Lou and lou safety patrol lulu

Looking for a new doc

2023.05.31 11:02 Flowerpawz Looking for a new doc

I looking for a new GP that will prescribe ozempic or wagovey. I’m new to Lou and need to establish care. Thanks!
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2023.05.31 10:58 hoagsobjectearth Lou & Grey Promo Code for June 2023

Visit this page for Lou & Grey Promo Code for June 2023. The website offers a wide selection of coupons, promo codes, and discount deals that are updated regularly, just visit the website to find the perfect one for you.
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2023.05.31 10:50 Alternative_Split112 Superman Year one

Chapter 30: Guardians United
As Clark Kent and Lois Lane began to plan their future together, Metropolis was abuzz with excitement. The news of their engagement spread like wildfire, filling the city with a renewed sense of hope and joy. The couple's love story became an inspiration to many, a symbol of triumph amidst the chaos of the world.
Amidst the celebration, Clark never lost sight of his duty as Superman. He continued to patrol the skies, answering calls for help and ensuring the safety of the city he called home. With each heroic act, he reinforced his commitment to protecting the innocent, embodying the ideals that had been instilled in him since his arrival on Earth.
One evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the city, Clark received an unexpected visitor. Green Lantern, a member of the intergalactic peacekeeping force known as the Green Lantern Corps, had arrived in Metropolis seeking Superman's assistance.
Clark greeted the emerald-clad hero with warmth and respect, recognizing the power and responsibility that came with the Green Lantern ring. Together, they stood atop a towering skyscraper, overlooking the city they were sworn to protect.
Green Lantern explained the imminent threat facing the universe—an ancient cosmic entity known as the Anti-Monitor, whose destructive powers had the potential to unravel entire worlds. The Guardians of the Universe, the wise beings who oversaw the Green Lantern Corps, had sensed this impending danger and called upon their champions to unite against the common foe.
Realizing the magnitude of the threat, Clark knew that he couldn't face the Anti-Monitor alone. He pledged his support to Green Lantern and the Guardians, vowing to do whatever it took to safeguard not just Earth, but the entire cosmos.
Together, they formed an alliance, a union of extraordinary beings with a shared purpose. Clark reached out to his fellow heroes, assembling a team that included Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Martian Manhunter. They knew that only by combining their powers and working together could they hope to stand against the malevolent force that threatened existence itself.
As the team trained and prepared for the impending battle, their bonds grew stronger. They shared their knowledge and experiences, learning from one another's strengths and weaknesses. In their interactions, they discovered a profound sense of camaraderie and unity, realizing that they were stronger together than they could ever be alone.
Clark drew strength from Lois, who stood by his side, unwavering in her support. She had become an integral part of his life, reminding him of the love and humanity that fueled his actions. Her unwavering belief in him bolstered his resolve, reminding him of the values he fought to protect.
The day of the climactic battle against the Anti-Monitor arrived. The sky crackled with cosmic energy as the heroes stood united, ready to confront the looming threat. Their determination burned bright, fueled by a collective desire to safeguard all that they held dear.
As the battle raged on, each hero utilized their unique abilities and strengths, working in harmony to confront the relentless power of the Anti-Monitor. Clark, embodying the essence of hope and resilience, fought with unwavering determination, drawing upon the love and support of his friends and family.
Through their combined efforts, the heroes managed to weaken the Anti-Monitor's grip, unleashing a surge of light and hope that scattered the darkness. The universe trembled as the cosmic entity was pushed back, inch by inch, until finally, it was vanquished.
With the battle won, the heroes stood triumphant, their hearts filled with both relief and a renewed sense of purpose. They had proven that even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, unity and unwavering resolve could overcome the greatest of challenges
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2023.05.31 10:30 BaseballBot [General Discussion] Around the Horn - 5/31/23

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Lou Gehrig Day
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2023.05.31 10:03 ConsciousEmotion1948 3-4 week timeline.

3-4 week timeline.
Looks like it’ll be a bit longer than we’d hoped. 🙁
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2023.05.31 09:24 shamzamancomic Project Mayhem Comedy tonight at the Sky Blue Tavern at 730pm!

