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Pokemon Go Raids

2017.06.25 00:49 Space_Shifter Pokemon Go Raids

Here, trainers can setup Pokemon Go Raids around their area to form a team & battle high-level bosses, and set up groups of trainers for Remote Raids to take down higher-level bosses across the world. Rule 1: DO NOT ADVERTISE YOUR DISCORD, SUBREDDIT OR WHATEVER IT MAY BE Rule 2: DO NOT POST “LOOKING FOR” REQUESTS for T5/Mega. (T1/T3 requests allowed in the Weekly Mega-Thread!) (check full rules listing for more details) Our discord server can be joined at https://discord.gg/pokeraids

2014.04.16 22:29 ZadocPaet RetroGamePorn: Beautiful photos of old video games

Post your images of gorgeous retro video games from all generations of gaming, just not modern games!

2010.08.30 22:55 HoboSpider Nintendo 64 - N64: Get N Or Get Out

The sub-reddit for all things Nintendo 64. This ranges in anything from collections, questions, good finds, pictures, video games, videos, run-throughs, and anything imaginable, just as long as it is Nintendo 64 related.

2023.05.30 06:25 Free-Ad-9501 Best VPN For Telegram In Qatar

Why Do We Need a VPN for Telegram in Qatar?

In Qatar, the use of a VPN for Telegram may be desired for the following reasons:
  1. Accessing Blocked Content: The Qatari government may impose restrictions on certain online content and platforms, including Telegram. By using a VPN, individuals in Qatar can bypass these restrictions and gain access to Telegram, allowing them to communicate and share information freely.
  2. Privacy and Security: Using a VPN encrypts your internet traffic, including your Telegram messages and data. This helps protect your privacy and secures your communications from potential eavesdropping or surveillance by ISPs, government agencies, or other third parties.
  3. Circumventing Censorship: In Qatar, there may be concerns about censorship and content control. By using a VPN, individuals can circumvent censorship and freely access Telegram without restrictions, ensuring the freedom of expression and access to information.
  4. Overcoming Network Limitations: VPNs can help overcome network limitations, such as bandwidth throttling or congestion. If you experience slow or unreliable Telegram performance in Qatar due to network constraints, using a VPN may improve connection speeds and stability.
  5. Secure Messaging: Telegram offers end-to-end encryption for its messages, but using a VPN alongside it adds an extra layer of security. A VPN ensures that your internet connection is encrypted and protected, preventing potential interception or monitoring of your Telegram communications.

Best VPN For Telegram In Qatar

CovermeVPN is a reliable and affordable VPN service that helps you stay anonymous and secure online. With CovermeVPN, you will get the best services at a cheaper rate. The key features of CovermeVPN is given below :
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2023.05.30 05:36 Impossible-Change-39 The scrub daddy

The Scrub Daddy Why is the Scrub Daddy so popular? The Scrub Daddy is popular for several reasons. First, its unique texture and design make it effective at cleaning a wide variety of surfaces, from delicate glassware to tough-to-clean grime on pots and pans. Second, its versatility makes it a great addition to any cleaning kit. The Scrub Daddy can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks around the home, from washing dishes to cleaning bathroom surfaces. Third, the Scrub Daddy is durable and long-lasting, which means it can be used multiple times before needing to be replaced. This makes it a cost-effective choice for homeowners and cleaning professionals. Finally, the Scrub Daddy is a fun and quirky product that has gained a bit of a cult following. Its bright yellow color and smiling face design make it stand out from other cleaning sponges on the market, and its unique texture and cleaning abilities have made it a favorite among many. Link: https://honesthoneyreviews.blogspot.com/2023/05/ things-you-didnt-know-you-could-clean.html
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2023.05.30 04:40 AutoModerator [Complete] Todd V - Verbal Game Academy

Chat +447593882116 (Telegram/Whatsapp) to get Todd V - Verbal Game Academy.
Todd Valentine's Verbal Game Academy Course will teach you his top strategies for effective communication.
Todd V is known for the extreme high quality of his content. In Todd V - Verbal Game Academy you will learn how to:
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WhatsApp/Telegram: +447593882116
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2023.05.30 04:01 Proletlariet Shute

