the Forerunners and what is the current state of human pop culture. When he meets Luz, he and Willow are a lot more open and friendlier with her at the start than Hunter and Amity and they become friends fast. Willow and Hunter's best friend.
Amity- unlike the other Spartan II's Amity was given to ONI by her mother without the knowledge of Alador, Edric, or Emira and told she died in an accident. She and Hunter did not survive their augmentations, (similar to red team) but their bodies were kept to be revived and successfully augmented a few years later. After Luz gave her Good Witch Azura it quickly became Amity's favorite book series. If she's not on a mission or training then she's hiding somewhere, reading Good Witch Azura. When she meets Luz as an adult she at first pays her no mind, but as they start seeing each other more often in combat and in the ship Amity starts to feel something she doesn't understand. It takes her months (close to a year maybe) to realize that she is experiencing what people call a crush. (Amity is a lot better at hiding it and her emotions in this au. Her teammates only notice the slight changes in her demeanor that tell them she's crushing on Luz. To everyone else things are normal). She doesn't want to be in love because she perceives that as a distraction and weakness, and that Luz deserves someone better. After a bunch of convincing that she should go for it and that Luz likes her back, they start dating and Amity starts to become happier (even though she still has a hard time showing her emotions), but now she's very protective of Luz and is scared of anything happening to her. If you're an ally she will die for you, if you're a superior she'll obey you, if you're Luz she will love you forever and die for her, if you're a threat God help you, but if she thinks you're a threat to Luz? Don't even bother praying to any God for help. She also listens to Luz talk about Good Witch Azura a lot because she loves listening to her.
Hunter- is another Spartan II and Amity's oldest friend. He was revived for augmentation two years before Amity was so there is a two-year age gap between the two now. Hunter is the last Spartan to be befriended by Luz. Like Amity he believes he must not show weakness and he isn't good with emotions. He also isn't really supportive of Amity dating Luz but keeps quiet because she seems genuinely happy with her. Also unknown to him, his uncle is the head ONI. Also, I am trying to think of a possible way for Huntlow to happen, but it's a lot harder than I thought, if I come up with one I will update, or someone else can come up with Huntlow ideas.
Belos- the head of ONI. He kidnapped his nephew to be used in the Spartan II program. When his brother Caleb and his sister-in-law Evelyn found out he had them killed so as to not reveal the Spartan II program to the public. He will pull any strings to ensure he gets what he wants. (He's not the main villain of this story. That's reserved for the Covenant, the Flood, and possibly the Banished, but he is definitely a devious and dangerous secondary villain).
Luz- is the girlfriend to the most awesome girlfriend Amity and one of the bests ODSTs in the UNSC. She has survived many battles over the years and has grown close to the four Spartans who are now her only friends. They've survived almost everything, from Reach, Alpha Halo, the Flood, the invasion of Earth, to the Ark. However during one battle she sustains an injury and losses everything below her left kneecap. She now has to use crutches everywhere (or have Amity embarrassingly insist on carrying her everywhere because it's "faster and she weighs nothing to her and it's definitely not because Amity loves to carry her and how embarrassed she gets").
From there, I have two options for Luz to go depending on the writer. She can either stay one-legged or she can apply to become a Spartan IV. Also, I have two ways Luz becomes a Spartan IV. 1. She tells her friends what she has chosen to do and that she will get a prosthetic leg if she joins the program, and while they're worried they support her through her training and augmentations. (Amity and Hunter are a bit afraid she will suffer augmentation failure as they did.) 2. An accident happens, leading all of her friends and family to believe she is dead, while she was really saved last minute and is being trained and surprises everyone with her return as a Spartan IV. (This path will lead to trauma and unhealthy coping from Wilow, Gus, Amity, and Hunter though and they will suffer emotionally from the loss, especially Amity). Also, Luz's Spartan helmet will have cat ears it's not up for debate but the cat ears won't be for decoration they will serve a purpose. Luz installed them to her where enemies are, eavesdropped on enemies, and use a sort of echolocation.
I am putting this up for adoption because my knowledge of Halo is only from videos of people playing the game (I have never owned an Xbox or played Halo) and the random Halo lore youtube video. Sorry for the really long post, I hope was understandable and there weren't too many spelling errors. Hopefully, this will be enough for someone who has better knowledge of Halo to make a good Halo x The Owl House fanfic.