Project Mayhem Comedy tonight at the Sky Blue Tavern at 730pm!
Today! BBC Introducing Radio 4 Comedy Award Nominee, Comedy Gladiators & Stand Up Comedy Gameshow 2023 Winner MC Sham Zaman presents a roster of new and experienced comedians trying out their new jokes every Wednesday & it's gonna be another cracker!
You will see fab acts Ryan Horsley , Luke Regan , Rory Rawson , Phil Jerky , R.S R.S. Lewis , Lou Ridgeway & room for one more! 🌟
Project Mayhem Comedy is at the Sky Blue Tavern in Coventry at 730pm every Wednesday, over 18's only, free entry, collection.
Get there early to grab a table and enjoy the great food and drink, check the website for the menu, bring your mates for a fun night out.
Follow Sham Zaman on social media for lineups and updates about the nights.
Subscribe to Sham Zaman Comic on YouTube for funny videos 📼
Subscribe to the podcast for rambling reviews of films and telly. 🤡🥳🎬

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2023.05.31 08:24 Marv7200 Yo if you're reading this click play and give "Forget It" a go, dm me with any feedback you might have, Thanks -Marv Lou

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2023.05.31 08:20 RanchoReddit Which game/s next for fan of Fallout/RDR2 and LOU/GOW…advice sought?!?!

Sorry for the long post here
TL:DR - I’m trying to decide which games to play through next and maybe also in what order you’d recommend. Scroll👇 to skip the backstory.
After a decade away from gaming I dove back in deep in 2017 on PS4 with 400+ hours of Fallout 4 (absolutely loved this), followed by long play throughs of The Last of Us (amazing), then RDR2 (just epic, loved it, again over 400hrs), then GOW (wow). My then girlfriend was surprisingly and genuinely into watching me play through those and always got invested in the stories and characters (she was definitely a keeper). The games above took me appx 4 years and up to a switch onto PS5 in Dec 2021 (the now wifey Xmas gift 🤩).
Once on PS5, I started with GT7 (300+ hrs, then LOU2, then A Plague Tale: Innocence, then finally an absolutely epic GMGOW play through of GOWR.
I have loved every minute experiencing all of the games above and have enjoyed switching back and forth between big open worlds like Fallout/RDR2 and more linear story driven games like LOU/GOW.
I like to play through these on either max or 2nd to max difficulty to balance a really tough test with earning my way though the story.
Ok, that was a lot of background! Would love some thoughts on where to go next and in which order from the following games I have purchased over the past year and essentially “queued”
👇 ?? Which ones to play next ??👇
1 - Days Gone : I loved LOU and am excited by the prospect of a more expansive version of the post apocalyptic / zombie genre.
2 - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt : This looks awesome, I have the PS5 version with all DLC content so it looks like a big RDR2 type epic
3 - Assassins Creed Valhalla : This also looks great and a very large open world similar to Witcher and my previous OWs like Fallout/RDR2
4 - Skyrim AE : I’m seeing 500-1000 hours of my life flashing by getting completely immersed in this! I am anticipating this potentially being the G.O.A.T from my collection.
5 - Horizon Zero Dawn : Picked this up real cheap after seeing positive reviews. I see it has Forbidden West as a follow up in the series. Not 100% convinced on this one just yet.
Potential (not yet purchased).
6 - Ghost of Tsushima : A colleague of mine today was raving about this game and described it a Japanese samurai version of RDR2
Ok, if you made it this far,THANK YOU!
Any and all recommendations welcome on which to play through and in what order. Wifey will be watching so she also appreciates the recommendations.
Cheers 🙌
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2023.05.31 07:36 livingtobe_ Link

Link also known as Lincoln, Linky, Linky-Lou, Twerp, babiest baby, squirt, the youngest feline baby. He causes the most trouble. I wish I knew how old he was, but received him in early October and he doesn’t seem to be growing except his weight and occasionally his length.
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2023.05.31 07:08 libranettuneplum Lou & Grey Coupon Code for June 2023

Follow this link for Lou & Grey Coupon Code for June 2023. Access the latest deals and promotions by visiting the link, featuring a constantly updated list of coupons, promo codes, and discounts.
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2023.05.31 05:58 RoseUltraViolet Ban the Turd Talk

Ban the Turd Talk
Anyone used the Spotify Q&A at the bottom of the episode? If only Jackie would stop saying Turd this and Turdy Lou that 🌚
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2023.05.31 05:26 IridiumViper [Thank You] You made my day!