"Cease and desist at once, please! I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to...why am I being so polite? Listen, beat it or I'll blast you!"
A boy from the peaceful world of Neotopia, Shute found himself thrust into adventure when he happened to be in the location some off-target Dark Axis forces first landed in as they began their petrification of Shute's world. After these villains were fought off by a robot he would soon know as Captain Gundam, he was told to forget what he saw, but sought out to help Captain regardless, being essential in reviving him after this initial conflict. After it was discovered that Shute allowed Captain Gundam to activate his Soul Drive, a unique device which allowed him to greatly increase his abilities, the two were ordered to spend more time together, becoming some of the founding members of the Gundam Force, a group protecting multiple dimensions from the Dark Axis. While initially just a kid shouting support, Shute ultimately became an experienced and competent member of the team, even if he was unable to outright fight due to only being human.






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2023.05.30 03:57 blue_nipples [Routine Help] Beginner/Budget Skincare?

Hi, I’m extremely new to skincare and I’m trying to build a routine. I’m going to list out the products I use and hopefully you guys can give me recommendations on if I need to change it up and what else I need to buy. I’m getting cheap budget stuff right now because I am terrible at forming habits and I don’t want to waste money if I forgot to do this for a while. I’ve never worn makeup so I’ve never gotten into the habit of washing my face off this often. Also I’m 22f if that is needed for anything.
Morning: • Equate foaming facial wash (similar to CeraVe) • Cetaphil face sunscreen (although I haven’t been wearing it often. It burns my eyes when I’m at work big time) • Equate moisturizing cream (similar to CeraVe)
Night: • same face wash • simplified skin glycolic acid toner (Tues & Thurs) • CeraVe skin renewing night cream • use equate moisturizing cream on whole body
I also have equate collagen peptides that I used to take daily but accidentally got out of the habit of taking. Today I bought CeraVe eye cream but I’m not sure if I need to use it at night or in the am or how often. I bought some equate 50 spf sunscreen that’s in a brown bottle for my arms.
I think I’m supposed to get some vitamin C and/or retinol but those are expensive so I might get one next paycheck and one another paycheck. Any suggestions? Especially some recommendations on cheap face sunscreen that won’t burn? Again, I don’t wear makeup so it doesn’t matter if it would make that pill.
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2023.05.30 03:49 Late_Switch_5757 ELI5: What is happening on a physiological level when individuals who experience dissociation become conscious that they are dissociating?

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2023.05.30 03:21 Iworkformycat27 90-Day Fiance, Love in Paradise, Cry Me a River, An Episode Review