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2023.05.31 02:35 CatsandPathfinder 28 [M4F] NC/US/Online - What's Your Favorite Thing to do in the Whole World?

Mine is a hot shower. Sure, I like playing roleplaying games and watching stuff on streaming as much as the next guy, but hot water on my skin? That's where it's at. Sometimes you have to appreciate the simple things in life.
There are other things I like, of course. Aside from the aforementioned roleplaying games (see the second half of my username to find out which ones), I'm a big fan of technology, hockey, and animals. I have 2 cats and a bearded dragon, and am happy to share pics of any of them!
I haven't talked about myself professionally yet, and that's because there isn't much to say. I'm still in college, because I took a looong break from it and worked retail for a while because of mental health issues and later the pandemic. I'm in an engineering field and am hoping that'll go well. So no, my shit is not yet together, but when it is together, it'll be REALLY together.
So... politics and religion. Touchy subject which I'm approaching with all the grace of a bull in a china shop, but suffice it to say, I'm an atheist and I'm pretty far to the left. I staunchly refuse to date a conservative (not that they'd be particularly interested in my "child murder" supporting ass anyway), but I honestly don't care if you believe in a higher power, the universe, reincarnation, the flying spaghetti monster, whichever you like. Just keep in mind that I won't believe in them.
Oh, and one other important thing I won't do - reproduce. My bloodline dies with me, as a friend once told me. I don't hate children, though I do feel a certain discomfort around them (was the youngest growing up, never really had to change a diaper or whatever), like I don't know what to say or how to behave. But that's not the main reason I don't want kids. Mostly it's because I have mental health issues that I've been struggling with throughout my life and I think that even if I did want to have kids, it would be selfish of me to pass that on.
Physically, I'm 135 lb, five foot five inches, I have brown hair, blue eyes and I'm white. Picture will be available upon request. I prefer women who are average or slender like me. Oh, and you can be any height, I don't care, I only mention it because you likely do and I don't want an awkward situation where you start talking to me and find out I'm too short for your liking.
Penultimate paragraph. What I'm looking for right now is intimacy of any kind really. Long term would be nice, short term would be perfectly acceptable. I find it difficult to meet people using apps (I'm a 5.5 on a good day, and I know it), and IRL I'm surrounded by 18-22 year olds who are either A) too young or B) have no interest in me.
I'd like to share pictures early, and ideally video call early. I have no patience for women with "broken phones" as I've encountered time and time again. I'm sorry, that trick is just not believable if it's been the case with 4 separate women I've talked to on here. if you're not willing to prove you are who you say you are, I have no interest in you.
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2023.05.31 02:35 justvims Is it me or is Turkish airlines miserable?

I usually fly UA out of SFO since that is the only real hub for the big 3 in the area. This year flights are so expensive and I figured why not try Turkish Airlines to get to Morocco. It’s a longer flight since you have to go SFO-IST-RAK but I was fine with that because both planes are pretty new.
The whole thing was disorganized at every level and economy class was literally a mad house on both flights. Did I just get unlucky?
Leaving SFO: Plane departed 1 hour late despite the 777 sitting there since the day before. The plane wasn’t even full, maybe 75%. A few key points: 1. The connection was 1hr 20min and leaving 1 hour late impacted this heavily (more on that) 2. I checked on time performance and it’s like 30% for this flight with the rest being evenly distributed as late to very late. 3. The gate agent situation was 4 agents for the entire 777 at SFO and the queue was super long, fortunately my UA gold status gave me priority so I didn’t have to wait there.
On the plane to IST: Overall just felt like everyone was a first time flyer or something. Feet in the aisle ways, passengers demanding things from flight attendants before they can even get the cart to their row, I even saw a girl come out of the bathroom with no shoes on — bare foot. The food service took 2 hours to arrive at my seat after take off but they were going down the aisle way for 1.5 hours no joke. Every ordequestion/anything from a passenger was a disruption rather than business as usual. They didn’t have the food option I wanted (normal nothing special) because they ran out, even though economy was about 75% full.