u/shipping_addict - Thank you so much for the Ekans postcard! There are some cool new Pokemon now, but the originals will always have a place in my heart :) You made this Viper a happy snake!
u/KoreWrites - Thank you for the Florida LouPaper postcard! I enjoyed reading your note about Tarpon Springs. I actually grew up not too far from there, and some of my childhood memories include visiting the sponge docks with my grandparents and eating delicious Greek food! Your postcard definitely brought up some happy memories of home!
u/ez330 - Thank you for the cute snailmail-themed postcard! I enjoyed reading your 3 fun facts about you! I am in agreement about seafood - it must be an acquired taste, because I never ate it as a kid, and now as an adult, it tastes weird to me.
u/melhen16 - Thank you for the fun summer card and the oh-so-many stickers and washi!! Do you make your own stickers? They are so fun, and they brightened my day!
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2023.05.31 03:42 Confidential42 Chanceme a Stupid Researcher that Neglected his GPA☠️☠️☠️

Demographics: Biracial (75% Chinese, 25 German)
Gender: Male
State: WA
Type of School: Private School
Intended Major: Aerospace Engineering
Most of the EC's are Vague as I'm not tryna get DOXXED.
SAT: 1570
GPA UW: 3.67 ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️
Course(s): Many AP's all of the Math Ones, Science Ones and No AP History or Language.
AP Calc AB, AP Calc BC, AP ES, AP Bio, AP CSA, CSP all Fives
Senior Year: MV Calc, Peer Tutoring and both AP Physics C's.
Extra Curricular(s):
-Internship (Full Time During Summer)
Interned at Microsoft during Sophomore Year.
-Internship 2 (Full Time During Summer)
Interned at Aerojet Rocketdyne.
Non-profit (6 Hours a Week):
Made a Non-profit that helps bridge the Digital Divide via collecting used Phone and Computers and works with other non-profits in Third World Countries to Supply them with Cell Phones and Computers. $50K Raised and Over 1000 Computers and Phone Donated Successfully.
-App (1 Hour a Week)
Created an App with 50K Downloads.
-Civil Air Patrol (5 Hours a Week)
Squadron Commander basically a President of a Huge Club with 80 Members.
Science Olympiad (3 Hours a Week)
- Make it to Nationals Two Times. And Got a Ton of State Medals, as well as National.

- Research (5 Hours a Week):
Conduct Research in Aeronautics at UW. Getting Research Published Soon.
-Captain of Aerospace Club (3 Hours a Week)
Teach Aerospace Topics and Compete in the Blue Skies Competition. (40 Members)- President of Tutoring Club (1.5 Hours a Week)
Tutored like Ten Freshman and provided an outlet for other Upperclassmen to Tutor Underclassmen for Community Service Hours. (50 Students)
-Volunteering (10 Hours a Week)
I have roughly 300 Hours. Did it through 3 Organizations.

RSI (I somehow got in 💀)
- ISEF Finalist 2x
- Couple SciOly Nationals Medals
- Emilia Earhart Award Civil Air Patrol
- AP Scholar with Distinction
Essays: Still thinking about it but trying not to fumble the Bag.
MIT, Princeton and Harvard
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2023.05.31 02:50 wesagod FOR SALE: rare/old Supreme clothes (size M) and accessories

FOR SALE: rare/old Supreme clothes (size M) and accessories
For sale are an assortment of olderare supreme clothing and accessories. Clothes size M. Prices below:
Bandana bogo $200 Anatomy tee $125 Camacho $285 Morton $300 Rick Rubin $85 Motion $85 John Lydon $300 Lou Reed $200 Shane MacGowan $250 Japan Relief $550 Shibuya $650 2003 Navy on Gray $900 Illegal Business 2007 Full Zip $650 Baoding balls $250 Brillo $200 CDS $200 Dice $200 Hot wheels $190 Nalgene $125 Guns $500 Mophie $150 Zippo $75 Coin bank $55
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2023.05.31 02:47 OkayFlan [THANK YOU] Thank you for thinking of me

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2023.05.31 00:49 Few_Contribution_483 MLB Eras for 24-An Idea