In Sharp Entertianment’s latest dra-ma, the only show with more drama and less intelligence than a Trisha Paytas documentary, 90-Day Fiance: Love in Paradise, we see our protagonists, dealing with the consequences of their life choices, will they get their shit together, or will they not and, ensure a long career for themselves, ahhh, oh no, wherever else will they make at least $5,000 per episode? My imaginary friends are all fighting over what the superior Procyonidae is, anybody want to come film that?
Juan and Jessica
Juan is making soup out of rubber, he should have put one on instead, but nope he is making soup out of it, down by the river. Juan thinks this is amazing, Dawson doesn’t he, could he just fall in the river? Juan would love that, Dawson isn’t qualified to be in charge, maybe he could wonder into the- I’m sorry, I used to work at a daycare, who gave him the chickenhead they knew, kidnapped by a cartel? “The Promised Neverland” made me so lady hard.
Dawson is going to love being a big brother, what if they went spelunking and he never came back? You should be more patient- bitch do you have any idea how many Dawsons I knew? They’re still in the corner for being a tattle tale. They are also on an FBI watchlist.
And it’s Dayton who, understandably, he’s also questioning this entire thing, for his own reasons. He can’t come live with me, that would be kidnapping. Honestly, if I had to kidnap any kid it would be Aniko and Aspen, they deserve a day with a dog, and I deserve a day with their mother’s credit card, it would be an even exchange.
Is Dayton’s reaction normal? When father inseminated mother a second time I felt fine, I was going to teach that kid who was in charge, Pookums if you’re reading this, I’m da boss, go feed my small army of raccoons that I have in the garage, they like Black Bean Quesaritos like their mother.
Scott and Lidia
The language barrier totally isn’t an issue, this, how hard is it to learn basic Spanish? Is this a porn written by ChatGPT, I, honestly I would watch that, just to see the chaos. His penis did what? Scott demands a translator, to complain about the lack of conversation- why couldn’t Lidia learn English? They have no chemistry, she is most of the problem, he, is only 10% of the problem, he has done nothing wrong ever.
Roll that, what’s that, we don’t have footage of Scott, we just met him, roll that footage of Lidia not being the problem? Look at her recycling. Those street rats won’t form a dance crew by themselves.
But Scott hates Rats, and inspirational diverse leadsership, he just wants to be friends- and go back to his ex-girlfriend in Colombia, who totally isn’t contacting him again for money. Lidia is really taking this like a champ, at least this one isn’t married, she even made a rule- what is that angelic trumpet noise?
Archangel Gabriel: I am the Archangel Gabriel, today you have witnessed a mir-
Am I out of hummus?
Archangel Gabriel: No you, you literally just witnessed a miracle
Uhuh, do I have Pita chips?
Archangel Gabriel: You, is that all your wine?
It was either that or money, happy birthday to me.
Archangel Gabriel: You have a problem.
Sergeant Miko this man has broken into our home and insulted your mother!
Archangel Gabriel: Pointy Sticks!
Jordan and Everton
Jordan and Everton are starting fresh, she is over the cheating, she is going to go stare at the ocean, and the ocean is going to stare at her and the tree is going to, chickachicka boom boom time to tell Everton the truth, truth. He wants to see dat custom content, cue the commercial for Jordan’s OnlyFans, that has fed him for the past four years.
Also, she has great boobs, that make a lot of money, want to make me one of those videos baby? I can film all your nasty buts for my nasty bits. How many people across America are watching this? As long as we stop lying to each other this could really, wait, were the boat guys there too, did we get in a boat? Did you appease Poseidon with your breasts? Jamaica can’t afford another war.
Ana and Matthew
Ana is a sexy cat, Matthew is a sexy, was supposed to be a dog, what he ordered versus what he got, a cowboy is harassing his woman, so is Igor, so is that tree, it’s getting hard for her. Look at that wood, Matthew is going to fight that tree.
I give this episode 3.8/5 stars, the highlight was Scott and his man meat being the hottest ticket in town, what a douche, a financially generous and very stupid douche, Lidia is somehow not, heh, that really was- did that guy take any of my wine? I got some shitty Barefoot Moscato and Jesus- that dick, it’s still there.
The boat guys get an honorable mention because yeah, they get in a boat every day, but also, best day at work ever, they were so discreet too until they came on the screen and said “BOOOBS!!!”
Speaking of boobs, we might see more next week, Juan is confronted about his cheating, Valentine tells his family the wedding’s off, New Chantel cleans and Nicole evolves into a Shiny Charizard, Nicole use fire spin! Scott is so, anybody else coming up with a specialty cocktail for that? Just me, maybe I do have a problem.
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2023.05.30 03:19 J31J1 Marketing Moves That Worked Best to Bring in New Customers

I saw we had the opposite of this thread, so thought this could be helpful too. I haven’t had anything earth shattering, but one thing that worked for me was in online sales. One platform I sell on is eBay. For inventory that doesn’t move fast enough what I like to do is bundle a few things together and start an auction for it, selling below cost as a starting bid.
Again, nothing earth shattering but it has been effective in moving inventory, turning a profit, and attracting new customers.
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2023.05.30 03:00 PedradaGamer [VIDEO] Remember is living! See what happened on the channel on 3/11/2022 with the game No Man's SKY!