Transferring in IST: Absolute shit show. Literally like backed up the jetway, wheelchairs trying to squeeze past, finally get to end of jetway and there’s just two random guys checking your boarding pass right there to send you to baggage claims/customs or transfers. Why? It just made an already tight transfer tighter.
I got super lucky because my following flight was 30 minutes delayed (normally a bad thing) but in this case it saved me. If I had checked a bag I doubt I would have got it. It was nice not having security again though thankfully.
On the flight to RAK: Same chaos as first flight. This time I was sat inbetween a family where the father and first kid took A and B seats. I was in C and the mom was in D with 2nd child in E and her baby on her lap. HOLY SHIT. This should never ever happen. They were passing the baby over me the whole flight. I get Turkish wants to change you for seats, but breaking up a family this way is ridiculous. Either sit them all together away from me for free or do something so I can get the hell out of that situation. This is 100% the fault of the airline charging for even selecting a seat in economy / letting it happen if they see a situation with kids like that. On top of it the kid was kicking the back of the seat in front of them but it wasn’t my business so I put noise cancelling on and tried to get out of there mentally.
So overall, my impression of Turkish economy is it sucks. It’s disorganized, seats are cramped, planes both late for no reason, etc. Maybe business is better? Did I just get a bad luck?
The food was better than average though. I’ll give them that. And they give you a lot of blankets and toiletry pack, but that was just a lot of trash on the floor tbh.
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2023.05.31 02:35 TFPoseidon [Recruiting][EU/NA][PMC][A3] Trident Contracting Services - Casual MILSIM with a PMC Theme

Let me list our minimum requirements:
We are a MILSIM unit made up of players from around the world who like to play ArmA III tactically but also know how to have fun, and are currently looking to expand our membership with some quality people.
The unit is a fictional PMC (private military company). We conduct a variety of missions (some more ethical than others), and the unit earns money as a reward for these contracts. The money is then spent by the company to unlock various weapon contracts, and to lease individual vehicles for use during ops. This gives us an insane variety of gear, keeping things fresh and using stuff we otherwise wouldn't.
All members use the ACE Arsenal to build their own loadouts each week, tailoring them to the requirements of their Team Leader. This means you could be an MG gunner one week and Anti-Tank the next. The only thing we fix is the team assignments and the team leaders themselves.
We have two types of team:
As far as dual-clanning, we allow it as long as your other group doesn't clash with our Sunday ops. We also don't allow you to dual-clan and hold a command/staff role with us at the same time.
We meet every Sunday at 1300 EST / 1800 GMT / 1900 CET for an official operation, which are typically co-ops versus AI forces where we will deploy to complete some set objectives. However we encourage members to set up optional events throughout the week, and our members play a lot of other games as well as ArmA III. Official operations last for three hours (1800-2100 GMT).
We primarily run campaigns which are created by our Operations department. These are a series of missions which can either be dynamic or linear. When we are between campaigns our Sunday ops are not tied into any particular story, and can take us to any terrain/theme to allow us practice on topics we may not have done for a while. We reset the company's funds at the start of a new campaign, typically once every three months or so. This forces us to use new, sometimes low-tier gear whilst we establish ourselves again.
Also please note our weekly Sunday ops are forced first person unless you are in a vehicle. We also use respawns so if you die you can be reinserted into the mission, however there will be the natural delay of getting a chopper back to the staging point and securing an LZ for the reinsert.
We use a custom modpack for official events consisting of popular mods such as ACE3, Task Force Radio, CUP Terrains, CUP Vehicles, CUP Weapons, CUP Units, as well as some in-house mods including custom ones. Like many groups we use a repository for the modpack (via Arma3Sync) so it's simple to keep them updated regardless of modding experience. We provide a full guide on how to set this up as part of new member induction.
We offer access to a group Teamspeak server which is running 24/7, group Discord server, multiple ArmA III game servers, and a chance to become part of a community and enjoy both tactical ArmA gameplay and whatever people are playing.
Feel free to message this account or post a comment if you have any questions about the unit.
Our OCAP AAR's can be found here:
The joining process can be found on website:
And here is our Youtube channel:
Finally, some images from our ops:
Thanks for reading,
Bridge.J on behalf of TRI-CON
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