Franchise in MLBTS kinda sucks. The last good year was 19, maybe 20, because of the UI. (Hopefully they fix this god-awful UI in 24) So with that, I decided to steal something from 2K, which arguably has the best franchise in sports video games: Eras. So, without further ado, here they are.
Quick note here - Modern-day aspects of the game, like free agency, trades, and the draft are in full effect here. The playoffs will change depending on the year and so will the divisions. And obviously, teams and uniforms will change as well.
1930's - The Ruth Era
Stars - Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jimmie Foxx
We'll be starting this in 1933 because that was when the first All-Star game happened.
1940's and 50's - The Williams-DiMaggio Era
Stars - Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Hank Greenberg
Players loading into this one will be starting in 1941 which was when Williams hit .406 and DiMaggio hit safely in 56 straight games.
1960's - The Mantle Era
Stars - Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron
Upon starting you'll be jumped into 1961 the year of the thrilling Mantle-Maris homerun chase.
1969 - The Expansion Era
Stars - Steve Carlton, Nolan Ryan, Johnny Bench
Like rebuilding teams? Well this era is for you! Control tons of expansion teams from Montreal to Milwaukee!
1980's - The Schmidt Era
Stars - Mike Schmidt, Pete Rose, George Brett
Yeah... didn't really know what to call this era. Also the least fleshed out on where to start. So anyway...
1990's - The Griffey Era
Stars - Ken Griffey Jr., Randy Johnson, Cal Ripken Jr.
Get dropped into 1991 when Griffey really started to take off. From here the eras will start to have set in stone, starting and ending years.
1998-2005 - The Steroid Era
"Stars" - Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa
Just a bunch of cheaters. Nothing to see here.
2005-2015 - The Pujols Era
Stars - Albert Pujols, Miguel Cabrera, Ichiro Suzuki
Want a star-studded draft class? Well look no further than 2009. For entertainment purposes, you'll be starting in 2008 to give some other teams the chance to draft future superstars.
2015-2023 - The Statcast Era
Stars - Mike Trout, Shohei Ohtani, Mookie Betts
And now we come to the present-day MLBTS. Nothing new, nothing flashy.
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2023.05.31 00:26 DoubleT319 $400 Cam Collier atomic /100 first bowman auto, shipping included!

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2023.05.31 00:03 cannaconnoisseur88 Lou and rosie teaching bou how to play pity style.

Lou and rosie teaching bou how to play pity style.
Lou is the blue girl rosie is the black one. Both avalibe for adoption. The giant snauchzer is not.
Check us out at okie pet rescue on facebook.
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2023.05.30 23:45 Familiar_Rich2666 Best breakfast spot in the loop

Hello. My family and I are traveling to Chicago for a quick weekend trip in June. Staying in the central loop. Was wondering if you guys had any recommendation on best breakfast spots in central loop? I’ve heard Lou Mitchell.
Further, do you recommend Giordano or Lou Malnati for pizza?
We’re also looking for a nice/casual and good seafood restaurant for dinner to celebrate their marriage anniversary on Friday night before our boat skyline tour. Any suggestions for dinner would also be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.30 23:40 jambajuice69420 In search of Lululemon Align leggings

In search of Lululemon Align leggings
In search of Black Lou Lou Lemon Align leggings
I looked around but can't seem to find exactly what I want. Im looking for Size 4 and 25" length. Does anyone know a reputable place to buy?
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2023.05.30 23:11 msciwoj1 [Spoilers: all campaigns] Average number of characters per player per NADDPOD campaign

Rules: 1. Only actual PCs with character sheets are counted. 2. The DM and players who weren't there get 0 for the campaign 3. Same character played in different campaigns counts separately in each 4. One shots, two shots, and lives do not count
Campaigns included: 1. Bahumia 2. Eldermourne 3. Bahumia II 4. Trinyvale 5. Multiverse of Mavrus (both parts together)
Results: 1. Jake: 1.8 2. Caldwell & Emily: 1.2 4. Zac, Murph & Nathan: 0.4 7. Adam, Siobhan, Brennan & Lou: 0.2 11. Amir & Ally Beardsley: 0.0
As you can see, Jake loves dnd the most because he played the most characters
EDIT: Corrected Nathan, I initially forgot about Wilton the party planner
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2023.05.30 22:17 djentkittens Finished the yellow album theme for the week 💛 green is next!

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