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2023.05.30 02:52 SudoOOF M22 looking for real friends/+

Hey currently lost in the sauce looking to meet new people to help guide me (or each other)out of the sauce 😎. Down to earth guy here looking to figure out life. Trying to make friends where we help each other grow and become our best selves. A lil about me , I’m a stoner , trying to cut back tho. I reside on the east coast near NYC but have lived in Cali. I’m into cooking , baking , traveling , hiking , and doing neat stuff like smoking and candle making etc. I’m currently studying cybersecurity if that matters. Oof idk should use ai to help me with this but authenticy is key. If you’re real 18-23 just hmu need people to talk with. I promise im not dry and I have a good sense of humor well at least that’s what my therapist tells me oh well , ciao 😽
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2023.05.30 02:15 tipperplantmom My puppy has a lot of strange mucus in her poop. Emergency vet says to not bring her in and just monitor, but I’ve never seen anything like this?

Species: pupper Breed: pembroke welsh corgi Age: 11 weeks Sex: F / not spayed Weight: 7lbs
Hi all, I just wanted some advice on if I should listen to my emergency vet and stop having puppy mom anxiety. About 30 minutes ago she had the weirdest dog poop I’ve ever seen. Slightly loose but not diarrhea. Yellowish in color. But the concerning part is that the entire thing is coated in a very thick and stringy mucus. Pardon the mind image, but it looks like someone dipped it in an apricot jelly or something. Maybe gelatin that hasn’t quite set yet. Energy level is normal, eating & drinking is normal. I did give her a bit of pumpkin purée about 24 hours ago for the first time. Could that cause an abundance of very thick mucus in puppy poo?
Immediately called my emergency vet (it is a bank holiday in the US, regular vet is closed). Told them I was worried about Parvo. They looked at the photo I sent and said it didn’t look like a Parvo poop, but didn’t say anything further. They also asked me if it smelled abnormal, but it just smells like her poop lol. I won’t attach a photo here because I’m not sure if that is against any rules (or politeness?) What would you all do if it was your baby puppy?
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2023.05.30 02:01 randisue12 Can anyone identify what this is? This is on my Concord grape vine.

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2023.05.30 01:42 CAPTCHAsolver What YouTube channel is a goldmine of entertainment?

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2023.05.30 01:40 Twist_Nevermind [For Hire] Film/TV Video SA Writer

I have been writing Video SA's on films and TV for the better part of a year and even before that I've spent a lot of time analysing TV for my own fun. I'm currently doing a Triple A-Level in Digital Media, this includes film production and analysis. So far I've turned one of my scripts into a full length video and donated one to a friend for his YouTube channel (Links at the bottom).
I have a keen and deep understanding of film which I strongly work into my scripts and my work as a whole. I put a lot of time and effort into my work, doing full research of the history and facts about the film, watching the film multiple times and cross examining my work to make sure I'm not just repeating points that others have made.
I can work from any Media text.
Any film,
Whatever it is you want to cover, I can do it. I can also work within many styles, from more serious and formal to comedic, however you want it, I'll do it. This applies to scripts for videos or just text reviews for your website, I can work very flexibly. Whether it’s for simple film review of a detailed Video SA.
If you're interested in hiring me or want any further information before moving forward, please contact me in the comments or "Taxman Productions" on Instagram, I'm available pretty much all day (9:00 - 22:00) UK time. I look forward to working more professionally with the skills I have learnt and helping you out however you might need me.
Pay Is Per Script:
1000-2000 words: £10
2000-4000 words: £15
5000+ words: £20+

Script Examples
YouTube Videos
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2023.05.30 01:35 redditstowaway1111 Dean, what is your opinion on Pass Perfect for the 7TO?

I’m using it right now for the 7 with my company. I agree that it’s very math heavy and they themselves admit they go into detail on unimportant things. But I’m curious if there is any other reasons why you aren’t a fan? I’ve been finding a few inaccuracies/typos and bad answer choices in suitability, so that it was what sparked the question
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2023.05.30 01:00 burner11122288 Help me figure out my island layout!

Help me figure out my island layout!
Originally I wanted all my villagers in a row, but after getting halfway I realized it wouldn’t fit, so I was thinking of doing the second row of five above the first row.
I’m very new to the game and getting my island together is a bit stressful, I have so much empty space that i’m not sure what to fill it with. does anyone have any good ideas? or even better ideas on how to lay out my island?
the only other things I have filling space is a decently sized fruit tree farm next to my house, multiple flower gardens around the island, a vegetable farm next to the campsite, and a few little seating areas spread around the island. any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated! (i’d also love some advice on how to make bells faster! I currently have about 40k total and i make a little bit more than that a day)
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2023.05.30 00:54 Dangerous_Ad3205 Will Apple charge for part replacement, even if my MacBook is under limited 1 year warranty?

I recently bought a MacBook pro M1 14” ( feb 23 2023), it was working fine, like there were a few hiccups like my trackpad was losing its gestures, or the note pad being stuck or apps like whats app crashing at start up, i thought they were general problems experienced due to bugs in the os. But on the night of 22nd may my laptop shut down on itself and wouldn’t turn back on when the power button was being pressed,despite having 98% charge. I connected the charger and the laptop finally turned on, it asked me to put in my pass at sign in, so i did . As soon as i put in the pass and click enter the laptop would automatically restart itself without booting up to the home screen. So i tried to follow the steps shown on ytb, i erased the hard disk and tried to install the os again, it went fine until the last step where i had to select a hard disk to install the os, when i did, it kept issuing a notification “ hard disk not connected to power source” or like laptop not connected to power source, but the charger’s been connected to the laptop from the start. So the next day i took it to an authorised service centre, i had bought my mac in india and i carried it with me to Georgia(in europe) when i moved for my college. The service people said that there’s an issue with the chipset of the mother board and it needs to be replaced, they quoted me 3414 GEL which is $1332😭
I wanna know if my limited warranty covers this damage. I never installed any 3rd party apps,nor did i spill anything over it. I asked the store ppl to tell me the cause of this issue, they said they dont know 💀 Please help me.
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2023.05.30 00:48 ekcontroller Got her from a Walmart parking lot but can’t really tell what all she is

Got her from a Walmart parking lot but can’t really tell what all she is
She’s definitely still an adolescent (maybe 3-6 months old?) and weighs roughly 10-15lb but is very underweight because some losers dropped her and her siblings off on the side of the highway. What breed could she be and how big will she get?
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2023.05.30 00:43 cryptoverseo2 How Pastel Network Sense Demo makes your NFTs More Secure and Authentic

How Pastel Network Sense Demo makes your NFTs More Secure and Authentic
Hi everyone!
I'm a big fan of NFTs and art, and I wanted to share with you something that I found very impressive and useful.
It is about Pastel Network Sense Demo, an online tool that helps you to identify the rareness and legitimacy of your NFTs.😍
Pastel Network is an NFT platform that provides creators with a platform that aids the rareness of their digital artwork.
Unlike other NFT platforms, Pastel Network uses a powerful tool called Sense Protocol, which enables users to measure the rareness of an NFT based on the likelihood that it is identical to any NFTs that have already been recorded.
But how does Sense Protocol work? And how can you use it to make your NFTs more secure and authentic? Try Pastel's Sense Demo.
The Pastel Sense Demo is simply an online tool for visualizing the Sense Protocol's fundamental technology. By just submitting a candidate file, users of Sense Demo can easily determine how rare an NFT is in comparison to the ecosystem and establish its legitimacy.👍
The Sense Demo provides you with a lot of information and analysis about your NFT, such as:
- The overall rareness score (from 0.00% to 100%), based on the similarity sub-scores that determine the ultimate duplication likelihood.
- The results for Google Reverse Image Searches and Google Lens are comprehensive including metadata.
- The top 10 most similar NFTs that have been recorded on the system and their similarity sub-scores and many more.🤓
The Sense Demo is a great way to understand how Sense Protocol works and how it can help you to create and trade original and unique NFTs on Pastel Network. It also helps you to avoid buying or selling duplicate or near duplicate NFTs that can devalue your artwork and reputation.
If you are interested in trying out the Pastel Sense Demo, you can find it here: https://sense.pastel.network/
And if you want to learn more about Pastel Network and join their growing community: https://linktr.ee/pastelnetwork

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2023.05.30 00:42 No-Midnight8613 I (M14) am struggling with a complex crush on one of my best friends (F15).

So basically, there's this one girl who I'll call C for crush. We've been friends for about a year but she has a boyfriend who I'm great friends with. She's super nice and smart, and she's one of my best friends. They've been dating for a year as well, but a few months ago, they hit a skid in their relationship. They agreed that for one week they were just friends and that they'd be dating again after that, and hopefully it would fix their relationship. She then told me she liked me, and so we talked a lot that weekend. But this is where it gets really complicated. The day before the school week began, she had me over to hang out and watch movies. Then, after about one hour, we looked at each other, and kissed. It was one of the greatest moments, but maybe what it caused to me would end up being terrible. They got back together and we're healthy as can be, and she told me excitedly. But she's barely brought it up since, if at all. It gets worse. One day, they were fluctuating a little, so she came to me and told me. I wrote a heartfelt text to her, not displayed any sort of romantic affection, but just kind things about her. She replied "I love you." I was in shock, so I just decided to say I love you too. But she seems so happy with him, and I'm not going to intrude on their relationship, because I care about both of them. But I've been dealing with depression for months now, and I still have a crush on her, but I know deep down she might be using me. I'm scared, I don't want our relationship to rift, because it might put me
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2023.05.30 00:39 Eqyerah Hello Starseeds 🌟

Hello Starseeds 🌟
Id really like to know and hear about what you see about my chart, I’ve always felt different and not from this world i have a really difficult and mean inner voice that always tries to analyze everything going on in my mind and it is exhausting, I really dont know where to go towards concerning work ive never been attracted towards any job Beside art, any kind of art, im a lover of art and deep emotions Concerning my love life, my past never stops from haunting me … and for a certain reason im lost between two lovers and i cannot afford to make a choice, do you see any thing that will explain this ? I was wondering maybe my 7h in gemini.. idk I just entered 23 so going im going through my 12h annual profection year so im really into introspection and i wanna learn more about my self so i would be really grateful for any advice of observation from a different perspective
I have pluto in my first house i had to go through a lot of trauma in my life and lot of “deaths” in order to be born again each and every time stronger trying to transmute the pain into peace So im aware of a lot of things and im capable to hear deep things so dont hesitate
Thank you. :)
Eqyerah born 11may2000 22:35 Paris
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2023.05.30 00:34 Hanta_no_kage Why do people form platonic and non platonic relationships?

Next year I'll be 20 and no longer fit to be in this sub so I will quietly depart , I feel as the time nears I might as well ask my ignoramus questions.
Do people have friendship because it benefits both parties or is a more non benefit thing. From what I understand a lot of people make friends that have either similar interests or opposing interests like a magnet.
From my experience I don't think I have the capacity to trust people or the capacity to love. Thoughts like people have friends because they don't want to be alone and form relationships because they don't want to die alone.
From what I can tell most people don't love with their hearts anymore and just with their eyes, juxtapositing the notion that love is blind.
In a couple of years I'll join the workforce in a proper role, and I presume I'll have to network to get further up the industry.
So is networking not just making friends for your benefit?
I have many things to say as I near this old age, so much so that I don't feel I can articulate it well. I've cut off all my friends from college and now uni, and I'm trying to find the blissful tranquil solitude again while also trying to regain my old productive self.
I feel that in secondary when I first made my first group of friends as involuntary as it was. Drag out of a libary after 3 years and under a dt corridor. They weren't real friends and as I get older my defenitionof friendshas gotten so warped.
So much so that what it seems is a blood brother like in the mafia and not some ordinary friendship where rumours can lead to mistrust even if they are untrue and where people will leave you for their own benefit.
Sorry for the tangent, these are the ramblings of who, I don't know anymore?
This will be overlooked and lost in the sub new section but its not really me wanting it to be read more me writing a vague question not expecting any serious answers.
Gooday good folk of reddit and gn.
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